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. Harrison Press -J ournal.
- I
Remember the sale next Saturday.
Miits Mabel Warneke is visiting in
town this week.
John Hanson was doing business
town this week.
Miss Ellle Wright went to Whitney
Tuesday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Brown were "up from Five
Points Wednesday. "
Mrs. Sarah Jordan
Boor.e Iowa yesterday.
returned from
Don't forget tlie ice cream social at
Bodarc Friilay evening.
Mrsrs. Din and Bob Jordan
from the valley yesterday.
were up
F. E. Jandt shipped a car load of horses
from Jure Tuesday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. George Turner returned
from Hot Springs Monday.
Miss Amy HiriMtian is visiting
Mr. Parsons folks this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Hial Church were down
from Pleasant ltidge Tuesday.
Oias. Smith and wife wcra up
Hewitt the first of the week.
John Anderson shipped two :ar-loads
of cattle to Omalst last Saturday.
Mrs. J. II. WiihemiHilorfer vlfMted witli
Mrs. Clias, Unitt part of last week.
Mrs. Nick .Schaefer and Miss Mary
ffchaefer were trading in town yesterday.
C. E. A. Estler and V. A. Hester are
building a carpenter shop on the lot east
of the black-smith shop.
We iwve tie-n having considerable
rainy and haily weather lately, which is
very disagreeable for the hay makers.
A. Enitimn moved his family into
tnwu, from his ranch on Indian creek,
last wwk. Tiiey "ire living in ls) liuu-uj
forunrrly o ned hy W. R. Smith.
Mr. and, Mr. ('. F. (.ofl'ee and daughter
Blanche, wKi lve fen visiting on their
ranch up in idm ion f the tmintry
for the last umnUi, relurnwi lo t hadroi
Monday nitit
There will hi an u-a creim ocial at
the Bwbire cliurci Frida) evening Aug.
7th. AH are incited to coitv atu, enjo
pleawuil evening. Duytlieuo cream
Mild we will give you the cuke.
John Burke returned from Aurora
Thursday, wfieie Im has U.-eli working in
Ihe liarvet-t field. He s.-ivs lie don't like
Hamilton county as well as Hioux. lie
is saw working for J. W, Used.
Tle will I a grand ball at Ow hall
FruUy August If . AH are invited to
attend and have a good tune. (oml
miuiu will o furiiinliud fur the o cas-ion.
K. C Ihjiiii.
Will ICarst'iller anU fauulr departs!
for Pea)'ivam:4 last night, A'here tln-y
Intend to make their future home. A
large number of their friends gathuied at
the depot to bid them farewell. We all
lulled to see them leave, as they have
lived hetyi for several yar s.
The Mnder-lKned wish to extend tlwiir
words of thanks to tlte good -opleof
HarriMM who so kiu'.'tv assisted them
dtirmg the Uuutli and burial of tlieir be
loved Iwby, and "inter. ,
Mm. xn Mm. K. b!u:nvra ani Chiijiukv.
Uouth Omaha Neb.. Aug. 5, litl.
This weak opens strong and active,
while coanmim gras cows are a hHle
lower all other kinds are strong. 1'ros
prcis now are for a good week in Urn
cattle SMrfcet.
We quote eho'ce tf skeers 4. HO to
5. H), good 4.50 to 45 warm-up it. 73 to
4 35, cannHrsnnd cutl.trs 1.13 to.RO,
choice corn fed cows and heifers H.ofl to
4 V. 4eres cows itrsJ tixirers 2."0 to
MMi. Clmice stncliers and feeders urn
mU,ngmtiM to 3 i), fair Z.lh to 3."0.
choice grass hW steer up to 4 ilulli
2 2Jt40, vest () to (1, 00.
Hoy receipt hght arid slight iifivaui
lu price Ktni;e 4 Bi to 4 10. Bect ifits
of Weaiera seeefi lllwrl. Markot nct.ive
i about Hlroug pno-. Our receipts nf
thet'i were fallr heavy as tliii so
yesttidny bill evert tlor.g moveil lij'tr-kly
JllLKy AiNJJ 1 LiryKLJ
t4-'?--'-t' 'J't''ie-f44'l'
Andrew Christian was down from
Pleasant Kidge this week.
When you want a physic that is mild
and gentle, easy to take and certain to
act, alwawg use Chamberlain's Stomach
and Liver Tablets. For sale by All Drug
gist. Mr. Olenn Zerhe, and his grandfather
Mr. Bixhy came in from Iowa on the
west bound train yesterday and went to
Bodarc where they will visit with Mr,
7rle'8 folks for about three weeks. Jt
has been about four years since Glenn
was home before, and Mr. Bixby moved
away from Bodarc several years ago, to
Iowa, where he has lived ever since, they
will be welcomed visitors at the homes
at Bodarc during their visit.
Boy Cured of Collo After Phyetc&n'a
Treatment Had Fulled.
My hoy when four years old wus taken
with colic and cramps in his stomach, I
sent for the doctor and he injected mor
phine, but the child kept getting worse.
I then gave him a teaspoonful of Cham
berlain's Cnlic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy, and in half an hour he was
sleeping and soon recovered. F. L.
Wlutl.Nfj. Shell Lake. Wis. Mr. Wilkinsis
book keeper for the Shell Lake Lumber
Co. For ale by All Druggists.
The youngest child of Mr. and Mrs. E.
Iiohwer, tigeti about eighteen monUisold,
dioked to death hist Sunday evening
alsjut-S o'clock. The funeral services
were held at Uie home on Tuesday after
noon at 2 o'clock, hy Rev. J. A. Scaina
horn. Mr. Scaniahurn preached a very
iniressive sermon. The remains were
then taken to the Harrison cenieterv and
laid ay to rest until that day when
"the dead in Christ shall rise." A large
croud was present at the funeral, and
the family lias the heartfelt sympathies
of the community iu their had bereave
Ko( Ovn-WlM.
Thenj is. in old allegorical picture of a
girl scjitwI at H grasnint(jer but tn tlie a:l
of heelll v treading on a snake. This
is pitralieJed hy the man who spends a
Ihivm sum of m-oDey building a ;yviSu
cellar, hut neglects to provide his family
with a botUe of Cl),imlerlain's .!oliv.
Cholera and DiarrtnieM Ruiedv as a
safeguard against bowel comjilnints,
whose vicliiiis ouinunil-r those of the
cyclone st hundred to one. Thisremely
is etervwlrf.ro recoL-iiizsil us the most
pi'omi.t and reliable medicine In use for
these disease. rr halo by All Drug
gists. Rojolutlonn Adopted hy Sllvnr Leaf
Camp ISM, X, fi. A.. July 25, 1603,
The Ihviiio Creator having seen fit to
call from our midst the father of. oue if
our nuniler, Ihi it
Rc.soled, that to Neighbor Fitzgerald,
her family, brothers uik) sisters, we ex
tend our heart lelt sympathy for the loss
f (Jieir father, J. V, II u liter; And lie it
further resolved, that as a tribute of
ivspect, a copy of these resolutions be
sent, to sr bereaved neighbor, a copy Is
sent to the IikmiI newspaper and one lie
placed on the record book of the auiip.
I Z. E. Williermsdorfer,
tVnnaiittee 1 1,. K. Bartell,
( C. U. Burke.
Dyaefitry Cured Without the Aid of at.
"I am just up from it hard npull of the
flux" fdysentry) says Mr. T. A. Pinnor,
a well known men hunt of Drummond,
Tenn. "I iimsJ one small (tattle of
Chamlierhriir folic, Cholera and Duirr
lioea Remedy and was cured without
having a doctor. I consider it the best
cholera medicine in the world.'' There
is no need of employing a doctor when
this reiuwly is used, for no doctor can
prescribe a better medicine for imwel
coniplsint in tiny form either forcliiklren
or ttdnlU. It neur fails and is so plea
sant to take. For sale by All iJruggists.
At the Livery Itarn In llorrlson On
August 81li. 100H at 1 oVIerk sharp.
Fifty five head of cattle consisting of
1 hull, fl 3 yr old steers, 8 U yr old steers,
0 1-yr old steers. The rest are cows nnd
'J head of horses, four work horses
t sets good work harness
1 vvttirrm 4Old Hickory" nearly new
1 agon with hay rack
1 good McCormic oiowerA tmynilte
1 (totalo plow
Terms of Kale: Ons yenrs time with ton
lr oeit Interest with approved note.
Two (t cent off for cash. Nothing to
lie removed until settled for,
J?, Ia. Kill'.',, Au tioiner
Rev. Scainahern preached liitt last ser
. n i) li.i.... ... ll
Sunday evening. There was a larije
i crowd both morning and evening to listen
to his interesting sermons. We are very
hoitv to loso him as Presiding Elder, bu
be has served hi term well, only missing
one uppolatmenl herein the past six years,
lie is visiting Rev. Hortoo and wife thi
Made His Fortune.
A man has built ap a bis hnslne
at Puset Sound, near Vancouver, as
the result of a holiday excursion. In
stead of loafing aimlessly, he used
his eyes, and, noticing a little flsh,
which he took to he a sardine, had
Bonie tinned, with the ultimate result
that his establishment baa this year
sent out 175,000 cases.
Malice la land owners.
To all to whom it may concern.
The commissioner appointed to locate
a road, commencing a point wliere county
road No. 4 intersects tlie half section line
running east, west through section 21
Twp. 32, Range f5, thence east, on abou
30 rods, thence 142 rods South iu a cir
cuitous direction and connecting with
said road No. 4 at apoint on or aho'it one
fourth of a mile from the point when i
leaves said above mentioned half section
line, and also to vacate that portion of
county road No. 4 from the point, wliere
Uie proposed road connects with road No
4 to the point it intet'suctxsaid road No. 4
as now established. And all objections
there to or claims for damages must be
filed ou or before noon August the 8ll
190IJ. or said road will lie estuhiislied witl
out reference tlsjre to uud also the said
vacation will I gran ted.
Win. J. A. Ratim,
Adelia Happenings.
There were thirty at Snnduy-scliooi
last Sunday. It is about the largest at
tendance, there has been.
There are two bridge gangs in Adelia
working on the bridgu, about a mile and
a half east of Adelia.
Mr. Curt Melts, nod familv have
moved to Atleha for the ires-sal, as Mr,
Metis is working with the grading outfit.
Miss Carrie Sides ami. her brother
Lawivnce visited at- Mr. Moody's lust
Snirduy. Miss Carrie caiiMi over U
H. ii. with Blanch Avers.
Mrs, Davis is now employed as cxk
lor tlie griming outiit while Uiey i.re
working (H-re.
JaHies Nelsos and, family are moving
10 Ueiumgtnn where he will be section
foreman. Mr. Ellis having quit. Have
not. heiird where they will jo o.
Earl Frels started working
in tlx
grad.ng out lit last week. .
"The Tiiou.v
The nhove items were received to Lite
for publication last week.
There was quite a laige attendance at
S. r. and alter S. S. there was preaching
again, hy Mr. h. Ztinuieitinui, Come
again Mr. Zimmerman us we are always
glad to see you come.
Miss Edna Melts returned home last
Saturday from Chalroji wliere she has
been employed as waiter in the hotel.
On Monday of last wek while Mrs.
Davis and Airs. Curt Melts were going to
Craafoid thoy had a liorse belonging to
Mr. llutidnchi'gel tied Isdiind the buggy
and a train came anil frighleued Die horse
upsetting Uw buggy and breaking Mrs,
Metis collar boue. Ihey went right on
to Crawford to a doctor and had it
attended toaudshe came home on the
passenger t lie tune day. She is improv
ing very slowly but hope she will soon
Miss fcf.io J Wits has been working at
the section house this week as thee have
had mo many buandurs.
There was a d.tnee at Mr. Jordans hall
Friilay night July 81st given by Messers
Albert Moody and Lawrence Sides. There
was a pretty good attendance anil every
body enjoyed themselves. The uiusiu
was very good, furnished by MoMter.
Frank ftpease and Chester Golden. The
raui in the afternoon hind red several
from going that had Jt long distance to
Come, but nevertheless Uie danoe was
good and every one premt enjoyed
themselves, (live another tJnnoe Uiys in
Uie near future and then it won't rain,
and if it. does give the 8rd one its the 3rd
time is the charm
Mr. Ellis, section fitreumn at Adelia
accompanied his sun, Albert, to Riieiford
last Hatiirday wln-ro ho will be section
foreman, Mr. Ellis returned last Sunday.
Mr. Fessy, the former agent of tins
place left last Thursday for Arduiore, we
hated to see him go, but what Is Adelia's
Joss to Ardmore's gain, I lava not heard
the name of (he new agent.
Well I guess I better qeit as I hear the
office cat say there' no mors room in
the jiajwr for oiore news.
"Tmk Tuonj.
There are a few of our late customers
that have not settled their accounts, we
would hi pleased to have these come in
a fid settle, for we are anxious to close up
all our accounts.
Marsteller Bros.
TKe Keen Sense of Indleits-
Mr. Stewart Edward While, who wrote
"Tle Blazed Trail." in writing about tlie
Woods Indians in "Tlie Outlook," tells
tlie following and other stories to sliow
Uie keenness of tlieir sense:
"''la journeying down the Kapuskasing
nvor, our Indians who had come froiw
the woods to guide us al ways saw game
long before we did. They would never
point it out to us. The bow of the canoe
would swing silently in its direction
there to rest motionless until we indicat
ed Uiat we had seen something.
"Where is it, Peter?" I would whisper.
But Peter always remained contempt
uously silent.
One evening we paddled into tlie eye
or the settiug sun across a shallow little
lake filled wiU hardly sunken boulders.
There was no current, and no breath of
wind to stir the water into betraying
nlles. But invariably those Indians
twisted the cauoe into a new course ten
feet before we reached one of the ob
structions, whose existence our dazzled
vision could not attest until they were
actually below us. They saw these
rrsijks through Uie shimmer of tlie surface
Another time I discovered a small
black animal lying flat on a point of shale
and its huad was coooeuled behind a
boulder, aud it was so far away that 1
wan inclined to congratulate myself on
having differentiated it from thesliailow.
' What is it, Peter?" I asked.
Peter hardly glanced at it.
"Ninny moosh" (dog), tie replied.
How we were a hundred miles south
of the Hudson's Bav Post and two weeks
oortti of any other settlement. Saving
a horse, a dog would be about tlie last
thing to occur to one in guessing at the
identity of tiny strange animals, This
looked like a little black blotch, without
form. Yet Peter knew it. It was
dog, lost from some Indian hunting
party, and mighlly glad to see us. -The
World's Events.
In Wyoming.
Mrs. Flemiuing who was visiting her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Z. (i. Deuel, was
culled home by a telegram announcing
tho serious illness ol a daughter: She left
on Tuursday night train.
Toe Sccial at the hall on last Thursday
night, as not a crowding success on
account of the storm v.hich kept a great
ma, y at ho i e. As it was, about twenty
were present.
Mr. and Airs. Church sr Miss Eva E.
Church, aim Mr. and Mrs. Harry lieuel
bruUo nread with Mr, and Mrs. "Zkiel"
on last Sunday, t.'rvl I again us we are
always glad to have callerseven if it
loes cut our Sunday nao sliort.
Mrs. Eva K. Christian aud daughter
Nellie, Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Christian, and
laughter Amy, attended (jimrtely meet
ing in Harrison on last Sunday.
Francis lk;uel was calling ou friends
(u the Ridge on last Saturday. He was
able to attend (juarlely meeting iu llarri
son on last Sunday.
Joe Skihski has tuken a homestead
joining Mr, ( hurch on the south and is
living on it. Aljiresetit he is working
for John Lohr.
Quite a heavy rain passed over our
settlement ou last Sunday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. J. D, Williams will lake
their little daughter Grade to the M. E,
hospital in Omaha soon, to be treated for
congenital hip disease.
Tuesday. July 28, being tlie Cist birth
day of Andrew Christian Jr, his sisters
planned to give him a nice present; So
they had a nice aixl valuable g-okl watch
laid by for the occasion. Andrew had no
hocghl, on Uiat morning, of Uiere being
n new man in tlie houso when he cane in
to breakfast, until he saw his three oldest
sisters approaching him ueariui; the
Mitch, decorated with a line chain Then
t dawned upon him that he was a legal
oteroiid amUl right goed man and had
he bent and dearest pjslers that any man
was blest with. But, us tlie axiom goes
It never rains but wlnt it pours," the
urp rises were not all in. His father, C.
.. Christian knowing hat a good and
dutiful son he had been, had hied himself
to town a few dys before, and unknown
to the rest of the family, had bought him
fine gold watch and chain, winch he
hen brought ia and presented to him.
Of course every one was surprised and
II were happy, but as Andrew had no
mi lor two watches hu gave one to his
brother James, whose 21st birthday will
come along some of these times.
Here's ff to you Andrew j and tnnv
you live to see the return of many such
birthdays. Is the wlrli ui your friend,
Love to buy good goods at the lowest irice jjqtfsttile.
and the place to do this is at
In clothing, Gents f urniphing, Goods,
Boots and Shoes.
We are ready to compete with the world,
and the way to prove it, is to give us a trial.
"Come and see us any way and be sociaL"
Hunter Happenings,
Lots of sunshine.
Most of our people attended a funeral
of Mr. and Mrs. Soli wer's little girl. We
are sorry we could not be there, but we
sympathize with its parents, sisters and
We attended a party at Mr. Cook's
Friday iu honor of Harold's sixteenth
birUiday. Going with the mail carrier it
was a little late when we arrived, but
we had a fine time while there. We had
the pleasure of meeting Miss Mary Wat
tles, a cousin of Harolds, who with her
Uiolber and little brother are visiting at
Mr. Cooks. We enjoyed ourselves very
much looking at Mr. Cook's collection of
relics and specimens which are tlie finest
in Sioux county. We saw a gun tliat
had been in Ui war of 1812, one in tlie
Rebellion, one in tlie Revolution and oue
that an Indian chief had when he wus
killed and his son had the same gun when
he was killed. Among tlie guests pres
ent were Wil lard Mills, Delbert Rice,
Mary Wattles, El la Harris, Clara Chrisl
ensen. and Pearla Jones. There were
seveir.l kept at home on account of rain,
but those that were there had a fine time
for which we (.11 thank Mrs. Cook.
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Archard went to
Harrison last Saturday after a load of
liouse keeping things. Tliey will keep
house iu the While House at Hunter. ,
Mrs, Weir left for home Thursday j
evening. She enjoyed her visit here;
very much. We hope slie will come
again soon.
George Harvey visited his family at'
t Irawford over Sunday.
Mr. Larson, of Harrison, was helping
do soaie company work at this place
To the Teachers of Sioux County.
Il has been decided that tlie final ex
aminations of the Normal will he held in
the afternoons of the last week of the
Normal, and that the forenoons of that
week will be devotxd to professional
institute work; So the insuiuie sessions
will begin at S o'clock each morning of
the last, week and continue to 12 o'clock
noon, and the afternoons will begiveu to
normal examinations or to such examin
ations as each County Superintendent
may elect.
I aiu pleased to announce that the
Bixby Oregg debate will be held ou Aug.
Urd; Governor Mickey will lecture Awg.
5lh; The Wesleyan Male Quartette will
be present Aug. 11th, and Congressman
E. J. Burkett will lecture August 14th,
and during the last week of the Normal
we are promised one or more instructors
of national reputation. The above in
ducements oiifcht to be sullicient to in
sure Ihe attendance during the last two
weeks of the Normal, of every wide-awake
teacher in this district
Every teaclw.'r anil prospective tenclier
of Siimx County, not already in attend
awe, Khould not fail to attend the last
two weeks of the Junior Normal school.
If it is impossible to attend two weeks
you should sttend the last week us it
will constitute the Sioux County Teach
ers Institute, aud attendance is as neces
sary as at a county Institute. A great
effort is being put forth to make this tlie
best Instil uto ever held in this part of the
state. Able instructors and lecturers
have been secured, as named above, and
no doubt the losti' ute will be a grand
No one should miss the oppor-
tunitv, so Jet every one lie on time.
In accordance with the school laws of
Nebraska I ask that all schools m Ue
county lie closed during tlie Institute
week of the Normal.
Yours Very Bespectfully,
Conk ad Paksoiw,
Co. Supt.
The world must look to the boys on
Uie farm to overcome tlie work and
tendency of the "shotgun tribe." The
country boy knows what a benefit turds
are to the farmer. How they kill nod
keep in check agieat many noxious in
sects that would otherwise destroy
Knowing these things, it is natural
that he prollt by them, and it is for this
reason that the farm Iwy is seldom seen
with a gun ovr bis .shoulder walking
A. J. AMES, M. D.
PhysUlan aud Sargwo,
All calls given prompt attention,
Office at Comrrercial Hotqt
or Drug Store.
We have our building completed oo
and have a new supply of goods, and will
sell Uieui right.
Lumber, lath, sash, doorc,
liine, cement, and building
material of all kinds.
Farm machinery.
Harness, Saddles, and.
Rang'! goods.
Flour, 'v ti. and Grain.
Paint, Oils & etc.
I am agent for the Wood
manse wind-mill. Have a
supply of pump fittings on
hand. Come in and get my
prices whether you buy of
RailroAd betwoon Missouri River an4
Direct line to St. Paul Mlnnenpolls
Olroct Line to Utsck Hills.
Apply lo nearest txjgent for rates, mapa
fvnd time c&rde.
West Bound. East Bmind.
Morning, Evening.
No. 13, UueHM
Mo, 83, loc. frt. 10.
No. 14, Doe 8:lf
No. 84 loc. frL o:2$
through the woods shooting some of late;
best friends. Some farm boys, ei liter
from MioughUesKncNSor ignorance do tK
out anc" k:H off their best friends the
Is'rds, just fort-port, and .it is right here
that the farm boys wito Iftow better citf
do the world and tliemselresiigood turn.
Do not sanction hunting at all. Wbea
someone wsnt.s you to gw and have some,
fun shooting Uil jtiit tell them yo.
would about as soon go out and pull upfc
corn crop for fun. Tfiefrienrfs, tlte.bird.
just for sfiorL and it grasshoppers, citf,
worms, army worms and other undesir
able ineects. If Uiere were Hiatiy, liiaujr
mora of them it. would lie all the better
for the agriculturist. They are a very
beiiiliful bird and their cheery "B
White!" is a good antidote for.bltuss.
Some hoys and men talk of loving
nature as the v shoulder their tfmu to g
unai! hunting. If they lored nature ne
much as they should tlwy would get
pair of quails from a fancier and ntw
covey rather than to go out and kijlone.
Someone hits said Uiat atrt.ojovei of
nature loved "not to kill, 'ait UJiiak
Tho state lias iutenesied itseif iq Ute
quail question Ut the extent of waking
laws for the protts Uon of Uie birds. Thif.
law is of great beneUitand importance
to the fiirmers arsl a good way for ill
f'irmex to help the matter along wouli!
be lo pet a pair of Ute birds and raise u
few conveys. Aeoordiog to faioiern wlic
raise Uiem in conlloeiuent lhjy nr very
gentle ond tame wliea domtislicaU'.l. ll
Is possjlde that after the ruining of qnajj
Iwcomes niipuju limy mav be J'oimd.tif
every fiir.m and tho Imnter will no mow
think of shooting .quail than alilcke.qt
Inflict, the slinlgun Irihe msiv he
become etiyct, Nebraska FWvft
V s: , , r
-' f