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Herr Anschutz
Kampfe Outlines
His Own Plan. W
At a recent meetln of the Vienna
Geographical society Herr Aoscir.itz
Kampfe described as his own a plan of
reaching the North Pole, which, how
ever, was suggested some years ago
by a Swede, but for the execution of
which he Is now having a vessel built
by German murine engineers at WI1
helmshaven. His plan is to reach the
pole by means of a submarine boat,
passing under the Ice of the Arctic
ocean. In Ills address, as reported by
the Geographical Journal, Herr An-acbutz-Kampfe
said: The main fac
tors affecting the practicability of the
scheme are: First, the extent of the
separate ice fields In the polar sea,
d, secondly, the depth below the
surface to which the Ice reaches.
From extensive study as well as per
sonal observation the speaker had ar
rived at the conclusion that the aver
age maximum depth of the pack Ice
may be taken to be 80 feet, while the
mean thickness does not exceed 16 to
20 feet. Land Ice reaching in the form
of Icebergs a depth below water sur
face of several hundred feet may, he
thinks, from its virtual absence from
the seas In question, be left out of
consideration, while our present
knowledge of the depths attained by
the polar basin justifies the opinion
that reefs of rocks riHing towards the
surface of the ocean are not to be ex
pected. The proposed vessel will be
capable of descending to a depth of 160
feet, at which It will be entirely re
moved from the influence of cold,
storms, and lee-pressure, and the way
to the pole will be therefore open.
The length of tlrrte during which it
will be able to remain below the sur
face Is calculated at a maximum of
fifteen hours, which at the modest rate
of 3 knots allows it to cover a dis
tance of 50 miles, whereas the com
bined experience of polar voyagers
shows that continuous fields of pack
ice never exceed a maximum diameter
of 3 English miles. In the improbable
case of no opening being met with
within the fifteen hours there remains
the possibility of opening a way by
blaBting at a weak point In the ice, to
be Indicated without possibility of mis
take by the help of the manometer.
The risk of collision will be minimized
not only by the slow rate of motion,
but by the great power of resistance
to be poKseged by the ship, and in
dispensable on account of the great
pressure to which it will be subject
from water. Its form will be that of
an ellipsoid of rotation, with a major
axis of 70 feet and a breadth of 26
feet, giving a displacement of 800 tons.
To obviate rolling the center of grav
ity will be placed as low as possible.
The capacity of the Interior will be 3,
500 cubic feet, which allows sufficient
air for five men for fifteen hours, the
carbonic acid evolved being removed
by combination with caustic soda.
Propulsion will be effected by hori
zontal and vertical screws, the former
of 40, the latter of 5 horse power, this
last being sufficient to counteract the
tendency to rlBe; while the motive
power is to be supplied by a petroleum
motor through the medium of a 220
volt accumulator. One hundred and
fifty tons of petroleum will be taken,
or more than ten times the quantity
needed for the 600 miles' voyage to
the pole from Spitzbergen, to which,
or rather to the edge of the ice, the
submarine boat will be towed. On ar
rival at the pack the direction of the
first open water will be taken by com
pass, and, the boat being submerged,
a course will be steered for it. If,
after an hour or so the light shows
that an opening has been reached the
vertical screw will be stopped and the
boat will rise by its own buoyancy and
In case of a wide opening or channel
leading northwards the voyage will be
continued on the surface, giving an op
portunity for scientific work. Suppos
ing no gleam of light appears when
six hours have elapsed an ascent to
the lower surface of the ice will be
made with caution and the voyage
continued slowly until by the reading
of the manometer it is found that a
thin place has been reached. Here at
tempts will be made by blasting to ef
fect an opening, which, however small,
will be sufficient to supply air for an
other fifteen hours; while in the case
of failure there will be still time to
return to the last opening that has
been left, whence the voyage will bo
prosecuted in a slightly different direc
tion. But both assumptions made
that of an uninterrupted ice field more
than 18 miles In diameter, and of one
so continuously thick as to defy all ef
forts at disruption are entirely con
tradicted by all previous experiences.
Philadelphia Times.
Rattled, PrMonuibly.
Joseph Chamberlain usually says his
little very well, but he was guilty of
a bull" not very long ago when in
parliament he was speaking against
a bill proposed by another member
and turning toward that person said:
"The honorable gentleman shakes his
head I am sorry to bear it."
Hatred OfT Koraltjr.
The king of Italy, who Is but five
feet three inches tall, Is not the only
short monarch in Europe, nor the king
of Portugal the only stout one, for
King Edward VII., in spite of most of
his pictures, is but five feet four inches
In height and weighs 257 pounds.
Bullet-Proof Pasteboard Armor.
Pasteboard armor Is the latest form
of defense. Experiments at Copenhag
en show that millboard three inches
thick was impenetrable to carbine bul
lets which pierced five-inch wooden
The Booming
ns? Sovith
i A R.em.rk(vblo In- !
crease In All Linos 1,
1 of Industry. ',
Twenty years ago, by the census If
ISS0, there were 10 small cotton mllH
south of the Potomac and Ohio rivers.
The 1900 ceniius sowg 800 mills with
more than 4,010,0V) spindles and at
least 500,000 spindles more to be added
T7lthin the next few montiis in mills
now under construction. The most
rapid increase in the history of cotton
manufacture In the south is now fin
ing on. In Georgia alone 48 new milN
with 26.1,676 new spindles and 5,000
looms, representing an Investment of
13,860,000, were put In operation lasi
year. They nre all of the latent type,
both in construction and equipment,
and many of them are run by elec
tricity. During the previous year
Georgia built 1(8 new mills with 278.000
spindles and 4,710 looms, which repre
sented an equal amount of capital.
More than 75 per cent of the stock of
the Georgia mills Is owned by local
North Carolina stands next to
Georgia in progress, and on the line
of the Southern railway alone today
no less than 123 colton mills, repre
senting a capital of 114.227,950, and
consuming 340,132 bales of cotton ev
ery year.
Few people realize what this means
to the south, not only In giving em
ployment to the people, but In the sav
ing of transportation charges, commis
sion and other items that go to make
up the profits of the middlemen and
the export and import merchants who
handle the raw product. This year the
cotton crop is said to be worth $500,
000,000 as It conies from the gin. By
turning it Into plain sheeting its value
Is doubled, and in raiding the gradi
of the manufactured product to a lit
tle better quality the value doubles
again, and amounts to $2,000,000,000.
Nor are cotton millH the only manu
facturing concerns that you see nowa
days in the south. During the last few
years the development has been very
rapid in all lines of manufacture to
consume the raw materials found on
the ground. On the Southern railway,
within four states, 1,062 manufacturing
concerns have sprung up within the
last 10 years. Sixteen are woolen mills,
96 are sawmills, 99 flour mills, 52 grist
mills, 58 are furniture factories, 49 are
tobacco factories. The furniture Indus
try is one of the most Important In
the new development of the south.
Thirty-nine new factories opened last
year in what is called the Piedmont
section, where there Is an unlimited
supply of hardwood suitable for cabinet-making,
plenty of low priced labor,
fuel and liberal labor laws.
The average man can hear the whis
per of a pretty woman farther than he
can the loudest call of duty. Penn
sylvania Grit.
A Mean v
y Deception
Unkind Trick Plo-yed
Upon an Unauapect-
Ing and A voracious
A flustered young woman, out of
breath as though from walking fast,
rushed up the steps of the United
States mint at Philadelphia the other
day and asked to be directed to the bu
reau of information. "There Isn't
any," replied the uniformed messen
ger, a very fat man, "Perhaps I can
tell' you what you want to know." "Per
haps yo fn" m''1 lhe ylln8 woman,
produtlng a copy of a frivolous -weekly
paper. "I wuMto know l( this !
true." She pointed to a paragraph
which read: "Among the curloltlcs
of collecting Is the fact that liOl cents
now bring about $19 In the coin mar
ket." The fat messenger adjusted his
glasses and scrutinized the paragraph.
While he was thus engaged he began
to laugh and howed to others In tho
department the paragraph. Then fol
lowed combined roars of laughter,
through It all the young woman stood
expectantly fingering four bright, new
pennies she had brought with her. Fin
ally the fat messenger regained his
breath sufflcltntly to gasp: "It s a
Joke. Don't you Mr II give you $10
for 1901 pennlaa, and I'll be a cent
ahead of the game See?" A great
light Mned to dawn In the mind of
tb young woman. "I dare say, It's
Try funny," sha aald, "but I dont
For Protection to a flower.
In an almost despairing effort to stay
lhe dread extinction of the fragrant
trailing arbutus flowers, the legislature
of Connecticut passed a law forbidding
any person to pull up the plants by the
roots on land owned by another under
a penalty of $20.
Verdict Maant Death.
Aldrlch, Mo.. May 27th. Four of the
best doctors in the vicinity have been
In attendance on Mrs. Mollle Moore
of this place, who has been suffering
with a severe case of nervousness'and
kidney disease. Each of tbem told her
that she would die.
Hearing of Dodd's Kidney Pills, she
began to use them, and Instantly no
ticed a change for the better. Her Im
provement has been continuous since
then. She says that the disease first
manifested itself by the appearance of
dark spots floating before her eyes.
Her nerves were so bad that many
times they would collapse completely,
and she would fall down as If shot.
Th fact that Dodd's Kidney Pills
saved her after four doctors had given
her up, has caused no end of talk In
this neighborhood, and all are loud In
their praises of this new remedy
Dodd's Kidney Pills which is curing
bo many hitherto incurable cases, in
this state and elsewhere.
, Magnate Hill'n Ktart,
James J. Hill, the railway magnate,
was at one time a Mississippi steam
boat "runner," and as such well known
In the early development of Milwaukee.
He was then accounted one of the best
'drummers" of business for river boats.
Try Graln-O! Try Oraln-Ot
pickaxe of OKAIN-O. tlie new f'od drink
tiiat tukes the plnoo of coifeo. Tub children
ruay driiilc it without injury as well as the
adult. All who try it, like URAIN-Olias
that rich seal brawn of Mocha or Java, t,ut
it in made, from pure Rinios, and the most
delicate stomach receives it without dis
tress. the price of coffee. 15c and 23 ct
per packugo. bold by all grocers.
One tet of intellectual power is
sticking to a thing until you have
mastered it.
Eqaal to That of May la Sflaaasota.
To tbe Editor: Thorna Regan and
C. Collins of Eden Valley, Minnesota,
went out to Western Canada last De
cember as delegates to look over the
grazing and grain lands that are being
offered at such low prices and reason
able terms. This Is what they say:
"Wearrtved In Calgary about the 20th
of December and although we had left
winter in Minnesota and Manitoba, we i
were surprised to find beautiful warm
weather at this point, quite equal to
what we have In May in Minnesota.
There was no snow nor trace of win
ter to be seen, and the climate was
really splendid. Horses, cattle and
sheep were running out, in prime con
dition, with plenty of feed on the prai
rie, and really better than that of ours
stabled in the south. We are Im
pressed with this country as one of the
finest mixed farming countries we
have ever seen. The Immense tracts
of fertile lands well sheltered and
abundantly watered leave nothing to
be desired.
"Leaving Alberta we returned ea3t
and visited the Yorkton district in
Assiniboia. We drove out about ten
miles at this point and were highly
pleased with the splendid samples of
grain we were able to see wheat
yielding 25 bushels, oats 60 bushels.
Roots were also good specimens. From
what we have seen, we have decided
to throw in our lot with the .York
toners satisfied that this part of the
country will furnish good opportuni
ties for anyone anxious to make the
best of a really good country."
"Any agent of the Canadian govern
ment.whose advertisement appears else
where In the columns of your paper
will give you full particulars of the
new districts being opened out this
year in Assiniboia and Saskatchewan.
Yours truly. Old Reader.
It Is easier to call a man a fool than
It is to convince him of the truth of
your statement.
ftMmdMRm (Ned mii'
I .
New lands ttoon topn. .Herady! Morgan Mannl.
with minplrinenlnonlalnlnK prwlapiatlrm.mti Knowing
allotment. (VmntY aeata. tu. $1. Kuppl-m-nt A Man,
50c. Ajfsou WaiiUKl. DICK T. SIOIUiA.N, J'erry.O. T.
The basis of most indelible inks Is
the ordinary nitrate of silver.
Hall's Catarrh Cora
Is a constitutional cure. Price, 75c.
Gibbon says that sugar was first
brought from Asia to Europe A. D. 625.
Plso'n Cure cannot be too hlirhly spoken of ns
acotieu euro. J. W. O'Hhiim. S2i Third Ave.,
N Mjuucauolis,Mlnu., Jan. 0. UKXL
think such things ought to be printed."
And she made her exit sorrowfully.
.indent Street Mnslnlaa.
Among the street musicians of Chi
cago is a young man who plays to
earn his living whilo he pursues his
studies in a musical college. He holds
a scholarnhlp In the collego and Is con
sidered a promising student there, but
the problem for him Is how to main
tain himself In a city far away from
hie little homo town In Michigan while
he studies In the school. Ho has no
private resources. Each evening he
takes his vollln and on likely street
cornets plays to the crowd classical se
lections usually, and sends around the
hat afterward. His dream Is to have
a studio of his own and give lessons.
Then he will give up the street play
ing; but that can't be yet, "I don't
care what people think of me," he told
a reporter who asked him about his
aspirations. "I'm not ashamed of play
ing In the streets. It Is nearly the same
as playing In a concert hall for a feo.
Hut all the same I shall be glad when
I don't have to do It any longer." The
police don't bother the young musician,
and hie teachers rather admire him
for his courage than condemn him.
Some day, be hopes to go to Europe
to study.
The Great Eastern has faded into the
era of small things. IiVr tonnage was
10,300 below that of the Celtic, Just
launched at Belfast.
Sooth Dakota Farms
Is the title of an illustrated booklet
Just Issued by the Chicago, Milwaukee
& St. Paul Railway, descriptive of the
country between Aberdeen and the
Missouri River, a section heretofore
unprovided with railway facilities, but
which is now reached by a new line of
the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul
Railway. Everyone contemplating a
change of location will be Interested
In the Information contained in it, and
a copy may be had by sending a two
cent stamp to F. A. Miller, General
Passenger Agent, Chicago, 111.
Throw physic to thn (lops- if you don't want
lhe dogshut if you want fcoou ditfesliuu chew
Ucciuan's lJcilu lima.
A race horse traveling full speed
clears 200 feet at a stride, an ostrich 30
Hammer Vacations.
Spend yours this Summer in Cali
fornia. There is no telling when the
trip can again be made so cheaply.
July 6th to 13th inclusive, Round-Trip
Tickets will be sold to San Francisco
via the Southern Pacific Company'3
routes at rates lcs3 than the regular
one-way fare and will be good for the
return until August 31st. These tickets
cover first-class passage and will al
low holder to Btopover at various
points of Interest en route either go
ing or returning, or both, and can be
purchased for passage going via any of
the Southern Pacific Company's three
routes, Sunset, Ogden or Shasta, re
turning the same or either of the oth
ers. Through Pullman Palace and
Pullman Tourist sleeping cars. For
partlcuJars address W. G. Nelmyer,
G. W. A.. S. P. Co., 238 Clark street.
Chicago, 111.
Ask your grocer for DEFIANCE
STARCH, the only 36 oz. package for
10 cents. All other 10-cent ptarcli con
tains only 12 oz. Satisfaction guaran
teed or money refunded.
A woman is sick some disease peculiar to her sex is fast
developing in her system. She goes to her family physician
and tells him a story, but not the whole story.
She holds back something, loses her head, becomes agi
tated, forgets what she wants to say, and finally conceals
what she ought to have told, and this completely mystifies
the doctor.
Is it a wonder, therefore, that the doctor fails to cure the
disease ? Still we cannot blame the woman, for it is very em
barrassing to detail some of the symptoms of her suffering,
even to her family physician. This is the reason why
hundreds of thousands of women are now in corre
spondence with Mrs. Pinkham, at Lynn, Mass. To
her they can give every symptom, 60 that when she is ready
to advise them she is in possession of more facts from her
correspondence with the patient than the physician can
possibly obtain through a personal interview.
Following we publish a letter from a woman showing the
result of a correspondence with Mrs. Pinkham. All such
letters are considered absolutely confidential by
it ii:..i.i.. o.wi qta never rmhTishfid in anv wav or
111 IS. J. XllJVllllIia. . r. it. i "u.,4-
manner without the consent m writing of the patient: but
hundreds of women are so grateful for the health which Mrs.
-r- it j i v, r, VrT nhlf t.n TAstnrfi t,n them
rinKnam aim aw nwuiuuc ua.iv " , . , r. iT I
that they not only consent to publishing their letters, but
write asking that this be done in order that other women
who suller may be benefited by their experience.
Mrs. Ella Rice, Chelsea, Wis., writes:
'DEAbMks Pinkham : For two vears I was troubled with falling
and inflammation of the womb. 1 suffered very much with Wing-down
pains, headache, backache, and was not able to do anything. What 1
endured no one knows but those who have suffered as I did. I could
hardly dratf myself across the floor. 1 doctored wlth the physicns of thw
town for three months and grew worse instead of better. My husband
and friends wished me to write to you, but I had no faUh in patent rnedi
Sne. AtlautI became so bad that I concluded to ask your advice. I
recced an answer at once advising me to take Vegetable Compound
and 1 did so. liefore 1 had taken two bottles I felt better, and after I had
taken five bottles there was eo happier woman on earth, for I was well
again. I know that your. Vegetable Compound cured
advise every woman who suffers as 1 did to try Lydia fc. Pinkham S Vege
tab2Tcompouna. Believe me always grateful for the recovery of my
health." Mas. Ella IUce, Chelsea, Wis.
Owinu to the (act that some skeptical
people have from time to time questioned
the feiiuincnesi of the trstimouia) letter
we are constantly publiihing, we have
.leocrtited with the National City Bank, of Lynn, MaM., 5.oco,
S will be paid to any pc'" w' anow that the above
UadmoJal is T.OI genuineor wa. puHUhed before obtamm
Ask vour grocer for DEFIANCE
STARCH, the only 16 oz. package for
10 cents. All other 10-cent starch con
tains only 12 oz. Satinfaction guaran
teed or money refunded.
George III. had the family taint if
lunacy, and for many years was insane.
New Zealand has 6,438 factories with
48,933 employes.
Ask your grocer for DEFIANCH
STARCH, the only 16 oz. package for
10 cents. All other 10-cent starcn con
tains only 12 oz. Satisfaction guaran
teed or money rerunded.
Piles Cured While You Sleep
You are costive, and nature ts under a constant strain to relieve the condition. This causes a rush of blood to the rectum, and before
bng congested lumps appear, Itching, painful, bleeding. Then you have piles. There are many kinds and many cures, but piles are not cura
ble unless you assist nature In removing the cause. CASCARETS make effort easy, regulate and soften the stools, relieving the tension, and
giving nature a chance to use her healing power. Piles, hemorrhoids, fistula, and other rectal troubles yield to the treatment, and Cascarets
quickly and surely remove them forever. Don't be persuaded to experiment with anything elsci
Atcbuon .lobe.
"I raOfcred Ibe lortnrcs of tba
4unn4 with protruding piles brought on
y constlrattloo wltb wblcb I was Olicted tor
liriti years. I ran acrCM your CAiCA
UET3 (a the town of Nowell, la. and
never found anvt.hlna to equal tbem. Tp-lf
I am enUrall free from piles nod feel like a
u maa." C H. Kbit.
HI! Jones St . Sioux CUy, la
Woman's I -; Salt.
25c 50c