Harrison press-journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1899-1905, December 19, 1901, Image 8

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STOCK cunos.
Tub Ji'i. will iHiblisli your brand. Itlte
the fulkl. fr ft rue, per rear. Kerb 1
UKMlMMnmM. tnrv tarmr or
MMttMla Hkms and iuijuiiiiii countUn
emi4 a4 wl lee their braiid in TnJoi
MLu It clrcalatoa all over the state. It
ipay be the mrmnv of evl iif utuner fur you
- $500 REV'ARD.
fur the arrea and conviction of any party
parttex lealia- ur dunicnrtUK "'' brand
n stuck bPlwiMrluc to the uiilerla'nel par
r. v.. jaxit.
60.117, S
on left hir
ri tu s " j"wS
eft hip oT Cattle.
Moux County, Nanraaka.
fMt Ufllee, Hewitt.
Horne brandl
on left kIioiiI
bniudrd on left ahuiiMw
and faille F on left aide.
1'oat Office Aidlrc,
Patrick, Laramie :o. Wyo.
Cattla branded t"V L 1 on left Hide
florae branded Ir. 1 on left xliou
Ider, range on Soldier Creek
Any stork branded as above being etray-
d from my ra-iire, discovered by any body
B Kivtntf "le liiforinatiun will lie rewarded.
Addresx, it. Uobtnaon, Nebraaku.
florana branded on
Cattle aauie on left
left alionldur and
Sheep narndod
fcaek of Slieep.
on l-ack or I o
Uauee on Soldlereek and White Klver.
Ada! re, r"t. Itoblnaon. KaltraakH.
Own the follow-
luKbruud oneith-
Alto HQ on rat
tle and liiiraea
cattle OB leftalde
horae oa left
Kaage oil Sllrer rurltiica and eaat of aiaw
lae. PoaUifBce Uarrtaon Neb
Branded on left aboulder ol borne
Ii on 'ft aBofcattle.
I Aii thio f""""l
I I I lonriKlilsId
Tkki oa
rlftit aide Of cattle too.
Ranea 'U: River, liMr tilrii.
ruatOtltee kddreiw. tilun, iivbrsiaka.
UY.T.T jVE1K'K Co.
I tlnuulcd on left hip of Cattle
1 I and mii lelt clieeV ot Homo ,
v . . . .
uanice on in-ept reea.
lull rim, tteep Creek Live Mtork Co,
J. II. IUlbkkt, Foreman,
t.len, ScbruaWa.
" The baa presented In thl notic
I auaelaraaded any where n leftalde
I I oTaaaAle. and uvt-r lap .Mit from the
I rjker.
I 4 Alao the name brand on left t Itiarli i
--"i tr.
w-. il Pur
0mmr i a. ! rTW
j 1 1 borer. latloHK U the aiideraiifnefl
(wni lx-nr Caal nitiK. utli pxrt fo
MoMS cwMnlT. en NrWH .v.
r ' Harrison, ubr.ka.
Aad firikeslua-on
el side ml rattl'.
on left aide of ue stock.
A ad thl
oil left aide and hip.
im Rnnntiif Wu-r.
lewklm, Uarrlaon, Xalartiaka
f1 on riifht Hush
Ml ahoulder ainl
Hht Jaw A 10. I have
War taraasted j on'h-ft ihltTk
rT tHBee Addnsa. ffc
' Xwfe'srm. I.ina Co, Seblaak
Cattle b 1 i -
r4 aaaan as that 1 P" I
4n rat wn eith- I lZ
r stda of mil-
rZ tWllla. M kft aloe
,Maaar ,r
J. l. ITix-tiir.
Cattle Brandt'
left dip.
Ali Horw llrHiidwl the on left
.Uoudler. Hutnce. itliwMi o
Andrewa, Po-UHKce A dtr
I'attic brundi'd
1'. O. A'ldre,
on loft tide.
Hurriwii, Xeb.
Caltle draml
ed on left i-Ji-aiinie
an cut
and hore
brHuded on
left xhoulde
aauie h em
are the property of Andrew Christian am
ranp( tributary to Van Tel HprliiK.
Ktrtley, Wyo.
j. i.Kvtn.
Cattle branded
Ho-tOffU-o Address. Cliwlron Sebnika-
llKKWnKIt A Co.
Cattle brnnd-
ed same a that
on ml, eltlw
left hip or on
left shoulder.
llorstt branded with any of above brand.
Address, J. A. Akpkmkok,
liarriaou, Ncbriuka.
Ilnrae ami cat
tie branded
cither aldti aanie ua
And Oettt'( branded
side, and llorw on J eft
Addrewi, Itodare, Nebriutka.
Cattle bra uric
on left hip am
aainc on tin- lei
in'.', and amn
on Ibii-Mw. Also
Horse braiid'il
on left jaw, shoulder or Hunk. Also lfors-
on left flunk and
on h-f i a'.ionlder.
llnuire on head of Van T--H cr-k, W yo.
ayi'oalOftlt-r addnr. Harrison, Sieli.
1I1.NKV U AkSl.hi;.
I attle braud
et on left aide.
Kunge on
Running W ul.-r
a P.O. tildra-an llnrrlsoii, Ni-lir.ii.ku.
ntt.NK yt rro.
Cattle lrnnde. on the left
ilde and same 011 Jl 11 left slioul-
der sf horses.
A lo somii of the Hornr
tie are hr.indl on aide
atioulfler Mome a desert b
abotu taiaiifl.
Addmaa, llnrrlawn, 'ebraka.
Cactle Itrandtsl
Rati ire 011
on left lle
Alao f attle hrnaisl
Klm.ililer or ldu.
Uautt-e on j
on left It
Running Water. I', o. Addrea
Atfntc, kelrnka.
('attle larandol
Hii"y wliere oil
left aide of tbe
Kuiikt mi Prai
rie I'lajf and Nun
roe Creek.
Addrea. Ilairtaon. Hebraka
Cattle branded
on h-ft aide.
I I - .. I
"2151 on let
i(fj ant Cat.
d ed for Ihr
Cattle brandetf , I im tef I
J - i-
Oatlli takW jo iMK mp.
crnrvira. iiw.ii.
Press- Joiirricil
TniusDAT, IE7. , )9 19)1.
Unt. A. Philips Editor.
hk stdtiv rf)i:-TV.
Dollar Per Year.
Tlie Hill b(Mni in Ni:brjsli.i tvins to
I lave fallen rather Hat.
The expressions of the pres in repird
to the president's niessaije sIkw that
ff(iw in general sre aiapp-Mnci wmi i
the document. While the west .-an eive
banks for the irrigation measures rec-
comended, tlie country at larre cnnnol
hut noti.e that Mr. Roosevelt lias
handed his attitude in regard to the
ruU since his famous Minneapolis
upeecli. There is no doubt that "tlie
tk Cants have bin arounJ."
Washir.Kton dispatches sav that all
Uhb western senators and represenlntiveB
have unitel on irrigation measures and
will thtis present, much more forinidihle
force than formerly. lVtigresman
Slialleuherjier, the new representative
from the "ilh thstnet lias been chosen
recretarv of t lie irripniou organization,
Mr. Shallenberger will certainly be an
able and tireless worker in this the most
niMirtant meanure for the west, which
is before this session of congress.
Carnegie has made Ihe olfer to Presi
dent Roosevelt of enough money to en
dow a riftlionl university at Wu-hing-
ton, U. C The purpura of the school is
to put higher education on as high a plan
in the United .Stales as in Germany.
The work done is intended to be post
graduate work entirely. While the ol
je.:tofthiK gift is certainly coriiiuer.il-
aide it is doubtful whether the thousands
of laboring men and women, who have
m;wle this money for Mr. Cnrnege would
have voted it for this puriiose.
Hefore another lsaue I hristnns will
luive come nnd gone. It is therefore III
ting that the Prkss JiCHXaL wishes you
all a Merry Christinas. During our slmrt
stay in Sioux county we have learned
that liey people are not out classed in
feiterusity and kindly words and deeds by
any county in our glorious state i.nd
United Stat-. We thorefsre feel asur
e l lh.it you will enj y the happiness and
blessings which mi si 1 wine Father has
liestowrd on you in a way winch will
bring pleasure to yoin set vts and a;pre.
cijt ion to others. May vnnr hearths l
wrrm and your hwirts full of "g. o.i .vil!
to uten" lor many Chrin1 111.1 to coioe.
Ties H. i M. pi!i at Alliance, cal'ed
"Tlie Pioneer Grip." used a hall loluuiu
re-pntly in telling lis renders how much
to their advantage will Is; thi results tt
the recent r-iilroml conaolnlatuin, On
reason given was that the competition
which has Iw-en di.,;rojed will make
shipping rat esc Ilea j st and more uniforu
N -w if Mr. Pioneer-Grip w ill ci.m luOe
liis argument by sayiiig that this Kwer
v.liuli is now wielded by a few ni-n
should lie placed in the hands of the peo
ple, Im" will no dilllbi le alllllllleil w ith
nut. further comment into the ranks of
the socialists. Hut as he isn't a .H ialist
e will watch with interest Ins an
tiejiinceuient that, freigh and pussenger
rates have been reiloi ed. etc. Benin
from Missouri, jou know, we .vil I have
to wait till the "showing" comes la-fore
we will swallow his logic as it now
leereaae of Population.
The Inciease of population in Europe
zv. Korth America during tbe las:
rentury has. been enormous. Frsnc.
nas grown from 23.OJ0,'OO to 40.000.00f'
Germany from 20,000,000 to W. 000.000
Russia (partly from annexation) from
I0,000,00 to IK.OOO.OOO. the English
'peaklng p jpulatlon of the British Em
pire from 15,000,000 to 55,000.000, and
the Coltcd 3utc:, from rather ovei
I.CfiO.OOii to nearly 80,000,000. Alto
gether the growth Ik, In round num
1 crs. from 170.tKKl,(KK) to 5!0.(KiO,0O0, or
the rpuff which, at the belnulng of
ihe century, was occupied by one per
son must now accommodate three.
A'yaap'ota. a
Aayrrptote from the Oreek, meaning
"not coinciding." la a line that con
tinually approaches nearer and nearet
to some curve, but only meet It M
an Infinite dlatance. It Is only wit 1
regard to mathemalk ;.l lines that tht
propoaltlon la true; and tbe truth c.l
it hai to be conceived by aa effort o
pnr reason, for It rtnnot be re pre
Mated. Montreal Herald and Bur.
aaaaeat te lilefi Mm her.
Tae newspapers announce that the
Kaleer has ordered a monument to b.i
erected in tbe memory of ate mother
la tae mot conspicuous place la Br
lla. at lac ead of tbe taaom at reel
L'nter dea Liadea. It ia to aUind Jtwt advantageously need In mnnln?
oatrlde the Brandenburg Gate. Ht baa motora. The motors are employed Co
alaMatf ande tae tfealga, whtca la- actuatlag alr-eompn aaora and lectrl
etadaia foaataloa and gowara aad a ag- i generators, and It Is said that thry
art ti a'a aMtaar la bronae. Tba coat ' effret a considers b' taring la tbe coat
wUI a tnn. of louadliil
Kernaatltutln; an ludlviduaL
TUe Waterloo brulgo im-i Jr of 1Sj7
is jl telebrattd example ot the recou
itliutlon of tbe individual. From the
mutilated remains found In a rarpet
bag on one of tbe piers of the bridge
ihe experts were able to Bhow that
tin victim was a man of be we n thl ty
ni forty years of ag, about 5 feet 9
inches in height, of dark complexion,
ind killed by a stab between the third
nd fourth ribs on the left side. The
ate of Count Fonco In "The Woman
'n White" was believed by many to
epres"nt the end of the Waterloo
,'liigi victim.
Hatehed la Nhort Order.
The mosquito eggs are, it is said,
hatched in from four to seven days,
ucordiiig to the warmth of be wealh
r. Napolcou Turned I'ule.
In a recent mag.wine article Anto:
von Werner swaks of his famou
painiine. repreKcnuns me uirrimn. .
Bismarck and Nar'pri on tne uuu-
see de Donchery. Bismarck describe
the scene to him minutely, mer.tlon-a
among other things one amusing dr
tail: "I stopped my horse ta get of!
My revolver accidentally got betwci
my legs and hindered nie In dlisnuxin'
ing. 1 seized it, and seeing this II
(Napoleon) turned palo a
When the Town Make I p.
Farmers are very busy this week In
their fields, and in consequence thr ;
town to somewhat dull, trade only be
ing good in tbe evenings. Tremon
(111.) News.
Women Fall a llnll-Killer.
An expriment with women as tor
eadors was recently made In tbe bull
ring at Cadiz, Spain, and was far from
satisfactory. The women proved very
poor bull killers, and the cheers turned
to hisses before the day's entertain
ment was over.
I the t,obter Doomed T
The asents of tbe Massachusetts fith
and game commisfion are doing their
part in enforcing the short-lobster
law, and when the lobster eventually
"pasi:es," as many think he will, there
will be quite a falling off in the state
revenues. One Lynn man was recent
ly "soaked" to the tune of $275, over
fifty "short" lobsters having been
found in his possession, and many
other fines of from $10 upward have
been assessed. A seafaring man who
is familiar with the entire coast and
Its lobster fishing and packing indus
try from Cape Cod to New Koundl-ind,
expressed the opinion that the lobster
is surely doomed. "If I had my way,"
eaid be, "I would repeal all tbe short
lobster laws and let the fishermen
make a grand scramble for every lob
ster In sight. They have got to go
anyway, and you might as well get
i!d of them at once as to go through
the farce of trying to keep people
from catching them." Doston Globe.
. lnjadleiutidy Choen lest.
A church was a con; Uli.ralde time
without a pastor. A great numb.-r ef
persons of varied talents pwr'n-d to
theiu with a view to obtaining ti."
to.it. Ail wont well until he pave on:
the text: "See that ye refuse no
hlra that speakcth." Imagine the con
sternation the people experienced
when he read out the tc.tt in a lofty
and commanding manner. lie was
unaware of the feel Ins he created.
The pio.de did the opposite from Die
text. The young man was not railed.
A Kmini fur rirturt,.
The best baritgromid for pic-Mires i
pluin terra cutta or brown pa.wr. A
won-au wbo is the proud possessor 0'
many old prints and engraviD?3 ha:,
tlicm In her dining room. The will
are covered with wrappini? pap'-r. o.-
romething tl,ut looks very like it, andi
pnovo is a frize of orange diBtempci'
The picture rails and woudwoik urn
white. The hanglnss are of oniiigt
colored velveteen. All the furniture If
mahogany. Philadelphia Inquirer.
On- S( n That Chair.
Queen Anne was once surrounded by
a host of gayly dressed courtiers, and
In the throng was an old man of 83.
wearing the plain dross of a country
larmer. "M?ve you ever seen Mich s
sight before?" i;skd a looker-on, an
Ihe throng w:-s startled to hear the old
man say. "Never ilnte I sat In hei
chair!" U wait Cromwell's son Rich
ard, wl o went into retirement on tfc
restoration of KI:ir Charles H.
tarry I'lne Rnnt.
Southerners who do not live In the
lor.g-l'itf pine country like to have t!u
scent of the p'.nes about their p-reon.
therefore they wear a piece of pine
root In their pockets. Once In a while
they bite off a chew and masticate ;
as they do tnbncco. Many regard it
a panoren. To sleep on a bed of drli!
pins needles In better than all medicine
for rheuii-.atlsTi and kindred ailments
Orrapaltons of CaadMate.
The randldutts In tl.e licke s In New
York at the last election comprised
113 lawyers, forty-seven artisans nnd
merhsr-li-s, forty merchants and
tradesmen, seventeen clerks, twelve
physicians, thirty-two liquor dealers,
eleren professional pollticlsns, ten of
fice holder, twenty-five real estate
broken and e!(ht undertakers.
lllMt rarnaee Motor".
It has been found 4n Germany and
other Darts of wrstrrn Europe thai
; the feces from blast furnacm nt'y he
Marsteller Bros.
Are now prepared to show
It is a problem solved in
Shoe Economy aith a huml
aome balance at the crd of
the year w hen Selz flcbuol
Shoes are purchased exclu
sively for the children.
No manofacturer in the
world builds a lino of
shoes as extensive
d ura bin handsome
and low priced us the
Bell Children's Shoe
this year.
Look for the fgnof "Selz."
It trurki the PopularDealer.
Selz Shoes for Men, Women and
Children are Sat-afaotory Shoes
Pr ice Q u a i i t y Com f . ir t - H t y 1 e.
largest Manuladurer. ot B00U
nnThe Commercial Bank.
0. F. Cckkkk, l'rcsi'lfiit.
Chas. C. Jamkshn. H. S.
Stockmen having usd for a
uh to handle their
ifrWe are preparefl to take
Druf4jisst' Sundries,
Pnints, Oils, Varnishes,
' J. E. PHINNEY, Proprietor.
N or th-Western
M. V. I,'. It. in
to uiiil frmii toe
Hit I.
K, K.4 Jl, V K. ti. Unit il lc
(ioiiiK W).t. t.oinKl a!
So.., n.lx'il 10 :' I No. ti. 11, nil
tif AY 1. IIAKItl-.
I 1 ainli c,
it !in an
h-ft ul vltll
11 1 n.r clii,-l.
Hill IIM 1,11,1 -
uin j V. iiirr,
V. O. Ailf1rtv, KHrlMil, ! r.
i! Ef W .
I wnBTors
Now Platea Throughout
25,000 New Words
Fkraaea aad DeflaKleaa
S Prepared under the direct
supervision of W.T. HARRIS
Ph.D., LL.D., United State
Commiaa loner of Education,
assisted by a large corps of
competent specialists and
Kick Eladlnaa. 0 3S4 Pasea
Bottar Than Cvar for Homo,
School, and Of flea.
W alto eublish
Webster's Collegiate Dictionary
with GkMwyef Beeniak War4 aa4 Itiraat.
" Hn da la eaallty, ecea4 claw la i te,"
aaees.au. ot eath
eaaa aa ea aapiKtiatl.
SprinfflaU. Mom.
v&n 5
rtV t MfXCaSa3
School Shoes
Sell "kMBMff."
CO., Chicago
and Shoe In the World.
F- W.C'.arkk, Cahier
Ci.akkk, A. Mcimlky
bank at Ui'h point may rely ot
entire i5ankin busines.
care of our trade at all times
A.T. IM't.ll-MiX
ItKtllil coin 1,1 1I1MII1I
S2 I
"ii l" lt siiie
!n rlelit-.
ofi-itttln ll,rMu,, UU.
W M , 1 .. . ..a
ear catllo.
"ii h ylc fn-i-K,
J. It. II I NTKIt.
ftm k bratKled
t-lv or dip. AU.IirK,, 11. , ror mn.
KiirrlMiii, fib,
(Htt'e Ilramli-,
oti IMjdt !p
Uniiildi r
)', (l, -l.li.-.-, tii.wK.id, Krbratka.
t si..i m-lel.ilurt-h or pi.i.tool intciiin lor
Iretrri.rfton raidiinMnty. FrrfnetaAk.
j Vi r',ii4.y on.itni I;. H. ami loMnJn
' aaaW -av bbbC. V