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prison Press -Journal.
NO. -47
Mi to Witt returned frees Illiaoie
Billy Beidea to pelatiag K.
Bah war's
bop this week.
Sept. i. B. Bartreis viatttog schools
tlfe weak oa White river.
i Kite Kunag, Um eoaaty surveyor,
was i oar city yaeterday.
abaert Beer fraai aaar Xarelaad waa
on ow etreota Wade day.
Baa Moltoraetd aad wifa wara m from
Ptaaaaet Bidge Weaaeaday.
'P. O. Brawatar of Uhayanaa is
looking atar bis stock totereete.
Moat Bark started Wast last Tuasday
Im expects to bs gone all tuaniMr
CoainiiMioosr Lawia and son Loran
wa at to Dawes county last Tuasday.
' X. Nicholson, tba barber, adds bis
to our list ol reader this week.
Moaday night wa had a slight frost but
aa far as wa learned it did ao damage.
Tha Conraarcial hotel now baa a neat,
Now siga oa tba parlor and ofllos door.
Just received: A nsw oonsigBOMOt of
asce and boys clothing at OE8LACH&
' Cbaa, Newman, and family of Hewitt
was transacting buisoaas in Harriaon
Oeae Wolhater who has baoo sick for
Um past two weeks m again able te bs
on our
'Bill and Howard Shetto, from Pleaa-
at Ridgs, Wyoming; wars io Harrison
' supplies Hands.
4Wlmn Bnaiirk, foreman of .'tha VT,
at VaaTaassI was transecting busioaas Id
Barriaoa last Monday
Mors aad batter goods far tha
at Oerlach'e stars than aay other
UytlhMB. JO-tf
Bra. baas Seaman who baa been
tag aAdbadrea. oama ia oa tba
I trass feet Saturday.
Ask CarsteUar Bros, far tha "Star
BluaCtbbaa eafee." M cte. value for M
I always
are goieg to giro
awavfS la aash. ee their big sals of I
Ctar Bum Btaaoa coffee M eta.
Pea Balk-IB) Mm of laad joining tba
pillage of Harrison; for furtbar partio-
kra inquire aitbteofloa. 40
i BoiUaga worUi loft for
Wyoming Weeaeeaay to taka oharga of
lusrsoh. bshariac bsaa aiek for tba
Mrs. Bobart Duoa wsat to Crawford
Taeaday araaiag to mast Mr. Daca. who
baa aaaa to lbs Hospital for
ofbsioyaa .
Laoaard Daat, of Harriaoa. waa ia tba
eHy a few days tha past week. Walla
ha was treated by Dr. Faray.
of Bostoa. fathar of
who works for
.arrived here Tuasjkw to
yi aafaatta' aaaa. MBMU
ia whiaa
oaa huadwd
lUthaV 0o towa
0.1T. Eistir rsaairad a
ar IflMt of
toCnoawaty Mms
MEawarc hxtCaadsy
for Last Tmaaiy
tay JItUi
aaUasifara wtUa.
F3 C&bi-CMU CoMrc aetj arr
la Ton
Yesterday afternoon the citisrai of
Harrison gavsboiit thirty dollata to
Mxl Owiils Hester, trjy, hs bea sick
for tba past three weeks, to his borne
at Bayard, low: Ha went lost night
Wa Tiaer-fsag, Chinese Minister to this
couotry, has demonstrated his libsrality
iiKt effectively. He is to deliver a lac
imps for tbs benefit of a church. This is
I a pleasant objsct leeaoo to our bios
i bouod secUnsjis.
fail Jordan was hurt quite bad this
week. Hs whs riding ater soma cattta
whan his boras stopped in a hols falling
on Noil and dragging him quite a dia
tonus. Wa did not laarn whsthsr bs bad
any bonss brofcso or not.
C P. Pinnso, the gonial lifs iasurancs
agent for the Guarantee Lifs Fund As
sociation, loft our city Monday. Mr.
Pinoao did a good businsas here having
written about twoaty-flvo or thirty pol-
iciss aad was wall liked by all who mot
Wa we sorry to note that Mrs. Frank
Lewis, of Andrew, is seriously ill of
baart troubls. Dr. Pliinnsy was called
. later. ....
Wa learn that Mrs. Lswis is coosider
abl bstter.
Vwa nasi
in the Ruhvi Stendard that
U. H. Qriswold of Ckirdoa, formsrly of
Harrison. seriouHly hurt himnelf last
wask in removing a stove from the Bank
building and was confined to his bed.
Wa hops Mr. Griswold is up and around
by thUtiine. V
Mrs. W.O. Patterson would aaaounce
to those needing suppties for, or a . new
genuine Singer Sewing Machine;: that,
having secured the agency of the same
at this place, will keep at the hotose
what you need in that line. Call aod
examine our machines before purchasing
and get the best.
Las tfBu odsy niicht aod Monday fore
noon 8kux county wss blitd with a
Doe rain. This is the time of year whan
raias are needed and as thia waa a good-
one the stockmen aad farmers aow 'wear
a happy smile on . their faces. A fe
mm wiuif num ) ishti on win. insure
. -1-Mi ; v I m i.i i '
Sioux county pleaty of. hay aad good
crops, v "' . ,
Tbs eVily papers last? weak gave tha
osecrtpuoo or a oead oody that was
found floating io tha Misaourl river
Houth Omaha that ailed the description
of the Bsv. Smith who disappeared some
time ago. bat upon examination by H. C
8mithand L.C. Wioberly it was not
tha body of Mr. Smith, ao tha mystery
remains yat unsolved as to what became
of him.
We see by the daily papers that Al
pboaao baa bean formally crowned aa the
king of Spain with maY-h p np and cere
sooay. It ia said that tba ceremoay was
on tha whole lukewarm aa most of Uie
people wara there either through curios
ity or aa sight seer. It waa reported
that aa attempt had been mads to as
sassinate tha king but later it waa fouad
to be only tba actios of a
Tbs ktog is sixteen years of age.
With tbo miliar of the crosier Dixie
aa ths Uth last., freighted : with the
charity of our country to relievo tba
suffsriags of ths people of Martioique,
was gtvea another rlemoastratln of our
ability to sink politics to the ieterest of
a sentiment. Tt la traertbare
email very small opposiUon to tba pro-
possd rsapaasi to the cry for kelp. No
one envies tba poaitioa of tbase would-bs
obstroetioeists, who wsrajdsaf to the ap
peals of huasaaity aad mercy,
contest ones has been gofag aa at
the land offios atooa Weoasaday. Tba
laad Involved ia ia tba vWaHy of Craw
oaahoassatarslaadaaltort Uato after
wards deeded it to t2A Kwwbaak
Alfred Moody oaatiatii tt eatry al lag-
tog that Ksaps ooatt t to sOI the toad
reosiviag aart pyatoK,tl V fatbar, T.
f. Moody before proof wm aaada,
F. Faaaiag la noaassl forXra-a, tha
trymaa. J. B. Porter for ody, aantoat I
oat, aad Alloa O. sisbar repraaoeTta
Swssbaak, wad baUa ths Oeed to ths
tteatir. Ok ami William
Ciasjar, Frad Kasoa aad Joseph lur1.
ar. tUkb probably worth U?
tttaaato tlKM BV WU aiwbaaly
awMtost to tbraa tiatea UmO ataoh. Al
The Harrison Shooting Ctab saaoivad
a bluetone shooting ootflt this week
and they are enjoying the ovoalngs
la practiaing shooting, j
I am now prepared to weave carpets.
10 cte. for bit and miss and 13 for',
stopped- Warp furnished at cist.
, Mas. J. A. Tfunm. aetf
Last week ths Harrisoa Houaa wss
made more' nesk aad comfortable by
having some of the rooms upstairs pap
ered and the parlor papered aad the wood
work repainted.
Ctoktong Offers
While you are thinking of subscribing
or your vsarly reading matter, rem em
bar that the PbbsWovmul will take
subscriptions to atiy pnper on earth aad
save postage aod time for you.
hwled bids will ha received by ths
Village Clerk up to and including May 87
1903, for attending to tha town, wind
mill aod pump from Juae 1 to May 1.
1908. -
By order of Board of Trustees.
. W. H. Davb. Village Clsrk.
A young lady asked an editor this
question: "Do vou think it is right for
a girl to sit on a young maa's lap even
if ahe is sngagedT" Wherea-on the
deitor told this extraordinary lis: "Ws
have ro expsrienoe in the matter referr
ed to, but if it were our girl and our
lap, yes; if it was another fallow's girl
and our lap, ves; but if it was our girl
and another fsllow's lap, never! never! I
oever! ! Boomer Times.
Services at the M. E. church. Sunday
May 2.1th.
Sunday school at 10.-00a.ro.
Junior League " l p. m. ,
Epwortli " " 7 '.
Preachiag Service at 8.-00 p. m.
Tha third quarterly nieatiog will be
laid May -2H. Tha Sunday morning
services. May 25 will be held at Pleasant
Bidve, Wyoming. Ts evening service
atHarnsoaat OjOO p. iu, Bev W. K.
Warren of Ruahville Nebraaks, wlU'ooa-
duct the services for the Presiding Eider.
Whoeeing CoufH.
A nnun who has aXDerieoce with
this disease, tells how- to prevent any
dangerous coiieequMioas from it. she
says: Our three children took whooping
cough last summer, oar baby boy being
oolv three months old, aad owing to our
giving them Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy, they lost none of their plump
oess and cams out ja much batter health
than other children whose parents did
not uas this remedy. 1 Our oldest little
girl would call lustily for cough svrup
between wtooopa. Jaaan POKcr uaix,
aonaarville. Ala. This Remedy ia for
sale by J. E. Phinoey.
A man who 'did odd lobe in a certain
country school resigned tbs otherday
When asked what waa bis reason, he
replied: I'm honest aod I won't stand
being suspected. If I And a pencil or
tauMlkercbief about tba floor when I'm
sweeoimr. I five it uo. Every now and
again, however, the teacher, or soma
one who is too cowardly to face me,
will puts slur upon roe. Why, a little
while ago I saw wrote' oa the board.
Find the common multiple. Well,
looked from the cellar to the garret for
multiple, aad I wouldn't know the
thing if I mat It. Last night, in' big
writing oa tba blackboard, it said, Find
tha great commoa divisor. Well, I says
both of tbaa things are lost now, and I'll
be accused of Waling them. So I 'off."
Ansley Chronicle.
Couaty Treasurer Oavta took his Sun
day School class to Bodarc last Friday
aigbt to atteed tba revival meetings
that wara betag bald at thai place. The
following are tba members of bis clam
that want: Misssa DoroM Patterson,
Maud Bartoll, Delia Haasoo,!da Moravak
Nellie- Scott and Edith Burke aad;the
young raea were; Job Burke ' Will
Bartoll.Howard Burke, Archie Davit aad
Moat Burke. Barring aa aooideat aa tba
road back ail had aa enjoyable time.
Wa are glad to ey ao oaa was seriously
hurt aad tba trip will bs long remem bar
ed by both , teacher aad eiees bat wa
waa id lias to offer a suggestion to those
youag todies who got .dumped out to
aavar laava toaa aloaa and eapsmlly
wbssi at muob iipiaas aa your safety
for maa is ia his ugliest bkms when left
We first osaeured ths driver but
waoa we fouad oat that he
waa . sitting.
there all atoaa aad evaa after Miw Lillto
CmiiiirauB had siieiaatil that there
tba youag bates aUll persisted ia oatm
BrtothaaMeaBS, wathealetur syav
)tklai rati with tba driver, for wa wan
oaaayoaagaad wa faal dan that Vtm
MtbaaM tba girls wlUagray with aa.
A. Hester returned home Wednes
day. He has been up io Wyoming too
past week looking after bis stock.
8'rateyerpardners! Let 'or got
Balance all an' do ss do!
Swing yoor girla an' run away!
Bight an" left so gents sssshayl
(toats to right an' swing or cheat!
On to next gal an' repeat!
Batonce next aa' don't be shy!
8wing your pard sn' swiog her high!
Bunch the gals an' circle 'round! .'
Whack your feet on til they sounds!
Form a basket! Break away t
Swing an' kiss an' git away!
Ail men left an' balance all! '
Lift your hoofs an' let 'em fall!
Swing your oposites! Swing again!
Kiss the ange bens if you kin!
Back to pardoers, do as do!
All jins baoda an' off you go!
Gents s'luto your little sweets!
Hitch an promenade to seats!
Alliance Herald.
An unknown author has written:
People kiss their dead who oever stoop
to kiss their livings they hover over open
caskets with hysterical sobs bat fail to
throw the great wealth of affection
about those loved ones who are iurhtinir
the stern battles of life. How unbeedinic
we permit the opportunities for currying
the sunshine into. the lives of those we
love to pass by. A word ol cheer to a
struggling stiul iu life is Worth more
than all the roses in Christendom piled
high on caitket cevers. The dead cannot
smell Um fragrance of the flowers but
the living cuu scatter tliem broadcast in
tlttir pathway, therefore, and pick out
the thorns. A welcome smile, a cherr
well done, an affectionate look, will
cauiie a rift to break in lowering cloud.
d permit ths glorious Huoshios to glad-
deaths lives of thore you love." The
Frontier. . ,""
The past week saw the .highest cattle
prices ol the year. Monday's receipts
wore light here and heavy in Chicago
and the market was slow, but steady.
Today, receipts are light both here . ami
in Chicago but prices are ooly steady,
which indicates that market would prob
ably decline under moderate receipts.
We quote 1330 to 1500 beeves at $6.70
to $7.20; lOSato 150, ft 10 to 6.70; 900 to
1050, 6.80 .to 6.10 Choice heifers and
cows up to 6 00; good 4.50 to 5.50; com
mon, down to 1.75; calves 8.50 to 6.25;
goou feeding steera 4.75 to 5.85; stackers,
2.50 to 5.25.
Hog receipts for the past week have
been moderate. Prices were up to ths
highest point for oiue years. Monday
and Tuesday of this week have shown a
sligbt decline and lbs prices now range
from 6.75 to 7.25. '
Receipts of stwep have been light aod
the market 10 cents to 80 cents higher.
We quote choice, wooled iambs 6.60 to
7.25; clipped, 5,80 to 6.00; clipped weth
ers, 5.50 to 6.18; clipped ewes, 4 80 to
S.6U; spring lambs, 6.00 to a 00.
Nye and Bucbaxan Go.
Afford aa
far Cttaevott Ciasens.
Cbadroo, Neb.. May 19. Yesterday a
band of Stoux Indians from Pino Bulge
reearvation were tamped just outeide the
city limits of Chadroo. It ia their
custom to come over in small bands to
Chadroo to trade, and usually they are
very orderly and inoffensive.
Yesterday, however, something start
ed a free-for-all fight amooic them. The
tght lasted until evening, and one of
them, who seemed to be getting the
worst of it, started to town for tba
marshal. Another Indian, called Black
Horse, who seemed to be the leading
mam bar of the other, faction, also starv
ed for the police to order to have tha law
oa his side. They made a pretty race,
and Black Horse arrived Srst at the
bouse of Night watch Samson, being
armed with bia.billy ooly. The fight
waa still on, aad the officer attempted
to atoo it. Ia the fracas Bamaoa waa
struck by a pieos of bone, which be ward
ed off hn head with hU hand. He Immo
late I v took a whack at the . Indian with
his billy, aod a general mix-up followed.
Bbomoo went to towa for Ma aix-aheotsr
aad returned with the inteoUoa of put-
Una- the Iodiaa under arrest Bat, the
ladiaa walked ioto the bald adtotoiag
and, brandishing tua revolver, dared Mm
to come on. At this point Chief of
Police Sperliog arrived, Be waauaarm
ai, aad welkodp to the Indian, aad by
bm coolness aad bravery succeeded la
sbowieg him thtt be would da no barm
to Mm, sad sacoeeeed to quieting the
aaattordowB. -
., saJ iJiui bfl hasa tida anofaiaa. and
p aot thought there will be aay further
trouble,- World HeraW. ,
The youag folks who attended tbs
dance at Ardmore report a floe time.
Nsls Blom is now employed on the
Adelia section. He says it ia hoe work.
A number of people from here attend
ed the Stock Association at Crawford
I . M m. . . .....
rot meduay. ;ney report it Doing a
great surcess.
The school in District No. 27 will be
out next Friday, then the children and
teacher will say "hurrah for jolly vacat
ion time has begun."
miss Helen Baxter wlio has been en
gaged as teacher of the MoasfJeld school
for 'he part year will return to her home
in F remont on Thursday evening.
T. P. Moody, his son and Nela Rosen
burg went to Alliance last Tuesday for
the purpose of seeing about some land
which teems to be causing a great deal
of coafusioa. '
A. P. Rosseburg seems to have very
bod luck with his cattle this year. The
last week he lost ooe fine cow, a two
year old steer, and two calves. He has
lost considerable number before this.
James Nelson who advertised a public
sale to be held in Crtwford last Saturday
sold about thirteen head of cattle, one
liorss. and a few other articles. I, doo't
know what was Lite matter, the people
did not turn out better. Tne next time
he has a sale we hope lie will have bettor
luck. "
Mefceas Qraaddae rbter Mamd
Enld Dickens, a ginddaughter of
Charles Dickens, waa married In Lon-,
don recently to Ernest Bourcbler
HawkaWy, a SOB of Cecil Rhodes'
oltoltorl 1M young woman has won
fame Jfc literary and art circles.
The "Psaae IU '
P. D. Owaltney of Bmlthfleld. Vt,
known aa "ths peanut kinx." owns tbo
largest peanut farm In the world. He,
was In the Confederate army and nf:r
the surrender at Appomattox be pan tbs
work which baa earned him the nlc'.a
same quoted.
Fainter Whe Imm rtU Art.
J. S. J. Monks, the celebrated Ameri
can painter of sheep, has pursued his
favorite subject on two continents, la
the New England hills and the Swiss
mountains, and bat 1 slept with the
shepherds and lived with the farmers
hi his efforts to study this most du
fleult of anlaals for palatini. ..,
r maiden BeoisreU.
President Roosevelt has been anaal-
mously elected an honorary member of
the Union League club of New York,
He baa been an active member of the
club for about eighteen years. PresJ
deata Harriaoa and McKlnley were tha
onhr chief executives similarly non-
brd by the elub.
aottsWe ajraaiisa Wmgnf.
The eagaf ement of tba earl of Lyt
ton aad Mtos Pamela Ptowdea Is aa
aouBoed from London. The earl la
tbo bob of tba second earl of Lvtton,
better kaown as "Owea Meredith."
aad tba graadaoo of Bulwcr Lytmn,
tba aovallat. It la aald he has inher
ited much of the mental capacity of
his fatbar aad graadfatber.
Oreot Aa ef BSeaeBeege.
Julius Caesar bears witness to the
astronomical learning of the Druids.
Btonebenxe to accepted as a solar
tempi by moat archaeologists, and Sir
Normaa Lockyer has calculated Its age
ob tha hypothesis that It was built so
that the priest at the altar would just
perceive the solar rays at ths summer
solstice. Granting bis nypotnesis, it
appears that tha date was about 1.6S0
years before the Chriattaa era soma
thirty-six centuries ago.
AeUvMy of His fatellee at Tlsses a
leases- ef caaaees. '
James Bryce, the Eogliah parlia
mentarian, whose loag Intimacy with
Gladstone gave him unusual opportuni
ties for studying that statesman, . has
published some ; realalsoences which
show the almost unhealthy activity of
OladstoBO's mind. Somettmea," says
Mr. Bryos, "he felt the activity of hU
dad prase too hardly oa aim. ' I re
member one misty evening between 10
aad 11 o'clock to have aaaa hit re
markable tgnre a few yards before
bm la St Jamas' park. There was bo
mlataUag him svsn at alght. so pt
eallar waa has walk. Thinking It hard
ly safe for hha, famous as he as,
to be awtta la ao aolitary a place. I
overtook klat aad asked him If I might
watt with aim. aaologlttag tt I should
be disturbing bis thoughts. 'My wish.'
be aaswared, arlth a touch of sad
aeas, 'an4 my dlflculty Is to avoid
tbraktng, ao I am gtod to be disturbed."
Aad a pear or two later he told ma
that to rest aad dtotraet We atlad hf
had formad the habit of ooaatlng ths
emafbaaai he met betweta als aafj
deaee la Dowala atreet tad the bcaM
at efftif , eo as to see whethsr as
-a-ve it. q avaraa of them
- - Baatbat tat
nated aaaa CyJi
Prcf:::lcr,:l Cofo
. J. O Ceaaeil, - - (X AtUraryT
Will Prarttos la All Coarta.
Special Attoatioa tilyea to Laad Cf
See Business.
Collection aad all baslaass oatnait-
ed to aw will race! re pi empt attoatioa.
Hakubon - NnaAsEA.
Pbylsrlaa aad bargaaa.
All ealli slven prompt Attention
Office In Hruc Store.
Prompt attention given to al)
matters in Justice, County aad District
Courts, and before the United State
Land Office.
Fire Insurance written ia reiiabif
WLegal papers carefully drawn.
Harrison, - Nebraska.
Buck Diamond
and Sir Archard.
Registered Stallions will be
at my horse barn in Harrison
this season and one of the
above stallions will stand at
Hill Shatto's place at Kirtly
oh Mondays, Tuesdays and
Wednesdays, also one of
than? will stand at Bodaio-
Thursdays and Fridays.
Stockmen wishing the npe
of a Registered Shire or IYi
cheron Horse should consult
their best interests by seeing
these Stallions before breed
ing elsewhere.
Terms: To insure ma e with
foal, $10.00
Owned by, J H. BARTELL.
' " ' County Pteae.
The Prbh-Journal Ims printeil a
ited number of map on Mumllii n-i
board which can be Mecurvd for 10c -). 1
They will also be given ss a premium t
new subscribers.
F. E. M. V, tt. R. is the
to and from the
West. ' cetsaKAsa
ft a
4 a!
H iff-'
v' i At. ,
v i ' S l.
,it ;
1 i
' fajr'
"4T- MSS4
-. . - -" t ; -,