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The best laundered people are tbe
Crcnse will cause the rubber Id
automobile tire- to crumble.
The tlght-flttlng British uniform li
alleged to be tbe cause of much heart
(Uncase among soldiers.
Thousands of square miles of mul
erry trees are planted ki Italy. Trees
live from lifty to seventy years.
Up--to-date-318 -statues of William 1
of (Jerniauy bave been erected In Ger
uiuu towns, st a total cost of about
. (talileo'g first telescope was made
from part of a lead water pipe. In
' "cu cud of which be cemented com
Won spectacle glasses.
Miniature arrow heads cut out of
Jasper and carnellan are found to this
day by Arabs In tbe desert sands and
strung in necklaces for charms.
There are about 200 deaths yearly la
Kngkind due to weather. One hun
dred and forty of these are due to
old and the rest to sunstroke and
Australia and New Zealand hare
ninety and one-half million sheep,
which Is just one and a half times as
many as the whole of th United
States possesses.
The streets of Ilonibay are eicelleut,
as are generally the main mads
throughout India. They arc thorough
ly macadamized or metaled and made
smooth by heavy rollers.
An engineer on a Kansas rrfiwsy
list made a request to be allowed to
run faster than sixty five miles an
hour, because a Jack rabbit has been
making fun of him on his run.
- Before a recruit can be said to bave
Joined tbe British army bis name must
be entered sixty two times and that of
lils superior officer twenty-nine tfmes
1n the documents required by the war
There Is only one statue In Great
BrltaJn with an umbrella. This la to
fee seen at Reading and represents Mr.
. Palmer, of biscuit fame, standing
tmreheaded with a silk hat and um
brella In hand.
A man In Cincinnati applied to the
courts for an Injunction to restrain tbe
tongues of the gossips of tbe neighbor
hood. He learned from judicial sources
that there are some things beyond the
control of the highest human power.
The drama used by the Scots Guards
in Houth Africa bave Just been sold,
and In some cases tbey fetched be
tween $300 and $350 apiece, a price
which Is nearly eight times as much
as they originally cost. The proceeds
Bishop Coleman, of Delaware, baa
fteen telling an audience that crime In
the United States has Increased enor
mously since 1850. In that year there
Svas. one criminal In every 3.442 of
Imputation. In 1890, forty years later,
the proportion had Increased to one In
every 715.
Israel Zangwlll says: "There are
three reasons why men of geulus hs-ve
long hair. One Is that they forget It
ill growing. The second Is that they
like It. The third is that it comes
cheaper. Tbey wear It long for the
a me reaaon that tbey wear their hats
long. Owing to Mils peculiarity of
genius you may get quite a reputation
tor lack of 26 cents."
The fisheries of Northern Norway
hare come to standstill, owing to a
tremendous Influx of seals along the
4-nmnt and In lbs fjords. The seals,
which come from the White 8aa, have
been fought without avail. The large
Ashing population has petitioned tbe
government for help to exterminate tbe
plague, which la partly eating and
partly bnntlng all Huh away.
: Tbe largest pair of shoes ever manu
factured for actual wear have recently
been forwarded to their destination by
Arm of shoemakers at Hock land,
Mass. The sice Is Isbelcd "17," and
they are nearly sixteen Inches long.
Four common shoe boxes were requir
ed for packing them two or each
hoe. The buyer Is Harvey .Murray, a
negro working In a sawmill at Tlrrell,
A carpet Industry was started a few
.rears ago In a poor district In Donegal,
nd commencing with a dozen women
workers, It has grown to such an ex
tent that It now finds employment for
everal hundred people. The carpets
aire band made, after the Turkish und
Persian fashion, In mosaics of small
woolen squares, the designs nnd col
orings being most artistic and effec
t -
Laandrr Ticket Used by licggar as
Letter from Consulate,
"Do you know 1 think Chines char
acters are tbe most deceitful things I
ver saw," said the matron from Grand
boulevard to ber North Hide friend at
the meeting of the Women's Club last
"I can't read them, so they neyer tie
eel red me," replied tbe friend Why was
toot Interested In etymology.
J "Well, I can't elther-not any more,
Lot I bad tbe strangest experience
Srlth'Ustm, and my husband la talking
knout It yet," tbe woman from the
boslevard continued.
, "One day last week a hungry-looking
snaa cameto our bouse. I would have
thought be was a tramp, only be was
K polite, and said be was worn out
mb work. Way, the very first thing
be said was, 'Madame, 1 am looking
for work.'
"! thought of the advice given !n thf
circulars which come with the Cbaritf
Bureau's annual request for subscrlp
tlons, and I asked, very severely, 'Havf
you any recommendations?
"'Yes, msdame,' replied the man. i
have one I value very highly. It It
from tbe Chinese Consul.'
"With that be fished In bis pocket
and pulled out a yellow paper, all cov
ered with Chinese characters. It near
ly took my breath away, but I wasn't
going to appear surprised, and mur
muring, 'Walt a moment, please,' I
took It back to the dining room and
compared It with the bottom of a plate.
Several of the characters were th
Miner ct least-1 thought so and tin
crockery man hud told me those oa
tbe plate meant 'excellent quality,' so
naturally I supposed tbe letter of rec
commendation told that my caller had
an 'excellent quality.' He didn't look
It, but I couldn't doubt the word of
the Chinese Consul.
"I had him sweep the cellar and gavt
blrn plenty to eat, and then, as lie
was a friend of the government official,
I paid him a little more than It wai
worth, alwut $2. lie forgot to takj
his recommendation, and 1 ran nearly
balf a block after him to return It, but
be was gone. I was congratulating
myself on the fine souvenir I had when
my husband came home.
"1 showed It to him and told about
the Chinese Consul, and he baw-hawei!
Just like a horrid man. When I'Tisked
him what was tbe matter, he Jusl
laughed again. After the theater that
evening be took me down on Clark,
atreet past the Chinese restaurants,
and there on the sidewalks were any
number of 'recommendations,' wher
they had been washed from the Chi
nese bulletin boards by the rain. My
husband said they were nothing but
Chinese advertisements. But the on
the man had was nothing but a Chi
nese laundry ticket.
"A few nights later that same man
tried to beg a dime from us as we wer
coming from the opera. There hadn't
been any rain for a few days, so 1
guess he was out of consular recom
mendations. But don't talk Chinese to
me at least when my husband l
around." Chicago Inter Ocean.
Saaa-ad Kid lea Ions, bat Hat
Uii Tiri to Laagb.
A man rushed Into one of the de
partment stores here In town on
morning last week and stated In rather
a confidential tone to the saleswoman
whose counter Is at the entrance of
the store that he wanted "a blouse for
his wife." "You'll find them on th
second floor, she answered, between
numerous giggles. Then the would
be shopper made for the elevator,
whether be doubted the young lady's
word as to where he might And th
coveted blouse or whether It waa the
enthusiasm of his first present cannol
be determined. At any rate every
body In the car knew he wanted a
blouse for his wife, and waa at lasl
directed straight to the counter wher
blouses of all kinds were on ex III hi
"I want a blouse for my wife," In
shouted to the girl In charge of tha'
counter; "it must be pretty, and It't
got to be silk, and let it cost f'.'O or $30
nt a good one."
'hat color do you prefer?" ask
the astounded clerk.
"Color? Why, any color."
"What site, then?" she shrteket
back. "Is the lady large or small?"
"Now, that's where you get me," thi
auxlous husband answered. "Home
times I call her fat, and she gets mt
about It, and when I say abe's thin
she's furious. Just give me an ex
pensive silk one, and that will dp,'
and at this Juncture tbe shopper real
I xed that all tbe clerks were on, and
that be waa making himself ridiculous
Being a man of resources, he deter
mined to get even.
"Young lady," be shouted, "yen re
member I told you It was for a lady
so Just give me any old color and size
anything that takes your eye. It real
ly won't matter, for no matter whs.
It may be It Is sure to be exchanged."
Then It was his turn to laugh, am
he did. Washington Post.
Ills Complaint.
I am a baby, 11 mouths old, am
nearly worn out already. I'lt-ase Ur
me alone.
I am not a prodigy, except to the ex
tent that, not having anything to say
I don't talk. Two big persons clulu
to be my parents why can't they let
It go at that? I have never denied
the charge. I haven't much data to g
by but I don't think I am either a ma'
glclan, a learned pig, or a virtuoso, I
don't hanker for applause; so, It will
be an appreciated favor If you won'l
put me through any parlor tricks.
If I hnve my wealthy old Uncle T.i
ra's nose, congratulate Uncle Ezra J
but don't blame nie. I mny be s klep
tomaniac, for all I know; but I can't
help It.
Ixu't rattle rattles at me they rat
tle me. Don't goo-goo and ootsle-koot
sie nt me. I can't understand It any
better than I can the English Inn-
'I he pain I have Is not In my stom
ach, but In my neck. I don t want to
be entertained or mystified or medica
ted or upplnuded. And, If you don't
want me to grow up to be a hypochon
driac, a stamp Collector, an awful ex
ample, a ping pong enthusiast, or a
misanthrope, you Just lemme be I'
Hmart Het.
Hank at Mont Carlo.
The banks' advantage at Monte Carlo
over the player Is less (ban 2 per cent,
nd It wins about 6,200,009 p
Aatsrtcas Bstt Ysctt Af sis Shows Her Sti-
OtVurt WW Cvt Recefttss
Kiel, Fiussia June 29 The em per
or'a yacht, Meteor, crossed the line
first In Saturday's race for cruising
schooners class "A" and kept the
lead all the way, orer the thirty,
mile course, beating the Hamburg
In a ten-knot breeze, by minutes.
The empress' yacbfc Iduna, was
again twenty minutes behind.
Emperor William bad as his guest
on hoard tbe Meteor during the
race, United States Ambassador
Tower, Prince Henry of Prussia,
Prince Adelbert, the emperor's son
Count TleleWenckler, Count Red
fern, and United States Naval
Attache T. M. Potts. The emperor
was quite a different maD aboard the
yacht, than when aboard the battle
tbip, talking about yachting and
tnorting matters the whole time.
When lunch time came bis majesty
helped eacb member of the party
himself from the large cold dishes
ptovlded and Prince Albert phcto
fraphed the group. (
Though the Hamburg was a close
fecund during tbe whole of the
tace, she lost a minute by club nop-
The officers of tbe Kersarae will
fcive a reception cn Monday afterno in
to whlcli the empetor and empress
with Prince and Princess Henry
ind all the notabilities at Kiel ha re
iccepted iovitatiom A reception
ill be given aboard the Kearsarne
probably next week Tuesday, for the
trews of the German fleet The Ger
man sailors will be able to see t.i,
Inside of the shiD and will he enr.r.
alned by the crew.
There has been nothing whatever
to complain of regarding the be
havior of the American sailors who
bave teen ashore. They are wel
corned along the water front, and,
the shops and restaurants are en
laglng interpreters for their con
venience. Signs are displayed every
where '"Americans are welcome to
Kiel." The American tars cause
considerable wonderment to the Ger
mans by driving around In carriages
ind cabs; at least balf of Kiel's
limited supply of these vehicles Is
Mjus nightly employed.
May Lose Their Positions
Washington. June 29. Assistant
Secretary Armstrong ef the treasury
department has returned to tbe city
from a brief business trin tn New
Vorg, during which he looked into
the cases of Samuel IV. Thompson
Ind Walter It. Eaton, employes of
the custom bouse, who advertised as
members of the board of
directors of a mining company whose
business has been under investiga
tion tv an official of the postoffice
Jopartment. Mr. Armstrong has
requested a wrllteu report from the
Officials respecting their connections
with the compauy in its advertise
ments of tbe position held by them
under the government and says he
sioects to be ready for Collector
Btranahan tomorrow.
Mr. Armstrona tonight made It
very plain that Messeis. Thompson
Ind Eaton will be required to give up
tbeir connection with the cumpany
if tbey expect to remain in tbe cus
toms service, and that if their po
sitions were misrepresented with
tbelr consent and approval, they
will be liable to removal from office.
Treasury officials express decided
objections to persons employed in
the customs service engaging at tbe
lame time In some ither business
and Intend to break up this practice
M far as possible.
ToStsmp Out Lawlessness
Lexington, Ky., June 9. Tbe
innual session of the Kentucky tons
of the Revolution at the residence of
Major II. B. M Clellon In this cltv
closed with tbe adoption of the
'We of the Kentucky society of
tbe Sons of the Revolution, descend-
ents of those who staked their all.
to wlu lor themselves and for us
freedom ftom tyranny and rluht to
make laws guaranteeing Jlbertv
without license, personal secutlty
and tbe rights of property; rever
encing the memory of our anccstcrs,
cherishing the Institutions they
founded and the 1 iws they establish
ed, realizing that those Institutions
cao only be pteserved by strict obcdl
ence to and faithful execution nf
those laws by all the citizens and
officers of (he state, do hereby:
Resolve, That we do most sincere
ly deplop the condition of lawless
ness that bus brought reprtacb on
tbe state we love.
Plan An Electric Railway
Hpeardsh, 8. D, Juno. 29. The
promoters of tho Mack Kills & Spcur
flsb Valley Electric Railway company
bare been Interviewing farmers and
others along tba right cf way. The
distance la a little oyer thirteen miles
sod rlgbt of way hsi been secured
nearly tbe entire distance. The com
pany has obtalaed franchises from
tbe city councils of Spca'flsb and Dead
wood and also from tbe county com
Blatlooers along tbe county highways.
Washington. June 30 Ooe bun
dred acres of land in tbe sand bill
the Dismal river forest reserve, lie
braska, were planted this spring by
iae bureau oi forestry. On 80 acres
1.000,000 pine seedlings were set ou
the other 20 acres were sowed with
seed. The work will continue this
summer. The nursery, will be en
iarged so as to cover 20 acres, which
will bold 2,000,0000 seedlings. The
bureau intends to increase the size
of tbe nursery gradually so as
make It grow enough seedling trees'
every years to furnish suffl lent stork'
for the planting. It is intended ul
tlmately turn tbe whole of the 'lo
brara and Dismal river reserves
which are now barren sand bills, in
to forest by planting. The Dismal
river reserve includes 8,000 acres, tbe
Niobrara reserve 120,000. A survey
or the boundaries of the Niobrara re
serve will be made this summer tj
lii. J. S, Moore, of the bureau
The iiarllett tract lies in the Vcr
mejo valley, southwest of Trinidad
-oio.,on one of the spurs of the
Rocky mountains, and borders on
Colorado in one place. It was for
meriy part of an old Mexican land
grant. Mr. Uartlett acquired it af
ter toe timber rights on nearly all
tne land had been sold. Lumbering
of bull pine, the chief tree Is now
going on, but most of the timber
rights will expire next year and tbe
owner wants the land to become cov
ered again with a good growth of
forest. It will be necessary, in orde
to accomplish this, to keep out fires
and o improve the natural repro
duction of tbe trees. In cases it will
be neoessary to plant.
Lineman's Narrow Escape
Hastings, Neb., June 30. Percy
Morris, a lineman for the Nebraska
Telephone company was badly hurt
Monday afternoon and had a close,
call to deatb.JHe was working on top
of tbe pole, on Hastings avenue when
the large three inch cable broke from
Its fastenings and nearly three hun
area reet or it fell to toe pavement.
Wben tbe cable fell it caught
young Morrice, slapped him haid
against the pole, stripped his belt.
and fastenings from his body, and cut
a deep gash in his leg. Had it not
been for the timely assistance of an
Other lineman, he would undoubtedly
bave fallen to the ground. At the
time tbe cable fell a boy was riding
by on a bicycle, and the cable knocked
bira off the wheel anc piled him in
a heap. The spentaiois were so much
concerned for the injured lineman
that the boy was entirely overlooked
and he rode oiT before anyone could
approach blrn.
A mm on Gets Sentence.
New York, June 30. Robert A
Ammon, attorney for William F.
Miller of the franklin syndicate, was
yesterday sentenced to an iodeterm
nate term in states prison of not less
than four nor more than four and
halfyeais. The maximum penalty for
this oneoce is five years. Ammon was
convicted of having received stolen
money from Miller.
The specific charge on wbich Am
mon was convicted was mat he re
ceived $3ii,&00 of the money obtained
Dy tue r-iaiiKiin -ozu - per cent syn
dicate. Milller is no serving a ten
year' fentence and was the chief
witness at the trial. District At
torney Jerome, It is under
stood, will take steps to secure a par
don for Miller as he is said to be dy
ing of consumption. Amnion's at
torney moved for a new trial, giviug
seven reasons for such a motion. He,
also moved for an arrest of Jndgei
merits. Uoth motions were denied by
Judge Newburger. The sheriff's com
mitment on motiuo of tbe d fond
ant's council was withheld until to
morrow to allow an application to a
supreme court Justice for a certlfi;
cate of reasonable doubt Latet
Mr. nwuse, Amnion's attorney, ap
puea to justice iiuax ot the su
preme couri ror a cernncaie or' reas
onable doubt. Justice Truax granted
an order returnable July 1. Dhtricl
Attorney Jerome is preparing a pcti
tlon to he sent to the governor ask
ing clemency In the case of Miller.
ihe petition will he asked on thr
ground that Miller has rendered val
uable services to the state In testify
log against Amnion und also that br
Is vetv 111.
Sir Frederick Pollock Coming
Sir Frederick Pollock the 'amout
English lawyer and law writer oj
London, hits cabled his acceptance ot
an invitation to read a p.iper before
the annual meeting of the American
liar association, which will be belt'
at Hot Springs, Va., August 20 to 28
Shaw Will Take a Meat.
Washington. June 30. Socretnr)
Shaw will leave Washington tonight
for New York and tomorrow lie will
go to Mlddletown, Conn., to attend
tbe celebration of the two hundredt i
anniversary of tbe birth of John Wes
ley by the Wcslcyan unlvcialt v In that
cltv. It Is understood the unlversli
will contemn the secretary the de.
gree of L. L D., It Is not likely tli,il
tne secretary win return to Wash
Ington until after July 4-
t'rmldent of Carnegie Compaor To Take
lliaige of tn ITi-lled States Steal
At tha Aulstant to fraal
deut Scbwab.
Jew York, July I. Reports pre
valent for months past that Charles
M. Schwab would ictlre from tbe
presidency of the United States
Steel corporation culminated today
iu tbe appointment as an assistao
to tbe piesident of W.E. Corey, pres
ident of the Carnegie Steel company
The formal announcement was made
by Richcrd Trimble, secretary of the
finance committee In tbe following
form: "Inconsequence of the con
tinued lll-bealh of the president, be
has requested the appointment of an
assistant to perform tbe active du
ties of tbe presidency; and at to
day's meeting of tbe finance commit
tee Mr. W. E. Corey, president '
tbe Carnegie Steel company was ap
pointed to such position.
Announcement of Mr. Corey's ap
polntment occasioned no surprise :
financial circles, where it bad been
matter, of common knowledge that at
least one important change was peod
log in the personoell of the steel cor
poratlon affairs.
Tbe finance committee of tbe steel
corporation is dominated, according
to popular belief, by Mr. Morgan and
bis friends. One of its leading mem
bers Is II. C. Frick who was induced
by Mr. Morgan to accept a place on
tbe committee. Tbe strongest pres-.
sure was brought to bear upon Mr.
Frick in March last to accept the1
presidency of Uie corporation but
Frick resolutely declined. None of
the officials of tbe steel corporation
would discuss Mr Curey's appoint
meot or the causes that led to it.
Suffering With Lockjaw
Lincoln, July 1. Henry F. Peters;
of 2803 Holdredge street, la suffer
Ing from an attack of tetanus or
jockjaw. Tbe physicians pronounce
the attack a mild one, but his condi
tion Is so serious that be may not
recover. About ten days ago Mr.
Peters was laiiettng a calf near bis
borne when the rope became twisted
about bis band and in tbe endeavor
to control tbe aol.oal, a bole was
burned to the bone of the forefinger.
He paid no attention to tbe burt
further than to apply tbe usual home
remedies until the finger began to
swell, wben he visited a physician
who dressed the wound. The injury
began to be very troublesome last
Friday wben a physician advised blrn,
and that he was in a serious cor.di
and that be bad better take i
long sweat bath to remove all traces
of tbe poison which seemed to be
taking bold of his system. He still
thought there was little danger and
put this off. On reaching home that
evening be was seized with muscular4
contractions and spasms Of tbe throat
and chest resembling the symntoms
of lockjaw and help was speedily
summoned. It was necessary to
place him under tbe Influence of
antti-spasmodics to relieve tbe In
tense suneriog. Monday he rested a
little easier tnoueb he was by no
means out of danger. Tbe case la
termed a mild one and there is a pus
sible chance of bis recovery Mr.
Peters is a well known real estate
man. He was' a candidate for a mem
ber of the school board little over a
Tear ago.
Picture Man Arrested
.Fremont, Neb., .July 1. Arthur
Muiier of bt. Paul, Minn., a young
armor who nas been taking pictures
of families at their homes and selling
them, was arrested during the noon
hour yesterday oo the charge of as
sault and batteiy on Mrs. Mary Nel
son, wife of Andrew Nelson living
at the corner of First and Platte,
nd for using insulting and abusive
language to her. The offense took
place this morning at Mrs. Nelson's
A short time ago Mullcr took a pic
ture of'the Nelson family in front of
their abode, and this morning he
went to deliver some of the views.
Mrs. Nelson had understood him to
say that she would not need to take
ny pictures units sho wanted tc,
nd when Mullcr called today she
told him that she would not buy any.
He held the screen door open and
commanded her to look at the views.
A Disappointed Office Seeker.
Columbus, Neb., July I.-E. W.
Mann ( f Monroe, was fined 127 lo tbe
county court Monday fur the destruc
tion of personal propotty belonging
to the village of Monioo. It is said
that Mann was disappointed this
orlna In not belna made ovetsecr ol
streets for the village. The evidence
showed Ibat while tiling wai In pro
I cess of being put down lor Butters;
; he took a plckaie and zealously went
to wotk bicakltiB uolbe tlllnu.
cHpbraska. Notes
Good fishing is repotted in tb
licinity of Ewing.
A hail storm near Edgar did con
ilderable damage Sunday.
Thomas B. Walker bas been
Ippointed postmaster at Atkinson.
Mrs. Harriet Wilklns of York died
ifter an illness of six month.
Miss Isabelle Sbelp, aged 76 years
lied yesterday at ber borne In Har
rard. Tbe postal department bas discoo
ioued the postortke at Weber,
rVayne county.
After being married Jnst
two months Mrs. Myrtle German!
Hall died yesterday at Verdon.
State Treasurer Peter Mortenson
ffas In Ord and told tbe people tbat
se thinks Ord will get tbe new
Normal school.
Tbe young daughter of Joba
lluttemier at Beatrice died of blood
poisoning caused by an abscess oo
tbe left leg.
Farmers In Holt county Insist tbat
cbe bridge over the Elkborn river is,
n Jt sufficient and bave petitioned1
tor another one.
.Tbe electric railroad from Butte to
Napier is said to be an assured fact
m.d work Is expected to commence
In tbe near future.
One thousand tons or steal rails
have been contracted for to bnildk
tbe double track of the Union Paclfio
west of Grand Island. '
A four year scholarship si
Wesley an university bas been awarded!
Gleo Crammer, an Albion boy, wba
lust graduated from tbe High sohooL,
Tbe Rusbvllle Recorder orges the
farmers In tbat vicinity to raise bog
and alfalfa and claims that It will bw
s money making consideration.
As things are Id a prosperous con
dition In valley county it baa beea
decided tc bold a fair at Ord Oc la
ter Ifr-JO and November 1.
Ts falling of a platform on which
a ladder was standing precipitated
Wilson Lumpeck, a Beatrice painter,
a distance of fifteen foot, seriously
injuring blrn.
Fire yesterday at Superior partially
destroyed tbe Superior hotel. Tbe
loss to the building will be $1,600
and to the goods will be S500. all
fully insured.
Silas Bates.a pioneer of Nebraska,
died yesterday at bis borne at
Davenport. Tbe funeral will be
held today be leaves one sod and two
daughters. .
Beatrice now bas a police patrol
formed from tbe members of toe
volunteer fire department. It la
composed of fifteen men and will
keep order at fires.
Edward and Garrett Clancy o
West Point left yesterday for tbe
Phi lliplne Islands. Tbey passed tbe
civil service examination and will
take clerkships in Manila.
A tralnload of feeding cattle
oound for Montana waa ditched
near Blair yesterday on tbe North
western. Elve cars were smashed,
but only one steer was badly hurt.
Miss Anna Stock of Pierce bai
filed a petition for divorce from hei
husband, alleging non-support and
cruelty. Sbe says be has whipped
her three times since tbelr marrlagt
five months ago.
Yesterday at Lincoln tbe thirty
sixth annual convention of lbs
Nebraska Sunday School asaoclatlos
met at Unlveislty Place. Goveruoi
Mickey delivered an address ot
Christian Citizenship."
Governor Mickey vesterday vlslte
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