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lb flarrLsoa Prc-J.nmai
m, a Muss, nwinoi
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to bcgiu.
Eveii Hit e-ofiin trust thinks it 'an
aeiu.-eze ti.t unfortunate ju-t a liitle
An Irishman says that big
and big p.ickerleoiks se-lloiii
baud in I; a in.
b. arts
The puf lie ha 1 grown He regard .eu-M-al
Jliii'uf and Guie-ml Wos y CI
as the Luilt; but now come tjHitwl
New rich poM tit-Ids Lave bem dis
eoveresj iu Mcxio. There" no u.--talking.
That ioinitry will U;iv- tu Ik
AugliJ i txuu i.' d.
X total of itl.frtM lali'iriT are lie,.!
!d In S.uth Afrii-a. Now ia tli time
lo run iu.mlraut siiijis beaded fur
AnnTieau )jits sju' by au -eai-t.
The Kr( iK-li g v ruu-eut ba a wat. h
uiau stathinitl near Mont I'ehe. l'
libly the voh-au 's ijuU'tade is due t
tils boldins his thumb tik'h.ly over th
lop. If the Sultju d .e uf camber th'
"peaei aide" nation wi!l have ti w-Ux-t
K.)U:et)il.V else t'i yell ,i!!aiu" :U
whea (!! want to hide their own
Themeii ho un!'ided a b.t of worth
lii skyss'iajw-r io;-kn onto John 1.
K(K-kefel!er are heriws in New Vurk
now; but wait until J. I. p-t li ir.
biik into them.
If the wat'irishm of snne of the
siemlx-TH of CotiiCTfHM -jiitinun to di
;eo; tlie alitor of the t'oiii.Ti's.-iotial
Ki-CTjnl may be temjiteil to take tu th-
rolnred Mijiplt mt tit.
If thow yuiinj; Chicupj i.ut'aws were
jeteriuinttl tu lend lies of violence
Itnl bloodshed why didn't they join
I football tiam and do their killitii:
lawfully a;nl bom ralily '!
Auruix) of .Mr. Carui s-'le's iraii-e of
the MeMtinc of poverty, it is to be
noted that the men who de-scribe these
ta the nmxt roseate tenim are usually
xmnpleiiotw for their Kinres In iUxlg
lug tin-in.
At the bottom of this !aw!e-sije,
hi Chicago and tlewhere. is the Mn
Mer fa-t that all law has fallen Into
fonteuipt just it) proportion as It ha
faileJ to lie iuvoked asaliu-t all offend
rrs of whatever das.
If thai panther which is puking
mu:nd the rtockefeller estate doesn't
Bt:d li'mf.cif doing duty as a rug lie
fo;v loliA he tuny lata ft of beitiK th"
nly eri'ifer that ever liothered John
l. and .ilda't get iskinucd.
I't.lit.ui-ss rorbidfi the guent to ejit
he ne.'tt part of a sparerib, lamb
h p or i-hickfti. beaiis it liet nxt
jo the lMitie. and the bone must not
ii taken in the fi inters and gnawed.
The Kcrvaut. the cnt and the doK are
lurkier titan the master and his fam
ily. It U aunotiltced that Chill line wjM
!o ;reat P.ritain two bij? battle-ships
which were being built on the Clydf.
MaiutfaettiriiiK uutioiiH do not usually
titty warships wiles there seems a
itoKIM;-t that they may be neetid in
i hurry. I'osibly there are events go
iti'i f ti In European cabinets whieh the
jnblie little appreciates.
1 r dint Iviot la tight wln a lie atiya
hi. r . and yotinjf women should
li-, u;iMA:'-ite in athletic exercise and
Khoi 11 not try to compete with young
tic ti in the more exacting forum of
e: cr-'H : Now that rr.shletit Kliot has
unci j:.hI advice to the girls, which
thiy will doubtless heed, Let him turn
his iitii-Ui n to the boys and prescribe
line limi.atkin for, them. Ih it iM'st
f r li.i v rd atndents to risk life and
I it;b for th cake of a possible vic
iory in r it ball? Are there no limitu
be., on, I which even younjf men ought
II) it to P?
Th - eiimatknal problem among the
ioor will lie a step nearer solution if
wontui'is clubs, or men's, adopt s sitg
gention ncently made by MLs Addama
f Hull House. She proposes that each
club establish as many public school
sch iliii-ships" as It can afford, pay to
n wid.w. for example, the wages her
child could earn in the factory, on coti
d tlon liii't the boy or ffirl keeps out
of the factory and goes to school.
Many a stmgg'initE mother would bear
her burden blithely if he could see
nidi a w ay njien to educate her chil
dre i: and everything thus done to help
Iki- i u l tbeni would be for the benefit,
.-.n. of the CnRed States of to-morrow.
A Chicago business man committed
sr.i inc. I. aving behind him a note fsay
lu ". "1 nm !ire3 of carryltii? burdens."
Wit-it ; n.lstake. All of us carry Itur
s Hniue of us are heavy laden.
Ti . IwjiA backs and whiten hair.
, l .:i.it of It? If the burdens are
' t those of conscience, If they are
l i t rl cs of ("nance or of family, or
1 Ut f it di'.iy bread Happy we! Hid
o t im-v e a woman of the Orient
. jjsr,- a i-' nt water vessel on her head?
i .-. v . i t oh e l she Is. With her chin
, i , r;i .e tnovrt easily. What grace,
i r;:ili. it is the l)dl Gravity,
i .! of l.lmicrlns her, helps the wo
, . 'Si of your burdens. They IMd
:.i; deiMi. Vu are careful of jroor
t'M f.rg Irt.sglHe yniivelf it bout re-.
; on-i lit'. . Whit tmita-'n- 'ricks
y u: : t ui'ghi t . V.i.i ii ' U d UJtl-
l. tli- "ii !' I you ar
I !.: the weight ; if torn;-; U f.rui
j oil i-.i! d up ; m;r M-hd as become-, a
ii. r Sfii bearer and your ey es are in
';o!t wleie th.-v ..ut.tr tu 1. Th
Tl . ri El llolll !1 t..t! i:l i Ik 8
.-! i Si'.ut Itallant r a t isJc
i; down Ills boat pitches ui.d tr
with t-v.ry turn of the w in I. He !s
1 :k if hi- misses reef atd lit:l auj
wreckage. No No. our load ar
let us take a new grip e.pn
them. Au; hill rp our chins
Many con oration al"' 'ree hidu
' irii I -ot.certii are aide t devise checki
and eo;:n;errhe-ks to detwt nupe-ted
lup'oyes. and evea skdli'ul lrf'ikke..-ri
vviiii have "run thiira'' for years hav
t t-n etitrappid. but w hen It eouiew tu
apply Ins 'lie money of the people to
pt r,iore in whieh every laxpayn
'.oi II be inierete l the.e ia cot th
s.a.'iie vi-.'llanei- ami care. I'ntil a point
is r. a. iieil w hen eviry ofricia! duln ?
work for a municipality is seb-eted
t. l.-ly for his ability, intecrlty and
.n lui-try, just as employes are picked
out by men w ho have invented their
own money iu business, daft In some
form may be expected to be found ii
AUlelicatl citits.
Inietimly ptai-ti.al people are like:?
to eiclaim agai ist the prjxiKition ti
n ake the atnivtrstry of the day n
which Cdlumbus lis.oered America
a national tolnUty. Such people will
ii:i Iti'i ait) that we alr id;- have too
mnuy If 11 lays anil tn: .-jifrei"iinui
Mai tin's bill will nurcly etabMsh an
o'ler excuse for iillinif. There are tw
sides to the iiucslii tl. however. Dot only
with respect to the propoaed Colum-
bus anniversary but in r-sard to holl
davri cm rally. The o!d aphorism
abiiit nil work and no play r-iot del.
rirni-ntal to Jack's intellectuals applies
to jrrown-ups as well as to boy. Work
Is rot tin end but a means, and when
people deem recreation a wasfeof tinic
they miMipprehend the primary mean
ing of the word. Recreation is to re
ernite. to renew, to iTiate afr'sh. ti
repair the waste of vital force and en
ergy caused by sttady apilication to
work. It is not mere !diii:? It Is a
proces as neesry as th replenish
itiK of the oil In a lamp, arid If it b
in cji-cted the vita! spark poi s out just
as surely as the lamp is extinuishisl.
We do not have too many holidays Iq
this country. The trouble fs that w e di
txjt even obs- rve the holidays we hae
Save on Independence I'ay. Thanks.
piviusr. Chriimas and New Year's ob
(tervance of holidays Is conliml in a
great measure to the liiinks, the i-om-merelal
exchatifcs and the public of.
flees. Other Inst it ut ions and other
jieople pursue their uwil activity re.
gardless of the cabtidar. We l grud-'t
ourselves the days of rest and rwritt :
tltm which we have through our legis
la torn sei apart for ourselves. Then
is even a frrowitig disposition to util
ize Sunday as a working day. Many
lines i,f industry are ms-i-sailly seven
day occupation. The opTiition of rap
roads, telecraph and various puiilij
and quasi-public institulkiiis cannot b.
entirely intermitted on the first day of
the week. Custom has rendered it nee
4ir.v for newspaiiers to print f unday
editions. Hut alde from the liuIuwiriM
mined there are inany factories, sh p
an I insiiiutions whi.-h how maintain
tp. rations rcyiirdh-s of is-.ind-ijs or
JjiiIULmjs-. People appear to be prowin
more and more tni'-etly in the matter
of rest and recreation. This is burn
iiiK the caudle at Iwith endsa peen- j
liarly Auterican error. It Is a pervert.-'
P.n of the true meaning of the pospil
of work. It is an unnatural, uittu-pre-sure
niethinl of life whieh has aln-ady
manifested Ha evil effects on the nerves
of our people and which bids fair if
not amended to render us a nation of
physical and mental wrecks. We niayj
not neisl jie-.v Holidays, run we neeu m
take advantage of those we have al
ready s-t aside. We need less w.rk
and more play. We need not ko if
far as to adopt the calendar of our
South American neighbors, who mak
every other day a holidty, but w
niiKlit very profitably imi afethrlr trab
Its of abjuring worry and letting to
morrow take care of Itself. We should
thus live longer and there would b
fewer cases of nervous prort ration
among us.
Had Karne t Their Help.
Many ytre ago. when the revival:!,
E. P. Hammond, converted nearly tbl
whole population of I.awrewe, tbT8
was sn old shoemaker In the town who
was noted for his profligate habits. H
came to grace In the eoursie of th
revival and regularly took a promi
nent place on the mourner's bench. Oni
iii.-lit Mr. Hammond Invited him to
bad in prayer. He responded witn
alacrity and hi; 11:
"Oh, Ixird. Thou know-cut what a
wicked man I have lecn. Thou know
est that I have neglected my family
and my business to travel the paths
of sin. Thou knowest that 1 could
not be count eel on to do the work oJ
my customers. But now. 0 Urd, by
the power of Thy ynnctllleaileni, I are
turned from the patJis of w ickednf
and walk npHghtly Wore all. Ant;
Thou laiowcst. T.ord. that un W Thy
mercy I will lietf m 'l,;i'1' fr"n
morning t'l! night, rendy to in -i.d sii-nf
as choflp lis any man In town." Kan
Nia City Jimrnul.
Korlnne'n Favor (Sufficient
"What do we want with gold and
precious stone?" said the proud moth
er, gazing fondly- upon the baby.
"This is fortune enough for us."
"Huh;" grunted Hie father, who bad
been walking tie floor nearly all niht,
"I'm ("lad fortune didn't knock twice
at our door." Philadelphia Publit
- , . -i n : - Ht
l, Mirriel U.imin'al'riirtort'i'ii!. fi,!-v ou "" t to TnnnaiJl in li.'ii
Th" lia of a newly tu irrii-l - 'ral ta unveil hi cb.iractr. And las
inau'i. ;m;h e .f mhiI U tnut. M t' i lut Ht by any tii-aii Umt. you a:
,h;t she le p .tii-il.uily I u lir brkr
i Kind to make g 4 the iitauy tpl-iU-tie.
with whlt h J.b lt:n eniiwol bint,
at:d b.i-au-ie of whi'ii he has eou--uted
to Iwniiie bin mare. I ii-easioii-
al'y during the tiist few moirlu of h r
u airbsj l.fe C ntauce laiuiii to think
llei: all ber niald.nlv e:ii: rue to le,
Die r.dile of life br.l'ianllj. and all
Ler pr-ifoiiiid searchiiii! of tile into
ri of tie universe should have end
id in hr lnm!tii! an everyd-ty h'tise
siife with dustpan si.d bru-ili, atal the
wife of unv who, to all outward ap-
i eiraci-w. was an
every -day
i.'in. P.ut htv lauirh savored of gni-iw-s.
She had Riven loTxlf to hliu
an- she ha 1 faith that hts .n r,'y.
if reliance, fearli-. hum r and sym
pit.e-uc UAin-ii oi si,a:iis ..u,u i
. 1 ' . .11 s
liiwi-ish him pr.emy frun the cmii-
m n herd of m-ti. and vind'.-ate l r
i, fatuaii'.n. !'he hud siv. n !;Tse!f to
I.iin, Imieles. t cause hi- lov ed ln-r
a d Pylitful eotueiousiiet. Aecrdiug
iy , she enclostd herself in the Wi b of
iiappiiiexs which hi r coutid in',, in him
incl puti about in r. ami iik up tier
dim s;!c duties with licht-hwirted d-
Nevi-rtbcl.. m. woinan enier-
from her hoiw-ymom with ea -tiy th'
s.uut- .liMmate of Inr lov r as l-fore
If nothiiijr els-, she has trtfu his men
t.u ana moral cn:iraci.-risu-s in uieirj,,, ,vj!1 Hl)it n.,,, (itt.
!imhii.s, mi to sp ak. and Iwcome n::ii.i
uate.1 t their sublimity. We may Is
no 1-s.s fond of a pei.-.-n wh aiiee-doti-s
have jrrown familiar to us. and
analogously a wife d not weary of
her husbatKl's iiuiilitie ntm-ly K-cau-e
they tuive lost the lauior of tiove ty.
tJn the ctniirary she is apt to continue
to adore them l-catiM- they an- his.
Sti!l she fn'is ft-i-e to scrutinize them
i Ion ly ai.d nuintiK lously at least
io submit th in to the t.tit of b.r own
silent Judgment. She disco v. t. ti,
of co;irs-, that he lias Ideas and idio
syiT4ie the existence of w hich siie
never sil,-pectel.
(n;ti;irily she finds to her suijirise
that ld attitude in retard to tills or
iluit mutter has shifted perceptibly
since iiiaiTiapi-, so that, instead of be
itlK lukewarm or ardent, as the ca-e
may Ite. he has become almost stri'tiu-
;;.s or indifferent in his attitude. Hence
she divines that during tin ir courtship
some of his real opinions and teiM.n-
ries have les-ii kept In retreat - Kr,mi
The rtidervurrvnt," by I!..b rt Ottjrit.
Iu Scribmr'g. ' t
Girl an t I ivc L-ttcis. j
(Jiris, put a brake on your enthusi
asm when it leads you Into writing
impassioned epistles to the men with
whom you imagine you are in love.
When the right tnaii comes write
him as many letters as your love and
liscrotioii suegi-st. but don't put any--.hllig
'"ill paper that you will be
ashamed to read iu later years. !
There is nothing swifter than a gen
uine, tender, girlish love letter, but
lon't take the "gilt oif the tftwr
iiread" by wasting your letters on ti
wrong man.
!o you know what he does with
those letters? Very often he carries
them alMiut in his pocket for week,
where they rub up against sordid bills
and business letters, and every time
he wants a certain letter lie takes the
whole bunch out and your pretty, lov
ing little message get sadly frayed
and soiled.
And sometimes land this Is worst of
all) 1 am sorry to say that this careless
man lets your letters lie around the
house where all who are curious may
rend them.
He iloes not tin this because be loves
your letter, but lieeiiuseyou are not the
right girl and he is not the right man.
and the letter is vriluii! accordingly.
When the right man gets a letter
from you he will riot carry It in his
"genera! correspondence"" (usket; be
will have it tucked of by itself n a
special pocket and if it les.ks worn and
soiled it Is because It has lecn taken
out and tenderly perused many times
and oft.
And so, don't you see. Hi tie girls,
that when jou scatter your letters too
freely among your men friends you are
not only wasting your precious
thoughts, but that most pres-ious if ail
womanly attributes your dignity.
Seattle Times.
Man Whn Hnuiits of l-ove Cenrnrtii.
Girls, I wondir If any of you num
ber among your men friend on win
boast of his cuuiu'Sts anionic women
and displays love letters w hich he ha
received . from different girls.
If jou do know kucu a man, my ad
vice to you Is to "drop him." He is
not to be trusted, and lie will tout
you the same way he has tn-ated oth
ers. The man who rends a woman's ht
lers.tr another woinan or to h:s lie u
friends is betieaih eo)it nipt. lie is
t miM ruble wretch, who go. ai cut ih
world nuking leivV to girls, a:.l ,-ifi r
he has tvoti their love, and the j ...... .
little things have commil'id tie ir n.
timeiits to paper, lot tiiak-s a iist iirnl
1 lioast of the pathetic Ht.le cffission ,
to all who will listen.
fSlrls. your own womanly inttCtlor
ouglit to warn you Against surh men;
but as long ns men and tuaUs ?n J ln-v-lill
Inst there will !. d. -'v :i;g on
lie one hand, gull di trust on the
ither and much hrartache all arotn.d.
However, evert If you cannot eieteet
he tinwrn-thinesa of such a man at
sight, when you once realise his per-
ijuite an much to I la tut- as 1 if y
Ufteii when he ffen to rend nn an
other woman's letter.
lieUK-tiiber that be ili read your t.i
the next woman, and do your sdwr
, toward diwouraeiru and putting dn
his ah .niitiable eoisi-il - Sp k.t-ticin
Kave Clolhf.
Have a few clothes and e;ir iheni;
do not put them by and firpet Ih in
atnl stsiid a fortune mi r.iMivaiioi.
when you call llictn to tuind. Jet ttic
material as uo.d as iissil.b. and the
j Kf vb-s excellent if oi niu aflord
(ay f.-r thi-m. Tlie d !ii.-uly in di -.-iitfw
is the various o.-cih ions. e;icti ii-
H.aiwl!i,K such very diff.-niit clothe-.
Town atid is.untn
ho, .id set in in
dametrii-allv h.iumiI lo !i ot
j A woman skil.ful w li u her i,e .lie c
; ;-,,, Uu. UtT Mrv jltp ., u. ,
cat in. Tit r hat at Ihe sli- w hi. h ;'t
i -an trai:siiinrify, and it - w.-r.h wlii
frtiin est! oini' Ml imilives. Wmn i
vii'.uld alwiiys l- dress appr..pr..-it-ly
and never Inn anvliiins !d h is
i Hmrkl.j fa,li;, t tl. m ,,., , . ,, ;.
j jt KTWH M H111 IIiUI .,
I l'!o:heti thai attract the ey ,- :(- a ioi
........ ... ... ,.,... . ....... ,,. .. .u.,,
and require a lurpe wanlrob.-. It !
wise to ket-p as few -l Kt" as ymi cm
so that hats, m'tticoals. plovs ami
l-K ."II
neer worth buyiiiK. petsl fai r cs r
duced In price are unite himiIi r thin--'
A il 'vu woman who must court "th
slll.T warily." adopts i-Ttain sty)
of tier own, which she modities
itig to the di'-taim of fas! I ii.
1 h- fart of t ! II a. i l.
A beautiful hand si,..iild i.e lout;
delicate and narrow. The skin cov
ering it should be very fa'r or of
unifortii pale color, with a slightly
plump ba-k. devoid of protuberant
veins. The thumb should reach tin
ml I'll e articulation of tin- Index til
ger, the latter just i little lower tlja-.
the nail of the mid. lie linger. Tic
middle finger should be longer that'
the rlng-tiriger by half the length of
a nail, and the little linger should slop
at the second articulation of the ring
Su Men transition from cold to heat
should be avoided for the hands, which
-l:ouId be washed only in tepid water,
wl,t' a pure soap, not oftener than
three washings a day. After wash
',tl o;,l'- rinse the hands thor
oughly, always in tepid writer to
which has Is-en addeil a tenspoonful
of perfuineil glycerine.
If the skin of the hands Is rough,
bathing In cither bran-water or
marsh-mallow water will soften It and
make It supple. lo not use fat sub
st uici-g to attain this same result, for
although they are temporarily effect
ive, they end by middling the skin.
A woman desirous of keeping the
lieiiuty of her bands unimpaired
should never go out without gloves.
Woman's Home Companion,
Whv Hi Marrlnire Wait a Failure,
He regarded children as a iiuisim ,
He neer talked over bis affair uii.i
his wife.
He never had time lo go anywhere
with his wife.
He duleel out money to his wife as if
to a Is-ggar.
He looked ilown upon his w ife as an
Inferior Isdng
Hi never took time to go' aoijtinint.il
with bis family.
He thought of bis wife only for what
she could bring to him.
He never dreamed that there were
two sides to marriage.
He never dreamed that a wife need.
praise or compliments.
He bad one set of manner tor home
and a not her for society.
He paid no attention to his persona.
Appearance after marriage.
He married an ideal, and was dis
appointed to find it had flaws.
He thought bis w ife should spend all
her time doing lionscworU.
He treated bis wife as be would not
have dared to tre:il another woman.
He never dreamed that bis wife
needed n vacation, recreation o.
change. ,. ,
He never made concessions to his
wife's' judgment, even in unimportant
matters. Kuceess.
Kor Corset Cmeri.
Women who like to make their owu
corset covers, yet dislike to overhand
in as much lace Insertion as Is now
uKslish on all new e-orsct covers, will
find in tlie embroidery departments n
strip of tine lawn with the lace Inser
tions for both the back and front wov
en in as well as tlie beading and lace
that head the top Of the Corset Cover
and all for !H cents. All one has to do
ih to sew a belt alxiut the bottom; do
a KU! hemming oh 'ite front atid run
in ihe ribbon-draw string and, be-hold,
here is one of (lie. loveliest and d.ilnt
'oit of e(rrsel covers.
A I'roti 1 W'oinj.i.
The coutity ol'lccrs nt Abilene were
. - -i;c,l tie other d;iy at the appear
;l!i,c in the court (Hiiise ot IS little, o!d
woman who caine to pay her husband's
fiineiril expense. The husband bail
been drowned so long ago as S79. He
was buriisl by Ihe county. Kver since,
the woman said, rdie bad boon woikin?
and saving (o relieve bis spirit of the
memory at a pauper burial. It was a
pathetic story and one which touched
its hearers mightily.- Kansas City
Mra I'alrnrmic. Mara '
lor HtUrr l"a .Notice.
We cannot d J ml on V Ib.u il
Iteprcst M;;t:ves of the Ciot.sJ Mi'
( oiuurc- fur a great ilcsi, but ' .
always trust i to suj.oy .-. ro i
thut is interest. ng and deiiilig ' !
ing- i.ntil it tsonies an o'd stoiy. -iy-tl.e
New Vork Mad and Kxp:-ss Why
is II that men of i.ictiires.juo and cm n
remaikahie Cognoioelis lend to drill
'uto Congress, especially in the KouTl
and West? Is It that the vry nature
of their iiame-s seems to devolve upe.i,
them the duty to render the-se unmet
illustrious : IVrhapa il is
The F'ifty eighlSi Congress is no ex
cejition to the rule. There are met
here whose name's ought to have made
them famous even If they bud neei
gone to e'unarss or done anything else
Not to spe-ik of Prince Cupid Kalatiia
riaole ed Honolulu, whose name may N
the Hawaiian Smith for all we know,
we baxe on this new roll of e.ur e-ouu
try's fame the priceless name e.f lh
Hon Swanger Sherley of Kentucky
that of Hon. Pbanor Itrazeale of l.ui
iaua and that of Hon. Justin I. Idi
ers'H k of Kansas. The Uon. JelTersoii
lirick is now absent from the nuucii
of the nation, but the family is ably
roprese-nted by the Hon. Abraham
lirick of Indiana
There are either. Let us pick out a
few patronymic gems at random:
Thetus W, Sims. TeniHssee.
Knrish Carter Tate, (esirgia.
(('lie James. Kentucky.
Halvor Steenerwin. Minneseita.
Champ finrk. Missouri.
Jack Heall, Texas.
Carter (Ilass, Virginia.
Arse'iie p. I'njo, Louisiana.
The names of Poll. Snook. Msin,
lii. k. 'rum.!!cker, Mudd. Sklles Shuil,
Siiiipp. (ioiK-h. LiiiTiuish, Kluttz. Sho
ber and Spight continue to (bs-orate
the reill. They surely were not tsirn t.
die. Hilt why. may we ask. is the-
name of "liird" so popular amotig oll
ticians? The present IIouh. has on it
ist Adam l'.yrd of Mississippi mid H
I'.Ul'd Cassell of I'ennsvlvania, Mini
have we not our own Ilird S. Colei
and Asa Hird Unrdiner always with
Many a congressional surname of de
cided cotllllXintilaceneSs Is relievtsl
from fiat fate by the given name
That of the Hon, Choice li. Knndell of
Texas is an instance, the Hon. Vespa
idaii Warner another and the Hon
ArioHo Wiley another. P.ut for the
niot part the Congressmen were con
demniil by their parents to bi'iir the
plain nnmes of John James, William,
Joseph and so on. These parents fail
ed to realize that if a man couldn't
get bis ha me into the megaphone of
fame In any other way it might be
done for him with a ipiaint curious
and mouth filling baptismal designa-
The Wooden Indian.
Behold the Wisslell Indian.
Who stands outside tlie door,
And guards, with frown and hatchet.
The old tol.ii'co store.
He never beat n grocery bill,
He never told a lie,
lie nev.r took a longing look
At IfHtri.oii, fiM, er rye.
P.eimM the woinI.ti Indian
A muss of oak and pniiu;
lie never made h crooked Unix ,
111 funis, he in :i sniut.
IP ncer bimglit a stuck of chips
And sut inio ; game:
lie never rn-died u i l.oius girl,
( )r flirted with n datiie.
Heboid tie wiMwIen Indian,
Who, on the oilier hnnd.
Was never known to help the nsir
That fill our glorious bind;
Who never heard the piti-ous cry
Of him who starred alone
Who never gave? n hungry dog
So nuirh as one small bone.
Behold the wooden Indian
(And cny is lniii-h like woodi,
Who never did a hit of harm,
Nor y et a bit of good.
His family is not extinct
In fact, one oftn; meets
A lot of wishIph Iinliittis
A-walking on the streets!
--Milwaukee. Sentinel.
According lo bis Folly.
A young Japanese compositor em
ployed on a Japanese paper In New
York was riding down town In a City
Hall train the other morning. He wa
engrossed iu his morning paper, and
paid little attention to the other pas
sengers. But it fresh-lo iking young man who
sat next to lilm. and who had Is-e'tl
eying him U along, suddenly asked:
"What sort of a "ik-sc' uro you, any
way? A Chinese or a Japanese?"
The little Jap was not caught nap
ping, Quick as a wink he replied:
"What sort of a 'key' are you, any
way? A monkey, a donkey, or a Van
The fri'sh young man hnd no more;
to say, and left the train (pilckly whet
he City Hall statjuu was reached.
Inser t I'eM-s of Mankind.
When it comes to actual facts and
figures of (he financial losses caused
by Insect pests the published pa pert
and reports of expert Investigator
oimeete' with our agricultural deju,.
ment at Washington and our agneiil
mral stations elsewhere ftunisli tho
S.tcf and largest resource. The figures
given h.-ie are truly staggering In their
Immensity. Thus we have It on th!
untlioil'y of lr. Howard that the ac
tual .riofiey loss oec.'isioned by Insect
fH'i in fids oomilry every year is not
ess than -.T'l.O'Si.eSei, Acioidintr to fir
eloward Ihe grasshopper pest which
vitsltcd large an as of the West In 1X7J-
,ti destroys! farm crops to the. value
if JpM.usUoo in a single) season.
There are moments In every nian'i
ilfe when he Imagines he's on Uio
rerge of Insanlly.
ICItk J LASTlNfJ H iLilf.
J. w. Wail. Su
perintend ent of
Streets of Iebaaon,
Ky, says:
Mr nightly rest
i-s I'n.en. owing to irregularities of
tie k,.i;..vs. suffering intensely from
N. ... e pa ns iu the small of mj back
and through the kidneys awl I was io
noved t v painful passjiges of abnortnsl
Se."r. liens N :"' of d'H-tonng r
l,e..sl tie cmLfien. 1 l8" "klnf
I loan's Kidney Pills and I exjrienced
ui.-k a ad hi'ili "! I"Sn Kid
r'ev PI. i will proee a biessing to ail
sufferers from kidney disorders who
.p.! pu 'hem a fair trial ' .
p,i,.r Mi.l'iirn "e... Buffalo. N. T,
propnci.Ts For sale by all dnigjfisU.
prii-e- cents per IkiX.
A comer foi extortion, will be t
tablisbed in Loridun, neat tlie bank
of r,ngi.ifi1 In a tttylish restautatjt
there tlie; ncHtre-scs ate to ba octnr
O'.tis of I be most approted cli'K 'ilate
cream tint. The are to be import
ed from LouisUna
Milli"i to I'ats.
,l;r' N.w Nat.e.isl Oat yield'd Is
I'si;: in Mid -bu.. in Misse.uri
I n " it S. rlli lu.nts .'lt bn , Slid in ,'iO
(.tier Sm'.i fie'ii l"" '" e"" "- f"r
,,.r, .. tl -. liit if gone-rally grown
in llfil. dl n ' l o, limns of bushels t
tie i 'Id nail ic. 11. .us of .holier to the
f'lM.i.'r's pnr-e. Tryilforr.MiL Largest
Se. '1 I'. tato t'.(iwp;-s in Anierwa
S.,!?er's .s'i..-itn. Heard less !$rir,
H u e. Hod l.-r "i i. Mneuroni Wheat,
pes Oat, P.ioi.iii l'"H-ir lirass and Karli-e-t
Canes are- iiinriey tusker for vim.
Mr. f-'ani'i-r.
in ni.ri.ps in John A. Salter Seed '' .
1,;, Cr.se. W.s, and receive m r.-t.irB
l! err big e.ital'.k"i'- and tot, e.f f-u
....l sninliles. I.C. N. l'.
astuTk LIU 1UNS
Hi: hat! called at a house in the
suburbs on business, and as lie aiosej
to go lie said:
"I believe you were in the lake ii.
trlct last Hutii'iicr';"
"(lo lih-bi'ig "
"Catch any! hltig?"
"line J i t tl; p. rcb."
'"Ma, Ha. Iia! Thai's wiit 1 ex
pe'.tcd IV il good t,ik'bt."
When the; c .licr had gone the wife
fcaifl, iticignaiil!:
'"Richard, bow can "u sit tbers
and U-il stories In that tn'd way?
You know we caught over twenty flsti
weighing live pounds a piece; anr)
that big jack weighed eleven peiunds."
"My near wife, "returned the hus
band MXitlitngty. "You don't know
bumau nature. That man is now
willing" to take my word fm t.Voo. If
I bad (old Iiitu of thore lisb be would
nave gone aw y be listing me to bA
the biggest libber In the country "
Mm. Wtiolow' so,,-. HINO HVKIJI' toe e,hil
flr. il leetiii" b, Mill. n. the. v urns, r-tneet .nil-1
aialmu, laj I-mIIi eiilefc colic. IMce. lsjtt;a
Stiperinti tub nt - Wc are Hkeiy to
h ive a brisk sale of cliitia-wre tbl
year, Mr. Idler.
Foor walker What makes you
think thai?
I see It stated that long flowlr.g
sleeves are c ming into fanlilon "
Iltistem Transcript.
I'ovetty and pleasure arc not dis
posed to go bactJ-in band,
To git beat In sum argutuetit i
more kredlt to a man than to win.
I prefer the gravity ov the owl to
the flippanry ov the Jakdaw it it
better to lo.k wlie tl: a n to talk
Kur.ikter should furnish a man
with biz habits, not habits with hi
The grite mass ov man kind ha
no kanti'tcrs at all dlsllnkt from
their habits. Such It the history ot
the goose.
Found th. Koevt that PTed III. I,)f.
A good old family physician with a
lifetime experience p, Mvi,lg p,s,(),A
Anally found himself alck unto death.
Medicines failed and but let him
tell hi own story; "For the first fims
in rnv life of (51 years I am Impelled to
publicly testify to the value of a large
ly advertised article and I certainly
would not pern these lines except that,
what seems to me a direct act of Prov.
idetiee, saved my life and I am im
pressed that It is a bounden duty to
make II known.
"For 3 years I kept falling with
stomach and liver disorders until I was
reduced 70 lbs. from my normal weight
Wben I got too low to treat myself, 3
of my associate physician, advised ms
to 'put my house in order,' for 1 would,
be quickly going . way of all man-.
kind. , Just about that lime 1 was put
on a diet of Gntpe-Nutg predlifested,
food. Curiously enough If eiulckiy hes
pan to build m up. appetite returned,
and In 15 days I gt.ncl C lbs That
started my return to health and really
saved my life.
"A physician Is naturally prejudiced
gainst writing such a letter, but la
this case 1 am willing to declare It
from the housetop, that the multiplied
thousands who are now suffering aa I
did .ran Cud relief and health aa easily
ml promptly by OrapeNu(. If they
only knew what to do. Rlocerel, and
..-.eiu,,7 yours." Marmj of UiU
..rornineni physician furnlshad
Postom Co., Ilattlt Creek, Mich.
moa m ach packagt for a
rnt ramous IltUa book. Tla
.liS I . . . A , i .