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'1 c-Jo
THUMDAY, MAY, 2m!, 1901.
r. Cajion, Editor amll'wp.
9. E. A K. V K. it. lime table.
Doing Went. Going East.
Mo. 5, niint, 10:50 I No. 6. mixed 7:50
F. E. M. V. R. R. is the best
to and from the
Red Front Meat Market
Choice, Fresh and
home cnred Meats
and home rendered
Lard, salt Fish,
"me line of Grocer
ies, Tobaccos, Cigars and Candies, Nuts
and green Apples. Highest price paid
for Hides and Produce, at
Smith's red IFroni.
Co, Supt. Burke, spent a day or two
at Glen, this week, looking afUr school
Pat Lacy has been doing some re
pairing on the bouse of Marcos Valdez
this week.
Remember, Dr. Hald, of Crawford,
is here, this week prepared to do all kind
of dental work. Call and see him.
Pat Lacy, received a letter yester
day announcing the very serious Illness
of bis brother in Iowa, caused by a stroke
of paralisis. He is not expected to re
cover. ,
, Burt Smuck, and bis family are now
rusticating on their rancD, a short dist
ance from town. Oh well, we always
supposed Burt to be aristocratic, bence
his country and town bouse.
Will: a ;n Wallace ana family, who,
a. couple of weeks ago arrived from Vir
ginia to locate in this section, accompan
tiied J. J. Kipp and son to Gering where
they are liable to settle for the future, j
permanently. " x ,;. j
Tbe supper and entertainment, given
by the ladies, of the R. N. of A. on last
Tuesday evening, at Andrews Hall, was
a decided success, a large crowd attend
ed, and every one seemed to enjoy them
selves. Skin affections will readily disap
pear by using De Witt's Witch Haxel
: Salve. Look out for counterfeits. If
you get De Witt's you will get good re
sults. It Is the quick and positive cure
for piles. J. E. PBcmXT.
We are in receipt of a neat little 8-
page folder announcing the date of the
Nebraska State Fair, which will be held
at the beautiful city of Lincoln, com
mencing Aug 30th, and ending Sept.
th. '
' Boy your wall paper at the drug
store . ;
John L. Kay has made another invest
roent in Hereford cattle. This time it is
fortv head of three and four year old
cows the pick of one of the best runch
en in S'oux County. Success to him.
Crawford Bulletin.
Mr. W. J. Baxter of North Brook,
N. C. says he suffered with piles for fif
teen years. He tried many remedies
with no results until he used DeWitt's
Witch Hazel Salve and that quickly
cuwd hi m. J. E. Phisnet.
Mrs. I larence Hollingswortb, is ex
tremely happy just now, owing to the
fact of her sister, Mrs. Daisy Hooper,
having a little girl, whom she has nam
ed after her auntie Hollingswortb. Mrs.
Hollingswortb, expects Mrs. Hooper and
her little daughter to make her an ex
tended visit during tbe early fall.
Parties desiring rugs woven will
tilease have their rag ready the middle
fit May. as I will put rugs in the loom
at that time. Those who wish to leave
their rags in town, will please take them
to Marstellers store and I will get them,
Price for one yard and a half in length
85c Respectfully.
Mrs. Laura A. Thatch.
Co. Supt Bu rke, Informes us he has
employed tbe services of Prof. Purviance
mad hi brother to conduct institute
work again at .Harrison this season.
What w know of the Profftssor, Supt,
florin has wmO no mistake in employ'
inf bio) for this season's institute work
acain. and no doubt his brother will be
just m proficient in tbe work as he, him
If la.
Tbe Drug Store rooms, are now be
lt rearranged, to tbat in the future it
will bo eoMMdiout, convenient and
omit of totter display of the goods
Meatfly kept to a first claat drug store.
The comer room recently vacated by the
liarrisoo Bon, It tolng repaired by lay
ing new floor nod taking out too pstitkn
tooweenlt mkJ tko Drag store room,
thus combining the two which will mas
tim Iwoat arranged Dmf itoro in Hortb
tt 5re- .
A large congregation was in attend
ance at Mass on last Tuesday,
Elmer Smith will occupy the rooms
vacated bv Mr. Lariea's family.
Jackson Mettlen, was up from Snake
creek, the flrt of this week, on business.
The Ladie's Aid society will meet
Wednesday afternoon May 8th to clean
tbe M. E. church.
Do not fail to read Mike Rufllng's
sale notice, which appears in another
column of this paper.
Mr. and Mrs. James Ron ret t had
their little daughter baptized at the
catholic services Tuesday.
W. B. wright, is now a gentleman
of leasure liaviog severed bis connection
with the R. R. last of April.
Miss Minnie Warneka, who has just
concluded a four months term of schoo'
at Fort Robinson, returned to the pater
nal mansion yesterday.
Chris Rufling came down from his
Hat Creek ranch, to attend mass last
Tuesday and made his usual pleasant
call at thi office.
Dont forget to attend the nigger
minstrel show which will be given on
tomorrow evening, at Andrews Hall; it
will be a hummer, everybody should at
tend. Parties having buisiness to transact
in the county Judges office will always
find me there Monday's.
Chas. E. Shut,
Co. Judge.
The leant in quantity and most in
quality describes LeWitt's Little Early
Risers, the famous pills for constipation
and liver complaints.- J. E. PuiXTY.
Mrs. E. E. Livermore, returned from
Illinois yesterday where she went a
couple of weeks ago to attend the fun
eral services of hor aged mother.
Our people should not forget to
make timely arrangements for MEMOR
IAL DAY SERVICES. It has been the
habit to put those things off until the
last moment.
You are much more liable to disease
when your liver and bowels do not act
properly. De Witt's Little Early Risers
remove the cause of disease. J. E.
Phixnby. !
The purchasing agent of the North
western Railway system and his family j
in their private car, went west to Casp-
er Tuesday noon and will probably return
going east the last of the week.
Will Marsteller had the misfortune
to run a nail in his foot, last Saturday
morning, while busy helping Mr, Fatter-
.. i- i u:
son, in DUUUing a veranda arrounu ms
resident, at this time we are hapj.y to
state he is getting along 0. K.
DeWitt's Little Early Risers search
the remotest parts of the bowels and re
move the impurities speedily with no dis
comfort. They are famous for their
efflcacT. Easy to take, never gripe J.
E. Phinsey.
F, W. Meyers, of Montrowl who re
cently sold his ranch to Mr. Mader, of
that f lace, left last week for the north,
presumably Montana, in search of a new
location. We hope however Mr. Meyers
may reconsider bis plan and decide to re
main in Sioux County, at we need all
our good citizens with us.
A deal was consumated on last Mon
dar. between B. F. Gilbert and Uottleib
Koori, whereby the latter becomes the
owner of tbe former's ranch in the val
ley. Mr. Gilbert left for Pony, Mont-
. , i-. :
ana. where ne nas securea a lucruum
nosition as engineer. Tbe well-wishes
of a large circle nf friends in Sioux Coun
ty as also the Pkess-Jocbsal will accoro
pany him to his new bome.
Banker Clarke, went to Crawford,
last Tuesday evening to meet his I rotb-
er. who has iust returned from their
former home, quite badly afflicted with
inflamatory rheumatism. Mr. Clarke
will accompany his brother to Hot
Springs, 8. Dak., where he will take the
baths for his most painful malady, and
Mr. Clarke will return to the bosom of
hit family the latter part of this week.
Clarence, son of County Clerk Rsum
came in from Cottonwood, Tuesday eve
ning and vikited with his father the fol
lowing dav. Clarence will accompany
Mr. Colville, to North Dakota, with his
horse herd and remain all summer, nnd
return in time to resume his studies at
tbe Chadroii Academy this fall.
Word came from Lusk Tuesday
evening, that Dr. Hall's wife died in
stantly, in the morning of appoplexy
and as a result of the severe shock upon
his nervous system the Doctor took a
dose of mon-hlne with suicidal intent
We learn, however, that the poisinoos
narcotic was extracted from hit item
ach so that hit life is out of danger and
ho will be all rig ht in a day or two.
On last Tuesdav Father Mctfamara,
severed his connection with all of his
western missions, sod at Harrison it in
cluded in them ws are likewise called
open to give np our pastor which wo do
with many regrets. Bo hat adminis
tered to oar spiritual wanta during a
period of two years, and wo mwo found
In him, nil that a people require of their
pastor, honco all regret bidding him
good bye, but as tbe dec! pie it not above
the matter" bo must be ever ready to
hearken to tbe voice of spiritual duty.
Father McNamara has made a host of
friends daring tbo time ht hot spent in
oar midst.
The undersigned will sell at Public
Auction at Harrison Neb., on May, 24th
tha following described jersonal pro
perty, to-wit:
Zi Cows & Calves by their side,
25 Yearling Steers & Heifers,
8 2-vear-old Heifers,
6 3-year-old Heifers,
3 Milk Cows.
1 i Hertford Bull coming! years in June.
TERMS OF SALE All sums over 50
00, four months with baukabla notes at
10 per cent, per annum; ull sums under
$50,00 cash.
Michael Eufeisu,
Robert Keel, Auctioneer.
I will sell at Public Auction at my
residence 8 miles North-west of Harri
son, on Tuesday, May 14, 1001, at 10
o'clock, a, m., the following jeronal
property, to-wit:
24 Utad 2-year-old Steers,
40 Head yearling Heifers, and Steers,
60 Head Cows and Calves, all above
grade HereforJs.
14 Head eastern Horses,
20 Head Horses.
Lot, of Farming Implements, House
bold goods &c, to numerous to mention.
TERMS Sums of f25.00 and under,
cash; above that aniouut a credit of 5
months w ith interest at the rate of 10
per cent per annum on note with approv
ed security.
Free lunch at noon.
Chas. Beiiji.e.
Did any body get a May basket last
night? You know yesterday was May
-reofgtj Gr!ach, ias brmchd out in
to the uhotoa-rnohic business, and has
opeoed a gallery in the old ranch supply
bouse. Success to him.
Father Mcliainara, celebrated mass
at the court house on last Tuesday to a
good sized congregatiou. He preached a
verv appropriate sermon.
--M. J. Gavbart, was over from Mont
rose, the first, of this week, doing busi
ness with our merciiants. it is uie
llrst time Mr. Gavhart lias been in
town in some time.
Tom Jones, bought H. A- Priddy's
cattle last week. We understand tbe
consideration was f30.00 per head all a-
round." Tom will now try stock grow
ing,-instead of the coal shed.
Harrison, is indeed getting to be
metropolitan, even to her spring
moving. So many are going to move
while equally as many would like to do
so, but can flud no bouses to move into.
Our contemporary, L. C. Wrigbl
moved his household effects iot' his
domain the first of this week,
where he will be master of his own
mansion in future, anu save paying
house rent. Success to him.
TVi! Mirslellr, havins . some
much needed imnriviiints ni:f!e a-
round bin residence, on the eat siU
We understand he will have a veranda
put around the house and intends hav
ing the building painted also. Mr. Pat
terson, is doing the work.
Mrs. Robinson, mother of Mrs. Grant
Guthrie, who has Bpent the past year,
with her children in Jarrison, owing to
the fact of her health, being quite poor,
left for her southern home, on last
Thursday evening. Mr. Guthrie accom
panied her as far as Crawford.
Hy the close of the week, the old
W. R. Smith huilding, now owned by P.
B. Bigelow, will have been cut down to
a single story, re-roofed and otherwise
repaired. Carpenter Bartlett and jssis
tant Lindsay, have been engaged on the
building, for the past week, rufliing the
work during the fine weather.
Thru the Ainsworth Herald welenrn
that D. IL Griswold and his estimable
family, are now residents of Gordon.
We recommend this highly esteemed
family to the people of Gordon, and trust
thev will extend to them the welcome
tbev deserve, Sioux county still claims
an interest in tbem.
The boys who left yesterday for
Rock River, Wyo., to drive overland
shout six or seven hundred head of cat
tie for McGinley & Hester, will in all
probability be on the road going an..1
coming about six or eight wueks, somii
of the juveniles who have never had the
experience of cow "punching", will, we
opine before their return wish they
were borne with their ma mas, The ex
perience which they will got (their last
lesson first, as Burt Earnest says), will
be good one for them even if it is a se
vere one and be forcibly reminded that
father and mother's borne it a pretty
good place after all.
Representative Coffee came up from
Chadroi last Tnursday and went out to
his BocUrc ranch, returning Friday even
ing and Ute following day left for bit
Rawhide ranch, after viewing bis stock
over at tbat place and attending to mat
ter! that necessarily needed hit personal
attention, for a couple of days, Mr. Cof
fee returned via, tbe Willx Rtrnest
ranch, now owned by Mrs. 8. B. Coffee,
hit sister-in-law, to attend to tome busi
ness affairs for her and returning to
town when he took the train for hit
homo in Chadro'j. We learn Charley
will ttart for Texas in a few davi to
DurclwM several huudrcd hood mora
i oattJt to phot m hit Rawhide ranch,
ii i r ..J -
n ji CoilciluS baiuc-
Prompt attention given to all legal
matters in Justice, County nnd District
Courts, and before the United State
Land Office.
Fire Insurance
written in reliable
tTLegal papers caref ully drawn.
M. J. 0 Counell, - - to. Atterney,
Will Practice in AH ConrN.
Spwial Attrutlon (Jiveu to Land Of
fice Business.
Col lections and all business entrust
ed to me will rewire prompt attention.
HaKIU-siA- - NHllUxKA.
J. E. PHIXXEY. M. 1).
I'hjKclan and Surgeon.
All culls iv'u piuuipt utlunUon.
Offluein lru Store.
W. R. Warrkx,
Puntor M. E. Church.
TrftrUnz ever Sunday evcr.lns lit 7:30
p. is-. ul every nllrn;i! Sunday at 1 1 m
Sunday Krbool 10 o'rlwk a. m. Kpwurtli
LrHjrnp 6 :30 p. m-
Prayer Meeting Tlmriiday evening at 7 :30
Com one. Cumc nil.
Autoharp Solo Sunday evening at the
Dressmaking & Tailoring-
11 kinds of crying neatly
and promptly dene, ales gentte
merts clsth-ing cleaned, pressed
& repaired.
Prices rrnxonablo, satisfaction guar
antecd. Rooms opposite Press-Journal
WDKil.EB -t
Lumber, IIurnos, Saddles,
Gruin and Feed, Doors
and Windows, Heart Hardware.
WANTED Agents to handle patent
right Harness and Shoe repairing outfit.
It is something tbat every ranchman
and farmer will buy on sight. It is
cheap and durable and is an indispensable
device which will save many times the
cost of the outfit hy having one on land
to do vourown work wlw-n nmslul.
For particulars and can Vising outlit
Address II. B. Earnest,
llarrinon, Nebraska.
FOR SALE My entire buginess, build
ings included, situated in Harrison, Neb.
one of the most lucrative in North-west
Nebraska. ALSO My ranch, situated
about3milp north of town. 1 have
sever il horsseH for Bale also. For full
particular), call on or
Address O. W. FlEKTEn,
' Harrison, Nebraska.
Est ray Notice.
FtU- of S-lirka, j
County of 8ioux, j
Jiotlce In hereby given by V. A. Hester tlie
nndcrdlKncd.thBt on the Hlh (lay of March
A. 11. 1111 on lil rnrkned lanil situated In
Bowen precinct In Ploux County Ketirek.
One bay boric, wu taken up by hlin a an
etrav. branded! lAon left ahoulder
on left Jaw'iippoeit to be
bont 12 yeara old and branded u above di-a.
Dated at Hurrlnou thiamin day of March
A. I). 1801, V. A. HtKTfcl
For Sale.
600 acres of land fenced; 3 deeded
claim;, well improved, with 40 acres un
der irrigation with reaervoier that will
hold water enough to irrigate all at once
and living water that will never run
Das Slattebt.
Bulla for Sale.
Reentered and high grade shorthorns
Also two high grade hereforda. Aires
from two to four years Price right
Call on or address,
McOogy A Tollman,
3 miles north of Maryland, Neb.
We can still give fbe pKHM-JoCKXAt.
and the Commoner for f 1. 75. The Com
moner mm! tbe Pkew-Jocbnai. stand for
the Deoole Interests and the readers fe
Sioux County cannot afford to be with
out these two champions of tha people's
right. Tbe PnJocnrAL a'one to
worth the price asked for both. Every
body io Biotix county shruld read BOTH
The Commercial
C. F. Coffee, President.
Chas. C. Jameson. II. S.
Stockmen having use for a bank at this point may rely on
us to handle their entire Banking business.
4We are prepared to take rare of our trade at all times?
Keep watch of this Space.
tZL pra3ssiasi
.S2 CO
on t forget
Will stand at our barn at HARRI
SON, this season.
TERMS-$8,00 to insure colt to stand
up and suck.
Harrison, Nebraska.
WM r.
WISDOM JR, Sired by imported CLYDE, Dam 7-oights
SHIRE weight 1,500 lbs.
PRICE: $6.00, to insure living colt. TI19 money for ser
vice of stallion will be due and iayablo at once in cano
mares are sold or removed from the county.
r . .Clarke, Cashier.
Clarke, A. McG inlet,
to watch this
Will make the
season at my place
on Monroe Creek
7 miles north-west
of Harrison.