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APRIL 16. 1903. 3S3 O. -42
J ft
t 'f
Dr. W. L Seymour coming.
J. T. Fittgerald returned from Chicago
last Friday.
Jobo Hermao wm down from Eckard,
8. D. Tuisday.
Herman E. Millar was in attendance at
court this weak.
Mr. aad Mrs. CUm Leeling were Hsrri-
No visitors Tueedey.
Jacob Forster, from Ardmore
waa in town Tuaaday.
8, D.
Stuart Sides waa down from bit ranch
ia Wjo. last Baturdar.
F. E. Jaadt and Jo Buih war ia from
Bawitt tba Brat of tha week.
J. W. CbrUtiaa waa in from bia ranch
Saw Hid Wedoeadey.
Dr. Seymour will ba ia Crawford Nab.
May SOtb at Gate City Hotal.
W. f, Shepherd mada a pi
t call
at our sanctum laat Saturday.
Charlia Tbomaa and wifa ware ia from
Old Woman crack laat Friday.
We had eur usual Eaatar storm Sunday
bat its stains are all faded bow.
Jans C. Mmic and Claus Christenssa
we re in from Montrose Tuesday.
L. Dout was attending court this waak.
lit reports all well down bis way.
Sunday school at 10 o'clock; a vary
body invited. W. H. Datm; Supt.
Tsks Laxative Rro o Quinine Tablets. All
droftisW reran las ruouey If It falls to
ears. B. W. Grove's slcneivr ia ou each
bos. He.
Sam Porter and wifa came down from
Pleasant Riders last waak aod stayed a
couple of day.
Our genial aod accommodating depot
acent. K. F. Pontius, baa a lay off for
aUty days, od wall ha dsssrvis it.
Tha Boa. Judge J. J. Harrington open
ad court ToasaUy, and thara being a short
docket bis honor elaaad it in short order
i, H. Nswitn waa sawn rrom rieasant
aura last Thursday, ne is going to sen
his interests there, sod move to Harrison. I
The visiting attorneys during court I
wars: nons. a. w. niae ana Alien w.
Fisher of Chadron, aod W. H. Fanning
at Crawford. I
John R. Howard, from Cottonwood,
was in Tuesday to answer roll call as a
juror during the term of district court,
which convened on that day.
8. ft Seek ley photographer from Valen
tine is hare, and is prepared to U
abotorrspheat reaaonabla prior, Oiva
nm a call. S. 8. Bobxky.
These wishing photo buttons will do
wall by ordering from ma. Samples in
Ma retailer Bras. alo case.
A b THtB Droit.
ParUee known themeelvea indebted to
me, mav call at Commercial Bank or J.
H, Lacy's. aod pay up.
s Bohwar.
Wa ha a few $!S.Sft gents Ulster
over Boats that wa are coning out I or
Haw ia your chance.
Lewis Qarloch.
April 17th. at Andrews Hall. Everv
body Inelted. Spectators 35 cts. Good
Muaie. B. C Dunn.
Thara waa a pair of ladle's gauntlets
left at tha court houae at the time Mr.
Baumaaa of Crawford waa here, and tha
owner caa get the aaeaa by calling
this oSe.
at I
Andrew M.Jioley'e familiar fsea was
aaes on oar streets on last Monday. Mr.
MoDinlsv has had nuita a siaaaaf staving
mlow. aai hu snaav frianda ara aHad to I
sea htm areaad acom. I
if f ildi t - r I
Tha greatest aaagar from rolds aad I
pip it osair raaalUng la aaaamaala. If
rssfirnskls ears ia uaad. however, aad
rkaaMbarlaln's Courh Bemedv Uksn. all
.sltl k LMt AmonsT tha tans
af thosaassss who have oaed this remedy
f or Mass diasaam wa ha ra yet la leara 1 1
afaasajrh) aaaahtving raanltad la paasj-
, wtJrt shows roaolaaivsly that it
taaoarksseravaotivaof that dancaroua
laaao. MwHIoart a ed araa attack
of tlw gna ia Vsm time than any .rthar
i Ha) oMOaaat an I '
For saw brail rVsusgkla,
f here and there;
Harrison Nebr. April 7 1903.
WAjrrtD Employment for a womu,
and boy on a Ranch, or for man. woman
and boy after tha middle of May. For
particulars call at tha Press-Journal of'
Da. ,
Mr. J. C. Paraona U gettieg along m
wall aa ean ba expected; Ui wrist ia very
sore, and may not ba a uiaful aa
years gone by, but wa are aura Mr. Par
eons ia thankful that it is no worm, for
wars seemed danger or blood poisoning
at one time.
B. B. Dunn and family dejartert for
Denver, Colorado Monday evening. Mr.
Dunn moved hare from Denver last
spring, and not liking this oonatry as
well as Colorado, decided to ret urn there.
We are sorry to sea them leava, but
frieods must part.
Judge Harrington mada F. E. Jaadt
put up for the coat of witnesses, and
expense for not coming to tha trial, and
wa think this a wiss plan by his honor, for
wa have too much of this work, and if
mora that make it a point t) dodge n trial
rould have to do the seme, wednn'i
think there would be many cases carried
Grla R.eaae4lee aa Great Demand.
Whan colds and grip are prevalent the
quickest and surest r.udie are in great
demand. Mr. Joaenh D. Williams, of
McDun, Vs., says that he was cured of a
very deep aod lasting attack of la grippe
by using Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
after trying several other preparations
with no effect. For sale by all Druggist
"Oentlemen of tha jury," said a lawyer
what kind of swearing has been dona in
this case? Usre we have a physician, a
man who from his high calling should
scorn to tail an untruth, hut what did It
testify, gentlemen? I put tha question
to him plainly, "Where was he stabbedr
UnMushingly, his features as cool and
placid as marbls, replied that ba wax
stabbed an inch and a half to the let t of
bis medical line, and an inch above the
umbilicus. And yet we have proved by
three uoim peached witnesses that ha was
stabbed just bstow the railway station.
On our rectnt visit to Oottonwood we
found everyone busy, nod of a cheerful
and hopeful spirit, and well might thav
i no ror may nave been Messed with an
aounoant crop, and wmi um ground in
good conditio a to Urt with, they fuel
almost assured of another good crop.
We are glad to note the fact that
seemed grateful to the-ir Creator for hi
manifold blastings, and wluU th ir num
hers are not so lanro as thav used to be
yat tha Sabbath School is still going and
with a vary good interest, and from the
promisee of attendanca. Union Star 8. S.
will have an interesting Sunday Scoool
this spring aod summer.
The legislature has passed a law, giv
ing the wife one-hall of the husband's.
property io case tha husband should die.
Tba bill mat considerable opposition, and
passed by a very small majority. Gov
ernor Mickey signed tha bill and it became
a law. While there was much opposi.
tioo to the bill by our law makers, we
think tha bill a good and just one. Laws
are supposed to be mada for the benefit
of tha majority and a a believe that the
majority of wivea are as raapooaibU for
what propertv baa beao accumulated aa
ia tha tiuabaad. Evan if she baa not spec
ulatsd aad planned as has tha hnhand.
ahahaa wed, cared for tha cf.ildran, ,
looked after the husband's nd childre.' ,
intareata with uncomplaining fortitude
patieoce. Why (Ihm should aha mil
ba recognised as tha main beneficiary to
that whtch aha has helped to accumulate?
Rushville Standard.
Cured by One Battle af CKsan bee Iain's
Ceagfe Remedy.
"Whan I had an attack of tba grip
last winter (the second one) I art ual
cured myself with one bottle of lisnv
berlaltTs Cough Remedy," sat s Frank
W. Parry, Editor of tha Enterprise, at
Shoru villa, N . T. "This is tha honest
truth. I at times kept from coughinir
myself to pieces hy takings 'aaTtsm'-il
of this remedy, ami when tin iitukliina
apall would coma on at night I would
Uka s doaa and It asaniad that in tha
bnafest Interval Ute cough would pass
off sod I would go to sleep perfectly fraa
from oaugh sod Its acoompsniog pains.
To my that lite remedy aMd aa a moat
agreeable em-pnm is putiinv vrr
mikl v. I had no k? that it would oi
(could knock out the gnr, s.mplv iminiw
rauJ w-ver ini n rnr su.ii ..ir( 'f ' .
but ll die, ana it srnin wiin t. -.n.i
oitatk of coughisg ttw rm-i c tu-d i
to not onlv b of bs dura'ton. h.it -he.
paras were fir n i nan n
need the content of ,..ie bo.U- bef..r
sir, ur'f r..n oia ua aai-iu. rw-s:ei.y
207 CATTLE 207
The uodertig-ned will sell at public auction at the Hescer place
three and a half miles north of Harrison, Neb., on April 20, 1903,
at 10 o'clock a. m. the folloying described property, to-wit:
ii Head of cows with calf at foot.
40 Head of dty cows and springers.
60 Head ot two and three year old steers.
23 Head of one year old steers.
26 Head of one year old heifers.
8 Head of milch cows.
5 Head :f bulls. '
No horses, no household goods, no machinery. Nothing but
A credit of 12 months will be
bankable note.
Bob Keel, Auctioneer.
EawarMt Loagve.
At the M E. church vt SmhIiiv
evening at 7 .-00 oV lin k.
Everybndy invited. 8ulj.c U i Apul:
. Danger Signals. . '
Subject for April It. Four Rtt Flacs
Self f'onceit, Prejudk. Jealously, Rv' k-
le-is Handling of Another's Name Hi.rn.
sii. IB; frov. vi. M; mil. u a.
W. H. DAtr; I!d-r.
The Modern Woodmen ern tahtn bv
surprise on last Sfluroti) i.iI.i rti
n seosidn, 1 the Rt.vmI NtiliWr. who
overpowered the ntry and ik.W p'.KSess-
ion of the cam., and it did not take ihtt
V. C, lone to gain his proper rlijrfty aiid
equilibrium when to saw the lw.iW.'H
being unco vend, ami l. n:aii gvod
icings that tend to nmk' imn happy,
uhh'h I he Royul Nrigl'borx l.uow how ell
how f prepare AM present had an n-
yabla evening, and tha neighbors are
always ready to acquiesce to the Royals,
and especially when they come with wel
HIM baskets and their bright and jolly
Three jury cases on tha ducket
aooaof tbevi tried; Setms tn us un mj
pnaitioa on tba tat pyara of the iutttW
Tha summoning of this jury will cut the
count v two or thie h"nlre1 di.H;.s
ith nothing m-ron-pl V)-". :ii"l i ! v.i..
espenmi tt he hild nt tic lit X. '"fill ut
court. The jud:-e s-. lire ! iry tlw
caw, and uheii i-v H'1triies won't:
come totrn.l we t.liiok tin jmle etmuld:
liave power to make ttieiu act. TIhh
carrying ovi cases bv attorneys a lien I
unnesrarv n'v seeni all riKliI to lh-m
hut not to mn that are tinny, aod ll.at
haw other interests lo look itfter, mid j
we hope that our law makers may find
soma way of remedying this di'dge.
I'ases taken up ly tha Uixirict Cuitrl
and disposed of as follows:
F. E. Jandt vs Sious Co , Continued
Sioux t'o. vs Fntncis A Oslx-inn- '
" " vs M.Liifhvi'. Oun.fcrd
" ' v Flora R. Ft .r el al " ,
" vi Heirs John R. lark et al "
Thos. B. Snyder vs O. VT, Leake et al '
Henry On lick vs Thoa B. Snyder, Dftte
answer in thirty days
Willis H. Fullen vs M. E. Bittner et al
dead ordered
Joaenh U. Warner vs Robt. Pomeroy at
al. continued
Edward 8 warts vs F. E. V M. V. R. R.
Co , continued
OrantOuthrie vs Stous county, found
for county
. . F Mvr( r, R
a ,iinnil ,.(wl lf )(;lillllfl
now et
l has. W. Percj vs IV. J. A. Riuui
. y el
M. J. Ctkinnall vs Adolph Carrac et
deed ordered
W. t hauncy Phips at al vs Quo. D.
Caoon, decree
Wro. J. A. Riu m vs (."has. W', Percv.
E. Lvon v W. O Patterson, unturned
O. Oillhne v J. W. Reed et ul, order of
John Weber vs lsador Ru hsteiu, orih'i l
M J. O'OonnHI vs Francis E. Lockwoisl,
onler of sale
M. J. fl' ... . i! v. Vy ni
ordrroi t- i'e
J. O S.iipl iy Aiv nf r'r.r4 I'Ua,) g
deceased, iiornaa to sell graoled
Grant Guthrie vs John W. Halt at al.
dismissed at plaintiffs oosta
O. Oulhrie v J. W. Hall d.smhsed at
plaintiffs casta
(I Oulhrie vsOsse. Usimoii et al, dis
misMsl at plalnlilTs costs
O. (luthrie vs Cha. Iliiruion ul al, dis
;il a I in bit iff. rtwts
(. t;iri ' 's O" ' Wm " il, sit hi'
etii.' liiitiir ' i1.
Thus. I' Hn; ; vs v' - "ii'
d. t" .riler 1 "i 1 1
Vels Row"'. -Ik v A ''I
i.Kiidal Spread tn e:od
Iffgvrt Bobwor vs Jerry F. Will at al.
given at 10 per cent interest with
No Jake.
Pe.tplc who uuuKiue that the act for
the. exnr(Kition or prairie dogs was a joke
and are reproving the legislature for it
levity in passing it, live, doubtless, in the
eastern part of I he slate and do not know
n) tl:ing about prairie dogs. Where the
prairie dug abounds he is the insidious
and dangerous foe of the farmer. He
(Ills the surface full of boles to break tha
legs of the cow pony and he eats the
suo u lent grasc and alfalfa and crowds
out the cattle and sheep and in other
ways is a most expensive animal lo
bo;nl and lodge The owner of land
wtto cultivates and occupies his farm
can easily extirpate the little beast by
the ohvout method of poisoning him
ll tuny be cruel but it is as necesrary as
it is to atrevv indigestible and harmful
l,io vender before tha rats and mice in
jour ccilar :nd garret. It cost littl
beyond some diligence, and awry provi
dent farmer will clear his own premises.
Bui the non-resident speculator in lands
doesn't care and his doga eat up the
crops of his neighbors.
The old crude way was to offer prsoi
iunis for scal uf perdatory animals and
vermin. The state waa thereupon called
to pav litr resident of an infested section
to clean our their owe pests. It never
worked to good ndvantage because it
rellv encoiiragett the nurture and oro-
leciioo oi i he pehts in order to finally
secure a maximum of sculps and draw
inrnoy from the state treasury for them
f he principle of the prairie dog bill pass
ed by the legislature is sound. If tl
land owner harbora prairie dogs and de-
ciitiit lo take the necessan measure for
their destruction the count' will do it
for liim and charge up the expense aa
lien on his laud aiai he has lo pay the
county. That is the proper thing to do
and there is oo joke about it. State
War Bonnet Topics.
The storm prevented
S. 8.
us from holding
I rank Scott is working at tha 8 E at
Miss Mary Schaefer is working at ths
8 E ror Mrs. Grimm.
Rill Harvey was working for Mr.
Plunkett a few days last week,
Ed and Ben Scott attended the literary
at Harrison. They report a real good
Miss Dorman and Laura Lona and
Addia Keel were guests of Mrs. Fiolev
last Monday.
Hurrah for Easter storm which means
rain oi snow for the uext 7 Sundays, and
thai means good crops this year.
Mrs Geo. Grimm went down to Bodarc
Inst Saturday, and stayed over night
with her sister Mrs. Matt Hall.
John Anderson and his brother went
to Crawford last Thursday to attend the
Mason Lodge of which they ara both
niemUrtt, Jnhn Marking acci'mpaimd
I hero to take in the to(l.
Wa Ivarned from parties most concer
ned Ilia I Mike Jordan asked Mias Emma
N'lrisii to keep house for him, and she
Mcc.pled, 1 kiippoae this is the nsw way
of popping the quest ion. Eh! Miks.
Mpi log work bus begun, we have plsst
I P"! ti , Robvrl Keel and neighbor
i n. af. loive si.wd iheiroats and suppose
th" "Kigti lieu" hss got.e lo setting, as 1
sea sh was lo busv to apprsr in the
"Sun" last week.
, I believe Robert Keel is about tha
earliest, man for his sise T ever knew, 1
seen him going after a had of send on
' the Biehle pl. ie nt sun up, which lagt
i d hnulrri v ffarHson. enn.e hnck and
t ii, if-' l.tml. Hi d wss making homa
rli r Hoe, is that for a
'.V i
.. . I Nori-Ji- "4-I-I-'
il whs l.athor !, a. !
er veil lo llw hole
lobi I'guii' i .iller which they held 8 8.
aad than Easier eg af aUoolora war
passed. They were very beautiful.
These good people undoubtly thirk like
the old Buying. "Tlie way to mans heart
is through the stomach, which in one
way is very true with all kinds of
animals, feed them well and see bow
much they like you.
B.eezes from Glen.
Carl Bohers is working for Mr. Cra ta
blet. May Weber came home to spend
Clara Cramblst is down with the
Jimmie started in school liere last Moo-
day morning.
Everybody is busy with their spring
plowing around here.
We had a white Easter here. How
ever the snow didu't stay very long, aod
we were glad to see it go.
We were disappointed because Rev.
Sloan was unable to be with ui, and hold
revival meetings as we expected.
We had a good S. S. last Sunday, even
it did storm, also a short Easter service
after 8, S. After the programme we
received pretty Easter cards colored
eggs and candy birds nests full of candy
eggs. So you see we had a nice time
any way.
Last Monday April 13 Mr Huntley aod
Mr. Deoslow, started for Crawford, when
about two miles east of Glen, the neck
yoke came down, and tha tongue fell, and
frightened the team so they ran away.
Both the men received a hard shock,
though Mr. Huntley was still able to go
to Mr. Webers for help. Mr. Weber got
his new carriage out and took the men on
to Crawford to the Doctor.
Mr. Denslow was on his way to Craw
ford to take the train for Hooper, to
attend his sistsrs wedding. Aod we ara
glad to my, that altho' he had a hard
time ol it, but he was still able to jco to
Hooper to see his sister married.
Andrews Happeniogs.
Oh, the "Buds of Spring!"
Mr. aad Mrs.Wm.
Fall visited Tom
Junes's last Sunday-
Mrs. J. D. Praetor and Mrs. S. E. Jones
were Harrison visitors laat Thursday,
What at such a time are fortune tell
ik, dud cows, old maids, histories,
broken hearted bachelors, chronologies
and traditions? While river sings carols
ar.d glees amid it all and tries to cheer
up the crowd.
The green grass is flaming up on the
hillside, not yellow, but green is the
flame. A symbol of perpetual youth or
if green bashful boys. Ths pines look
brighter, greener, more erect and alive
than ever; How's that? Spring is here
the year has begun with younger
demonstrations and propositions than
ever before. Proof The faint silvery
warblings ara hoard over the partially
green and moist prairies from the And
raw frogs, dam builders, song hens and
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Wright and baby,
Misses. Elsta and Edna Rohwer and Mr.
M. Stimson attended the dance at Mrs.
Chris Christcnsen's last Saturday.
All of the above, except Mr. Stimson,
tayed and visited over Sunduv at her
home. , They report a Bood time.
Come forth all ye blossoms
Start, seeds, from the ground,
Yo songs of birds waken
For spring is al hsiid.
Its touch on tha tree tops
Its kiss in the air,
Makes odors of heaven
Spring up everywhere.
There was a dance Easter ave, arrang
ed and prepared by Mrs. Chris Christen
sen at her home. It was in honor of her
birthday. A large crowd attended The
music and dance was enjoyed tha fore
lrt af the evening, then came tha de
lightful supper. It was almost beyond
description. There wae even thing the
hesrt could wish for. 1 never saw a
prettier supper in Sioux Co. , and after 1
ate mv supper I decided that "looks" and
''tastes" wsnt together. It was sweet as
a sweetheart sweetened with white sugar
mixed with powdered silver and seed
diamonds. I tell you it didan't take long
lo dispose of it I There were 41 present.
Thsy set 5 tables ami had artiplu upply
for all. We nr all glad that ihs hud a
birthday and wish to thank Mrs Chris
Christanssn and family for the kind enter
tainni) nt and treat given us; We cherish
your friendship and wish that all your
tears be Oiled ith hippiiiess.
"Bum ahd Bloswoio."
Cerkweod Casks tha Stat.
Casks of corkwood weight only 19
pounds aod a similar cask of hard
wood weight U pounds. These ciVs.
rnlrta ware recently Invai.tei b. a
rel'lpnt of Algeria, are non f.i-.nd.'ot-ors
of bast and cold, aod tie stavci
do oot wars.
Professional Cards.
Prompt attention given to all !ga,
matters in Justice, County aut Uiatrict
Courts, and before the United Bute
Land Office.
Fire Insnranca written ia raliabU
taTLegal papers carefully dmwn.
Hakmson. - Nebraska,
Harness, saddles, range
goods, lumber, all kinds of
building material.
Farm machinery and hard-
ware. .Hour. Mam and feed.
When in need of anything in my line
give ma a call: Wa will treat you runt.
ILallroad between Missouri Rjver and
Direct line to St. Paul Mlnneasaile-
Direct Line to Blaek Hills.
Apply to nearest avgent far rates, maaav
atn4 time caLrds.
New Schedule of Trains.
Taking effect Sunday Nov. 2.
Wast Bound. East HoiinoV
Morning. Evening.
No. 60 Frt.4:15p.m. No. 60, Frt. . . .98
No. 5, Psgr. li:55 No. 4.Psgr. arrivea
6:35, departs 7.00
Both trains carry passenger.
FOX APRIL 24lh. 7:30 P. M.
Greeting Lilian E Harri
Welcome pearl Shepherd
"Song Of the Rose" By the fcbool
Rocitatioo Clara Chriinea
" v Ray HuKtoian
" Bridie .lonea
Rac ...."The Dutchman's had.kate'
Eva Proctor
"The Spanish Caveli8r"..Lrgr Pwpils
Recitation "Ain't He Cute"
1 ho mas Jones
" Roy lbifcvriui.il.
Solo "Will there bo any Stars" Selected
Recitation "Only tiie baby"
Ptarla Jones
Dialogue "Auntie Doleful' Visit'
Eva Proctor and Mabel UhriKKiiM.o
Song "The Footsteps on tha butirs"
By School
Dialogue.." Pearla and tha Postnasstar''
Pearla Jones and Clara Chriliu..i
Recitation ...."No Baby in the IJ..,i"
Mabel ' hristensan :
Trio "Three Birds".... Bv Eva Proetor.
Mabel Christensen and Birdia Joaes.
Dialogue "Clara Christ wW
bva Proctor and Thomas Joins.
Rec. ...."An Old Man's Story" Selected-
Song "Croqust" By older niipila
"Five Little Sunflowers" "
"A Slight Mistake".... Eva Procter and
Miss Harris
"Exercise in Music" By the Sellout
Deaf and Dumb Song . .Elisabeth Harris
Song .."Fairy Moonlig ht .By School
Dialogue "How She cured, Him'
Eva Proctor, Thomas and Pearla Jones.
Rec Mrs. S. E, Jone
" D. W. Shepherp,
Song By older pupils.
Rec Edward Marshals
Dialogue "Good Night" Smaller pupil
PartiogSong ...By School)
In One Acre af Oraund
lo dicflnt aa acre af tround a
tnrsa 113,000 spadefuls of earth, sat
tba tall moved doriag tba work valgbat
lie tooa.
Fakirs Have Easy Thin
Tha natives of India oavar allow a
fakir of " whom there are t.t00jDia
who Ura by bagging to starra
Metadata In French
The number at motorists getting,
lata trouble with Ua rtaaah aoiloe km
so large that the rules of prison me
tre having as be sigoly apeciallsadi
la thatr regard. Complaints of out
raged dlgaity oa the port et la
prlsoaed motorists bate become so,
freqaeat that the arfaiaser of the In
terior has leaned a. saw ragulatiea,
far tba exelestv aaaedt of aggrieved!
votaries of the bow leoemotJen. Per-
sons Imprlsoaed far braaeh af motor'
ear ragalatteM are to bt refardi-t
merely as "aectwed perauea." are to.
have he right t" lad tkelr own food.,
to b oaly sllrl,tly ssacsaad. to aa-.
Ua "deashet" tad ta be
,.1. J
i. ''