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    11017 A BEAUTIFUL
Nothing Robs One of Strength Like Spring Catarrh
H;.... If . I ll'lr.
ought to have nerves. Hut they oiik-ht
to tie Mronjc nerves, (food nerve. l).f.a
jour ham tremble i Ion nre living too
fan. I Iocs your heart flutter at tiniesV
.You had better call a halt. Atn.-i ic.in
live too fast. Tliey crowd too nineh into
a single oay. J hey have too iitle
i.... iu-,, ,, iinuman, ,51' (.r.ind n renue. Milwaukee. Win., write:
" There Is nothing like Peruna tor that tired feeling, which gives
you no ambition for work or play. After a prolonged illness, about
a year ago I felt unable to regain my health, but four bottles of Pe
runa made a wonderful change and restored me to perfect health.
As long as you keep your blood In good condition you are all right,
and Peruna seems to fill the veins with pure, healthful blood. I
thoroughly endorse it." MISS HELEN WHITMAN.
Have yon not tiervei? Well mhIu...:.. . -
.re iilli , r h- , "i,: rj'""""!l,fe-rt? ' ea.ln-li and backache.
. " - ... rnn,ijM K,-eil(8
Tfiri nre l.ur.,.mnu 1.-. '
that we quit this ,rt of business.
" lis liriie
Tlie flying froH is found In Itorneo.
He uses an expansive memnrane tm
each of his feet In sailing fioin tree
tsj tree. The web triable bim to do
this in the same way as the wings of
our modern flying machines enable
their inventors to remain for inaite
in the air.
The farmers of India, when fuel is
Scarce, cook an ckr without fire. The
egg is placed in a sling and whirled
around for about five minutes, until
the heat generated by the motion has
cooked it.
One of the essentials of the happy homes of to-day is a fund of
Information as to riht livinjj and the best methods of promoting
health sad happiness. With proper knowledge, each hour of
recreation, of eajoyment and of effort may be made to contribute .
to that end and are of not less value than the using; of the most
wholesome foods and the selecting of the be3t medicinal agents
when needed. With the well-informed, medicinal agents are uaed
only when nature needs assistance and while the importance of
cleansing the system effectually, when bilious or constipated, has
long been known, yet until within recent years it was necessary
to resort to oils, salts, extracts of roots, barks and other cathartics
which were found to be objectionable and to call for constantly
increased quantities.
Then physicians having learned that the most excellent laxative
end carminative principles were to be found in certain plants,
principally in the leaves, the California Fig Syrup Co. discovered
a method of obtaining such principles in their purest condition and
of presenting them with pleasant ud refreshing liquids in the form
most acceptable to the system and the remedy became known as
Syrup of Figs as figs were used, with the plants, in making it,
because of their agreeable taste.
This excellent remedy is now rapidly coming into universal use aa the
beet of family laxatives, because it is simple and wholesome and cleanses
sad sweetens the system effectually without disturbing the natural
functions and without unpleasant after effects and its use msy be discon
tinued when it is no longer required.
11 who would enjoy good health and Its blessings should remember
that It la the one remedy which physicians and parents well-informed
approve and recommend and use and which they and their little ones
alike enjoy, because of its pleasant flavor, its gentle action and ita
benefidal effects.
Syrup of Figs la for tale by all reliable druggists, at the regular price
of fifty cents per bottle, In original packages only, having the name of
the remedy Syrup of Fife and the full name of the Company
California Fig Syrup Co. printed on the front of every package.
rirst, n-pair tiie injury already done
to your nervea. 'J'lie way to do thi is to
do exactly aa did Mattie H. Curtii. Sec
jretury of Legion of Loyal Women, Hotel
r-Hii-iii, ouaicio, .vihks. Mie snid in a re
ent letter: "I sulTered fur
i-jwtth general weakness mid debility mnn-
1 OOk loor tifltt e i.f l'rii,,q
and for
Iffn ntonrha h, h,n
entirely free
from these maladies."
Despite the handicap of having to
speak from a whel chair, having
been, stricken wilb paralysis some
time ago, Dr. Daniel Mhephardson is
conducting a series of revival meet
ings in Spokane, Wash. Dr. Shep
hardson is of the Baptist persuasion.
His meetings are attended by large
crowds every afternoon and evening.
Flower trmlming is conspicuous
on the Smart hats Tor winter. A
varley of blossoms are employed in
this way wilh most aristlc results,
dahlias and fuchsias being the latest
additions to the list.
i Cel.
Tii..---"' - ViV5Y,v. . w a Kreui. m nir rnr i h.i ni-aj 'l l...
1 --- Af n, w fi ,"" "I'fi'B tonic, and have
KU fjs$ "V j .bout nit of Ujm.'
r - - , y j-c-w1 N I n... ....,.. .,. . . ., . .
, - -T.j -tS x r "", "i""1 ' nine ro trout
Fever is Spring Catarrh
Aervous Prostration.
'ci 1- ....
... us oi categ might be quote
... uii.ii 1 tfiuna litis uecn used to rescue
people irom the perdition of derange-
uervea, and -put them on the good, solid
MinuBiion oi heiiltli. The County A a
ditor of Krie County, New Vork. Hon
Jf'iin . etr iu a recent letter written
at Buffalo, .New York, (stated: "I was
persuaded tiy a friend to try a bottle of
your great nerve tonie. 1'eruna, and the
results were so gratifying thiit I
more than pleased to recommend it.
A Spring Tonic.
Almost everybody needs a tonic in the
pnnjt. Something to brace I lie ihtv
migorate tne brain and cleans..- the
iioou. mat reruns wil ilo ihi ; l.e
jonu all question. Evervine who lm
tried it I) ni hail the ,.M,..i-i..i,,. ,,
f T. ,,f .... . . . V.
. limner .-ike. of I.vin-h nir-'
'"i HO. in a recent letter niiiHo nun ftf
.1... 4n ... I " '
mii- moon-ng won s: "1 inn ti,
ui i i-ruiiH auer ouKiiiena Hours, ns
"I" 1 aystein is rejuvenated bv
H'tmi; weather. 'Una renders medicine,
more effective. A nln.rt course of l'e
rutin, itsaiKted liy tlie bnliuy air of aprlns
will cure old, Muldiorti ciims of cut:irr!i
iMiii. nne renisien trentnieiit lor years.
r.vi-ryuotiy 8110111(1 nave tt copy of llr.
iiartninns Intent book on catarrh. Ad
dread The Tcruna Medicine Co.. Coluni
bus. Ohio.
-Mrs. Lulu Lanner, Stoughton, Wis.,
11 v ;
"l-'or two years I suffered with nerv
ous trouble unci
stomiieli diforders
imal it xeeuicd thtit
there was nothin
to me but a buinl
oi nerves. J vaa
very irritable
could not sleep
rest or compose
myself, and was
certainly unlit to
take care of a
household. I took
nerve tonics ind
pills without bene
fit. When I bi-L'iin
taking Peruna I grew steadily better, my
nerves grew stronger, my rest was no
longer til ful, and to-day I consider my
self in purfect health and strength. My
recovery was slow out sure, hut 1
persevered and was 'rewarded by perfect
health. Mr. Lulu Larmer.
If you do not derive prompt and satis
factory results from the use of I'ertina,
nine i ouee iu nr. Itaniu m, iiuini.' .i
full statement of your case, and he will
tie pleased to give you his valuable ud
AU'lnwa ltr. Hartman. President r,f
ir.e iiartman Sanitarium, Columbus. O.
vice grsns
At a medical college some students
were being questioned in anatomy,
and one of them was asked: "What
muscles have their origin in the pop
liteal space?' The bright student
promptly replied: "Well, there's
that one with the durned long name
and I don't remember the other two."
A popular dining saloon in the
British metropolis has a sign outside
the door conveying information of an
alarming character: "This is the
best restaurant iu London. Our lisb
cannot be approached."
om M. T.
T chi.-iitii. .Nature Tenons herself every
Mrs. Lul Larmer.
rbllosophjr of Living for FometbUSSJ
Higher and lictter- than t-elf.
'Ilioxe of us who are ploddiug along
through life in a liarrnv, and, there
fore, KfluVh, way, woi.ld do well to
look ourselves over every now aud
then mid (jticritiou whether ilo re is as
great satisfaction in living only for
ourselves as there might be in taking
ot lit is into our lives. Kadi of us owes
something to those near and dear to
tin, ami to tlie world. There is a com
munity oi interest tiop.vct n ail man
kind that no (.ne of us can ignore and
end our days in satisfaction.
No man wiio lived solely for himself
ever went to liis grave feeling that he
would be lonelier confined iu that nar
row strip of earth than lie had been
while above it. If the fundamentals
of his character were human, ln
lookcd buck on his past with ketu. st
regret that be could not live it over
again and be of the world: if tin v
were not if he was without that "one
touch of nature that makes the- li Ac
world kill"-he Ir.ek, d the capacity to
realize wli.it he had iniss d in is,, hi
lug b'uiself from the (rU-ndshlps. fhr
haudgrnps and the Lve ihaf f1,akv
life worlh living. lie knew Unit !.
Inid missed something (hat had no ml
ed out o'.hor lives bi jti r lhan iis. I..,.;
he did not know just whal it was.
l-'ortt(lii!le!y few mi n me of thai
type. Most ot us r:uve a sunny, go
side to our nature, even l!io'.!-':!i i
ollen concealed or f:.:r:lrued bv tli
ean.s of business or the woiri v.s o:
met Ion. Yet If we would only stop t
think how much we tullit help oih t
to bear their liurdi-n by hrUhtcnln
up ourselves, by inspiring others wi:
good cheer and cordial feelings, it 1
certain that each of us in his. Va
could contribute more tha u we Tlo t
ward tin- Unpp:ness and conrt-n: nn nt
of nil.
It sliou.ni he left to Kellish men t
hoard all the sunshine as a miser d
Ills gold -ami to live Ion-,' enough to
know (lie bitter disappointments tin
come to those who have made their
own -way In the world regardless of
olhers. We should realize, tiefore it
too late, what an invaluable posi
sion a nost or i rionu'-iims are -grow
lug more precious with each yea
They cannot he formed at the close of
life. The day to make them Is n .t
ifter the cares of life are over, but
while we are In the midst of th
struggle, when the seed of good fel
lowship sinks deep and takes root
fell ile. earthy ground, then it is th
we can prepare the harvest of price
less recollections we are to reap
later life.
"Did anyone ever call him Tom?'
isked a philosopher the olher day
speaking of a man of groat wealth.
.No no one ever knew him well
enoui'li for that" was 1he retdv.
1 lien J m sorry for him. He'll be
a lonely man 'when he most needs com
And so It will be for those of
wno think we must trudge nlon
through the world by ourselves that
the path isn't wide enough for com
pany by our side, to share the joys of
rcn I'lctnre of Willinm IV
of Kniiliiml.
Letters wr.uen by I'rincess Kieven
ftirly in the hist century have been
published recently. She gives the fol
lowing picture of King William IV
of Kngland: "In the iirst place, ther
the king; a quulnt king Indeed, a I
nfant with a weak bead. At firm
uimit ne in iiKeiy m lose it. so L-r.-a
his pleasure at being king. l;
linages everything except what he
light to change his ministers. He
itinges the uniforms of the army and
tlie navy; he disuiis-es bis coiks
ami his French x-rvanls. lie will havt
none but Mngllsh. lie makes every
body cut on" their mustaches; he s! rolls
about the streets and gossips with th
passers-by. He; gooM to the guard room
and ahowa the officer In comma ml his
Ink-stnlned fingers, tells him how
many letters he litis signed, of the au
diences he is going to give; talks al.ou)
the iueen, his wife, and promises to
bring her to the guard room to nuike
his acijuaintauce. The day before yes
terday lie Tin 1(1 a Visit to Lord nnrt
Jidy Holland and Invited himself to
dinner for next week, to the dismay
or Ills ministers. Asked If he had
given the Uttke of Wellington (Ihe
prime minister) an audience that morn
lug. he replied: 'Thank fiod, no
madam. 1 nm only too happy not to
see him- I wish I might never see
him! He displays a prodigious activ
ity; ho Is delighted with court cere
monies nnd receptions, is constantly
showing himself in public, occupied all
day long In trifles, eager to reform ev
erything at once In a word, he Is In
a slate of feverish excitement. The
mob adores him-he goes about open
ly and treats everyone familiarly-
thnt Is enough for John null. Welling
ton said to me qulto truly: 'This li
not a new reign; It la a new dynasty.' "
A Wonderful Transform!-tion,
Three years ago a spot near I'hlladel.
phla was covered with cornfields; to
day a f!),OfHi,fXK) shipyard stands there.
Ships are built under a huge glass and
Iron shed, which allows work to be
lone In nil sorts of weather.
Ileal In Nlmplon Tminol.
Nearly eleven miles of the fllmplon
tunnel have now been bored. At the
tunnel bend the temperature Is stated
to have reached I'M degrees Fahren
heit while the thermometers outsldt
were registering SO degrees of frost
Power from an Artesian Well.
At St. Augustine, Fit., is the only miS
In the world that gets its power direct
from u artestu well. .
iirmWrn). UnUu.UlllllCtt
AVel Mc Pepcralion fcr As
s i rnilai injj llic I'ccd and Kcc u!a -ling
the Stsinachs andBoweis of
rromolcs Digcslion,Chrful
ncssaminost.Coiilaiasiviiher Optum.Morplune nor Mineral.
Not Lvn cone,
fcrjF GfO!dlr&WCn.PtTQIIi
RocktU Sal -
Jbvftetmint -
J!i CarbmakSeda
CfwififJ Sigar
htotrryrort f tumr.
A perfect ltemedy forConslipa
lion , Sour StomachJJiarrhoca
Worms .Convulsions .Fcverish
ncss and Loss of Sleep.
TacSimdc Signnlure of
zir Shown Krieinlshlp.
To help the starving fisherfolks of
Britaiiy the Czar has spent $5,000 "as
a testimony of my sentiments of live
ly and unchanging sympathy for
France, my friend and ally."
I.oihIoii Itirllilila. e i.f V M. C. A.
London is the birthplace of the
Young Men's Christian association
ndaltb u!ii it celebrated some eigth
years ago its semi-centennial, it has
not become languid.
Some people who like hops drink
beer, and others eat frogs' legs.
Carelessness with pat lor matches
causes a fow 11 res and many divorces.
There are only four letters in love,
tnd many a man wishes they had
been burned.
-i ne ties oi wedlock are the kind a
man litis to wear because his wife
buys them.
No, Maude, dear, the manufacture
of baby carriages is not one of the in
fant industries.
A brocaded slipper to match the
,'ow is a novelty to be worn at a
aney dress ball, and the buckle
which should grace such a shoe is of
old gold.
A Farmer's (iuml Story.
Velpcn, Ind., Aprii O.-Wm. O'B.
Sullivan, a highly respected farmer of
place, tells a personal experience
to show that I here is still some genu-
ine:ies and honest worth to be met
u;iii i i this age In which so many
rnu-d-i n-e reported.
'Vcv I have been humbugged," said
Mr. Sullivan, "and when 1 was ro ill
wilh the IIIieiNwinsiii, Kidney and
Heart Trouble. 1 used a good deal of
!n!T that claimed to he remedies for
In diseases only to find them worthl
ess. "j!:it. :m you know, I did find the
.-l imine r mcoy nrler all and l nan not
a taking I (odd's Kidney Fills very
h.:,g before 1 knew that they were an
honest remedy that would do nil and
more than as claimed for them
I'hev cured me, made a well man of me
i ud I am now as sound as I ever was
I can testify that Hodd's Klducy
Fills are a genuine reined v for Itheu
INin and Kidney Trouble."
U) flu 1U. i.JB icIeauihiK power of
will mail large trial treatment with
kmiIv of instructions absolutely free.
This is not a tinv sample, but a large
package, enough to convince anyone
hat it is the most successful prepara
tion known to medicine as a cleansing
ig nul douche and lor the local treat
meet of woman's special Ills, curing
discharges and all inflamation, also
to cleanse the teeth, mouth, and cure
atarrh. Send to-dayj a postal will do.
ftlil br drHKM or at-nt Dtnl(t br aft- AO Mala
laru bx. hHltitrHcllMii (uftrBnle4.
. PAX TON 216 Columbut An. Battos MlSS.
i can buy oi us at whole
sale prices and save money.
Our 1,000-page catalogue tells
the story. W'c will send it upon
receipt of 15 cents. Your neighbors
trade wi:h us why not you ?
I ure to Mad 20 Par Week
eason Mow at Iu BEST
iend for Terms.
waunaiM, ww.
- ii "i
S The hmiso that tails thfl truth. JJ
For InfantB and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bough!
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
Kelleet on nf a Ititchetor.
It is when she goes on the stage
that the average woman quits acting.
The thing that men like about
working for the government is that
they don't have to do if.
A woman's idea of a good story lsi
one that makes her augh when she!
doesn't see the p int of it.
A woman always has suspicions ofj
atioUiet' who calls on her after heri
husband has got home from bis oflice.!
Yon tun (let Alien's l-'oot-K:jc FKKK.
Write to (lay to Allen S. Olmsted, Le Roy,
N. V., for a FKKE sample "f Allen's Koot
liuse, a powder to shake Into your Bboen. '
It cures tired, gweatlug, dump, , swollen, ;
aching feel. It makes new or tight slioesj
easy. A certain cure for Corns and BudIoub.i
All druggists and shoe stores sell It. Zic'
W.imlHif n Aljilne Railway. '
A wonderful mountain railway is,
being constructed at present in the)
Tyrol, and whim completed next sum
mer it will bo the steepest line in the
world. The railway, which will be
two and a half kilometers in length,
will Join the. village of Kaltern to the
summit of the Col de Mendel at a
height of 2.fi30 feet This distance
will be covered in exactly 27 minutes
while by road it takes four hours to
reach the top. The force is elec
tricity, and the cogg (middle) rail
system has been employed. The max
imum grade is 64 in 100, surpassingi
that of the Htanserhorn line, which
formerly held the European record.
The coaches will hold 5 persons and
baggage. and special precautions have
been taken to enable the tourist to
view Hit! wonderful scenery through
which the line passes. Mr. Strubb,
is carrying on this remarkable enter
prise. The Japanese have decided to use
lhitish engines on their state iail
ways. Kilrher l.enroiu); New Tongue.
Lord Kitchener is learning Urda, a
composite tongue which makes one
familiar with the sentiments of Se
I'.etw een
In Cuah to He nistrihntrd.
now unil July 1st, family
eook-, whether
employes or the ini-
tress of the household
will be following
rue pum nnd (town tor improvement in
cooks in a contest for 7:."5 cash prizes
ranging from $2)0.oo to $5.00 offered by
the Tostum Cereal Co., Lid.
The winners must show Improvement
in general cookery ns clenrly stated In
the rules for the test. i
No one htiH to buy or pay anything
whatever. It is simply an earnest effort
on the part of Mr. I'ost to Mimulate tho
household cook to more careful and skill
ful cookery.
To have light, sweet bread and cakes
Instead of heavy, sour and indigestible
things. To have do more urensy, burned
or dried out mcnls. To have properly
made Coffee, 1'osttim and tea. To havs
delicate nnd digestible, toothsome deserts
and a table, clean, tasty and a pleasure
to look upon.
And so $7,f00.00 In actual money will
be spent to encourage the cooks of ths
country to better effort. And you house
keepers, please forever abandon thn
term "hired girl." Teach your cook tho
dignity of her profession, call ber tin
If her duties Include other service, well
nnd good, but don't detract from her pro
fessional title by calling her the "hired
Kirl." That term don't tit s good cook.
A certificate bearing the large seal of ths
I'ostuni Cereal (Jo,, Ltd., will go to each
of the 7.'J5 winners In this contest. The
certifieatrs or diplomas will be ss valua
ble to the holders, aa s doctor's sheep
skin is to him.
A poatsl card to ths Cooker Dent
No. 487, of the big pure food fsctorles
of ths rostora Cereal Co., Ltd., at Bat
tle Creek, Mich., will bring s sheat ef
plainly printed rales for the rootset
.... rramii.wmsssL