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Harrison Press -
AndrewMcGinley is still improving
Bad mow storm yesterday and drift
ing today.
Floyd ('lurk wan visiting in Harrison
last Moadav and Tuesday.
Sunday school at 10 o'clock; every
body invited. W. H. Uavls; 8upt.
John C. Eberspeoher was np from Rod
arc Tues. to attend the assessors meeting.
Frank Lewis assessor for Andrews pre
einct was a Harrison visitor last Tuesday
The measles have had their say in
our family and all are doing very well
3. H. FWnslow, from Glen ws doing
business with the County officers on last
A. C Csi!!rs assessor of t lotto n wood
preoint was in attendance at the assess
ors neeting Tuesday,
TO CURE A 00 1. 1) IN ONE DAY.
Take Laxstlvs Bro o Qulnlnn Tablets. All
dmrtfsu refund the iicmey if It falls to
cure. K. W. Orove's signature is on each
box. Be.
Ernest Bunge was in town last Satur
day, and reports his stock in good con
dition, don't expect any losses from late
If it's a hilious attack, take Chamber
lain's Stomach and Liver Tablets and a
quick recovery is certain. For wile by
all Druggists.
J. B. Borke resigned his position as Co
8usrin ten bent, and deputy County clerk
last Monday that he might give-his whole
tints to the 8unday-school work.
We liave a few 12.V) gents Ulster
over-coals that we are cosing out for
$10.00. Now is your chance.
69-tf Lewis Oerlach.
RalphRauma on of county clerk
Raum is visitiug in IKr-ison this week.
He lias been in N I), for the fast 10 j rs.
and no doubt be enjoys shaking hands
with his many friends of years ago.
No. A X 8474"wln in the Three Snr
Blue Ribbon contest. The person hold
ing this ticket please bring it in to Mars
toller Brns. and receive your money.
We are glad to annnuwe that Conard
Parsons was appointed County Superin
tendent by the lioard of County I'omni
issinners last Monday, and we eel that
the board made no mistake in his ap
Miss Oris M. He llyer.'tlie intermediate
teacher of the Harrison school i.as been
quite sick for the past ten days, but we
are glad to sav st this writing she is im
proving- Miss Mabel Higelow has been
wielding the rod, and training the young
minds in a very eatisfiictorv manner dur
log the illness of Miss Hellyer.
John n Iheckmaii and Myrtle Hester
were married on lust Sunday morning at
9 o'clock A. M at the residence of the
brides father Mr. E. F. Pontius. The
bnde and groom have a host of friends
who wish Uiem a long and happy life.
The Puns JockmaL extends best wishes.
Eewertti Ltu.
At the M. E. church every Sunday
evening at 700 o'clock.
Everybodv invited. Subject for March:
The Yeung Christian's funding Ground
Subject f r Miri h 12: Christian Elu
cation. I Tim. vi. 3 0, II Tim. ii. IV
33. Mm. Hokton; Leader
We are in receipt of a letter frem C. B
Cook who worked ror us alKtut one ear
ago. He is In rWlma C'xlifornia, and
nays lie has a good position with the
Be I ma Irrigator. VVe are glad to know
that Charlie has struck it right, for we
found him gixsl printer He eends his
regards to all the Iwvis, hat we presume
lie coukl no trust us with the girls so we
presume be will attend to thst himself,
A very important event took place at
tbe Commercial Hotel on Wednesdsv
evening, Uie lit h. Inst., when Landlord
nod Urn, C. H. Hn la-y gave their third
daughter, Kffle Heulsb, in marriage to
Mr. Frank Benjamin Moore, Mcoiid son
of H. F. Moore, one ef oldest ranchman
in this valley. Promptly at , 8 o'clock
the straiosiif the wedding march (waled
forth with M.ss Pri Know nt the In
strument and the bridal party were ush
amhI Int.. iIim Miti.i-li.iiM iritrlop where in the
. ? t, .
lresenc of a large company Kev. John
... .... . .i .
moss "I Aiixm penornieu 'lie "iHrrin
MtiktUua) .
AliXlNoa llWAL.
The undersigned will Hell at his place,
8 miles mirth of Harrison, on Wednesday
March 2.1, 1903 at 1 o'clock P. M, the
following property.
A few head of cattle,
4 head of horses,
1 heavy 4 inch wagon,
2 mowing machines,
1 hay-rake,
1 hay-rack,
3 sets of harness,
150 bu of corn,
50 bu. of potatoes
Some alfalfa hay,
1 plow,
1 tool-chest, and tools of all kinds,
Household goods St etc.
Free lunch at noon, and a keg of beer
after t he sale.
Terms of sale: Sums under 10 00 cash
Sums over $10.00 six months line ifiven
on bankable note bearing 10 per cent int.
William Harvey.
"T would Spoil This Stiry la Tetl It In
the Headlines.
To use nn eighteenth century phrnse.
Huh is an "o'er true tale." (laving hap
pened in a small Virginia town in the
winter uf 1902, it is a story very much
of the present. Up to a short time ago
Mrs John E. H innon, of Melft Station,
Va , hail no nrsomil knowledge of the
rare curative properties of Chamberlain's
'ough Remedy. "Iist January," she
savs, "my baby took n dreadful cold and
at one time I reared she would hiive
pneumonia, but one of my neiphliors told
me how this rented v hud rured her little
boy and I began giving it to my baby at
onceund it. soon cured her. I heartily
thank the mrtmif icdirers of Ghamiier
lain's Oouuh Remedy foe placing so
treat a cure within'mv reach. I cannot
recommend it too highly or say too
much in its favor. I hope nil who read
this will try it and le convinced as I was."
For sale by all Druggists.
. MerrlW.
O. R. Anderson and Mary Moravek
were married last Tuexlxv evening at 4
o'clock P. M at the residence of the
brides father. Anton Mornvek, Rev, L
W. Horton oWciating Mr '". E A
Filler aded'ss lrt man and Mis Effl
VI right as brides ma id. The ntitial
knot whs lied with neatness, except the
bride did not have to obey her lord and
mtster, which m.'ide sum of the bene
dict" prert think that the minister hd
over looked that part of the ceremony
for that was a very i upressive part of
tKn contnict years ng, but not todav.
There were n few friends est tiered with
the relatives thnt extended Ixst wishes
foralonu' snd hnppv life. They were
then 'ishered into the dining ronm where
the tables weiegrosning from the weight
of tlve many good things wetting to be
devoured by the happy guests on this
notable occasion.
The Press-JorRNALxtendb"t wishes
and many. happy days for this young
couple, and while there will be found
some thorns by the wayside
that this happy couple will
roses and leave the thorns.
we trust
pluck the
War Bonnet Topics.
Some fine weatlier the past week,
bad roads.
Roy Garrets'tn took a load of saw-dust
to town list week.
Jim Merrintn hauled a load of wood, to
town Thursday,
Mr and Mrs. Kwl, and Miss Dorman
went to town Tuesday last.
Frank Zerht was in this valley last
week. He says it is a mistake about
Iter, Ernel loosing cattle as reported,
He says he has been working for him all
the time, and he hasn't lost any yet.
Mr. Clsrk Irom Harrison came out,
to the H- E, atal visited over Sunday
with Mr. Brewster, also at Mr. Kels An
Id nd 1 1- n f-cott visited, with Joe, and
V in lir inio Suuilay.
Bill Harvet spent one evening, with us
laH week Bill save he is going to sell
out, or rent his place In the next two
weeks, or he is going to hunt a wife. So
no girls be prepared.
Ye acnlie vilted at the 8 B last week
and seen the new birds, Mr, Brewster
jusl had shipieii from California. They
are a -specie of Ute quail. They are
greenish blue in color, and one peculiar
ity iilxtut them, they have a Ida. k feath
er aliout an inch and a half long in the
bead; they are beauties. He lias,bout
idoceti, and is going to turn tlam loose
i .
"O toe fallen.
William Hh. pherd is heuling hay from
AiMirew Xuois.
Jack Fin ley hauled u load of sunflow. r
from Ihe G-r I tch pi ne 8u.ld.iy. Some
folks will work on Sunday if no other
I Mrs. Paul Zerbst arrived home lat
I Thursday, where she of course was
gladly welcomed, and Sunday the 8. S.
was brightened ten fold by her cheering
j and helping presence. ,
Mr. and Mrs. Millard Thayer of Bodarc
visited at Roht. Keels Sunday, and Mr.
Tbaver made the S. S. a vihit which we
all appreciated.
There were 250 head of those cattle
brought to Andrew Knnris place in
stead of 200 as reported last week Put
Dunn, and Mr, and Mrs. Joe Dunn are
there looking after them.
Tom Plunkett arrived safely hom
after his visit to that fine large long
streeted town of Andrews, and never pot
kidnapped either as small as he is,
I was quite a bit wor.'ied when I heard
he had gone there.
Sunday school at Oustave Noreisches
as usual at 1 P.M. All are invited.
Mr. SlnnUil.l Ml.. fttlrm-a ..; :. j
at Mr Mc 'anus one day last week. I
Miss Irvie liout visited with her grand
pit and grandma Zimmerman in Bodurc
last week.
S. 8 at our school house every Sunday
at 2:30 P. M. Come one and all.
Andrews Happen! 'gs.
Mrs Paul Z-rltst' was seen ly friends
here Thursday last as tho train stopd
a few minates. Skte was returning from
a tiVid long vint with her sister at
Jsclivler ?(eh. Mue r"n-trt.eu a goixl Vit
and anxious f get home again.
Mr. George Baldwin came here Thurs
day on the murning passenger. Ho hail
no operation on bis eves.
Mr. S. E. Jones has been very hiiy
sewing for Mrs. Shepherd, nod daughter
Miss Pearla'Jones, and K.irma Piiddy
visited at Mrs. Shepherds Sunday.
Mrs. leSi tuber called on Mrs. I tins
Cbristensen Saturday.
The men here ha ve been very busy
working along the track.
Now Z--kiel we have no Boiles on tt
Foot 1 hough pome did hav thir feet
froen this winter. We have a Marshall
to ke"p peace, Hunters to kei-p the hears
off. a Shepherd who watches ihe people
lest they might get . i Fall, and a Chris
tian Son, who tends the track, and the
proud dixtitict ion of having the onK
Jones' in th country to Harris the
people ha! ha! ha!. Hows that?
Edward S hwiirtz visited at Mr Tom
June's Sunday.
Mr. Arthur Hagerman and family.
sient Surdav Ht Mr J. I). Proctors
Mr. Edwatd Marshall went to ('raw
ford Saturday, and retureed Monday.
Mrs. 8. E Jones, Mrs, W. L. Baldwin
and Mrs, A. L. Hagerman went to Harri
son Tuesday on business.
Mrs. Chris ' 'hnslensen went to Harri
son Thursday l ist on the morning pass
eager. She returned in the afternoon.
Miss Pearla Jones, and her Uncle wnt
to Harrison Saturday morning, and re
turned on the freight the afternoon of
the same day. Karma Pritldy came Ixtck
wilii them to visit Pearla until Monday.
She visited our school Monday, and left
for Harrison on tlte passenger train.
Mr. and Mrs Proseer and daughter and
son visited our school Tuesday last, and
we enjoyed their visit very much. They
were surprised as well, as pleased to hear
the children sing song after song by note
and play the same on our original organ
Come, see, and test the only organ in the
The Andrews school house fine,
That stands on the hill,
Reiniud me of old time
When I sludivd with a will.
With mv pail in my hand.
And my book under niv arm,
1 tripled over the land,
Tha. to me was a charm.
There's the hrautifuf bell.
With its ding, dong, di ng,
And the time it doth tell,
With its glad merry ring,
Hee the four happy boys,
(Tom, Roy, Ralph.and Ray),
Make a glad loud noise,
On this briuht Mar. b day,
Tlx. six swest fair girls,
Ho studious, and so good, ,
With their smiles ond curls
Greet us from the hosl.
When the school bell rings
They are found in their place,
And each sweetly sings
With a bright happy face.
Then their books they dm
And etude hard sod lotm
HARRIS0N, SIOUX CO., NEBR., MAR. 17, 1903,
Ihe assessors met us required by
meeting was called to order by John F.
Motion made, ut.d seconded that Claus Chnstensen act as temporary chairman
motion carried
Motion made and seconded that John F.tJook Impermanent chairman, carried.
Motion made and seconded that Wni. J. A. Rauiu be. permanent Secretary,
motion earned.
Motion made ami seconded that the liairman appoint a committee of three
to prepare a classilicat ion S'.h.-dule, also of valuation, motion carried. The
following persons were appointed: Frank C. Lewis, Peter L. Ruben. F. O. 0. Fokel
On nioMon and seuonded thai we recotsaler the motion to value 1st class
and at 4 00 and second at .50 uls per acre, motion carried.
On melion ami seconded that we classify land at Ut $4.00, 2nd $2.00, 3rd ut
60 cts per acre.
On motion and seconded that each assessor return to the Board of equalizat
ion a written atutemenl of any and all persons who t.liey are led to llieve have not
given in the persoual property thai should be assessed Carried.
On motion made and seconded that
back of all assessor s schedules Carried.
Motion adit and seconded that
zuinn a written stmemeni oi any and all
give in all ihe taxable property that should be asaessed Carried.
Motion made and seconded that we adjourn motion carried.
John F. Cook, Wm. J. A. Ravh,
Chairman. Secretary.
The following Schedule was on motion adopted.
Horsm lt class, 3 yr old and over . 118 00
' " ' 'J j r old-i U.io
" 2ad el, 3 yr ol J aud over n 0
' 1 vr old 6.00
Colt l.t class 1 yr old as .00
i:oils 2nd class 1 yr old 4.0U
Stnlilom 1st ciMH JIO0.00
' 2nd fifths MJ.CK)
ML'tEv-Ssine us liorses
JAiKMSs une tu stallionH.
Cows lilt cImss 115 00
" Tttd elans s.00
Heifers ltclaHj2 vr 15.00
" ' " l j r s o
La-1, they're left behind "
Their work to nroloujj.
Thus each wek finds all,
An busy us can be
Woi Kmg for promotions call
ijesiring it soou to see.
So may we toil on victorious day
day overtvery foe,
And may Jesus direct us,
In th way we go,
And his angels hhicld us,
When'the sterm clouds lower,
Pardon each, and sav us
In the lust of can lis hour.
Then with saints and Angels,
May w e join nlstve,
OllVring endle-s iraises
At his throne above.
When the til is over,
Tlies comes rest, and peace,
Jesus in his beauty.
Songs that never cease."
")Si:ds And Miissoiis.'
Having resigned my position as Co.
Superintendent of public instruction, 1
desire to sincerely thank my friends for
their loal support at alt times, and of
the manv encouraging words that, have
been olfered in commemlaUnn of my
work; while all these will tie cherished in
my memory for years to come, I feel
that the great work, that I have just
taken up. and intended to devote my
whole attention to, is not separated very
far from the great work, that I have
just given up. I can t say that I am
fully satisfied with the results of my
educational work, but considering that I
could only give il part of my time, I
feel that the standard of our teachers are
belter than thev were years ao, and
that the schisil 1st irds, and patrons more
fully appreciate the efforts put forth by
them than ever before. It was my one
thought when I first accepted the nom
ination lor tlii'. responsible position that
if I was elected 1 would build up the ed
ucational work of this County if possible
and if words from others mean anything
I luva partly accomplished what 1
started out to do. Last but not least are
the (Jth. end lib, grade pupils through
out the county that have attended in v
institutes, and showed by their presence
and conduct that they were interested in
j this great work, and for these I have hesi
I tatd with nij resignation for fear that
j their tntetesl intirht relax, bull hos
lial my fears lire iinloiiiuied, snd that
I Hie interests ol t''ese may continue to in
I crease, for the betterment of our schools
i to a certain extent will rest on them, and
' I feel that my successor will continue
' this great work, with the energy, and
teal Hint Ills him for this rexisillH
position. As to my successor Conard
I'aiMjiis, 1 m) nc.rhit fc I ut writs o f
the county Clerk's otlice. The
the Schedule as adopted he printed on the
each assessor return to the Board of equali-
persons tiiey are lead to belieTe do not
" 2nd class 2 yr
" 2nd cIush 1 yr
.STEER 3yr old
CALVES munihs old and ove
6 00
Hulls lsl elasn
" ind class
sr.eep 1st clttts . S3.00
2nd cIhsm i,oo
buck 1st ciasn.... i lis.ot
" iind cluss 8,00
HOtiS-2 ( taper II).
L nils to be classed la three classes.
1st class, per ncre 4.oo
Jiiil cla "
Si o class ' " . 6j
praise, for him tor he has labored hard
for his education that belils bun for this
i,.., educationally, .una lie is a
young man ol high moral standing which
s.inu. oe required oi everyone that fills
tills OONIt.lon. .Mr I'.ipurtnj l,r.u I .
' -"' iifu
reared iu Mum t .our.tyand kuows what
ourscnooi needs are, and 1 can safely
vuuen mat ots every enort win ne for
i nr advancement of the education of our
ch.ldren. 1 therefore recommend him to
you, mat leei an interest in this treat
ocipiuK muiiu
whenever you can, and you will bsv an
av win D wottny or your
..sieem aca respect.
J. B. Bt'KKB.
A AVJ1 i-
a peackfcl CHALLENni to its ADVOCATES,
frinled froai the New York Fvenimr
Fust aad 1 he Yotikers Statesman.
For many years I have carefully stui-
led the popular idea of putnotism, both
as a sentiment and as a practical truth.
My conclusion is that there exUtsagreat
deal of misapprehension, and T feel
prompted at this tim of special patriotic
fervor to present my views. I invite,
and even challenge, any of your readers
woo uo not agree with me to prove that
I am in error.
lsl. Theru is not in any part of the
Bible even a sentence that requires or
justiHes "patriotism."
2d. The sentiment called by this name
like the word which expresses it, is
prebably of heathen origin.
ikl. The usual definition of patriotism
is "love of country." The man who
seeks to learti wnai tins phrase means
and to carry out its teachings in his life
attempts a hopeless task.
4lh. It is an exaggerated form of self-
ishness and is one of the devil's most
successful devices Ut deceive and mislead
the human race.
5lh. Il is, in fact, a delusive method tif
inducing a violation of the Sixth Cosi-
mandment "Thou shall not kill" and
is practically in opposition to the spirit
of the other nine.
Oth. Ministers and others who teach
the co-ordinate ubligation of religion and
patriotism hive no warrant in reason or
Scripture, and Hie practice largely ac- with the coming generation. The sjtlnt
cuunts for the diminished moral tone ation offered a piece of bunting call
and tendency to skepticism among the the Flag Is a form of idolatry.
oU. 19th. The true patriot interprets "love
7lh. Tho religious organization which of country" to signify love fur the
semis missionaries to foreign nations to pie who are In it. He will express tts
preach the gospel of peace and good will feeling by a special interest in their el
and the duty of self -surrender and obed fare and effort to make tliem tl p ireet'.
ence to God, and rests its claims for noblest and happiest among inanition
support oo the value of the human soul, of the earth. This love will nereswenly
and at the sams time approved of and expand into a worldwide love, for nil
ml vises Us members to enlist for ar,
occupies a position so absurd ss to lie
essentially grotesque.
( ili I.r i) ni. I cf. n i l.l to iL b
Buys, Hides, Tallow, pelts, aad Fr.
and.wiiJ pay highest market- ytum. " '
Ieaveat MarsUsllet Bros. or-St
residence east of schoo -house.
Professionn! Cani
' J. E. PHINNEY. M. 1)
Pliyiscian aed Snj-i
All calls giveu pruinot atteatlosi
Ottice in l)Tug Store. '
Prompt attention giveo to all leg.-
matters in Justice, County and Districts.
Courts, and before the Unit-J fitta
Lnnd Ollice. X
Fire Insarance
written in reiiaMer
tarLegal pafrs carefully drawn.
a. M. v. R. R. i8 the
to and from the
Harness, saddles,. rangr .
goods lumber, all kind. of
building material.
Farm machinery and hard
ware. Flour, grain and fed.
When in need of anything in my line
gV call: We will treat you right.
own life, which is a trust for which
account must be rendered, except in
effort to benefit his fellow men,
n. I. H. j - . ..
lui, me claims ei tne Mlate are n.
ferior to the claims of God. and should he-
regulated by our relations and obiigat
ions to Him
lOlh. The continued life and nro.n.rii.
ef nations depends primarilv and indis-
uensablv unon rirlu.ni,.n...
iitii. no government has a neht ia.
make a training for war a fixed employ-
ment for its citizens, and every man who-
rhus devotes his life violau. divin l
and jeopardizes his haoniness fore term iv
- -
12th. 1 he maintenance of a navy, ex
- , , .
c,'p, for police PurPoses, such as may b
required to suppress piracy or other own.
violations of human aud divine law, can-
not be iustilled.
13th. It follows that the study of tbe-
rt of war military aud naval acade
nile "f a demoralizing influence, sock
tlml 11,8 tendency is to blunt the mort
perception and until men who pursue it
for useful lives.
14th. It is a disgrace to Christian ,-.-
ple that men who have excelled in the
deceptive arts and brutal destruction of
llm' ana property involved in wsr
should be hailed as benefactors, treated.
with exceptional honor aud often placed
high official positions.
15th. This high estimate of the merit.
"d proper reward for military service die.
parages self denying men and women
who consecrate their lives to the effort
to lift up and save their fellow men, ai.dE
make a false standard of excellence.
lflth. It places brute force above monk
worth, fosters worldl mess and low ideals.
and ignores the fact that a man is to be
judged bv mind and heart, and that wlmr,
he thieks ans how much he loves is tt
true lest of worth.
17th. A nation that maintain a grentv
army aud navy to be indispensable lor
protection disregards the Bible require-
ment of trust in and dependence on Ood
and eventually will reap a harvest, of
disappointment and humiliation.
18th, The teaching ef "patriotism" it
public, schools is illogical a4 harmful
and will lower the tone of cititenstwp.
men haves common origlr,
and destiny.
Jon c. Mai
Yi nki iii K. X. , ISttL
: V