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Am AmtImi (Ireatly IT(rl by tk4
kumi ia Knaland.
When our Civil War broke out, tli.
supply of cotton to English mill stop
. uaiu times followed, and tbi
English working miiu watched the wa
with as much anxiety a did any Aruer
loan. Jauies fc. Holden. who wrltPi
'My Kiory of Abraham Lincoln"
the Outlook, was. born In Laucasbirt
during the cotton famine on a daj
wuen mere was only half a loaf 01
tread in tlip bouse. The wealths
clastic. supposing that the North, ii
victorious would not give them cot
ton, were on the side of the South. Bui
Hhe working piiifile were with Lincoln
Hie Emancipation Proclamation Ii
be IxHit-knowu foreign documen
niiii.iix Inv common peopie of I.anca
nire to-day. Many boy and glib
nave beeu taught It by their parents
Mho remember the day It wan ItwueJ
and can repeat it offhand. A govern
meiit Inspector of schools asked
choo of twelve hundred Lancash!r
"Whom do you regard as the greatest
man outnide of England?"
Hundreds of voices shouted in eho
rus, "A bra ham Lincoln."
Yi lien the question, "Who is th
Kreatest Jlr;njf Englishman?" was put
timl variously answered-Bright, Glad
Klone, Thomas Hughes one little fel
low sal.l, "My dHd says Lincoln is big
ger'n 'rn all."
In the Cotton Exchange In Manches
ter is a stand on which Is a nilni.-iturf
bale of raw col ton. Behind it is llif
inscription: "I'nrt of the firm bale ol
free cotton. Shipped from West Vlr
glnla to Liverpool, 18-. 15."
, iue srory or.tliat bale of cotton
liiarks a great holiday in England. Lan
cashire people walked to Liverpool, got
a wagon, trimmed It with bunting and
flowers, and put on it the bale of cot
ton, the flag of Kngland and America,
and between them the picture that np
eals to plain people In all the wortd
Abraham Lincoln.
They dragged the wagon through the
streets to St. George's Square, where
It servel as an altar for the Bishop of
Manchester, who preached a sermop
to twenty thousan I people on the le
oiis of civil liberty.
Vrmwerr of the British Under Dent rue
tlve Fire of Boer.
When Lieutenant Egerton of the
f.fowerful, and one of the Iwst of the
.younger officers, was directing one ol
Ills guns against the enemy, one leg and
one foot was carried off, as be lay oil
-the sand bag nam net watebinir the ef.
feet of the lire. "There's an end of my
viiB-i, ur riiifi Kiuipiy. iie was car
ried to the rear with a cigar between
liU teeth, and died soon after, says Lou
iton M. A. I'.
Sploii Kop saw some of the most
memorable Instances of the cool good
.humor with which wounds and death
w ere received. . Oaploln Muriel was
shot through the check while be was
banding a cigar case to a private, but
lie continued to iead ills regiment until
bullet erafhod through bis brain.
Scott Moncrleff went on after three
bullet wounds: it was not till be was
bit the fourth time that be was
-disabled. An even more remarkable
story was that of fircnfell, of Thorney-i-roft's.
When he received bin first shot
be cried: "That's nil right; It's not
much." A second wound made hint
remark: "I can get on all right." The
third shot killed hiin. Buchanan Uld
tlell. the colonel of the King's Uoyal
llitles. was shot by a bullet through the
bead a" he stood up to read a note from
Lyttleton. his general. When poor Tait
was hit on the advance to Klinberley
be bad one wound already Just barely
bealed - be exclaimed: "They've got me
lliis time."
But H-rliaps the death which Im
irewues one most in all the long list Is
.bat of I,or'l Alrlie. He wa shot down
ii a shower of bullets from a hidden
body of Boers Just after his men bad
finished s splendid and successful
harge. A few moments before he had
tiifl to a sergeant, who. drunk with
the passion of hull le. had probably
burst forth Into some characteristic
until: "Pray, modi-rate your lan
imge." The next moment a bullet had
ped through his heart.
Minding Children's Mlnda.
Tbe French Soclrty for the Psycho
l"(rlc Study of Children ban aaked for
nnwer to tbe following question:
First What Is the most serious Mine
hood that you have observed In any
child under your care? I'olnt out what
Induced Hie child to deceive, anil so
forth. Hay If the child habitually de
ceives, lilve age, sex, and so forth,
Second -1 o you know of children
who habitually deceive without any
Idea that tbey are doing wrong? If so,
lo what cause do you attribute till
tat of in tin) V
On the other hand, children are to
nave a chance tol- their say. The
toclcty asks theiy reply to the fol
lowing queries:
For what was the last scolding given
lo you out of school? What did they
ay to you? What did you answer?
Vhst Is the finest deed -Mie most no
ole, generous deed-that you have ever
seen perf onneil ?
A discriminating analysis of answers
Slight lo furnish a basis for Interesting
conclusions. Fear enters so largely
Into the reasons for falsifying that the
Iwo seta of Inquiries bare a close rela
tion.' The memory of former scoldings
tnd the dread of another outburst ac
count for many lie. The gentle deal
ing with (lie errmg. save In exceptional
cases, protects childhood against It
self, and rskea away the pretext for
It Is Blghty hard t keep your moatli
skat wbm y kavt BOtalif to uf.
Des Moines, la., As result of
what Is believed to be a drunken
spree firemen at an early hour Wed
nesday morning found one man
dead and another dying In the Sto
nerWall Paper company's building In
South Dps Mnlnes, while trying to
ut out a fire which destroyed 1.10,000
worth of propcity.
n la men are watchmen. The
lead man's name 1s David Watt,
night watchman for the .Stoner Walt
.'aper company. The dying man's
nine is i. v. Miller, night guard
or the Long Shore mill. Jt Is te-
leved that tbe men secured a quan
ty "J liquor, repaired to the office
: the wall papei company and after
winking the liquor went to sleep.
lo some manner the buildlnn wsm
let on flrr, and before the firemen
oiikj reach tbe factory the flames
Mad gained such headway that it wa
impossible to save much of the stock
ind macbitierv,
if Mrntal Unbalance
NeliranKa Side.
Boat:ed to
Sioui City, la., A prophet with
nit power drifted into town Wednes
day the representative he said, of tbe
jider ot "Heavenly Heck" whose
controlling spirit is s u posed to be
the "Great Spitz." He was led to
tbe police station, where be told a
circle of blue coats be was the lineal
desrendent of tbe prophet Isslah
and told the coppers to prepare for
tbe sacrament here lu November. He
said his name was Andrew Florida
of Pueblo, Col., late of the asylum
at Hastings, Neb. Tbe police be
lieved be bad been dumped ou Sioux
City by Nebraska authorities and
gave him street car fare across the
Farmer Run Over By a Team,
Elk Creek. A iiog emerging from
patch of weeds frightened a team
of horses and caused Lee Grove, a
farmer living six miles east of town
In tbe edge of Nehama county, to
meet with a serious accident Monday
evening. Mr. Grove was hauling
wheat from the field to tbe stack
and left the team to get a dtlnk of
water when It ..became frightened
and ran away. Mr. Grove tried to
intrecept them and was thrown to
the ground and ruo over. He was
picked up unconscious by his broth
ers, who were dolug the stacking.
Seeing he was badly injured, a phi-
slcian from this place was summoned.
Ki. (k nation revealed he had sus
tain id internal Injuries, a broken col
lar bone, shoukW blade and one rib.
The attending physician has just re
turned from making a call at, the
3rove home this morning and is of
the opinion that his patient will re
cover. Boys Cause Serious Accident.
Grand Island, Neb., A Burlington
section man by the name of Wilson
was ruu ovre by a hand car on the
Belt line south of the city Wednes
day evenng, and tbe limb was so
severely fractured that it is feared
Wilson may lose the leg. A fotce of
men were engsgedon the line. Fur
ther up a number of boys, from fif
teen to twenty years were playing on
the track, taking a tie, placing It cn
tbe track, and running a handcar in
to It. After their play they failed to
take tbe tie away. When the section
men, on two cars, were returning
one of thecarsan into the tie before
the obstruction was observed. Wil
son was on board the car. He was
knocked off, the following car run
ning over him. Chief of Folice Mc
Cashland has the names of a number
of the boys, for whom the play of
"wrecking" may be a serious matter.
rtly Chlrago I'aopla Tska a H Malar sad
Srri lajarvd.
Chicago, A sidewalk In front of
449 Halslead street collapsed Wednes
day while it was crowded with men,
women and cbldren, who were watch
ing a wounded man being carried to
a doctor's ofllce. Fifty persons were
hurled ten feet downward. Four
were badly Injured, and a dozen
more bruised and shaken as they fell.
Knos Dailey, who was being carried
Into the building, was probably fatal
ly wounded by a pistol shot supposed
to bare been Inflicted In a brawl near
Thirty-eight and Morgan streets.
Strike at the White House.
wssningtoo, July Jii, The mem
bers ef the brotherhood or electrical
workers' local union 21, who have
been employed oo repair work at the
White house, have quit work In or
der to enforce tbe rales of the union.
Tbe esuse of the strike, It Is Hated,
Is the refusal of the New York Arm
hsvlng the contract for electrical
work at the White bouts, to accept
the local teraa of the electrical work
ers' sslon.
Beatrice, Neb., Aug 2 II. Binge.
4 u well-to-do lumber and coal
merchant of Wllber For tome time
past his son, B. E. Binger, baa been
cashier of the bank at Filley, going
there from a bank at Winer, where
be bad been employed for tome
time. He Is only tweuty years old,
but has shown such rare capabilities
for business bsyocd bis years that he
has been entiusted with many large
responslblities. This fact coupled
with the fact that be has long been
a sufferer from rheumatism, con
vinces bis father that his son's re
cent escapades are tbe result of a
deranged mind.
Recently; young Binger came to
Beatrice and negotiated for tbe pur
chase of the restaurant on Court
stieet owned by M. Rooney. He
was o give $900 for tbe place and
was to give a note secured by his
father. He wrote his father of tbe
transaction and sent him a note for
$800, 1100 less than the agreed price
of tbe restaurant, and asked bis
father to sign It. His father de
clined, but. did not think much about
the matter. About the time Binger
was negotiating for tbe purchase of
the restaurant, Rooney cashed a
cbeck for $20 for him drawn jn the
Filley hank, which was protested.
From here the boy went to Lincoln.
He entered the Columbia National
bank, where be and his father are
well known. He asked for $50,
which was given to him without hes
itation, yuung Dinger giving another
He was next heard of at Omaha.
There be met a man named Sbakel
ton, who Introduced him at tbe
Omaha National bank, where be se
cured $40 more on a check.
ficfoie bis famiy knew he had left
Filley tils brother received a postal
card from him on which be stated
that be was going to tbe coast, but
for them not U worry, as he would
rite. The boy's father Is badly
broken up . He feels satisfied that
tbe boy, whose previous record is
or the best, is not right in his mind.
The family are in hopes the bay's
mother will not hear of tbe trouble.
and tbey plan to have her go to Wis
consin on a visit, when a thorough
search will be made for the son.
No complaint has been made In any
court nor has there bueu any warrant
issued for the bov's arrest. The
people who have "lost money on the
checks are confident the matter will.
be itraightennea out.
Koriaar Lincoln M Has Clana Call at
I tih-ita;u
Fremont, Net., Aug. 2. R. H.
Manley, formerly of Lincoln and Fre
mont, now one of the staff on the
Chicago Tribune, 'recrntly underwent
surgical operation at Chicago, dur
ing which he was given up as dead
by one of the two physicians at
tending biiu. Tbe other worked
wltb him and Anally brought bim
back to life.
Tbe operation took place while
Mr. Manley was under tbe influence
of cheloroform. This opiate, as is
oftentimes tbe case, acted directly
on his heart and caused it to stop
beating for a time. T:.e stillness of
the organ continued for so long that
the surgeoos became a armed. After
atvafal efforts at resusi icalion bad
proved futile, oue of the doctors;
packed up bis
kit of tools and left
t te place, declaring that
the tulitect !
was dead.
Tbe other physician was more per
severing, and by working wilh Mr.
Manley a while longer he Dually pro
duced heart action and restored blood
circula'lou and breathing. To bim
the young newspaper man undoubted
ly owes his life.
Touag Widaw a
t WsTsrly.Ia,
Waverly, la., Mrs. Belle A ben,
aged thirty, committed suicide Fri
day morning by going out to Arling
ton cemetery and taking a 48-oallbre
revolver and shooting herself through
tli heart.
She was found on the grave of her
Drat husband. She was a widow and
said tbe man she loved would not
marry her.
By the time a man has spent tbe
beet years of his life watching the
eloek, In order to be on time at
work, he has to begin to take medi
cine by It.
Train Strikes an Omnlbna.
Blngbampton, N. Y., Aug. 2.
Tbe wagon containing tbe I lion state
league ball team on Its way to the
ball grounds was struck by an Erie
passenger trsln at a crossing la Les
tershlre Friday.
Tbe driver, s colored man, was In
stantly killed and a young man named
Blffuor of this olty had one leg cut off.
Pitcher Hess of the lllon teem was In
Jsred, bit the other players Jumped
M time te ears Mteesetlves.
Chicago Cemetery is Closed Pending a Settlement
Half-Breed Indian Found Guilty.
Chicago, 111.. Aug. 4. The grave
diggers are the latest of the wage
earners of Chicago to goon strike, and
hs a result Concordia cemetery is closed
and at the entrance to the burial
grounds the superintendent has posted
a notice which leads: "There will be
oo more burials at the Concordia cem
etery until further notice."
The twenty-five grave diggers em
ployed at tbe cemetery aie on a strike
'or higher wages and have succeeded
In preventing other laborers from
taking their places.
Three funeral processions, which
arrived at the cemetery gates yester
day, were turned back because of the
s'rike. It is stated that similar
strikes will be inaugurated at two
other cemeteries.
The strike of the grave diggers at
Concordia cemetery ended tonight, all
of the men returning to work without
any concessions being made by the
i -emetcry management.
A Promtnanl Mining- Man Mnrdsrs sad
Commit Salt-Id.
Salt Lake City Utah, Aug. 4. At
the salt palace grounds early Sunday
morning J. C. McCasIln a well known
mining man of Ibis city, shot and
killed Lottie Russell, dangerousv
wounded F. M. I'eters and then com
mitted suicide by shooting himself
through the head.
McCasIln, Miss Russell, Feters
and another man whose name has not
been learned, formed a party which
attended the bicycle races. It is said
that McCasIln had trouble with his
wife and had been drinking. Petors
and Miss Russell are said to ha-e
taunted him about his domestic
troubles, wh. reupon he became en
raged, drew a revolver and shot Miss
Russell, who had started to run,
through tbe hack, Peters, who at
tempt :i to keep McCasIln from
shooting the girl, was shot through
the chest. McCasIln, after tiring
shot at the other member of the
party placed his revolver to his right
temple and tired a bullet through
his head. He died an hour later.
Peters is in a precarious condi
tion, but it Is thought he will re
cover. Mls Rnssel was a waitress
and recently came here from San
The (itircpfiuirnt H'sanlR l'rlce or Mil
dim Too Hih."
Wash ngton, Aug 3 The govern
ment probably will print its own pos
tal stamps as the result of tbe bids
o-enrdat the postofflce department
today for the contract for supplying
the adhesive p stage stamps for the
United States for the four years be
ginning October 1, next. It has been
stated that the price asked by tbe
bureau of engraving and printing was
exorbitant and that the work would
bare to go to a private concern.
Respons ble For a Wreck.
Rochester. N. PY.. Aug. 4. Con
ductor Frank de la V'ergne and En
gineer Daniel Connelly, whose criml-
n!1 negligence is alleged to have re
suited in tbe oisasterous wreck on
trie Lehigh V alley railrond on Sat
urday July 20, have been arrested
on warrants Issued by coroner Klien
dlenst, charging them with man
slaughter. Both men have been released nn
ball in the amount of 12.000, and a
bearing will he conducted at the
mogue today. Conductor de la
Vergne lies at his home In a serious
condition. He has been suffering
from mental collapse erer si.nce the
wreck, and the physician In attend
ance says he fears serious conse
quences for his patient because of
the verdict in the case charging him
with being responsible for the wreck.
Accused of Selling Liquor
Grand Island. Neb., Aug. 4. Jos
eph, alias "Tuff" Robinson,' was
brought before United States .Com
missioner Bode last nlgbt and ar
raigned on the charge of the Illegal
selling of liquor. Robinson was
brought In from Rosemont by Deputy
Marshal Walling. He pleaded -not
nlltyand was hound over for trial
In the United States district court
at Omaha, whither he was also taken
for safe keeping.
Few York, Aug. 4-Whltlaw Reid.
special embassnador of the United
States te the coronation of King Kd
wsid, and Mrs. Rled were among
the pesseDgers on the seams!ilp Phil
adelphia, which arrived from South
Sainton. Mr. Beld, who appeared to be In
tbe beet of heath said he would
have to report to President Roose
velt on what had occurred during
bis visit to Great Brltian, before he
oonld say ssytblng for pnbltsatlea.
Sturgis, S. D., Aug. 4. The verdict
of guilty, with the penalty of death,
was brought in by the iury in tbe
Earnest Loveswar murder case late
last nigbt. Loveswar killed George
Puck of Sloux City, la., and George
Ostrander of Climbing Hill, la., on a
tan 3b on the Red Owl, near this place.
The Jury was composed of S. D. Tay
lor, F. M. Jackson, C. Clark Anderson,
John Miller, W. II. Powell, George
Hannanat, C. C. Cumstocy, M. M.
Manoe. Ed Whitman, Frank Devers,
Hugh Carney and C. D. Berger
Tbe testimony In tbe Loveswar mur
der trial was concluded at 3 o'clock
yesterday. Judge Rice granted asbort
recess to rest the jury and the argu
ments were commenced. Attorney
Wesley. A. Stuart of counsel for the
state opened the argument before the
jury on behalf of the state.
James McNenny and McMahon
made short addresses on behalf of tbe
To the surprise of all the defendant
went upon tbe stand Jn his own de
fense, but before leaving it made sev-
eral damaging admissions, though be
denied the confession. Tbe most novel
theory ot a defense ever Interposed in
a criminal trial was put forward by
Loves war's attorneys. Tbe defendant
went on tbe witness stand and stated
that Dr. Mcaloy, the coroner, took him
into the sheriff's office, that the doc
tor placed bis knees against those of
the defendant and kept looking so in
tently in the eyes that be said any
thi ng and every thi ng the doctor want
ed him to. The theory argued by de
fendant's attorneys was that the doc
tor by hypnotic power and tbe power
of suggestion made him confess to a
false state of facts.
Striken at
rnitm tht
Shenandoah, Pa., Aug 4. Shenan
doah's eventful week closed Saturday
without the slightest Indication of
disorder. The town and surrounding
:ountry continues to remain peaceful
ind no trouble is looked for here
ibouts so long as the troops are kept
in this vicinity. Last nigbt some
men threw stones at the sentries of
the Eighth regiment. Two of them
weie struck, but were not injured.
Many rumors are in circulation here
that attempts will be made to start
up colliers ,under the protection of
troops. General Gabin said today he?
would send the governor's troops of
cavalry off on long marches begin
ning Monday.
District President Faby, of this
listrict, reiterates the statement
that the men will not return until
the strike is called off by President:
President John Faby, district No.
9, tiuited mine workers, who arrived
here last night, held conferences to
day with the officers of the local
mines unions.
Mr. Fahey, followed out instruct
ions from President Mitchell, is
making every effort to have the
striking mine workers maintain
peace. In this connection he said
today that all persons in or about
the t ragnization who in any way
violat the laws are enemies of the
union and that the oragnization will
do nil in its power to place such per-
s ns in Jail.
Local im ion 30 beld a special meet
ing today and will probaby apploict
a committee to maintain the peace.
Brigadier Oenenl Gohin hid no In
formation from the surrounding ter
ritory of trouble today, everything
being reported extremely quiet, Tbe
general Is maintaining rigid discip
line in the camp. No soldier is per
mitted outside the line after taps.
Provost Marshal Farquar has a
large force of men on duty and as
far us possible he is preventing the
troops from mingling with the strik
ers. This precatlon is being taken
so that the militia cannot be beld re
sponsible for any outbreak that may
occur. Additional soldiers, who were
not. at home when the troops were
culled nut, arrived todav Altogeth
er there are a little over 1.400 miner
In the camp.
Leave a big red apple In plain view
and the children will want it. You
can't blame them for taking it anv
more than you can blame a dog for
chasing sheep.
in nenoRY of haddock.
Shaii City, la., Aug. .1. The Meth
odlst of this city are preparing to hon
or the memory of Rev. George Had,
dock, who was murdered on August 3
iH's while engaged In s campaign
against the saloons of Sloui Olty.
The grave In which he was burled
III be decorated and a cross of flowers
will be pissed on tbe snot In tha busy
basinets street whew be felt.
The date of the 1902 Jc
county fair are September t t It,
'Delusive. Tbe premium IfbU wO
toon be distributed.
Tbe annual Nemaha ' Baptist mm
tiation meeting will be beld in Star-'
'Jog, commencing August 21,
jontinuing four days.
A big tent with 200 seating cai
ty and a thousand small tenta 1
oeeo ordered for the G. A. R.
ion at Hastings tbe second weak la
Tbe body of Joseph Datel, of KtB
Bend, who drowned himself Is tta
Platte river three weeks ago Sunday,
was found about two miles down th
Frank Preble, one of be wealthiest
farmers of Suothern Gage couvty,
banged bmself at his home two aasl
a half miles southwest of Odell. The
cause is unknown.
Wheat fields of from twenty-Art t
thirty-eight bushels per acre art- ttv
ported by farmers who succeeded im.
harvesting their crops without Inju
ry from the rains. Oats are making
a better crop than anticipated.
The Bancroft Independent tele
phone comany has filed articles of
incorporation at West Point. Tbw
capita stock authorized is 11,6009,
This makes two indepnedent con
pa Lies now in existence in that coun
ty While engaged in a playful tussle
with a couple of friends Peter Bd
wards of P'remoot fell over a hicth
Ing post, sustaining serious injuries.
The post struck him in the stomach
with sufficient force to throw him i
to convulsions.
Frank Dickson of Louisville sod
A. B. Dickson of Elm wood have
purchased the Weeping Water Lum
ber company of Linderman Bros.
Mr. Dickson of Louisville is an old
timer at the business and known alt
over the county.
A Hitchock county farmer market
ed 11400 worth of bogs that wem
raised oo alfalfa; another man in
tbe same locality got three cutting
of bay during the season; an Aim
man sold $1,898 worth of hay off for
ty acres, and another $681 from seven
Something of a building boom has
stuck West Point. A number of
brick business structures are under
way, and County Attorney Hunker
will soon begin the. construction ef
another. New residences are alow
springing up in different parts of the
Charles Langstraw, of Salens has
been bound over to the district court
in tbe sum of $1,000 for setting
fire to tbe city jail Langstraw com
mitted the crime while drunk. The)
charge is a very serious one and the)
statutes provides for the severe pun
ishment of persons attempting to
burn public property.
Recently H. W. Lanphere of Te
eumseh sold his grocery store and
stock to Pawnee City people and left
for Oklahoma. He failed to settle
with his creditors and one of them,
under the claim of having a verbal
mortgage on tbe stock, had Lanphere
brought back to answer to tbe charge
of selling mortgaged property.
Tbe Union Pacific and Elkorn rail
road companies have made arrange
ments for acquiring title to all land
they need for the new union station
at Fremott without having to resort
to condemnation proceedings, and as
soon as a few defects in the titles
can be fixed up will commence tt
clear the ground.
Frank I'ribble, a young farmer whe ,
lived three miles south of Odell, was
found dead on his place. He bad
hanged himself. He was one of Mm
wealthiest Bohemians in the county,
owning nearly .VK) acres of land in
the vicinity of his home. No cause
for the act is known unless a brief
Illness can be said to have caused a
temporary fit of insanity.
Of the thousand of barrels of oil lo
spected by tbe state inspector sad
his assistants during the last few
months not a barrrel has been In
spected that was not up to govern
ment standards. Before tbe office of
oil inspector was in exlstance there
was as much bad oil as good sold.
Not a bad lot has been shipped la
during the last three months or
Tbe Farmer's Home Telephone
company of Sbelton lias purchased
witch board to accomodate 100 tele
phones, 100 feet of cable and fifty new
telephones. The Glbhon HomeTets
pbonc company hat been organise!
wltb sufficient to build s Hoe te Bud
snd eipects to begin work On
Use in tbe near future, snd Is bull4
Ing stveral short lines In to the cm
try. . v ;vvr
Burwsll will vote on a proteeHtr
to issue bonds for a sew stc