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    Tfct bariboa Pifcs-Jjumai
Mr. Caiui-ie BUflt-rs fiooi indiges
tion. This is somettin;; he cau't give
It is easy to prove '.hat tile gun
Isn't loaded immediately after the ac
, to tind time to cultivate his mind and
Is a very tmsy man-find it may be re-
marki-d r'Kht here that It is only the
very busy people who do find time to
cultivate their mln.ls-he finds It im
posible satisfactorily to do so in the
family sitting room. So the "man's
(I' ll" has evolved as a matter of need.
that It has been carried into a fad
and has taken on many phases that
are ridiculous docs not affect the fact
that to many men it opens up a world
of delights.
An artist made a fortune painting
purple landscapes and lost It painting
red towns.
Whenever a man, whose life Is In-
Bared for $400,000, Is accidentally shot
there ia always more or less talk about
Spain was content to pat In her bill
afmJnst Venezuela. For reasons un
necessary to state, she sent no war
The bear that walks like a man Is
now pointing at Rudyard Kipling and
enjoying a smile at Emperor Willie's
There is a difference between get
ting u,uuu a year because you are
worth It and being worth $10,000 a
year because you get it.
3. Pierpont Morgan has made $42,-
100,000 during the past year. He must
nd It rather disappointing that he was
unable to make it an even $43,000,000.
The Chicago city sealer has found a
eoal dealer who is dishonest enough
to sell 2,200 pounds for a ton. He
should be prosecuted to the limit of the
The clerks, male and female. In one
f Chicago's department stores, are
ow designated by the management
- "salespersons." Slowly but surely
me line Is being obliterated.
New York is wildly enthusiastic over
Dr. Lorenz, the Vienna physician, and
philanthropist, who has been curing
cripples and performing difficult.- yes,
almost impossible surgical operations
without the use of the knife. His ten
der heart Is responsible for his great
deeds. It is said. He has a horror of
the use of the knife, of inflicting pain
of the necessary savagery of modern
surgery. And so, with his great bands,
backed up by powerful muscles, he
d5es things that have been deemed im
possiblestraightens crookid limbs
and saves human beings for lives of
usefulness. There is a good deal of
jealousy in the medical profession
Your family doctor will admit that if
you ask him. But when it comes io
progress, to higher science, to curin
a greater portion of the sick by adopt
ing radical and daring methods, that
a pioneer has shown to be good, Jeal-
ousy is lost sight of. No class of men
and women are more enthusiastic over
the great accomplishments of this man
from over the sea than the physicians.
They cheered him in New York when
he kneaded a boy's club-foot into
shape. Some day it seems almost
possible that there will be no cripples.
Science will have taken from the chil
dren their crutches, placed their feet
on the ground and bade them walk.
Humps will disappear, and pain more
pain than words can measure and sad
ness, too, will have all but disappeared
Perhaps Dr. Lorenz Is blazing the way
for this great stride in the God-giving
science of healing.
Syrup .of Fls
ikfrbesl family laxative-
It is pure.
It is gentle.
It is pleasant.
It is efficacious.
It is not expensive.
It is good for children.
It is excellent for ladies.
It is convenient for business men
It is perfectly safe under all circumstance.
It is used by millions of families the world over.
It stands highest, as a laxative, with physicians.
If you use it you have the best laxative the world
Its component parts are all wholesome.
It acts gently without unpleasant after-effects.
It is wholly free from objectionable substances.
It contains the laxative principles of plants.
It contains the carminative principles of plants.
It contains wholesome aromatic liquids which are
agreeable and refreshing to the taste.
AH are pure.
All are delicately blended.
All are skillfully and scientifically compounded.
Its value is due to our method of manufacture and to
the originality and simplicity of the combination.
To get its beneficial effects buy the genuine.
Manufactured by
uroRpfiA paVRifp
San Francisco, CaL
Louisville. Ky. New York. N. Y.
urs. uiiie uevereaux make says
tnere are in this country 2,500,000 un
married men who couldn't have wives
If they wanted them. It Is pretty
feard, however, to set some bachelors to
If after having looked at General
Miles the old Empress Dowager of
China continues to think she is the
most dazzling thing on earth it will
have to be conceded at once that she
Is simply crazy.
Army officers complain that they
eannot financially keep up with the
Ughtning changes in uniforms. More
attention seems to be devoted to fash
ion plates than to seeing that there
are enough competent men to use the
coast-defense machinery.
Judge Kavanagh. of Chicago, Is
right in saying that the loss of a boy's
band Is worth more than $500 to him-
eelf and the mother he had supported
before an accident rendered him unfit
for work. It is good to know that our
courts stand between the unfortunate
and an unjust private settlement in
such cases.
Emperor William declares that there
Is no difference between him who
mixes and presents a poisonous draft to
another and him who robs his fellow
man of his honorable name, and from
the safe shelter of bis editorial sanc
tum, with the poisoned darts of bis
landers kills him by the mental tor
tures he Inflicts. There will be many
a hearty amen to the sentiment.
No aspect of the great Industrial
combinations of the day has been
more anxiously considered than their
probable Influence on the development
of individual capacity. How do they
affect the young man's chances of
success? Has he the same opportu
nuy now mat ne naa twenty-five or
fifty years ago? Can he begin now as
he did then, with nothing, and by his
Indigence, fidelity and "push" create
a place and carve out a fortune for
himself? Certa nly conditions have
greatly changed, hut It is by no means
certain that opportunities have les
sened. A large company of men gath
ered recently to do honor to an old
friend and employer on his eightieth
birthday. By his inventions and Im
provements in processes he had made
a fortune and come to be called "the
Iron master." He rose from the work
ing ranks under the old conditions.
But the same papers which reported
this birthday celebration had refer
ences also to the head of the grea
shipping combination, the president
of the "steel trust," the bead of thf
greatest street railway system in the
world, and the largest contractor In thf
world. They represent, in part
at least, the new conditions, yet every
one of them has risen from the ranks.
It is doubtful if the chances are le
frequent; it is not doubtful that the
demand for qualities which command
success has Increased. Moreover, thf
rewards have grown larger, snd the
time In which they may be won hat
shortened. Specialization, concentra
tion are -the order of the day, and thf
qualities most In demand are executive
qualities. It is an age of great un-1 onstrable In dollars and cents that the
The Farmer ia Western Canada
Achieve Wonderful Hucceea.
One of the first things that the man
(vho wishes to change bis residence en
deavors to find out is where be can go
and succeed. It need be a matter of
little doubt or Indecision now. Dur
ing the past four or five years the de
velopment of Western Canada has
been so rapid, and the conditions of
life there so widely known, that un-
wards of 100,000 Americans have taken
up their homes there, and the experi
ence of these people Is that they are
thoroughly satisfied with their choice
of home.
The methods of farming there arc
similar to those adopted in the United
States, but the operations are simpler,
the yield of grain greater, and tne
profits more satisfactory. Ranching
is carried on with lots of success. Mix
ed farming is always profitable, while
the results in grain-raising are as cer
tain as splendid soil, excellent climate
and lots of sunlight can give.
The yields of but nothing Is as sat
isfactory as the experience of the farm
er himself, and extracts are selected
from one.
A good Intelligent farmer named
Mears John Mears, to be exact left
Cavalier County, North Dakota, two
years ago, and followed the thousands
who bad already gone to Canada. He
had twenty-five years' experience in
Minnesota, in buying grain, including
flax; but In all his experience he never
saw a district so well suited to the
growth of flax as Western Canada.
The financial results of Mr. Mears' op
erations in a single season are as fol
lows: Wheat, 3,0iO bushels 1 hard at
57MtC 1,785.00; 2.B30 bushels 1 North
ern at 5c, $1,457.20; oats, 1.750 bush
els at 35o, JG12.50; speltz, 154 bushels
at 75c, $115.50; flax, 324 bushels at
$2, $!2S. Total, $4.518.20. A return of
more than $1,500 from a little over 250
acres.'an average of $18 per acre, Is
surely testimony sulHciently strong to
satisfy the most incredulous as to the
money to be made out of the soil of the
Canadian West. It Is to facts like
these arguments expressible and detn
Women's love has Its price, but It
is not always properly rated.
A wife ran always find an excuse for
believSnp in her husband's greatness.
A silver "diploma brx" is a gist
trifle soon to be scaosnable.
Red satin hearts are conspicuous
among the bon bon' boxes.
The man of reticence often gets
more credit for ability than he deserves.'
To pm the be&llna
cienmiiiK power of
we will mail large trial treatment with
book of instructions absolutely free.
This is not a tiny sample, but a large
package, enough to convince anyone
that it is the most successful prepara
tion known to medicine as a cleansing
vaginal douche and for the local treat
meat of woman's special ills, curing
discharges and all inflamation, alac
to cleanse the teeth, mouth, and curt
catarrh. Send to-day; a postal will da
Seld Wy itinliu ar Mat eeeteaid r a lasa
- aaU.faellea (itmuci
-fxiOSCOlteciuibut,. lottos Maes.
Tirilliante is one of the newest and
loveliest, silks to be had in exquisite
An Indian head and a tomahawk
makes up one of those pretty little
German silver trays.
Leather bound check books with
individual designs come, for the
woman with a bank account.
Some of the newest negligees are
dainty little affairs reaching only to
the waist.
The man who is In love with him
self imagines that all the world love
a lover.
The greatest trouble with the av
erage reformer is that he begins work
too far away from home.
Some men are so explicit in their
explanations that the fore of it is
If you are so fortunate as to own
any fine old carbuncles have them set
in your umbrella handle.
Reports from Lima, Tern, say that a
storm that struck that Andean city
recently spread a foot of snow on the
streets and dropped the mercury to
degrees below aero. A few mete
orological effects of this kind would
work a radical change In the govern
mental aspects of South America. If
te people down there would eat more
JBow halls and less red pepper they
wouldn't be so keen for the revolu
tleaary gams.
Ths death-rate of the State of Mas
sachusetts has been falling steadily
1 ten years and in the last year was
than ever before. General con-
art changing for ths better.
the mortality from consumption
astd some other Infectious diseases has
a crowd. The Bute Board of Health
ggosts that the gain is in a meas
ure due to Immigration since most of
Oa Immigrants are sound-bodied per
aoas of a favorable age. Immigrants
aot always get credit for their Tir
oes, pnysicai or other; but even If
are stay tkem the possession of ten
Car qualities, wt would be willing to
MUM that ths art tough.
dertaklngs. The man who succeeds
best Is he who can not only work
efficiently himself, but who can show
others how to work. The men who
have made their way to the top and
accumulated fortunes by the time tbey
are forty years old are no longer rare;
but when they have reached a place
of sufficient Importance to warrant a
biography, and the biography Is writ
ten, in almost every case It appears
that two things are true of them
They performed the little tasks of their
early experience thoroughly and Intel
ligently, and they were always ea the
lookout for bigger things to do.
i Tit American people live snd more
tzi bare their belag In an atmosphere
Cf banalsas sasms, many of which
C3a farm as titles and dignities. They
Ci pare wlad and mean nothing st
3. Tbara an Judges who know noth
ZJ af law. Tbara art doctors of laws.
'etaM, theology and phlUophy
1 aertr erea passed through the
t37 aefeoei, to say nothing of accu
30mt aaivvrsity degrees. There
ariiasto galore, generals not a few
J sapUm sere and there who doss
fcaew the gjffsfeaee between a
rtSe ad aa Australian's
Izmj aaf Mar smalt gunpow-?-
oa tba Fewth of July.
' CMfO Baa ESs nothing bet
1 tr j tO tta family If be
1 t3l CJim. Eat erea If
' !"J z rxrrst fOer dutlea
) r-TTt Uita IMS
jczjon. if ba
Jut a OlrL
Many a throne has hid to fall
For s girl,
Just a girl;
Ifsny a king has had to crawl
For a girl,
' Just a girl.
When the hero goes to war
He may battle for the right.
But 'tis likelier by fsr
Thtt ho sallies forth to fight
For s girl,
Jnst a girl.
When the doctor turns to say:
"It's a girl,
Just a girl,"
Papa murmurs with dismay:
"What! A girl.
Just a girir
Ah, but why the sadness there?
Why the bitterness displayed?
Some day some strong man will swear
That the great round world wss made
. For that girl,
. Just that girl.
Why did Adsm tske the bhsT
For a girl.
Just s girl .
Why wss Troy swept oat of sight?
For s girt.
Just s girl. '
O weald hesvea still be bright,
And weald say good maa ears
To achieve It, If he might
never claim forever there,
Jnst s gbi.
Glorious girl?
alesge Record Herald.
It la a Wty tbat Ofe wort
atta" la aot more popster la
I tkaa the word "accomplished."
steady northward movement of Aineri
can farmers is due. Mr. Mears is set
tled near Areola, Assa.
A number of Americans who have
chosen Western Canada as a home bad
the idea that a man enjoyed less free
dom in Canada, but tbey soon found
tbelr mistake, and say the laws cf
Canada are the most liberal in the
world, and such as prevent the lltlga
tion which breeds so much bad focllng
between people in the United States
and costs them so dear in lawyers'
The Government ban established
agencies at St Paul, Minn.; Omaha.
Neb.; Kansas City, Mo.; Chicago, ill.;
Indianapolis. Inn.; Milwaukee, Wis.;
Wansau, Wis.; Det'olt. Saulf Ste.
Marie and Marquette. Mich.; Toledo,
Ohio; Watertown, 8. D.; Grand Forks,
N. I., an J Great Falls, Mont, and the
suggestion Is made that by addressing
any of these, who are the authorised
agents of the Government it will be
to tbe advantage of the reader, who
will be given the fullest and most au
thentic Information regarding the re
sults of mixed farming, dairying,
ranching and grain-raising, and also
supply information as to freight and
passenger rates, etc
Cameos are being revived.
Smart modistes are doing a great
deal of sun pleating.
Cigarette boxes cone Id tbe mission
furlnture styles.
In tbe big flat style is a pretty hat
it grass linen trimmed with cberrles.
Birthday "charms" for tbe differ
:nt months are at tbe Jewelers.
The Coie-acum at Borne bad
modations for 87,000 spectators.
wnen a man anoa ne naa wet a
wife's affection he aearches for flaws
In her disposition.
Capsicum Vaseline
Put Up la Collapsible Tube.
A Substitute far end 8a prior to Hoitardnr lay
rthrr plMUr, and will not bl liter tbe rxl delicate
kin. The pals eilTlne and ountive quelltiee o'
lb li article are wooilt-rfuL It U1 ttop tbe toota
ache aloaoe. and relieve betdesbr nI tclatiea.
We recommend It at tbe beat and afrtteiVfaal
a-rr t7-'rr'ir.i . r, , ..,.... ... .
ft f Jf peine la the chrat and uunech awl as
wentsatlj, aevralew and filly eomfietrta
a tiUl will aruee what ue claim far It, and h
anil be foeod to be laealuable la tbe bouMbaldT
Many people say ' It la tbe bait of ail jour preps
Prtoe IS east, si all drnerttti, or other dealers
or by aendtug thii anjoun t tu ut la poetage eiautne.
a will erad jrou a tut by nail.
So article should be aocmed hj tbe pobilo aa
aet tbe use carries our label, at otherwlet It It
aot genuine.
Sf State St., New York City.
UevaMa of lOV'fn tmariau.
Mtiea la Mera (aaaee
aenae tne ia D raaie. 1 bi ate
evaluated, bacpr and provi erooe
and taereiertMoieLlll fnr mkllMa
noaderfai ril4t of H Ut aae
etiier aralae. MeatOrailne laade
aa uia inn,! nan ..... .,.&
wimm, iMwwtr wa .no roei. uomi acru
aaeeiieat ekorebae eaat eele4i railear taetllUae.
Frei HiMtliii if 160 Acru, Frii
fee ealr eaane beias SIS foe eater. Bead ta tbe
tor certii
w; V. Beaeeu, fn Me Tort Lite Bldg.
ft a noelS 1
m headaches
tuenMMci I J -jaLioi ,
b lewlae fe an Alias and ecbar Miatateia, as wall at
KcaiuaEa.iiioi roe re in Me rawer raise, as.
jertaieadeat of Tamils stloa. Ottea-a. ( aa.. or Ir
Neb the eetburtaed feeedlet)
meat apaal
tieee ate-anaexruow)
mi cov you
aeJaflo? mat asm
a--" mTCaiSrne-
M TPf7 ojsjTtrws.aiA.
, No mass or fsllares msdt with PUT
It takes bat a small dergee of kind
ness to bring jo? to the heart of s
Mrs wiaeieee sorrrswo snrep far
ewef, eeruee
Buy fur gmmda at
rVaoMJf lWoa.
Oar imsveer tttkno win k seat
pa reeolp of is mis Tkls saaoaat
eMSMt fsa par m poiii. tot n is
Meeast to ss Ifcst feel era setln
to wmt faith. Better saeTtsr It mow.
roTJmP st
Ties hmm ms. wn tas tram, ' J
Medicine Never Healed a Wound
Nature pf-rforms the healing process and medicine can only as
fclst her in fMi.tf her work in healinK wounds and throwing off
dishes. Mno-tet.ths of t.e diseasesof man and beast have their
origin In some form of trerms and If allowed to run And multiply
form complications. Tne reason that Liquid Koal prevents all
Kermsd.cas an! cursihem, unless fermentation and inflamma
tion have too far developed, is that it contains every antlsepMc
and ire-mlclda knon to science. All germ diseases such as hr
cholera, swine Ugue, corn stalk diseases.tubercoloslB. blackleir and
numerous others can h- prevented by giving Liquid Koal in drin
inif watr, ecause they are Kerm diseases and no iferm can Hs
wh-re LI.) .iid Koal reaches It. Liquid Koal Is unaffected by the
fmm .VJriCff,hU,ft ,RU,rrh' throufh lD tea tl nei and
fr m there Into the circulation, permeattn the whole system aai
still retains all Its germlclai properties. Diluted with wa"rT
kDov?n "e U DC hUDrfred' u m-kM th besi Hce fcrner
Price of Liquid Koal delivered at your station Is as fellows-
ONS GALLON . . 3.00 25 OAL.-I-2 BBL S2.2e aTl
.an. S' 1"J"lnev: etor. raleore of Madleoa Coontr Neraaba rartiiTe--.
13 to 0 " ? hoee each ;e .r hew. after a fair asdimtafntoll Maf of ChSrll t3
mannUrtored br the Nation.) HMleefl oaaj,T. of NtSton low. mrSSi
Obee Lolee, Norfolk, Nebr.
I .. Mrlnuieb, Knerlck. Kebr.
M. T. Homes, Emerlek, Nebr.
F. P. Uoenrn, JTrwataa Grore, ISeir.
DtCBMBEa, net
enu f
t . Wt-' th. nn'1rl"' "" ralaere and rarmera clad It ta.Mf ii ofa J
Llail Id Koal mennfaniim ha ' ' laenif touts all
Y..'rk. Nebra.ka. We hie. oil thf, m"rZllii.l". '".fj!
Oe. Mill., ilea, Nebr. a?' mllZZJUF'l'" "Sill
Wm. F.uiLauoL aUolebnrst M.H 9-. ??' as-srt, Netor.
I. aiBsebersw, Sr., Osraantcern', Nebr
If your dealer does not keep It write oa dlreet
A 32-pae book on the Diseaaasof Anlmala mailed free uotmi sn.
SheWoOn0Iowatbe N",0M, iffiS
National Cattle and Shew
Killing on
and soah
harm lass
mat Cattle and Sheen Dip Is tbe best and ehnanMr. r-
In Sheep. It forms a parfaot amulakw wlXwauiiivJ mS
to the membranM of tha aea w,vn w"er
sent frVT ooes not keep rt wrIU ns direct. Information