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13 02
7 1
'; - i ' r
Remeiiifsr the Omaha dentist dales.
Keit Earnest wax in from Vnirei
Wvn Wednesday,
Go to Patterson's for Singer Machines
tt'id supplies. 5ltf.
RuiiH-T.. Mr. mi l Mrs. V. A. Hester
Saturday Auk- 2 a girl.
Mr. II. Zimmerman and Wni. Miller
were, in from Hut ; T-ek Monday.
Sunday school at 10 o'clock; every
body invited. W. H. DAVIS; Supl.
Mowers & rakes at cost.
O. W. Hester
Just received: A new consignment of
men ami Imys clothing al ( ERI,A 1 IS.
t,' Mr. an. 1 Mrs. L Oerlaeh took toe ea- t
hound train fur Hot Springs Tuesday
Miss Ona Deliver, the intei mediate
teacher oT the Harrison school arrive
Just Saturday,
Harrison Inn two harder shops now as
Ed )'i 'onnor Hit in a chair in his place
of business last Week.
More anil lietler if odd for tlm same
money at tiei'lacti'K store liiau any other
place, try tin-in. I'l-tf
Fon Sale: WO acres rif laml juinint; the
" villain of Harrison; for further pa'tic
ulrrs iniuirt! at this ollice. '10
Mr. anil Mrs, W. It Ibvis wphc to por
tion lust fs.itunliy flight for a visit,
with friends and w.ll Iw ffone a wek or
10 (lav,
Jh t. phvsir 'h-i-iiherlnin's Stem
ii'li mid Ivi-r Tiihlets. Kasv to tiilt",
"leiisaiii ill ell'ei-t. For sal by J. E
' Lr. Withers. Omaha dentin! will I
nt the CotliiiKrrcinl Hotel An if. 2.r 28.
Kefl him and Iihvb your work done by an
exirieni-ed dentist.
I am now prepared to weave carpets.
10 -ln. lor hit and miss and l-i for
stripped. Warp furnished at -)st.
Mlift. J. A. TlIAYKR. Stitf
Miss Susie Tapper from Osmond N'ehr.
the Fnniary teacher of the UarriHon
Rcliool i;um in on Tuesday's tram to at
tend the Institute which is now l-iug
held heru.
Ex HhoritT Daran of flhadron and
nolieiter for the Carenter (kjmniisHion
Firm of Omaha wan looking after the
interests of that llrui in thet-e .arU the
jrnitt week.
If vou want i snap in Indies and child
rens lioe k to OKULACH'S where you
can buy them cheaper than in tiny
enstrrn city. They now liave a large
J. M. JensloAV of Hooper Nehr, who
owns the old Dave (k-lvtllo ruticli on
White River inserted Ins brar.d in the
Press Journal this week. Read it in an
other column.
Eli Zmimennati ordent the Press
Journal sent to him at clearmunt Wyo.
Kli is anxious to know what iH going n
in Sioux county and he knows the Jour
nal gives all the news.
y John Reiser wns struck by lightning nt
his Ikitne on Running-water, but we nie
rlad to say it did not prove serious. The
lightning burnt his arms some but did
not hurl him any other way.
Tb town has been turned over to the
school mams tins week mid next, so we
presume Uw old Inchelor will lie rran
inir their necks to see iere isn't some
one itnioiiK llmin thlsJfo suilt heir eyes.
John Anderson says he wants a school
mam that can teach music as well as
text lionks. John failed to say whrther
Im wanted a g'ssl looking one or not, but
then we have not any bad b.kiug ones,
you know,
i The wind blew a burn down for F ft,
Ijangworthy limt Monday and the hail
cut the griiss down so there is nothing
lelt for the stix-k. Chat Unitt snys I hey
rj.ir.-'nt us mm li grass ss they had turly
in the ring
Ht i.ry Warneke went to i len ver ( 'ol. '
fCst i-Vnfav "evening, "to visit for a w hile i
with his l.imily at that pl.u e.
vu.iuiy naps.
I he Piusis-JoniNAi. lias ,rinte(i a lim
it' il nuuii.tr of maps ,, Manilla enrd
fianl which cm lie s.-i ured lur 10c each.
They will also I
'e given as u premium to
new subscribers.
Notice to Tax Payeri.
All (KTsonal tax that is ihc iiiuvt. he
paid at ence or 1 shall procewl t i colled
the same hy law .
J.iim I. I 'a vis,
Co. Treasurer.
I 'r. lien' i' Illacklesj Vaccine is made and
put up in Nnv V.,iU -.which is the cenlvr
j of lie-du al scieni e and skill and h-ie lh.t
i filK'st nii'l purest druifM in tie- w..i . are
;availahhj. S.-nd lor hia Ire" treatise on
lilackie'. II, s a. Inns is 'J'.'O lasl
stitet, New York,
Notlco to School E jar Is.
. Allwuool h auU will l ike notice Unit,
irll ivi-tiliiMtes that, wer.i issowd prior t.i
this date st and s revoked that -ire held hy
teachers wleihave not at tended Institute
ii I i.l h.iVu not Ijeen excused h' nj.-.
, J. li. Hul k".
t'O. JSiijit.
'Mr. E; V. I'ont ius oui1 popular slation
a't. feceiv. d a report Iroui an hssmv
made on ore taken fr.itn a claim that he
iiaHHii interest in up in the, Hlacx Hills ."
miles from Udtl'ity w (uch a-.- iys flits',
lo the ton in K"'d. We hotie all the ore
j may prove as rich as this ti-s .ir and we
j are sure there it n on.! mora deserving
j to 1m hlesM.d w ith slush .1 j;ift than Mr.
Mr. and '.Irs. W. 1'. i lickeiison ol Mut-
otia, c iiiiii y, Jo.va me visiting Mr. mill
Mrs. .1. II, Williermsudi-r-r Ih.s w. ek .
Mr. Wi Iht-rin-doi-ter is !iowin Ui.-m the
MllHS tlli't ,-iri) to tl rl ..is', l in ' I.I.I x 'e. j
mid hiiiiii; liieiii up on lie" o.oiic toal we i
have so mitcli of in this pert ol N'elira ka.
We are sure tlieir visit will he icide a
pleasurt to th'-iu if any ell'orl lidin Mr,
and Mr. Wiliierinsilorler can make it m
On lust Sunday there were !i'.l cars of
cat 1 1.,' shipped Iroiii this place anil on
Monday I'lere was shipped frotii '.'offec's
Hiding IIS cars. Allol this stock was con
wjtneil to the W. J. perry live stock coiii
mission t.'o. of Omaha. Mr. V. A. Ih.-.ster
Is Mohi 1 tor for tins ti nil and we know
of no Ijel ter mail tuan Mr. Hester for he
has been in Hioux County for a number
of yeiirs and is acquaiuled with all the
slock men of this county and sm rounding
territory, and he is a hustler w lieu it
comes to business.
The Sioux County teacher's Institute
Cunvetie.l on last Monday with ft large
enrollment. Professor Percy and W. K.
l'urviauce are the instructors and a good
interest is being shown for advancement
along the lines ol education.
The riumlier enrolled are the following:
Miss Ksther Parsons, Harrison.
" Lillian M. Zimmerman "
" llaltie O'Connor
' bortlia Patterson "
' May Iewis "
Margaret Hunter "
' N'dhe II, S.:ylt
' Elsie A. Hill
" Mabel Zerlie
" Ivhth llurke
" Katie Parsons '
" JJolho Priddy
" iJelia II inson "
" ,lda Mor.ivek '
" i JVarl M. Jone; "
" Elsie Hi hwer "
' Edna Itohwer "
" Clara Christensen '
Mabel HigeloW
" Maud Kartell "
" Margarel Jorden "
" Minnie Niitlon "
Mr. Wwin Guthrie "
" Oscar Hanson
" Willie ilarlell
Miss Martha Dillard Crawford.
" Daisy I. Aird
" Kertha Golden '
' Itliiiulm Ay era "
" liura Hales "
" Cora L, Sowers
" Hossie Pmiieroy "
" Alma llurson
Mrs, Sarah Wisdom "
" Mary it. Akers "
Mr. Clarence Ruiiui '
Miss Florence Ijavid "
Miss Ona M, Hellyer Iowa.
" Susie Tuper' Osmond. Nehr.
Miss Hilda C. Rosenberg Adelni "
" Grace H Myers during "
" Lilian Harris Lincoln "
Mr. Cecil Johnson Canton "
" John I tor key Ardinore S. I),
" Wm. Ualvheubert; " " "
j The two led ..res given by Rev. F. A.
' Hatch sit tlrti M. K. ol orch Monday sii.il
' 'v.lay nights were wry hi ich enjoyed
J ' " Hi"i xent. Tin. lecture m (juter
l le Mon J;i v night brought forth n
Sr,':' 'leal f appl 'in s anil Mr. Hatch
'"i r.iufrrsmi lis hon' to presefiTT lite
spsi-iuieus of his mm emu to his heureis
The lecture on Tu. d.iv. The Pilgrims of
, v.i vft V iiisirucuve yiiti
-il r.
Hatch hrou-lil out a c.r.-at many
rorical facts tl'.il, e do not lind in
histories ol lodav.
On last M indav uhoiit 2 o'clock the
vvorse siorm st ruck llari-ison that has
heen noted in the liimcry of h town.
Tun wind liiew a p -rfect e-,,(!i amj
and rain was driven with such force
lr-.ni 'he north that, hut few window
hhis ii ef Ie. mi the north side f
j niiihlm.vfsi. TLer,. was some hemic work
d. ItV llie po.sl. wivi-s hi protectinff
; I heir ln-iiie-i- after the v.iiul.ovs hud heell
! mm i -li! d ia hy t.l,.. storm. The storm
j t!"l i-ise as it yt. fan h, r e.it,. A cloud
hurst, jvt tin. h..-ad of W't.iie ll.ver
I mid it. .ti.. cori.idi -rahltj daioate to ti e
i rail-cad tra.-k so th ,t tiains did not. "et
through mil 1 1 ( o'clock Tu-sila v morniue-.
Mrs. S. La art z's h'e.se was movtd on
it s fmmilat ion. hut we, are pi. id to n;iv
no lives were lost hut no doubt, tiome
tlioiieht. thf ir ii;ii had come. A'e hone
It will not he Hi, r privilege to have to
i"oi upon sue n a storm soon aiaiii.
v v i
I In Wye nn in-;.
Aiah-ew i'lirislii.n inadi; a trip to Lusk
on I
st S.1 urday, tvtiiriiU'K Hund,.
Hev. Yoiiiuucin au'l lamil
uiff 1 1 lend.-, on the I C i i -t" - last.
Wel'e visit- ' j
it urn iv. i '
Oeoi ).;. i. vis i
John .satlue's hou
'Veil hei family into j
Hi.: lastof last week, j
CIiiis (,iii-:siian i.as nrdi n.l a di pu,
vat from .'.iiiauc.i and wilt dip ui.toui..
in a f.nv da s, "
Mrs. Z..,,,!,,,,,,,,.-,. a, -iv-d home Iron, her
i vi.sit in iv'is
I hut. hen m
sin s ni.e t-.o weiks ao. j
ol ia our Hems Ja.sl weth
, was u.jt aw.iie t,
lie f.ict.
SlissUral lnt.j returned from
' hii ineiius i.e. r ..cu.v.lie on
iS.uurday. Sue will vi.vl VMth Iri.-uils
! Ilele until lliMll.ule oiens III Onugias.
A man from Muchi-il X :ti. ifave'a i.met-osc.-ie
ami rapli.ipliuneult i la.iiiiieni at
tho Iwll on Alond.iy mtit id i i.,t is. ek.
ihe entertatiiiiient iv.is jjoimI and eit
iNOrth the price ot admission. Alter Uie
i bow the hall ..ts cl.:areit, ttiohn.s t:m
bl'iMlKiil lo li'iil Irom secret placts, and
those Ml UIpo.,..d t.dlovveli tint teachlug.s
of toe mveiiiress Terpsa Iici,. and trippe(l
the llht l.illi.l.stlc Until the H," peeped
over the edye of Neiira.-dia and said
On Wednesday evening of last, week
a lerrilic wind and had storm pavu-d over
the 1 leasant Male.. S,.U, -tuen
great amount of damage to
, doing a
I'fcps and
gardens. The storm struck the settle
ment at J. A. Rices and passed through
it from nui Hi to south leavi-.g a narrow
strip on the east anil the west ends that
whs not hurl or damaged at all, but
mowing a i.warth Ihrouu'h the center!
from north to sout h. At. John Deuel's !
the entire crop was destroyed, also at!
Elias Foote's. Mrs. Movies lost about 20 !
acres of grain, S. lloltetlield almut .me!
Hall ol ins crop, J. J. .umhrunneu about
one half ol his entire crop, John Davis
and John Sutton's were damaged "really,
I. It. Jatman lost. IIH entire crop, Mr
Church Sr. and son llinl losteverytlung,
uiev eacn nan a tine garden which was
completely ruined, Harry Fan.-her lost
all on I. is own place, but w hat, be dad on
Charlie Thomas's homestead was not
hurt, l'lnlip l-reese was damaged about
one half, (in Fred Deuel, (the last man
in the track of the storm), lost ahead one
half of his crop. Those o1 the east, side
who escaped the storm were Harry Dein l
damaged slightly, while C. T. Christian
was not touched, also J. II. Newlm,
Andrew t hristian lost one field of lit
acres on his '.unlier claim near the ceme
tery while iiuotlwr Held on the same
claim was damaged about one half. We
have not heard from Hamlin, Jennings,
or lyihr, but think that they escaped
tfttli but liltle loss as they were some
what out of t he path of the morn). -
As your correspondent has not visited
the scene of the storm the description
may m somewhat exaggerated but, we
fear not us the roar and hum of the bail
could be heard two miles away.
Slivers caused hy tlm bail and caught
by Z"ki.-1.
W. Murphy and Len Christian were
almost caiight in the stortn with loads
of buy.
Oscar Hoy les was struck on the ami
with a chunk of ice which Iwumd him for
three days.
Zekiol was so badly scared at the noise
made by the storm that he tried lo lake
ftlwlter in nn pinpt v tenalo can.
r''Hi''!!!'iri2;it!; ui::!"-:;;
Si, ( jf
Eff&StimilV-'' .!' 1 ' . .' "f
r "''$M j'' I ' 0 ti'i
V'!.!-&S.(K A1L
f " 'TVK 0b; i"'.1"'1 I'1."!''.'!
u..i.jti.i tf i.i i . '
j, t"' : f Y'ti"' " ' .
Set. So discount,
Write for S2-pu(ro treatise
on JjJuckleu. It in iroe.
( lops ueru nr v.. r i
o .j priitijiM!.t. t.n
. ei'e on Wcilia s Jay
Maud iiiid ol
p.mto, what a'
the It.de tuan t Ley
moi'iiiiff; a ood
fjuod lenlii. hut
ch.uiye: In sundown iuoib than one llai f
.is a total . wreck.
F.dato vines vm-i; cnl oil' and huatcn
to the eniuihl and hi s.uiik nisUiuceS!
toe lull. ,
ic ia u I seil.
Al Mr. : 'lunch's ciht lar'e iudow
hjiiiis .M-ii. .en and at Xuuihi-un.iun's
I.Mirieeii w. r Miattixu.
i V e hear Unit i!t .some placs sliiuul
We h,
' er.i split in. it l;ie,i I.. d 0), from it(il
I ai.il saiin; i- a. split.
Mis Uoyles acMiiile son Ilillie
on their nay h m,.. I,. mi I'l.ir.s.m
' !i--. st ru-k ' i'-iii la i he la
u-,'e.., Ki'-.-se ni.d ilariy ii-ied; tl
-v lieu
; I..
V mi
io'.cln it I 1,11 ea II
nd lo., I; sh.-iicr und- r
am l.t-'-ke loo... and
V h a wire f.-i.'.-e a-i.i
I I !l
. IC
I.ij up al c'r. d e
i -li ! -i -I i hem ii
id iiver. ''. ..ey v
r r
I ci.imht
r t li- rlor.ii
o . s iiiij hy
l.if I,.
op left lo
v li e, hut lot.
Ti ll ;e n ,,i ve i n.
!' .II'-; cllt I Intf it. I' ,
r I lay.
slon.s went cltnr
i Al J A. H-i-es h-i
;i'r"util1 n,i,f'
At I',
te'. J ick rahl.it.s -i ad birds werv
;Bodarc .Gleaninprs,
ios Liliie Zimmerman
n Moiiiii-iv to ai tend I'e
went to Harri
hel s nsi : int.-.
I C. F, i 'oMV
j visit mi it-.
spent Sunday in the va'ley
folia and looking al ter his
interests lit
Mi--i Hilde Hunter came down from
1 1 it riviii Sa hi i!a v anil vvp visit, lor a
few J.ijs lulli Sir. 1'... i.vn'.s family,
Ro.l.i'v H-ems to have been stricken
with thfc imitri-iionial lever. The latest
on the list ii.Mr Millud Timer wl.o
was mai rai! to M s,. .irrie L-eling at
IhelMiiieol .ir- hrides p r.-nl.-. on V'v'ar
lionnet July I50. W" v. A this eslilii.itile
yoiliiif couple all th:! happiness this
rotli;h old world '-an oti'.-r Uiem mid
wor;dnringly ask ourselves "who'll be
the hex'?''
A wild and gentle shower visited this
locality Monday. Our Harrison neigh
bors we learn Were not, so fortunate as
they hid both hail and wind. Mr. Mill
er and Frank Cofl'ee were in town and
Marled home through Sow-Is Hy canon.
When they readied (lie K.un-i plaei they
found the mad wholly impassable mid
I were obliged to return and come home
! through west Hut creek canon finding
j the roads there badlv washed out. and at
'one place so bad that the buggy over
turned throning: theru both into the
creek, nothing being broke howver the
buggy with Mr. Zimmerman's help was
soon righted ami they readied the last
crossing on Hat-creek before the Hood
and reached home safely.
M. A. C.
Socialist CoNuiirKt Convlnt.'i i.n.
A delegate convention of the sin'ialist
parly of the Sixth Nebraska congression
al dislrin is hereby called to meet t,t 2 p.
ni. of Saturday, August HO. 1!)02, in the
city of Broken l!ovv; The object, of said
convention is to perfect pel ninneiit
organization, to nominate a candidate for
congressman from said district nnd to
traiiMict uny other hiisinnss that may
properly mine before said meeting. The
basis of representation is one delegate for
every five voles or fraction thereof cast
for Miss lliirla Wilkie, socialist candidal
for regent in 1001, which gives the va
rious counties the following ntiiiiberof
votes: Ilaniic-r 1, lilaiuu 1, lioX Ihitte 'ii,
Iloyd :t. Kuffalo 0. Ilrown 1. CTierry 3,
Cheyenne 1, Custer 11. Dawes 4, Dawson
.", Deuel 1, Gai llelil 1, Greeley 2, Grant
1, Holt 5, Hooper 1, Howard ii, Key n
Paha 3, Keith 1. Kimball 1. Lincoln fi,
Logan 1, Loup 1, MolTieison 1. Rock 1,
Sherman 5, (Sheridan 1. Hcolts Kluff 1,
Sioux 1, Thomas 1, Valley 1, Wheeler 1.
Total H2. J. C. L. Wim i.y.
Satgent, Neb. Aug. 1, Temporary Chin.
t U
(Ptu FORM)
absolntolv guaranteed to protect vonr
Vsutiiic is on exact Aom ; ana vac-
'"'My ''.jeetor put, the pill tmdor the
skin easily and uuicklv. Bv oirlorii.cr
;ir",'t lnu' 'ou K,,fc fretih vaccine
iiiiHicuiureiy uy return, mail. Boot
fully prepaid on receipt of price
SPECIAL OFFER: For a short
lime only 1 will mail one of my dollar
nickel plated in jectors free with every
order for 10 doses or more of lilaekW
Vaccine. Not sold by druggists or dealers.
ageiita, i'reparea ana sola only by
L REA, 220NiAw8TYo I7trveet'
" w ei. ,
u. .ys
add re
saiu toe .Suimuv ticaool
s-ii.Lf n,. j.,veiili class.
' I. at
i an you tell n.e annul Kiijah'"'
He. Has
the lell. r wind turned his
li. r . .ess cliaruu into an airship,-' replied
tlit; smaii liov ,.t the lout.
At I'anama, Coiombla, by Chamber
lain's Colic, Cholera and Olar.
rhoa itsBmody.
l.)r. Chas. 11. Uiti;r, a prominent phy
sician. ..I fannum, Cdlmnliiii, in a recent
i:..!.er n tales: 'I.ir.t, Marcli 1 had as a
p i. .ciii. a o.ia i.uiy sixteen years of
ne, idiii liaiiiiVtrt had aliaek of dy-1
Scit.-l'V. LVeltl,li,e I tl. .-.('.. ..el! Idl-I
hei' pn.v. . ii. effectual and .she, u.is gr.iv
me u.a.se eseiy li.eir. 1 i. r parents u ere
"Iik so - wi'Ulil liiti .She I, a. I iMtouie so
weak lint Sin- ce.ild mil 1 1 1 rii o erSll lied.
Nii.-t I., du at iii.s ci iliiai momeiil was
.. : u.iy i..c ii.e. ia.;, i Ihoulii ol' ( Lam
l.er.a.w's .'one. l.olera and Liarrh.jea
item..:'. ..n.i as a ,ast r--s..rt p rest r I bed
R. 'I I.e. most ii ouiler' u I result iv,,s
elle-lt d, V itn, a eight hours she was
feeiiiU idio'ii net ter; lui(l.- ol tbrt.-. U:u s
sli.j was upon iier f-et and at, tile end ol
' one v.- -k- v.i-4 enl.ivly wel.." For .sale
hi J. J'i. INil.iuev.
AhuiiMhe l,t ol September a very
j ene. e. t a.-, jiuiiii I ,r and si rung lin.incia II y
l-adiii1 new llrui will enter the lnusijess
circH's id' i rawlord, and the Tt'ib;.ue
predicls for it from toe starta successlul
'career. Tne principals in the new ven
ture are Mr. S. M. Ki.app and Miss May
.Force, two of (.'rawfoiu's wtdl-koown
young people who have grown up withN
l he town, eiich ol w hom ik possessed (,
more than ordinary husiuuss ability; and
Loth having come in contract with the
1 ratling public as trusted employes of the
foremost, mercantile establishment in
t his sect ion of the state, their praol leal
experience gives Hei) a thorough
knowledge of tie wants of the people a
portion of whose trade illey will solicit,
Mr. Kni.pp lias been in Craw ford ever
since its tent days, having been in the
hi .1 vice ol' the most prominent, general
merchants, and has won an enviable
reputation for courteous and gentle-
! manly deportment to all, while Miss
Force has won the friendship and good
will of everyone hy her pleasing, lady
like disposition and agreeable business
j nietho'ls.
'.'Tie new lirm name will bo S. M,
Kitapp &'.'(., th? business will be of a
f'n 1 1 general uvreh inJise nature., and its
location will lie in the commodious
(pmrters m the Syndicate Block which
Y . E Janilt formerly occupied. A new
and complete' lite1: of fashionable tip to
il, tie goods has been ordered from manu
facturers and wholesalers' for the dry
"oods and notions departments, us has
also a new fresh slock of every article
needed in groceries, ec'.
The Tiibiine but voices the sentiments
of ninny when it. welcomes this stile
Mantial firm as an addition to the busi
ness interests of Crawford, wishing it. us
it promises tn have, biiccess and pros
perity, Tribune.
South Omaha. Neb. Aug. !i, lllfl'J
'little receipts moderate, Prices have
kept strong on good feeders and range
beef. Cows are weeker and 15 to 120 cts.
lower. Demand for feeder anil Miocker
i steers incieaslng and desirable stock
j meets with ready sale al good prices.
Choice corufed steers strong.
We qiiotechoice range beef 5,5010(1.00
choice feeders 4 75 lo 5.115; (this class in
demand nlfo for killers) fntr, 4 !ih to 4.05;
stockets D fiO to 4.;."i; ciiinmon 2.50 to 8.
25; fat cows li 00 to 4 .2.); common, 1 75
to 2.75. stock calve 11.20 to 4.50; veal,
4 '50 to 5 50.
Have hud fair receipts ,of sherp nnd
market has declined 25 to 40 cts. for the
week on fnl ones. Feeders in small sup
ply ! demand good. Fat yearlings 3.05 to
4 25, feeders 3.25 to 3.40; fat weathers 3.
50 to 4 00, feeders 2.75 to 3.25; fal ewes
2.75 to 3,40, feeder 1.00 to 2.25; fat
lamb". (.50 to 5 25, feeder 3.50 to 4 00,
Heavy receipln expel led within the
nenl four or six wetks. J
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Harness, Saddles,
Lumber, Grain,
Harvesting Machines.
Ity virtue of an order of sale isseil hy tfc
elerk of Uie district court of .r.ionx eoui.t y
Neliriiskii, upm a decree rendered In iid
com tin favor of Moux County, phunHIT.
and ft'.'Mlnst Martha M. tlovey, Jolm w.
Ilovey, Nelson Ilovey, Afonzo A. liorY,
Chester liovey, Noah I!. Ilovey, Klnt. fni
)'iiter, Friuik t'liiljips, LIieUoers.:Urle
A. Ihigeriiniii, M'illiuiu A. ilovey, Kiorn t.
Ilovey, Kiln 11. Muck, UiclnirU Icv heirs
j of James K. iluvuy, deeeiocd. Vliovvnln-r
Mortioijire (niiiny,u eorporutiott, .Sduuiel
T. Ames, as defeiKLints, 1 will on the IsHi dav
ol AiiKiist, 19iti,Mt, oipi o'clock in thuHl ter
iiooii of mild diiy nt the east front door oi
the court house of said eoiiiiiy ut lliirri-on,
Netniislia, pell ut public auction to the high
est bidder for cash in liiiiid, tin: following
described real etut,., sti.nnte.1 la swd.i'oinrty f
to-wlt: Tile north half of the uo'l-tlie.j.i
(piarter, the nortlienst qtuirter of the north
west quarter of section eight, mid Hi,- nuitti
sejtt quarter of tli noitliwest qnsrler r.l
section nine, ia towuslilp lliirty-t(, ai.rtli.
of rimire 111 ty four west of tlm .-sixth prlnei
pal meridian, to satisfy said older l 8itle in
1 he sum ol one bnndred forty oaeilollnrniiiiil
til ty. live, cents (14I.M) interest, cost uu.l lie
eriiiiig costs,
l-'irsi iniblli-iitioii, July IT, ltHti. , ;
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