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Jak Doo cam ia tow a yesterday.
J. U. Cook was Harrison visitor last
A. B. Kennedy came up from Craword
Robert Phillips mad a pleasant call
at our office Monday.
Mist Mary Bertleson weot hama an
vuit Tucaday evening.
Sunday school at 10 o'clock; every
body invited. W. ti. Davis; Supt.
Littla Moritz Wilhernasdorfer has been
ak'k with th tonsilitis for several day
but n batter at this writing.
Bchaefer Bros, shipped a car-load of
cattle to Omaha but Saturday. Nick
accompanied the cattle ta Omaha.
Dr. Richards from Crawford was called
to Harrison last Saturday, He made
aevaral professional calls while here.
Peter Bourretmade us a pleasant call
Tuesday and ordered the JociUf AL seat to
his brother at Livingston Wisconsin.
nr. a no Mm. Uruot Outline and son
Basil left last Saturday night for Wash
iagton, D. C, to be (one indefinitely.
we learn mat J. w. Keen received a
kick from on af hia thorough-bred bulls
that has disabled Inm fur thetime being.
We have a few t 12.50 gents Ulster
over-coats that we are cosing out for
$10.00, Now is your chance.
ft8-tf Lewis Gerluch.
Dr. J, E. Pliinoey received a telegram
last Friday announcing the sudden ill
ness of hi father at Seward, Nebr, He
and his son Brownie left for Seward in
Uie evening.
Joseph 8tataoey was called home by
telegraph last Monday, bis family hud
been sick all last week, and their infant
child become dangerousely ill, hence the
nessage was sent for Mr. Statsuey!
Lost Between fin ley's saw mill and
Harrison, a burr oh of a wagon skein.
Anyone (hiding the same please leave at
Mafetaller Fro, and the Under will be
liberally rewarded. J. A. Phipps.
To all trait are indebted to me by act,
or notes past due, take notice Dial if you
want logs rid of me, call at the Com
mercial Bu.sk and settle at once.
' Titer will lie a Ball given at the Hall
Tuesday evening March 17th, in honor of
St. Patrick. Coma everybody as tins
will be Urn hist dance for this season.
Spectator's fee will U the same as before.
R. C. Dujig.
The semtch of a pin may cause the
lose of a limb or even death when blood
poisoning rexult from the injury. All
danger of this niuy be avoided, iwever,
by promptly applying Chamberlain's
Pain Balm. It is an antiseptic and u,uicic
bailing liniment for cuts, bruises and
ores. Far sale by all Druggists.
Card Of Thanks.
Wa can not express our gratitude with
words ta the good people of Harrison for
tlieir kindn ami aid during the itinera
and death of our aoa and brother Roy,
Wa will simply say they have hearts of
Urn. and Mm. B. B. Dot and CuuM.
Eawerth League.
At the U. E. church every Sunday
vening at 7.-00 o'clock.
Everybody Invited. Subject for March
The Young Chrl est en's saaAtea Oresm
Subject for March 1; Tout AisMoenc
the Only Safe Rule. Dan. l.J-ll; I Thee
v, 13; I Peter li'. 11.
JorW I. DaT; Leader.
Wa are glad to any that Andrew Mc
Oinlty, who wa reported laat week as be
ing seriously hurt from a fall, from a
load of hav.is improving as fast aa could
' be expected under the circumstances.
Ha can't lie down yet and lake but
little nourishment but his rest it fairly
good and as noon as the soreness lea ves
his shoulder and side ha will be at him
aelf again.
As w go to praea wa learn that Mr.
KcOinley ia feeling worse.
Ce.ll fee bide.
(Veiled bids will be received by the Di
rector for the construction of a school
house in District No. It Sioux County
Nb, until M;irch 10th. 1909 Phins and
sp-cilliation are on file with I be Direct
or. The Board reserves Uie right to ra-
t aey or njl Ma. Ifcuevi atuara Diet.
The bast physic. "Onoa tried, and you
wilt always uaa Chamberlain's Stomach
and Liver Tablets," says William A
Oirard, Peaaa Vt. These Tablets are the
most prompt, most pleasant and most
reliable cathartic in use. For sale by all
The members of the Royal Neighbors
will celebrate their anniversary, and
givs a supper at the Woodman Hull Fri
day evening Feb. 27th. at 7:80 P. M. all
neighbors, and their families are cordially
Mrs. E. F, Pontics.
When tou feel blue, and that every
thing goes wrong, take a dose of Cham
berlains Stomach and Liver Tablets.
They will cleanse and invorgste your
stomach, regulate your bowels, give you
a relish for your food, and make vou leel
that in this old world is a good place to
live. For sale by all Drug), ists.
With this issue ends the first year of
our work as publishers of this paper, and
we truly thank our friends for tbeii
liberal patronage, and to our correspond
ents we feel under lasting obligations for
their untiring efforts in furnishing us the
news from their respective neighborhoods
We hope that in years to come wa may
continue to hold the rBSSK JOURNAL in
the rank that she has held in the past 14
and one half years.
Roy Dunn, the oldest son of Mr. and
Mrs. Benjamin Dunn, died last Sunday
morning Feb. 21 after a lingering illness
of several months. He was born August
11, 1H88, und was 18 years. 0 months, and
11 days old. He never had been very
strong since he was 4 years old, and God
in His all wine way seen best to call him
to a home where tliere Is no pain or
sorrow, Services were conducted by the
Rev, Hnrton at the residence of Mr. Dunn
at 2 o'clock P. M., and the body was laid
awav to rest in the Harrison cemeterv.
The PrbXH-Jocbnal extends sympathies
to the bereaved parents and sorrowing
friends, . ,.
On our visit to Alliance, Mnrsland and
other points last week, we found the
snow very deep, aud crusted to such an
extent that it is almost impossible for
stock to reach the grass. Considerable
loss is reported at different points and it
seems only a question of stock bucking
providence, and we faar that some of our
stockmen will realize that snow sand
wi-.hes can not be relied upon to carry
stock through Uie winter. We do not
like to chronicle such news, but such
are facts and we hoe that in the future
stockmen will be more careful and not
over stock their ranges, for it is shame
ful to have stock perish for want of food
and shelter.
We were pleased last Sunday night to
listen to Cuptnin W. R. Alters of Alli
ance give his lecture on Jerusalem, at
Mamland in behalf of the Christian en
deavor of that plnce. We have heard
several lectures given on the Holy land
but never have been aide to hear one
that could give such a life like presentat
ion of the subject as did Mr. A kers.
Tliere was a large audience, n,t from
the attention given by all present, wa
was not the only one present that enjoy
ed It. We learn that this lecture is only
the forerunner of a lecture that he is pre
paring on the fioly land; well if it it to
be any better than this one was, wa will
wait in anxious suspense until we hear it.
The singing by the Mainland choir was
second to none that we have heard in any
of the towns that wa have visited.
ef the Tlmee. .
The tendency of medical science it to
ward prevsntiye measures. The best
thought of the world it being given to
the subject It is easier aud better to
prevent than to cure. It has been fully
demonstrated that pneumonia, one of the
most dangerous diseases that medical
men have ta contend with, can be pre
vented by the use of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy, Pneumonia always re
sults from a cold or from an attack of
Influenza (grip), and it has been observed
that this remedy counteracts any tend
ency of these diseases toward pneumonia.
This has been fully proven In many thou-
aids of oases in which this remedy has
been used during the great prevalent of
colds and grip in recant years, and can be
relied upon with implicit confidence.
Pneumonia often results from slight
cold whan no danger is apprehended un
til it is suddenly discovered that there is
fever and difficulty in breathing and
pains in the chest, then It Is announced
that the patient has pneumonia. Be on
the mi fe side and take Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy as soon as the cold la con
t meted. It always curse. Far als by
Mr. William L. Baldwin died auddaol
last Saturday morning about half pai
fouro'cleck. Mrs. Baldwin gave hiiu
a drink of water se veral times duriog the
night, and the last time was about four
o'clock, and later on when aha called
him to get up ha was dead. Ha has been
suffering from a bullet wound received
in the Civil war, and no doubt this helped
to bring on hia death. Mr. Baldw
came to Sioux County in 18M and hat
been one of her respected citixeos ever
since. ' .
The Prh-Jockhal exteoda sympathy
to the bereaved wife, and relatives.
William L. Baldwin waa born July S3
184, and died February 21, 1908 being
68yrs. emo.. and 24 days old. Mr.
Baldwin enlisted aa a private in Comp
any RS7th. Regiment of Iowa Infantry
volunteer on the 9th. day of August IMS
and waa honorably discharged on the 16th
dav of May 1865. The funeral services
ware held in the M. E. Church laat Sun
day. Rev. Horton officiating, and the
body was laid to rest in the Harrison
Cemetery until the laat roll call which
shall bring us before the one, that shall
judge the quick, and the dead. "
War Bonnet Topics.
Our school will close next Friday Fab.
27th. will have exercises in afternoon all
are invited to come.
Mr. Keel, Mr. Zerbst and Mr. Pluokatt
visited Hie school Friday, and Mr. Plun
kett delivered a very nice address to the
scholars. f
I think perhaps we will have soma nice
weather as that sale is over.
Bill Harvey was at the school some last
week. I guess he is renewing his youth.
Tom Flunked visited the school one
day last week.
Mrs. Belle Dunn and family and her
brother Jack visited with Mrs. F. S
Scott and family Sunday. MissOlli vette
went home to resume her school in Har
rison as this school which she has
attending closes next Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Keel were at Mr. Burke's
visiting last Saturday.
Oeorge Garretton called at Bcotts'
Wesley Cannon it staying at Gustave
Sunday school as usual at 2:80 P
Oeorge Grimm and sons and John Mar
king hauled hay from the Biahle place
tliis week.
Bodarc Gleanings.
Most of our vouo people went to
Harrison to attend the dance Friday
evening. We presume tney naa a gooo.
If the ground hog seen hit shadow the
second he was lucky from the presen
ndications of tlie weather he won't live
to see it again poor thing.
Miss Annie Miller came home fron
Chudron sick on Friday since which time
she has been having a pretty hard sieg
th the measels. At present writing
(Tuesday) she is soma better.
Mr. and Mrs. Brown and daughter
Maude were visiting at Mr. U. Zimiuer
ruuns last Thursday.
Mr. Antiiro lias recently lost three
head of cattle from bl atkleg.
John Serret lias lost three head the past
week but has oot decided yet the cause
Wa learn that along soldier creek Can
von and vicinity the loss io cattle has
lMn verv heavv the past few weeks
owing to the cold and scarcity of feed.
John Ebensnscher has added another
ISO acres to his farm.
J. L Anderson was s round Tuesday
exercising a new buggy team lis has just
M. A. C.
Wa have made arrangements with the
publishers of the Young People's Weekly
one of the best periodicals of ita class, so
that we can furnish said paper in connect
ion with (lie praea Journal each one year
for the small sum of f I SA for both paper
or to those in arrers on subscription who
will pay wliat they own and 25 cants
extra wa will sand the Young Peobie's
Weekly one year. Those who have paid
io advance for the Press-Journal and
want a first class paper for the young
folks can come in on the deal also, by
paving 9A cants extra.
The Young People's Weekly has reach
ed its marvelous sucosisi and attained
circulation of over 110,000 copies a weak
beoMss iU contents interest young read-
era, Its popularity extends to thought
ful parents who recognise in it one of the
bast aids in keeping young folks io
healthy touch with the active world
giving them a Usta for clean, vlffor)
rsttaJtjf. and prassolloff truths
raj gspawva
Carey Items. '
-i ' , - --I .
.Mr. Editor: Wa were too busy to write
items last weak, and in constKjueoce your
raiders didn't get to I tear that it was
taest ' horribly" cold down here the fore
part of the week; That there was a baby
girl born at Nick Lovd's on the 12th inst.
sod another ona at C. U. Groves on the
same daU, and that John and Anton
Heckem each marketed a big load of
drsssiil hags at' Crawford etc .. .
; The weather it warmer thia week and
eee.7body is happy.
Mrs. Mattis Tidd, who hat been in
t Jrawford for several weeks doctoring for
bar health, Is so much improved that she
was abls ta retiira thia week to her home
en Indian creak.
" Foatsr Spaaas It buying horses to take
back to Wyoming with him; lie extstcts
to start back overland some time this
: Mr. and Mrs. T. t. Golden were called
last Thursday to Eldora, Iowa by the
serious illness of Mrs. G's mother.
Andrews Happenings.
The Bug at Glen better wake up and
report I
Mrs Chris Christensen and daughters
Clara and Mabel want to Harrison Friday
morning on the passenger to visit with
relatives a day or to. They returned
Saturday evening,
Mrt. 8. 'C. D. Basnett went down the
line Friday. It it uncertain when the
will return.
Mrs. 8. E. Jones received word of her
husbands step father's death Saturday.
She left everything and went up on the
morning pussenger. Mr. Jones went up
as soon as he could dispose of the mail.
Our sympathy and prayers are with
these people in their hours of sorrow for
I he departed one.
Mr. W, L. Baldwin of Harrison died
last Saturday morning. He had been
naving serious nenri iron Die lor some
time sod thia time he was unable to con
quer it. It was reported that he was up
town the day before und when he reached
home ha complained of being tired and
haWg pains near the heart. He was
rilkd to leave this earth so suddenly
that we should take a warning an-1 pre
pare ourselves to be ready to meet our
God at any moment. We trust be is
with God.
Mr. Jsclt Cook cams from Uie
Friday and called on friends here.
Pearl Shepherd had a birthday Satur
day. She was 11 years old. Thomas
Jones's was the following day. He waa
ten years old.
Mr. Wm. DeSomUr and wife took
dinner at Mrs. Hagerman's Sunday
They syrnt a pleasant time there.
Mr. and Mrs. Fall, Pearla Jones, and
otliers took dinner at Mrs. D. W. Shep
Iwrds last Sunday,
Mrs. D. W, Shepherd visited our school
last Friday afternoon und was well
pise iied with the work done there. We
hope she can come again.
We miss Peggy very much when she
fails to report. We hope she won't get
snowed under again like the ground hog
Mrs. 8. E. Jones returned here Monday
evening on the passenger.
Pearla Jones missed school Monday to
help do the work until her mother
Time is precious this week and owing
to an extra rush in business I will "saw
off" but not on some r,e else's wood pile.
The western people do not look for the
ground bog- but for the bear to see his
shadow, The ground hog is frozen stiff.
The bear wanders around and as the tun
doesn't shine fails to sea his shadow.
Thanks to the- Harrison Sun far the
compliment given) May be if he had
such a warm reporter it would melt some
more of the snow, for I noticed the snow
melting for the first time thia winter
when I read one of my warm item in
hi paper. How's that for "Bud and
Blossoms'1 in the winter time? The
flower are even blooming here now.
"Bui abd Ei-renom''
John Davis mad a trip to Harrison on
last Friday ralurnilg on Saturday. It
takes two days to make th trip to town
from hart now.
Prancit Danel has entirely recovered
from hit sickness, and was visiting
friends on the Ridge the first of th week.
Thar was a Valentine party at th res
idence of Mr. and Mrs, C.L. Christians
the night of th llth. There were 81 pre
ant beside th family, and all ojoved
them sal vet hugely. A
I nere were games, and ptay. singing
and instrumental music. The weathe
bmg very v-old the guests did ooi rteptrt !
until daylight when it was found that
the thermoojeter markud 80 degrees be
low zero.
The Misses Florence and Nellie T. and
Nellie M. Christian visited with ye scribe
and family week ago Sunday. Come
again ladies as our door it always open
to good Christians.
8. HolterBeld is hauling hay from Lo
Wiltons. He Bods plenty of snow to run
hit sled.
A letter from our old friend Didrick
Nelson formerly of Glen, but now of
Moscow Idaho tells us that lie it doing
well considering the bad luck he had at
the outset, and that he it well satisfied
in hi new borne.
We see by the Kansas papers that
they have had a hard winter there, that
the snow covered trie around, and the
thermomehir registered from fyto 14 de
grees below zero. Wall wa can beat
that liars. On the morning of the 14th.
also the 15th. the thermometer regist
ered 30 degrees below zero, and during
the day time did not get above zero.
J. J. Zunbrunnsn had a horts killed by
coyotes or wolves a few days ago.
Yes, Buds and Blossoms, we w uld be
pleased to visit yo ur noted city and if
ever it is convenient to do so, will surely
avail ourselves of the opportunity. Of
course wa will need a guide, but we
would prefer a white one. No doubt Mr.
Black is a good old time guide, but the
contrast is too great. No danger of be
ing kidnapped by one of Andrew's Belles
as wa have met on several different
occasions. Why bless you, Bud-t and
Blossoms, we captivated the eyes, and
captured the heart and tW of one of
White River's school mams almost thir
teen years ago. Whenjwe used to range
White creek, Andrews was in an em
bryotic state, and White River was only
a littla brook. At that time several
prominent men resided in and near And
rews. There was Lewis of Lewis, and
Clark's expedition in 1804, Russet Sage,
Old Dan Tucker came to late etc; Ferris
of the Ferris wheel fame; Scott of the
war with Mexico: and Mason of t he Trent
affair; Nelson the famous English Ad
aural, noted for the battle of Trafalgar,
besides other noted parsonages. Time of
course has wrongbt great changes io
White River and Andrews and wa would
not risk ourselves "it all without a guide
as wo might be kidnapped by th Lillie
of the valley. Zekiel.
Wa sea from the daily papers, that 'the
ladies of Crawford are making somewhat
of a'cruaade against the saloons, of that
place. We will say that if there is any
one thing that the mothers of our
country should have a right to do is to
protect their homes from this damnable
curse, the saloon, It is true a grat
many citizens in our towns hold up the
saloon it a great necessity, in the way of
getting flnaeces for the support of the
public schools We believe we are ns
much interested in the education of our
children as the average person, and what
we want it the right and pnvelege of vot
ing a direct tax for the support of our
schools. We are sure that if every wife
and mother could have that all seeing
eye so far ns would pertain to her hus
band that she ought see hi) at all times
and in all placet, there would not be a
saloon left. In our visits to different
towns where the saloon element predom
nates, we learn that some of the best
citizent as they are called visit houses of
prostitution, and'place themselves upon
a level with ita inmates,
You may wonder dear
readers how such a thing aa this can be
hut it is very eaayily explained, for it is
the hell-holes of saloons that some of
our good citizens visit, and whan their
brain is set on fire by the social drink as
it is call d; man theo condescend to
humiliate, andrput to sham th on
that has c rented him for grand and nobler
purposes. We hop thef geod mother
of Crawford will not cease in their effort x
until every saloon in that place is closed
and that their children may be able to go
upon the'streett without having to listen
to langusges that would put to shame th
devil himself war it not that it is his
business to tear down the strong, and the
weak. The queetioo has often been put
to us is it right for a christian to dance?,
and our answer has always been this; can
you meet your Saviour la th ball room
without blushing: and th tame rule will
apply to husbands can you not only meet
your Saviour, but your wives in anv
p lac that you may go. W ara sure
that If all could adopt this rl there
would b mor happier bom, and less
place of degradation. Stand by your
calling christian fathers and mothers sml
may all the mothers that ar not christ
ian become our allies that this gr. i
cur, the saloon may be wiped from
l-tmic e end that the name of Christ nm
be upon th lips of avary oa io tba place
of curfftag,
Buy, Hides, Tallow, Pe I ts and Fu rem
and will pay highest market price. ,
Leave at Marsteller Bros.- or at inyf .
residence east of school-house.
Professional Cards.
Pbylscian and Surgeon.
All calls given prompt attention.
OOce lu Drug Store. --HAKS.1SOS
. nebuabka;
Prompt attention given to all lega
matters in Justice, County and Districts
Courts, and before the Unite Slate
Land Otfice.
Fire Insurance written ia reliable
HTLegal papers carefully drawn..
Hajuuson, - Nebraska.
V. R. R.
E. M.
it the bast.
to and from the
F. E. & M. V. R. R. Time Table
New Schedule of Trains.
Taking effect Sunday Nov. 28,
West Bound.
East Botindr.
60, Frt. ...2:35
No. 5Frt.4:lSp.ni.
No. 5, Psgr. 10:55
No. 4. Psgr. arrives-i
8:35, departs 7 .-00
Both trains carry passengers.
It is Ufltvat for ut to keep silence so
long, but prisoners are deprived of mutiy.
liberties, aod sucb we have been for some
time, but are glad to be able to get nt
again, and get ready to make guru n.
when the robins return. We note il.i.t
Sioux County has had its share of bl.jw
zards cold and snow, and late reports re
that heavy snows are doing much dun-
age in the northwest now. Trains u
been delayed, and the last two .Puss-
Journals have failed to reach us. Vie.
hope the loss of cattle is not as great us.
reported. We have not had much snow
but cold; boo it makes us shiver to think
about it 17o below zero I think is the
coldest hre. The weather hat Um.
quite mild for a tfew days. There Ims',
been a great deal of sickness here Hit,
winter, the dector calls the prevailing:
complaint "Gripp". Weak eyes, i.id.
hard coughs has bean as common as the
cold, and for a while some of tne Lrs..
hardly had lime to eat or sleep. Ue
have had a hospital since Jan, 8th., hut.
all are better now, buttBeasie will i,ot
go back lo school uguin this year. V Un-
we read Mrs. Rice's last letter I thought
how perfectly heavenly to live where
the wind does nut blow all the time-
vu ui i.i pruiesNurs u it i was nere in
r t ......
the college two years ago .said thfare is
just one sign that never fails in Nebraska.
aod that is il the sun sets m the west i ho
wind is sure to blow the next day aud it.
has seemed almost true sometimes for we
have plenty of dry blizzards. The
ground-hog saw his shadow Hud we have-,
had our coldest weather siocej Feb. 2ml.. '
We are a little (earful for the wiuierr
wheal crop, Central City of course i..
trying to get the state Normal but we
think it will Jjbu located farther west.
Interesting meetings have been earned
on in the Uitferehl churches this winit r
wiiu good results and at this time thtie.
ar but four unconverted students in ti
college. Weare.gltid to learn of the,
iuterest taken in 8. S. work in Sioux Co..
and wish Mr, Burke success in his new
branch of tht woi k . The hope of our
nation is in the rising generation and if '
we can only make honest men of all ih
innocent little boys the victory is ours.
What about the girls, oh to long as
can't vote wear not worth irimttrigt
you see, butif every little girl iow inn,
just such a true woman as she ouhi to
b thlt world would be so full of Ituppy
ho nies ther would b no room left lor
the devil to sneak around aod gt m hl
dreadful work.
Iieefeleg far .
One of th London west end clubs
roNOtly drartlted for a secretary aud.
It had tk extraordinary number or
1,100 applicants. Among toam
tstf Ink at am or four, other i