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Harrison .-Press -Journal.
Y- XIV - HATPTsn-NT Tvx-rTc- mzrzz;7zi JzizTTr
Z:zzi JL x-.ri.ujxajjiiY, j K.J-7-102. Ln
C. 3
Mrs. HiiKnn:tH moved
thin week.
into town I
As hay mi.' time has come everybody is
busy making hay,
(Jo to Patterson's for Singer Machine
and suptrfie. 50if.
Geo. Istvis, of Warren Wyo. made us
a pleasant call list Wednesday.
Mr. Evelyn Rose paid the Journal
family a short visit last Saturday.
Sunday school at 10 o'clock; every
body invited. W. II. Davis; Siit.
Just received: A new consignment of
men and boys clotlmur lit GERLACMS.
J. W. Hunter purchased the Ed. Maine
place und moved on to tins same thin
V. A Hester accompanied bv J. H.
Wilhermsdorler, made a trip to his ranch
in Wyo. litis week.
General Barry of Greely Co. was nom
nated at Kearney hv the fusiomsts for
congress on July 10.
Offing t' lack of space our local news
incut short this week, b'H will try and
do better next weak.
More anil better poods for the same
money at GerUich's store than any other
place, try them. 10-tf
For Sale: 100 acres of land joining 1he
villag- of Harrison; for further partic
ulars inquire at this office. 40
Mrs. W. H, Hough came tip from
Pierce Nehr. last week, to visit for a
while with friends and relatives in this
1 am now prepared to weave cartels.
10 cts. for hit and miss and 12 j for
stripped. Warp furnished at cost.
Mrs. J. A. Thayer. 30 tf
I will hold Institute) this year, Itegin-
ning Auiir-t 4, continuing two weeks.
J. B. Burke.
Co. Supt.
Reliable man for Manager of a Branch
we wish lu-nnt,n in thi .;......
.. c-" '"-)
Mere is a g,Kl oening for Uas right
man. Kindly give good reference when
Illustrated catalogue 4 cts. stamps.
29 3
Miss Lisuie and Katie Prsons accom
panied by George Williams, Conrad Par
sons, arid Howard Burke made allying
trip to Bodarc, lat. Sunday and enjoying
a fine sermon delivered hv Emery Zim
merman who is lilting the pulpit at
Bodarc this hummer in the absence of
Rev. Rice An Iter Ihe sermon they went to
t7ie"TH7srrftaMcj home of Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Zimmerman where, everybody
Uriels a welcome, and filled up on the
good things that Mrs. Zimmerman and
miss inline Know o well hoar to prepare
and after enj lying the socialiilly of the
young people of that vicinity they turned
their faces toward 1 larrisort and arrived
in time lor Laaguejtnd church Servio
' O ar Ward was down from the VT
last Saturday trying to get men to work
in the bay field.. He was offering $1.5)
per day hut could not find any men that
were idle.
Lee' Lice and Mite Killer is the great
est insect destroyer, the greatest labor
saver and the least expensive in the end.
No handing of fowls or animals. Bold by
J. E. Phiuney.
If you want a quick action, light-run
ning. stem-winder, hair-tricker, ball-bearing
and Triple-expansion Mower or Rake
go to Oerlach's and ft, a Ieering. Get
your twine now.
Notice to Tax Pavers.
All personal tax that it due must be
paid at once or I shall proceed to collect
Ute same by law,
John I. Davis
Co. Treasurer.
Sava your cattle from the ternbls re
sultsof blackleg by using Dr. Ren's Black
leg Vaccine, Safe.sureand speedly. lit
gives a Dickie plated injector free with
every order for 10 doses or more. Read
his advertisement in this piper.
The fourth quarterly nieettng'of the
M. E. Church for Harrison charge will be
held at Harrison July 2627. As this is
the last quarterly meeting of the year a
large attendance is desired. Retr. J. A.
Hcamaborn. the Presiding Elder, will be
present and conduct the servits.
The same Old .Story,
J. A. Kelly relates an exerience sinri-
I find myself this patriotic day here at
my old home in Iowa. The day has been
a fine one for family reunions, picnics,
fishing, and various amusements.
I find that nineteen years has brought
about many changes in various ways.
The city of Muscatine has gained live
thousand inhabitants and is a very busy
place. There are 23 lml ton factories
where children ten years of age can earn
their dollar and a half or two dollars a
week and those of lifleen to eighteen can
earn front three to "even dollars a wek
so it is very hard for people to secure girls
to do housework. The oatmeal factories
also (employ many hoys and girls. A
smart woman can earn three dollars a
week at home sewing buttons on to cards.
The Library building is a nuignifican t
structure, and they haw juslr:ompletcd a
large ho-pital. The electric street cars
make my head svini, I realy think there
is too much commotion here to suit one
who h.is lived in the quiet so long as I
have, Freddie is delighted with all
lieseesand wants to see more. There has
been so much rain here, com is backward
and oats are falling. On tint whole corn
looked better in Nebraska than in Iowa
when I left home June 23, There were a
few fields of very line corn and some look
er! as if it never would make anything.
We intend to take a Itoat ride and cross
the river on the brige Jbefore we return
home. The brige is one hundred feet
altove the water,
I was sorry to learn that even a "Iraby
cyelone"had visited ourold neighbors, hut
glad it was no worse. Storms seem to be
the order of Ute limes. It is now July
the 10 th and Ute rains continue, so we do
not get to go around as much as we had
intended. The Odar river is so high w
can't cross it now to go and visit the
cemetery where niv dear mother was
laid to rest thirty seven years ago. I
find the quiet resting places of the dead
are under going changes as well as all
others. Freddie finds so many relatives
he has riiwd to number them. Ho
likes this country very well only the
mud, and it is decidedly unpleasant about
getting around. I feel the difference in
the air very decidedly, it is harder work
to breathe here than in Nebraska. I can
still shout Hurrah for Nebraska. Cl.io.
Muscatine Iowa, July 10. 02
Commlslonera Proceedings
Harrison Sioux Co, Nebr., July 7, 1902.
The county Commissioners met as per
adjournment. Present commissioners
Meng, Lewis, Bigelow and Witt. J. A.
Rauro, clerk.
The following preamble and resolut
ions were on motion adopted; whereas
the assessed valuation of Sioux County
for the year 10(0 is only $093550.54
corrected by the Board of equalization.
Subject however to correction bv the
l. lerk, so tar as clerical errors may ap-
said sum
Ur to that which has hapiiied in almost
very neighborhood in the United States
and has ln told and re told by thous
ands of others. He says: '-Last sum
mer I hud an attack of dysentery and
purchased a bonis Ol i tiamoeriani
Colic. Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, 1 1"', whereas 9 mills levy on
... ,. .wi make $0212.00, and the Board of
which V d according to directions and .
; . 1 county comiiicsioners are only allowed
with etiT.fely satisfactory results. The , warrunt for MffUOi tl,ereof
trouble was controlled much quicker j it resolved that the following items
than former attacks when I used other J included in the estimate of exssnses for
remedies." Mr. Kelly tsawell known 'e year 1002; viz:ditrict court expenses
f i u 1 salaries, stationary, printing and publish
f or sale ny .
Ill, iricrueiliwi eAiuunr, inniiiuw uuu
officers fees Ire reduced to come within 9
mills on the dollar, of the tola! assessed
citizen of Henderson, N. 0,
J. E. Phinnoy.
Caix Foh But
Harrison, Nebr., July 10 Iff.
Sealed Bids for two costs of point on the
outside wood work, Ism mid cup stones st
windows, si"! doors and nip stones of found
stion, wall, and to repitir tut gutter m roof.
HMls will be received until lOo'elock A. M.
Antrast M IM st lh:ierk'sofllo In Unrrl
smi Jlebr. The Ikmrrt reserte the rlht to
reject n or ll bids.
Win. J. A. Ilaum,
valuation of Sioux county, for the year
1902, and that the items of county Hoard
puroes included in the estimate of ex
I reuses for 1902 be stricken out. To pre
serve county revenue for the year 1901
the Board hereby makt the following
levy on a valuation of $fltfit5A0.54 for
general funs' 0 mills on the dollar valu
ation, for bridges 4 mills on the dollar
he hereSv is ordered to levy on the valu
ation of Bo-.ven Bond predict the num.
Iter of 4 mills on the dliar valuation f. r
the purpose of providing binking fund
lor Bowen precinct Kond Sinking Fund.
It appears that sufficient amount is in
the comity Treasury above the aiiiotua
of Sinking Fund, needed to pay interest
on said Bond, due Dcceinlrer lit. 1!l(r2
It appearing to the Board that u special
tax is necessary to provide for the pay
ment of outstanding district warrants.
and to liquidate indebtedness against the
following road districts, the Board here
by make tins following levies:
Road District No. 2
' 13
" 12
" 9
" 4
On motion the Clerk be and he is here
by s i uiUereJ to levy ort the valuation of
the d liferent sch iol,, Jist.ricts the amounts
legally Hied and cert i lied to Ihe proper
ofllcers Ut be so levied, also the reuuired
number of mills respectively to raise the
amount of interest ntal Sinking Fund
on school District Bonds and commission
lor collecting same. On motion Board
went wtoregiilar session as the county
The following claims against Sioux
County were taken tip, examined, audit
ed, and en motion allowed, reduced or
fv! 03
51 HO
5 00
f4 t.OO
40 00
sr. 00
On motion Board adjourned until July
Kth 1902.
Win. J. A. Raum,
Board met pursuant to adjournment.
Present commissioners, Meng, Lewis,
Bigelow, and Wm, J. A. Rinm, clerk
i n motion the Clerk is instructed to
draw a warrant on road, district .No. 9 in
- .... ...
tavurw tirant tiuttirie lor vi.W in
lieu of road certificate issued to H. S.
Parks for the year 1901 and cancel said
The following claims against Sioux
County were taken up, examined, audit
ed, and on motion allowed, reduced or
held for taxes:
Claimed Allowed
AlexLowry 7l 10 71 10
Fremont Tribune 00.53 00 53
M. F. Harrington 302.20 302.20 Atty
fee Russell case, state of Nebi-aska, vs
Order Yosr DLACKLEO VACCINE BY BAIL Professional Ca: 1 ;
and you will always be sure of petting it pure, fresh
and full of strength.
in ffunrarUeed U protect yuur cuttle from lilackleg. Each
piu 01 vaccine is an exact done, una vaccination is sure
safe and certain.
. , DR. REA'S INJECTOR puts the pill tinder the
skin easily, quickly una skillfully.
ay oruermtrnirect, you trtslt vaccine Immediately
wimorit aeiay, as it is peit by return uiuil, fully
prepaid, en receipt of price.
Co. .t It i , liit .
Hlrkel riaK-A Inrrrlnr, . . 91.00
10 Doses '. 1111 .I'orml, - '.00
VX ;! - a-o
it " " " - ij.no
100 ' . . lo.OIJ
These price! are NET. No dlHcount.
M. J. O'Coiiiiell, -
Mill Pmr.'iw i:i All V nrU.
Special .U leu! inn L'itcu fo :.jm1
.'ll'ti UtlsilH'SS.
tiHcclii.us mil nil l:iis!!icss t-n'.ru
" In me tvC! receive p,-., m pi n'iuAU
f n w r A v
war ar wm mai oneof my d
nicaei riaieu injeciora rniur. wiin every unrcr rnr 10 do
For a short time only
ry omer rnr 10 dotes or
Write for S3 page
Troatise on
nly, I
.tut. Wltn evTV finrnr rnr 10 nan. ...
ninra of trr. Iten'a Itlackleir Varrclnr!. Nrtt mitri hv rinKn.i.1,
dealer or aeu 18. FKliPAKED AND SOLD ONLY By '
220 East 32d Street, New York City.
til ertJIs iMVeu .r,
ililice iv, One
iH t .ill. a:
; more.
Mary Staudeninaeir 15.00 15 00
Coorlsen L-tcv 10.00 15.50
Itefeml.tnts, witnesses ordered hy
Court to Ire paid hy the county.
UeorgeLakin 15,00 14.50
Diedrii k Nelsrrn 15.00
signed to J. O. Maher.
Myrtle Akes 10.00
John Ferris 13.00
signed to J. ( M'lher
l has. 'f. A kes 17.50
signed to (. A. Adams
A, Mcfrinley 10,00
W. II. Wr ight
II. Ziiiiini-rircin
Charles Dippert
Charles Uiirert
Peter Peterson
James Nelson
W. M. Otiylmrt
J, H. Bieser
J. ' '. Parsons
Henry (Vivey
A. 0. Cullers
It. W. Ha.n rker
Pat Lacy
1 has, Newman
Held for taxes
53 00
52 60
52 20
Alex Lowry
Charles Russell.
Alex Lowry 25 10
J. B. Burke 82.40
Wm. Martin 12.00
Held for taxes
Steve Serres 3.80
Louis Wolheter 8. 70
Wm. (lay hart 8.80
C. C. Burke 80.44
Fremont Trihune 34 07
O. M. Lacy 2.50
Marsteller Brhs 6.00
Dieckniann & Lacy 0.00
Wm. J. A. Ittum' 114.50
Witness fees, state of
Charles Russell,
Chas. Staudenmaeir 40.20
signed to M. J. O'connell.
9 00
Nebraska ys
40.20 As-
L. C. Lewis
John Dieckniann
John Cleland
John I. Davis
Franklin Force
10 00
14.00 13 40
16.00 11.80 As
4.20 held for tax
signed to J. O. Maher, held for taxes
Ed Pullen 13.00 10.00
f 1 held for taxes
J. E. Phinnty
Joseph Varley
signed to J, 1. Maher,
John Dlomherg
A. T. Hughson
John O. Mahor
Frank C. Lewis
(3iarles Rasher
Wni. Smoke
E.ra Tucker
signed to J. . Maher.
Wm. Buckley 15 00
signed to J. (. Maher.
J. S, Tucker 15.00
signed to O, Guthrie.
15 00
14 50
15.00 As-
14.20 As.
Edward fiwart,
Jhrist Christenson
Jens Jensen
signed to (). Guthrie
Michael Bulling
Chas, E. Rasher
G. J. Martin
James Force
signed to J, G. Maher.
W O, Patterson 10.00
signed to G. Guthrie.
Mae Weslover MM
15.00 14.70
15.00 14.70
15.00 8.60 As
5,90 held (of taxes
14.50 11.07
5.83 held for taxes
19.00 16.50
89.70 89.70
12.90 As-
18.50 As-
14.50 As-
13.00 As
17.50 As-
JauitiS It. ( onl
J. M. McKusick
signed to (. Outhrie
H. II. Russell
Belle Russell
Rehccca Russell
J. E. Pliiiniey
E nery Cilruor
W. W. Snvder
sign rl to Then.
1901 Statu te..
Held for taxes
15.00 14,50 As-
15.00 1150
15.00 14.50
15.00 14 50
25 00 20.00
7 60 7.00
41.10 20.25 As
Chapter 28, Section 5;
For hoarding prisoners per day, not x-
feeding i5 I'ls per day, nor more than
$1.50 per week when the prisoners are
confined toore than six (lavs.
Harry Irwin
Charles MorrissAy
signeil to Theo. Figg.
i 'has. F. IVrjau
70.50 62.00
9.00 0 00
W. A. Birdsall 53.25 50.00
" 145.25 130.75
On motion commissioners adjourned
until July 9. 1902.
Win . J. A. Raum,
Harrison Sioux Co. Nebr.. July 9 1002.
Boaid met as per adjournment. Pre
sent couimisMoncis, Meng, Lewis, Bige
low and Wm J. A. Raum, clerk.
The fnllowjnjr claims airainst Sioux
County wtre'laketi up, utidilud and al
lowed. Slate of Nebraska vs Charles
Crmit (Jnllirie t2."."
Sylvester Mulitoorr 31.50 31.0(1 Assign
ed to Ttn o. HH"t.
Henry Whiting 2-11 2.10
M. K. Mirk 2.10 -2.10
to (.'. V. Car ley.
Krrtnk llttriis 2.10 ii.IO
to C. V. Cnriey.
(ieorjfn W. t rant '2.10 2.10
Fred Uiemi 2.10 2.10 "
to Tlreo. t'igjr
,J. A. Jennings 2.K1 2.10
W". T. Smith '2.10 2.10
J. A Minikres 2.10 2, Hi
J. Vi . ilitinillori .I0 2.10 "
to ('. V. I'arlcy
K. H. Krwny 2.10 2.10 '
t C. v. t .'arley,
W. K. Lyoa. 1.50 1.50
I.Hlsn on Court House
(ieo. Ailums IJ.OO 12.00
Supplies tor panpnr
J. II. Kartell 12.04 12.01 ZZi
For Juil
T. (I. Wiili.nns (i.ri) 8. SO
Her U'i-H in Force e.iso
IJ. W. llejter ul..",l ,;i.b2 ;2V.6'.I
helil fur tax Coul, for county
J. K. t ohhe-y 0.0J Co; I
Code for Co. J .
tiranl (iirilrrle b.Oo s.00
liefnnd tax lllegaly collected
August .Meier 45.U0 '2.i.00
v oo.t lor parrjrer
I David Amlcr-Boa 112.00 1I2 00
Mippllcs for pauper II moiitlrs ,
11. J. CUoiinoll 30.00 I1J.W) j
Kxprrme in itussvll trial
N. E. Aniistroin l.w l.r0
Slierilfs fee 1 it Hiisnell tiinl
Hill Bhutto s.wi ri.00
Wiiiics'i la Uitssell trial
Sanrael Morehead 2.HI 2,10 A-
signed to i ireo. 1- itfg .
C. W. Thurston 2,10 2.10 "
to '1'lreo. c lge.
J. A. .Macoml.cr 2.10 2.10 '
to 'l'riv o. t ltfe?c.
Vi . Iw oauliur.it 4.W 4.00
lO I'll iu. f iKC.
John V, .Sjiria'Klea 3;W 3.30
V. Ij. Illlbert 2.10 2.10
I.. V. Ho.vinu.il '2.10 2.10
s Z . a. ttraiison ' 1.-25 1.25
1 .sheriff fees in KnnHell case
A, VV. (;ritos& W. ji. FuiiuhitJ ouo.oo 4OO.0J
Atiy. itussell cxe
C. 11. Vnnkiik 4.00 4.00
.Slierllf fee in Itaj.Hoil eao
CUim. F. Durgaii J.0O i,,uo
,she:iff " - .
" " " 3.75 3.75
" " ' 6.25 5.25
Prompt attention given to all Ujn,
matters in Justice, County ami Dirtlnc
Courts, and hefore the TTi.irte,! Ht...
Land Ollice.
Fire Insurance written in reliahl
CU'Legal papers carefully drawn.
Hahiuson. - Nebhaska.
F. E. II. V. II. R.
to and from the
is the best .
V. K. A U. V K. it. lime table.,
(iotnt? "-sat. Going Eas-
S. .1, mixed, ....10:M So. u, w.ixed
M. Wiilhim 14.(0
cd to Hank of ( rsn ford.
Chas. lilcliardson 13.50
el to t rairford tferoliHritlle '
j M.J. O'Coanoll 1
4.00 Assign I expenses lit Uussell trial.
Win. Locklcr 20.10
Hoy Unudnll 12.10
to Theo( Figg.
J.J. Adsrrrs 13.50
to G. M. Adamn,
Thos. Kilsgiral 12.10
to C. V, Curley.
C. W. Thorn ton
to Theo. Flgijo.
Isaac Muyotre 13.75
to Theo. FiKKo.
L. K.Motn fi.10
G. H. Willis 12.10
J. W. Ilowland 13 50
L. V. Itowirnin W. 10
to Theo. Klttffff.
J. W. llawiey
to G. M. Adams.
Orvllle MesseriKer 12.75
Frank Carnplsdl 12.31
to Theo KlKKr.
I.. N. Cnrtwrlght 12.75
to Theo. Flifgn.
Mat Wlnshlp 12.10
to Theo. KIitko.
Ilimry Steer 2.10
to C. V. Carley.
G. W Wnlbrldge 12.50
to Theo. fiftw.
V. H. Alloway 13 15
to Theo. Klgge.
Kd llartmsn T2.75
to Thsoi Flgge.
A. Itoherts 13.80
to Theo. Kluje.
J. W. WalU 12.10
to Theo. Hggo.
John Ieetnb 110
Cliidn II. OukIi 2.10
to C. V. Csrloy.
J. L. I'sul 2.10
David Mess 29 10
to Theo. Flgiro.
Samuel Moreheml
to Theo. Kigge.
John Br.raeklsa 211. 10
W. T. l'slmnr
John Chlzrk
to Theo. Flggo.
John A. Miiutrrber J9.10
Thro. Klggo.
Irwin Jackaon 2.10
to (l. v. Carley.
Kit llurlinnriii z 10
tod. V.Crrloy.
Rlrrruy Williams 211. 10
3.50 Assign-
20.10 29.10
12.10 12.10
. 2.30
29.10 29.10
Jells C. Jlleag
L. C. Lewis
K. A. liigclow
S4.40 )U.40
72.25 72.25
Services, Uo. Coiinniieiioiier
61. Si (I1.S5
127, on Held for tnxe.t
2.10 1
II. 10
29.10 j"
2.10 "
Hold for truss
n.H.ti4ii. tiniLtlitp l).t)rk be fndMuuedtoW. J, O'ZoniwII.
Nil Hi sir Ilronhiirst
to Theo. Klitgo.
Dwlifhl Card 2.10
K. II. I'hllllp 30.00
Chnrlns Morremu-y 2.10
to Theo. riffgn.
I'rtrlck Kyntt 1.10
too. r. Carley
IlenjHtrrln lorwsnthM 2.10
lu V. V. tsi lty.
29.10 29,10
Johu I. Davis, Co. Treasurer is hereby
instructed, and no ordered by the county
Board to transler $10 84 from special
Road District Fund, district No. 12. The
following claims against Sioux County
were laid over for further consideration:
V. B. Carley, Clerk Dist. Court $75.78
Uoorge Beiihaur, Baiiill' 12.00
Chas. L. llilbert " 30.00
L. K. Mote ' 14.00
George Benham ' 10.00
H. U. Mead ' 24.00
On motion the Clerk is instructed and
is hereby so ordered to draw a warrant
on General Fund 1902 in favor of E. D.
Satterlee for 450 dollars, Settlement,
Hull & Satterlee vs Sioux County.
John I. Davis county Treasurer! You
are instructed and hereby so ordered to
draw from the General fund of the
county 132.84 and apply the sama on
the taxes of E. D. Satterlee and issue
j him lax receipts for the amount. You
are also instructed to apply 1(52.80 iu like
manner on the taxes of llonry Zimmer
man and issue him lax receipts for the
same. You are also instructed to apply
$12.00 in like manner on the Uxes ol
Wm, Martin and issue him tax receipts
for same. You are iusttucted to apply
$1 on the taxes of Ed Pullen in like man
ner and issue tax receipts for same.
You are also instructed to apply $4.20
on the taxes of Joseph Varley and issue
him tax receipts for same, You are al
so instructed to apply $5.00 on the taxes
of Jens Jensen and issue him lax receipts
for ame. You are also instructed lo
apply $5.83 on the taxes of Miclmul Ruff
ing and issue receipts for same. You
are instructed lo issue $27.90 on the tax
es of John Hpruklen and issue lax receipts
for same. Also you are instructed to
apply $29.10 on the taxes of Ihrney
Williams and is-.ue tax receipts for same
You lire also instructed to apply $50
on the taxes of Chas. Dipjiert and issue
tax receipts for same.
On motion Board adjourned until
August J8 1902.
Wm. J. A. Raum;
Co. Clerk.
Dealer in;
Harness, Saddles,
Lumber, Grain,
Harvesting Machines.
We regret exceedingly to lent,) that,
northwest Nebraska's pioneer mousing
Rev. J. Sloan, pastor at large In- iM
Fresbyterian church, is probnhly m, his
death bed iu Omaha, word having U en,
eceived hy the family here that lie
submitted to an operation ft r calcul ,
and the attending physicians state clfl
not recover. We si ncei tly hope il, ,t his
condition may take some turn r,,r I he
better whereby he will h spar al f,.r
additional years of usefulness' A ll,uoe
'Tarn using a box of Chamls-rlainV
stomach & Liver Tablets and lind them
the best thing for my stomach I ever
used," says T. W. Robinson, Justice of
the Peace, Loo mis, Mich.
These Tablets not only correct disorders
of the stomach but regulate the liver
and bowels. They are easy to take and
pleasant in effect. Price 25 cents per
box. For sale bv J, E. Phinney.
Cut this out ar.d lake it to Phinney 's
Drug Store and tet a box of Clin ml Is
lam's Stomach & Liver Tablets. 1 Ti,e
best physic. They olso correct disuidtrs
of the stomach. Price 25 cents.
Hy virtue of air order of sale lsscd hy is,
clerk of the district court of ;sioux count , ,
Nebraska, upon a decree rendered In snhl
court In favor of slonx County, plaintiff,
and riKalnst Martha M. Ilovcy, John W
llovby, Nelson Ilovcy, Aloazo A. Ilovcy,
( heslcr llovuy, N011I1 11. Hovoy, Kli.a Cur!
prntor, Frank Phillips, I,l.zie KogtirH, Clarice
A llanermair, William A. Ilovcy, Flora U.
Ilovcy , Klla Jl.. Shrek, lilchard Ilovcy, heir,
of Jinnes . Iluvey, deceased, Showalter
MorlKiW Company, n curporullon, Annuel
T. Ames, ss defdiidiints, I will on the lsth il,.y
ol AiiKnst, 1902, nt 0110 o'clock In the arter
110011 of said day at the east front door of
the court house or said county at Hnrrlwin,
Nebraska, sell at public auction to tlio IiIkIi
est bidder forcsli In hand, the tallmi-ji.g ,
drscrtlrcd real estate sltuatod In suiilcomny
to wit: The north half of the northeast
quarter, the northmist quarter of the north,
west quarter of section right, and t h. north
west quarter or the northwest quarter if
section nine, In township thirty two norths
or ritirgo nrty-four west of the sixth princi
pal meridian, to satisfy said otdur ol mile 1 1
the sum of one hundred forty -one dollar-11 n,
fifty fivo ocnts (UI Al) Ititerest.ctmt and iux
crnlng costs.
First publlostlon, July IT, 1H.
ALKX. liWlty,
MivrllT of Maid Cuulj..
: 1
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