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I ," I
Harrison, Press -journal.
.I '
VOIj. hxxx.
IT-SB. 14. , 1901
NO. 33.
Stock Drands in lfief
'". . : Subscription Price Per Year fl.OO.
Official Paper of Sioux county.
: , . , Gko. D. Caxon, -; Editor.
Mrs. Nation Renovation.
lira. Nation, Mr. Nation.
AfUr Much deliberation,
r tat without procrastination.
Too hav found your occupation.
And with MmM application
To this bub of reeo vatton
W itfeoot thought of compensation
Yon have gained a reputation.
-y. ....
Ye have shown determination
f Aaoalotof antniatlou, ,
Working f or emancipation
Of.thls thirsty generation.
Aasl to Inewaae the complication
'Jolntelghtsshow desolation
And their stock depreciation
Prom the very last qaoUUuu.
Their keeper view with consternation
The nwfal work ot deaeerstton
And i heir only consolstlon ' .
'Tliey aw hunt a now vocation.
i taring yoer inear&trstloa
Wttti am pis time for meditation .
Yen propose oontlnaattoa
Of tlM premnt oglletioii.
Yea know the combination ,
Yoo IndorM tho proclamation '
Of thl great administration.
In benevolent amlinllatOii.
-U. F. OttKAIl. lnfMnday St. Ijnls Ho
Tho billion-dollar steel trust i now a
reality. ' , ' -
tT u Ting, the Chinese mininter reeon
Iv refused to Hit mi lite name table with
Otis. Mr. Nn tii in in wivv to be Imcked op by
one tlHiuwin4 uwti of Topeka, in her al-
voMvurieHW. .
Working Ortrtline
Eitfht hour laws are ignored by tlxwe
lam A, ! lie t inni" aweni" " " "
titght nod day, nrng Indigestion, Bill-
,VMineiw, Conslipntion, Rick Henducbe
nnH till Stomach, Liver and Bowel troub
les. "Eisv, pleasant, snfe, sure. Only
SV at J. E. PHiswr'i Drug Store. ,
TIj only reigning queen in Europe to
U U Wilhslmina, the daughter of the
l ite king William lint, princes Emma
vf Waldeek. who was married on hist
Thursdiiv, Fell, 7lh, at the Hague, in all
ih. vle ncrtAininir to royalty. It is
mid the vouog queen ha the interest of
tier ueooie only t heart.
Itrport show a greatly increased death
rate from throat and lung troubles, due
to the prevalence of croup, pneumonia
indirr.Doe. W advise the use of One
Minute Cough Cure in all of these dlffi
cullies. It i the only harmless remedy
lhAt gives immediate result Children
like iU-J. K. Phb.het.
' Those who are in a position to know,
My the Frye-Hanna-Pain ship subsidy
Wli now Wore cent rses Ukes from in.
000,000 people 9,0O0.M0 and puU it ioto
four men's pockeU, but it cant give one
cent for isrigMtioo.
A powerf ul engine cannot be run with
m wank boiler, and we can't keep up the
train of aa active life with a weak atom
awn; neither can we Mop the human ma-
whlna) to make repairs. If the stomach
anaot digest oaeugh food to keep the
body strenc. each a preparation as Ko-
eiol Pjej fgia Cur should bo uesd. It
ligte waal you eat aod it simply cant
ttrinbwilo fo good. j. E, PHonrrr,
. Oej .last Juaa, taw republican party
field a swAioaal ooneention, at the ceot-i
aitv-Iilaateaia and almost if
oreltait unaoiBMualy passed a-plat.
Urm at priooipl, la which platform
Usar wa a plank opooeed to trust eepe
cwUhr bad UusU' and all the campaign
iaHj leaders, who were conviaced in I
tkeir own mlndi, bewled agalost thsl
, whilo other of the party leader I
here were no trust. Now
CM tiki party war noooesafol aad re-
(MMdU power, not a aiagl novo haa
will atli f deotruy ta trosts, or even I
rBl Ikwm, oo the contrary, tho
lttsM eoagress, Ugetber with "tho
wawswateat aseirailaAsag" preeideot and I
Us exteaet are all witaout donbt work-
tajtRMtlasUaror tko frye-HaaWpl
eNkaCykiU, aoUilDg eaoro nor lea tbao I
a trawt ntaiewr to iv four trust roag-
i a menopoly of tae sea faring I
far flleWaw Il.t36.000 out of the!
Yet our national uongretn eaa
at .jearVly 4 aaytlriag for irngatioa
4a tt M n&m oC bt weat.
for fee) waaJrii aasl preeAration fol-
Umkj tktr la aoUWag so proenpt I
htl tSmtif as On ICmats CnoaOetr
; kzi nmtif tor all threat
lmjT tMwwta ad lu earj m raA
n was tmst to mn
lira lUbrick, who eleven year ago
waa aer Unoed to life servitude by a crim
inal court in Liverpool. England, for toe
murder of her husband bjr poisoning and
who has served 11 yean of that senteoce,
has by the grace of hit majesty, been
pardoned. Mrr. Maybrick i an amerie
an lady and some of the moat prominent
and influeocial people of thin country
have unceasingly interested themaelTes
in her behalf and no doubt it haa been
largely thru tlieir effort ttiat aba baa
beeo rdooor!.
The bone play that bas been going
oo down at'Liocolo thief winter in the
election of twoU. 8. senator, afford
an exceleot object lesson in fnvor of Un
ited 8tates senators being elected by di
rect vote of J he people of this nation and
wo opine ore another decade of year are
counted,; the national constitution will be
amended, rao the people will have an op
portunity to say who shall represent
them in the upper house of congress.
Special ditpatcbes to the daily press
of the) United States, makes the surpris
ing announcement that Great Britain
liar axked the Portugese government to
loan her some of the weakling troops in
order that Khe nm y whip the Roers into
subjection. If the statements be true,
and we have no reason to question them,
Lord Kitchner Ims asked his imperial
government for 80,003 more troops, it is
pretty good indication thut King Ed-
wurds kingdom has seen its halcon days
and itn darkest ' era has dawned in the
form of the cruel South African war.
Tom L Johnson's Plans.
Cleveland, 0. Jan. 81, Tom I John
son, recei ved llw following dispatch from
W. J. Bnyan ot Lincoln, Neb., Wednes
day: "Is it true as reported, that you
have closed out your bvsines and intend
to devote the remainder of your life to
social and pulitical reform?"
Johnson replied: "It is true that I
have retired permanently from business
and intend to devote all of my time and
energy to social ana political qussuous.
preliminary in defence of.tnejrincipl
lua, nnu "ucl Ju""' w
I special privileges to none." Elmira (N.
y.) O&zetU
A Fireman's Close Call.
I stuck to my engine, although every
joint ached and every cerve was racked
with pain." writes C. W. Bellamy, a lo
comotive Hreman, of Burlington, Iowa.,
I won weak and pale, without any ap
petite and all run down. As I was
bout to give up, I got a bottle of Elec
tric Bitters and. ftftr taking it, I felt
well as I ever did in my life." Weak,
sickly, rundown people always gain new
life, strength and vigor from their use.
Try them. Satisfaction guaranteed by
J. F PBI5XST price 60 cents.
(f THE 2S) 1
Is lb oo bsaorUol mignhM la lb world gtving la la eicturev
ha text. In Iti cmilrkW trlieisa, dftorUU tnd oVputoMakj,
cecaprilisnsfvt, timsly record of lb world's currant history. Not
the tnamertuoo of mer bar (acta, but a cotDreM! plctur
ol lb atoam, Hj actMaav In notabl eersonAlrbe, aad aoUkU
tier lac. The beet InloraMd mrn and women la U world Bad It
ladbpnssbl. . j
Tber an many leaden m yoar locality who have yet to
Warn ol Hi ustklae. wkh tosUblish acthr ifenUiorvrr
dty and township In ms cowalry. wU pay HbtraOy lor met
tdiortmrieterBtMua IW moainacAabefllid
wtmseasUnKal bcwaai of Incom. Make IU of las pansai la
yowr kxaUty who aboald nv Ui.rlolRwwi," and sand
to m Im igeaf i lerma, lampl cepWa, aod working outfit. Tata
oflctt Ibsfa iiaWriptiuu. It Is A frenpHmenl to asproaca a pwioa
wk a mlw iffNfiaii nupunHlua feflbMR4vww ol Rvwwai''sa
waniew)lyiKwMd. Tbaaflsi actrrs i
leabj ippikiion
PHern, U aeewo a wwmkor. taVMawar.
tkx (uemv cr nxvaw. ooiahy. '
4 UeVatrrieas, 1
Buckleua Arnica Balre.
Haa world-wide famo for mar vl loos
curea It surpasses any other naive, "lo
tion, ointment or balm for cuts, Coroa,
Burn, Boils, Sore. Felon, Ulcer, Tet
ter, Salt Rheum, Fever ors, Chapped
Hand, Skin Eruption; Infallible tor
Pile. Cure guaranteed. Only 36c at
J. E. PfllKKSY'a Drug Store, ' '-J.
Mayor, 8am' I M. Jones, while add res'-
ing the Men's Guild of the Presbyterian
church at Rochester, N. Y., Inst weed,
was oaked bi oopinion relative to the
Philippine war, he aaid: "I don't believe
in murper; we must ouit killing." lie
declared; "We are the only nation on
the face of the earth ebat barn men at
the stake. Ohio scored the south, but
when we had a lynching in our yard, we
drew in our herns, so did Michigan too,"
Genl. Christian DeWet. the General
Grant, of South Africa, bas achieved' an
other, signal victory, over British troop
at Fabaksburg mountains. Again the
British commander in charge, was forded
to retire witn great loss, being .compel
led to keen up a running flgbt in the fear
thus enabling the king forces to
their escape.
XaOrippo Quickly Cured. -
"In the winter of 1888 and 1888. 1 was
taken down with a sever attack of what
is called LaGrippe" say a E. L. Hewett, a
prominent oVruggis of . Winfield, ' III.
"The only medicine I used was two bot
tles of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
It broke up the cold and stopped' the
coughing like magic, and I have never
since been troubled with Grippe." Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy can always be
depended upon to break up a severe cold
and ward off any threatened attack of
pneumonia. " It is pleasant to take, too,
which makes it the most desirable and
one of the "most popular preparations in
use for thesn ailment. For sale by Dh.
J. E. PHorxtrr.
Ex-Congressman, Judge Maxwell, X-
pi red very suddenly at hi home in Fre-1
moot. Neb., on the 11th lost, of hfart
ii..- T..,i m...ii . nn -.
oi age ana pau peen .n puoiicnie almost
continuously during bis residence in this I
stale wlwrb he had lived since ,1855 and
bad much to do with shaping legislation
and in conducting the public affairs of
this great cohimoo wealth since its en
trance into the Union as a state.
Recent experiments show that all clas
ses of foods 'may be completely digesetd
iy a preparation called Kodol Dyspepsia
Cure' which absolutely digest what
you eat. As it is tne only combination
of all the natural digestant ever devised
the demand for it has become enormous
It has never failed to cur the very worst
cases ot indigestion and it always gives
instant relief. J. E. PBQINET.
Call For Bids Eor Bridge.
Bids will be received and filed by the
County clerk at bis office in Harrison,
Nebraska, until noon February, 85th,
1901, for the building of a county bridge
Rccroft Monroe Creek, in War bonnet
f.recinrt. .. --;-.-'.--.-..-:;.. 1
The Commissioners reserve the right,
to reject any and all Aids. Plan and
specitlcations are on file at this office. ,
Wh. J. A. Racm.
County Clerk.
onoa, riming yow i
. . eWTethO..
TMi JoimlrAi. win pnblUh yonr brand, like
the following, for (Saw, per year. - Each ad
dltioaal Uutl V.onta. Kvery israier or
ranebatea In Siona and adjoining eoaoties
hoald 4vertlM their brands m THaJoom
aL mm it olraafatee all over the state. It
may be tan means of earing- money for yon
ssda QElVARO.
Par the arrest and conylptlon of any party
or parties stealing or disfiguring any brands
on .slock belonging to the undersigned par
Ildrno branded
on rtgh shoulder or
J 1
on right Jaw Also, I have
Horses branded Ij on lyft thigh
Fast Offios Address, ' ''" '
, Harrison, 8ipnx Oo Nebraska.
60, 1(7, E
(on left Mr
on left Jsw,
left hip of Cattle.
Sioux CountyjMebraska.
Post Office. Hewitt,
Horses iraAded
3 on left noul"
branded on left shoulder
and Cattle PIY on left side.
Post Office Address, ,
. Patrick, Laramle Co. Wyo.
; Cattle branded
on left side
Horses branded
on left shou
der, range on Soldier Creek.
. Any stock branded as above being estray
my rMge moo,OTC4 by any body
Qa giving me information will be rewarded.
Address, Ft. Robinson, Nebraska.
left shonlder and
Cattle game on left
Sheep barnded
on 1-ackorl rJ on
bsck Of Sheep.
Range on Soldier Oeek and White River.
Address, Ft. Robinson, Nebraska.
Oattle brand
ed on left side.
Range on
Rnnulng Water
(TP, O. Address Harrison. Nebraska.
i Tht Great Representative Newspaper
of the Becky Xoaataln States and
i Tertterles.
Ail the Now from All the World, 4.
V Illustrations, Oartoons, Special ;
reaUires,Etc.,Eto. .
Daily and Sandsy-. per month - - S .n
ISaadaveoIr ( to a naiceei. per year, Its
I Wsakly, Bwr year . - l.
- Dearor, Colgrado
j I-, - - How To Cure Uie unp.
J t Remaia quietly st homo nod tako
Chamberlain Congh remedy as diroutoa
and a quick recovery is euro to follow.
Thai remedy counioracw any
1 of the grip to result in pneumonia, which
' lis really the only sorlou danger. A-
moflg tflt IMS OI trouaanaa wuv
i) Bead it for the grip not oo cans bs ever
barwportod that did not recover. For
tatobDm.j. E-PHurm.
Cattle ' braaded
side and same on
on the left
left shoul
der of horses.
Address, Harrison, Mebrssks.
Cattle Branded P"""" on left' side and
Horses Branded I 1 1 oa left eboalder
Baqge on head of Whit River.
P.O. Address, Harrison, Keb,
Owns the follow-
Innbrandoa eith
Also HQ on cat
tle and horses
cattle on leftside
horses on left
Range on Silver Spring sad east of state
tne. Postofflee Harrison Neb
Tne brand represented In this notice
and branded any where on left side
of cattle, and over-lap eat from the
right ear.
Also tbs same brand on left thigh of
horses, belongs to the undersigned.
Range near Eaat Springs, south part fo
Sioux county. Chalss Nbwmak,
,. Harrison, Nebraska.
Branded on left shoulder ol horses
nd on left side of cattle. '
on right side
This on
Rangoon White River, near Glen.
Post Office address, Glea, Nebraska.
Branded on left hip of Cattle
and on left cheek of Horses,
eJ Range on Deep Creek.
Address, Deep Creek Live Stock Co..
J. H. Halbikt. Foremen,
Glea, Nebraska,
Cattle bread.
oa eat on eith
er side of ani
mal. '
And following on
left side of cattle.
And this j on stock.
And this jj on left side and hip. .
Range on Running Water.
Post Office sddress, Harrison, Nebraska.
, URITXO 8TATBS Lasd orrcf.
Alllsnce, Nebrsska,
January, 11, WH.
' A snffioient affidavit having been flled in
this office by Jens Jeneen, contestant,
against Homestead entry No. 44, made Jan
nary for K!i W)4 N-E! HSl and
N-WK 8-EW, Section IS, Township SI, N rang
54 w, by Ramon Cortes, eon testes, in which
It Is alleged that said Ramon Cortes bas
never settled upon or msde any improve
ments whatever on the said land, that it
has been wholly abandoned by the Entry-
man since date of entry, and that said alleg
ed absence from the aaid land was not due
to bis hnployement In the Army, Navy or
Marine Corps of tne United States as a art
ate solkler, officer, soamaa or marine dar
m or marine nur-
during any other
ing the war with Spain, or
warln which the United Stotee way be en -
aagea, swa pmrww m..i -
sDoear. respond and offer evidence tonch
lnc said allegation at is e oicx a. m. aaren
u. imi. before Grant uutnrte, aosaro raniie
at his office in Harrison, noo,, ananaw
hea bearing will be held at is o'elock a. m
on Jtareh is, 1W1. before the Regtater and
nrtr at the United SUte Lead ODoe la
Alltaaee, Nebraska.
The said oontesunt having, in s proper
asuavlt. am jaanary u, im. "r
facto which show that after dUllfoae per.
n ii
. right side of cattle too
soesU serrlce of thU notloe can not be wolumf.TS,ofiOM eeontv aad I
i. m uw.uj -
notice be given by do and proper pabllos -
---- -- ... . MM UH kUI
Uon. W. R. absbs. Mginor.
Dyopopcio Copo
Dbtsta nhit yea cat
Katar in sueiiittonalM and taooB
suoctinf tba txluuMtal dlgwttl v Qt
tans. Us tha Utadtsoottiwaitl
Sat aad tooie. Vp otbar prtrr5iosi
m armnaea it la Ocincy. II tlf
stantly rtHsrasiBd nmmMaOtwm
pjipoia, lwioa, Birnbiin,
S1QO Reward.
For proof to convict any pereoa) mf. steal
lag, altering, running off, or in any way
damaglags stock bttiaAedJ; on right
side or hip. Address, Jambs roam,
Harrison, Neb.
Brand combl donb!
left side
of cattle. Horses ssniej
t out right!
ear esAUe,
Cattle ail dohoriw
Range on Kyle Creek,
Post Ofoos. Glea Mabrsska.
CatU braaded
on left hip also
Cattle branded
i left
Range on Soldier Creek and Whle Blver.
Address, Glen, Nebraska.
: roreman, Pun Maooi,
Cattle branded
on left hip and
same oa the let
Horses branded
on left Jaw, shonlder or flank. Also Horsss
braaded I I! I on left flank .and
. , . , jj oa left snouiaer.
Range on head of Van Taseell ereek, Wyo.
WPost Offloe addree, Harrison, Neb.
Cattle brand
ed same as that
on eat, either
left hip or on
left shoulder.
lioree brsaded with sf of above braad.
Cattle branded
on left hip, shonl
der or side and ' 1 Horses branded
same as cattle. Range near Bell, Nob.
P. O. Address, Harrises, Nebraska.
I Cattle Branded
en left side.
Range on
.'Adjdves iv--',
Agate, Nebraska.
On left side or hip of eatMe, I
On left shoulder of horaos. I
Rang oa the head ol Warbeanet
cresk .."'.'-.
Address Harrison, Sioux Co. Neb
Road Notice.
To all whom It may eoaeera:
The Commissioners sppotated
road commencing at H-aeeraor of
thirty three () and thirty-foor (4)ia
hip thlrty-nve (ssj aaage iiisyioar inr
in Sioux County Nebraska thence Rnaaisw
Sooth two (t) miles and terminating at Sa
eornerof section four (41 In township thlT-
ty.f(mr (M fifty-four (.64) U Sioux
I ... v,.k. h aathlthad and all ok-
1 or f or ,umset ms.t
be filed in tho oounty Clerk's office on or bw.
tore noon of the isth day of February INI
or each road will be established wltnoat ref
erence thereto.
County Cierk.
I Shetlfr Bale.
i By virtue of an order of sale tossed by tne
I mark ths District Coart of svnx oaaaiy,
n,,, upon a decree rendered byaH
I i. - M r.
imwuu. bniwunii . . - -
1 ku wtf ehrtstlaa aaote ankaown.
w right s. Lewis, ekeeator ef ta eeteaem
Mary A. Loekwood. deeeesed ankaowa heirs
of Maty A. Lookwood,
t win. an the nth day of Fsbmsry a. p.
itoi. ettwooxlonk tn the afternoon of Mid ,
dav at ths eaat front door of the Coart
u. lt maatv. la Hal I ISO n.
ha, eell to the highest Udder for mm in
bsnd, ths following deesribad real
sltnata In said eoenty, towlti -The
xi to -east eaerter, ef Seetloa tweary.
it. tawnanin thirty -f oar. aorta of Swage
Sfty 4ve, west of the suta pnaotaa wmm
tmm la Itaax County. VWwkli SO eBAwa
ataiireala.mtho lajsaf Ota I
red aad etghty fswr dollar sad slckty
eeata. latereet aad ieu na aessniag sse i
11, Ma
t 1 - " i
r?vr::i i.
4 m C
1 it
. - ' 3
1 ?:
V-.- ... .
( i