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Harrison Press - Journal.
vol. xvi. mvKKisoisr, ubbbaska., thuh;3da.y, September .10 iso3.no. ir
Will Hoyt was in town yesterday.
Dr. T. 11. Spindlo, the Crawford dentin;.
S. R. Smith was up from Hewitt this
Mrs. Clms. Smith in visiting in town
thie k.
Jo Hoffman was in town on business
Andrew Christian was down from the
Ridge Monday.
Dick Hovey was up from Sheep creek
km Thursday,
Mrs. Sarah Jordan
valley Tuesday.
returned from the
Mr. Uunn and John Ftnley wero
town yesterday.
John Brown and wife were up from the
valley Tuesday.
Deuel Bros. shipl a car of cattle to
Omaha I a.t Saturday.
Nick Schaefer shipped two car loads of
caUl to Omaha Monday.
Btrt Earnest and wife j down from
Wartsm, Wyo. thin week.
Y'u waul to take a look- at Gerlachs
new udditioo to their store.
Several of our itiWiistiteri fw attending
C01L1 1 at Douglas Una week.
Clnrerce Holhngsworth came down
from lioss, Wyo. Tuesday evening.
Mrs. Frank Nuito and daughters vistt
fd a Crawford Cm firel of the wttik.
W. II. Dunn of Denver Colo, tsjcomes
a reader of lhe 1'i'EKS Journal tins week.
lira. L. W. Horton went to Valentine
Frulav evening to vuit relatives
during conferi in e
JTr Silo,
One 8 Inch Hum wagoi for Bale.
iim at Ums otbee. '
Pxtnmster Priddy and hw youngest
anti left for Iowa last Saturday evening,
where tlwy will visit for a while.
J. C. Parsons sold two car loads of
cattle Slonitay, to a Mr, Am-is. They
Were ahipped to On. ha ih same diiy.
Vtofi't forget tlie w-rvices Sunday nnd
Sondty night bv the Sta'e Smslay
6clmoi worker. Let every iusiy come.
I lmvs put out. p'liin in my pasture:
8o watch your d.ig-i.
T. 0. Wiujams.
For a bilious attack tk tluimhrrhim's
8tomch and laver Tahlet. sod qun k
core ia oerlain. For wle by All Drug-
Rov. f.orton went to Valentine Monday
Ven'ng, to rw irr a UewhiniM at the
niturcoofereoce, which is tu session
thia wwk.
Chas. Hltiheln se-nl last week- at lil
old home m Indian creek, n-id his wif
at tier bom at MarsluNd. They returcuil
honia Tuetdav,
Tlie brother ti the liiling lioys, w ho
was visiting with them for a week or ten
days, departatl for his liuuie in Iowa last
Thunelay iioJ.
Mr. Morns, prim:lml of the Harr'son
achool, arrived here Monday morning
with his two daughters. He opened up
in In ml In the afternoon.
Born To Mr. and Mrs. Irven Zimmer
nuin of Bodarc, oq Thurwlay Kept, 8rd.
M ten pound bov. All parties concerned
are getting along nicely.
Ml Mabel Hunter left for Lexington,
this stale, Monday evening, where she
will iav with her sister, Jirs. Fifzgeiald
tola winter and go to school.
' "Hie school l-ll once more is ringing
And the boys u-id gills are sin, mg,
During V.-ai. n Mcv've played in vain
An4 now they're at their b.siks again.
Hire. L'Mie I'ollee and cbiMrm l-ft for
rhsilroh h nI Ihuisdsy evening, wliere
the chililreii vil alleiid school during
the 'ller ll.el' h.lVM l"'ll pelding
lie so ii hi i.r on tt.tr ram 1 1 mi Uuiiniug
A vr.-nrf Ull
8 p', H'h
f ,r, I . .. I, . -p
ill I l.td In tKe bull I
(l ,u will l.eiTnhl.ts, I hav taken part of them mid
. .
ci.mi es ii-'i , mm '
j. j I isit I . I- iiKll'all. ITini e ore'
. l .l l. 'e.-il til. I'llll. Ht .kndieWS
I tax. '
Tlie Crawford den1 ist, "BY. 1YH7 Spindlo.
Mr. and Mrs. John Bieser anl children
returned from Iowa Tuesday, wh-e they
have been visiting for the past month.
Mrs. Earnest Phinney returned from
Ft. Robinson Inst Friday, where she tins
been vbiting with herpareotaa few days.
The Harrison school honed request all
parties that are not residents of the dig
toct to pay their tuition in advance.
J. H. Rarteix.
There are a few of our late customers
that have not settled their accounts, we
would be pleased to have these come in
and settle, for we are anxious to close up
ail our accounts.
Marsteller Bros.
Notice To Tax Payeihj.
All delinquent personal taxes not paid
on or before October 1st will be collected
by DislressWarrant.
See New Revenue Law
JoHS I. Davb; Co. Treaii.
II S. Clark, father of banker Clark,
arrived hereon the passenger Tuesday
morning to visit for a while. He will go
from here to Mitchell to visit his son
who is at. that place. Mr, Clarke's home
is at Luke Citv Minn.
Sir. and Mrs W. B. right went to
Whitney last Saturday evening to see
Mr. Wright's mother, who was ill, Thev
returned Tuesday morning. Mr. am.
Mrs KU Maine took charge of the hotel
denng their absence.
A deal was competed this week be
tween J, E I'himiey and Dick Richards,
manager ol the leading drug store of
Crawfurd. in which tlielaltei- hei.nmes
the ow ner of the drug store in Harrison
He lakes possession Oi;lober 1st.
Justin WilheniiMlorfer of Harrison
called Sunday on F. J. Houghton and Ins
family on hi return from Omaha and a
visit to Fairlield, Iowa, where be was
raised and was well acquainted in the
oklerdays will) Mr. and Mr iIoiij(hton
Cl Sid rou Time.
DmoeYtto Caucus.
There will b a Denionratiu caucus or
pnnary at the vol mg place in WnrUmuet
prei iiK't on Sejit 2N' IDOJ, nt one o'chs !:
P. M. to elect delegates to at Knd the
c.mntv couvinliou. Pat LaCV.
Precinct ' 'O'liout lee man.
M VVst nnd Topper, teachers of the
primary and interuiMhate rooms of 'he
Harrison m hool nrnved here last Friday
morning fn.iu Alliance. Tliey were
ready to hgin si-IhviI M unlay mori lng,
but as the principal had not. arrived they
did not begin in the morning, but ill the
Mr. Biown of H'issoori Valley, la.,
nho ha reutel a place on Pleusun.1 R dge.
ar'ived here yesterday morning with his
family and went out ( the R.d-;e in the
evening. Mr Brown's father neenmpan
ied him nlso, m d inform us that he will
locate tiere too, II the countrv proves j
satisfactory lo him.
Wm. Martin brought 1ns son O.uild
aged sixteen years, lo loan Inst Wtdi s
dav, nnd had him examined by the Isianl
of insatuiy. Upon examination Ihey
found him lo lie perfectly insane, and
de ided that he should Is- taken tn an
insane asylum. Sheriff Lowry took him
to Lincoln Thursday evening.
Call For Bid a.
Olen. N-hr. Anir. 10,-1903.
The hoard of school district No, 19,
Sioux Co, Nebr. will receive bids for a
new school bouse until Sept, 19th at 8
o'clock P. M. when bids will be opened,
N. B. Board reserve the right to rej"ct,
any or nil bids. For peci llcHtion call on
or write director.
PimtH MoRTtnNOll, iHrector.
Trustworthy lady or gentlemnn to
minimis hii'iness in this f!oiinty and ad
joining territory for well and favorably
known Hone of solid financial atandmg,
$20.00 airaight cash saUry and expnn-s,
paid encU Mrmday by check direct, from
beiulr)unrlra. F.Xl-ence money mlvnni ed
fiositioii permanent. Address MaNAOF.R,
f! io Monox Bt.tsi., Chicaiio, III.
6toma.crt Trouble.
'I hnve Iweti trciilibd wilh my stomach
for the ps four vears,"aiya f). L Beach
of Clove' Nook Farm, Greenfield, Mass.
A few dnvs aft I was induced to buy a
i . , . t . .
l'X of tMiamtieriain s niomncn nno miut
f . i . a....i in.r " if iinu hv
' -
n..v trouble with a ourstomach try a box
..r.t T..1.1.1. V,. nmm c.Mom in h
l ' ll"P''ti s- ...... i
ideasetl with the result. Price 83 centa.
file aJe bt All Drngata.
Ctl For Did.
Healed Bids a ill he receivid in this
office up to 10 o'clock A. M. b piemlter
21, 1903 for tlie construction of a County
Bridge acro- White Head C'rcekJ.et wt-en
Section 3 ani 4, Twp 34, Hinge 54,
Secilicatians on lilt) in t in n!fljj. Tlis
Board reserve ttte right to reject any and
all btds.
Vim. J. A. Riiurn.
Owes His Life to a Nolg:bor' Kindness.
Mr. D. P. Itauglierty, well ku iwn
throughout Mercer iioo Sumner counties,
W, Va., most likely owes his life to the
kindness of a neighbor. I le was hIhhk-1
hoplessly atllicted with diarrhoea; was
attended by two physicians who gave
turn little, if any, relief, when a neighbor
learning of his serious condition, brought
him a bottle of Chamberlain a Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Reu.edv. which
cured him in less tlmn twenty four hours.
For sale by All Druggists.
South Omaha, Neb., Sept. 9, 1903.
Cattle receipts last month were 20,000
short of a year ago. Trie sale of feedors
was less than 40 percent of sales in Aug.
1002. This indicates a game by both
feeders and ranje men. Price for feed
ers and grass leef steers have been im
proving for t wo weeks. Corn f-d steers
sold for 6.00 here Inst week. Market so
far this week is brisk nnd steady except
on cows, which are 10c lower.
We quote clinics coi n fed sters5 SO to
6.00, fair to good 4.75 to 5 40. Choice 4
nnd 5 vear old grass heef !iteers4 40 toj
4.60, choice I! year obts 4 00 to 4 '25.
Younger, high grade 3.75 to 4 00, com
mon down to 2.25. Cow sluir still low,
best 3.00 to 3 25 Stock heifers 2.10 to
3 75. Steer calve 3.Wto 375. Grass
hulls 2 00 to 2 75, veal 3 00 to 5 00.
The sheep market had held nbout
steady except, on feeder lambs hich
declined 15 to 25c. D-rnitnd has been
farilv good on all kind wi.li nrosricct I
more active for Ibis ivw k.
We ouote ees, feeder 2 00 to 2.50;
killers 2 50 to 1100. weathers, fNeders
3 00 m 3.55; k dlers 3 25 to 3.35 Y-ar-lings,
f l.-rs 3 25 to 3 50. kill-rs 3 50 to
3 00. Lambs, feudvr 4.00 to 4.23; killers
4 50 to 4.75
Hog receipts light. Market strong.
Rang 5 25 to 5.70 - -
Nye & Bran an an.
A R.eme.rkble rVecord.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy has n re-
marknhle rn'ord. It. has iicen in use for
over thirty ears, during Inch time
many million Imt ! h-s ha ve been sold and
used. Tt has long I es the stat'ilaril an '
main reliance in tile t ri-n t mt-n I of croup
in IhousTids of home, yet during all tins
lime noca s has ever l een reii le(l lo
tlie manufacturers in which it failed to
flVcl a cure. V.'lien given as soon as
the child l-econses hc'iree or even as soon
as the croopy cough appears, it, will
prevent Ibea'taik. It is p easant, to tck -,
ninny children like it. It contains no
opium or ulner harmful u 'whiuce and
may tie given as confidently to a l ahy as
to an adult. For sale by All f-'rug-iists.
Hunter Happenings.
Harold Hunter was a Casper visitor
Mr J 11. Cook was a Harrison visitor
I)r. K. i). Weir visited at Mrs Bassett's
Mr. Pfo jlor has been helping Mr. J. R
Hunter this week.
Rev. H. F. Tihhelt of Chadron return
ed hone Tburrday.
Miss ('lara Christensen cams home
from Chadron Friday.
Bert Archard and Tom Jones are doii g
the learn work on the new ('.tin,
Oeorge Baldwin of Harrison xisited
frieials and relatives last Sunday.
Grandma Baldwin was very auk Sun
day and Monday, but is much belter
Richard Hunter left Siturd.iy night,
for Omaha w here he wi 1 1 nt tend school
this winter. Harold left Motidiy night for
Mim Anna Hanson of Crawford is now i
wedding lhe rod for ! list net. No. 30. We
hope she will satisfy I hem. She came
Hick Hovey Is visiting friends anil
relatives Ht. Hunler this week, He went
over north lo bunt a horse for his mother
and came back with two young India in
a buggy, he found the horse also.
There wnsa (lance in the school house
Saturday. There was quite a crowd s
we heard, they did not ev n ask lhe direc
tor for lhe school house, they were all lo
tired lo mi to church, but not loo tired
to go and dance all night,
live famlies that (hd not go.
There were
Andrew, presenled quite a citv like ,
..i-.arar.c last mghl. lights flashing
every way votl look, Hunter was nil lit i
was n long row of 1
nit and tlm side traek
bRtiia. there was tour uiuerent, out in :
with I heir cars bete, there is a teleohotin
b ing but up from ,'asper to Chadron, j
O. W. He,Vr ctme hi from Guernsey,
on the Msneiier. l.jt oiejit.
Mrs. E F. Pontius h-ft for Defiance,
DtUO-jHt!.? n'tfh', whers Jier .sl l ty.tM fs.
We certainly wish her a good time, and
we kno that bile will ei j iy herself.
Jiin Marstelleriuid son Vrn departed
for Valentine last night, to attend con
ference; And frtini there they will go to
Pennsylvania, where they W'lll visit for
some time.
His Llfs Served by Chn.mberlaln'a
Colic. Colore, evnd DlarrUoea
"B. L. Ber, a well known cooper of
this town, says he Is-heves Chamberlain's
Colic, t Imlera nnd Diarrhoea Reiner
saved his life Inst summer. He Irul been
1 '''k ,or a W"M w,l ,t' '"""'.dors
call hilimis dysentery, and could get
nothing to do him any good unt il he tried
this rewiedv. It gave him immediate
relief," pays B. T. Little, merchant,
Hanoock, Md. For sale by All Druggists.
War Bonnet Topics.
Mrs Paul Z irhst was on the sick list
last week.
Miss Lil'ie Harris was visiting at Roht.
Keels Inst week.
Miss Eina nrown of Five Points is
visiting tit Leu Donts this week.
Frank Hiiblmrd and Arthur Dunn are
going with the threshing machine.
Mrs. Frank Hubbard left, lust week for
Caspr where she will engage in woiking
Mrs. NeK Anderson and hsby a,'e stop
ping at the S E fur a few days, as N'els
is away on bu-iness.
0'iorgp O irretwin is at home again:
him and bis father are going to start lit
()ft saw mill
business Again in the near
Mr. Paul Brevvsterand his father in law
have Is'on sloppirg nt 'heS- E for the
wist, week looking over the ranch hunt
ing gii me.
Ed Scott took a trip to Wyoming Inst
Sat. and returned Monday accompanied
by his sister Nellie who has come home
tn start to school,
..That will be no preaching next. Sun
day a Rv. Hnrton has" gone to confer
ence, but 8. 8. will be as usual at 2 P. M.
with' Miss Harris as superintendent
'eme one and all.
Mr Sim K'lori, M'"" Emma nod
fjiis-ie Xnristt ca'li d on Mrs. cot t Sun
day, b-it that ladv being nbsent they
stctifd to H. tli little R i'stI K"e Jr.
and iron uaced him a fine fellow.
T was down in B dar on dav last
week and called at Mrs. Sella fers and
had the honor of mikocrth" acquaint
nni'i' of her nephew from N Y. he is a
promising young man of 21 and fought
in Mani'hi.
0'ir school hei'iin last, Monday Willi
Miss Harris wielding the rod nnd 13 schol
ars in attendance, hut we failed to get
our new- seats as we should, wbi' h is a
pres' disappointment. I failed to know
the cause.
$ In Wyoming.
Francis I Vuet went to Omaha on last
Si'.lut'dav's train.
.loltn fietiel nnd () E Jennings made
Html proof or, their hniiitstiiuls last
S it unlay,
Fri d Deuel nnd W, M irphv shipped a
car load of cattle toO naha, from Harri
s'iii las Sa' urday.
Miss Eva E. ('hnrch, Frank Church and
Phillip FreeM will make final roof on
their homesteads before D. K. Ooddard of
Li.sk, lhe 10th.
We understand that a Mr. Brown ot
Missouri V.ill-v Iowa, has ren'ed the
Clmrcli plic and will Im here to take
possesion ir. a short time.
Miss Amy Christian went to Harrison
on last Saturday nnd went. In the vnlbv
! where she will teach the Bodaru school
i beginning mi lasl Monday,
j Mrs Kva Christian and Mrs W.
; Mmphy rtent to H "dare weik ago S itur
day nnd altendid the meeting there on
Sanilay, returning home on Monday.
A Me. Ames of Tain i Co., town was
I bin nig cattle in t his part last, weak, Hh
lioiighi n car load of Aidrew Christian,
which was delivered on Monday,
j J, vV, I'lin-tinn wsiit to Itouglas on
' last 'iied.ty to in tend court Ibis week.
, lie is a witness in the case wherein the
'n '" " ,Vni tug is piiiim ill iinu oiuarv
Sub's is the defendant,
Flor.-iK-n Christian rMurned from
M,i.iviII on Tuesday of last week, there
ll1,,l K misuniiersvanuin as u wueu iter j
i i i e. 1...:.. tiL.- . L...I. '
ahould begin. She went b.ick
. u,,lll..i,.e ln lu.o-in.
Threshing begins on tlie Ibdpe this
a '
week, and the prospect for a goad' yiold'
Is llalicniige
Lov to buy good goods at the lowest price possible,,
and the place to do this is at
In clothing, Gents furnishing, Goods.
Bootd and Shoes.
We are ready to compete with the world,
and the way to prove it, is to give us a trial.
"Come and see us any way and be social."
Rev. Horton preached his farewell
sermon nt th-s hall on last Sunday. A
large crowd was out, and a few new
meiulsjrs were taken into the church.
All were sorry to think that possibly Mr.
Horton would not be sent liack to this
charge, and all will be glad if he comes
back a-ain, for he is well liked by all,
tstth as a minister and as a man. Every
one has the greatest, respect, for him, and
'lis l tie wish of all, that he will be stnt
bad again.
On last Sunday night, about 8 o'clock,
as we were writing this list (if items, we
heard some me ailing. On going to the
door we beard a voice out on the prairie
which seenied to say, ,-0 Zekiel, when
you serin in this weens itemi-, tell em
that I can't go, buggy riding with my
best girl without Walt Boyles and Roy
ZnmBriinuen following me." Thia was
followed by thrf soft, merry ha, ha, of
"my best girl," which made us feel thai
we'd like to le "I" whoever that may be,
regard leas of Walt and Roy.
Mr. and Mrs. Newlin went to Harrison
last Monday to consult Dr. Ames in re
gard to their little daughter Nellie, who.
lias lieen ailing for some time. There
lieing an epidemic of whooping cough in
the town 'hey were in a quandary as to
where to put up, not, wishing the little
one to l exposed to it. Your big heart
fd townsman, Mr. McGinley, came to
their rescue and invited, them to partake
of the hospitality of his home, which
they did, nnd they are truly grateful to
he and bis sister for hospitalities ahowt .
Hotcbktss, Colo. Aug. 81 1903. And
s'i M. A. t '. has neeu er jo ing an outing
in the inoun'airis. How glad we were to
r. a I all sb.-u! it; Ai d alo to know that
Clio ami lie r tatinly mi-re wed and happy.
And lo rend what Timothv had to tell of
our friends nnd neighbors. We were
even interested in Mr. (b-o. (irim's tooth
ache as reported b Zekiel and sorry for
him too. We have had tooth aciia wur--elves,
so rx-rli.ms our friends will be
glad lo learn ihal we are well and hope
they are the same, if there isn't much
else to tell. A week Hiro Sunday we
presented our letters and were received
as members of the Methodist church at
llotclddss. There is a band of earnest
and consecrated workers there and we
shall feel at home among them. Two
weeks before Mr and Mrs. Fred Beudix
were received by the Baptist church and
OtTtifi and Edith Ocii.iix were received
on profesnioii, Inning been t- j
recent ly. Both the M E. and Baptist j
ministers preach regularly at, lhe Mesa
school bouse, wheru we nil attend S. H.
The Baplisl a)oplo Ii.ivb lately had a
series of meet ings there and in town,
which led to Home conversions and the
building up of christians.
Apricots and em y peaches have come !
and coe, and it wd'l not be long now I
, , . . . I
Uliiiltl e Lll .lliiH are ready lo sh'P. ,
wiiicli niejus busy I:mu;h lor every body ;
lor Itii days or ninre. P em lies uie n lug
ni-u (Ins inr us frost u.iiii-.d ir.eoi In !
I - - i -
many localities; thej are nil right in lhe
North Fork valley however. Many are
lui-v putting up the second i rop of al
falfa. Ihehiis i iop is very heavy thiR
ear, and the I mil crop is said lo li
good ,1 have not been here long hough j
to be hMh lo compare it with other ears I
but It certainly seems l.ke uu ubundatil I
crop tu inn.
1 have lsen rutin t glad I wns not in
Nebraska us I have read of the light tung t
and lieii, ll-ioils and cloud hursts. We
had u nun lhe otl.irduvja very gentle
little drizzle Ir r llitee hours, and that, is
about the only tune the (Inst has la en
I ild since J ii he, but as long us the ditch
runs we ilon't care, The serious trouble
eo Ma s w hen the ditch breaks, as our new
Fie Ml. Ones occiiswit'iilly, lied the water
is shut ell' for a lew dyya, then the
grumbling ia loud nnd long, nnd ti e
scolding Is ditecl toward the ditch sup; r
Ir.teiideut Ibsleiid of the clerk of the
wen t her. He must Im a little more
snit.ive than the mythical clerk of the
weather, for be resigned the other day
and left somebody else to take the scold-
j,, w are told that lis tho ditch
.... .
grows older too danger of breaks will;
Ah I do not know bow else (o reach
them, I waul to thank the friends who
war assembled at lite Sioux Counly
- -- -tu, iTiirr,
A. J. AMES, M. I).
P!;ysici:iii and Surgeon.
All calls given prompt, attention.
Office at Commercial Hotel
or Drug Store.
We have our building completed now
and have a new supply of goods, and will,
sell them right.
Lumber, lath, sash, doors.,
lime, cement, and building
material of all kinds.
Farm ni;u-hinery.
Harness. Saddles, and'
Range goods.
Flour, Feed, ;md Grain.
Paint, Oils & etc.
I am agent for the Wood
manse wind-mill. Have a
supply of' pump fittings . on
hand. Come in and get my
prices whether you buy or
R-al!rod between Missouri Rjvor a4
Direct I'nn in St. ul Minneapolis.
Direct Lins t3 31 ck Kills.
Aordy to nearest agent for rates, mnpai
e.nd tlm,: cn.rds.
West Bound,
No. IS, Due H-M
No. S3, hie. frt. 10.
Eist Bound.
No. 11, Due 8:10
No. 84 toe. frt. 5:2.1
, , , , ,
convention lor the suhslnntiiil jjift they
sent me. The money was a ht In tn me
and t he kinilueso that prompted it evvo,
more. Emma L. Ric.
siiF.it i re"1! "?m.k.
Tty virtue of an order of sain iaimiil liv tlie.
clerk of Hie district court of Sioux County,
N,rl" "'k:'' """ " deerr. rendore,! In sal. I
court, In favor ot (Jranl, (.'n lirla nlalntiff
Bi..I ngulnst Joseph W. Ilee.l, Nellie K. Heed,
('ntlirine a. KcUey, and II. M W, V- istaniH
"s defend ,mu, I will on tlm llft.li day tt
"etohcr, IMS, at one o'clock it tlie aft ruooa.
of s.'.lil day, at tlie east fr.ml door of the
I ourl House of said county, lit Harrison,
Nebraska, sell nt public suolt.m lo tlie
highest bidder for c-isli in hand, tha lollow
Ing ilescrllavl re 1 esuie situated In siliL
comity U-wt,: Tim tioriti west (iiiiirtcr of
section Mi trty live (:tfi), Township -thirty iwu.
(), Itunge tit ty nix to satisfy said order
l sale tn the sum of Twenty six (olliirs -mil
,'!VP,'rV two cents ri'Ul, Interest
. Sllll HCI'I'lll'lg Cost i.
First pubilcHtion
ptcni'HT 3, rfl:i.
AI.KX l.tiWKV,
Mierltl ot vuld eo int i
: ' '.,