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A nervous, irritable mother, often on the ver&o of hysterics, is
unfit to care for children ; it ruins a child's disposition and reacts
upon herself. The trouble between children and their mothers
too often is duo to the faot that the mother has some female
' weakness, and she is entirely unfit to bear the strain upon her nerves
that governing a child involves; it is impossible for her to do anything
cairmy. She cannot help it, as her condition is due to suffering and
shattered nerves earned by some derangement of the uterine system
with backache, headache, and all kinds of pain, and she is on the verge
of nervous prostration.
When a mother finds that she cannot be calm and quiet with her
children, she may be sure that her condition needs attention, and she can
not do better than to take Lydia E. Pink ham's Vegetable Compound.
Hiis medicine will build up her system, strengthen her nerves, and
enable her to calmly handle a disobedient child without a scene. The
children will soon realize the difference, and seeing their mother quiet,
wffl themselves become quiet.
Mrs. May Brown, of Chicago, III., says:
have so
V, . if von came to
M I -W
yoo honor. Gratefully yours, Mrs. Mat Brown, 57 Grant Place, Chicago, 111.
How Mrs. Pinkham Helped Mrs. McKinny.
Dear Mks. Tixkbam : I feel it my duty to write and let yon know the
good you and your Vegetable Compound are doing. I had been sick ever since
my first baby was born, and at the birth of my second, my doctor, as well as
royeelf thought 1 should never livo through it. After that menstruation never
eaane regular, and when it came I suffered terribly. I also had womb and
ovarian trouble. A friend of my husband's advised him Ui get Lydia E.
Plnkhani's Venerable Compound for me. At first I had no faith in it,
but now nothing could induce me to be without it. Menstruation has become
regular, and I feel like a new woman. Your medicine is a God-send to suffer
Ing women. I hope this letter will lead others to try Lydia E. Plnkhan'S
Vegetable Compound. Yours truly, Mas. Mildrkd McKiiirrr, 88 Pearl
St., Ban Francisco, CaL" (March 16, 1901).
If there 1 nnythln? In your case about which you would like
arterial advice, write freely to Mrs. IMnkham. Address Is Lynn,
Mass. Her advice Is free, and lief advice Is always helpful.
FORFflT (f w rsnnot firt'.rrdh
.i... i.i.r,,r.i.l.i. wklch will i"nfi)
Ittltt Mmtttv
JiMUrUroaly llftd, - l- mnl to rarn hn,lnn,.
Ulforno. K.rninir ix,w.-r t.r rff l'i.tlnf-tiU, a hlith
m tit H-r r. tt, ur wrticnUr. .firtrt-Mi
Tt Wlllmn Mrret, Nnw yutkCltjr
Vary Mte.
"I love you," Mr. i'olk stammered.
"I've been trying to say this to
you for months. I konwl have been
slow, but, oil, I hope I am not too
"You will be, I'm afraid, if you
don't start now. I hear papa coming
down stairs." Philadelphia Press.
Many men waste valuable time by
beginning a work at the wroug end.
(Greatest in
Cathartic, Good worda spoken by their mama for 0A80ARHTS to other mamaa have made
CABOARET3 aaooeuful until the aale now la nearly MILLION BOXES MONTH. Why do
little folks like OASOARBTS ? Beoauaa they are a sweet, palatable, frasrant little tablet
taste good-do ffood-nover grip nor gripe, but act gently, naturally, positively. Medloine that
child dlslikos will not do it much good. Sensible parents give their little darlings medicine
that tastes good and does good, and does not grip nor gripe; the kind they like themselves.
Children aro always ready to take 0A80AIUBT8. THM PBRFBOT HOME MTOIOINB, ask for
them and are kept healthy always and safe against the dangers of ohlWhpods ailment
Stor the Bowel All druggists, lOo. Mo, Ma KJVKRJ f0,
tablet stamped O O a Guaranteed to ours or money back. Sample and booklet tra Address
eirH Remedy CObloago or Mew Tork.
" Dab Mm. PrifKHAM : 'Honor to whom
honor is due,' and yon deserve both the thanks
and honor of the mothers of America whom yon
bleraedly helped and benefited. I have
used L.yul.1 1J. 1'lnklinm's vegetable com
when I would feel run-down, nervous
and irritable, or have anv of the aches and nains
which but few women escape, and I have found
that it relieved me at once and (rave me new
strength. Several ladies, members of our Lit
erary Union, speak in the highest praise of your
Vegetable Compound, as they have been cured
Irom serious re.male troames. une laoy,
who thought she must submit to an opera
tion, was cured without usinjr anything in
the world but Lydla E.IMnkhani's Vege
table Compound and Sanative Wash.
You have hosts of friends in Chicago, and
wit our city we would delight to do
pnxlnea th origins! lettors and ilgnatnre ot
their tolule irnnulnrrKtsa
Ji. I'lukiiain Umlldna Co Lynn,
Wooden sleepers on railroads last
about fifteen years.
For the renl good old llnrkwhent flavor,
luiv Mrs. Aomin's lltit kwheut, nnd don't for
get tlie ranic.
A rifle bullet, fired at a distance of
fifty yar.is, will not pass through a
wall of snow four feet thick.
Heartless rllow.
Wife lie sure to advertise for Fido
hi the morning newspapers.
Next day the wife read as follows In
the newspapers. "Lost, a mangy
l:pd'ig,with one eye and no tall. Too
fat to walk. Answers to the name of
Fido. If returned stuffed 2 reward."
Many women dlplay Jewelry in a
way that shows superb vanity.
TtlB BlOnU.
The blood it life. We derive from tha
Slood life, power, beauty, arid reason, aa
the doctors have been guying from time
immemorial. A healthy body, a fresh Ap
pearance, and generally all the abilities
we possess depend on that source of life.
It la therefore the duty of every sc nsible
man to keep the blood as pure and nor
mal aa possible. Nature, in its infinite
wisdom, lias given us a thermometer in
dicating the state of the blood, which
appeals to oar reason by giving notice of
its impurity. Small eruptions of the skin,
to which we scarcely pay any attention,
headache, ringing noises in the ears, lassi
tude, sleeplessness, are generally a sign
that the blood is not in its normal state,
but is filled with noxious substances.
These symptoms deserve our full atten
tion. If more attention were paid to
those symptoms, and steps taken to re
move them, then many illnesses from
which we suffer would becmne unknown,
and the human body would become
stronger and healthier. Attention there
fore should be paid to those warning
signs, and the blood can be purified and
poisonous substances removed from it by
the use of Dr. August Koenig's Hamburg
Drops, discovered more than sixty jears
While swimming Id a floating bath
Id Berlin, a lady felt a clutch at her
foot. Id another moment her big
toe was gtioe, bitten off by an otter.
The lady will be lame for life.
Is taken internally. Trice 15 cents.
In Mexicans families the cook Is
usually supplied with a certain sum
per day for provisions. For one dol
lar a d;iy she will furnish a good table
for three or four persons, with
enough leit over to feed two ser
Don't forget a Itrge 2-o. puckmre Red Croi
Ball Blue, only b cents. The Buss Company.
oSnth Bend, Ind.
The county jail at Clifton, Arizona
comprises four large rooms hewn
from the solid quartz rock of the hill
side. The entrance is through a ves
tibule protected by three steel gates.
Tne wall of quartz inclosing the jail
Is fully fifteen feet thick.
Mn. Wlnilow'r SOOTHINi SVR17P for cblHrM
iMthln. lnft.nl th mml. rodtlMI infolDfttlOfl
ftln.cnrH triiid collo. ibo bottle.
The directors of a bank la Chicago
think that no man should marry on
a salary less than $1,000 a year. They
have therefore, informed tbeir single
clerks wbo get less than this Bum
that they must not murry. The
clerks have requetsel higher pay.
Use tho Famous Bed Orois Ball Blue. Largs
2-oi. packnge 5 cents. The Rum Company,
South bcod, Ind
In Corea aservlcable umbrella costs
about twelve cents. The covering is
of foiled paper.
Mrs. Austin's Bnrkwhest hits a world wlds
reputation nn Hcrount or Its punt? nnu gen
uine Buckwueat fluvor. Don't forgnt name.
The population of Spain is only
3,000,000 more than it was forty-Sve
years ago.
but 10 cents per package.
The customs duty on automobile!
In New Zealand Is 20 per cent ad va
lorem, and the same rate Is charged
on finished or partly finished parts
of sa.ue, Including weldless steel tub
ing cut to short lengths
Last year we imported nearly 8,
000,000 bushels of potatoes, tr is quan
tity being exceeded only twice in our
history. Tn the previous fiscal yeat
the crop In this country was rnucr
larger ana we imported only 37l!,uo(
prepared for sufferers from nasal catarrh
who are used to an atomizer in spraying
the diseased membranes. All the lieulm.
and soothing properties of Cream Ifalm
are retained in I lie new preparation. It
does not dry up the secretions. Trice, in
cluding Bprnying tulit, 75 els. At drug
gists' or Ely Bros., t0 Warren street,
New York, mail it.
At liar Own HI. It.
"Keep your mouth shut," ex
claimed the brutal husband, who was
teaching bis wife to play ping pong.
"How dare you speak to me like
that I" she demanded.
"All riuht. then, kepe It open,"
he acqulesed, "but rcmeoib 'r, 1
tho ball is lost, you pay for it. "
Ohio State Journal.
A Woman likes to. believe that met?
are attracted to her.
Bow the Ant Played I'pon Ilia Weak
sen and Hon.
Once upon a time there was a roach
lived in a bole In the wall next door
to a wise old ant. Now It happened that
the ant did not like the roach and would
gladly have murdered him but for the
roach's size and great strength, which
made the ant no match for bim in a con
tent of strength.
The ant placed poison at the roach's
door, but the roach was wary and ate
it not One evening, when the lady ef
the house came into the room to look
for roaches, the ant called upon the
roach to come out of his hole, hoping
the lady wouid-kill bim, -but-tbe reach
heard her footsteps and kept close
Next the ant tried to compass the de
struction of the roach by daring him to
climb np the side of the wall, hoping
that the roach would full from a great
height and break his neck. The roach,
however, refused to climb.
Now it happened that the roach wa
a great sprinter and was very proud
of his ability to get over the ground ity
a hurry. The ant chanced to think of
this, and going to the roach, challenged
him to a footrace. The roach aeccptid
the challenge at once and stated that
he could run Tauter with bis front feet
tied than any bandy logged ant In the
whole bouse. The ant selected the spot
where the foot race was to be run.
which was across a yellow sheet of pa
per on the window sill. Hither both the
ant and the roach went and halted at
the edge of the sheet of paper.
"Are you ready?" cried the roach.
"I am!" shouted the ant.
"Go!" yelled the roach, and with that
started across the sheet of paper at a
dreadful pace, only to fall down and
stkk fast in a nauseous mire ere he had
gone two Inches. The ant did not start
at all, for well ke knew that the race
course was across a sheet of flypaper.
Moral: There is a weak spot in ev
ery man's armor If you can but find It
Ohio State Journal.
Trade in Rabbit Skins.
The English rabbit skin trade is on
of Interest to Americans, according to
a report made to the State Depart
ment by United States Consul Ual
stead at Birmingham. "Instead," he
says, "of being sent to certain parts of
the European continent where for a
great many years rabbit skins intend
ed ultimately for American use have
undergone a process known as pulling
a few bales of these skins were ship
ped last winter, experimentally, direct
from Birmingham to the United States.
It was thought, a shipper told me, that
we had produced a new machine In
the United States which could pull out
the long hair of rabbit skins at less
cost than by the extremely cheap hand
labor of the continent. I learn that the
machine experiment was not a success,
and I know the English dealers who
were interested In the American ven
ture are again sending their skins to
the continent, where the long, useless
hairs are laboriously pulled out by
hand and the skins reshlpped to hat
manufacturers in the United States,
vho shave off the close hair and use
this fur to make felt hats.
"Millions of rabbits, British and Aus
tralian, are consumed annually In
Great Britain. Dealers purchase skins
from game and poultry shops, and
where rabbits are dressed In house
holds Uiere Is, as a perquisite, a penny
apiece to the cook. One Birmingham
dealer tells me he handled 3,000,000
rabbit skins last year."
Nu lies a:i(l Mxoaroni.
"Many persona believe nudles orig
inated In Germany," says a New York
Italian arm of the law, "but such is
not the case, for nudles, macar...il,
spaghetti and vermicelli are the same,
only of different shapes and sizes. Nu
dles is a hand-made preparation of the
mountain, and nearly every Italian and
German family In America makes It
by hand. Italians never bake maca
roni or paste in uny form. The only
way to eat It Is boiled. In Italy the
cooking of this dish is left to the head
of the family, whether he tie rich or
poor, if he bus the time. The paste Is
dropped into boiling water, und when
done Is drained In a colander. A pot
roast gravy Is made, with lima beans,
tomatoes and mushrooms added. Then
a layer of macaroni is put in a plat
ter and covered with the sauce, some
Kalian pepper and grated Parmesan
cheese; then another layer, and more
sauce, pepiKT and cheese, until the dish
ia filled. That makes an artistic dsh.
Careless people simply dump the maca
roni Into a deep dish, pour on all the
auce, pepper and cheese an4 stir ev
erything together."
Memorial fur Founder or G. A. R.
A committee of five has been ap
pointed lu Washlnton by General Tor
ran en, Commander-in-chief of the
Grand Army of the Republic, to ar
range for the erection of a memorial
to General B. F. Stevenson, founder
and first provisional Commander-la-chief
of the Grand Army of the He
public. General Logan held the office
afterward for three years, nnd Gene
ernls Burnsldc, Devens, llaitianft,
and Koblnson for two years each.
Hlnce 1878 there has been a new Commander-in-chief
each years
1 he Kirnlt.
Towno lie does think an awful lot
of himself, that's a fact; but be cer
tainly is bright.
Browne What a ridiculous speech!
If be were really bright be'd only bar
to think a little bit to get onto himself.
-Philadelphia Press.
A lewried Country.
Spitsbergen belongs to no caaatry,
ind since the cessation of whalleg K Is
leserted, even In summer. Tntra art
iepoilt of coal and phosphates bat tt
loes not pay to work them.
Ref. H. Stnbenvoll, of Elkharn, Wi., ia pastor of the Evangelical Lntheran
St. John's Church of that place. Rev. Stnbenvoll ia the possessor of two Bible
presented to him by Emperor WilKam of Germany. Upon the .fly leaf of one of
the Bibles the Emperor has written in bhi own hahdwrithig a- text.
This honored pastor, in a recent letter to The I'eruna Medicine Co., of Colum
bus, Ohio, says concerning their famous catarrh remedy, Peruna:
The Peruna Medicine Co., Columbus, Ohio.
Gentlemen: " had hemorrhages ot the lungs tor a long time,
and all despaired ot me. I took Peruna and was cured. It gave me
strength and courage, and made healthy, pure blood. It Increased
my weight, gave me a healthy color, and I feel well. It Is the best
medicine In the world. If everyone kept Peruna In the house h
would save many from death every year. " H. STUBEN.VOLL.
Thousands of people have catarrh who
would be surprised to know it, because
it has been called some other name than
catarrh. The fact is catarrh is catarrh
wherever located; and another fact
which Is of equally great importance is
that Peruna cures catarrh wherever
Will receive, free on application, a little pamphlet corvlaJning
points from x
by writing to Lyon Manufacturing Co., 45 South 5th St.,
Brooklyn, N. Y., giving name tnd address.
It is not good form for a woman to
piy men Indiscrlmate compliments.
Don't be afraid to tell all the par
ticulars when acknowledging a fault.
It is well to forget tbe trifling tiffs
you have at home.
Did you ever notice bow many men
Mmrne lofty airs on little founda
t o is?
There are ways of impressing a
woman without being severely cilt
ical. It is amusing to hear men talk of
hew near they came to doing great
There is no use in trying to sup
press the fellow who insists upon
knowing It all.
There are fifty automobiles tn use
in Mexico City, most of them electric
machines of American manufacture.
The goshawk is put to a cruel use
In Persia. In hunting the gazelle it
is trained to feed on that creature's
beautiful eyes by placing its food in
the emptied eyeballs of a stuffed ga
zelle, so that when used tn the hunt
i be goshawk disables its victim by
attacking its eyes.
Quaint novelties are the square,
Jeweled nets for tbe bair, worn so
that one corner forms a point in
Straight to the Spot
Aching backs are cased. Hip, back, and
loin pains overcome. Bwellmg ot
limbs and dropsy signs vanish.
They correct urine with brkk diist sedi
ment, high colored, excessive, pain in
passing, drlbbllne, freonency. Dnan's
Kidney Pills dissolve and remove calculi g
and gravel. Relieve heart palpitation, I
sleeplessness, headache,- nervousness.
Tbxl Citt, Ikd. I received the free
trial of Donn's Kidnev 1111s. They arc
splendid. 1 had an awful pain In my back ;
on taking the pills tho pain left nie right
away and 1 feel like a new man. Btrplten
Mrs. Annm Andmiws, Ii P. D. No. 1,
llnonitKAD, Wt., writes : I received the
free triul of Donn's Kidney Pills with much
licnpflL llv little neniinw waa auffcrlf
terribly with kidney trouble from scarlet
.ever. Two doctors fuilcd to help him and
to Anally weat Into spasms. Ills father
rave him Doan Kidney I'tua ana irom
he seooad dote the pala was Itsa He
iegn to gain and Is to day wcB boy,
t.is life saved by Uoan Khlnry I 'III.
If you do not derive prompt and satis
factory results from the vide of Pernna,
write at one to Dr. IJartman, giving a
full statement of your case, and he will
be pleased to give you bis valuable ad
vice gratis.
Address Dr. Ilartman, President ol
The Ilartman Sanitarium, Columbus, O,
During tbe life of tbe average os
trich the yield of feathers amounts
to $1,500.
Most of tbe horses In Bombay art
imporedaod climatic conditions art
Tbe principal drawback to the ust
of automobiles' irrMex-cio Is the lacs
of good roads.
The duty on automobiles imported
from any foreign country into.Indii
Is 5 per cent ad viriorem.
Museums are ranch in favor ii
Russia. Even In Siberia neatly ever
town of 10,00 Inhabitants has one.
Alternate stripes of large and smal
rosebuds on a cream ground Is -out,
pattern in new evening silks,
Tbe prettiest children's bibs In the
shops are those cut from embroidered
linen handkerchiefs.
There is no law upon tho statutt
books of Ohile relating to tbe auto
mobile, which is probably due to tin
fact that there are no automobiles In
tbe country.
Climate and topography, as well at
the condition of the roads and th
Individuality of tho people, mlliiatt
against the future of tbe automobile
In Brazil.
Black rubber combs for Fldo's kill,
et are dtsphtyed fur 15 cents. I
Kunm.Rs Mii.i.s.Ky. I received the free
theprial of pills. They done mn great good.
had bladder trouble, compelling me to
pet up often (luring niplit. Now J Meep
well ; no pain in neck ol bladder; pain ia
hack is gone, ulso headache. Jno. L. IlilL
Fomva-MiMiiWf Co. .lufTalo, IV. T.
rieaati arm) itm by mall, without chars,
trial box Duaara Kidney I'llfc.
IMHtmjM imdottatf Hmtaaa Mill
rater-ainnim (V, ftaffMo, H. T.)