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    Harrison Press -Journal.
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tt a n n to at r t nna - vt a a
llAIUUdUiN il:irri!y.N L .N j
Mr. Ed Maine ia pluy-iug bachelor thisV,
Jtie i
Henry Rom
tas.in from Sheep cro k
Mr. and Mrs. J A. Thater were in front
I!. stare on Monday.
Mr. Sam Porter, from Pleasant Rdge,
Will Mi t)ll a"liesdllV.
Bartcll went to Crawford en
business Mnhdav evening.
Z. I". Antrim adds Ins name to our list
of readers, w itli 1 ) i . h issue.
F)r. Withers, Omaha dentist will I ii.
Harrison, lecember Is I and 2nd.
ha. Thomas and wife, from Black
rail yo. were in town Monnay.
Monday school at 10 o'clock; every
Wdy invited. VV. H. DaVN; Supt.
ne ol Mi- new lads is men a socks fn. i
women. I here m a minor pre v. i lent I h it
some wive wear the trousers, hut noon
invasion ol the wntdrobe of the nit-n there
w ill be nog hly low iirliel of wearing
apparel that man can call hifiown.
i County Mapa. REPORT FROM S-,'HOOL DISTRICT o, bv Mr. Johnson, will pans him in
The Phkss-Joi rnal has primed a ( NO. TWO, SiOUX CO. j every branch that is required for a
itrd numlicr of map on Manilla card! Uu....t ,r, ,.ur,,n .. i ,n .1.
... ' , ,n . ' Alex. Johnson, a former teacher of : 8econd cerlilicale, and that Hi
, Ular 1 which cm lie w ur-d lor 10c each 1 , utn,t '....i.,.,. u-iuun 1... i. . . ... i, . . ,11
-.. . ... , , . 1 lifri,nic, reports Hie school in Dist l,tM H"" given by her as a teacher will
! D subscribers.
, No. 2, Si. ..1 county, doing KomJ work. j l,urlmsi! """ 0,1 every c"unl tx, tPl '!
I He c-loae the lull term lu tins dislnct j "e' anJ 1 Ul1 lu w,""r Mr- Johnson
Professional Cards.
Buys, Hides, Tallow, Peltn. and Fur.
Rather like w inter here Tuesday 'in-rn- j N"V-mUr 'Jil, and will teach the spring
mt; Alniut U':0(i ..'. lock Mouilav i.i.-l.t ,Brn sioinniencirig lirst M mday in April.
socks woulil. i.Jij bn.ui- wjjjii -'iv, .1 bnnu' wn4e n-wM. HfMl be tiiiei'il.iiuie-baa-buejj betier- tlgm-for
Ittl..4,A-,iii..rti,,tritii,i..,la.l..,l... .... . I .. . t t ., Tt .. 1 !
" ........... m. .... j , 1 1 in ui 1 1 1 j lirr .is 1 001 1' to
John t 'brit iafi wns sluk i't; trmdswith
Iiii nianv friends in I!.irns.Mi Tic-sdav.
JrrA Wilt nm' . niwkmitnn buv
jnit workiin; (or the rail-road compani
mil rA bjTj. ;
A tiew coi'siL'nni.'nt of
. t. .... - rL-TIT A t 'II.'
'.i.t.H . k ..I...I..-V' ii-'.
V. A. rixsler went to I.ii'-k Monday to
bKin on the Hall which be is to build in
thnt citr.
If roll w:mt your deii'i'l crk done .v
it t-xpi-r, and at rrstMinalile price, m
Dr. Witbtis.
Mori a"'' better 'or.d for th " inie
fr t (!rla h' More tba n anv oi her
plc, 1 rr I h 111. ID I f
On 1 ft tVunm'HM'ii'f" procMwInur last
w.-k in the bill of 7.. Y. Antrim it read
$S 70 litn it l.u!l havorad sf 0.70.
Cbarln ,wis a Harrison visitor
Tue-day, and rininlrii n In a linan
(,tal way whit b 1 alwav appreciated.
Breezes from Glen.
The thre-heis have l'en t work in
our vicinit 1I.0 last few days. They
were tbri -Ii 11:.' lor Mr. fry, t lan.lilet,
Kr. man, and .jacob.on.
Mr. Jiihci M ti's .i ho .l in I'ist No. 2
el'ses Wi-do. ..vii tin L'lj. We wish him
aiicccss 111 bn new m-IiooI,
We hada'iod Sunday m1VmI last Sim
ilar. VS e look t..; ltnv. fciuan to l.e wim
us ."uial.13 lilt uiJi ll,
Mr. I raiiibu t lias ben bus n.j; up the
I to ke s 01 tins ncifcl.Ua hood.
same amounl of din living as snow,
therefore making it quite- ihnretable.
The Mntfintr c lassth.it was organized
last spring ill meet at Hie ctiurcit, next
Tuesday evening at 7 o'clock, for the
purpose of reorganizing, and transacting
such other business as mav come before
it. All ilicinU rs are requested to rw
The ui'CoVkrmg ol the land frauds in
Nebraska is a m?i iou malter, arm so lar
as Ibis country is cons. m. d , iioidou
.e-ins to have been liie tbn.1' lali.lllig j
olace lor sou.e two bur nil. d alow s w 1 10 1
liav !l!d on claim wiih t li i-.H-g-d m
! lit lm ol lians.i rr.iig ill lo the I rger
lanchmeii. A tnitntitr ol llla.ts liaVe
Is-eu sunpoeni'd from the county to p
;ear liefoie II. Linleii .State . ourt.
I ieil lloM, ol (i...oii. liariiet: Ra haiiN
.mil 1 ..pi. Aiieis, R.ciiver of tin- Land
Ollii'e, til A 1 1 1.1 m , ii re among II. e most
I'tvmifit ut v iti.e ,m-s sumiiH'tifd, vlnle
soiiik of t,e Unitt d Slale 1 Ilii 1 rs have
n..eu !.s.ei.iieil. In the meantime l'resi
ilfiil. Roos-vell, is delernonnl to protect
the KoVernitifiil lion), 1111 Iroiu the en
ci ii.ii bin. ts of la 1 tl rabhers. 1 '0111 r.irx
lo the expectation ol i:e ia;i individuals,
he not tally upholds Co. Mosb , the
giiverunient i 111 a- viewer, but has sent
him back here Ki cmpb l the work be
was inlerrupi'ri in, in order to personally
Collier With the IV. idelll a.'.tlu" situulion
ill Northwest Neina-sa. What the up
shoT.ol all I bis v. 1 1 1 I, i-cliniins IiiIm.m
. A. Biuelow departed for lowa.M.m-J ,mt Ui l; , M nf w,u , fWr
by I lie ki.ow leilt-thai the governni'-ni
is not goini: to stand idly by w hile an in
justice is Is'iig ili.ne ac.am-.t future
genera tiu lis. RusbviP Uecoider.
A Coed Investment.
We have funned a 8locl; t onipany to
( pel le the gohl mine Iliat I h.i e been
inteirsi'd 111 tor pst four yeais. VV
have decided to erect i stamp mid and 111
order' lo do so e will swll a limited
unmix r ol Sl.aiesat tOcnits per hhaiv,
per value one tloliar. I he dcvelcpemenl
wank is about completed, and i-hown.g
si far is excellent. Will be pi. a-d to
see any of my hiaiaU and exnlaiu our
piojiosilani to them lor a profitable 111
E F. ro.VTIt'H,
ir rvemng, where b. w II Visit for
whit, lie will no ilotibl visit Arkansas
tfui reluruiuz:.
Samuel I'orter and Mrs Errirna '"rrinp
re iarri.il lant luesnav evening, lie v.
Hoi Ion officiating. THE PliESK Jet I NAt.
ejdnals tiest w ishes
Yir.Ii r.immirm.n, who has been nb'nl
fir .tiniil IKntontbs iililnU'vu. returned!
last Monday. Ell savs b ill prohahU
liar tbrotih the t inter with us,
I will riimiiifni't a Revival Mi-tinj.' at
Plaanl Rn'ge MoIi la.V, 1 ec. 7; Evry
bedy m invilwl to aiir-id.
I,. V. IluliToN; l,wltor.
He We She: Scturc'.ey el Cr wfsrd
in ol Querrel Wnt "Jim"
Bod.irc Gleanings.
If yen want fcna 111 Uidux end 1 hilrt
re ehoes jo (o (!.RLAl H'S w her you
ree buy lhm cheaper than in env
ester city. TIk now have a largf
(Ss.cial to t be Star.)
Crawford, Nil... Nov. 24 Hast.ngs
Itroailtius was slot Nalurdav l .Jim
'Aalser und (Ltd jesieiday morniiig.
wisnrr sted ttsla l?y Marshal
Harte .mil Uk'-n In 1 hadion.
The men, it is ciaiuitd, I. ad a quarrel,
I ih ciuse o w in 11 is not nuUriiniiei
t.-.... ,.i. ..r tt.-.. 1, , ..... ,.. nj it 1 in 1 1 is 11
1 1 n-ii'Ji 1.1 nn.. 1 v 1 1 in iif W .IS j JS
jitstilitd He matle no ellort tt escape,
the wound at. lirsl Hot being believed to
be la til.
Not much is know of the dead man.
His remains are la-ing held bv tbsau-
ohn :'uiou is laking a short vacation
III Omaha.
Jl. Zimmerman nr,d Nn k .S haefer
drove then cat i b to l.al, w 01 1 b 'a tut
. J. ('. Shipley, frnm near Marsland, was
ttansactine bu-iness at the county scat ; ihoriti, penilmg advices from relatives
let Monday. Mr. htupley as atlininis-; none of w hum h.t rt heen beard Irom
trator, ban been setiling up the allairs of
Krenll FleieuC deceased.
The F. E. A M. V. R. R. havo put on a
Mots, and girls rever disoltey your
paeeiils. If lilt hisiolV of d.sobtdit-ul
from this time forth. Note tbeihangei
in time talilt tine week iiiunotber col .
11 idij.
train Is-tween llhadroo and j i-'bildten were w ritten. what a sad m-nes
f'a-r. o our mails willlw mora regu'ar : "-i-'e-'emes wotiiu nguie 111 me milky
volume. teiiave Know 11 pai'.nts who
have sini.rd and ilone wrong in them
selves tint hate matle the 11 1 st palhedc
etl'oris IosIikkI lb- ir children from hirni,
Jof.n Brown, of Five Points, id.ii n- 1 -T1 1 UM i'l"ien. e lo such has, leoce
d 3 car loads of rattle to Omaha en 1 puriiMnii ny wine unseen power
Baturrtav, Nov. 15. and .eceived llm top t""' " v.nbc, 1 u n of that
market price. He. is well pleated will, c"" '"" "I b..hleat. l,.rorthy
tin countrv bavmjr i aved here last Tatber ai d Ihy mo. b. r Ibat 1 h days mat
' lie loi g in the laid Ahah.be Iiidth'
(iisl giv. Hi ihei-," Vfn liiivw known :ie
1I1111. 1.eu lull er to but his 1 bib r. 11 and
Bprir.g. He ha 150 I e 1 of ciiii left
eml a large (piaiilii.v 1 f f ed of tin. best
qualitr to wilder tin rn w ,th Mm wheat
yieldett 37 bualiels lo the acre and oats
up in 60s.
Cut thi out 'id take it lo J, E
Phiiinev'a drutf store 11111I get li-.e
saieple of Cbainbei lam's Kiom t ii m.d
Liver lahlrta, the U-sl Pbtsic, They
. .use autl invigorate the Ssiouuich
Impiove the pe-iiennd regulate I he
boMla. Rr(iiUr sir.e, 1.V'. per box.
.llll.U ..lit ,1.-. I . . I. t .
. ,t ,. , , 111 iriitiiir iv Ileitis 10
insist on t hen l.vmg I. , u la;. Iiifv. ami 1
, . 1 .. , keep one Irom fseliug m vert lonelt.
ha niinitilit'iil II, em with 11. flu. in t s '
that said most en.pl al tally "do as 1 1 We know that friend- in 1 .'oli.ra 10,
preach, not as I do," We have known ' Vnt ral t it t , Omaha, and other .,.i.s
the ib-toted mother wnrrv b.rej iilsiul who have gout; out from aiming us will
the t at unl boy , w laise w ill was strong K''hi to lent n t bat we have U en h.it
if 'b. id bis j 11 1 1 incut, yel he so persist-1 '"g some goisl met.igs 111 this little
R.-v. AUjcrl Tiir. i.y of Alt rtl. ee, H.
Cak , look the east hound itain lor Ins
home lu I M-11al.1t. Rev l'dl'-nt h.c
beeii binding a seliesnl uueiiiius at Hie
I'.iiI.iic church lor the pal It-n d. t s, lml
while Iheie were no vi.sinle col. versions
we are sure .Mr I lib-lit 's cat nest, and
sincere appeals to his Ji'-hiers in tile name
of I he I 'In 1st will not re( urn to him void.
It waa our pleasure to meet tins r vertrnd
C'-nt it-man and can cohsciuil n.uslv sa v
that we have not met a more devol' d, or
.. .eaions servant I lam he. We hmpe
tlin1 a l that, have laard the uies:i.,-e
I bat lie was st at in d-tt rr mat- be laultl-
ed up ,11 1 1 ie rai 1 ti Mint i!l not '.niv d.o
to live by, bul will last '.br'Higlinut all
E'ernitv. We oltiines wonder how the
fathers and mothers can resis'. giving
Ihtm.sflvi-K fully into the hands of their
Uod and Creator. The love Hint, fibs the
heart 1. f every parent is a part of the
lnvinv that got s to make up the grand
and noble trail - of mankind as it is pour
. (1 out upon t heirc.iildrrii and fellowinan.
We aie sure that if eu rnal life could be
purrhioed otherwise than as a Irue gift
many would have it that now spina the
idea of being a lullower of the lowly
Naarene .
In reply to the. alxive I will itav that
Mr. Johnson, has st lorlb Hie thought,
that be has by his integrity caused the
a I Inn. lance n more pupils in this I isl net
than have; at'eaded in the past, four
years, while the at tendance show I his
10 ue utiH 11 aiso snows iiiat there nr.
ni"r tlnlttren in the bistni I to goto
school than there has b. eu in the past 3
or4ie.iis. In the biain hes taught the
on., that h.is !..-n made, sialui.tori , and
shall be taught 111 the iuliht; si boo K
U.r.iii.'h on' th slate is b-fi out. and this
one study v z; Ptiye-nlogy Iihh I cen the
cause of nil ihe iroubk with tlisoiie
na iiiber of ije scbooi board, not only m
iJislrict, No. 2, but m all other 1.1. si r cis
( wh. ie he has livvtl. 1 here, in one thing
f tore, Mr. J ihiinin in leaving out this cue
j blanch, l as violated the law, unh ssi acli
parents b.iva r, .piested him or the school
h.iaril, th.it liiey ,. Ij.it t to tin., hr.tu-i be
, ing l.iiijjlil ilit iri hiitiivn heshitll teach it,
bul the s .-Iwol board cm only do this on
reqiiesl of the pa 1 011 1 , and not of a tilling
ol Hu ll- o 11.
Mr. Johnson peaks of cm reeling errors
n regard to il. s s. h,,., bem ,'t bard one
( l manage, w.ll 1 tt Hi have to s.iy Ih.tt
1 Has is so, lift Inn,; i had not. heard, for in
11, y visits lo ihi school, what chil iren
thai w.-i- p'.s.iit, telnet: hrigot and
ol..-i!it HI in ( Very f.sp.cl. ue, tlollhiu I S
I 1 found it was a illt ine p,i;n,i.s, and not
the HchiHil. Ihe bnmr uacher Mr.
J,. I insoii I eh rs 10 might ha bale all I bat
bate laught 01 In. I Dclm-i in Ihe past
1 III Htls, or It.i.el , tail his Whom
r. iatl.e l. 'it tins p.ti iicnl.tr one, and the
, county Mi.er,ut..i,ieiiL on Hie saiti It. is
no. my 1 1 . 1 e nl i m to tast any refl.a tions
on 1 he mends rs nl Ihe school l,o,nd, hut
I t ali not i 1,11,1. Ilt.il, Hie im-iiiU'C ol the
st honl in 1,1 toal sl(,i. his name t.) tins
stalt mint abov..- rtlitstl lo liit, ughl ol
ll Jordan ir,otetl Ihe buildings (rout
he Align si jit hi I lat e lust tt 1 1 h on to i
.that iisttl to I II e J. I n li. rman ciaitii j
w hereie ex pi 1 ts to 11 side in !- ul ute. 1
fin g la btoiiiings just :
across the road trom heie he lives at
present on to the li, tish 1:111111. We ;
iiiiilelsti.nd hi has i,.i pi. , .;,setl I bo old
Rn k.ud hou-f w bu b be w ill jo a to Ins
other buildings uin! when 01a e m tiled )
again wii have quilt nn 1-slnhiishineiit.
It seems just at prestnl there is mine '
prolil in raising hii.s Hani suers; Mr.
11. Ziihiiierti.au itisposi d 1 I a line bog
last Saturday that brought him tlnrtv-
ight dollars, can you beat that Zekiel?
lld'ta Lherspei her, who has been ipiitt,
si k lor a cotipl- o wcki., is now u uch
brttt-r hint as libit) tn ctuiit! t ill lo ,Mii.
day .School last 8'inday .
Mr. Wickt r-ham is still I,i.k I ndd ng
He will l ave ip, lie a poi lion
Sa.ux coniny land urn. 11 I. 1 .- when be
gets through.
It vi it Z n merit at, lit il w i. , vc ni.v
ed mto tl.t-ir 11 tv home nd lis ralher
ph i. sunt to lot It out in Ihe evt long and
see another lighted wintiiw whose lavs
any term during tha past four years.
Eiuoilment 7h.iysand 7 girls, ages
I rum 5 to 14 years.
Only two tardy marks on the register.
Only three absent during tha first, two
moiit iis.
Fur the closing month threo were ab
sent two weeks on account ) lagrippe.
The last two wttks will show an attend
ancn'of 14.
Tfle br inches taught were reading,
wrd.ng, al iliiinetii-., orl liogiap.'ty , langu
age, history , music, geography and map
druw ing.
Alter visiting with the patrons of this
si hov I, .01, 1 sharing Iheir hospraiity. 1
inink 11 in-, duly to correct ei ror winch
have Ijccoiii'.- publn: gossip. The sclinoi
was represeiiled to me as lieing a hard
school 1. 1 manage. The members of the
school b.aid lor district N 1. 2, of Sioux
county deserve to he Knows 111 put, he as
gentlemen anxious to do iheir duty.
There seems to h.ive been a sligl.t mis
understanding hi I ween (he school hoard
mid a lormer teacher.
Put si-.logy was the subject in dispute,
th" teacher insisting thai ll,e .,'hool lat
reipnr.;. physiology lo he l.uu.;;n. 11. lb
school , inenile-r of the -chool hoard
ol j -i led, for tie' re tson tha: the 1 hiidn 1.
w eie Lot old chough to si lid y tins sen no
and miggcKted tin,; h. won!, I In, b.-t te,r inr
toe scb ". I to six nd Hie tiniH on nther
branches of sluly. Well, one word
brought on iiuoiher, and 1 suppose lli,.
lady bad Hie last word. The stale Snpt
decided toal Ihe district hoard, as a board
olediic.i' ion, could set tie Ihe mutter.
ounl V Soperiu'elid. nt lilll'ke, thll.k
11 g ll .n-as ,'!, his funeral, mid anxious i
k-ep peace l Kit.- fit III I It , SIlHi .t I ll.lt lh.
nihil.: "I Mr. Fowler, i ,.e tl si re-! ho.od
did mil o-.j-'cl. to pfivsiologi or the s'n'e
law, bul thought, they had had enoiig
for the term and some to knap ov-'r.
I lotffcver, its Ihe tail t a- deterrninft!
In teach physiology or die, I suppose s'i
laugnt il. Rut the children studied their
b ssor.s at home. She llhi bed the term
and .(. ved pay for it
t suppose nan-, -is oi tears nave sun-e
b-eu sli'd b f -iends u,, matriun.i
candidates in sy 111 pa' hy f.,r the piu.ky
young laily who taught m ihs net No
K C. A Pt'DhY. lureclor.
Al-KXlNDKR Joll' SON, Teiichei
PbylsrUn and Hiirfeo.
11 calls slv.n prompt atteatlea
Ulllce le Drnir Store.
j eun expect Hie fellowship and respect of and will pay highest market price.
,,,ln' "'i."oiis inab win try uj r iei Marsteller Bros or at m'
l"K.AJl.sy.-SitlVr-' .repiit.ajiou resaicnce east Occhooi-4soiiser-
of a young lady. I made the statement
noi,e months ago, if any teacher wa
found to be in competent, or morally
uolk to leach their children, to report to
me properly , and 1 would look the mat
ter up irrespective of person. Unless Mr.
Johnson can prove that this y oung lady
is incompetent, heyond a reasonable
doubt, or makes due reparation lor the
injustice doue her, he will be no longer
considered as a tea'-her of this county, as
lor the barrel lull ol tears shtd by
sympathizing; adtmr.rs, and matrimonial
Oandidates, 1 know nothing ahout, lor all
leacbera are the same to me that do
their work right, but so long aa God, I
givwih me, strength, I n ill protect the
characlei, and reputation of a woman.
J. li. Burke.
Co. Supt.
i Atieia-dt) Harris 1
Vocal laiet 1 .Crawford
! Mrs. J.E. Porter J
The Rural Sc hool '
(a) ill the past, to what ixlent has
it iiillin nceil tlm cause of edih at .01,?
(li) Why tin it doing now toward
that .-iidr
(c) V hat may we expect of it, in the
flit llle?
(d) Is the demand for greater eppor
I unities f..r the rural pupil the, tlTect ol
Ihe rural teachers' wotk.or puidlc opiu-
tigh i-lfurts of city and
Te the Public.
enllt (iisnlsyeo li.at lotugope, DIP 'or ser ol H e world R-v. A Tilllney " J"" e t hi. I l.e wasiloing this
s I...111I11I an id. lit 1. mn.did him of ,' Iroiu Aber.le. 11 S. has b..iu.iii,hicliiig .'""-gi.Hly in toatngllie . bai g. s t lot t
his lolly, when it was too Into. The , I be meet ings l-r eleven siicct-s. te et en
Jews Illiib I She M' Sale law, st i.n d I be ir j ULtl-t HUi'I'k lhe ineltiligs
clnbl eii to death, rather Hum t u-y : f l v ' ri light to a close and allwsie,
should giotv up tod ig rare their part Ms. "orry to say gotsl h to tins earnest wink
ion voiced tin'
vil age scboi.is?
J. I! liiitkc, Harrison
il .-1 11K-.11 n 11 H. Funk lierinnAloid
ii Htniuieiiial Mil ,ic,' -PolUa lie Concert"
iV.tllice Mr. Oienii .Mi If.u t ,. .Gordon
Inspi.-atii.il! tileaiied Here and There"
W. I '. Morgareitti.e, ...Mel ruiian
Chair Gathered There and Here.
I). W. IL.tes Alliance
' Uiscussion
..Vocal hjoio, seln't.ed
Mi-s Georgia Mili'er, Hr-niincford
What Amount of Familiarity Should Ex
ist Uct ween Tcai her and Pupil
1'. L. lii.pp-r, Wtiy Springs
Discussion Mr. E.E. Ford,.IIemnigford
Vocal Duet, ''Gome Wlmre the Holt
Twilight Falls."
Mrs. I. E. Murrif,, )
f Alliance
Miss Grace Wheeler )
Jtiartlie-Mrs. G S Jones. Miss Hav-
hurst, Messrs Joite and Fuller.
In viM'11 1 ion
Violin and Piano: 3-h Air Vap-dion
M. ssrs. M'.Halt and Millet-,.... Gord .i,
Address of W.lcome
Jones Crawford
Response J. E OivHii.. Gt.rdcn
Address - What should be expected of the
accredited schoolsof northwest Nebraska?
J. W. Tillitreo Lincoln
Violin Solo Helected
Miss Alna Htickle 1 badr, n
I.-c( ore Son e Education Problems of
the Present llliv
. W R Fowler, State Stipt.
I list rn mental. Selected
Mi-s Iashlet Chndrnii
KATtrifDAY MOIiNINll. :!i0()'ciX'K.
Election of Officer-.
Vocal Solo, "Boat Song',"
Faoiiif- Hntler Craford
: R" 11 ling 1 'harai tensl ics of
Fibicaticnal Work
Pear! I.. Harris Crawford
Iscussion -Jt'imie F.I I is Crawford
0 old tin- E tiiblish.cenl ,,f "Adiunct
islru Is" h.nelit t I'M western emu, ties,
ttd. it s.i bow shoiibl c.Miritv Superie
lendfiits and teacher urin e i 1.) elfsct
the same
J Haihcgardi.-r Allium:
I -IS' ussion W R. K.iit Rnshvillo
M. n.- rv vs Notid.ook
(a) la Hie Recitation,
(b) For Fill ore Use
(c) As il effect the pnwr to ex
press (d.-at-l and forcibly. j
W. T. Poiieher, ..Chadron
I iiscus.Mon-L M. Ob'ikotler,..Chadrun
The need of u Stala Nnrninl School in
Westein Nt braska.
H. H. MArm Rus' ville
I iisi ussion .1, M. Stimson .Harrison
it st 1 n mental Solo ''Etrmnif Song."
Miss Ethel Kat ban, Craw lord
SAlfllDAY AnT.HNOiill.
Prompt attention given to all leg
mutters 111 Juatice, County and Diatrict
Coiirls. and before the United State
Land OHice.
Fire Insurance written ia rliahl.
tSI-egal paeera cerefully drawn.
M. V. R. R. ia
to and fro re the
the beet
F. E. & U V. R. R. Time Table.
New Schedule of Trains.
Taking eUVjct Sunday Nov. 23.
West Bound, East Bound,
Morning. Evening. ,
No, 60, Frt. ...3:35
No. M), Frt...9:W
No. 5, Psgr. 10:55
No. 4. Psgr. arnvea
I 6:35, departs 7:00
Both train carrr pansengera.
Dealer in;
Harness, Saddles,
Lumber, Grain,
Doors, Sash
tiK4 vi1 W;4r
Allow m lo any a few words III prnlwrj Jf oh.ili.ia e istte lusl law of heaven, it er 1 ir tint nun, w no pas given u his
ef 1 liniiilierlaiiiV I siiigh Remedy. 1 bad j is 1 ipmily ibe Inst l.,w ol the home, si il best a man and w pn acber e believe
veiy severe cough and col. I mid fe.unl t w ,n it tines pot le git pain mill misery lie exi ells 111 good w 01 ks; Ins bfartlcll
1 would gel piieiim. mi l. but all-r lai.iiig ; ira Vilably (olli.w, 'I Ins m no my stery ,! siiii.i ns ,ul u n.oi tmi Im.ga, wi
Hie smaiuu dose of this inedit me 1 D-lt'it is 11 pal t if I but moral phllostpy that phun and snnpie lint even the il.in.ien
tilir, Ihrev laiHles of It cured mv fold 11st d lo 1 i. tail w ben 1 lie bible hh ta light t ii-h- Ll Ci 1st 1,1 1 11 nsl 11 11 11 111 h ,g 111
Ml Ihe puilm III my rlsl, disttppeai ed '. ill I be pn VKle schools, w 1, 11 h lililldated lie Ileal t s ol Hose w In bemil tuition h '" Vicloiy h ,.a i in b ,..i,s it, ml
eniuelv. 1 11111 moi-t respeclliilly ourK-'lbe public school of tt lilt h we me M j mgbl. Vtrignl bis May 11 11 g us "'i be tt told, 1.. 1,1 1 1. I. a 1 1 ting' i.uly . s
..r lK-iiilh, RaIJ-.I H. MRVF.RH, tH-iluilt- pirmd and vet o jfalona as to del nr the as so Miort, nnd are stilish enough to "i's m 1 us case
Invt l,t en mane to, Mr. ,ji.i...-.- ., ttlnbt
He ,mii., holy may hate not givn true
sa t islai 1 101, li, he as a liiemli. r of toe
Isj.nd, v. oulil lute tiki d lor h.-r to no, I I
Ian lo ate the Ju-alli n i this rt.tle-
o,t nl i will have lo say this thai Mr,
Ji bi son's moid as u leaibet, 111 uny
i if-1 in t he has ia.. gPt in this couny,
l.e 1,1 in ! on s 1 1 si iclciy to ..- pat ions 1 ist umenlal Solo
iXcipltli -.,ei," 11 s- 11 . li.e'-.his1 Hintsoi,"
I e si" Y. stit i'i', .... raw ford
I, t t, 1' 1 'e, , I D ins 1 I Oi.',iir Ainri lcti
, a E Te'i Anliew", PiisaimlMal
A visit tn F, i-i Rfibiiion and Social
Ini ercoiii
ATfKI'AT t.ri-M'KI, 3'lo'flOCK.
Vociii I 'ti.'l - "i .inch Liillaby,"
W U. hie U Plain s 1
Helen P.lbs )
In 1, .cut ion
Moonbghl on the
..VelilhSl , Vtkeehllg, v Vn.
by mii . .nugiate.
For ale scnpluies from being taught III theni,
1 k'ikh trill Rk(Ai4r,
1. 1.1 1....... 1 ..... 10 1.. .
f viiii wv vtrupi initv pi iiiiii nri.
M. A.
1 will ll.ake ibis lnlen-i til, nnd Will
li It 11 op, ihl llna yeitng laoy reletew
Un v.irsiv
V'iniiu Solo Selected
MiAliwi tmn'slf ' wadtttr
tty virtue of as enter from the county
C'.inin islonars, 1 will sell t I'nblie Sale, on
tne Itli day of Deoi'inhcr, 1011, ut 1 o'uloek.
I'. M.loths liiuhesl titddni- fur cuali, Die
folloirii.K desiribed property te-wit: 1 ue
SKl4 id the NVi4 Bint the NK.it f t s ,y i
and Hi NWt, ot the MK'a and the t, ,,r
tlio .NK'tof Sec I in, 1 Iwetitv flt.,1 c,), '1 vt- p.
tbirtj lour (Jt, ti.ii tli el k.inne nl ty n t t
west, and Hie M-' uf at-vliun teeaty a'. ., i
l i. lie 1 ly Hue (il) not Hi of It.uigti niiy
tlirtx, i.fi., i t l tab l ime pal tleraliiia.
Jolie 1. Davit,
il-t Le. Treasarer.
kotice la bereliy Kiveu that hy viitmtnf a
l llitltrl l.,l,l IgiiKi' (Jilted Sepli lldliT 4, lid.
slid uuiy loed in ttin nftke of ilia eotti.t;
L-it-i k ol ioux i uiiiily, I.elit'Hskai on liie , .
(lay Ol M-pleil hel, liaii, 11 lid e.yi-ail,-il ,y 1,, ,
Hall Uf t. A. Newlierry to securn liie pa
iii'-nt ul lliesiun 01 f :iii! aij ai d upon Wim
tin"-- ,s now one tliftsiiiii nl ,i,7.rii 1., ;.ti, 1
I aft bill .made tn the p. . 11, tail ut .
m . d 1.0 sun ui nllii-r pi 1,1 n il h.tit t 1 -
l, g 1,1 I II II slllllli il to lei oVel mid tie ,'
or sl,y pnl l Ihelrot, ila-r. foiu 1 w .11 sell t
prop. 1 ty tlieieiii ttust-i ih, ij, to-tvit: 'it.
Iiiini.ietl tout of new liny tn kuod coutni,. .
and I til up In 1V,'J, ul pnlillc auvilo t 011 s
I'j In lee 1. slop 'it, Hi.ne l,:l, In Sioux mini
helir: ku, on 1 he 'zu mty of lauaiiiiher, 1 t,;, .1
one o'c.ock p. in. ol said nay.
In, led .Novuu.uvr It til, IWU.
:. Ni.w KF UIIY
Jt I'J It1)v tt i:t', It's dttntai !