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Press - J ournal.
ODrDB53E?22. 1903. NO. XT
District Coart the 26 of OcloW.
Dt. T. H. Spindto, the Crawford dentist,
C. F. Coffee and son John were in town
Thomas Bros, shipped cttle to Omaha
Monday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Peterson were in
town yesterday.
J. H. Bartell and ton Will returned
from Iowa Monday.
George Weber becomes a reader of Hie
Pnrss-JoutNAt. this k,
Mont. Burke is at home again and will
Htarl to school November 2d.
H. E. Miiler has old his place in An
drews precinct to M. A. Biumori.
Under the nevr law the whole count y
votes for commissioner this year.
Mr. J. A. Phipps and family moved to
Mrs. L Coffee's ranch at Licket this
II. Kreman was a Harrison visitor hist
Monday. Mr. Kremau is an old timer in
this county.
For Sale.
One Z inch Bain wniion for mile,
quite a', this ofiice.
Potatoes are bringing 40 rts in Harri
son now. Tins beats 23 els, and the size
and quality car't lw surpassed.
For a pleasant physio take Chamber
lain's Stomach and Liver Tablets. Kasy
to take. Pleasant in affect. Fir sale by
All Drujrrrist.s.
W learn that Dr. Ames
IK WKIII. He IS settling lip
will leave
his .'ilfuirt
a ud will probably leave for his former
home when this is accomplished.
The .Jury for October Term of District
Court is dispensed wi'h hv order of his
Hnor. J. J. Harrington Judge.
Bv Wm. J. A. Paum, Clerk District.
,VII parties knowing themselvesindebt
d'to m on book account, will please
call anil settle, as ny creditors want
money, Respectfully,
J. H. Baktkiju.
There will lie a dunce at the hall in
Harrison. Oct. i9. The sum music will
be furnislwsl s lias been heretofore, Also
ccoiuniodaii.'n, come all, and enj.iy
VmirvlVBH. R.C.I4M.
Curd of Thank.
To the kind people of Harrison, ivhn so
litvrallv rendered their us-nnlance to my
vt'ifeilurm; my iWnrf, I have this way
ci I presing my sincere thanks.
The father and mother of ( harb-s Unit
came in on the west IsDurnl train Wtsinoi,
Oay morning.'' Mr Unitt has large in
ttrest here, re are k to say, which
make hie vints more often and which are
appreciated hy the citizens of this place.
The littto Cottonwood shows abundant
proierity this year if creat stacks ol
gram fields of corn, and bushels upon
bluhels f potatoes count for anything
C. M. Luxournext county treasurer gave
us a sample of his potatoes which Ixsats
anything we have ever seen.
SherilT Iiwrv sold 23 head of cattle
belonging to P rry White for taxes.
There were 10 hind -f old cattle and 0
calves which br.. light 90 00 Haiti
fitock wan to M. linniioii s are anu whs
hold on his premises. Such is the lot of
the uiao that won't pay his taxes.
The fumiiy of William Coffee arrived
last Friday, and was driven out to Mrs
Lizzie Coffee's ranch on Running water
where they will make their home in the
future. The PRCfif. JtRNAI, extends u
v Icome to them and hope they may like
the northwest, though it may be di Iter
ant from Louisiana.
Mi en Lama Ettsu came in on the west
bound train Inst Saturday. Miss Egan
will wield the rod in school Dislru t ti'
9 this winter. Mm F.gan Is a i ompositor
as well un ss hool teacher, and w e fear
that our sxirting editor will lie oUVrinit
special inducements for her to come to
town on Saturdays.
Charles 11 ihlieln, our accommodating
blacksmith, is li,nng down his old shop,
and expects to build anew, and ln on a
I.TVer plan, Mr. Hints-la is the best
bl ioksuiit.il we have ever had hi Harrison
and Ins attending strictly to businessj
liriiijfd (ihout such mi amount of work ,
I'm- hs pre ot fh.-p Hutot aJuiitn fur!
ins wort, I
The Crawford dentist, Dr. T. H.-Spindlo
Let every voter turn out on Nnvemls-r
3 and cast your vote for whatever catitti
date may be your choice. Don't stav ut
liome and then curse and fume because
some one was elected that was mcompet
ent to fill the office e lee tod for. We art
free citizens living in a great free country
and let every man that has a vote use it
for what he may think is the best, and
we will notthenfejr the destiny of our
country. It is the stay at home voter
that causes the trouble in all elections.
R-n a. Ten Penny Nail Through His
While opening a box. J. C. Mount, of
Three Mile Bay, N Y,, ran a ten penny
nail through the ft shy part of his hand
"I 'bought at once of all the pain awl
soreness this would cause me," he says,
"and imniedia'ely applied Chamberlain's
Pain Balm and occtsonally afterwards
To mv surprise it removed all pain ami
sorrti-ss and the injuried pari weiv
soon healed." Forsaleby All Druggists
We understand that some of our people
who bought groceries from the Omaha
men, are not very well satisfied wllh
their deal. Well, the only difference is
that if it was our homy merchants they
could rectify it, but as it. is they will
have to grin and boar it. We will say
right here, that, no town in this north
west has a more .iceomatndating lot ol
merchants than Ins Harrison, and you
can buy goods as c'le u) as in anv town
within 100 miles, and of as good a quality
as you will net in any of these ton us
therefore we k;iv. stand bv your home
town and merchants so long as they
treat, you right.
Ho Learned m Creat Truth,
It is said of John Wesley that tie once
said to Mistress Wesley: "Why do you
tell ?hnt ihiid the Mime 'hmg over and
over again?" "John Wesley, tiecause
once itifol enough." It ix for this same
reicnn that yoi are if.hl ag.-iin that
1 'hnmlierla-in's Cough Hemedy cures olds
and grip; th.it it, counteracts any ten
dency of thesf to result in pnetimonot,
and th.it it is pleasant and safe to lake.
For salo by All !ruggits.
J. B. Burke.
Harrison, Nebr.
Dear Friend Burke: It was with much
pleasure that I learned of your noinin
otion for county superintendent, again.
I knew from the reports of your teachers
and educational men who have visited
Sioux county lhat great progres has b -rn
made in the schools during the past four
years. Asa neighboring county sup
erintendent I have appreciated tlm deep
inteiest yni I ao nlwriMt tnken in a.ssoc
alion hoik and everything that would
benefit our school and leti hrs. I feel
that t he good eople of Sioux county
will elect on by a h ands. one majority
with best wishes for success, I am
Yours Kra'ei nnllv,
11. L. Fnh'r, Jo. 'S'ip' iJ.nve.s county
Hunter Happenings.
Mr. Jo's-) Crawford visited at our burg
last Sudav .
Dick Hovey came over from Sheep
creek Sal nrday.
Mrs. Tom Joiiom is petting a rofnsctorv
too'li at present.
Mrs. Bassett went dawn the road Mond iv
U ilsit friends a few days.
George fialdwm came down from
Harrison Suuilay and returned Monday.
Bert Archard, Dick Hovey and Tom
Jones were Harrison visitors Tuesday.
Mrs. Hunter had a nail run in her foot
one dHv last. week. She is able to be
around again.
Mr. L-wis r!i: up from Crawford and
took cattle to Omaha. Lots of shipping
has len done.
We mist -d our news last, week; me
was Mi k. So much has happened since
last news day.
Mr. Cook shipped three cars of cattle
last Saturday. Mr. Jack Cook went with
them to Omaha.
Miss Anna Hansen went down toCraw
A week ago rriday ana cinne nacK
. ... . .i
Monday morning.
Mr, and Mrs. Rice and family visited
with Mr. and Mrs. Williams anil family,
at, Harrison, Sunday.
Mr Tom Jones, Pearla Jones and
Birdie Jones have all had a chance at
rheumatism this week.
Mm. Tom Jones yisiUd in Harrison one
Klav Inst week; Edna IKiVis came home,
, i
Several of ourp.iople were diggiag ,
potatoes last week. Their p .tatoes were j
Hue and a very satisfactory yield.
IWt Archerd roid Dick Hovey have 1
tukfcO Tom Jones' cattle, on shares. A
three yt-ar contract wua niadn. We
"l-b Uuuu slice.
Mrs. Bovle's and Petty's children have
the w hooping cough.
Hill Hhatto sol. I 8 head of horses to Mr.
Hinkle of Lusk, lat week. t
Mr. D. M. Sutton was a Ridge vi-or
the latter part of last week. '
Frank Chun-he's family are making
preparations to move to California to live.
Sir A it. letiel anil son .lames ere
visiting with their daughter and sister
in Arkansas,
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Leeling were on the
Ridge last week. They purchased til"
"Grandma Sutton" homestead and tree
We hope, that by the tiiwe these items
are published, threshing will lie a tlunir
"f the past, on Pleasant Ridge for ttiis
year. '
Mrs. Phillips, mother of Mrs. Freeze.
Ii'is been vrv poorlv for some time. We
hope that she will soon regain her usual
. ....i.i.
Mrs Brown has received the nppcinl
merit as P. M. for the K r I ley ollice. A
soon as her Isind is (lied she will be a full
fledged P. M.
War Bonnet Topics.
Sorry to sav Robt.
Keels baby has t he
whooping cough.
Rm-mhar S. S as usual at 2 P. II
' 'onie one and all.
Andrew Gurrelson is staying at George
Tools going to school.
Mr. Guy Kendall s sister is visiting at
Mr. Johnsons this week.
Mont Bui ke was at the rt-:E Sunday
He gave in a short call.
George Plunlcett is working at the
threshing- machine on the divide.
John Anderson and Ins liounns were
out looking over his possessions Monday
Mrs. Walker, from the 83, was visiting
with Nels Anderson and family last week
Little Sammy Knori is som better
but tin little baby is pretty sick at pres
Ali-s Lilian was visiting at Knot, heels
one day last week. She also visited the
A lr. fencer. From Ij'ficoln, who was
stopping at R dit. Keels, also visiled the
school, last week.
Potato digging is about ened, except
Mr. Keel, and he has a large amount in
eight acres I believe.
George Garret son was down from Old
Woman after grub." He said they are
sawing rirht along,
Mr. Ihmlap sold Ins potatoes at -10 cts.
f suppose he thought ' bird in the hand
is worth two in the bush
BoitS To Mr. and Mrs. Paul Zerhst, n
girl luiby, last Friday Oct. lttih, mother
:.ud il e am gelling along nicely
I arl Z-rbst has Is-en qune sick with
eihoOiim; cough and a slight touch of
malaria fever. He is getting all right
I have located Flitl Harvey again. He
is woking 'over on Indian creek for Billy
Shepherd, ho is taking out a new ditch
on his place.
Dick Z-rbst. is bai-lf to this country
again. He and (jeorgie Shepherd an
kenping hatch while Mr. and Mrs. Shep
herd are gone.
I heard quite a complin ent for the
Harrison IihiuI the oilier day, A lady
was entering town when she hard what
sh supposed to lie, the bund pi act icing ;
but on closer investigation, found it tmih
only a couple of cows bawling.
Sam Thomas and sons held their cnitle
ne th.s plac- '.-c night Sunday night;
they were unable to (hid a corral I hirge
enough for them so thev held them in the
lanes. There were over a hundred of
their., goin to Harrison to be shipped.
I learned that Sam fueling sold his
place to Mr. Billy Shepherd. Mr. Leling
has heen here for a number of years nod
has many friends who are sorry to hear
of his leaving, hut I iind.Tst tml hn I, us
1. U . . I. O .. i i ..I . I I I I
nniu'.'i ! H nil (in I t nil nip o vi if,. si.
' ,
lie wcnii entirely leave loux couu' v.
Miss ,illie Harris went to town Satur
day to take the examination and when
she Muished. to hr surprise, every body
from nut, this way had gone homo and
she was left. She stayed ovt r night wit h
Mrs, Valdez and visited nt Mr. J. M.
i Burke's Sunday and Howard, accompan-
its! he MlkHt.iyriA P:tl-uinu. lironl.l I, or
. ., . . ., u .,
out just in time to attend to the S. S.
Miss Utr.m taught the large class, and
j jUHt ,tl()U!llt how proud parents should
((. of tt who r,in K (o (l Mrit,IKI
(tu.e Bnd u mich n dllt )rr(1),ir
and not he one bit abashed. It. is some
thing to lie proud of, Howard taught
the boys class which
was also appreciate
The editors have their troubles as
well as everybody. Last week our
ready prints were two days late, and
now this ive-li they are the same. We
hat h to disappoint our readers hy being
late, but as we are mt running the rail
roads we can't help matters much.
School Notes.
The Primary pupils are rejoicing be
cause they have the binner this week.
The new hooks have arrived and all the
pupils seem inspired to better work, as
i each has his own hooks.
The bluU tsiards, in all the rooms,
have received new coats ol slat mg which
adds greatly to general appearances.
Mrs. John Bieser and.' brother, Mr.
Parsons of Douglas, were visitors in
school Tuesday afternoon.
The Intermediate room had a special
lesson on the cotton plant on Tuesday
ni. rning, Dan Davis havir.g lurnishi-d a
natural specimen 'if the cotton boll which
he had received from Southern fields.
Marcus Valdez has left the Primary
room, having been promoted to the
Foi'rt h. Grade.
Ile'en (.'lark returned to. school Tuesday
morning altera week's absence on ac
counts of slcl,lit-Ss.
The Sixth Grade had a quarter holiday
last Friday afternoon; granted because
of best lessons and deportment.
The Ninth Grade begun the study of
Literal in e t his week.
In studying Geometry, the TOlh
exclaims in the deeesL orotund sound,
"A charge to kei-p 1 have!"
Tl.u Seventh Gride has established a
laboratory in the little hollow north east
of the school house, where they expect to
inform the Hi-h School how matches are
made, in the near future.
Our little city is a pretty lively place
thesadayg. There are delegates heie
from ( lolorado, Utah, Wyoming, Kansas,
Oklahoma, Texas, and Nebraska to at
tend the missionary couvontinn of the
Topeka brunch of the W. F. M. S. of t lie
M. K. church. Them are missionaries
here from India, Burniah. China, and
Japan. Dr. Robinson, Presiding Eider of
the Oudh district of India, spoke of his
work in the M. E. church Sunday morn
ing and evening. Mr. South, of Burundi
spoke in the Friends church Sunday
evening. This is a fine opportunity to
team something of what is Iwing done hy
these earnest christian woikers. The
childtvns' meeting Sunday afternoon was
as interesting for the parents as for the
It begins to look as if T. J. Mason, the
Greril Immigration ngent for the
Wheatland excursions will depopulate
this ci untry and over populate Wheat
Ian. I pretty soon if he continues his
excursions much longer The next one
is billed for November !$d.
We h;ive had no snow hut a gread deal
of wind, which has at Inst (tried the. top
of the ground, and caves are at last fit
for use.
Our new professors in the college are
not, used to so much wind and when V.
W. remarked that this was only Nebraska
zephyr, no wonder they will expect to
ee blizzards ere long, for w have had
some pretty IimitI weals One night last
week the.wind blew so hard 1 could not
slsy in bed. Now I rlo not mean to say
the wind blew me out of lied, hut it did
blow so hard I could not stay in Is-d, mid
then 1 thought of the heavenly calm
Mrs Rice enjoys, and wished Mich a
blessing was ours just then. j
We extend our heart felt sympathy to,
ll e U-n cvtd r Ki-ei ts of Nil lie H ami I
while lour hearts are sorrowful remem
ber t he hlessed Master said "Sulier the
lilll children to come unto me", she is
sale in his arms, roil can one day go to
her but she can never cotub to you. I
found M.me verses which wuh some
changing are appropriate just here.
Dear hne hands we miss them so
All through the day where ever we go;
All through the night how lorely it
For no little hands wake us out of our
We miss all through the weary hours.
We miss iheru as others husk sunshine
and H iwsrs.
Day time or night lime here ever we go
Ilear III I le hands we. miss them so. I
lVar hi lie hands when the Muster shall '
Shall we welceme the summons that
cronies to Us all I
When our feet touch the waters so dark
and so cold
Ami we. catch the first glimpse of the
City of Gold;
If we keep our eyes lixed on Ihs Heaven
ly gate
Over the tide whoro the white-rolled nnes
wait ,
Shall we know our loved one among the
bright, bands
Will you heckon us over, oh dear little
Love to buy good goods at the lowest price possible
and the place to do this is at
In clothing, Gents fumisihing, Goods,
- - - Boots and Shoes.
We are ready to compete with the world,
and the way to prove it, is to give us a trial.
"Come and see us any way and be social."
Report Of Harrison Schools.
Month eiMliiiir October 2, 1993.
Hkjh School.
No. of pupils enrolled.. ...31
Average dally attend
No. tardy marks
No. visitors
No. days lost, hy rAbsetvLeeH
No. pupils enrol it . I
No. tardy marks
Average daily attendance
No. visitors 12 j
Those neither absent nor tardy during
the mouth are: Fourth grade: Dec
Dai is. Mattie Parsons, Johnny Statsney
and Ruby Plnnney Fifth grade: Ed
ward U'dnver, Johnny Lowry, Jnhnuw
Lacy. Sixth grade: Jesse Garlach and
Alex Larson.
Puisiary Room.
No. enrolled 23
Average daily attendance 20
Those neither aiwent nor tardy: Carl
Williams, Willie Jinoy, ( 'larence Davis,
Willet Wright, Roy Larson and Verona
To The Pathons:
We kindly invite your attention to
alsive report. While it makes a good
.showing, yet, itcan be improved. We
urge upon parents to sue that their
children are kept, in school, as much as
possible. It is very difticult for teachers
to do good work when pupils are con
tinually absent. A day or even a half
day absent tells Ipon the chdu'ii progress
hi school work.
We also ask the co-operation of the
people, generally, in making a school of
Harrison. R'-member teachers can't do
it all. It requires a united effort. If
ihe patrons are not in sympathy with tl e
teachers, the school woik will fall far
short of what it should be.
lkui't expect too much of your teach
ers they may make mistakes, fact is,
Ihey are not angels and wh.letliey may
labor as best they can and may exhaust
all their energies, trying to make the
school a success, yet without the sym
pathy and hieridly interest of the people
their efforts will umount to but very
While we recognize and fully appreci
ate t!;e rights of parents, yet we believe
thesysame rights should be exercised
along reasonable and judicious lines. A
patron's right, improperly used, may act
as'au injury, and this injury is to th"
child, Wb do not (ind fault with any
father or mother for loving the child
'his should be but we certainly think
Ihoretsa possibility if not n probability
of allowing litis love prove detrimental
to thu child's school work.
While the parents have l ights, tea' heis
have the same. State Supi. Fowler, in
nu ollicial decision, siys: "The teacher
stands in
te same place of the parent at
school and has the same jurisdiction over
the conduct of Ihe pupil there that the
parent has at home." The simple deduct
ion from this principle is; the teacher has
control of the pupil while at school and
is livij to exercise such discipline and to
appll such modes of punishment as she
or he may think best, and no one has a
right to question this authority. It is
very Irue lhat this prerogative may be
abused, but it is not very Irefpieatly
done to any great extent.
When the authority of the leader is
disputed, the school work is crippled.
Tell lour boy or girl, he or she need not
obey certain rules or regulations of the
teacher, and you have created in that
boy or girl's mind a principle, which if
not corrected, ill result in failure to
your child through life, and for all
the good thai may be done, you may as
well keep your boy or girl out of school.
For patrons to consult With the leach
ers is right and we most assuredly invite
such. It is far Irct.ter to gain information
regarding the school work from the
teachers and bv visiting the school room
than to i ant from second hand sources
Second hand goods are not always ;ood
and your inb.rniitnt may Im mislukim or,
perhaps, pn jiMicest.
P rs.nwlli
e are here to ben lit. the
ll imsou schools and to aitl the hoys and
giris in obtaining nu education. Our
duly is pl tiu and we shall iwrform this
A. J. AMES, M. D.
Physician and Surjeoa.
All calls g-iveu prompt attenttoa
Oflice at Commercial Hotel
or Drug Store.
We have our building completed oo
and have a new supply of goods, and will,
sell them right.
Lumber, lath, sash, doors,
lime, cement, and building
material of all kinds.
Farm machinery:
Harness, Saddles, and
Range goods.
Flour. Feed, and Grain.
Paint, Oils & etc.
I am gent for the Wood
manse wind-mill. Have a
supply of pump fittings on
hand. Come in and get my
prices whether you, buy, or
K nil road botween Missouri RJver tni
Direct line to St. Peul. Minneapolis.
Direct Lino to Black Hills.
Apply to nearest argent for rates, mass
B-nd. time cesrda.
West Bound. East Bound.
Morning. ' Evening.
No. 13, Due tj:!i0
No. 83, loc. frt. 10
No. It, Due 8:10.
No. 84 loc. frt. 5:8.V
Physician Surgeon.
OFFICE! Andkkws Bixxk-'
duly as best we can. Should we make
mistakes, pie tse remember that perfect t 1'
Ion is seldom reached in this life.
In conclusion will say; support your- fjA
schools, financial ly and morally,, as far jjJ
as possible. Lsnd encouragement,, visit. '
the school rooms, talk with the teachers, -
if you do not find thum opun and- friendly
report same to principal. jP
Kemt.'iiiher your children's education : ti
at issue and if you neglect, to do your "
dull , w ho will do ii? It is not necesmtrv f j
to call atlention to the reed of an edu ilJ '
cation. Note the great army of young s, '
men and women at our Universities nuuV H"
Colleges, at Lincoln alone it is estimat- SJtin .'.
ed lhat four thousand will attend the (',' '
University and Colleges there tlusy.ar. fey ' ";
l act is, your boy and girl must tie eslu- (.A -
en ted, if not their futures will be blasted. fTt-1 v
We look forward to a prosjierous school
year and hope nothing may come up to.
destroy the realization of our expecta
tions. Hinceri-lv submitted,
J.T. MottRts; Principal,
Queer Insurance Policy.
A queer old fire Iti.urauco policy tirm
cine to ilgiit In Kansas, which waj it
HoM In London nearly one hundrol
yparn ago. It In for $1,000 nd t.li
prfiralum wan fl.BO a year. It rpaJv.
"To encourage tho removal' of good"
In the cnao of Ore, this ofQc will bII:
the roaHonable fhsrgee attendlof, f -. .
ramo, ajd make good the raffwv
to?-, whettor flpstroyed, lost oi. "a..t '
ftgol by tueh jmoval."
1 Z -
fr '
, .
,K -'
tt V
t -J M -
V. .-'''it