Harrison press-journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1899-1905, July 09, 1903, Image 7

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'Bcund to Gat There
'Don't you think," said the gen
erous minded man, "that you would
feel more kindly toward your political
rival it you could imagine yourself
la bis place?
My dear sir, answered tbe ener
getic gentleman, "mere Imagination
won't do. I'm goinjr. to put myself
in bis place if it can be managed,
lie has one of tbe best places in tbe
government service."
Give Warning of Approach of Hore
Serious Trouble.
Do you experience fits of depression with restlessness, alternating
nth rt tenw irritability, bordering upon hysteria? Are your spirits
easily alTe:U-d so that one minute you laugh, and the next fall into con
vulsive weeping?
Do you fuelsoniething like a ball rising in your throat and threaten
Ing to clio.ee you; all the nouses perverted, morbidly sensitive to light
and mn-l; pain in the ovaries, and especially between the shoulders;
Koinetim.rs loss of voice; nervous dyspepsia, and almost continually
cross and snappy, with a tendency to cry at th least provocation ?
It so your nerves arc in a shattered condition, and you are threat
ened with nervous prostration.
Undoubtedly you do not know it, but in nine rases out of ten this is
caused by some uterine disorder, and the nerves centering in and about the
organs which mak- you a woman influence your entire nervous system,
bomethiiig must lie done at once to restore their natural conditioner
you will be prostrated for weeks and months perhaps, and suffer untold
I 'roof is monumental that nothing in the world is better for this
purpose than L.vdin K. IMnkliaiii's Vegetable Compound; thou
anus and thousands of women have written us bo.
How firs. Holland, of Philadelphia, suffered
amon?; the finest physicians in the country, none of
whom could help her finally cured by Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
u Dkab Mrs. I'inkham : For over two years I was a ronstant suf
ferer from extreme nervousness, indigestion.and dizziness. Menstruation
was irregular, had backache and a feeling of great lassitude and weak
ness. I was so bad that I was not able to do my own work or go far in
the street I could not sleep nights.
"I tried several splendid doctors, but they gave me no relief. After
taking Lydia K. IMrikliuiu's Vegetable Compound I 800n began to
feel better, and was able to go out and not feel as if I would fall at'
every step. I continued to take the medicine until cured.
"Icaimnt say enough in In-half of Lydia E. I'inkliam's medicine,
and heartily recommend all suffering women to trv it and find the
relief I did." Mrs. Florence Holland, 022 S. Clifton tit- Iliila
delphia, Pa. (Jan. 0, VM2.) s
Another case of severe female trouble cured by
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, aftr the
doctors had failed.
"Dear Mas. Pinkham: I was in ior health for several years.
I h.vl female trouble and was not able to do housework alone. I
felt tired, very nervous, and could not sleep. 1 doctored with several
doctors. They doctored me for my Moinach, but did not relieve me.
I read in your book about your medicine, and thought I would try it.
I did so, and am now eurea and able to do my work alone, and feel
food. I was always very poor, but now weigh one hundred and fifty
" I thank you for the relief I have obtained, and I hope that every
woman troubled with female weakness will give Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound a trial. I have recommended it to many of my
friends." Mrs. Maria Bowers, Millersville, Ohio. (Aug. 16, 1801.)
Will not the volumes of letters from women made strong by
I.ydU K. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound ronriace all of the
virtue of this medicine?
How shall the faet that It will help them be made plain ?
Surely you cannot wish to remain weak, and sick. and diseonr
ffftd, exhausted with each day's work. You have some deransr
went of the feminine organism, and Lydia E. Pinkham's VefetaMa
Compound will help you just as sorely as It has ethers.
Write me for parMculert of e safe. Hmrfl Invent
Vint paying seven per cent nn amount of one hundred
alien or mere. BMi SKCBHENCKM.
w. M. HOKE. York, Penne.
For Aged People.
Bellflower, Mo., July 6. Mr. G. V.
Bohrer of this place has written an
open letter to the old men and women
of tbe country, arivltrlng them to use
Iodd'g Kidney Pills as a remedy for
those forms of Kidney Trouble so com
mon among the aged. Mr. Bohrer says:
"I suffered myself for years with my
Kidneys and urirmry orgnns. I was
tiliHged to get. up as nmny as seven or
eight times during thp night.
"I tried many things with no suc
cess, till I saw one of Dodd's Almanacs
and read of what Dodd's Kidney Tills
were doing for old people.'
"I bought two boxes from onr drug
gist and begun to use them st once. In
a very short time I was well. This Is
over a year ago, and my trouble has
not returned, so that 1 know my cure
was a good, genuine, permanent one.
1 beltere Dodd's Kidney Pills are a
splendid medicine for old people or
anyone suffering with Kidney and
urinary troublea, for although I am 81
years of age, they have made me well."
A Yale Test
An exchange tells this st"ry cf a
Yale senior, who had Just jrroposed
! to a young lady.
"Yes. 1 will be yours on one con
dition'. "That's all right,' he, unabashed,
responded, "I entered Yale with
I find Piso'a Cure for Consumption the
best medicine ffir rronpy children. M rs.
F. Callahan, 114 Hall street, Parkers
burg, W. Vs., April IS, 1901.
The new Spanish king may as well
make up Lis mind to .spend the next
fifty years watching for anarchists.
If Cub.i find that it cannot get
along without A guardian. Mr. l'alma
knitv this ostlon's telephone num
ber. The extravagance which buys what
It docs not need soon comes to be
'the poverty which needs what It can
not buy.
laid Hlt All till l'ti. LJ
eat Coue-b B;rup. mm ir.l. Lee rj
tN.N.U. 779-28. YORK, NEB.
A Brooklyn roan objects to a roe
mnrlal park Id Plymouth square io
honor cf Henry Waid Heeofier for tbe
miS'in that he was net a man of na
tional reputation. A lot of o!d sub
scribers would like to know who It
was that made Brooklyn famous.
Some pecple get rw.st excited when
talking about nothing.
A wise man is slow about giving
advice. So is a fool about taking it.
A gi.od many people of kindly dis
position have grown very weary of
Carrie Nation.
Too much must not be expected of
Cuba for a season. Give the little
renuilc a chance.
Schemes which looked like less
work and mors money have spoiled
The Part He rook
.College President: "So you confess
that the unfurtunate yoiiDg man was
carried to the pump and there
drenched with water. Now Mr. Sop.,
what Dait did you take In this dis
graceful affair';".'
Undergraduate meekly: "The left
leg sir."
Ask Yonr Denier for Alien' Foot Ka,
A powder to shake into your ahoe. It
rests the feet. Core Corns, Bunions,
Swollen, Sore, Hot, Calloua, Aching,'
Sweating feet and Ingrowing Nail.
Alltn'a Koot-Eaae makes new er tight
ahoea eaay. Sold by all druggiete and
hoe atorei. 25c. .Sample mail FREE.
aaaraaa Alien . Uimated. La Rear. N. J.
Well, cook, and what did you tbink
of it?"
"Why, mum. she sang beautiful
just as if she was a-gargHng."
100 Itewerd, Bine.
The readers of thla paper will he pleaaod la
learn thai then la at lead oae treaded disease
that KlMM-e ka keeo able le enre hi a'l Ik
states, aad UuU ta Catarrh. Hall'i tauarrb tsir
la ui aely mHn rare know le tae BMeUral
fraternity. Catarrh Ml a ceestltnrlaaal nhv
ease. reottlre a reaatltutlenal tree tan eat. Han"
Catarrh Cure la taken lateraally, eeMag dtreetly
on tli Meed aad Buoaua surteeea f the eyetera.
thereby dentrwylag the feaaeanaa ef She dh
eaae, aavd (tnac Ike aeOeat atreagUi ky keriHlat
up la roniOtuBea im eealatliic Benr la ieeag
la warli. Tim eroprletefi bat ea atoca falta hi
It curtUr nwra lk4 Uiey ef w One laaalree
Dollar far any Diet It fall le euro. Bead
for lltt ef leeflmonlait.
AMrrmn. T. J. CHENEY fe 00, Taterta, o
aabllehor Thlake "Literary" Coareeo
Drive Many o It.
"It is a bad day for tbe publisher
when the book buyer begins to read,"
Is the epigram of a New York publish
er. The author of the epigram dis
cussed In the Times the Increase cf
novel reading nud its effect upon the
demand for books other than fiction.
Only within the last ten years, he said,
had the Kroit demand for Action been
the most striking fact of the pulillsh-
Ing and h xik-w Ming btislmwa Ing
hi fore t!if t'rne ..net Ion had. .beeonie
the most Important item in the United
States, but never before bad so many
successful novels been published.
He set down tbe Increased circula
tion of novels to tbe growth In popula
tion, wealth and education, and was
hardly Inclined to allow a suggestion
that on the average the quality of tic:
tion had greatly Improved within
twenty or twenty-five years. Never
before was the financial success of
novelists so much talked about and
written about, and the efT-ct was to
stimulate novel writing. Not only are
there more novels than ever before
published, but there are vasMy more
than ever before rejected by the pub
It was doubtful, the pub!ihT
thought, whether the increase in the
reading of fiction had leswened the read
ing In other departments of literature.
Many of the new readers of fiction are
persons who would read nothing else,
and lovers of poetry, criticism, hlntorj;
and biography have not been drawn
away from their favorite subjects by
the fact that unknown young men and
women write novels that sell by th.i
hnudreds of thousands. A large par!
of the morTt Intelligent and cultivated
readers gives very little time to new
fiction. The fact that the colleges and
universities are giving more attention;
to the study of fiction as a Hturary
manifestation has given fiction an lm
ports nee that It did not once have.
Another thing that the colleges ari
dolnff, the ptibllNher thought, had less,
encd the rending of books proper to
literature that is, the requirement
that students preparing for collegii
shall rend and study by way of tank
masterpieces of literature which mof
such young persons In the natural
course of their development would no!
reach fur years after they had finished
their preparatory course. The effect
was t1) drive many such students away
from literature, and make It hateful In
them because they associated It with a
distasteful tank. Dottlitlesw many such
young lien and women fieri joyfully
from the cIskhIcs of the language ti
the lightest and mot ephemeral of
modern novels.
Beyond Him
"Captain," exclaimed tbe rich
philanthropist, io a burst of gen
erosity "I want to do something to
assist you in your noble work. What
shall It be?'"
"Well", said tbe captain of the
Salvation Anny company, his honest
face flushing with pleasure "any
little gift of money would be accept
able, of rotse but what we most
need is a comet player that can reach
F with ut making a squawk of it.'',
Sola by Druattt. rte.
Hall Falnlij nil. are the bet
Mri. Wlnalow'a SOOTHING SIRUP for ehll
dr.ii teething, infiene the cuma, reduer fHa
nalloo, lllajipeln eure colic. Pi Ice 25e bottle
the lives of a multitude.
Some people glee the Impression
that they are wound op and can't
stop til! they run down.
Your breakfast will prove more sat
isfying if you put In an hour of the
curly morning killing weeds,
S'irne peoole still write it "preven
tative." There is no men word in
the language of our common country.
From the wsr Jolntlstsdreearrvlou
on In Topeka it looks as though Car
rie Nation would have it all to do
over again.
An Interesting Shakspearean relic
recently sold In Ixindon was the arm
chair made from the wood of the mul
berry tree planted by Shakspeare In
New Palace garden, Stratfbrd-on-Avon
Tho pedigree of the chair Is unquee
tionnbly authentic, since Its history
can be traced right from the time of
ii i A
rjf rir&f) X Mab v&swwin QfrssP
(0) MO (0)0(0)
ZS i
Greatest inmzVfaTM
. im, avmbiOAN BBAUTTES kaerp their blood pom, their oomptaslfM ttolt and (dear,
tiwt d th.U whole bodlo. Mtive d bemltby with OtSOatRSTO Oandy
ryIyTir ewractei of OAflOABHrrS ae oloanen. ud blood portflm; their
""""T0, . 27 Bi boila. blotches, Urer-epoU, blawkbed and la aTWfestenl&ff m
2S2!lt? iSrJbetaown throiurh tbe kind word, of ladle, who htvre tried thesn.
S!wAmJLUOV BOIB8 A MONTH The qulckefrt. froreart, wajr to beeuty
?ZllZJ tr Bood Deep. Tho f -t rule for purliytnc the blood Utokeeyp
! e.?Ta M-kDodtiTery. OASOARrri Candy Oathartlo are tho only mtUm
nT" ?TJZ 1 Qrl aoToOa Never eold in bu k. Tbsfronalne tablet Btampeyd OOa
" ' m . riinirHmdvCu-Ci:iettzo oriffmTork. BB
i m& booklet Bee. -
the famous tree being cut down to the
present day. It formerly occupied an
honored place In the "Stratford Arms,"
Stratford. When tbe proprietor died,
In 1S45, It passed Into the possession
of his daughter, then to that daiigh
ter's niece, by whom It was for some
time exhibited in Sheffield public mil
senm, Weston Pnrk. At tie sals this
relic was sold for J7."0.
A School hoy's Mialake.
In a public school In the northwest
section of Philadelphia It Is the cus
tom for the supervising principal to
receive "Cood morning" and "Good
afternoon" from the pupils on enter
ing and leaving the school. It was
ratter repulsive for one boy, who
evaded the custom. as often as possl
ble. One Friday afternoon he saluted
the principal with this startling fare
well, "Go to the devil," professor," and
ran out of the school. The professor
became very angry over the affair and
thought over several plans of punish
ment to mete out on the following
Monday morning. Monday morning
came, and with It the boy, who sat on
bench outside the classroom. When
the professor appeared he began ta
cry, end loudly exclaimed: "Ob, pro
fessor, don't eipel me; we were going
to more away from here on Friday,
end now we ain't" It Is needless t
say be was net expelled,
Eaelly Kiplalaeal,
Stubb Why Is M more women can
not discover tbe "secret of success r
Petm Oh, because when It reacbet
them It la no secret
Ma0anee What la yomr . eccrjpa
Wltnasa I'm a lawyer, yonr honor.
Magistrate-Well, try to forget U
wklle giving yonr testimony.
How to beach a Boy's Heart. -
.Study his parentage and borne in
fluence. Observe cl'.sely his likes and dis
likes, ap itudes, temper, companions,
C nveisc often with him in a
iricnrlly way.
Ask as tu his purposes and am
b tloas.
Lend him bonks.
Interest yourself in his sports.
Speak to I iui of the lessons in the
lives of good men.
Tell him of tour 'own struggles in
h yhooo or girlbo d with adverse cir
cumstances Iu brief, be his friend; when he
leases school and neighborhood keep
Infoimed as to bis whereabouts by
correspondence Western School
Meet erarr requlaite of the imnroaaatu
or bat weathar meal.
PeMai rlaaj. Barf aai Teaiat, Oi Teeiae I Waeail.
vael Leal, Orrtl, Baa. Srtjkri Beat,
tHwa aaiekee Sad. tk.
All natural flavor foods palatable aod whole-
Home, i our grocer ahoal'J bare them.
Fe Tae booklet "How to Make Oood Thfaae
o the World. ,-.m-
Ufcey, McWelU sV Llbhy, Chteele. ML
All tbe troubles of this world are
bjrn with wings.
j wrm Hats trehere
fJ' drink
a Mires A
Til Kootbeer
Knew the daughter "Well have
you found a stage career all that, you
hoped? Has Dame Fortune smiled on
"I haven't met the old lady yet.
Hut I know her daughter; we bare
travelled together for several years."
"Her daughter?"
' Yes Miss Fortune. "-Kansas City
It la placed into the nnatrlla,
apreada orer the membrane
asd la abcorlied. Relief ta Im
mediate. Itia not drying, doe
sot prodoce aneziii;.
Dnwrlata, SO Ma. or by malL
txr BROaLM Wama6t,H.r.
stl AfHtyajtieirttl Cm try r
ftttraetiatf morm tttKtioa tk
u; otktH district ta Us world.
Al-eta nmd-r Crop tm 1 !-1,t97,SSO AertM.
llelcla ltO!117.,74BMkflsfc
Ahnnriano of Wf,tr; r'aeil. Plentiful. OhMpBuil4
.ur MateriJ; (Jood iiru f or pMturM aod Hy,fwtl
(toil, a Bufflciant rainfi.ll, ) ta cliisMa airing sn
Mtiunid and degaattei Mtsoa of arrow tk. HoaMtvl
Lrintlnof lflO A o rata ' r. cio to OhonhM, 8cbols.
etc.; Kail wy tap )1 Bii)ed diatricta.
Hnnd for Alia and othor iiUr-tar to Bffrl.
teadenl of ImrHl.rkitUBi, UUtwi, or
lo W. V. BsnnMt, 801 Kw York Lifa Bide.. Omnha.,
NbM Agent for tbe GoTemmtnt of OftOsuf, Who will
supply you with certiticML gifiiig you rduced rail war
raLM, etc.
Let this Coupon be your Messenger of Deliver
ance from Kidney, Bladder, and Urinary Troubles.
It's thei people who
dntiht and hitrome cured
wliiln they (tnulit who
lirHWe JOoan's Pills t.he
Aching back ar6 eased.
Iflp, bak, and tnln naina
overcome. Bweltitifc oi thft
liioba and drop By aigna
They correct urine wlUi
brick a uaC aedlment. high
colored, pain In. paaalnf
dribbling, frequeecy, bed
wattlni-. Dcaa'a Kidney Pill
renter ceieull aad era Tel.
Rafleaa neart parpfiaOon,
alaaplaaa, beeeach,
Tiruaarnua, Mn. "I
tried TrytaaBB for e weak
bank aad cot bo relief until 1
ud Dee? PUIa."
J. H. I.rfia
P. O
nc. to nni.
a rajec eea.
For free trial box. mall tale eoapon
1 Mm ro.. euflaje. I. T . ir
paee la lMaftlolent, write addreel oa
The reaaon you can get
thla trial free ia because
they care Kidney III aad
will prove It to you.
West Branch, Mica.
Dean's Kidney Fills hit the
case, which u aa uaueoah
desire to urinate had to get
up fl re or all time of a nlitrt. '
I think diabetes was well un
der war, the feet aad ankle
welled. There waa an ta
teaee pain la the back, the
heat of which would feel Uko
puttine one'a hand up to a
laaap chimney. I bar uead
Ut free trial aad two fall
bejm at IXjaa'a IWa with th
satisfaction of feellar that I
am cared. They are the reea
edy par acallac."
b. r. Bii.si,
,53.iiiil S3.S! Shoes WJS
I - Too can ear frea aS.se ta SI M yearly
by wearing w. 1- aMmgiae - ar aa aaaee.
They ar tut a mc4 ia every way aa taeae aaas
sr men ooauaf yea irnea nt.ae ie a., n
L. Deaglaa eaees preves
immanse sal of w
Id by retail akoe
B few II a
i m w v.
1 1 i am a
JiV V- CTl OG'fR fJa.i
a iu ni .i i re an j3aG'
their superierilT erer all ether ajakea.
eealert TrywDre.
Tbe (amine ka?e a area aad prlee
the tteef 'at rrl ereMe r eele th.thotle aelea
r4ee. atre Silbte a4 leae.r werlec Uettar
thee eer ether leeeae- T .. w e
Wei la ea aeter'. lilre. ii. e.rterHj.
lwnJr.: a,a4.
:kaanat' f-..caa.ae.Hr
i tamped on tae bottaai Take ae
latitat. fattCoiorMfMtud.
Donelae fM Ut atdare
Line cannot be eejoalleel
at aay prion.
W. U Douarlas makea and aalla BMre n a
Oondyear wait i hand eewed nreaaaa) ahoee
thin say ehar menulacturar !n the warld.
$25,000 RiwjrdA:,'1r.,r.';.:.':
, M.a 1? ar h ktei utiKrrl nna Anncu tekfAeleMk
The Great.
Germ and
Insect Destroyer
T tiArn unnrl t Vi eniurhi n t tUn TTnlforl Kt-nt-pa In thA t rpnfcmnnf" nf hnrr
IS UUVf U9VU 111 I Vlli ll'U t, tnu Wiiiiwu v t v - . J in W ' va.uwu'uw vra a" 'ft,
cholera, swine pliiRUC, ergot discHses. com stalk disease, pink eye, foot
and mouth disease, scurvy, manure, Texas itch, scabs and all germ dis
eases of domestic tminials
Irpoalted mniy 'ntinnnl Hnnk of York, Neb., anil
IAA f( She don MlHte llHlik, Sheldon, InwH., to lie pild to
$ lUVr .U U nnyotte (lrdin(r any of I he folio wing tentlnioniMis not
k 1 -" ajrnuine. n :: i: :i is is i: u
St. Paul, Neb. Aprils, '03.
Smlonal Medical Co.
(lontlemeii: Thin l to rerllfy that I have
lined Liquid Koal lur eraot (Iixm In raule
and bt-lleve Itlo be a rtire for tnln dltua e
trom tbe exiierlmenU 1 hiive made, bill ba
llere H ousht to be uvl when the animal
ta flml taken wl'h lle dim-aw. And for a
lice killer It cnu't be beat by anythlnx I
know of. Youra rcapei tfii.ly.
Jdward, Neb., Dee. 6, V.K.U.
Liquid Koal, iAnufarlnrt'rl and sold by
National Medical Co., York, Neb, It, a ne
reaiity to any laimrra ra aing atock beyeral
lliataiieea of lt efficiency have come under
my personal uothe. JOHN HAKVK.Y,
Kx-klayor, Heward.
Wauaa, Neb., Dec. IN 1(102.
J eonalder Liquid Koal one i f the best
articles for all around purpose on the
market, for mlt and lire In the chicken
houses aad for lice on oalre and horses ft Is
the beat and cheapest thins; 1 have ever
found. Llqntd Koal nntht lo he on every
Coleridge, Neb., Deo. . 1902.
lean aay that your L. K. la the heat In
aaei deeirrryar that I ever need, 1 1 will not
injure the egg when uaed on antilne hash.
I Bad it the kest all around atock medl Ine
that I ever had on the plane. advise
on hsn.i.
every larnier lo keep a supply on hum.
u. i
llartlnitton. Neb., Doc. 10,1902.
National Medical Co., York. Mh.
l'ear -lr: I am a nanr of Liquid Koal and
am well pleaded with It. 1 would not try
lo do without It an 1 tln.l it utclul in a great
many wa a. I have had no sick hngaaince I
Voinmenc'eil using it a year ano. In my
ntitnlon It It the bent and cheapest hog
cholera preventative on the market todav.
You ean use this as you wish. Anyone
wishing to know more about thla piaaae
write me. KNOCK ELY,
Reword, Neb., Nov. 2S, 1SH. ,
To Vhom It Msy Con.-ern:
This is to certify that 1 have bonght the
third lot of Liquid Koal from the Nnllon
Medical Co. , and think tl the best erm de
stroycr, appetizer and disinfectant that
have ever used. 1 have bad ocean ion to in
it on two different horses this summer fo
very severe wounds, and found It the he
and cheapest remedy 1 ever tried ; would
not be without It on my place,
Dcliaint. B. D. .
1 have used yonr L. K , ami think It Ii a '
food preventive, and disinfectant, (.used
t as a n idb lne lor all ifiiids of atookVud.
chickens. I had two cows that were alok
ami would not cat and I naed L. K and It
helped them. I al n nard It a a hog cholera
preventive, and think It Is all right
t. II. rA THICK.
OaoOaar Caa at on It Tea al wa Kg, r gaiinu tin
Oaa Aallaa S HO H SS flsilone, h. I nhi , per gal .... a aa
give Oalleae, per fallna .7ft So Oall .n-, 1 bt.i.. pc ,i ,, ... a.BO
A SB SS-pag Boob on Oerm !) .,.. nf Aalaaaia Bent rr. n on ApplinetUia.
National Medical Co.
5hrldm, Iowa.
Voik. Nat).
. L