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! Avertable Preparation for As 1 1
XWctfalie Preoaration for As
sifltfating iteFoodardBetfula
twg fe 5JdocJb and Bowcis of
Promotes DigpaHonjCheerfuh
ness and Rest .Contains neither
Cium.Morphine nor Mineral.
ISot Narcotic.
Aperfrcl Remedy- forCofrstipa
non, Sour Stomach. Diarrhoea
Worms .Convulsions, Fcvcrish
ness and Loss or SLEEP.
Facsimile Signature of
, In Germany working men aie visit
led at their homes on paydays ty sav
ings hank officials, to collect their
ivlngs for banking.
. The raising of black sheep Is a
hobby with John I). Winn of Mills
brook, N. Y. He has a IIlk Ic of seven
ty, and they arc perfectly biack. '
I would not'like to be the last man
left on earth; the first one was a
failure, and I am afraid the last one
will be.
Skin, Scalp and Blood
From Pimples to Scrofula
From Infancy to Age
. 1
Speedily Cured by Cuticura
When All Else Fails.
The sgonlalng Itching and burning of
the skill, an la Eczema; tbe frightful
scaling, ai In psoriasis; the loss of liulr
and crusting of the scalp, as in scalled
bead; the facial disfigurements, as In
acne and riiiKworm ; the awful suffer
ing of Infants, and anxiety of worn
out parents, as in milk crust, tetter and
aalt rheum, all demand a remedy of
almost superhuman virtues tosuocess-,
fully cope with them. That Cuticura
Snap, Ointment and Kesolvent are auch
stands proven beyond all doubt. No
tatement is made regarding them that
Is not Justified by the strongest evi
dence. Tbe purity and sweetness, the
power to afford Immediate relief, the
certainty of apedy and permanent cure,
the absolute safety and great economy,
bave made them the standard skra
cares, blood purl Hers tad homour reme
dies of tbectvlllced world.
Baibe the eleeted parts with hat
water and Cuticura Soap, to cleanse the
surface of crusts and scales and softea
the thickened cuticle. Dry, without
rubbing, aad apply Cuticura Oint
ment freely, to allay Itching, Irritation
aud Inflammation, and sooths and heal,
and, lastly, take Cuticura Resolvent, to
cool and cleanse the blood. Thla com
plete local anil constitutional treatment
affords Instaat relief, permits rest and
sleep In the severest forma of eczema
and other Itching, burning aad scaly
homours of the Mia, acalp aad Mood,
and polnta U a speedy, pereaaneat aad
aconomlcal ears whea ail else fstls.
A akin of Beauty n afoy Forever.
Dai. t. rui.iji eernaceve icrtal
aaaaeee Tin. Wiplis. fiffclwL
Imk ralraae, Mak. Ml
aan every W.I Me mi
laaeeUea. II KM
loo. lae tea) o M
Mara, aad fc) M
aareilaaa we uaale H
U be ear. n la emet
ertj . tx
se eeaaeerfott f
mlu lr I.
mt to
e aailaeti "etu
LaVe Wllfeei
Xi.mmmm 'wear
leeat Wivnlef ell
Ike Seie. eif"'
rw-T-Oootl peelers la la P. S, CeinSa.. im Sareea.
rSRO. t. aoi-aiaa. emee. ar ohm Mmm as. vr
N.N.U. 774-23. YOaK, NEB.
Amm t I
.1 T"" ' t 1
U rhrtftm o HS. CaSim Mw.N.'ii
Im twM Carte. Fro, la, ear tail e'. otat.
ml a ..( a Mil I & aii. m oiwtmi
K i r.o.. i Mil rJiTsmiijs' cti aw
Jm-rVL amaaai,
5 J M
I 1 11. "WF
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
Most men argy Just ai they bet
their munny to win.
Up to the present time Thomas A.
Rdlson has taken out 791 patents,
ar.d in ordinary fees for them bas
Four and one-half Uns of oak tim
ber make a ton of rvharcoal. while of
pine timber six tons are required.
Nell Wh it is Cholly gooi for any
way? I a c-Well, he serves very well
for a cigarette hodcr. Somerville
"I kave keea a.lif yr CASCAB-
KTM for taeadacb and And tbesa all you re
commend them lo be, 1 will eertalalj reeean
mend them ta anroae auirerlna from thia dls
tratafns complaint. I know rraai ezaerleMe
that ther will be boneated If tkr take them
aocnrdlng lodlreeMona. I will acTer M wtwaaut
CASC AKETS ta the future, Mas. A. W. bUtb.
7 w. ta riaee, uneaf , nj."
f' VW' f't,bli Pen. Tltw aoed. D
wcm4. Merer Slck.a. w.tken or Srlp.. lt, X Me.
-rflM Cnmr, Cfcl.a., Baalrwl, mm Yerl. IJ
I U'DAW flaw k etna; Tobco U.tii.
Canard, at MSifO 1
hare aauied la wwHn Cauda
dwrln. tba laat I rear. Thar aw
UgitM'tet rt,! I darlna tba laat I raw
ImtXrilKnllJ oooui.uxl, Lrr ui
aad pre.Lr
till lor milliau
i aff Whaat al
t aaa
mat aaa.1.
tflmata. aleotr at water ud faei
aawallent akanbM aad ealaadid raUi
riaaj Uatlttlaa.
Free Hoiestaid jf 160 Acrtt. Fru
a ealr akarsa belas IUI tor errrr. Saad la tarn
lowuia for an Allaa aad Mtior lliaiaaara. aa wall a
r oaetlflcata, flrlaa roti reduced raitwar raaaa. ataj
leerteteaaeal of lainif raUou, Oaraaa. Oaa.. ar
J Baaaatt, wn new loci us aa
ab. Ika aauwrUad Okaadlaa ttnaiai
For Hot, Tired, Aching
Swollen Feet.
Allen'i Foot-Rase, a powder. It cures
painful, marling, nerreus feet snd
ingrowing nsils, snd inslsntly tskss
the sling out of coma snd buatens.
It's the greatest eemfort diseovery af
the age. Makes tight er new shoes
eesr. A certain cure for sweeting,
callous snd hot, tired, seking feet. 30.
000 testimenisls. Try it lo day. Bold
by all lriiglats snd Hhoe atetes, 15c.
Imn't accept a subalitute. Trial paek
age THKK. Address Allen S. Olm
sted, Le Hoy. N. T.
r aa, pee
"Wie Klesn, Heel Ki taken It tad" af
sieves make no ameka, smell, seat, sake
er eieceelTS he at Alwaj leak far
trade mark.
Mrs Tlailaw't noiyjntm P Ike tktl
1rn Weihlnr.eefaene the WW, aaw.
Bialloa, allart pain eufwa
7?rYi t ran
Short Qtorie$
tTttttll I
Abraham Lincoln bad a rule for
rvading difficulties.. At a Cublnet
meeting one day. It Is related, Mr.
Seward jokingly remarked: "Mr. Prea
dent, I bear that you turned out for
i colored woman on a muddy crossing
the other day." . "I don't remember,"
anawered Lincoln, njiulngly, "but I
think It very likely. I have always
made It a rule that if people won't
turn ont for me, I will for tbam. If I
didn't, ther might be a collision."
Id his recent book on "Chin and
the Chineee," Or. Giles tella of a very
stingy Chinaman who took a paltry
sum of money to an artist payment la
alwaya exacted In advance and asked
him to paint bla portrait. Tbe artist at
ence compiled with tbe request, but
when tbe portrait was finished nothing
was visible save tbe back of the sit
ter's head. "What does this mean?"
cried the sitter, indignlnatly. "Well,"
replied the artist, "I thought a man
who paid ao little as you paid wouldn't
eare to show his face."
Representative Kltchln, of North
Carolina, relates an amusing story of
a old Juatlce of the peace in hie coun
ry. 'it aeems that two young attor
aeys were trying a caae before him.
After the arguments had followed the
testimony of the wltneaaea and tbe
caae waa eloaed, the old fellow, awak
ening from deep revertea Into which
he had fallen, said, addressing fene of
tbe lawyers: "You know, Hank, I gave
you tbe decision in tbe laat two cases,
ao I will give this one to Tom. Yon
can't eipect to get them all."
It Is related that a stranger once
entered a cathedral In Sicily and beg
ged to be allowed to try the organ,
which was new and a very fine lnntm
ment that even tbe organist did not
understand. W'fth some reluctance
the organist allowed the stranger to
play, and soon the cathedral was filled
with sounds that its walls bad never
beard before. As tbe stranger player,
pulling out stops never before com
bined, and working slowly up to the
full organ, the cathedral tilled, and It
wag not until a larite congregation had
wondered at his gift that (he stranger
told his name. He was Do in Lorenzo
I'eroal, the young priest-composer,
whose latest oratorio, "Ix-o," was re
cently performed at the Vatican dur
ing the celebration of tbe Pope's jubi
lee. In one of the towns which John
Philip Sousa recently visited In En
gland, tbe march king met a lady with
a great reputation for worrying celeb
rities of all kinds to attend her din
ners and "at homes." She sent him a
pressing Invitation to Slip at her bouse
after his pfrformance; bnt when Souks
learned that she had Issued Invitations
to her neighbors "to meet Mr. John
Philip Sousa"-an exhibition of "pre
vlousness" not to be tolerated even by
an American be declined politely and
with thanks. Having counted upon
Sousn'a acceptance, and held bis name
out to her friends as bait, the lady was
much disturbed on receiving bis note,
and wrote back to him with desperate
solicitude: "I run terribly sorry to
have your card saying you cannot
come, but I still hope, for the pleasmv
of your company." To thin the poor
lady received the following terrifying
answer: "Dear Madam: I have given
your, kind message to my company,
but I regret to sny that only fifty of
them will be aide to accept your invi
tation, the rest at them having ap
pointments to keep elsewhere."
A British Ounhoat and Mad Majlloh'a
Dhow Try Conclueioaa.
The story of a thrilling fight in the
Red sea between a British gunboat and
a large gun ruunlng 'dhow with sup
plies for the mullah is told by a Ileuter
The Kitty, which had been patrolling
tbe littoral for some three weeks, es
pied the dhow bearing on a course
which would make the two boats pass
within hailing distance. She prompt
ly assumed the appearance of a help
less cripple, signals of distress wera
hung out, and a Somali in her rigging
waved his loin cloth to attract atten
tion. The atranger came on, decreasing the
distance which aeparated the two
boats until suddenly, when the dhow
was some 200 yarda away, tba Kitty
broke out her flag and fired a blank
shot across the bows of the dhow.
The heada of tbe twenty men could be
counted upon the big dhow, and as
tbe sun glinted upon the barrels of
tbelr rifles the Kitty became aware
that it waa not Impossible that she
bad tackled an ugly customer and a
valuable prize. -
Lieutenant Bevan and Petty Officer
Halstead were standing together when
an answering shower of bullets rained
upon them.
The big dbow drew eff a little, and,
having both the wind and the beela
of the Kitty alowly circled around her
little antagonist, drenching with vol
leys, shredding her anil and piercing
tbe fratl timber of her aide. But tbe
Kitty returned the salutations of her
enemy with signal emphasis, striking
her again and again. .
Lieutenant Bevan waa now master
of the situation, and In spite of the
odda against her the Kitty made des
perate cforts to board her enemy,
A couple af dead hung across the
tranger'a gunwale and a wounded
lay by tba tiller. She wore an
air of submission, snd an Arab stand
ing jit i lie poop waved bis band and
waited puticntly for her arrival. An
end of the ticht seemed to bave ar
rived, when hostilities began afresh
at close range, t'je Arab on tbe poop
firing nt HaUtexd. Lieutenant Bevan
bowled him over with a bullet through
tbe arm and chest from his revolver.
Further oposition was now useless,
and the Kitty came abreast, tbe mn
from tbe dhow throwing themselves
Into the sea to escape capture.
Tbe prize was found to possess
French papers and to bave come from
Jibuti). She contained some eighty
modern French rifles, 10.000 rounds of
ammunition, twenty-four barrels of
powder and four tons of lead, all of
which were eonflecated by tbe BritUb
authorities, while tbe dhow berself
waa burned.
Lieutenant Bevan and bis crew of six
have been Informed by "my lorda" of
tbe admiralty that their splendid serv
ices have not been overlooked, acd
400 prise money has leen divided
among tbem. London Kxpress.
Railroad Played Xren With One Man
Who Used Fcalper's Ticket.
He arrived at the Midland Hotel yes
terday morning, tired and dusty. He
gladly gave two heavy grips to the
porter, and heaved a sigh as he signed
for a room, and asked especially for a
"Yon look worn out," said Irving
Doollttle, the clerk In charge, as the
man leaned on the counter.
"Well, I bave a right to be," said the
man, "for I have walked all the way
from the station, lugging those grips."
"Why didn't you take a car?" asked
the sympathetic clerk.
"I simply didn't have tbe price. I
was afraid to take a cab because I
would necessarily hsve asked for cred
it, and I wasn't sure that you would
take me in when I am absolutely pen
niless." "What's the matter? Been held up?"
"Well, Just the same thing. I got
caught with a scalper's ticket, and I
didn't have money enough to pay my
fare down from Chicago by just twen
ty cents. What do you think of that
for hard lines? I thought I would be
gay yesterday and save a little, so I
bought a ticket from n broker for $11.
Oh, It looked like a good ticket, all
right, till the conductor saw it. Tb.n
be looked at It, tucked it in his pocket
and said:
" 'No good. Come up with the fare,
or off you go I'
"It was a case of dig. He bad the
ticket, and what was I to do? I put
up all I had, which was just about
$12.30, or twenty cents short of tin
fare." , " 'Will that do?' I asked him.
S 'It would ordinarily, because I'd
pass the twenty cents myself,' said be,
but I've got no mercy on a Bcalper or
a scalper's customer. So you'll huve to
dig again.'
"I dug, but not another red could I
find. Finally I borrowed twenty cents
from the porter on the strength of one
of my grips, and I actually had to
leave my watch with a barkeep across
from the station to get tbe coin to pay
that nigger before he would give me
my baggage. No more brokers for
Willie! Give me a bath, quick, will
you, and discount a draft on the bous:
in Chicago?" Kansas City Journal.
Jnal l y Katins.
Olrls who value a good-complexion
find cheerful spirits are advised to cat
plenty of spinach. It contains salts of
potassium and Iron and otherwise
wholesome Ingredients. The iron in it
Is easily assimilated. A vegetable not
generally made much of by housewives
because It is among the less expensive
foods, It is put in first place by the
food experts and deserves more promi
nence in public esteem.
People troubled with poor memories
are urged to eat mustard. The seed
of the mustard plant is credited with
very quickening, livening proertie
ssld to have direct influence 'on those
lira In cells that bave to do with for
getting and remembering.
Nervous folks ought to partake often
of cheese, which acts aa a sedative.
They abonld beware of eating cheese
to eacesa, however, as It Is a tax on
the digestion. Only moderate con
sumption la efleaclone.
A toe steady diet of potatoes Induces
fatigue af both body and mind.
Applea are new held to eon tain
ranch auatenanee for the brain and to
have an exhilarating effect on the spir
its. Applea contain phoapborus and
also mafic acid, which la moat benefi
cial for people under mental strain
r who habitually do work which pro
hibits eexrclae. The apples should not
te munched between time, but taken
a a a component part of tbe regular
meals. New Tork Run.
Twopeae Karned.
Seeing a friend step on the platform
of a weighing machine Mr. Pneer
atepped up behind him.
"Iet'a ae how much both of us
weigh," he aald.
"All right," the friend aald. dropping
a cent In tbe ekt
Tbe Indicator flew around to the fig
urea 207 and stopped.
"How much do you usually weigh?"
aslted Mr. Pneer.
"One forty-three, 1 goees. That's
what It waa the other day."
"Then my weight la IM. Thanks."
And Mr. Pneer'a countenance glowed
with serena aatlsfactlen a be atepped
Hie Anoeetral Nat,
"Even ad mini n" dat fotke la deeetnd
ed from moakeya," aaM Uncle frben.
"I kaaws aerie rr!e slat a!n pc
rpee'.at asadtt te ffcetr a kyje ,.'
Was:unejtn Star. t
As long az vice doesn't bekunr a
custom the world iz safe.
He who marries for buty hsz little
more property rn his wife than the
test ov the world.
When windows are dicftiuH to open
or close rub the cords with soft
oap, and they will run smoothly.
Agriculture Is comparative!? easy
work in China. The soil is so rich
ihat a square mile of it is capable of
iiinnnrtine a copulation of 4,000
la all iu
Ely's Cnai Biln
soothe, aid hula
Iba dlieaeed axmbrasa.
It enras catarrh aad drlrea
away a oeld la the head
Creaaa Bali la placed lalo tht nostrils, spread,
ever the mambrtn. and la abaarbed. Relief It Ira
Bedlate and a car. foliowt. It la aot drylnf dott
Bel prod.ee aaeeslnf. Large Sir.., SO oenta at Dri.g
(UU a? by Ball ; Trial Siie, It cat.
SLY ROTHIRS, U Warr.a Street, N.w Tare,
A Needle and Thread Tree. The
Mexican maguey tree fnrhnisncs a
needle and thread all readv for use.
At the tip of each dark green leaf is
i slender thorn needle that must be
carefully drawn from its sheath; at
the same time it slowly unwinds
the thiead, a strong, smooth fibre
attached to the needle and capable
of being drawn out to a great length.
Mind This,
It mikes no difference
whether It ts chronic,
acute or Inflammatory
of the muscles or Joints
St. Jacobs Oil
cures and cures promptly.
Price. 25c. and 50c.
Judge I will give you just one
nour to got out of town. Peevish
Polhemus Well, if I'm brought back
Here fer overspeeding me 'auto' don't
blame me, jedge. Puck.
.Man of Trouble: I am quite ready
md anxious to die, but I believe It
is wicked to commit suicide. His
Kind Friend: Then why don't you
split the difference and buy an auto
mobile. She There Is just one little bit of
millinery that 1 desiro most. He
(crossly) You needn't say any more.
I won't buy it for you. She Don't
be afraid. You'll never get the bill
for it. It's a widow's bonn. Phil
adelphia Press.
"No .said the Tiillnville maiden,
"my Blind Is made up. the lips that
touch wine shall never touch mine!"
"Then I'm all right" exclaimed the
lover, rapturously. "Corn liquor's
my leverage. ("Atlanta Constitu
CeeTee Triad and Fonnd Onilty.
No ene who has studied its effects on
the human body can deny that coffee is
a strung drug snd liable to cause all kinds
of ilia, while Pontum is a food drink snd
a pawerful rebuilder Hint will correct the
ills csused by coffee when used steadily
la plsee of toffee.
An expert who has studied the subject
says: "I bave studied the value of foods
and the manufacture of food products
from personal investigation snd wish to
hear testimony to the wonderful qualities
of Poatum Cereal Coffee. I was sn ex
cessive coffee drinker, although I knew
It to be a alow poison. Pint it sffected
my nerves snd then my heart, but when
I ence tried Poatum I found it easy to
8lve up the eoffpe, confirmed coffee fiend
lough I was.
"Pottom sntisfled my craving for coffee
and alaee drinking Poatum stesdily in
place of the coffee all my troubles have
disappeared and I "am again healthy snd
"I knew tkat even where coffee Is not
taken to excess It has bud effects on the
constitution In some form or other and I
am convinced by my Inveitfifarion that
the enly thftif to de if health and happl
aesa are of any. value to one is to quit
coffee and dihtk Post um." Name given
by rostmn Co., Bsttle Creek, Mich.
Tru love consists of quarrels at d
make ups.
When a government iz In a state
ov anarky, tbe highest place ta aii
unsafe az the lowest.
If yu wish to find out about yur(
nabor. study yourself.; vu and he
are near alike az two peas.
At the age of h'fty a person usually
begins to slowly decrease in stature.
and at the age of eighty ha bas lost
about one and one-balf inches.
The poorest compliment yu kan
pay enny man iz to immitate biz ex
centricitys. If a mule kicks me the sekond
time, I allwus blnm miself and giv
the mule kredit for it.
Old Sofas, Backs of Chairs, etc., can
be dyed with PUTNAM'S FADE
You can't buy a home. A man.
buys a house; but only a woman can
make it a home. A house is a body,
a home is a soul. "The Outlook."
It is stated that the hours of work
of hospital nurses are longer than
those of any other profession. In
many hospitals they average four
teen hours a day.
Minnesota Man's Discovery.
Adrian, Minn., June 1. Philip Doyle
of this place says he has found out a
medicine that will cure any case of
Kidney Trouble. As Mr. Doyle was
himself very sick for a long time with
this painful disease, and Is now, ap
parently, as well as ever, his statement
carries the confirmation of personal ex
perience. The remedy that cured Mr. Doyle is
called Dodd's Kidney Pills.
In speaking of the pills, Mr. Doyle
"In regard to Dodd's Kidney Pills,
they are certainly a wonderful medi
cine the best that I have ever taken.
"I was very bad for a long time with
Kidney Trouble and could get nothing
to help me till 1 tried Dodd's Kidney
"I used altogether about ten boxes,
and I can say emphatically that I am
completely cured. I am entirely well,
without a symptom of Kidney Trouble
"I can heartily recommend Dodd's
Kidney Pills to anyone who is suffer
ing with Kidney Trouble, for tbey
made me all right.
"I have advised several of my
friends to try tbem, and not .one has
been disappointed."
The best cure fora man's conceit is
a woman's laughter.
There are but few men whoze
merit outlast their munny.
I can recommend Piso's Cure for Con
sumption for Asthma. It has given me
great relief. W. L. Wood, Fannembuig,
Ind., Sept. 8, 1901.
Edukasliun haz rarely if ever, made
a grate man; Out natral abilitys.
without the aid of eilucashun, haz
untie rneimy a one.
"The great poets aie born," re?
maiked the sententious person. "Yes
and they are also dead, "replied the
editor wearily.
Mrs. E. B. Bradshaw, ol
Outhrie, Okla., cured of a severe
case by Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound.
A great many women Buffer with a
form of Indigeation or dyapepaia which
does not seem to yield to ordinary
medical treatment. While the symp
toms aeem to be similar to those of
ordinary indigestion, yet tbva,'
cines unieeraally prescribe'ewJ,
seem to restore the patient's normal
Mra. Plnkham claima that there
Is a kind of dyspepsia that la caused
by derangement of the female organ
ism, and which, while It causes dis
turbance similar to ordinary Indigea
tion, eannot be relieved wlthoat a
medlolne which not only acta aa a
etoraach tonlo, but baa peculiar uteriae
tonio effects aa well.
Thousands of testimonial let
ters prove beyond question that
notninvwui relieve tnia distress
lnp; condition ao surely as Lyalla
K. Pinkham's VewUbla Com
pound. It always works In har
mony with the female system.
Mrs. Plnkham advises sick
women (re. Addraas Lynn, Haas.