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    Press - Journal.
vol. xirv.
Hum Thomas was a
Harrison visitor
y briMftt i'iunttt reiurned
Spring I ant Monday.
Come to Hurrison and celebrate.
county commissioners took a
from Hot- - drive- Monday to-Montrrme .-vi.ur- u.u
t ...
unuge. recently built near
(in to Patter n'i for Singer Machine
arid supplies.' 50tf.
and other work
thai place,
under their
L R Priddv will build a horse pnttture
for his father this week.
Peter ltortcDen. from Olen
Harrison visitor last Monday.
Nels Adams, from Olen ai doing
business at the county emit Monday,
Sunday school at 10 o'clock; every
body iuvited. W, H. Davis; Supt.
Bov a Champion mower
BOHWER and look pleasant.
from E.
11 has been quite col1 the last few days
and the wind hai hlown consider:! hie.
H. Da
viH left Monday evening for
Lincoln, where he goes to represent the
Republican party of Hioux county, in
the state Convention which is to be held
at tluit place on June 18.
rs. Chiu li
leu Hanson went to tlie M.E.
Hospital Tuesday night. Mrs. Hanson
ban been nick for winie time and we hone
she may be benefited l,v the trip and the
nieHWiil assistance she will receive
at Uie Hospital.
Jurit received: A new consignment of
men and hoys clothtnt; at GERLACHH.
Carl Witt Sought a
(Villon saddle from J.
new. No. 131
K. Wtlherms
Don't let lice ami mites take
prollts. Vu Let's Lice Killer,
from J. E. Phinney.
U.i A A -.1
n, iimi. iKini was in irfm Ills
ranch Tuesday. John m kept pretty
busy these days looking after the three
ranches, and as having time is drawing
near lie is making preparations for it, but
John is equal to the emergency.
More and Setter grr.ds for the ssitie
money at (lerlnch's store than any other
place, try them! JO-tf
The personal proerty of Frank Flem
ming deceased which has lieen heretofore
advertised will lie sold on his place on
the 30ihd.iv of June A. I. 19D3. Sale
to begin at 10 o'clock A. M.
j J. C. KHlll.KY; Administrator.
-JThomas !iinn wnsquite sick last week
and I)r .Meredith was called Ironi Craw
ford, also the i)r. from Lusk. and after
diagu.jsing disease they thought there
was a chance for Tom vet, and we are
glad to say that he is much belter this
on the 4th. of July.
Below will be found the
following program, as prepar
ed by the committee.
Heading, Declaration of In
dependence and Speaking.
HIueKock shooting contest.
Pony race.
12:30 If 8, f), 3
Free for all foot race 100 yds.
1:15 f, 2.50, 1
Foot race for boys under 14
50 yds
1 :30 $2,
Three legged race
Commlsloners Proceedings
Harrison, Nebr., June 10th (902.
The Hoard of county commissioners
convened as a Hoard of Equalization.
Present commissioners, Meng, Lewis,
and Clerk.
Board proceeded to ascertain the total
Valuation of property assessed, and (lit
relative value thereof. On motion Board
adjourned until HVctodk, June 11 1902.
Wm. J. A. Raum,
Harrison June 11 1902.
Board met as per adjournment. Pres
ent commissioners, Meng. dewis, Billow,
and Wm. J. A. Raum, clerk.
Board continued to ascertain the total
valuation of property assessed and I In
relative value thereof. On motion Boa re
adjourned until 8 o'clock A. M. June 1'
1902. Wm. J. A. Raum,
The undersigned will sell
at public auction, at J.
Jacob's residence, four miles
easLiof Montrose, Sioux
on Tuesday,
10 o clock
iastAof "o
. IT'
July. fst.
10 Cows
8 Cows with calves by side
2 3-yr. old Heifers
2 1-yr. old
Professional Cards.
51. J. 0 t'DiimH, - - Co. Alt erne j,
Will Prncliee in All Court..
Special Attention Oireu to Land M
lice Itiisines.
t'olli'ctiuiis and al! business -trtrnxt-edtowenill
rccei ve prompt attcutiou.
ftrewster came in on the west
1tuml train Tuesday to look after Ins
Hioux .county interests.
Ff' fl,LR:- 190 acrn of land joining the
ill-nre of Harrison: for further partic
ular inquire at this office.
Tliere ban Iwen a large amount of hind
Inir trimi shinned in thin week. The
farmers must be looking for pood crops
V Mr. and Mrs. (', H. Grewell were
Harrison visitors last unk and uhiie.
hvre they made us a pleasant visit, and
they went :o Hoilaro .Saturday to visit
fridmls. We are always glad to meet
Mr. and Mr. (Jrrwell ns ell ns a great
many other of their friends are. so we
hope) they will come around oftuier.
Fat man's race
200 lbs. and
"onnid P.trsnns re'urnl home Irom
f inMln Inat wwk. where he has lieen
ttendini; tol at the fiUte University.
. Qvrrift Orfir, heirflier of Mm. Smttr k.
who ha been viaitinir hre for aeveral
week. leH for bin home at Lincoln Inst
Rv. Younjjman wnt to (Jordon Tues.
dav nijtht to attend tlie Epworth League
. : .
Cotive-ntin wnicn is in iwsion m.
pla- this week.
PrH 8aIJ!-Two
horn Bulls, 8 yr.
Will sell cheap,
or V. A. Hester.
thoroughbred, short
old. Both registered.
Inquire of A. McUinley
ork on the church bean Momlav
mortuiiK audis propressin; rapidly. Mr.
'tarllett. has hari!e cf the mechanical
part of Hub work, assisted hv Messrs
Wertz, Estler. and Lindsey. Any one
wniitm to contribute toward the building-
nl would rather work it out can
do so Bi.d will receive the same credit
us if it were cash.
1, 1.50
50 yds.
3, 2
50 "
$3, 2
50 "
2, 1
Barrow race 50 "
$1.50, 1
Baloou ascension
Sack race
Harrison June 12 1902.
Board met as per ndjournmctit. Pres
ent commissioners, Menj;, Iwis, Bige
low, and Wm J. A, Raum. clerk.
Board continued to ascertain tlie total
valuation of rojierty assessed, and the
relative value thereof. On motion Board
nd journell until H o'clock on June 13,
1902. Wm. J. A. Raum,
Harrison June 13 1902.
Board met. as per adjournment Pres
ent commissioners, Jlen;, lewis. Mitre-
)ow. and Wm. J, A. Raum, clerk.
Board continued to ascertain tlie H tM
valuation of property assessed, and the
relative value thereof. On motion Roard
adjourned until H o'oclock A. M. June 11
W m. J. A . Ra tini.
Harrison. June 14 1902.
Board met ns per adj 'ir nment,. Pres
ent conimis-toners. Meiij.-, Lewis, Bielow
lid1 Wm, J, A. Raum. clerk.
On Miotion Board iidjourned until June
10 1902, Win. J. A. liaum,
1- yr.
2- yr.
Pliyisciau and Sureeon.
All culls Kiveu pronipt utlnnLion
Otllcu in DriiK Store.
TERMS of sale: G months
time with 10 per cent interest
on approved note. Stock not
to be removed until note isi
approved. 3 days time for
removal. 5 per c(nt off for
cash. Free lunch at noon.
E. A. Bioklow; Auctioneer.
Prompt attention given to ull.lea
matters in Justice, County ami Ihstrict
Courts, and before the United Slate
Lund Ollice.
Fire Insurance written in reliabk
'"Legal papers carefully drawn.
Hakiuso.n. - Nkhkaska.
Harristin, Kebr., June , 16 1902.
Estimate of exjiences, of U.e lioard of
county commissioners for the year 1902.
Histrict Court 1000.00.
Road and Bridges HO0O 00.
Incidental exeiices 2500.00.
Officers saleries 1000 (X).
Ollicers fees
Printing and Publishing.
Siei'ial Roaddisirict
Soldiers Relief
Wm. J. ,
. Rui n i,
1 am now prepared t weave carpets.
IB cts. for hit and miss and 12 for
tripped. Wnrp furnished nt cost.
Mm. J. A. Thayer. 6tf
The undersigned are cloini out tlteir
tire stock of Groceries at cost evil and
we will gave you money on Groceries
O'Connor & Dickmann.
Yn rUt.R:-On pure bred
hereford hnll, 80 months old.
in eeerv way. Prk 1100.00
All ritht
John L. Kay.
The way OERLACHS are selling Deer
i... u n . r nd Rakes so enrlv in the
eeason shows that IHferm machinery
Ul In the world. Evenliody
tmtmt bound to have Deering only
The Inunction law of Wvominj; hna
had some of our citizens jumping side
ways for Uie past week and now the
rail -road Co. is doinf some of the jump
Ball game
Fire works
Dance after noon, and eve
ning. First hour frre.
Music by Dunn's orchestra,
begining at 1 o'clock.
Harrison, June 1G 1902.
Board inel us per adjoin -merit. Pr-'s-ent
commissioners. Mer.jr, Lewis, Bijjelow
and Wm. J. A Rmnn, clerk.
On motion Board went, into rerrnlar
session km the county Board. The Board
proceeded to view bridge "n Hal-creek
nrsl locations for bridires ntilioned for.
After viewitur the uri.'ui across Ilat-
creek. between sections 24 ami 2.1, Tup. i
34. Rifige "). said bridge was accepted
and the Clerk ordered to dnnv a w u rant
on the hridjre fund 1901 in favor of Aaron
Stewart for $2N1 for building said bridge.
On motion. Board ndjourned until June
17, 1902 lit 8 o'clock A . M.
Wni. J. A. Raum,
Hy virtue of an order ul' sale issued by the
cArvk of Hie illstrivl court of Sioux county
Nehr.i-dt;!, ujKj.i a decree rendered in rt.ud
court, ia f.ivor ol M. J. O'OouncIl jilalulilt,
lid iikiiIiihI (ioorge liowcli, Isaac, Henry
liowen. lii'll-H of Iri'iir '.(' Howen it ccasefl,
John It. liriidley Kuardlun of l.eorge l.uweu
an I'Ked, inllriu pi-i'soii, Jtiiiu It. Ilnulley. A
H Kradicy, his wile, lio-e true ( hri.stiiiit
uunic llliliiiinvn to plaii.tiff, as lielend.tiit
1 111 on Hie Utli. day of .July l'.Hji, atone
o'clock in Uie ai ti-ruoou of ' i.a!d day, at the
Kast trout door of III.: I'onrl lloasa of sod
Count) , at llarrisoi;, Ni-lir.ska, sell at pu i lie
Auction to tsc lu-nt hidder lor casll in
hand, the following described real estate sit
j uated in said Countv to-wit. Tt'. :S '.2 of .V
' K '., mi I the X i. i4 ol the N-K '4 of - a tic a :
! Tun nsld) U.), North oi liaiif?c .V , West of ulh
i pi-iiH-.jial .Mcri.lh.ii. To s-tily said ordi-r c f
I salt' iu the. titiiii of i MSii.'.KJ i '1'hicii liu.i-
died and Kl.liiy 'three I oljiirs and.N:nct
Cents, lnli-r si, co t mid ac .Til ing cost,
first publication June, Clh. I'.lua.
.sheriff ufsuid County
: E. M;
XI. R. is
to aud from t he
the .Ubjt
K. K. A M. V 11. it. lime faille.
Goinj; est.
Ooiux Kast
Su. fi, lidxeil, 10:60 I No. s, mixed
Eahray Notice.
Straved or stolen from my ranch alsiut
three weeks ago; one light red brock ie
face cow, alsiiit !1 ears old. with short
horns. Branded on left hip, low down,
thu-loB Any information regarding
Iff"-' the Haute, write to William
Schleyer, Harrison, Nebraska. I will
iav $') for delivery of the above cow.
On the 177 billot, M. P. KinKaid was
nominated at the Congressional Convent
. .. . ,. it . i. ti
ion lielil ftl raw torn last wees. v e
thought that the state Legislatures were
the otily places where 'lead locks occur,
but it seems to be catching, and no won
der when so many ure desiring to lie fed
at the public crib, and especially where
there is a chance for a rake off to boot,
The Red Cloud Nation conies to us this
week with an endorsement ofllr. I tamer
ell for tioverner. While we lire not short
of timber for the Governorship it is
well to bring the different candidate
for the nomination before the people.
in. The penally for taking stock '"to! whil ther ;i tlead l k in the con
My little son had an attack of whoop
Inr wia-h ami wa threatened with pneu
m.ii; but fnr Chamberlain's Cough
lUniedy would have had a serious
time of lU It lsn "l him from
aevernl never attacks of crnur..-ll. J,
fnercKriK!, !" WorM "'"'''yy""'
Hv.,Wash. KorsaleHJ-E-PHy
b. L. Urn. nml family left Tuesday
tnr Nook Hack. Washinirton. Mr. Hmm k
hesbeea a resident of Hioux county for
twventl years and ! r,'ov'4,
Mmself worthy ntiwn, find we "re
anrry to have to part "t' '" "n"
sli.nabU f I.r, !"t ""at U o.tr loss
. 'ook Hack's gain. Tlie best wishes of
fh Pres-Journsl go with him to his
pew home, and my be ever remember
Wyoming without insiection is from
$1000 to $10,000, so it is plain that a
large stock-grower would not last long
at this rate, to say nothing of the small
man. There it no question, hut what
it willatake rigid measures to stamp out
the itch that is among the cattle at
present, for the chances are that it will
be worse next winter than it was tlie
last winter, but is the inspector of the
slate of Wyoming doing the proper thing
in the mallet? From what we can see
and learn we think not, On last Monday
there were three car load of cattle hilleO
for Douglas, hut were held at this place
for a short time until they could get
lierniission to cross the line into Wyom
ing, and the state Insjector gave them
iermission to come to Itauglas, and they
would insiect litem tliere. Well it
seems to us that this a farce on the
face of it to lake stock right into the
lieart of their state for ii'speclion, for if
this stock is infected with do-ease they can
not help it being spread to some extent.
We do not want to lie understood as up
holding violaters of this law, but we do
know that some of our citizens that are
being harassed and persecuted by the
authorities of Wyoming are as much
interested hi stamping out this dis
ease as are the uuthwrilies of Wyoming.
Ho we hoie the ollicers of our sister
state will remeniher Ua Oolden Unlet.)
for tlie time Is not far distant when tliey
will want to reach the markets of the
Lust, and we then might be able to even
up matters just a little.
vention the candidate will be a dead duck
when the votes ure counted next Nov,
Nebraska teachers and their friends
have an opportunity this year to attend
tlie National Eilcationai, Association
meeting, and at the sumo time enjoy the
pleasures of cool Minnesota.
Estray Notice.
I have taken up, 3 miles east of (Hen:
1 red cow with white forehead an
dehorned, about 6yrs. old, brandei
on riirht side. Antl 1 red lieil r
2yrs. old, bramltdl" Ion left hip.
Owner will call 5 'JkJI a nil prove pro-
!erty, pay all charges and take annuals
awav. Nets Adams.
Olen, Nehr. 51
Convention Call,
Harrison, Ne.br., June 10: Pursuant
to action taken at a meeting of the
count v i-enlral couiiui l.teol' llie People's
Independent party of Sioux county, Neb
raska, the electors of said parly are here
by noulied that on Saturday. June 21,
1002 at 1 o'clock p. in., a county con
vention of s-'id party will be held at the
court house in llan ison for the purpose
I ol nominating and electing delegates to
I the slat-, congressional, senatorial, tint,
j representative couveutiuns. aud for tin
j ti aiisaclioii of any other business which
I may he brought before said convention
It is recommended that the primaries 1
! held on Widiiesdav, June the lSlll 100
iii the ilillV-rent precincts.
The basis of representation is fixed at
.ine delegate at large for each precinct
and one for each fifteen votes or niajoi
fraction thereof cast for governor.
William A. Payner at the general elect
ion of 1900. 1 he representation of the
various ptvcinc.ls is as follows:
Andrews '2 Montrose 4
Antelope . 2 Huimlng water 1
Itowen :i sheep creek 3
('ot.ton-ivo'sl 4 snake creek
Hat creek 5 Sugar Loaf 2
War -bonnet Whistle creek i
White Klver 4
Claus Christensen.
I) iirnian.
Marsteller Bros.
Are now prepared to tsliOw
Plsue of meeting MlNNKAI-ot IH,
MINN. A city of beautiful homes, parks,
lakes, and delightful drives.
Rate One fare plus $2.00 (mem
bership fee).
25 cents will be charged for validating
tickets for return.
Dates Hale July 5, 6, and 7,
Limit Julv 14, 1002, with the,
privilege of extension until October 1.
1V02, by depositing return srtion ol
ticket with Joint Agent July 8 to 14 In
clusive, and paying an additional 25
cents total, 50 cents Joint Agency- fee.
Nebraska Headquarters for N. E. A.
will be at the Wfxr Hotel, MinnkaPcMJH,
Minn., Parlor 126. Ample acconvslat
ions may be had at reasonable rates at
the numerous family hotels and private
boarding houses.
J, R. Buchanan,
Oeoenil passenger Agent, Omaha, Neb.
8ol "Kroo Calf" Bkin is a simclal tannage, so
named to deflne and express ite tough, yet pliable
qualities and Us (freat powers of endurance.
"Kroo" is the original name of a powerful tribe or
nirrrM-H on the Northwest Count of Africa, com
monly known as "Kroo Hoys " They are re
nowned lor till IT llltrUlliess.Bupiiiein sn nun
etaving power; and what the "Khoo Hoy"
is among negroes, "Kuoo Calk" is among
kins tough, enduring, roliable.
Look for the sin ol "Selz" it
marks the Popular Dealer.
Selz, Schwab & Co., ckicaco.
Uricst Manufacturers of Boots and Shot In the World.
Reliable man for Manager of a lhai
Ollice we wish to open in this v.oiinty.
Here is a good opening for the riht
man. Khullv give good reference wlieiu
Illustrated catalogue 4 ots. stamps
29 a
Read It In His Newspaper.
George S.-hwah. a well known Herman
citizen of New Lebanon, Ohio, is a con
stant reader ol the Oavton Volkszit ui.
He knows t hat this paier aims to adver
tise only the best in its columns, and
when he'saw Chamberlain' Pain Balm
advertised therein for lame back, he did
not hesitate in buying a bottle of it for
his wife, who for eight weeks had sulUr
ed with the most terrible pains in her
hack and could get no relief. He says::
"After using the Pain Balm for a few
days my wife said to me, ! feel as.
though horn anew,' and before using the
entire contents of the Ixittle the nub 'ar
able pains bad entirely vanished and she
could again take up her household,
duties." He is verv thankful and hopes.
that all sull'ering likewise will hear of
her wonderful recovery. This valuable
liniment is for sale by J. E. Phinney.
When you lack energy, do not relish,
your food, feel dull and stupid, after
eating, all you need is a dost of Chaii
lierlain's Stomach & Liver Tablets. They
will make you feel like a new man and
give you nn appetite like a bear, for
ale hv J. E Phinney. '
Clubbing Offer
While you are thinking of suhscribiix
or your yearly rending matter. revim
her that the PHKSH-JoritNAl. will tal;
subscriptions to any puier on earth uuj
save postage and lima for yuu.
. -xt , .."Jit.
t, 1 '