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    The clergyman k: usually lbs best
tea at a wedding.
Whmt T tHe OMvaon DrtnkT
Han't givo tbera tee or coffee. Unvam
tried toe new food drink called GUAIN-Ot
Jt la delirious and nourishing, and takes the
plaea of coffee. The more Urain-O you give
too children the more health yon dlstributa
through their system. Graia-O Is mule of
pure grains, and when property prepared
le1 in like tiie choice grade of coffee, but
eu about H as much. Ail crooert mU it.
Hope la the troth on a man's lmagi
aatlon. An. Inactive Live, Stomach disor
ders. Sick Headache and other ills
rising from an Imperfect d'ge.stlon are
cured by Garfield Tea, which Is made
from Herbs.
Our Uvea are as free and happy as
tbey are bound to what Is good.
Ask your grocer for DEFIANCE
STARCH, the only 16 oz. package for
10 cents. All other 10-cent starch con
tains only 12 oz. Satisfaction guaran
teed or money refunded.
The man who has no aim la life
Is still a child.
The (Trent public schools of the large elttes
use Carter's ink exclusively. It Is the best mud
ousts oo more than the poorest. Get It.
The population of bunaio, N. Y., la
too Reward SlOO,
Toe rdrs of this paper will be planned to
ssarn lh', there is at least one dreaded disease
that sconce has been able to cure in all its
stages, and that Is Catarrh. Hall's tatarrh
Core Is the onlv positive cure now known to tho
medical fraternity. Catarrh being a constitu
tions! disease requires a constitutional treat
ment. Hall 's Catarrh Cure Is token Internally,
acting1 directly upon the blood and mucous sur
faces of the KVMUrn. thereby destroying the
foundation of thedisease. and giving the patient
strength by building up the constitution and
Misting nature In doing its work. The pro
prietors hare so much faith in Its curative
power that they offer Ono Hundred Dollars for
any cose that It falls to cure. Seud for list of
Address K. J. CHENEY A CO.. Toledo, a
Sold by druggists 7'x.
lull's Family I'llls are the best
An Irishman says a soldier makes
his living by dying for his country.
$148 will buy new Upright piano on
any payments. Write for catalogues.
Schmollcr & Mueller, 1313 Farnam
street. Omaha.
Dreams and weather predictions
usually go by contraries.
Ask your grocer for DEFIANCE
STARCH, the only 16 oz. package for
10 cents. All other 10-cent starch con
tains only 12 oz. Satisfaction guaran
ty sd or money refunded.
Discretion Is the salt that preserves
life, and fancy Is the sugar that
sweetens It.
Take Lsxativ Ubomo ytnmsa Tablets. All
druiriridts refund the money if it falls to cure.
X. W. Grove's signature is on tho box. Ifao.
Fashlon'B sway 1b often more auto
cratic than aristocratic.
For frost-bite, chilblains, sore and
lame Joints, stiffness of muscles, try
Wizard Oil. It won't disappoint you.
Botter the child cry than the moth
er sigh.
Mrs. Wlnslow's fieothtnf Syrup.
orelilWrea iMthlng, sort?n the gnma, reduces le
SsmaisUou.slisyspsin.curcs wlud colic IX: s but us.
Without obedience there Is no Tir
tue or strength.
Plso's Cure for Consumption Is an Infallible
medicine for coughs nnd colds. N. W. Saudkl,
Ocean Grove, N. J., Feb. 17, 1800.
The amount of tho United States
tracaurer's bond is 1150,000.
All goods are alike to PDTNAM
TAp '.ESS DYES, as they color all
fibeu -Jt one boiling.
It would be pretty tough on some
men It others did the right thing by
Ask vour grocer for DEFIANCE
STARCH, the only 1C cz. package for
10 cents. All other 10-ccnt starch con
tains only 12 oz. Satisfaction guaran
teed or money refunded.
little Liver Pills.
Nut Bt Signature of
rti timxm.
FCXTSIPtl uvu.
aawm msts...
for Tr Prices ship Vnnr
To llrsdiasrirrs
U. W. Irkrn A t'easpaap.
BstMr, Kgg. Vssl. II hi' end Kurs. Patsteas.
onions In Csrlusd lot.,
Omaha. araebo.
W. N. V. OMAHA. No. 10-1901
Lh r UFh
r" ! '"S
Old Ting Ho-Sheng Died Bitting CP and
Was rut Into nks Coffln and Hurled
That Way I'tllows Code Eaeh
It Is an exceedingly rare thing for
a foreigner to be permitted to witness
tho death of a Buddhist priest, and it
was only after a residence of nearly
twelve years in China that the oppor
tunity came to me, says a writer in
Leslie's Weekly. Old Ting Ho-Sheng.
head priest of the "Temple of tho Spirit
of Light," I had known by sight for
several years, and had a more Intimate
acquaintance with him the summer he
died, but I did not expect to be a wit
ness of bis death nor to see him die
sitting up. Not only did "Old Ting"
dlo sitting up, but he was put into his
coffin and buried that way. Disease
and native treatment had already
placed the seal of death upon the old
man, so that at my second visit I could
only tell the attendants that his hours
were few. Returning to the old priest's
rooms a little later, I found him sitting
on a broad stool facing the outer door,
clad in his fine priestly robes of yellow
silk. Being long past consciousness,
he was supported by his attendants in
this position, with hjs legs crossed,
each foot resting upon the opposite
thigh, sole directed upward an ex
ceedingly difficult, and, in fact, almost
impossible position to assume in Ufa.
The hands were placed, palms together,
up before his face, the whole attitude
being that which represents Buddha
In the state of Nirvana and the old
man was very near that state. The
great anxiety of those in attendance
was that he should not be placed In
his coffin until he was really dead. Al
though I could not bring him back to
life, they were willing that I should
Judge when he was dead. Holding a
small mirror In front of his face, I
waited until there was no more mois
ture deposited upon It. In the mean
time preparations were continually
going on around me for further c:ra
monies. A largo pile of paper "cash"
had been placed outside the door, on
top of which was a document I was
not allowed to se, but, from wbit I
could learn, was his iyatory as related
to his ucctssloti to the priesthood and
life In It; Upon being pronounced dead
a flaming torch was applied to the
"cash" by a young priest, former disci
ple and now successor to tho lands
and buildings of the old man sitting
before him. No sooner was the papor
well ablaze than the young man pros
trated himself before it, bumping hi'j
head on the ground the requisite num
ber of times, for every movement In
every ceremony of the Chinese la reg
ulated by rites as Inflexible as law. The
next step in this strange death scene
was the placing of the body In its up
right coffin. The front and top were
removed and yellow silk cusions put in
the bottom, on which the old man was
placed as gently a3 possible consistent
with the awkwardness of his position.
Numerous small cushions and wads of
thin paper were put In around him, a
pillow under each elbow to sustain the
arms In their upright position, and
then the front was slid into place. More
packing was done from the top until
his body was immovable and the coffin
filled, the yellow silk knot of his hat
being the last I ever saw of old Ting
Ho-Sheng, who will sit and wait until
time and decay do their work in alter
ing his position.
A Frea?er's Vrl'onmen.
. A few weeks ago a noted minister
went to one of the local railroad sta
tions to meet a friend, says a Cleve
land paper. Upon entering the station
and looking around he saw an elegant
ly dressed woman, who apparently was
about to board a train.
She was carrying a number of par
cels in her arms, and besides had with
her three of four children that with
great difficulty she was trying to help
along. The clergyman approached the
lady and offered his assistance, which
she accepted, afterward thanking him
very graciously for the kindness. The
train moved out of sight, and he went
on his way thinking of the endless op
portunities one has for doing good,
when all at once he discovered that he
was carrying a beautiful silk umbrel
la with pearl and gold trimmings. The
reverend gentleman Is now enduring
distress of mind, fearful that the vic
tim of his absent-mindedness may
some day discover him in the pulpit.
. Bobby Hums' Cottars.
Considerable alterations are In course
of being carried out at the birthplace
of Robert Burns, known as "Burns'
I Cottage," at Alloway, Scotland. It Is
' Intended to remove a hall attached to
: the back of the cottage, used as a mu
seum and ' temperance refreshment
I room, and to transfer the Burns relics
, from this to a new and larger hall in
! a range of cottage buildings vshlca
' have Just been completed within tho
grounds attached to the cottage. The
caretaker and his family, who Inhabit
part of the rottape. have also been pro
vided with accommodation!! in the nov
buildings. Tho cottage will thus Uk
restored an far as possible to Its orig
inal condition.
Crnelly In Kleet mentions.
Electrocution has been violently at
tacked by the Electrical Review on the
ground of cruelty. The Review holds
that shooting, garrotlng, hanging, the
' guillotine, harlkarl and beheading by
the sword, aia all humane compared
with the mutilations and sickening
preparations for ah electrical execu-
Compelled to Previa' Their Own Boose
While at the Capital.
Iowa governors have followed- va
rious plans In providing themselven
with homes In Des Moines during their
official terms. Gov. Larrabee occu
pied a frame house near the state
house, says the Sioux City Journal.
It was not very large and rented for
about $50 a month, the sum which the
state allows to tho governor for house
rent Gov. Boies lived at the Savery
house, occupying a small room when
he was in town, and when he went out
of town over night he gave up the
room the same as any other transient.
He never entertained. Gov. Jackson,
who lives In a comfortable but modest
home in this city, met the demands
of his position socially in a very pleas
ing manner, having the assistance of
a wife who was very capable and suc
cessful in discharging the duties of the
governor's wife. Gov. Drake lived at
the Savery House, where he occupied
a parlor and entertained to some ex
tent Gov. Shaw has filled the posi
tion socially, as well as in other re
spects, to the complete satisfaction of
all demands. He succeeded when he
came here in renting a good furnished
house from a family that wa3 going to
spend a year In Europe. During the
last legislative session Governor anil
Mrs. Shaw occupied the Pratt house
on Grand avenue. Since then they
have lived in the Victoria, the new
Hubbell apartment house. Governor
and Mrs. Shaw have entertained lib
erally and have taken more part In the
society of Des Moines than any pre
vious governor except Gov. Jackson.
All these experiences prove conclu
sively that no man can afford to be
governor of Iowa unless he is wealthy
and has an independent Income. Gov.
Shaw would probably not like to tell
how much It cost him to maintain tho
governor's office. Ho urged that the
salary be increased for the sake of his
successors, 'because it is wholly inade
quate to meet the" most unavoidible
demands upon the man who would
maintain the dignity of the position.
Gov. Jackson declined a second term
because he found that he positively
could not afford to retain the office any
Eating Such Food as the Family Dactar
Most people who are not in good
health know In a general way what
alls them; some of them know what
kind of food they ought to eat in ord:r
to overcome their bodily Infli'ir.l'ks
and prevent a recurrence of them. Bit
pcoplo who have good health usually
consider only their taste or their psck
etbcok when they order a meal. Aa
experiment whieu one of the Boston
hotels is making shows that o!he:s Le
nlde invalids are beginning to under
stand that it is important to have ths
right sort of food as well as to have it
properly cooked. The cafe of this
hotel provides not only a bill of fare,
but a diet list made out by a physician
and Intended as a guide to the patrons
of the hnuse. It prescribe s the food
best Eiilted to various physical condi
tlr,ns. To the fat man it offers a va
riety of dishes that tickle his palate,
and at the same tlrno check his ten
dency to grow fatter. Tho thin and
anaemic can procure the things which
make blood and tissue and build up an
enfeebled system. The new way of
looking at the food question puts
health first and preference afterward.
It considers the needs of the Individ
ual, and makes practical application o.'
the old saying that "one man's meat
is another man's poison." It tries to
make the (Met .ike a w;U s'.o:ked ward
robe, offering plenty of variety, yet
designed for and fitted to the person
for whom It is intended. Lilac is a
charming color, but the red-haired girl
does not need It to enhance her pecul
iar charms. Sirloin steak is a tooth
some and desirable thing, but melons
and coarse bread may be better for the
full-blooded man who has a tendency
to rheumatism. How ono can lit his
diet to his own nee(!s Is a matter which
the physician can best decide. It Is
certainly easier to preserve health by
tho use of proper food than to regain
It by taking medicine; and the pre
scription filled In a restaurant is pleas
anter to take than one compounded by
tho druggist. Youth's Companion.
A Tlniliop on tllcycle.
A tlnshop in a wagon has been a
common sight on country roads for
years. It Bcemcd as if there was no
Jimlt to the amount of tinware the ped
dler could store Into the many open
ings and "cupboards" In the great
boatlike vehicle. But the bicycle may
take the place of the old tlnshop wag
on. By means of It, thanks to modern
invention, the peddler can now travct
much more quickly and at the same
time have his wares on exhibition. Tho
new vehicle, however, in point of
steadiness, Is perhaps better ndaptcd to
city ue than to the country. Extend
ing beyond the handlebars of thr; bi
cycle in front and behind the Kiddle,
In the back, la a rod to each end of
which is fastened a skeleton cone of
wires. All up and down the wires are
numerous hooks, to whlrh tho various
cooking utensils are hung. Tho whole
thing is but another contrivance to
gain trade, for, of course, many per
sons will buy that which Is brought to
them, who hesitate to seek It for them
Minnesota's Tall Man.
Minnesota claims to have tho tallest
man In Louis Wllklns, born on farm
nesr 8t Paul, who Is now twenty-sU
years old. weighs 364 pounds and lack
leas than one Inch of Mug nine, tMrt
bacillus has passed over our coun
try, from the Atlantic to the Pa
cific, leaving behind it a dark cloud
of anguish and despair.
Catarrh follows grip as effect follows
A multitude of catarrh victims will
spring up In the trail of the awful epi
demic of grip that has Just passed over
our fair country.
the hope to these people Is Peruna.
Most people know this already.
Everyono who has had the least
touch of grip, should not fail to take
a course of treatment with Peruna.
Peruna eradicates every vestige of
the disease and leaves the system In
a normal condition.
Hon. Joseph B. Crowley, Congress
man from Illinois, writes from the Na
tional Hotel, Washington, D. C, as
"After giving Peruna a fair trial 1
can cheerfully recommend your remedy
to anyone suffering with coughs, colds,
la grippe and all catarrhal com
plaints." J. B. Crowley.
Hon. George H. White, Congressman
from North Carolina, writes:
"I am more than satisfied with Pe
runa, and find it to be an excellent
k v
1-1 Ifll discs. oriu.ow
7 unrwvr. fi .f uvn 1
la? sTs s 1 quick rolicf undents worrt
cs.es. Book of tesMminilsls sad is mis' treatmeat
rix. (a. h. a. cirii soss, u u aiuku. its.
I W rfttx
of all their friends and relatives. There's only one certain way of keeping
clean inside so as to prevent disease and that is to take CASCARETTS.
Perfect disinfectant and bowel strengthened. All diseases are
25c 50c
Mil fflff" towel treablea. aapeadf elite, Ml
I'll Ilk loutnesM, bad ftrsaib, M blood, wind
lllllir en lb stoasacfc, bloated bowate, foal
W V 1 1 as tnoutti, headache, Indlajoalle, pimples,
a!as alter eating, liver treable, sallow complexion
Bad dlaslaeoa. When year bowels deaf bsoto rasra
larly yon arc (eulaa elsh. OeasUpatlea kitla mare
people thaa all einer doeaaeo tefetlier. It U a
a sorter for the ehroale ainhohu a ad letif Mara of
aaflbrtag that eoane afterwards. No asatler what
alls yon, start Uslsf (UfCdaVlrri to-day, t&w raw
win aover gn woii aasi ao wH
a pat year aoweie rust. Tafca ear adtHcot asaii
With CAtCAKam I
msaais il'ssri
remedy for the grip and catarrh. I
have used It in my family, and they
all Join me in recommending it as an
excellent remedy." George H. White.
Hon. J. P. Megrew, Superintendent
U. S. Capital Police Force, of Wash
ington, D. C, says:
"Having suffered from the grip, I
was advised by a friend to use your
Peruna. I also used it for my catarrh,
and I can now cheerfully recommend
your remedy to anyone who Is suffer
ing from the grip and catarrh." J, P.
Miss Anna Russell, Past Worthy
Counselor, Loyal Mystic Legion, 293
Endicott Bldg., St. Paul, Minn., writes:
"For years I have unfortunately
found my system in a peculiarly recep
tive condition for catarrh when I was
exposed In any way to inclement
weather. At those times I would be
severely afflicted with la grippe and Its
unpleasant consequences.
"Now for the past year and a half
I have used Peruna in such cases and
have found that it not only cures mo
quickly, but it also cleanses my blood
and renders me less liable to catch
cold. It is the finest preventative of
colds that I know of and a very su
perior tonic." Anna Russell.
Southern Farms Improved and unim
proved, at from $5 to f!5 per acre In Vir
ginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia,
Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee and Ken
tucky. Descriptive reading matter and
maps sent free upon application to J. K.
Olsen, Agent, L. & I. Dept., Southern
Railway, i'-'o Dearborn St., Chicago, III.,
or M. V. Richards. Land and Industrial
Agent, Southern ItaJIwuy, Washington, D.C
If you take up your
homes In Western Can
ada, the land ot plenty.
Til...,. w ..... -.nnkl...
tWrlflS 'J50ft giving experiences of
ii&Mtt'IZtt'A 'armors who have be
iQZfV! come wealthy In grow
'"K wn,;at' reporta of
sHinTfl ' '- delegates, etc, und full
luturiuaviou us to rouucod railway rules can be
had on application to the Superintendent of
Immigration, Department ot Interior. Ottawa,
Coijods. or to W. V. lienneU, 801 N. Y. Ufe
bldg., Omaha. Neb.
Mention this paper to advertiser;
begins In the bowels. It's the unclean
places that breed infectious epidemics,
and it's the unclean body unclean in
side that "catches" the disease. A
person whose stomach and bowels
are kept clean and whose liver is live
ly, and blood pure, is safe against yel
low fever, or any other 6f the dread
ful diseases that desolate our beautiful
land. Some of the cleanest people
outside are filthiest inside, ana they
are the ones who not only "catch
the infections, but endanger the lives
ass saw maa aaui
Iiw7. TZSBm rft7l-
Miss Alice Dressier, 1313 North Bry
ant Ave., Minneapolis, Minn., write;
"Last spring I suffered from he
grippe and was partially cured, hut
the bad after-effects remained through
the summer, and somehow I did not
get strong ag I was before. In the tall
I caught a cold after getting my feet
wet and attending a lecture In a cold
hall, and I suffered a relapse. An un
pleasant catarrh of the head and
throat followed, and as I was In
weak condition physically preview to
this, It took but little to break mo
down completely.
"One of my college friends who wae
visiting me, asked me to try Peruna,
and I did so and found it all and more
than I had expected. It not only cured
me of the catarrh, but restored me to
perfect health, built up the entire sys
tem, and brought a happy feeling of
buoyancy which I had not known for
years." Miss Alice Dressier.
If you- do not derive prompt and safc
isfactory results from the use of Pe
runa, write at once to Dr. Hartman,
giving a full statement of your case
and he will be pleased to give you his
valuable advice gratis.
Address Dr. Hartman, President ot
The Hartman Sanitarium, Columbus, O.
SPECIAL Tours to f lorkla,- Key West,
Cuba, Bermuda, Old Uexlettt
' and the Mediterranean Ul
Rates tnt the round trip te
many points south on sal first
and third Tuesday each month.
To Hot Springs. Ark., the fa
mous watsr resort ot America,
' on sale every day In tho year.
Tickets now on sale to all the wlntet
resorts of the south, good returning until
June 1st, 1931. For rates, descriptive mat
ter, pamphlets and all other Information,
call at C. & St. L. It. n. City Ticket
Office, 1415 Farnam at. (Paxton Hotel
Bldg) or write
C. P. & T. A. Omaha, Neb.
Ei Itro rears aaa
es ClecAis
sold. Mow It la
lllln kana m
t, j'lrju jmjj'Liij'iT jn
ww Fear, pssw immm aoT
slsstlar ameielae lo toe world. TrVs Isahrsloto rtW of
."alauil, and oarbest testtssoalal- WiWm falls, aod
III .l A A BTT absetatelir naraatead f earsor
sseoer rraaad. bar today, iro ee beaee, Blje these
fair, (esest tr.al. as aerslssiilo eireatloas, aadiroa ore
aoVswueld. .rtjr .rtw rae ai " r t a fae aHssfcrs
bo aaa the eoioty bos te an bp asall, or the prsiHMaia
warn ma parskawd It, aad e pear asoaejr basal for b-S
bosVstlTaaie ear adrleo-ao ssatter what aftf lejssrtea.
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