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    Twee lata fa mm fleas-.
Th m1!a f the tiger an ew
bless of Tammany U aal4 by W. C.
Montayne, a coffee and spice dealer
fa New York, to data from the time
when William M. Tweed, then fore
man of "Big Bli" Are company, took
a fancy to a picture of a royal Uengal
tiger In bla father's store la the 'Ma.
Tweed adopted the emblem for the
Amerlcua club, and It aoon a accept
ed I y all Tammany. Tweed had the
Hni'i fca A mM In th Miliar of the
pailor Cfcijiet of the America? club In
IU sporty club house at Greenwich,
Cess., as4 It was pa!ute4 ca the old
hand engine of Big 8U.
' reraeaeble Kraeloas.
Some evasions of tbe Inheritance
tax law can hardly be regarded aa
wholly unpardonable. General Dt
Cetwola, of the New York Metropoli
tan Museum of Art, says that Mr.
Charles R. Curtis informed htm some
time sgo that he had made provision
in his will for a bequest of 110,000
to the museum. Lately Mr. Curtis
called again and said: "General, I
don't think I will leave you that S10,
000. 1 will give it to you in cash. The
Inheritance tax will take up $1,500 or
$2,000 of It, and you will not get the
benefit of the whole amount if I leave
It to you In my wllL" And he handed
over the cash.
For Womn'i TrmMaa Too.
New Baden, 111., August 12th: Mrs.
Anton Grlesbaum, Jr., has been very 111.
Female weakness had run her down so
low that she could not do her house
work. She had tried many things, but
got too relief.
Dodd's Kidney Pills, a new remedy,
which is better known here as a cure
for Brlght's Disease, Diabetes, Dropsy,
and Rheumatism, worked liked a charm
In Mrs. Grlesbaum's case. She used
three boxes and is now a new woman,
able to do her work as well as ever she
was. Her general health Is much Im
proved, and abe lias not a single symp
tom of Female Trouble left
Dodd's Kidney Pills are making a
wonderful reputation for themselves in
this part of the state.
A UoTtlDor'i Fat.
. Governor Odcll, of New York, has a
pet water spaniel of which he Is very
fond. The dog is well trained, and
among other tricks will pounce upon
a lighted match and extinguish the
flame by blowing on it as a man does.
. . p
I do not toilers Plso's Core for Consumption
baa an equal for couatas and colds. Joux F
Botbb, Trinity Springs, lnd., Feb. It, 180ft
Accuracy is the twin brother of hon
esty, Inaccuracy Is dishonesty.
ladies Cea Wrar Stioaa.
One size smal ler a f ter using A lien's Foot
Ease, a powder. It makes tight or new
aboeseaay. Cures swollen, hot.sweating,
aching feet. Ingrowing nails, corns and
bunions. AUdnrgista snd shoe store,
25c Trial package FREE by mail. Ad
dress Allen 8. Olmsted, Lettoy, N.Y.
Heven bless women for not being
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When the light begins within him
self a man's worth something.
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white again. Largs 2 oz. package, 6 ceuU.
The life of the son reveals the love
cf the father.
Hamlin's Wisard Oil Co., Chicago,
ends song book and testimonials for
stamp. Get Wizard Oil from your
druggist "
Abyssinia was converted to Chris
tianity In the fourth century.
A False Imprmlon Corrected Fan
Aaierlran KspnelMoa Railroad Fares
and Hotel Hate Low as Could be
Espeeted. y
Buffalo, N. Y., July 30. A Joint
meeting of railway passenger agents,
hotel and newspaper men was held
this afternoon with the view of adopt
Ing some means for correcting so far
as possible the Impression that ap
pears to prevail at distant points that
railway rates to tbe Pan-American Ex
position are high and that hotel rates
In Buffalo are exceasive. Tbe confer
ence revealed the fact that Buffalo can
accommodate two hundred thousand
visitors In IU private houses and ho
tels at rates ranging front flfty cents
to two dollars per night, and that no
one need pay mora than on dollar
for a first-class lodging In a private
house, it waa also shown that the
railroad rate la lower than for any
former exposition for a five, ten or
fifteen day ticket, according to dis
tance, being at the rata of one far
plus on dollar for th round trip,
from all parts of tbe country. Th
Niagara Falls cheap, one-day special
excursions of former years, when
trains wer overcrowded and everyone
subjected to great discomfort, are re
mem bared only so far aa th low rat
la concerned, and thla la quoted as
bowing what might b don. Th
passenger agents assert that th pres
ent half rata are aa low a can rea
sonably be expected. Aa extension of
th present limit haa been looked for,
as it gives too abort a time for anyons
to see tbe big spoaltlon, but it haa
ot yet been modified. Other points
which th representatives of th pub
lishers' easoclstlon will lay stress
pea ars that th Exposition Is com
pleted In all details and that both
Buffalo and th Expoaltlon are well
policed and as free from dangerous
characters aa any city in, the country.
A Joint committee waa appointed to
deal with questions affecting th Ex
position and th proper welcome and
ear of guests. Th Exposition haa
had In operation for some Urn a free
bureau of Information for th convs
tenee of Intending visitors.
Oratltud doubles th gift aa4 kalvst
ttW bt
Our Monkey
A series of careful experiments with
monkey has recently been conducted
by Professor Edward L. Thorndlk to
ascertain tbe power and process by
which these animals acquire knowl
edge. He has reached the conclusion
that there la no warrant for the pop
ular Idea that mffnkeys and other ani
mals learn from human example and
by the processes followed by man. But,
th experimenter aays, the fact that
monkeys do not possess the human
types of Ideas must not be taken aa
evidence that they are no nearer rela
tives to us mentally than are the other
lower animals. On the contrary, they
occupy an intermediate position In
every main psychological feature be
tween mammals in general and the hu
man apecles. The essentials in an In
ventory of an animal's mental capaci
ties are its sense powers, the kinds of
movements it can make and their deli
cacy, complexity and number, Its In
stincts or the sum of those tendencies
to feel and act which it has apart from
experience or learning and its method
of learning or of modifying Ita be
havior to suit the multitudinous cir
cumstances of life. In each of these
respects the monkeys show kinship
with man. In their motor equipment
monkeys possess first of all the muscu
lar coordinations necessary to sustain
an upright position and consequently
the use of the forelimbs. The move
ments of these forelimbs are more in
number and suited to more complex
and varied tasks than are those of
lower animals. The attractlveneas of
the monkey cage In a zoological gar
den is largely due to the similarity of
the monkeys' movements and our own.
The monkey not only has a body like
a man's, but he also uses It like a man.
Our native tendencies are so metamor
phosed by the education of a civilized
environment that in adult age they
seldom appear In recognizable form.
But If we take human beings at from
6 months to 3 years of age or later we
find plenty ot traits that appear in the
monkeys. In fact, the human instinct
which is perhaps of prime importance
in human mentality, the Instinct which
perhaps is the real cause of many ot
our most boasted powers, has its clear
prototype and homologue in the monk
ey. I refer to the instinctive enjoy
ment of physical and mental activity
in general, to the tendency to act and
feel as much aa possible, regardless
of any ulterior practical considera
tions, which we sometimes call de
structiveness or constructlveness and
MeJkirig a.
First, the model is covered with a
thick layer of pasteboard in a moist
state. When it Is dry, a sharp knife is
passed around It so as to separate the
pasteboard ' coat into two hemispher
ical shells, which are then taken oft
the model and united at the cut edges
with glue. The hollow sphere thus
formed Is the skeleton ot the globe
that is to be.
The next thing is to cover it with a
coating of white enamel, about one
eighth ot an inch In thickness. When
this is done the ball is turned into a
perfect roundness by a machine. The
iron rod running through the center
ot the original model, and projecting
at both ends through the surface, has
left boles In the new globe, which
serve for the north and south poles,
and through these a metal axis is run
to represent the axis of the earth.
Then the surface Is marked off with
For several years the various com
panies have been endeavoring to se
cure rails of a harder quality, tbe
heavy modern locomotives and, steel
cars frequently breaking down the or
dinary rail. The American Society of
Civil Englneera has been investigating
tbe resistance strength of steel rails,
and the tests made by tbia body have
fully demonstrated the fact that the
softness In ateel rails la due to th
method of rolling rather than to any
defect In th composition of th steel.
The English pheasant is a non
aquatic bird, therefor an English
scientist's observation that newly
hatched birds of the age of JO" hours
swim easily, abow apt leg movements
and exhibit few signs of distress la of
singular interest Th queatlon la now
asked, la the swimming habit a throw
back or reversion to an antecedent
state In th history of this land-living
species, or is It to be regarded s an
exampls of a direct and sudden adapta
tion to a new environment T Th ques
tion has an Important bearing on cer
tain obvious biological problems.
Speculations regarding the age of tbe
world we live In are of strictly rela
tive naiaie. They require to b con
sidered In relation to many other cir
cumstances, whereof tbe cooling of th
glob la on and th time occupied in
th formation of strsta another. The
battle between the physicists and th
geologists over this latter question still
proceeds. Th former Incline to set a
definite limit to th geological aeon;
tbe latter declin to be bound by such
restrictions. A member of a British
royal scientific association asserts that
certain recant speculations on this
head trad to overtop even taa amount
at years which to feologlata them
Many ravel. Sue.!
the) Dsvrwinlavfk
curiosity. Even th casual observer.
If be haa any psychological Insight,
will be struck by the general, aimleaa,
Intrinsically valuable (to the animal's
feelings) physical activities of a monk
my compared with ibo apeciiuiavd,
definitely aroused, utilitarian activities
of a dog or est, Watch th latter and
he doe but few things, doe them In
response to obvious sense presenta
tions, does them with practical conse
quences of food, sex Indulgence, prep
aration for adult battles, etc. If noth
ing that appeals to his special organ
isation comes up he does nothing.
Watch a monkey and you cannot enu
merate the thing he does, cannot dis
cover the stimuli to which he reacts,
cannot conceive tbe raison d'etre Of his
pursuits. Everything appeals to him.
He likes to be active for the aake of
activity. The observer who haa prop
er opportunities and takes proper
pains will find this Intrinsic interest to
hold true of mental activity as well.
Finally, in their method of learning,
although monkeya do not reach the
human stage of a rich life of ideas, yet
they carry tbe animal method of learn
ing by the selection of impulses and as
sociation of them with the different
sense impressions, to a point beyond
that reached by any other ot the lower
animals. In this, too, they resemble
man, for he differs from the lower an
imals pot only in the possession of a
new sort of Intelligence, but also in
the tremendous extension of that sort
of wnich he has in common with them.
A fish learns slow a few simple habits.
Many learns quickly any infinitude of
habits that may be highly complex.
Dogs and cats learn more than the fish,
while monkeys learn more than they.
In the number of things he learns, the
complex habits he can form, the va
riety of lines along which he can learn
them and in their permanence .when
once formed the monkey Justifies his
Inclusion with man In a separate men
tal genus. Chicago Chronicle.
Drlok and Crime.
In 120 army prisons throughoiv
Germany 46 per cent of all the mur
derers committed their crimes while
under the Influence of drink. Sixty
three per cent of the case.? of man
slaughter, 74 per cent of serious in
jury to the person and 77 per cent of
criminal immorality are due to the
same cause. In the navy out of 1,671
punishable cases during the last six
years 75 per cent of the most serious
cases have been due to drunkenness.
Brief Description of e.
Very Interesting Pro
cess in Geography
pencil lines Into mathematical seg
ments corresponding precisely in
shape with the sections of map that
are to be pasted on. These map sec
tions are made from copper plates in
Just the size and shape required to fit
the globe that they are Intended for,
one set, of course, covering the entire
spherical surface. They are printed,
many of them, like dress patterns, on
sheets ot the finest linen paper, and
are cut out carefully with a sharp-
pointed knife.
When they have been pasted on, the
different countries are tinted by band
wlih water colors. There is no spe
cial rule for this, except that contrasts
are aimed at aa a help to the eye of
the user. Finally, the whole is over
laid with a brilliant white varnish,
which is of almost metallic hardness,
and will wear indefinitely without
scratching or losing its brightness.
selves have formulated as requisite for
the operation ot the forces that have
sculptured the world forces that are
still operating in the shape of rain,
frost, Ice, rivers, the sea and the move
ments of tbe crust which take origin
from tbe Internal heat of our globe.
"When we read of many millions of
years being estimated aa necessary for
the development of the coal period
alone," aays this authority, "we may
well refuse to tollow the speculations
thus advanced." '
tea Oat ef tea.
Holland proposes to close tbe Zuy
der Zee by a dike running from the
north Holland coast to the Island of
Wlering and thence to th Frisian
coast, and to drain parts of th closed
sea. The Initial plan Involves the re
covery In eighteen years of IKMIH
acre of fertile land. Tbe railway dis
tance between the provinces of North
Holland and Friesland will be short
enedby thirty-one miles. Tbe laden
nlty to be paid to the Zuyder Zee fish
ermen I estimated at $1,809,000. Th
total coat la estimated at $38,190,000
The entire plan will take from thirty
to thirty-five years to complete, and
tome (00,000 acres will be reclaimed
valued at $160,000,000.
S mm leva ef the O.trteb.
The ostrich Is a descendant of
genua oC bird which In prehlatorU
time atUined an enormous sis. In
th alluvial deposits of Madagascar
evidence has recently been found to
show that ostriches 14 and 18 feet In
height one lived on the island.
Th word to now abbreviated to tbe
Tan-Am," la Buffalo,
Treaaeaoleee Bridge Traafe.
Twenty years ago It waa estimated
that 200,000 persons crossed London
bridge dally, 130,000 on foot and the
rest in vehicles. With the growth of
population these numbers have almost
doubled, in spite of the relief afforded
by the building of tbe tower bridge,
half a mile downstream. It haa there
fore become an urgent matter to in
crease'the cspaclty of tbe older bridge,
and it has now been decided to ac
complish this by means of granite
corbels which w!!! carry footway
as projections over tbe water on each
side of the bridge.
alt Baths at Home.
Persons desiring to take salt-water
baths at home should first learn tbe
quantity of salt to use in the tubs,
Victor Smith suggests. An ordinary
bath contains from ninety to 100 gal
long of water, into which a thoughtless
person will dissolve a pint or two of
sea. salt, so-called, and imagine him
self disporting in the ocean. If he
followed nature he would use twenty
Bve or thirty pounds of sa't to the 100
gallons, and this, if purified, would
cost him 70 cents. He would nave
about four baths to each 700 pounds of
Te Raise Tea In South Carolina.
A new tea company, influenced by
Dr. Shepard's success, has Just bought
6,000 acres of land in Colleton county,
S. C, Intending to raise tea for the
market. The company paid $20,000 for
the land, and will plant but 100 acres
this season, as it is now rather late
to - begin the preparation of the
grounds. Next year over 5,000 acres
will be planted, and the output Is ex
pected to exceed 300,000 pouuds.
Constructively In Bight.
A aueer will case has just been de
cide by the courts of Minnesota. The
witnesses stepped through a doorway
into the adjoining room and affixed
their signatures at a table about ten
feet from the testator, just out of his
sight, but while he was seated on the
side of his bed and could have seen
them by stepping forward two or three
feet The attestation and subscription
of the will under these circumstances
are sustained.
For aa "Ell" Window at Wrexham.
A number of Yale graduates have
completed the subscription list for the
placing ot a memorial window tor
Ellhu Yale In the church at Wrexham,
Wales, near which Yale lies buried,
and work on the window will be be
gun at once.
Stats or Ohio, Citt ot Toledo, i
Frank J. Cheney iriakrn oath that he 1 the
senior partner of the firm of P. J. Cheney &Co.,
doing buhincsa In tho City of Toledo, County
and State aforrsnid, and that said lirm will pay
the sum of ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS for
each and every ease of Catarrh that cannot be
cured by tbe use of Hair Catarrh Cure.
Sworn trt before mo and mibscrlbed In my
presence, this 6th day of December, A. D. 1888.
Notary Public.
Mall's Catarrh Cure Is taken internally, and
nets directly on the blood and mucous surfaces
Hi the system. Send for testimonials, free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, ft
Sola by DriiRKlsts. 73c.
Hall's Family Pills are tbe best.
Desiring the unattainable Is not
nearly so distressing as attaining the
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There Is no man who knows how he
is going to act when he fails In love,
and no woman who doesn't.
Are Toil Oslng Allen's Foot Ease?
It is the only cure for Swollen,
Smarting, Durnlng, Sweating Feet,
Corns and Bunions. Ask for Allen's
Foot-Ease, a powder to be shaken Into
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Stores, 25c. Sample sent FREE. Ad,
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The man with but a single idea al
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Affliction and physic should be
Judged by tho effect rather than by the
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Kindle the dry sticks and the green
ones will catch.
Mrs. Wlnslowe Moothlnf Syrnp.
Tor children Melting, soften, the sunn, reduces Iv
Ssmaiailua. allays pam.cure. wlad nolle, ascebotiie.
Perfumes were introduced into Spain
by tbe Arabs.
$13.00 Buffalo and return $13.00.
$31.00 New Turk and return $31.00
The Wabash from Chicago will sell
tickets at the above rates dally. Aside
from these rates, the Wabash run
through trains over Its own rails from
Kansas City, St. Louis and Chicago and
offer many special rates during the
summer months, allowing atopovers at
Niagara Falls and Buffalo.
Ask your nearest Ticket Arent or ad
dress Harry E. Moores, General Agent,,
Pass. Dept., Omaha, Neb., or C. 8.
Crane Q. P. T. A., St. Louis, Mo.
Tbe Cssr Isn't a Reader.
The csar of Russia does not read
newspapers regularly, and seldom
looks at a book. While attending to
his official business in the morning he
sips one cup of tea after another, oc
casionally eats a caviare sandwich.
The hours from 1 to 4 p. m. he gives
to his family and family affairs. From
4 he works again till dinner time, at
7. His typhoid fever has left him
stronger than he was before. His
face la full and round, and he haa
had none of the headaches and epilep
tic fits that used to attack him before
his recent illness.
English residents bar 110,000,000
Invested in mortgages.
Conceit may puff a man up, but It Is
not a good prop.
Ha who know nothing naver doubts.
Urban life decreases suture from 6
years of age on.
If you wish beautiful, clear, whit clothes
use Red Crow Ball Blue. Large S os.
package, B centt.
Love letters may not be legal docu
ments, but they chronicle court proceedings.
from .22 to .50 loaded with either Black or Smokeless Powder
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I V h iy II
And every Distressing Irritatfon
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nent, and economical cure for torturing, disfigur
ing, itching, burning, bleeding, scaly, crusted, and
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ever compounded.
Millions of Uoffluf
T TSE CUTICURA SOAP, assisted try Gstfcw Ointment,1
l for preserving, purifying, and beautifying the skint for
cleansing the scalp of crusts, scales, and dandruff, and the stop
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tough, and sore hands, for baby rashes, hchingt, andduslanfaVia
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. V. , hslr when III elM falls.
r Nswsnr sVss. tl'aadj Ctartajaoass fc,, la-ea,
GUM. cow awe mpe, -.
asi saw si BBS B
S. ramraeSWS.SSawieft Sieoaajajfc
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sate sues. aas( liriJl -
You can't help being
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s I era a aws m r i
AH a
ii i ii i