Harrison press-journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1899-1905, February 14, 1901, Image 8

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Preco-Journa 1
-o- . .
,T, las. 14th, 1901.
Car. f .
Editor and Prop.
f.B.al.. aVftawtoeis.
, SBBaWest, flotagEi
..lasd. IS .-SSI Ha. S. mixed 7:50
F & M. V. B. K. is tfa bMt
, to mkI. from tba
fcd Front CcaCsrtd
Choice, Frttb ud
borne cared Msata
aod boaM rtwUred
Lard, salt pHb.
fine line.of Grocer
ies, Tobaoooo. Cigars ud Candies, Nuts
and greea Apple. Highest price paid
for Hides and Prodoee. at
Smith's IfcA Twnt
lumber, Harness, Saddle,
, Grain and Feed, Doors
and WiMbnrt, Meaty Hardwire.
I -InmsW to day VaJeatlne'a day.
I F. J. Witt baa baas quit poorly tha
Warns baa been at Pieaeaat
' fidge tbta weak.: ;r
-Jacob Marking and wife
taws Friday doing; some trading.
'! TbacrioUataiaoaoor ofc Several
st aar people art afflicted with it.
- JJeilis Tboratoa, is stilt very weak,
few wa bop to bear bettor news woo.
Om half of Febrnarv baa part away
asd oompsretivei v, wa nave bad no win-
tar yat.
Andrew Johnson, Claus
tad Jena C. Meng, wen
Hub visitors the t rat of ttria wsek.
-Fataer ItclCeaatra will ceUbmte
rasas at tbe oonrt boons is Harrison, os
Saturday, Earcb, Ha, 1901
. Faraosa who ems sot take ordinary
UsAaditspieaeureto take DsWitt's
little &riy Basra. Thevars the beat
HtttoUvsr pills ever made. J. E. Pw-
J. J. Diary, waa over from Most-
Ms week, sad while here dropped
''fo tosses firieadly "aoWtoyn aditor.
aai to rsaew to alrajisans to tba
; Caos enjoy a gaod IsagU Thsa
sWt sates the Andrews school Lrtorsry,
tasarde? erasing. All prsasst
to as everything they ran,
to Stoles the assaist s plsaatat ass, they
srast absg, dasos, speak a pesos or pay a
Lias bad dollars, all oxmterfeiu of
tsars TTtafc SarriSadTe w w-rth-.
visa . Taa orkfisai sstokly oares
sgrstaad all skis r bssbbs -J. E.
, '-sot."- .
As aansaaja ears; K
; masil fcsw thaw tsstraetlosa they
saver ga to any esvease to de-
asa sattla: Bstnftasst stick of pot--'
j saw sad arbas taa HttJa boras apaasr,
. y ajatssasa tba rsuatie and that calf will
aaaar kaew that aatore (steaded it to
have horns. It b oartaialy worth try.
Laak (Wya.) CaraU. '
0 raw vast ta gat lata STawa
' starbarr aa t?aaysaayas baws the
rar-l.H r't asd wa wCl
i ii H tl1sMteissbsat
UUO atir ateOof harass sad
' jKtlIatos,aiisr dlmislsgof
!Cs wsr!y gaeas is Ciaaa con sty. ; We
ityr.j( mash that aagood aoiaaas
: ?.C-" vajsMtolaaaa, ffaMlm
C 'iffOsrc:;tiMiiiwi4
Cadt&eoi to ba asai
:'r i
I wish to tbaak tba people is general
(or tbeir liberal patronage is tba past
year as our business has baas battar the
last year past thaa aver Were asd I will
endeveur to merit tba same liberal pat-
r twee is the f ature. by selling all goods
in our Una' cheaper for cash than aver
before. So come right along sad be
Yours Respectfulr J. H Bastsu.
Pstiuseala Pre res ted.
This disease alwsys results from scold
or an at'ack of the grip and may be pre
vented by tba timely urn of Chamber
lains Cough Bemadr. Tiwt remedy wss
extensively used during the epidemics of
LaOrippe of tba past few years, and not
a ringle case has aver been nf-orted that
did not recover or that resulted in poeu
monta, which shows it to be a certain
preventative of that dangerous disss
ChsmberUis'a Cough Remedy has gained
A world wide reputation for its mires of
colds and grip. For aale by Dr. J. E.
Denver, Colo., haa a Luxow commit-
lira O. W. Hester, has bean suffer
ing of grip this week.
-Jobo Herman, was in from Story,
this week on business.
James Nolo, was in from his Eck-
ard ranch, this wsek after supplies.
EmertBohwer. who was quite in-
dispossd a few days lust week, is now
able to be out aain.
Hill Shatto, wss dowo from Kirtley
the first of the week and reports Miss
Dora Christian as being very sick.
The many friends of Hon. Cbaa F.
Coffee will be much plessrd to hear of
his receiving 9 votes for U. 8. Sens tor.
Hurrah for Charley. . He's all right.
rJTDr. Richard will be in Harrison,
at the Harrison House from February
25th. to March 6th, prepared to do all
kinds of Dental work. Extracts teeth
without pain.
While in town last Monday, Andrew
Johnson, of Ardmore, purchased a qoar-
ter section of land nearby the quarter
wbicfc be has just acquired by right of
contest, of Attorney Guthrie.
Frank Dies ter, purchased a carload
of young cattle of Virgil Better. last
week, which the latter had just recently
purchased at Sioux City,. Frank is one
of our youna-stockman who is rapidly
getting to the front.
On the 7th inst, Hon. C. F. Coffee,
introduced a bill io the house, amending
the irrigation laws, providing the under
ecretarv's with greater power, and fur
nishing them with an official seal in tbeir
Mr. Bunge, of Neligh, Neb. wboe
half has bean bare during a
couple of weeks, the guest of her moth
er, Mrs. Weddermaa, came in on last
Thursday soon, and on Friday waa
drives down ia the valley where be will
rusticate naul bis bettor half decide,
they had better return to tbeir home.
last Tuesday, wss the anniversary
of tbsbtrtbof the illustrious Abraham
Lincoln, one of the meat able and noble
presidents of Use great republic of ours.
Wa do aot believe Washington waa
greater, yet unquestionably bis
peer, yet far ba it from sa to detract from
eJtaafef these great heroes otUmiiimf
and gsnsiattos. May this nation of ours
Is its history aarar ba too busy; to
bait losg asoagfa is tbeir greedy ww of
osoqoest, to smother freedom and inde
pendence; to pay salutary tribute to the
memory of 00a of tba noblest acions
who aver lived.
About a month ago Wilt Hough,
made a basiaess tnp to Pierce CHy, this
state, to last np a bnsJaisa proposition
tor a baia ware store at that plans, aod
swos Msaatarn borne ha baa finally 000-
s deal araarab ba bseomeethe
WBl aadMe aattmsHa wife aad babe.
sspaot to leave Stonx caaaty for their
nest Satardsy. Tba Pbss-
iocmiAt. regress to anaonnaa taair aa
, bst wiefass thssa saoosaa Is thear
af frtism m Harrises aaJ.vktoHy fad
as we do, that aar aoaaty has lest a
tat PcMif, sria faHow
toaar saw scasatf 1 hasp
astoi sa to taslr 'Irliila sad
aiigfibira to Una part af tm Lotaa visa
yarn.' : , ;
OtJ C Cssm Cr JXi
fl t :c- xz? m&m Cm.
Cllzt jrrl rJ-a aaUl x tt
Zi I ocU sat Ma
f rnr rA ist I koa to asa Dr.
:--Vzrmj scl was waofly
x j. svrcs-ji bj sai sew test
tj o trrt?E!3 la-asvar
'" y'-Csy r3r, Cwa er
Attar a two weeks rest will try to
write ap the Pleasant Ridge news again.
8. L. Kirtky, was sojoumiag in the
settlement last week.
. Sam Bolterfisld has bssa laid op with
the grip for about a month. Ha is able
to he OUt aW.
BORN Tb Mr. sad Mrs. Ctas. McDsr-
mott,onFsb.Srd,sgirt. weight 13 lbs.
A Mr. Price, stats organiser for the
Woodmen of the World called on ye
scribe a few days ago, in tba interest of
the order.
Dr. Hall of Lnsk, held a nedricat-x-semination
for the benefit sf oeodidatef
for ths W. O. W. lodge, at J. J. Zum-
Brunnen's on last Tneedsy night There
were over 90 applicants and ha did aot
get thru until 5 o'clock Wednesday mor
ning. ' .
Every body with their sons joined the
W. O. W. lodge, last Wednesday nbrht.
Mrs. Era Christian, is still crippling
around with rheumatism in her feet.
- L. L. Wilson, received the fed news a
taw days ago, of the death of a brother-
id-lawby brights diseass in Eddy villa,
A letter from a brother of ye scribe,
living ioPsnora, Is, of whom mention
was roads a few weeks sgo; states tbat
his family bad fully recovered from the
Scarlet fever, but were still quarantined.
Mrs. Carrie Nation has been making
things tium in Dickinson county, Kan.
tbs home of ye scribe from April 1377, to
1881. The town of Enterprise, in which
(he destroyed two joints and was rough
ly handled by the jointists, Mrs willism
Shook and Mrs Shilling, was well known
to the writer (20 years ago- Tbetowo
of Hope in which the two jeiotists Gil
lette aod Lash escorted her to the train
was then a country store nod post office,
Mr. Gillette is a brother of the cattle
king and absconder, Grant Gillette; and
wss but s small boy during our time
there, while Grant was about 16 years of
aire. H. W. Lvsh was an old ime friend
of the writer ana at that time was lead
ing the honest life of a farmer, while
Mr. and Mrs. Shook lived in the town or
Abilene and were honest iadusrtrious
Rev. Warren came out to the Usage.
the middle of last week for tbe purpose
of holding a series of meetiags, but as
the weather baa bean so bad no service
until Sunday; after which be went home
as be had not been feeling welt for seve
ral days and was not able to bold pro
tracted meeting. .
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Duel, Miss Plucky
and Mr. Tatman called to see Dora Chri
stian on last Sunday.
We understand tbat a lodge wss or
ganised with 23 charter members. Tbe
society , will bold its meetings in tbs
west school bouse. ' '
Eollis Christian is quite sick at this
writing, but we have not learned wbatl
tbe malady ia.
Miss Dnra Christian has been very low
for the past ten days, but ui tins writing
Sunday, is resting easier. For the past
Us days she haa been confined to her
bad almost 'continuously and ia vary
weak.' ' '
Last week waa a good one to harvest
ice aod those who bad ice bouses made
good uss of tba time.
Well, well: so Uncle Bab" ia still on
earth, ba baa aften told us tint be iu
not expect to die, but would just mumi
fy : Wonder it ba hi s traveling mummy
now? Zbtol.
Eatrayed or Stolen ,
One white saddle horse branded f f
cs led thigh weight 1009 lbs. I f
.One brows crop eared saddle horse
branded Pon left shoulder: eraicht about
0 las 9 star in forehead.
One bald faced saddle bona whit
hiad font, saose a little, aebraaded,
weignt about 880, lbs. A liberal reward i
will ba gives far say information of
thsif wnsraabosto, iafpesrd from my
oraboottae Cla, or 7tb, of February,
1551 Aliraaa H. a aUsjrsjr, Harrison
Eatrayed or Stolen.
Kstrsyed or stoles from wty pises
avee asllee norta-wset of of Hsrriseo,
aabent foor weeks sgo, s bay mare com
ing tares years-old, wits strp in faoa and
weight about 980, breaded
A aaitable reward will ba
gtves tor brt irmaUoa af aar
H. B. Lacr.
199 acres, 8 milee frees tows all as
dar fence, wires aad cross rsseai, 5
acraiasderlrrigsUoa. More ana aa pat
aaiar ditch. Oood atosa boats, tan
aadoatbailaisga, for terms ttN
ar address. TMjtmtstsAi
.i' ae ' j
Ta all rtrtr rtt tm f tJkirr-
rtoi to tttr-V-cj afrrurr. azlltH
m$;i ,e '3 Cl-7 si9. Lt.
Annual Report of J, B. Sarka,
Co. superlntoMskaaA Coax
County, Xebraska.
To tbs CItlssns of Wool Ceaaty UlssMes
It Is my deetre, In Um brtef staesassst W-
tow to live yoo s tree eendlWea of Um
Kdacstkmsl work In the Com I have toaad
It U v letting tbe different scboai IMststets,
aad I bops no tescber wUl take effeass as
tbeir work being given to tbe pabUe as It
extits or tbat Is as I hsvs found It, aad as
inie to my trat report I will try aad not be
too severe on tbe tescber.
School Distbict Xo. 1.
The arst term of this District wss taught
by aire May smith Kims, sad t feand the
eebool la very good eoadliloe, considering
theobiteeies that both lex her and pupil
had to meet and o vet-coma, while much
might be saklk I thlak tba toast Is tbe easier
mended, wui Benssed to disagree with Mrs.
Kerne on certain ttlsgs, bat I think ths
majority, will agree with me that Mrs Kims
to a capable and eosspetent teacher.
Distbict Hal
Tbs first term of this school wss taaght
by Mias Klla Stnart, and as the seheol claeed
before I could visit it, 1 esa report onlr, as
I base received It from tbe Vetroaa and ths
teacher, Mlas Stuart. This Is not a very
large school bet hss somewhat of a repata
SHm throogbeat the county, but 1 mm glad
to note the fact that the patrone were very
well pleased with tbe manaicemeiit and
mode of lortmctloa prases ted by Miss Stu
art. Distbict Xo. a.
This school to taaght by Miss Gertrude
E. Greenwood, and was at one time a Urge
cbool bat at present U small In comparison
to former year. While tula Is Miss t, recti -wood's
flrst expertonre ss s teacher, she
ssetued to be gulling along very well. I
And where school have been large In form
er years there does not seem to be tbo in
spiration that there are lu amsii scboois
that bare never bad a large enrollment;
and I am sorry to say, teachers, have this
to contend with and should be taken Into
coastderatlon by both patrons and the
board wnen they come to foot up tbe quail
cations snd work of s teacher.
Distbict So. .
This school wss taught by hartley Kaxton,
and is a; irge school. I found the school lu
very good condition aad tbe attendance
Was very good and Mr. Saxton, seemed to be
getting along very well with only, one ex
ception, etxl I find from looking over tbe
Dally Record, tbat tbe ones tbat were ab
sent had in farmer years absented them
selves from school a great deal. I will say
here tbat Parents can't bs too careful about
tbe Education of tbeir children. It to due
them and Parents antra ki see tuat Utey get
it. It Is natural tor a child to waut to stay
away from tbe school room and we have to
nan a great deal of dlsrresaion, or we will
offer tbem encouragement uotbuughtedly,
so let ns be careful that our children re
ceive what jastly belongsto tbem. will
touch upon this subject again in my general
remarks .
Distbict Xo. 5.
This school to being tangut by George Y
Williams, and be seemed to be getting along
very well considering, It to his flrst experi
ence a a teacher. The school is small and
the school roo.n Is In poor condition and tbe
surroundings do not uilcr mocb of an insil-
ration for fupils to ream out and grasp
what they rhould. Mr. Williams, reetued
very inaeb'lnteresud In his work, and I aui
sure If be couUhbw Iu Educational work be
will make s success a an educator.
-r lis bict Ko.s.
This scnool to taugbt by Miss Grace E
Mvers, snd has always been ons ef tbs larg
est school! la the county, snd haa always
been considered a hard school to teach.
Hi is srhuol is in f.iir condition to what it
was oie year ugo. TtiU U ilt, iy i' fliet
Uperieucuas a teaclior. th.relur, He uiut
not be too severe In oar crlcleUw, but bote
that all will take warning from past experi
Distbict Xo. 7.
This scnool to In three rooms, tbe Princi
pal, George W. Meyers, has tbe school under
good control, snd discipline, assisted by
Miss Geneva B. West, la tbe intermediate
room, snd Mtos Maud X. Stewart, la tbe pri
mary room. ' -
I And In Mr. Myers, s very bright snd ap
te date lesehsr. snd also tad his work very
thorough. Xo doobt Mr. Myers, has bad
some discouragements to meet, but f am
gisd to my be is equal te tbs occasion
sad I flod his room s place ef work .and In
terest fer every pepu, sad feel assured if
present work eoatlaees ss It Is now. pro-
greeslsg, toe school board will never regret
the sslecttoa of Mr. Myers ss the prlBcipal
for Uselr ashoot.
M tas Intermediate room taught by Mtos
West, I found everythlag mevlng along la
flood order aad a very good Interest shown
by the pupil. Mtos West deserves n good
deal of praise for her work In tuts room, for
ss I sndsrslaad eebool work this room re
ceives the pupils from toe Prlmsry depart
ment, and if the work baa not been properly
taaght er laid dowa by the Frinwry teacher
It makes a double task on the t eschar la
this room. As tots to Mtos West s arst ex
perience ss teacher, I take great pleasnrs
la commending her In her work sad feel
assured tb.l her school work will be srowa
ed with saoeesa. .
The rrlaery room, la taugbt by Mtos
Stewart, aad I ess glad te say I found syery
thing ta tuts room, moving right along, set
bv fores, but by love, I aot only foe ad la
tats ream bees lesrates. bat I found levo
sue) eaeracter buUdlag as wsll. It
s good essay years siaes I looked la npoa as
toaa bright yomag fans, sll near tbe um
Sta.sssisd,wtttse4 will sad sffsetioa
for thetr tsseser, sad eeah ether, fals Is
rstpomat sstst u s skilda afs for
tolasd not ealy of Ms
bat whether they ars te
to swats! sasa at wss to years to eases.
UtaeHtalesxdMtotosgatbr feree bat,ea
taa ether hand s? taa essst toasagMayteve
tbey esa be tuied brieve, Tsasssnypar-
eajtotaaiaarsTtotcs' toy toa Btele
Waat this gases stowsMsassato
Say fa ssere tove, saiasa,aaateiss
aary assess aaa mass tot totmiatfaa. ty
etotot torn yea aaa ese esa ersrssleti tas
y " Ms toatbet ftosa assar aar-
-it raw
icr, aaJ ttofCi.
j tfjswaistb. nat
j crrtsito at actf
f'l t siararx
1 ' 1 1 mmm
Ia Drnura. . 6
IX Oil '
I fa Dru gists Sundries,
I I Paints. Oils. Varnishes,
I Q)j J. E. PHINNEY, Proormior.
VTlie Gomiiiercial Dank.
C. F. Coffee, President
Co as. C. Jastesox.
H. S.
Stockmen having use for a
us to handle their
We are prepared to take
... .- y.
we are Smashers Too.
While Mrs. Nation is smashing saloons in Kansas,
iuivu, iicuiaciut.
When the quality and quan
tity of our goods are taken
into account, all who trade
with us do not hesitate to
say that our goods of every
discription are better and
"cheaper than can be bought
any where in town.
We are head quarters for
Dry GoodB & Groceries,
Hardware & Tinware,
-'.s.,aBo4st ie -Brwagay1'" 7 ' ...
Hats & Caps.
Flour & Feed.
Fait & Crockery,
Lumber &c. fcc. -Mail
orders promptly filled.
We can, and do sell goods cheaper than any of
our competitors and for a verification of what we say
we cordially invite every body who are in need of
any thing in our line to come in-and examine stock of
goods and obtain prices before baying elsewhere and
be convinced for themselves
Very Respectfully, .
Marsteller Bros.
Proffessionsl Cerib.
Prompt attention given to sll legal
matters in Justics, County snd District
Courts, sad before tbe United State
LandOflBos. .
Firs Iaaaranoa written In ralmblf
C7st paters emrefally drawn.
Htwam - Ki
M. i. 0 Caasall. - - Attorney,
Itoattol jUtosUoa arts to Land Of
Caetr"iai ! I'l ttalta
af toctitsrr7t atttoltos.
- FsataaSa.
eta af
ty, sad that should bs the
af all taaetors.
iuassjerss.il. ..,'
MtsssVeste BjesnaatoDeweeCa I did sot
imlWsMtaieeseaa4 befers It etoato bat
rasa taa
Dirrsict so. W -. ..
tUamsitaaf artoat aad waa totjbt by
rlaaatoWaCala, Tatossasetetos
li t 'x I gat asusss te vtoti It, tot from
fat. . aatat af. toa raarsSs 1 araesaw
F. W.CLiaxtv CaihisT.
A. McOntunr,
bank at thin point may rely on
entire Banking busines.
care of our trade at all timesd
. a-.-.-.--- .
are smashing prices in Har- S
7aI a
Michael Ruffing, itok.
. 1 ass prepared to do all kledaafOlvlV
' Engineering worn, -..'
When Is saed of the 8orvevon Servaa
give ma a tall aa I save a fvli and eom
tieU oatflt, together with aaatHaaoa lc
do tba work with
(NsJUtlSON. - - NCttlUSKA.
J. E. PEtXKiy. at D.
all sails given iwsarM attaatlas.
Tb- ana Vla4toamsssHt
fMiot tt B. CSsrgfc. '
; litraw Kciatat.
rraarUsf awary tstliy eveatsg to I O
a- a and svery sltusaii asaay ntlla s
tsjsssy aasf i Vrlerft a, av tmft
IsffM9ft9a.t. ". - .
Sa...SMss !.., '..iltri
. agtaat,UrcU , ' ' V,
v,crrtjt;ixti ire
rtaT"" T
t ! r" I ' f
.TtvatyXaaaatasav . ,'.. .
A Jttrrtt if. M
. a. t Crt3, 0 aerxtotendeat.
fit I