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Harrison Press - j ournal.
Head the legal notice on the opposite
Pan Jordan wa up from the valley
Quite a lanre crowd attended the sale
last Saturday.
Fred Lane worthy and family were in
town Tuesday.
Ram Thomas was doing business m
Harrison Wednesday.
T-iek Rchaefer pupped a. rar load of
horses east thin week.
Milton nollintrsworth from Indian creek
was in town this week.
Mr, and Mrs. Chas. Unilt were visiting
in town the first of the week.
TJead the ad for n school horoe in Pis
triet No. lit in another column.
, TViwin Outline went to Alliance last
Thursday 'o attend the 'Normal.
F. E Jnndt. and A. R. Kennedy came
tip from Crawford Tuesday mornine.
We are clad tn nay that Mro. Frank
Deifter Is peeaininc her former health.
The school board are bavincr some
work done to the choo1 bouse thin week
TW reports ere, tlmt there was a very
heavy rain north of bere, Mnnrtav tiicht.
Ovrwin Twis made us a pleasant call
while m town yesterday. Come atrain.
A dnnr wni held in the nw carpenter
shoo last Saturday night, given by C. E.
A. Estler.
Mi Ida Mnravok returned home fwin
CrawTord last Saturday, two weeks visit
t that place.
Tlarrv iHiutrherlv was in from Tfnt
creek Wvo. Siin'fay and attenderl church
in the evening.
11. T. .Mco't of Mitchell. Vohr, b
ironies n rler of the I'Hirss-.bfl'irSAl.
with this issue.
TWrs. V, C. (T'Virner, who has had a
lvere attnclf of 'heiirrrnt ism. w are jrlnd
to snv ts mirch lf"ter.
rVreral fnrri Tlrrrron aMer-ded th
slmw a I. ( 'niwTnrd Inst Frirnv. Tliev re
port it asWin verv pood.
Co. nerk Tlaum returned to' tiis off re
Monday mornine. nf'nr a two weeks
"Visit at bin home on "o1 ton wood.
Co, Hnpt. Conrad Parsons nnd Mis'
Amy Christian went to AMinnee last
Snturdny niflit to 1 in attendance at the
There will be mass in Harrison on
Saturday, August 22nd at 10 o'clock t.m.
Fat her McNanmTa of Crindrrm will lie tn
Harrmon'om that date.
Oeneva 11. West, lias Wen secured to
Tencli the imerniediate room of thelfarri
Kon school. Miss West has man v friends
in llumson that will welcoine lierback.
WIhwi yon want a physic that rs mild
anfi pentle, eas-' to taKe and certain to
tict, alwawH ww) (liafiiljerlam'H Stoni.nihf
unci Livur TabVtu. For .il by All Drug
lWn To Mr. and Mrs. Ohas, Newman
ISunday nigHit. Au? 6th, a botincinn 4y.
Mother and son are getting alot.'( nicely
and C. bcoertamly M-oud of his m for
we motived a treat on the strength of it.
Four yonng men came here from New
York kist week seeking work. Three of
thetn R ere seut to the Tom Bell ranch hi
Wyo. abotit sevonleea miles west of here
and the other ocra is working for N. I.
Co. Supt. Parsoim isiitlehihng infititute
at Alliance this week, where nehool
teadieis nre aliout as thick as fjrusshop
fiersout this way, weho! Con want
Jos bis heart on this trip for these pretty
schools Mwrrris are a grat templation,
Thre will be a gfinid ball at t lie hall
Friday August 11. All are invded to
attend and have a good tune. Good
music will ueifurmshedfor the occasion.
R. C. Hihiii.
I. (lerlach A Son are exravttrntr for
a celhir nndr the nMltkin that tla'y are
goinic lo bit lil on to their place of lm
iries, Mr. Od 'nclrn ura Jm"pmg pace
with ni rov. in ni tlmt hrn continually
j)(oiii, u in imrrisua. May (be gotsl
Grandpa Hollingsworth took the west
hound train for Itonglan Wyo. this
mornitrp. lie goes to visit with his sob
Clarence tHsvr Ross Wyo. i
J. E. Marste.ller, JoTin Hanson. Wilbur
Shepherd, Stuart Sides. John (orbin, and
Fnmk Wonder returned from Omaha,
yesterday nnd report that trie stork far
ket was very low.
There are a few of oiir late customers
that have not settled their accounts, we
would be pleased to have these come in
and settle, for we are anxious to close up
all our accounts.
Marsteller Bros.
We the undersigned lierehy extend our
heartfelt, thanks to the kind friends nnd
neik'hhors who so liberally rendered
assistance durir.g the il loess, death and
burial of our beloved Eddie.
Mr. and Mrs, Fhh Leithoff.
Mr. J. T. Morris the principal ulect of
the Harrison school was in town Wed
nesday try inn to rent a house but met
with poor success so farasall the houses
are ene--e?ed. Mr, Morris ha a family
and expects to Teside with us indefinitely
and we are sure our people will welcome
them to our little burp.
Boy Cured of Collo After Physleaxi's
Trottlmonl Had F&tled-
My lxv when four years old Was taken
with colic and cramps in his stomach. 1
sent for the doctor and he injected mor
rhioe., but the child kept petting worse.
I then gavebim n teaspoonf ol of (1mm
herliittTs t'oltc. Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy, nnd in half an hour he was
sleeping and soon recovered, F.
WlLKrNis. Shell ljike. Wis, Mr. Wilfcinsts
book-keeper for the Sin1!! Lake Lumber.
Co, lor sale by All Druggists.
Cell For Btds.
5len. Nel-r. Auk. 1Q,MW3.
The board of school district No. 13,
Hiomx Co., Nt-br. wil I receive bids for a
new school house until isept, itfth at fi
o'clock V. M. when bids will he opened.
N. B. lbian! reserve flie rifc'ht to reject
any or ull h1s. Vat sjieciflcatkm call on
or writ hrcctor.
IVrr.K MoKrKK" s, I 'irecUfr.
Hat Ovor-Wlso.
Theiss is in old allegorical picture of a 1
j ii't scared at a firassinijipur but in the ai t
of heedlessly tirealmr im a snake. Thm
is paral leW-il hytliewinn wlio n,ends a
l;irc;e sum of n.irtii'y huildin a cyc.ii"
cellar, hut n"trls'ts to provide his farnil)
wjlli a hot t le of Cliaiuh'-rlain's (Julie,
Cholera and liirrhoa kennilv as a
safeyuarfi nu'ainst ls)el compa tils,
whose victims outnumber thoe f tiie
cycloii(. a hundred to one. Tins remedy
is v ery a here reco(;iiieH as the , most
prompt nnd rehahlo nieiKrroe m se for
t.bese diseases, for bale 4iy All Itrut;
Kisls. The Judicial Convention, which meets
it Valentine next Tuesday will no doubt
nominate Hon. W. H. Westover for
district jndgp. We can say of Judge
WestdVer that bo is the liest judge thai
has ever Is-en on the bench in this dis
trict, atid bis neiwination means bis
election, for the people in the north west i
part of the state know when they have a
good man, and they mean to keep him too.
Dyssntry Cured Without the Aid of
"I am just up from a hard spell of the ; ,
llux (.Usentry) says Mr. I. A. l'mner, 1
a well known merciantof lirnmnuinrf,
... ,, , ... ,i
lenu. "I used one small botUa ofj
hoca Kemcdy and was cured without
having a doctor. 1 consider it the lHht "ousi was stru-K ny ngmning. it kho. k
cholera medicine in tbo world." There the pnmiels out of Die dis.r, passed
I no need of emploving a doctor w hen j through the house nnd out of an open
this remedy is used, for no doctor can I window. Fortunately the family as in
prescribe 'belter medicine for bowel j l,e 'idjoining room at the time and none
comiilamt in any form either for children were hurt..
or adults. It inner lails and ih so plea
sant U take, For sale by All Itruggisls.
Pin Nook,
Death of Mrs. II. H. Ibxby.
Mrs, M;wy Ilixby died at the Iioida of
her danghler Mrs. llaimah Miti-hell early
Saturday morning, June III, 1IKW, Hged i
7tl years anrl 111 days. IjiHtsumnier Mrs, i
Bixby made a continelllal juurney l(i I he I
home of her daughter, Mrs. F. Smith.
wU) now lives at College Place Washing-'
ton and Mrs. Zerbe whu still lives in,
Nebraska. She visited with Mrr Zerbe.
about 5 wiM)k and tlieti returned to!
Nevada, Iowa,
Mr, jxrim was n pleasant caller nl rino !
Nook Tuesday of this week and Mr, H.H
Hixby was w ith his daughter, Mrs. Zerlie
Mr. Ilixby came to visit his old friends ,
around t.Ui vicinity Sot ttiew Jn,ys. '
Bodarc Gleanings.
As we are responsible for tbe ooa ap
pearaic of Hie HocUtrc iteuis the pust
two aniLli! w boon the liditor wili lie
kind eaougu to ;iv us, aud we will
jironnse Ijelter behavior iu tie; utoce.
Webave beea HMMKling n few weeks in
a jieacefui hula valley iu Uie siiadow of
tbe Big lioro aiouita,Mia, wiiere at tliis
seasoo ol' Ukj eai- nature is seeu at her
Ijttst. Our XI rat vkjw of Uiesu mountajus
wa.- a tsurpnse. TUe valley was lu y lit
with sunstiiue und ilowers, (tli Kretet1
variety of wild flowers I ever seen,J wbile
the mountains beonl were white wiUi
.snow, the most tioiicabJe amiuj; Utem
Ixuug Cloud I'ejik, Uie Inchest pouit iu
tbut rajie, iutd Uie NeedieJa, JwurUisUiiot
iwjiika from mie base covered wiUi jsjr
jx;tuaJ suuw. We xpeut oue day on the
uiouuUJn where tlire was uo mjow; Uie
lLzzy cJunlj alooK Uie side of the uiount-
uios was rather trying on ones nerves,
but when the top was reacWi we felt
repaid tor mil our uncomfortable fueling
uutd we sUxrteil to coie down, ami Uieu,
well we jji-eleretl U ouwe dow n OU foot
over the steepest places, iujd carefully
refrained from looking down when we
coukl possibly avoid it. JJig Horn i lot
so large us Its name would indicate,
aJ Uiougb the oloest, town in the state it
must be tl3 smalk'.st one groirery and
general merchandise store, post oilice ami
a saJuou comprise the entire town. It is
connected with iilierid'iu 10 milesdisturice
by telephone and by btajje whioli runs
dtui ly Iroui Slusridan to liig llot a and
tfieise to iiuU'alo. Tlie driver of tins
l;tgu bad a real okl fashioned "hold up"
a tew weeks ago while reluming Iroin
liuunlo in the evening. Jle was uuarui
el umi had uo passenger witli bun. An
he was drivuing leisurely alonc amasiied
miui stepped into Uie road aiuJ deiuaiulcd
Ins jjui se wliiclj be pioiuplly gave up
coiiUuning only alKMit six dollars. He
was liied compelled to give up a new
pair of shoes be was wearing and which
Ue robber informed in 'u wouid come in
baniiy. It rcalkd to the miuds i1 Uie
older resuk'iits, the tune when Jesse
James und Ins famons baud made U'g
Horn their wii.ter uarler. SIerida.u is
a very preltv ili)arisliiiig town and is
rajiahy growing, reaching out m all
direcUons. fort N Kenie situated on
Uie hills just above tin; town looks .ulij
Kiijiusiug and is nearly completed. A
number Irom down tlna way aro working
up there; .imoug them L. I'rtdJy, Jesse
I lib anil cur old in ighbor Henry VVertz.
Although we did not net to see them we
learned incidentally they were all well
ami coiiU-niixl.
there seems to be plent y
of Worlf, and men lo belu put up bay
were ill great demand, ma! Iu fad it is
iinpossi'lile to et help in the hay tield us
i I lie hi i s will ride the buck m;; triiclnt in
i .
prefi-rence to doing liny kind ol wb.il Uie
c, !l granger work. We b.ive been Iuok
Hift over the l'resejoiiruals that ted
while v were alisen' and were glad lo
fend tatterst from Mrs. dee, l-lio, and
others and so sorry to learn of the death
of Professor Phipps and our old friend
and neighbor J. V . Hunter, but it is a
path wo must all tieiid soooer or later.
M. A.C.
War Borvnet Top;cs
More ram, which vvas iniM.-h needed.
M iss Annie Leelmg is working al the
H E at present.
Horn To Mr. and Mrs. Geo. irimm,
Thur-diiv, Aug. 6, a girl baby. Mother
an(1 halie a-e getting' nh-ng nicely. Mr.
ij run m sajs he caitcall it Johnnie s"
they named '"er Kintiia.
Horn To Mr. and Mrs. Kobt. Keel, a
bouncKig boy, on Friday, Aug. 7. Moth
er and child are all right but t.oh is
itlia rut lied, but will recover. I
Y km)W m l)oy
., , . - ,
Mrs. r.d Maine w staVHiif at Mr. Keels
During a recent storm Clem L.vlmg"s
John Andersfin having completed bay
ing at the 8 E last, week removed bis
haying machinery and itien over to his
ranch on t he npjier S.'l to commence buy
ing at that place.
Miss Emma Noreiscb in at, home again
to take up ranching, They couldn't run
the ranch without Eiuiiia.
Frank Hubbard is working on the
divide for the Witt Itros.
Arthur Dunn went up to work forHeo.
Turner last week.
frank Scott has gone to work at I he
YA Kcolt wan working for Hobt, Keel
last, week.
Ktln I Itni lm visited a few davs last
vei k with Bailie (jriiiuii, also with Mr
, Ketneimsn' preaching again next, Kuu
day at, the usual hour, ) o'clock ,1'. M.
Coiiie in and all.
AtHil Hwneoii Soldier Creek
AuU 3. 1903.
Litlle Eddie Ietthoir died on Aug. 3rd
at 3 o'clock in the i-nin:. Eddie was
a siiBeter (yr ihe last sixteen niontltsof a
form of Bright IWytse, !hs age was (i
years 2 uiootlm and five days. During
bis illness b was treated by different
doctors. First te was treated fev l)r.
Phinney of Harn-svxi. While Eddie and
his hareots were li vitig east of flarrison
&ldie appe;ired to be entirely well; Eater
ott Mr. Leithoff purcliased thelfill liodger
buw on Kokiier Oretk and Eddie took
sick again and lr. Northness was called
from (-awiord; Latei- on Lr. Fiekl from
i't. ItobinsMi; aisi laler m fir. Kaljog
frmn Ft. Hobinson was also called lo
assist Dr. Field, Tliese two doctors
treatd Eddie for seven months aisi jro
nouri;ed luni lx"yoiHl curable. Later on
1. Iticbard of Oawfcwd and Dr, Stevens
of CouikuI llluirs, Iowa, who isone of tlie
ownera iA Wm Council tiluffs lios)ilal.
These two doctors were trenling Eldie
and appeared to be retting; along nicely.
His parents and brother Walter and
friends around hiwi were much enjoyed.
On Sunday Eddie said, dont want to
die, I am gelling better and soon lie able
to get out of bed." Hut as night came
and tlie hour band kept moving loser to
K Eddie began to ask his mamma anil
papa. ' Wbeu are we going home,'" and
repeated it a number of tunes; Ttten -he
b'gan to grow weaker iwidatS o'clock
and live ououtes his eyes were closed.
)n Tuesday his body was taken to Uie
' Jong-regal ional c'lmfcii at Crawford
where relatives from llennniiigfoKl and a
number of friends of Crawford were in
attendance at. the funeral service which
was coiidiiited by Rev. Scbuliy.. The
retinaiiis were then taken to the ( ,'ra wford
Ccinetry w here a large crowd bad con
gregated. There little Eddie was laid to
rest by bis Uncle Peter Miller's -sale, and
left there for his parents, brother, and
si1-er to mom rn t he loss.
On onr return from a two weeks visit.
to the Platte valley wo were glad to see;
evr thing' moving along as of yore m
old Sioux. We must say though, that;
tin Pintle valley beats anything we Aiave
ever seen since leaving the east. Tl
bay ijtacks down (here look at a distance
like a continuous town and the fields of
ripening grain are beautiful to bohold.
Fi.ie rsidtr.ces are taking the places ol
the small sod bouses that use to be si
conspicuous, stid Mm majority of the
homes have telephones in them, so that
tti once almost isolated valley has the
. ejiiipinents of our eastern -counties aia.
tow n .-, and are in touch w ith the wl-iob
world, so much for the push and energy
of man. Nice church buildings and
s.jliool bouses are conspicuous in all the
Iovmis, ai,. I his peop'e of t bis valley n!i
v vin to be lull ol push :nid energy but
ul as have the time to fleet, a st.raiig'-r
arid aiiseer bis many etc, iriis tjuest unis.
It is onlv a is nest tun r.f time until this
part ot ' N-lir. will be recognized as the
tatioei' part oT t he s'ta te and it will justly
earn it for there i;i no class of settlers
tiiat have idood by their homesteads as
have the ttet tiers of ibis valley, and may
they now ei joy the fruits of their many
ears of Hulling and toil for capitalists
to come in and develop tbe part they
were unable to; bat. may they ever re-ni'-inber
that while they water and labor
(od givelh the increase.
Hotso Ttlove Abundant,
It has been years since horse thieves
wwd wi n'inierous and w e might say
systematic, as tbev have Is'i ame the past
ear. South Dakota, Wyoming Nebraska
are .particularly interested. Ourexch.in
ges report a oumlicr of cases qm'e
recently, The latest, was twenty-one
bend stolen from (J. liishop and Mr.
P.inkonin of Perkins county, and shipped
t IheHoHlh Omaha market from Wray,
( kilo. These bor-es were consigmsl lo
Walworth & llilh'-ker, w hicb lirni has
been out of the horse business for a
month or more,
W. E, Smith the consignor, was with
the horses and Mr. Walworth, one of the
firm to whom they bail been shipped
turned the horses over lo John S. Cooper
nnother horse dealer. The horses were
sold for $;), Smith insisted that ho lie
paid in cash instead rf by check, as is the
-custom in the yards, lie said that he
needed some money to make some pur
chases of clot lung and other stud'. He
w as given f 10 in currency nnd a check
for 1(1100. lie has not been seen since,
nnd the payment of the check has been
Hoby & Adam ofNeligh, Neb. pur
chased the borsesand shipped Ibcin to
their ranch m ar that place. Mr. Hishop
of the lb in of liishop &. ponkoin went, lo
Ni ligb and reccvered lite horses save one
which was found near Wray, Colo.-,
where it had Is en abandoned because of
w ire fence cuts. .
It wems that, evrsy stockman ijl Nele
laskn should become members of the
Nebraska Live Stock association, and
brand both horses nnd entile.
The Mum of these horses was a rather
lucky endure for Messrs. Bishop &
Paukonio. lVido'Hudiiat, Era.
Love to buy gwd goods ut Uie lowest price possible.
' and the place to do this Is at
In clothing:, Gents furnishing, Goods,
Boots and Shoea
We are ready to compete with the world,
and Uie way to prove it, is to give us a trial.
"Come and see us any way and be sociaL"
Adeiia Happenings.
Mr, T. P. Moody ftlripped twe carload
of sheep to Omaha last Saturday from
Crawford on the F. E. &.. U. V. & ft.
Miss Blancl
for Alliwice,
Ayers left last Saturday
where .sle wjli attend iu-
There was j u ite- a few of rite folks of
Adeiia and around that attended the show
at Crawford lasl Friday. They report it
lieing ijiiite a bum aU'air.
Mr. Robert Harrison and family visited
at A, P. Rosenburg's last Sunday.
We are glad to report Mrs. Cairl Metts
improvi-ig very much now. film was
able to attend S. S. last Sunday,
Pete Asplund, the bridge boss and Ids
gang are working in Adeiia now,
Nels Ulom was visnting friends and
relatives last Sunday. ;
There was a very good att-endance at
S. S. last Sunday. There being 43 Mr.'
Kveraon teaching the class and keeping'
order, come again Mr. Everson as you
are 0m one we need, aod we appreciate'
Mr. and Mrs. Roben visited with Mr!
SA Wibauk and family just Sunday. ;
MA llandschiegel 'finished his work
here Wednesday of last week lie left for
South Omaha, Neb., Aug. 11, 1903,
Chicago reK)rts vei-j' heavy again so
far this week and tbeniarket still deidin
ing. Omaha is following but not, so
weaK. Corn steers on which 4.80 was
bid here last, week, went to Chicago and
sold for 4 45. Orass beef steers 4 40 here
1."'' Chicago. -Corn cows 2.1(0 here, 2.83
Chicago. I he.se are actual tests. Our
market is We. lower on fat steers anil 15
''i2r lower on fat cowstlm-ti last week.
'Ve ijiKdcco sleers 4 75 lo 5 00. Wes
tern bay feds 4.00 to 4 i!5 besl feedes
;i.75 to 4 "0, lair .'I 25 to 3 75, Cows 2.50
in 3.25 calves 8.00 to 5.00 Bulls 2 00 to
Oiii Hiiee-p ni.'ti'ket is 10i; henertlus
week but still continues the best market
proportionally in the country.
Principal faotitr of weeknesH is Uie
lower Chicago market. Tile feeder (!;
Miami is now brisk. We 'do not exited
any serinus declines, E.ves are selling at
2.51) to 8. IK). Feeder .lambs 3.75 to 4.23.
Hog .market higher.
Ni k & HrcfiANATJ Co.,
Mrs. E l
veslerd.i v
Holliiig-worlh w:is in town
for the first, time since the
school closed last spring. We had luped
the lo n nly would be with us again this
winter, but Mrs. lo lingsworl h sa vs t bey
will either go to C'hadrou or Los Angeles
for the winter.
Mrs. Albert Rands was a Harrison
visitor Wednesday. Mrs. Rands saysshe
loves the pines o old Sioux, and we. hope
that love may continue indeliiK'telv, and
that she and her husband ninv continue
their abode anions- us for years t come.
How to Make Money Out of Easy.
' Going Strangers.
"I thought I v.ti3 pretty wise to ah
sorts of paines," raid a gambler, "but
I'vo just been bcatem out of a flve
Bpot as easily as though I came from
Cohoos. A friend and I had been
RtandliiK In the doorway of a hotel
betting on the odd or even tiumbora of
Hi o next car to pass, and 1 was loser.
Then tho other fellow utiggcKtefl tliutl
try to call a coin, bond or tall, for $5,
as a chance lo get my money back. I
agreed. Ho slapped a quarter on the
back of l.bt hand hi d I Bald 'heads,' It
was a tall, and I was a five out. I
"Tho cxperlorfe . was worth It,
though, for bo told me tho gamo after i
Joshing mc for a good thing. It Is
Intttliict, he pa!d, for almost every 1
one In cnlllng a oln to say head, no j
bp always placed thfl coin tulln ur '
when tho othw man was to call it. He
ttafd that tho gamo worked nine times
out of ten, and ho didn't really con-'
ttbler It unfair, beciuiHo ho was prao '
tlcnlly bcMIng mo that I would say
'heads,' thoiiRh 1 didn't know It. I lllto .
tho gamp, and I'm going to try It on
some of tho wise ones i know. I'll bet
it warty, tua"
A. J. AMES, M. D.
PjijkUian kuA Surgo.
All calls given prompt at tent vK
Office ConuBerciaJ Hote,!
or Drug -Store.
We have our building completed
tuvA have a new supply of goods, au'J
sell tdieui right.
Lumber, latli, sash, looiv
lime, cement, and buildiiu
material of all kinds..
Fan n maciiinery.
Harness, Saddles, and
Range goodri
Flour, Jtd, and Grain.
Paint, Oils & etc
I am agent for the Wood
man.se wind-mill. Have a
wipplyof pump fittings mi
hand. Come in and get my
prices whether you ouy or
Railroad between Missouri iiivor ajiuf,
Dlroct linn to St. ,l Minn-golte.
Direct L'.no ti 3-(!k H.lls.
AppJy to nearest ttflont far rates. rap
txnd time curds.
time Table.
West Round, ' East. TSo-vi tn:L
Morning. Evening.
No. 13, Due 8:30
No, 88. lac. frt. 10
No. 14, I.Hie
No. 64 loc. fti 5 rSJ.
The' Pearl Fishing Industry,
The pearl Ashing season has JJ
commenced In East Indian watcrai
and statistics show the enorrr.017
number of oysters already handled u
search for the gems. Experts esi.
mate that the Indian banks along t.it.
coast line of Ceylon and Southern 11
dia hold 71,000.001) pearl-bearing c
The forre or Orel.
Careful estimates o the force -air a
ityclune and the energy required y
kwp tho full-iledged hurrlcaue In ac
tive operation reveal the jxrwifnce T.
power that makes the mightiest ef
forts of man appear nothing iu coto
(i;!ii: on. A force fully equal to ot-.
00,000,COO horse power was estimate
I os developed In a West Indian cyclon
' TIiIk Is about fifteen times the power
1 that can lie developed by all the rnouH
wlthlu the range of man's tapabllittat
Jurliig the .rw tlr
Or. Hedln a Wide Travelor.
Ur. Anders Sven Hedln, ihe Iftm
trloim traveler, who lately retumcf,
from a wonderful Asiatic journey,
was Iwrn at Stockholm on Feb. li).'
18i5. Stiickbolm, Upaala, liprlin an
Halle contributed to his education
and his "rat expediljon was timing
Persia 'tid Mewpotamla in 188S-81
In 1S:0 he was a member of King
Onr.ar's embassy to tbo late shah 0
I'culii, and In the same year began
a Journey through Khornnan and Tup
kertan. lJ IMS ho itartnd op what
proved I . he a four years' expedition
tlirotu.h Asia from Orenburg tf
I'ekln, via Ixip-nor and Thibet, atii
his late Jourtiey thro ph much of tne
game rountry and Inebidlhr sevorj,
trills Id the Gobi desert was hcRi
ui m:rj ado untied only ja
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