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    Harrison . Press -Journal.
IslO. 52
Mi Josia Hherrill went
to Douglas
George Uri mm was up from the 8
Mondav. Jim and Len Christian were in our berg
Honda jr.
J. ft. Hunter was up from Hunter last
8. J. Looting was up from Squa
crek Tuesday.
.lb Umphenaur in hauling rail road
tyes this week.
Millard Thayer and wife were up from
Hodarc Monday.
Mr. Robert Jordan was a Harrison
visitor yesterday.
Jake Doos and wife were down from
So. Dak. Tuemday.
Horn To Mr. and Mrs. Ed Lyons, last
Saturday, a girl bubv.
W. R, 8niith returned
Ut Thursday evening.
from Colorado
Commissioners Lewis and Jordan spent
Sunday at their respective homes
Joe mateney returned to his ranch
Monday; he took his family with him
Sunday school at 10 o'clock; every
body mvited. W. H. Davis; Supt,
J. H. Wilhermsdorfer and banker
Clarke were out fishing Monday and
Tun lay.
I)r. Schwartz, the noted eye specialist
wijl be in Harrison at the Commet-ciu
Hot I, June 29.
We had a good soaking rain last Satur
day and Sunday, which will revive the
crop and gram.
Miss Lucy Hill and OrAmipi Hollinps
worth cama in on the eist bound train
Monday evening.
Eev. L. W. Horlon and wife left for
Lakeside, Nebr. yeslerdavevening, where
they will visit for about 10 days.
J. R. Burke Irft Monday nitrht
Lincoln, where he went to attend
tale Sunday School Association.
eorge O'Coonw left for Crawford
Monday evening, where he will work for
L. C. Lfewis during the haying season.
Irven Zimmerman was up from Bodarc
Monday and handed una cart wheel for a
ycar'a subscription to t tie Vuiyn Jocrnal.
Tnke I. sntlve I'm - o Oiiltitmi tablets. All
UruKKixU rutuiMt the inoiiev U If full to
cure. K. W. tirove'i slKnatuiu iHuiieut-li
Oux. c
t w'cil Johnson, who has been working
for J. J. I arsons mnoe school was out,
left for his home at Canton, Nebr. last
Saturday e veiling.
1 liave received a supply of the new
school laws. Each director wishing u
copy will please call at this ofllce.
( ONBAD Paiwonh, Co. 8upt.
Tlie people of Bodarc will celebrate the
4th of July by a picnic in Mr. Antrim's
grove at the old OK ranch. Everyday
areinvited to come and bring their din
net. There will be a short program
(h (jiven by some of the young people.
v AmusemenU adaptable to the day
will be had. No dance. Come and be
ChMnftarlala'a Colic. Choi
' Pianl i KemeeW
Is everywhere recognised as the one
remedy that can always be depended up
on and that is pleasant to take It is
especially valuable for summer diarrhoea
in children aod is undoubtly Ihemeansof
saving the lives of a great many children
each year. For sale by all Druggists,
Th4th or July Ball will be given In
the evening July 8rd at the Hall. Good
music will be furnished for the occasion.
The music will be furnished from the
violin, uiano. and cornet and will be
imply first data, With good music yeu
can dance well and have a good time, so
come and enjoy yourselves.
R. C. Di m.
The Sunday School Convention that
was held at Bo dare last week was a
graad success, and the program was
carried out in every way, and those that
were present will long remain I er the
many kindnesses shown them by the
large hearted people of that community.
Rev. K. E. Zimmerman proved himself
equal to the occasion, and was not only
abU to entertain til the young ladies but
waa able and willidg to wath dishes, and
act as general utility mail. The singing
' wjs very rood, and if im of our old
tinvr could haw only dropped in they
would have soon learned that Bodarv
was in keeping with the times. We will
ttk forward with pleasure for the Mat
nnntloii tbAtwUibaheUia Bodaic
Virg Hester completed the building of
the town hall last week and left for his
home at Harrison Saturday. The build
log stands as a credit to his ability as a
workman, skilled in the art of building.
and giving you your money's worth in
material as well as workmanship. A
solid and substantial building has never
been erected in this secton, and much
credit is due Mr. Hester and his foreman
John C. Schmidt, for the able manner in
which it has been handled. Lusk Herald
Wednesday Evening, July 8, Bev. E. C.
Horn, Ph. D., to deliver a lecture on his
trip around the world. Dr. Horn has
been pastor of the M. E. Church at Al
iuce lor aimosi o years and last year
they gave him an 8 months vacation in
which time he circumscribed the globe,
During this tour he took views which he
will reproduce on large canvass with one
of the finest acetylene machines. Come
everybody. Admission, Adults 25 cents
clnldreo 15.
The same lecture will be given at the
Woodman hall, Pleasant Ridge, Tliurs
day, July 9.
Home of our young hoys around town
seem to begetting full of something that
we would call the' old nic, and we will
have to say if home falhersdont look aftei
their young Americans some one else wj
and then there will le trouble, this thing
of throwing stones is a very bud. and
vicious habit und should lie discounten
a need by all fathers, as well believers in
good society, we knnw it is hard for some
parents to believe that theirchildren will
do anything wrong but we have noticed
that the majority of wrong doers are
these very children that never do wrong,
We noticed several window lights broken
out of the s'-hool house ar.d the majority
of these look as if they had been broken
by a shot from the toy gun and the
remainder by stones, and it surely was
somebodrs boy that did it, was it yours?
( not and you know it to be ours we want
to know it.
Mr. Chns. Smith und Miss Maud Bartell
were united in the holy bonds of mat
nmonv at the home of the brido, lasi
Wednesday, June 24 1903, at high noon
Rev. L. W. Horton officiating.
A number of frienos and relatives being
present. Miss Carrie Sides acted as brutes
maid and Mr Will Bartel I as best man.
During the ceremony the groom placed a
gold wedding ring on the bride's fingrr
After the eeremony we were all invited
to the dining room where we found the
table burdened with victuals, of the (test
descriptions only, and we all ate with
renewing appetites, and no one left the
dining room as they entered it. Mrs.
Bartell certainly knows how to prepare
wedding feast. The bride-groom had
their pictures taken immediately after
they were united, so us to have a picture
of their selves as early In marriage life
as possible.
Mr. Smith is a successful ranchman
who resides and has n ranch a' Hewitt,
Nebr. and is one of Sioux Co. s most
respectable voting gentlemen. The bride
is the respective daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. J. H. Bartell, and is a lady of high
abilitv. This youug couple ha the
wishes of a host of fiiends for a long and
happy life, in this art of the country.
The PmcxH Journal extends best wishes
and may this young couple's future life
be one cqntinual round of pleasure.
Waf Bonnet Topics.
Plenty of rain, and more too I thought,
Saturday afternoon ns I came from town
and got the full benefit of that shower.
Mrs. Plunkett and Miss I torman attend
ed the S, 8. convention at Hodarc. I
naven't seen them, so don't know how it
was, but I can say from what I do know
Of the people of Bodarc, if they didn t
enjoy themselves it was their own fault.
Ootlleib and Ham Knori drove their
cattle to Harrison Saturday.
Frank Hubbard was around hunting
up hatching ulensus; lie ana nriuur
Minn are going to start a bachelor hall
in the near future.
On the 4th of July there is to be a pic
nic in the grove east of the War Bonnet
school house. A lengthy program will
e rendered and a basket dinner served.
All are invited to come and have a good
Miss Ollivetto Dunn has gone to Harri
son to visit a weel with Ida Moravek
nd n the Warneke ranch with Mrs
Kirk Anderson.
Haying lime haa come, that la what
will bring the rain.
Ed and Ben Scott visited with Arthur
Dunn Sunday. Howard Burke was there
Hunter Happenings.
Eva Proctor of Proctorville visited at
East Hunter Monday.
George Baldwin left for Harrison Monday.
Mrs. J. R. Hunter ard son Harold came
to Hunter Monday. Mr. Hunter came
Miss Sophia Lindeman, of Crawford, is
visiting with her sister Mrs. Harvey.
Mr. Proctor went to Hat Creek Monday.
Eva Proctor and Pearla Jones visited
with Mif. Hughes Saturday.
Little Muggins Proctor had a narrow
escape from being drowned. Miss Eva
seeing him in time, caught him by the
left ear and pulled him out on the
Ed Schwartz put a new coat on his
house last week. We hope he won't
freeze this hot weather.
Mrs, Elmer Hughes visited at Jones
ville on Poet hill Thursday.
Mrs. Lewis and Miss May visited their
friends of this neighborhood last week.
Miss Clara Ohristenseu went to Harri
son Monday, where she will visit friends
for a few days.
Pearla Jones stayed over night with
Mrs. Hagerman Saturday night.
Mrs. Basset went to Chadron Monday
Next Monday is the day set for school-
A gentleman irom smoKe and one
from Hunter went to Crawford Saturday
evening, returning Sunday.
Mrs. Christensen went to Casper last
Pearla Jones was on the sick list lust
Carey Items.
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Kpease attended
commencement exercises at the Chadron
Dry weather was telling on the crops
and gruss when fortunately a shower
came Saturday and a good rain Sunday
forenoon reviving every thing.
Mr. Zimmerman failed to meet his
apointmeiit at the church Sunday pres
umably on account, of the rain.
Perry Siwase is home from Donn
John Meckem has moved the W. D.
Arner house from its former site to the
can von where his other buildings are and
James Walpule is laying a stone founda
tion for him.
Iva and Clarence Spense are at home
from Chadron, Miss lva was a member
of the graduating class this year.
Amos Jit co by und family of Warren
Wyo, are here visiting relatives. Amos
expects to move to Alberta Canada some
time in the near f-ilure.
Mrs. Harrison Beans visited over night
with her daughter Mrs. J. E. Arner while
enrnuteto the 8. 8. convention. On the
return trip she was accompanied by her
duughter Miss Phoebe. -
Cotton wood was well represented nt
Bodurc. Those in attendance were us
follows, Mr. and Mrs. AlvaSaxton and
daughter Elva. Mrs. A Procuner, J. E.
Arner, the Misses, Emma and Fannie
Loyd and ye scribe. All report a good
As heretofore announced the Sioux Co,
S, 8. workers met in convention at Bod
urc June 17- 1M. It was my good fortune
to be able to attend, and must say that
the meeting was a very pleasant and
profitable one. All in attendance express
themselves as being well paid for their
efforts expended in making the conven
tion a success.
Mr. Burke specially, Is to lie com
mended for the utile and efficient manner
in which he got up, anil conducted the
convention. Kev, Zimmerman was an
untiring helper. The presence and help
of Rv. Currens and Rev. Horton added
materially to the interest of the meeting.
Those in attendance from Crawford have
tho thanks of the Hioux Co people for
their presence and aid, and last but not
east, the good people of Bodarc hnveour
heart fell (stomnch too) thank for their
kind and generous hospitality. May we
someday have another such 8. 8. con
vention at Bodarti.
Bro. Rices death c ime as a shock, we
understood that he was coming In June
o look after his Interests here and hoped
that he would be be re at time of the
convention Probably no community
knew him better than Cottonwood and
none can morn his loss more deeply, for
8 years he and sister Hire lived here and
laliored among ns. We feel that he was
personal friend to all und in behalf of the
community extend our sympathies to Mrs.
Kice in her bereavement.
Last Sunday evening a numlter of the
young people met at the church and
held a Christian Endeavor meeting.
They expect to meet again next Sun
day evening at 7 o'clock everybody it
Minute the S. 8- Convention.
The eleventh annual convention of the
Stout Co. 8. 8. Association was held at
Bodarc June 17. 18-1903. . Meeting
opened by devotional services led by Rev.
L. W. Horton. Afternoon session open
ed by singing, followed by prayer by
Rev. Horton,
' Paver: "flow can we get the most
from this convention" was rend by Mrs.
Minnie Miller followed by discussion.
Mrs. C. P. Lyon being absent Rev. J. B.
Currens took up the topic of ''The object
of toe S. S." followed by discussion.
Rev. L. W. Horton presented the subject
on "Why a teacher should be a thorough
christian." Miss Jennie Ellis read a
paper on "How to conduct a young peo
ples class." Rev. E. E. Zimmerman lea
in the discussion. Closed for supper.
The evening meeting was opened by a
song service. The address that was to
have been given by Rev, O. K. Hobson
was commenced by Rev L. W. Horton
but being interrupted the meeting was
dismissed for the first day.
June lath At 9 A. M. devotional
services were begun, led by Rev. E. E.
Zimmerman.' Rev. Hobson being absent
Rev, Zimmerman presented the subject
on "How can we reach outsiders" and
Mr. A. Saxton led in the discussion after
which J. II, Bartell took up the topic on
"How to secure the attendance of par
ents" followed by a discussion, which
brought our. the fact that few men at
tend Sabbath school; In consequence all
of the men present that attend 8, 8.
were asked to rise. A very large major
ity stood up.
Then cane reports of schools. Bodarc
reported 29 Sundays taught. Union Star
reported Glen having no represent
ative present the report was given by
Rev. Zimmerman. Harrison was report
ed by Rev. Horton. War Bonnet report
ed 8 S. held since February. No 8. S.
at Fairfield. A new S. S. was reported
at, Adelia, Pleasant Ridge did not re
port. Motion That the chair appoint a com
raitteeof three on nominations, carried,
RV. Horton. Mr. Hall, and Mr. C. Par
sons were appointed on said committee.
Motion That the chair appoint a com
mittee of three on resolutions, carried.
Rev, Zimmerman. Rev, Currens und Miss
Jennie Ellis were appointed on said com
mittee. Adjourned for dinner.
Afternoon services opened by singing.
John I. Pavis presented the topic on "In
dividual responsibility" followed by dis
cussion. Mr. W. H. Davis not being
able to attend, his paper on ''How to
make an interesting Sunday School" was
rtud by Mrs. Horton. After the discuss
ion came the election of officers and read
ing of resolutions. Nominating Com.
recommended that the old oflioers be re
tained. Their report was accepted and
the o dicers for the next year are as
follow-. President, J. B. Burke. Vice
Pres. F. M. Hall, Secy, and Treas. Huttie
R. Grute.
The report of committee on resolutions
was read. On motion the reHirt was
accepted and adopted. Adjourned to
meet next time at War Bonnet providing
they can entertain us, if not, at Harrison.
Miss Jennie Ellis,
Secy. Pro Tern.
In Wyoming.
Miss Ella Kirtley, of Hot Springs, 8.
Dak., was visiting friends on the Ridge
last week,
The Children's Day exercises did not
come oir at the hail on lost Sunday as
arranged, on account ef the rainy
Yes, we are having plenty of moisture
now. a good rain (ell on rnday nigtit
and again on Saturday afternoon und
At last accounts Mr. Eldredge was
gaining consciousness, and there were
great hopes of his ultimate recovery.
Mrs Freese is getting along as well as
possible, being now ubie to feed herself
with the hand that was sprained. She
went to Lusk on last Friday to have her
broken arm put in a plaster cist.
After hearing the chapter of accidents
last week, John Davis concluded that
they wouldn't huvo any edge over him,
so he took a st at on an inverted box in
the hack end of a spring wagon, to take
a ride to Hurry Isjuel's. On the way the
driver of the cart gave the horses quite
u start, when o.it went Johnie from the
hind end of the cart. He struck the
ground with his shoulder which left its
imprint on terra flrma. After getting
up and rubbing ms shoulder he was heard
to remark, "I do hope that fool Zekiel
won't hcarof this to put niein the paper." i
We are very sorry to hear of friend
Knott's sickness and hoM3 that Clio's
items this wtek will bring the good news
of his entire recovery.
John and Laney Sutton did not go to
Powder river as we surmised they had;
They heard that the it reams warn very
unsafe to ford, and that Powder river
was very high, so they postponed their
trip until later.
Love to buy good goods at the lowest price possible.,
and the place to do this is at
In clothing, Gents furnishing, Goods,
Boots and Shoes.
We are ready to compete with the world, '
and the way to prove it, is to give us a trial.
"Come and see us any way and be social."
We see great improvements being
made in the residence of one of our
neighbors, across the line in Nebraska.
Tha house is being sided, shingled, and an
addition being built. Does it mean an
other wedding? Let the good work goon.
Yes, it is a fact that Hill Shatto Btole
a march on the reporter and went to
Harrison week ago Monday and got
.spliced. He didn't even give usachai.ee
'.o write up his marriage as it appeared
in last week's Press Journal. As Quill
of the Lusk Herald says, he jined Church
but we think that 'he jined Church Mc-
Dermott. Any how wo had a smoke on
the strength of it. To Mr. and Mrs Shat
to we extend congratulations, but will
give ilill fair warning that if he ever
plays such a trick op the reporter agaii.
we'll write him up in good shape.
Nate Deuel and John Davis went to
the VT lake, on a fishing bout, one day
last week. They report catching enougli
llsh for supper.
When John and Nate go out to angle
A hook like this liiey like to dangle.
Their lines are made both good and st rong
And they catch a fish about so long,
k ,
When they get home that fish de grow
Aud they tell their friends it measured so,
But their friends who've a fishing been
Know ttiat Hie flsti is stretched like sin,
And they sit aud simply smile and grin,
He he! Ha ha! Hoho!
Uotchkiss, Colo, June 18, 1903.
I know we have many friends who read
the PRiss-JouitNL, who will wish to
ksow something of the last days which
Mr. Rice serit on earth, und us I can not
write to each one of you personally, I
will take this way to tell you.
He was taken sick ttie 14th of Mav, but
after the Hist day or two, seemed to be
slowly gaining and we thought would
soon le about again. He did get well
enough to walk about and evengooui,
doors a little and then seemed to come .o
a stand still. A few days only before he
died did we know that be was in any im
mediate danger, though I think he felt
pretty sure of it before I did. Ou Thurs
day the doctor conllrmed our fears and
Monday morning June 8th he left us. His
one thought seemed to be to think of
every thing that would make it easier
forme, and that God would give him
strength to bear while he should stay
here, his preparation for the future had
been mude long ago and did not cause
him an anxious thought. Ho did not
sulTer in those last days except from
shortness of breath und was perfectly
conscious all the time, spoke to us about
ao hour before he died, but when he
went he passed away io his sleep, with
out a struggle. I had been able to take
cure of I ii in all the time until the last
nighl, when Fred Bendix was with us.
Neighbors had been kind to offer help
but he wanted me to care for him if I
could and 1 am so glad I could. On Sun
day as well as for three days before he
talked to rue on the coming change und
said "It wont be long now."
I had felt that we were utmost among
strangers but can never feel so again,
every one was so kind, neighbors and
Christian brothers and sisters from the
church and Sunday School came (o me
and I had eyery help possible. On Tues
day Mr. Rice's sister Mrs. Case and her
husband of Omaha came and Wednesday
we laid the dear body away to rest until
the resurrccten. There was a beautiful
service in the Methodist church in Hotel)
kiss, and I wns surprised to find how
many hod learned to know him here in
these few slwrt months. The music
especially was very sweet and comfort
ing. Two ' musical evangelists were
holding services in Uotchkiss and they
with others sang of "the better country"
and mode us feel that it was indeed very
near, the hymn that was sung was one
that Mr. Rice had lutely found in owr S.
S. books and had been singing in the last
few weeks. This is it; t,
"I know my heavenly Father knows
The storms that would my way oppose
But he can drive the clouds away
And turn my darkness into day
Professional Cards.
Prompt attention given to all legar
matters in Justice, Cou'ity and DistricR
Courts, and before the United State
Land Office.
Fire Insurance written in reliable
tSf'Legal papers carefully drawn..
Hauuison, - Nebraska..
Lumber, lath, . sash, doors
lime, cement, and building:
material of all kinds.
Farm machinery.
Harness, Saddles, and
Range goods.
Flour, Feed, and Grain.
Paint, Oils & etc.
Special Reduced
Fxmirsinn Ratps
V. &, N. W. V.
Will bo in effect from ail points on the
Chicago & North-Western Railway for
the occasions named below:
National Educational Association.
Boston, July 6lh to 10th,
Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, Saratogas
Springs, N. Y July 7th to 10th.
United Christian Endeavor, Denver, July
9th to 13th.
Epworth League, Detroit, Mich,, July
16th to 19th. .
B. P. O. E., Baltimore, Md., July 21
G. A. R. meeting, San Francisco, Aug..
17th to 22nd.
For information as to rates, dates of
salu, etc., of these or other occasions,,
call upon the ticket agent of the North
western Line.
He knows, my Father knows
The storms that would my way oppose,.
He knows, my Father knows
And tempers evsry wind that blows.
I know my heavenly Father knows
The balm I need to soothe my woes.
And with His touch of love divine
He heals this wounded soul of nimev
I know my heavenly Father know
How frail I am to meet my foes.
But He my cause will e'er defend
Uphold nnd keep me to the end,
I know my heavenly Father know
The hour my journey here will close,
A,na may that hour, O faithful Guide
Find me safe sheltered by Thy side."
The hour was nearer than any of uev
thought, but he was "Safe sheltered."
And all was well, other hymns that
were sung were "Jesus Savior pilot mu "
"Jerusalem the Gulden" and "And.
Sweetly Snlem Thought." The minister
who hiul b'.-come a personal friend spoke
most appreciatively of his life and char
acter, we laid him to rest in a beautlfuh
spot, where the grand mountains keep,
watch over his grave,
It was his plan that I should ittuv here
in our little home with my brother and
Roy and that we are sure is best. Mr, .
and Mrs. ('use are still with us and their
pre'ence has done much to mtike the Mrs',
lonliness bearable. Friends here audi
many who have written me have htfers
most kind above all.
"I know my heavenly Father knows
And tempers every wind that blows.
My comfort und hoe is in Him,
Emma L, Rioi.
Proposal to Honor Smlthton.
A project Is on foot In Washington
to ornct m monument to James Smith'
on, founder of the Smithsonian In
stitution, la recognition of bla dura
tional and philanthropic work. Coa
triai will no aakod to nak a auttr
able appropriation for Um
? t
4 '