Harrison press-journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1899-1905, February 14, 1901, Image 7

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Hoods, Mortgagea, Bilra4 and la
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4.08 Mr value offered for a short time
eAtS.CPf SHAKE. Dividend in the
ear future. Further particulars upon
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eeeae book of J0 pint, full
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east beak everwtluea. French and Bull'
Maoa. rroafMtaa ta mm cuanirlM. write M
aeaHvanevse, Was. f ia.
For Tap Prices sain Tear
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. W. Mn A IsmsoHar.
Eat. Veal, Bides ana ran.
oaioea ta Cor lead Lola.
a i::efec:ei;ce issued
If faa taka ap Tatar
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a land of meat.
IlloMrated pamphlets,
! esperiencea Of
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altar In stow-
wheal, report of
antes, ate,, and full
avtmuttm aa ui isuuoad raUwsv rates aaa ba
fad ea seotlestlon ta law Superlotaudcnt uf
lanlfcauoa, Department of Interior. Ottawa,
Caaada, or te WTv. Dennett, HI K V. Ufa
kiooV. dawka.Nak. .
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--'i --J rarmarn
Tt:ase:ds of Acres
tlewc thetteeof thsI.AG. X. R.R.
especially adapted to geacrsl farm
lac, rice, tobacco, grape sod (rait
colters, aaa b bought as liberal
Tfct Cstrater al
Gccerd Narratcr
published monthly by the I. A 0.
N. B.K., eoatalat specific Informe
tloa of lata rest to lbs prospsctit e
aeular, and wlU ba
Seit free
aa receipt of 2Se to covers year's
postsge, or 2e per aamber. Ad
dress t. j.rucr.i.r.ir.JL
Palestine, Texas,
Caemee Be
HtaBBl appUesUons. ae they caaaot reach tka
4ieawd portioa of toe ear. Tkera la oalr one
war to cure deafness, aad that la by contl
tattoaal reeoediee. Deafness ta eaoaed by ac
taflsraan eoaoUtioa of the snocus linln of tbe
Eastaealaa Tuee. When t his tuba la lnflamf d
Khave a rumhll&f sound or ImDcrfeet bsr
aad when It la entirely rlowd dafnraa la
tbe result, and nnlesn the inflammation can be
taken oat sad Ula tube rastomd to Its normal
roalttioa. bmrtae srlll be oVstroyed torerer;
else eaees out of tea are eamrd-br catarrh,
wklsh Unotbla bataa kJasaaed coodltloa of
tke moroa surfners.
wa wiiiciTsOne Hundred Dolls ra for any case
at Drafaaas (eauaed by ealarrh) that cannot
be eared by Hall's Citarrh Cure, ttend lar
uwwro irw
m-,M a rJj x, rHrEY CO. Toledo, a
tie' A by Drmrginta. Tba.
Ball's raatiJy fills are tio best
A long face is very apt to ba ta pj-t-
neranip wun a long r-nirlmkoa.
Music and women
but seldom undi
Dyspepsia at tka baaa of tbe I
WoWe yourself sainai lu tm
at linen mi 'a Pepsin Gum.
Too many culinary a
iure to impair the lavor of
Try Orala-Of i
Ask your Gror apaVy to
packatre of QftAlJO. the
that takes t
von a
trid atnnlr
taosasmos'oesfae. TteearUdren
may drink it wilaaon imrw as wad aa the
adult. AU wbotryt,t,ti wftAIX-Obas
that rich seal bnwsai UoehaoP Jars, Utt
It is made from para graia, and tbe moat
dalioaU stomach reoatrw tt witbont die
tress. V tbe price of ouaTss. UeaadiiSota.
parpatdiaga &id bj all aroceri.
If a man has short legs they can't
be-long to Mm.
' ' wrmrt Twncti kates.
CTaXAbTavaj to FlerMe, Kay West
Cwba, erwud. Old Mesiee
jadbe aiedtaRaaean and
Xatae far the rouad trip te
asaay poter eewh en aala first
aad third TwavJay aaah saesith.
Te Hex atortsue. Ark., tbe ta-
naeeje waier reeeft es Aaaaassa
an aala every day kt the year.
Tickets aow oa sale to all the winter
eeorta of tbe south, good returniaa vatll
Suae 1st, 101. rcr rates, dsaarlptlre aaat
tar, pamphlets and all ether
in at c at at. u. it. av,
t. U
Office, MV Farnaas
r write ,,.,
CP.tT. A.. Omaha. PM.
B"sC 1 Litis fi
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-lftt.wmJ?T by PaSfoewe TeBs,
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Hooro.lnol'oanol a atartllat food, I
U tho Vloterta Rape Varrcl, Ua I
W aataawlilM aw bethel per aora, f Tts. I
U OeU. ate. In all. te sad aajaa tit WjA
Pt faily wuHh CW twta t&aVSV t? P
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Intaadhu aottlava ahnoid not trv ui locale t tmm
CiOWA and C0MANCH1 liuotry. aooa to ba
wasiuaaiani, wiuvut nafincan Aiiotmeot
bowlaa the tocatno of luiaa lamia. 1 am
as Al
Uotment llao. aoowtajr Indian laada
spaj vwanai isnoa. wiuo it jvu mar aaitio oo no
Aililsiail. rnoe tl. 1 make oldtatn' bomoiioaa
Mam by aswor of stumer, locioaa e for black
aad null inn A. W. mrriN, auy.. Bum, Okie
An address by Joaaam OaWir
- basaador to Great BrHawwVml rear
nl character of AAramaa Uncola
b's early life hia aagy atrrC3l" with
the world hia esWMCto an dereloped
in tka later yeaya of U ( and hU
adnilnttmtapn, wkiek Synced his name
o high tka werLTs roll of honor
and fane, taM published by the
Chicago, KOwsMkasi ft St. Paol Rail
way aad auy ba had by sending all
(I) easts ia poajUge to P. A. Miller.
Oraml riasiai'r Agent, Chicago. 111.
with oil of
GarSfld Tea purifies the teood and
all forms of indigestion: gocd
aaaltb and a clear complexion result
from Its use: It is made from HERBS.
It Is most unhealthy to sleep under
a heavy cotton qu....
Passim' Ram
UUDSBoesat, i he best care fur earns. Uets.
Whoa tbe hair la thin sad rrsy,
Ba!-am ranewi tlia sruwik and eolo'.
The groom may lead the bride to the
altar but bin leadership is apt to end
Governor Nash of Ohio denied the
application for pardon by Rosslyn H
Farrell, convicted of murdering Ex
press Messenger Lane. Farrell will,
therefore, be electrocuted in the Ohio
penitentiary on March 1.
tTeaar ta Whom Hoaer Is Da
The railroads have been greatly
abused aa soulless corporations that
were grinding the life blood out of the
people. The great Oatveatan disaster
has, however, revealed the fact that
the managers of these corporations
have hearts which are susceptible of
being touched by the cries of distress.
Their trains were placed at the dis
posal of all those engaged In relief
work on the coast Provisions and
supplies were carried forward free of
charge, committees from every sec
tion of the state were furnished trans
portation, and when the refugees from
Galveston began to pour Into Houston
and It became a serious question what
was to be done with them the railroads
solved - the problem by furnishing
transportation without charge to all
who wished to leave and to any point
they wished to go. Orand Master An
derson Informs us that but for this
fact Houston would have been overrun
with people who bad to be cared for,
and that suffering and distress would
have been largely increased aa well as
the cost of meeting conditions which
would have prevailed. Bro. Anderson
desires us, through these columns, to
thank the different roads for the great
service rendered his committee at
Houston. If it were possible we would
ba glad to see parallel columns, in one
ot which should .appear the acta of
these railroad corporations in a time
of great calamity and distress, and In
the other the amount contributed by
the little two-by-four demagogues who
are always trying to array the preju
dices of the masses against any and
every kind of enterprise. 'From the
Texas Odd Fellow.
that dreadful fiend that threatens the
life of rich and poor, can attack and
kill only those whose bowels are not
kept thoroughly cleaned out, purified
and disinfected the year round. One
whose liver is dead, whose bowels
and stomach are full of half decayed
food, whose whole body is unclean
inside, is a quick and ready victim
of appendicitis.
If you want to be safe against the
scourge, keep in good health all the
the only tonic laxative, that will
make your bowels strong and healthy,
and keep them pure and clean, pro
tected against appendicitis and ALL
CARETS, that will keep and save
you. Take them regularly and you
will fmd that all diseases are absolutely
x. at w 'a. an aw
ra.vw war s
25c 50c.
U 1 1 tm laoeew, ta. awUaey, Manplee,
pet,f aT4e eataaa". &ve trwai ale. aeuj e av eeMpleston
ia4 Aaaawaasea. When yaa Wareia doejt mere reeja-
hiM'f (W IM afciwiMa aases awd
i- .S. .4 tow., 'aw.aan
if Laatftsat SMarl
T 7 r. wm 9mm mmm nana 7 1 f" JrfW wf
wwao a
B? s aasiliad I
laewajnww.tw... a. ewTeai ta
Si. i .1 Vn Sd I
few the Care of Kick
US? waders.
Under the Innocent looking title, "La
Maiaon Paternelle," there exisU la
Prance what might be briefly design
nated aa an authorized, aristocratic
prison for juvenile offcndcrs.gays Pear
son's Magazine. It was founded by a
legal luminary, M. De Mete, a man
deeply interested in tbe tracing and
welfare of the young, with a view to
checking the growing spirit of insn
bordinatlon to authority, both at home
and at school, which had become spe
cially marked In the highest ranks of
society in France. One of the most
salutary elements In the scheme of this
Institution Is the absolute secrecy
which is maintained in France, both a
to the exact locality of this house of
correction and the names of those who
are sent there. On an elevated, some
what bare, tract of country within a
few miles of Tours stands a large
quadrangular building known as La
Colonic Agrlcole, which is a govern
ment establishment, and behind the
chapel, -which Is situated in the center
of the west front, La Malson Pternelle
is cunningly concealed. It is a rec
tangular, two-storied building, adjoin
ing the east end of the chapel, and the
first thing that meets the eye upon en
tering is a huge board bearing tbe om
inous word "Silence." The ground floor
is occupied by prison-like cells and
offices; the upper one contains rather
smaller cells and is surrounded by a
gallery, which shuts oft all communi
cation with the ground floor. When a
boy or young man under-age becomes
Inveterately idle, refractory or dissi
pated his parents or guardians can ob
tain the consent of a magistrate; which
is sometimes seconded by that of a
medical man, and after certain papers
have been signed a list of questions re
lating to the boy's education and pres
ent or past peculiarities is filled up by
the parents and the culprit, who, in
this country would foe licked into shape
In a healthy, outdoor fashion, is sol
emnly handed over to the paternal care
of monsieur le directeur. The main
feature in the treatment is solitary
confinement during incarceration, be It
long or short. Three months is the
usual time. But oases have been known
in which it has been extended to one
or even two years.
II U Holiness Receives Many Singular
Preaeata from the Faithful.
The Vatican has become a perfect
museum of objects, animate and inani
mate, as many of the faithful have de
sired to give his holiness a personal
gift, with in many cases strange re
sults. For instance, a peasant from
tbe Abruzzi the other day brought a
pair of turtle doves in a basket and was
highly incensed because he was not al
lowed to carry them into 8t. Peter's
and present them personally, then and
there, to tbe head of the church. A
woman brought that is, carried to the
station a young and lusty pig, but was
obliged by her horrified parish priest to
leave it behind. Alfredo Mancini, now
in Rome, has, however, made the pon
tiff a present whlcb is most Interesting
and valuable. Not long ago he brought
with him from tbe Holy Land two
magnificent goats taken from Mount
Carmel. They are splendid beasts, dls
tineuished from their kind by their
black coats, unusually thick and soft,
and by their ears, which are large and
fall like those of a hunting hound. The
pope has inspected them personally In
their pasture in the Vatican gardens.
The other day as he stood looking at
them he said: "How they bring back
to me the days of my childhood, when
scrambled about the hills of Carpi-
neto like the goats, going in many
places where only a wild boy or a goat
could gain foothold," These goats are
as yet untried to the climate of Rome,
but as they are hardy animals it Is
hoped they will not suffer by the
change from Palestine.
TT?I? 'A
" I am so nervous and wretched." " I feel as if I shonll
fly." How familiar these expressions aret Little things
annoy you and make you irritable. You can't sleep, yon an
unfit for ordinary duties, and are subject to dizziness.
That bearing-down sensation helps to make yon fact
You have backache and pains low down in the side, pain
in top of head, later on at the base of the brain. '
Such a condition points unerringly to serious nterine
.If you had written to Mrs. Pinkham when you first ex
perienced impaired vitality, you would have been spared
uiwo uuurs ol awitu sunenng.
Happiness will be gone out of your life forever, my sister,
unless you act promptly. Procure Lydla E. Pinkhara'a
Vegetable Compound at once. It is absolutely sura to
help you. Then write to Mrs. Pinkham, at Lynn, Mass., if
there is anything about youf case ybu do not uhdefstn&
You need not be afraid to tell her the things you could
not explain to the doctor your letter is seen only by women
and is absolutely confidential. Mrs. Pinkham's vast experi
ence with such troubles enables her to tell you just what if
best for you, and she will charge you nothing for her advice.
Mrs. Valentine Tells of Happy Results Accomplished try
Lydla E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
" Dear Mrs. Pthxhaii r Itis with pleasure) that
I add my testimony to your list, hoping it may induce
others to avail themselves of the benefit of your val
uable remedy. Before taking Lydla E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound, I felt very bad,1
was terribly nervous and tired, had sick headaches,
no appetite, gnawing pain in stomach, pain in my
back and right side to weak I could scarcely
stand. I was not able to do anything. Had sharp
pains all through my body. Before I had taken half
a bottle of your medicine, I found myself Improv
ing. I continued its use until X had taken four
bottles, and felt so well that I did not need to
take any more. I am like a new person, and your
medicine shall always have my praise." Mas. W.
P. VALEjmifi, 66 Ferry Avenue, Camden, N. J.
Owfef to the fsrt that I
people hare f roat liex to tana
the renuhwaeas of the ti
we are constantly psMiahiac, we
i ..... we are constantly paMnMac, we have
deeotltad wrth the National City Bank, of Lyae, has. tl.ee a.
which will be paid to any peraoa who ess shew that the Maws
teuinrauel ia not ctnuine, or wa. pnhliahed, Man tolniiig ts
wnter's .pecial pcrmiauoo. I.TPI S. rMKBAaT KsasOad Oa.'
A fashionable tailor Bays that many
of bis customers dwell In the land of
Ask your grocer Tor DEFIANCE
STARCH, the oaly 18 cz. package for
10 cents. All other 10-cent starch con
tains only 12 oz. Satisfaction guaran
teed or money refunded.
Flea Ilnndred Kinds of Trees.
With the light thrown on Philippine
affairs by the American occupation
comes a greater knowledge than was
heretofore possessed ot tbe many valu
able products native to tbe soil. Under
old laws forestry was almost unknown,
and the most valuable rubber, gutta
percha and ylang-ylang tree were al
lowed to be cut down at will, says the
Philadelphia North American. These
old regulations are now changed, and
licenses must now be taken out. For
estry Director Ahem estimates the
total number of tree species in the
archipelago at 600. There are no pure
forests of any one species, but all
grow together in. one discriminate
mass. The forest lands of the Philip
pines are estimated at from 20,000,000
to 40,000,000 acres one-half of thu
lslandsarea. Chicago News.
To Ksploro Venezuela.
An exploration mission, bound for
Venezuela with the avowed purpose
of exploring districts of the great for
ests of the lower Orinoco, recently
tailed from Bordeaux-Paulllac. The
mission is composed of, Dr. Lucien
Morisse, Its head, and his wife, as well
as twelve others, whose rpeclal stud
ies or profession eminently fit them
to accomplish the end In view. Dr.
Morlssc Is already known for thg suc
cessful fulfilling of former missions to
the same region. An avant-garda of
tba mission left in September last
with a complete outfit for exploration
and scientific ends. Paris Messenger.
A square of losely knitted
makes a good floor cloth.
Plso's Cute is the best medicine we ever used
for all affections of the throat snd lungs. WM.
a KMBeunr. Vsnbnrea, lnd.. Feb. 10, WOOL
Black shoes and stockings reduce
the apparent size of the foot
We refund 10c for every package of
to give satisfaction. Monroe Drug Co.,
Unionviile, Mo.
Clean your child's
the second ones will
first teeth,
Ask your grocer for DEFIANCE
STARCH, the only 16 ok. package for
10 cents. All other 10-cent starch con
tains only 12 oz. Satisfaction guaran
teed or money refunded.
; Some men
gravity and
their levity.
rise because of their
some sink because of
What Da the Children Drink
Don't aiva tbem tea or coffee. Have Tea
tried the new food drink called GLAIN-Of
tt Is delicious and nourishing, and takes tba
place of coffee. The more Gntin-O you give
tba children tba more health you distribute
through their systems. Grain O Is made of
pure grains, and when properly prepared
tastes like tbe ctoice grades of coffee, but
costs aDout m as muua.
lisuwv U4 WeAeswj, strua,
Ail grocers sail it,
, The memory
is a sort of mental
at A NX
a. p..
tola Stove From Cbnreh.
Columbus, 0 thieves reached the
limit the other night when they enter
ed St. Peter's Lutheran church and
Itolo aa Immense stove which was
feted for heating that structure. Half
t dozen man must havs kasa ergage
la the work.
.. 131.25
7th In-
New Orleans and return...
Mobile and return
i On sale February nth to
Tourist rates now on sale to Arkan
sas, Florida, Cuba and all the winter
resorts of the south. Homeseekers
kxcurstons one fare, plus 2.uu for '.he
round trip, on sale first and third
Tuesday each month to many points
south. All Information at City Ticket
office, 1411 Farasm St, (Partoa Hotel
Block), or write Harry B. Mooret, C.
P. ft T. A., Ornate, Neb.
Cures all Throat and Laag Asfeethma,
Get the Trails e. Rtftneael ilHaasa,
Mvatlea OU cures ioanmaatmaw ag A syjaea.
xfB-ja in HiiiBoiiaji maM itJ wmww
Vary eaaaal anna aa ea
1 ITTlt
ii mm
fwl CdriTrZ:. e
fMa ?amn.
ours ttcx kzacxc:.
W.N.U.-OMAHA. titw;ri
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