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Thcmpat, July, 4ib, wui.
T. Canon, Editor and Prop,
T. E. k M. V K. Ji. lime Ulilf.
Going Wwt Going East.
Mo. 6. UtUt-U. IOtMINo. 6. mixed 7:50
V. R. R is
to and from the
F. E. M
the best
Red Front Meat Market
Choice, Fresh and
borne enred Meats
and home rendered
lard, salt Fish,
fioe line of Grocer
ies, Tobaccos, Cigars and Candies, Nuts
and green Apples. Highest price paid
for Hides and Produce, at
Smith's IecL Trent,
Oo to J. E. Phinnky's for wall
The county "dads" have been busy
tins week checking up the county Treas
Commissioner Meng, spent Sunday
with bis collegue Commissioner L. C.
Lewis of Andrews.
Merchant Bartell, will use the corner
room which was until recently the
horns of the "Sun" for a ware house.
O. W. Hester, lias been quite indis.
xsed during some time past from the ef
fects of a severe cold, is now slowly im
proving. Miss Claudia Hester, went to Lusk,
on last Saturday, to remain until after
1be4lh. She was accompanied by Mas
ter Cecil.
Several of onr business men attend
etl Masonic lodge at Crawford on last
Thursday night, and returned the follow
ing d;iy.
Mrs. J. 1L Bartell. who has been
bedfast during the past week, is now
much better and will be able to be about
in a short time.
-Mrs. Valdex, will spend the 4th in
South Dakota vitb her hubby who is
employed at present. The children will
retrain witn Grandma.
Our home nine, are billed to play the
Pleasant Ridge, nine at Lusk, on the 4th.
Which team do we tbink wilt come out
champions? Harrison of course.
-N. L. Tipton, and Charley Umfthen
our. returned from Lusk, Wyo., Monday
evening where they have been shearing
beep for the past Ave or six weeks.
The J. W. tmith. sale held on last
Saturday was a succcese, everything sold
'well. June and his family will spend a
week in the ralley aid then start for
the coast
A letter from the factory states a
car of barb-wire will be shipped July IS,
nod should arrive about the 2nd of the
month, (5. W. HESTER.
When yoii want a modern, iip-to.
dle physic, try Chamberlaiu's Stomach
and Liver Tablet. They are easy to
take and pleasant in effect. Price, 25
cents. Stunples free at J. E. PKINXEY S
drug Store.
We are in receipt of a large, display
poster from the managers of the G. A.
R. Encampment, to lie held oo Bodeaux
creek, 7 or 8 mile the other side of
Chadron. An extraordinory good time
will be had at the Encampment, there
being such speakers as Oil. Akers, Recei
ver of the Alliance Land Office, and ex
Senator, W, V, Allen, and others, hich
is sufficient proof f f the success of the
entertainment. Everybody should go
that can.
Prof. Pliipps, of Chndron, was doing
business, in town, the first of this week,
while in town, he dropped in for a chat
with ye editor. Prof. Phipps is well and
favorably known in Sioux County hav
ing been connected with our institute
work, on one or two Oceanian. The
Prof, was elected superintendent, of the
Chadron public Schools and is amply
qnaliAed for the position.
MARRIED At the residence of Judge
J., ft," Bertell. in this city, Saturday.
Juae, CT, 1901 at 8: o'clock p. tn. Miss
Ka Hatchioe to Mr. Harry Tempany.
A red respectively 18 and 21 years. Both
of the contracting parties are residents of
Dawes county and live in, or near Fort
Robinson. While we are not personally
acquainted wltb item we wish them a
lonr and prosperous journey through
The hall, which ha been under pro-
eeaa of repair for the past month, It now
. oweUii a4 without doabt it one of
Cm ke to Kortk-weet Nebraska. There
. am two Of wea oo the same Moor, sepi
mtHtm 9f a oetitieo; oao to especially ar
wm irmot4tn, the other to be
est! fc faktlo MtorttloBoata and gth
' Theea two fcalle won 14 bo ft
: ftitoftottjtf fw ee tea tfcomftoi
Buy your wall paper at the drug
Read Marstellar Hros., new Shoe ad
tms weev.
Ourceuntyfathers completed their
arderous duties yesterday,
Mrs. Thayer, will resume ru g weav
ing after the 4th. At the same price.
This is hot vou bet today, look out
for hail and rain tiie 4th usullv brings it.
The unofilieh nor l-vs ate dm Hie
store room formerly occupied by J. 1L
Mr. and Mrs. R. Simlar, and children
of Indian creek, will spend the fourth
at Grandpa Nutto's in the canyon.
8ul.iec.t Snndav at 8 P. m. will be
- j ,
"Christian patriotism and George Wash
mgton.V Autoharp solo, "Tlie oU house
at home."
Master nenrv Moravek. who has
been employed at a sheep camp during
the nast few month's, came home tlie
first ef this week, to spend the 4tb.
J. E. Marsteller, went to Crawford,
on last evening to meet his mother who
is billed to arrive there this morning from
Pennsylvania, to make her children here
an extended visit.
We understand thai Mr. and Mrs.
Ernest Lyon will occupy tlie ware house
just recently vacated by merchant Bar
tell. Ernest thinks paying rent does not
make a man rich.
A good man can get a job of work by
aurlvin? to Dave Collville, who needs
a man to go with a car of horses to
North Pakota. and after arriving there
to take care ol a herd of horses.
Mr. and Mrs.;jake Henry, spent last
night with the latters parents in the can
yon, and this morning nccompanied by
the Misses Nulto, t!iey boarded the early
train for Lusk, to celebrate the glorious
4 th.
Miss Lizzie Cottman, the Sioux
county "heroine was married on last
Wednesday at the Blaine, parlors, tn
Chadron, and with her other half will
reside on a ranch a short distance from
-Next week Gerlacbs will have a car
load of the celebrated. Deeriog Harvest
ers, Uiant 8 it mowers, ami maicniess
Deering rakes anJ Deeriug Twine direct
from Chicago.
The weater for the past week or ten
days, except Monday, has been very
warm. Yet, according to the daily pa
pers, 8ioux county ha been quite frigid
compared to the weather in the eastern
states, where scores of fatilities have re
sulted from the torrid weather.
George Gerlach, returned Tuesday
from his long and tedious trip overland
to North Dakota, where he went about
six or eight weeks ago to assist in driv
ing a herd of horses belongin g to Dave
Collville for a range fer the future. He
is all o. k, and is ready for the glorious
Joe Ludwig and John Lacy, left Moo-
day evening for Kansas City, where they
went to visit tlie rural districts of South
eastern Kansas and North-western Miss
ouri with a view we underetand of spy
ing out the country for future locations.
We beleive the boys will miss it if they
don't stay with Sioux county.
E. F. Pontius, our highly esteemed
and ever courteous agent, who has been
enjoying a well earned rest during the
past week or two, io the hills country
returned to routine duty on last Saturday
All of our people appreciate Mr. Pontius
at the depot. The supply agent left for
other points on the same evening.
Yesterday, Phil Dunn, was in town
from tlie valley north, and lie says the
grass hoppers are going after the grass
with wonderful rapidity. In his opinion
they have got about all the best grass in
his neighborhood and that the litte pests
are cutting it ofT clost down to the roots
but we hope it Is not near so bad as Phil
seems to see it.
A letter from Mrs. R M. Wallace
to Mrs. Eu&eoe B.gelow states they are
at Cokeville, and that Frank is sick of
Mountain fever, also that they were
still in Wyoming, and tired of traveling,
and if the boys could find work, they
would accept it for the time being.
Mrs. Wallace, has a host of friends here,
who will be glad to hear any word from
On last Thursday afternoon county
Surveyor Ruffing, had a narrow escape
from what might have proved a serious
run-a-wny. Just as he was harnessing
up, preparatory to starting for Lome,
one of his horses which was being held
by Mr. Ru (Ting's little son, got away and
took the other with it, however before
they had gone very far or did very much
damage, some of our citizens bad caught
them. Mr. Ruffing was detained a little
later in town, by his having to have his
wagon tongue repaired.
MARRIED Under the blue vault or
heaven, with the beautiful canopy of
the forest a an umbrella, near the
home of the bride's parent, at 8: o'clock
on Inst Sunday afternoon Rev. Warren,
of Harrison, performing the ceremony.
Mr. O. W. Clapp. of Marsland Neb., and
Mine Deloria E. Eldrige. of Plearant Ridge
Wyo. Aged respectfully 27 and 20, We
are not peraonally acquainted with the
contracting parties but we wish them all
the joy and hepptoe, which this world
is pab!e of giving to IU votaries, but
the best of all wo wish tliem the true
ha peine s hereafter. Sir, and Mr. Clapp
will reside al Marsland. Mrs. Clapp, is a
oanghterof a & Eldrige, of Pleasant
F. E. k X- V. R. R. Special Rates
Acc't Stock convention, at Douglas
nr. - T..U 1ftk-1 14k. 14 wttirvt trio
, J , , u . j - - -- .1 - ' a
fare of 5.50 is autburized. Dates of sale
July 10th, 11th and 12, good returning
July 13. On July a speclial train will
leave Chadron at 10: o'clock a. m. arriv
ing at Harrison about 7: or 7:30 a. m. for
E. F. Pontius, Agt.
Fly Nets for sale at E. Rohwer's
Harness Shop.
A goodly number of our town's
people took the train for Lusk, Wyo..
where they went to spend their fourth
of July, and in all probability they will
listen to the reading of that ancient,
worn out and obsolite document called
the Declaration of Independence, once the
addored teonent of this nation.
Tuesday, Mrs. Solteau and three or
four children came to town from the
valley and complained to the county
commissioners that her liege Lord and
Master whom she has been living with
out of wedlock since coming to our
oounty eight or nine years ago, had giv
en her a severe whipping and run her to
gether with the children off the place.
It is high time that this man should be
given to understand that the penitentiary
is the proper place for a persou like him,
who has broken all moral and civil low.
Of courae we believe the woman is in
a measure a much to blame as he is,
but, as we have said before on a simular
occasion by the same parties, that is ro
reason why she should be beat and
driven from her home, with helpless
children to starve.
It T. Ilibblen and Henry Pelluck,
who have been, for the past two months
up in Wyoming, hunting and trapping
gray wolves and coyotes, succeeded in
bagging 44 gray wolves and 116 coyotes
which we understand, the bounty alone
netted them each, about $60, per month.
If the boys had been doing their work
within the bounds of the Running water
Wolf association's prescribed district,
the association would have been all but
bank ru lit now. Such slaughter of
Wolves and coyotes as that means the
siving of thousands of cattle, sheep and
horses to our ranchmen. We believe
it would be profitable to the stockmen
of Converse Co. Wryo., and Sioux if they
would keep the two boys constantly em
ployed att'O per month each, waging
war upon the destructive pests of the
cattle, sheep and horse beards.
Minutes of the fllh Anmini
S. S,
The Ninth Annual Convention of the
Sioux .jountv S. 8. Association was held
at Glen, June, 25th, and 26th 1901
Sioux county has four Sundav schools
and tliey were all represented but one.
Though the numbers were not as great
as ia former year, the convention was
one of interest to those who were pres
ent. The two days were largely spent in
a study of Genesis as a preparation for
the lessons of the six monhts to come,
with such practical discussions as gre
out of this study, such as family religion
sod the Sabbathot Genesis uid of today
The paper on the, "Christian Babbittr
by Mrs. Ray of of Crawford was especial
ly interesting.
Reports of schools show a falling off
of numbers except in Harrison, but in
most cases no decrease in inter
est. No school lias been lost during the
year. One reported an increased earn
estness and interest in Bible Study,
When we remember the many christian
families that have left Sioux Co., since
the time of our last meeting snd that
outside of Ilirrison there has bevn no
regular preaching In the cour.ty sioce
last fall, we feol that tlie reports were
encouraging. JL tiers were read row
the followinz Sioux Co.. workers who
have left us, sending greetings and tell
ing of christian activities in their new
homes, Mrs. J. L. KeruUll, Houston Ida
ho, The Knott family Ceutral City, Neb
and H. 8. dough. Alberta. Mr. and Mr
J. L. Kendall, ha under their care four
Sandny Schools that were not in exis
lance a year ago and Mr. Clough is sup
erintendent of the Nebraska Sunday
School which has been in working order
ever since the Canada parties left u
year ago last May. It has hxn held
wagons and tent and the small houses
the settlers put up at Orst and is to have
a permanent abiding place in the frame
school house which is coon to be. The
officer and teachers and most of the pu
pits are from our Sioux couotv Sunday
Schools, and the school now numbers 06.
The Olen Sunday school provided moet
bountifully for our entainment. Dinner
Supper the Orst day and dinner the sec
ond were served in the church and the
time between, sessions, was pleasantly
spent in social intercourse. Tito next
meeting will be held at Uuioo Sta
Church on Little Cottonwood in 1002
Mrs. C. E. Rk:b
"Ism indebted to One Minute Congl
Cure for my present goood health and
mv life I was treated in vain by doctor
fur lung trouble following lagrippo.
took One Minute Cough cure, and reco
ered my health." Mr. E. fl. Wise, Mad
Isoo, Oa.-J. E. PHiJcmtY.
The Piles that aonoy you so will
quickly and permanently healed if you
useDeWltt's Witch llarel Blve. IV
war of worthies oeuoterfeiu. J.
Professional Cards.
Prompt attention given to all legal
matters in Justice, County and District
Courts, and before the United Stater
Load Office.
Fire Insurance written in reliablf
fjr-Legal papers carefully drawn.
Uakrbox. - Nebraska.
M. J. 0'ConneII, - -
Co. Attorney,
Will Practice in All Court.
Special Attention Ulreu to Land Of
fice Business.
Collections and all business entrust
ed to me w 1 1 1 reee I ve prompt attention.
II.Uir.iso5 - Nebraska.
. E. PHINNEY, M. I).
rhylsclan and Surgeon.
ill calls Riveu prompt nttention.
Office in lirug Store.
Lumber, Ilarncsn, 8nil!!es,
(ruin and Fcel, Doors
anI Windows, Heavy Hardware.
Estrayed seven head of Middle horses
Branded rfCTSS on left hip or
and all have
mVon nylit thigh and other old
hra ml a nn fiAni T will tnv ft rpfi.
onahle reward for their delivery to me
at the KO ranch, or information leading
to their recovery.
Deep Creek Uve Stock. Co,
J. H. H ALUKTtT, (foreman,)
Glen, Nebraska.
As the unders'gned iiitecds to close
out al! his horses, ho oilers his Imported
Clydesdale Stallion Whibton, for sale
at a barg-ain. Whiston, stunds about
7 hands high, and weighs aWiut ISOO
lb, and is as good a foal getter as there
s in the state, and is sound in every
Sioux Co. Neb.
Ice for Sale.
See George Williams or in my absence
H. Wilhermsdorfor, at the harness
sliop will supply you.
C-kokhe Williams.
For Sale.
One pure bred, refristered Hereford
bull 21 months old, has only served 2
cows, one 1 shipiied id last March. 1
have more than I ned,
Jons L. Kay,
Marsland, Neb.
14 acres, Millet on ground and 4 acres
corn fodder, also what Hay can be cut
on half section of laud, and panlure for
rent. Address, M. J. Differ.
EJsemont, 8. Uak.
All tax-payers of Sioux county, that
know themselves to be delinquent in pay
ing their personal taxes, are hereby
notified to call at the county treasurers
olflce and settle them at once and avoid
J jIIX Sebrr,
Co. Treasurer.
Cattle Sale.
The undersigned will sell at public auc
tiou at his raoch, three miles south of
Belmont. Neb. Monday. July 13. 205
head of cattle,
W. J. LkWitt.
When tlie quantity of food taken Is too
lare or the quality Uo rich, h-artburn
Is likely to follow, and etjiocially so if the
digestion has been weaken by const i pa
tion. Ktt slowly and not too freely of
easily digested food. Masticate tlie f lOd
thoroughly. Ixt six hours elapse be
tween meals and when you feel a full
nest and weight io the region of the
stomach after eating, Indicating that vou
have eaten too much, take one of Cham
berlain" fttomarh and Liver Tablets ad
the heartburn mav be avoided. For sale
by J. E. PlliNSKY druj;it.
A had complexion genelty results
from fn.ictive liver and bowel. In all
such rases, Ik-Witts Utile I'.irlv Risers
produce eratifyir.g results. J, K. F'nm
It m easier Io keep well than tret curd
DaWitt' Utile erly Risers taken now
and then will alw."M s kwp your bowels
iu order, 'f hey bever gripe but piomote
an easy grntle actioo.-J. E I'u xriv,
Custom Shoes for Men.
Styles and shapes may change with
the Reason and the fashion but the
k1 comfort and staunch wearing
ties of Selz Custom Shoes
Buy one pair of Selz Shoes and the
limit of the purchasing power of
your money is reached. It
sents the greatest snoe sau&iai.
tion possible to realize.
Look for the sign of -Sclz" It
marks the Popular Dealer.
Solz Shoes for Men, Women and
ere Satisfactory Shoes Price
Comfort Stylo.
Selz, Schwab & Co., Chicago.
IlU RoVi BlCuc!" Liricll MtnuLciurer. of Boo., ind Shot. Is lh World.
The Commercial
C. F. Coffee, President. F. V Clause, Cashier.
CnAS. C. Jameson. II. S. Clakke, A. McGinlkv,
Stockmen having u?e for a bank at this ixiiit may rely
us to handle their entire Tanking but-ines.
We are prepared to take care of onr tradn at all timep 4
Will stand at our barn at HARRI
SON, this season.
TERMS-8,00 to
up and suck.
Harrison, Nebraska.
WISDOM JR, Sired by imported CLYDE, Dam 7-eightn
SIIIlli;- weight 1,500 Iba.
PRICE; $5.00, to insure liv ing colt. Tlie money for Her
vice of Htallion will be due and payable at oncf in UN)
mares are sold or removed from the county.
One fare for round trip
to St. Paul, Minn.
June 7, 8 and t.
Leaving St. Paul June
10 to 18, inclusive.
insure colt to stand
Will make the
season at my place
on Monroe Oresk
7 miles north-west
of Harrison.
Depot-it tickets J une 10
to 18, get extention to July
"NoRTii-Wi-iTF.its Line."
"The Bent of Everytblng.'
General Pawienger Agent, y
Omaha, Neb. v