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    HIAj (JAUULI ujiHJ UUW UULfi&do
When a cheerful, brave and light-hearted woman is sud
denly plunged into that perfection of misery, the blues, it is
a sad picture.
It is usually this way :
She has been feeling out of sorts for some time, experi
encing severe headache and backache ; sleeps very poorly
and is exceedingly nervous.
Sometimes she is nearly overcome by faintness, dizzi
ness, and palpitation of the heart ; then that bearing-down
feeling is dreadfully wearing.
Her husband says, " Now, don't get the blues ! You will
be aJl right after you have taken the doctor's medicine."
But she does not get all right. She grows worse day by
day, until all at once she realizes that a distressing female
complaint is established.
Her doctor has made a mistake.
She loses faith ; hope vanishes : then comes the morbid,
melancholy, everlasting blues. She should have been told
just what the trouble was, but probably she withheld some
information from the doctor, who, therefore, is unable to
accurately locate her particular illness.
Mrs. Pinkliam has relieved thousands of women from
iust this kind of trouble, and now retains their grateful
letters in her library as proof of the great assistance she has
rendered them. This same assistance awaits every sick
woman in the land.
W Si
He is
not escaped who drags his
SOZCZCHT Totfli forta 25c
harkarhe. nervousness, sleepless
neaa, weakness, hiss of vllalliy. lu
rlplent klU-T.I!dder and urinarjr
soruers mac fan nor 1yn1r.11 ny
the (rut kidney. liver and blood medicine, owe
it a.1 Oraasrl.ffc. Write for free sample. Address
KID-NK-OIOS, at. Louie, Mo.
a GAcmAtm am UB.
! asat. awe? aaa sesnv wynlisd-s-
aWnViial wis l;iJ j ese hat
I m immmmf ere raf. . .
I a SMtataaiaalilsl
Mrs. Winifred Allender's Letter.
" Dear Mrs. Piwkham: I feel it my duty to write
and tell yon of the benefit I haTe receded from your
wonderful remedies. Before taking- Lydia E. Hole
ham's Vegetable Compound, 1 was a misery to my
self and every one around me. I suffered terrible
pain in my back, head, and right side, was very
nervous, would cry for hours. Menses would appear
sometimes in two weeks, then ag-ain not for three
or four months. I was so tired and weak, could not
sleep nights, sharp pains would dart through my
heart that would almost cause me to fall.
"My mother coaxed me to try Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound. I had no faith in it, but to
please her I did so. The first bottle helped me so
much that I continued its use. I am now well and
weigh more than I ever did in my life." MBS.
Oris to the fact that acme akapticat
people have from time to time questioned
the reuuiaeneisof the testimonial letters
re are constantly publishing;, we have
deposited with the National City Bank, of Lynn. Mass.. t'-ooo,
which will be paid to any person who can snow that the above
testimonial Is not eenui ne, or was published before obtaining the
writer's special pernuesioo. Lydia E. Puiziiaji Mediums Co.
College Presidents' Votes.
' In the last vote for names for New
York university's hall of fame. Presi
dent Eliot of Harvard voted for the
seven sciences named on the ballot;
President Hadley of Vale confined him
self to Audubon. Gray and Heny; Pres
ident Iiw of Columbia voted for Gray,
but not. for Audubon, who was, how
ever, supported by E. C. Stedman.
A:!: your grocer for DEFIANCE
STARCH, the only 1G oz. package for
10 cents. All other 10-cont starch con
tains only 12 oz. Satisfaction guaran
teed or money refunded.
tvermsny Onr Hest Boose Customer.
Germany is rapidly becoming a na
tion of whisky drinkers, according to
the report of Commissioner of Internal
Hevenue Wilson. More distilled spir
its are exported from this country to
Germany than to any foreign country.
The Germans, apparently, are partial
to bourbon whisky in preference tc
rye. For the year ending June 30.
1900, 411,489 gallons of bourbon and
137.578 gallon of rye whisky were
Italy's Possible Klnf.
The new heir to the Italian throne
is quite as interesting as the new oc
cupant of that throne and his chances
of becoming king of Italy are good.
The duke is a cousin of King Emman
uel III. He Is the father of two sons,
whereas the new king, who was mar
ried four years ago, has no children.
While tbe king is frail and dislikes
physical exertion, tbe duke ia devoted
to sport and is one of the beat horse
nrent In Italy.
Cartafe Ink.
Good Ink Is necmwlty for com) wrltlnr. Car
tar's is lha best, Costa bo more than pour ink.
It lin t the timber of a volca burn
ing in lt range tbat gives It warmth.
( Si'M'lwli'Pllt
Machinery Inaatsl to Kitrsrl Its
Yloabla lrlai.
Scientific men Lavs long been en
gaged in the study of methods of util
izing waste product's, such cs rcwage,
garbage and many other things, for
merly throwa cway as fcorthlesa. Aftar
it Is ascertained just vUat tacss ma
terials contain that tr.. utilized, in
genious men c helrv"v. n vrjik to
invent mc:bine:y and ucvise prooessis
by which the valuable commodities
may be extracted. In this way many
million dollars' worth of oils, fertiliz
ers and other useful substances are
now saved and the world la so much
the richer. A great deal of sawdust
has always gone to waste, though
many mills have used it to supplement
their fuel supply. Chemical analysts
have been at work on the sawdust
problem and it has been shown clear.y
that it contains very useful olercents
that are worth saving; and now ma
chinery has been invented to extract
these materials. The experiments have
proven that 1,000 pounds of sawdust
will yield about HO pounds of ihar
wii.ch is practically the same as char
coal, and equally servlceabe; ISO
pounds of acids, 160 pounds of tar and
a quantity of gaj.es that have ben
tested for heating and illuminating and
found to be excellent for both purpos
es. While the acids, tar and char are
the products particularly deaired it is
said the gases are of commercial value.
A machine has been Invented in Mon
treal for the purpose of distilling sajv
dust and obtaining the desired pro
ducts. Consul General Bittinger
writes that the machine treats about
2,000 pounds of wet sawdust an hour.
As Canada manufactures enormou3
quantities of lumber, it is expected
that the utilization of sawdust In that
country will be an important source of
valuable commodities. There are
twenty places in Europe where oxalic
acid is extracted from sawdust. In
Scotland sawdust is used to make
floor cloth, coarse wrapping paper and
millboard, which is a kind of paste
board used by bookmakers in the cov
ers of books. Thus sawdust, ones
thought to be a good deal of a nui
sance Is quite a, useful article. New
York Sun.
California, lilr.l Kills Moakea.
In southern California is a very pe
culiar bird not because of its appear
ance, but because of its habits. It has
several names. The one by which it is
best known is the California road run
ner. It is also often spoken of as the
chaparral cock. The scientists have
classified it as a member of the cuckoo
family, but to the observer who isn't
scientific it appears more like a rela
tive of the pheasant family. The road
runner is a poor flier, and has to get
a running start before it can rise into
the air. It gets the name of road-runner
from the fact that it will keep up
along with a horse and buggy for
miles by means of It3 brisk little legs,
never resorting to its wings, and seem
ingly making little effort. The most
peculiar thing about this bird is its
hatred of snakes and the method it
takes to vent it spite upon tbem. In
the section of country inhabited by
this bird the cactus is a common plant.
When the bird finds a snake taking a
nap in the sun, as is a habit with his
snakeship, it makes baste to gather
j leaves of the cactus and lays them in
a row anout tne sleeping serpent, at a
safe distance. When it has one row
completed it lays a second and a third,
and continues thus to strengthen its
fence until it is confident that the bar
rier will servp the purpose Intended
H then proceeds to awaken the unsus
pecting victim by leaping over him
giving him a spiteful peck as it passes
over. The snake thus awakened starts
to glide away, but brings up against
the prickly spines of the cactus. Then
he terns and tries another direction.
He soon discovers that he is In a trap
and then he gets very angry and races
around the little inelosurv. getting
pricked at every turn. If the snake
geU wise and stops his mad plunging
about tbe bird again hops over him
and stirs him up with other blows
from its sharp bill till the snake, again
frenzied, rushes around among the
sharp spines and receives new wounds.
This continues until the reptile has
punctured bis skin so frequently that
he dies of his injuries. Chicago Rec
ord. Assuraorw of Cultured Mnsncar.
A fine looking man, fashionably
dressed, with good maners and agree
able conversation, has been making
the round of visits in the fashionable
quarter of Washington during the last
few weeks, and nobody knows who he
is. He has railed on the ladies of tbe
others in official life, has acted like an
old acquaintance, has made himself
agreeable, but has left no cards and
has successfully concealed his identity.
Nobody knows where be lives or where
he rame from, or what he is doing in
Washington. He Is never seen except
during calling hours in the afternoon,
when he goes from bouse to louse in
a hired cab. Washington Letter.
What ratal Would Has ftaUJ.
In the (ours of a debate at wblrh
Hlomfleld, bishop of Iindon, wam
asked to preside one of the students,
with strong Indignation evident in
bis voice, addressing the chair, Inqtrtred
oratorlcally: "What, sir, would the
Apostle Paul have said could he have
seen tbe life of luxury led by our pres
ent race or prelates and church dlg
nltariea, riding about Id the carriages
and living In their palaces? What,
air, 1 repeat, would be have amid?"
"I think," aald the bishop, Interrupt
ing the speaker In a ek and mild
voiee, -that he eroatd have aald.'Tblac
In the church auat be looking an.'"
Life Is simply what we make It as we
hasten hteiilr-y.s on
To the future that awatu us Jul beyond
the irlliied duwn;
We tan plant our path with rout-, aye. or
water It with tears,
We can ?haiow It with sorrow that will
slay throuRhout the yearn:
We can make our neighbors happy with
a laugh or with a mmu.
We can scatter nunshine always as
thruuKh life we ias uIoiib:
IJfe Is simply what we make if, let us
make It bright and nay.
For the bird that carola awwtly nUddens
all the summer day.
Aye, life is what we make It, blight or
clouded o'er with woe.
As fate doth sweep the pendulum unceas
ing to and fro:
Plant roses In your pathway, weed the
thistle from your door.
He In whose heart a laugh la liorn cannot
be counted poor;
So make life bright and merry, sunshine
never killed a flower.
And never came a smile amiss unto the
weary hour:
The birds doth nil with happiness the
meadows where they thronK.
And we can set the world aglee with
laughter and with sonc.
-T. C. HAKBAt'OlI.
Jason's Golden Fleece.
(Copyright, 1801, by Daily Story Pub. Co.)
When a man has been dissolute for
long times together; when his friends
shun his approach lest be be about to
renew reiterated applications for "just
a small loan, you know, old man";
when his clothes have descended from
that sartorial half-basement called the
shabby genteel to the sartorial sub
celiar denominated the ragged; when
even his kindred shim him; when the
lady who furnishes his cheap lodgings
intimates that unless the unpaid rent
of the last fortnight be forthcoming at
once, would he be so kind as to give up
his key; when the 13-cent meal restau
rant man with reluctance, but firmness,
advises that further line of credit
will be Impossible in his case until
you can do a little something, sir. on
this old account which has been run
ning so long why, then, hat is a
man to do?
Broadest among the paths lying be
fore him run two. First, there is sui
cide. One always contemplates sui
cide under such conditions. Whether
one is remorsefully sober or sentimen
tally drunken, suicide is the solace
springing spontaneously to greet
thought. In theory it is easy but in
practice only the desperate rush to its
chill embrace. The icy waters of the
lake and river do not woo as did the
Paphian goddess. And among those who
have made a practice of drowning it is
looked upon ns a disagreeable exercise.
Carbolic acid and rough on rats have
features most objectionable.
Besides, one ban moral objections to
self-destruction. Tbe church has cried
anathemas upon It. Society frowns
upon it by making its attempt penal in
some stales. It is really not good form.
And then one owes duties to others
Jason didn't have the price,
who might grieve. No, It must not be
thought of. It Is disgraceful, determines
he In such case as has been made and
provided first herein.
True there is the dual path of reform
and work. Along Its broad and
straight but steep and rocky way its
twin aign-po.-U stand side by side,
pointing with unbent fingers to tbe
temple of hope shining afar in the
fields of ease. But the ascent is ardu
ous Nor is it so easily undertaken.
If reform without work Is fruitless,
equally true It Is that work without
reform Is profitless. And to achieve
tbe one and secure the other merely
by determining to do so Is posalble
only to those souls wlione fibres are
pun from steel and ediimant.
To the conclusions thus advanced
rame Jason Fenwdk on the morning
when he perceived with bllUrnewi that
even tt one poor resources he had ben
abie to rail bis own had been drunk
and eaten all, leaving neither crumbs
nor lees behind. He had slept uneaeily
In a chair In an all-night saloon, fear
ful of ejection from Its warmth, tlm
oaoue of approaching tbe unspeakable
"free lunch" which, beneath the ob
servant era of the bartender, held out
Ita bawdy allureenta only to tboae
who had "tbe price," Jaaoa didn't
have the price and he knew better than
to invite the door by making' unjusti
fiable advances. It is beter to be warm
and hungry than cold and hungry, he
argued, and it may be conceded that
his lo'ic was not unsound.
When tne porter and his early morn
ing mop began tbe ablutions which
were intended to restore the floor to
decency, he seized np Jason's chair with
that contemptuous authority the black
man loves to exercise upon his poor
white brother, and set it upon a pool
table that he might the better use the
mop. Thus evicted, the young man
wandered aimlessly out of tbe door.
Remorse bit his soul and hunger
gnawed his stomach. The west wind
was keen, and pricked blm.
"After all," he said, "I'm a hesita
ting fool. Let's end this comic trage
dy." AnJ he set his steps resolutely
toward the Randolph street viaduct
and Lake Michigan beyond. As he
passed the towering cliffs of the Audi
torium and th- Annex, the savage
wind, pent as In a funnel, assisted him
wit'a even more acridity and put an
edge upon his purpose. He walked
"I have found a lady's watch."
on doggedly now, determined, and the
hand of Providence alone could have
moved him to turn him back.
The trampled snow lay In glisten
ing ridges upon Michigan avenue, al
most deserted at that early hour, but
the marks of Thousands of runner
showed that the sleighing had been
good the day before and that the well-to-do
had been out in numbers to en
Joy it. He Biniled bitterly as the
thought flooded him. Once he, too, had
driven fine horses on the boulevard.
That was when be had been Mr. Fen
wii k, the rising young lawyer. That
was when he thought he was about to
marry Edith. Well, he would drive
once more to the Styx this time and
he would wed, with Death, the grim.
He had almoot reached the eastern
curbing of the broad highway when
Bomeihing shining In the snow drew
down his glance. The new risen suit
had thrust a dart through the crene
lated wall reared as a parapet shield
ing the eyes of the Lake Front park
from the brutal utilitarianism of the
railroad in the depths below and it had
found a golden target. Jason stooped
and picked from the snow a lady's
gold watch, set with a wreath of dia
monds. For an instant he stood In stupor,
holding the glistening jewel in his un
gloved, unwashed palm. Then with a
swift motion he thrust hand and watch j
into his pocket, clutching his prizo ! w" -'orrect KnouKh.
eagerly, and looking sharply about to n a certain regiment was an expert
see If there were any to dispute his 1 gymnast, who taught his brother sul-treami.-e
trove. He who had been alterns how to walk across the barrack
about to die. now would have fought ! room n their hands. While thus en
fiercely to retain the means of living i BKd one evening the door opened,
on. Visions of broiled steaks and j and the colonel, a stern disciplinarian,
their noble entourage formed lmlos in entered the room, looking attentively
his brain. Not Alnaschar himself be- j at tbe inverted company, shook his
fore he kicked over his basket of glass- ! gravely and departed without ut
ware. Indulged in more day dreams j tering a word. Extra parade duty next
than did Jason In traversinc the seven ' morning was the least punishment ex-
city blocks from Congress to Ran
dolph streets. He had walked north
ward mechanically, toward his original
destination, and with an Impulse, un
expressed even in his own mind, to
get quickly as far away as possible
i from the scene of his rare fortune.
No cry of "halves" could be tolerated.
No vague assertion of ownership
should bo listened to. The prb.e was
his. all his. Had he not found it?
Columbus and Ihe Spanish dual crown
had no better claim upon the vast new
The wind and the arctic air had been
forgotten. Ho felt a glow from ear to
toe, and, within, his heart leaped In
exultancy. An angel's arm had
snatched him from the grave. Well,
he would prove worthy to be saved.
He would rehabilitate his manhood.
The path of reform and work should
now be his.
Suddenly, as if his brain had en
countered a live electric wire, came the
shocking, sickening thought that even
were this prize his very own he could
not use It. Its value was extreme.
How much he did not know, but bis
trained experience had suggested at
the first rapid glance that it bad coat
hundreds. Nevertheless, it was dross
In the hand which clutched it. Should
he try to pawn It, he would ire ar
rested. Should he try to sell to any
reputable pcrsem be would be looked
upon vflth suspicion and refused. If
he took It to a "fence," some "levee'' ,
thieves' banker, he must accept the
tenth value which would be. offered.
As thcie reflections crushed him, his
head was bent again and once more
the wind stung him like a whip.
Then a new Idea came to him and
Jason turned westward and hurried to
the saloon srross the court from the
public library. He aelied a morning
paper and feverishly turned to tbe
Lost and Found "ads." Ah, here it
was the first thing:
I,OSTWhlle drlvlnc In Michigan boule
vard, Thursday afternoon, between
J ark. on and Thlrly-nrsl street, ladfe
gold watch, set with diamond wreath. It
la valued as a souvenir and taU will be
paM far Ita return to MS Michigan eve.
An hour later a worn sod tired mas.
blue with cold. U from hunger,
grimed, unihaven, altering, timidly
rang the electric bed at tbe veetlbuled
doorway of No. 299S. He ehlvar
Ing. partly In apprehension that be
would wake up and And ha only
dreamed. A neat maid responded to
the summons. She looked him over In
dublty. Such callers were not usual.
"I have found a lady'e watch," he
stammered, "and aoe by the
paper "
But tbe maid cut In on his speech.
Sbe smiled graciously.
"Miss Edith will be so glad," she
said. "If you will come in, sir, I will
call her, if she is up."
He waited long, in a drawing room
whose aromatic breath made blm
think of all the unforgetable past
and then there floated from behind the
portiere a divine vision of loveliness
arrayed In morning robe of cerulean
blue and looked upon him in tbe dim
light of the drawing room. He bad
risen, hat in hand, with his old court
ly grace, to greet a lady.
Then, as he stared, speechless, the
vision swept with a single undu
lation to his very breast and threw
both of hrr fair arms about his neck.
"Ohf Jason!" she cried, "Have yon
come at last?"
"Edith!" was all he said, but being
mortal, he kissed her where she stood.
The law firm of Jennlson and Fen
wick lias the reputation of dividing
the most lucrative practice in Illinois
courts, and especially is its junior
member regarded by the members of
the bar which his talents adorn as one
of Its brightest lights.
Miss Jennlson's parents, you see, had
only recently purchased No. 2999, and
Jason didn't know it In his case that
little knowledge would have been a
dangerous thing.
Chicago llaaleru Ulaeusa Recent .Hie
Order from the East
South Water street men the other
clay discussed the recent order of tin.
eastern man. for 2,400,000 dozen eggs
to be supplied by the commission men
of the west, says the Chicago Chroni
cle. This order runs into big figures
and counted in eggs or dozens it looks
large. At any rate, it means, even at
the price of 10 ctmts per dozen, a trans
action of nearly $250,000. The eastern
buyer Is undoubtedly making his pur
chase for cold storage purposes, anil
will calculate to make his profit on
the advance in price next winter. Com
mission men are recalling the trans
action last season by which Cudahy
of Omaha and Chicago parties col
lected and stored several millions of
dozens of eggs which were afterward
wld at the winter price and at a hand
some profit. When talking about a
recent ofTer rnado to the convention
of Kansas and Oklahoma commission
men to buy 2,400,000 doaen eggs sev
eral South Water street dealers said
that such an order could be easily
handled by commission firms in the
ordinary business way. One was of tho
opinion that there are firms doing
business with headquarters in Chicago
that would not bo Btiimpfrd if called
upon to furnish twice that quantity
in the course of a couple of months.
They would simply set to work among
country and call for all that could bo
supplied at stated times.
pected for this breach of discipline.
Home days panned, however, and, no
notice being taken, It was thought
that an apology and explanation
should le offered by the prime insti
gator of these unfioldierly movements.
A reference being made to the evening,
the colonel amazed the Intending apol
ogist by exclaiming: "Hush, my dear
fellow, I would not have anybody know
it for the world. The fact Is, I had
been dining out with an old brother
officer who bad served with me in In
dia, and 'pon my life I had no idea the
i ine could have such effect upon me;
but when I looked in to see if you were
all right in your quarters I could have
sworn that I saw you all upside
down!" TId-Bits.
, Mother Hints.
kbit beta often complain that their
babies do not appear really 111, and yet
do not grow and look a healthy as
they should. The dlcffrenre between a
healthy and an unhealthy child la very
marked. A perfectly healthy baby
sleeps a great deal of tbe time during
the firHt few months of Its life, and
when it is asleep wears an expression
j (,f absolute and blissful repose. The
, jte cyellds are completely closed, the
lips very rligbtly parted and the
breathing it rhythmic and scarcely to
be hlird. There is no vUlble move
ment of '.lie nostrils In the bealtby
baby vhne sleeping. When a young
baby ep HiU the eyelids Incom
pletely oosr-J, ao that the whltee of
tbe eyes show, be sure that something
is wrong. When the baby's rest Is
broken by pain, even colic, tbe eyelids
will twitch, and the eyes will not oom
plctely close. But the same symptoms
Indicate often the appearance of a se
vere illness, so that the mother should
always be onguaid.
treat Mlnla ' "Vwik State.
Iron mining la now carried on ex
tensively In northern New York. One
shaft Is Clinton has already paaaM
through a small vein of pure ore, a)
five feet below baa entered a 21-foot
i' - - ........
y "... ' ,-v i' '
.1 --'-'n