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a alio Acain.
MIm Olca Ncthersole opened ner
American eaaon at Waliack'g theater.
New York Monday night, Introducing
that well known lady with a noisome
past and doubtful present "Sapho."
O. Harrison Hunter bas replaced Ham
ilton Revelle an leading man. After
two weeks In the metropolis Miss Neth
ersole will start on a tour which will
take ber through to the Pacific coast.
Araerlran Ulrl's London Success.
Americana In London ore pleased
with the conspicuous success of Miss
Eleanor Calhoun as Salome In Stephen
Phillips' "Herod." Miss Calhoun is a
California girl. She wa3 once a mem
ber of Coquelln'a company, and was
said by the actor to be one of the
few Americans able to speak French
without an accent.
Chaperon for "Co-fed."
University chaperons are the latest
Viennese novelty. In consequence of
the riotous and Insulting bjhavlor of
the male students when the women
tried to avail themselves of the newly
granted permission to attend lectures,
many others of women students have
registered for the university lectures In
order to accompany and protect th?lr
A Bonth Dakota, afoluer and liar LlttU
Girl Kipreaa Their Gratltud la
an Open I-ettr.
FOLSOM, Custer Co., South Dakota,
Dec. 15. (Special.) Mrs. H. D. Hyde
has given for publication a letter ex
pressing her unbounded gratitude to
Dodd's Kidney Pills for the double
cure of htTself and little daunhter.
Mrs. Hyde has been troubled with
pains In ber heart for over three years
and tor a long time her little girl suf
fered from weak kidneys. The grateful
lady does not seem able to find words
strong enough to express her giatitudo.
She has written the following:
I cannot say too much In praise of
Dodd's Kidney Pills. They are tho
greatest kidney and heart medicine I
ever used. I bad been troubled for over
three years with a severe pain In my
heart, which entirely disappeared after
I had taken a few doses of Dodd's
Kidney Pills. I also gave them to my
little girl, whose kidneys had been
weak, and she commenced to lmprovo
from the very first dose. Dodd's Kid
ney Pills are certainly a wonderful
medicine. I would be pleased to have
this, my statement, published, a3 I feel
It my duty to let others know Just
what the Pills will do for them.
Dodd's Kidney Pills always cure.
60c a box. All dealers.
The man who has but little and
wants less is richer than the man who
bas much and wants more.
Sweat and fruit acids will not dis
color goods dyed with PUTNAM
A man rarely marries the first girl
with whom be thinks he is In love.
Dropsy treated free by Dr. H. II. Green's
Sons, of Atlanta, Gc. The preatttit drop-y
specialist in tho world. Rend their adver
tisement in another column ot tins paper.
It Is perfectly safe for tho man who
is blind to believe all he sees.
Thrre la a Clasa of People
Who are Injured by the use of coffee.
Recently there has been placed in all
the grocery stores a newpreparatlon
called GRAIN-O, madj of pure grains,
that takes the place of coffee. The most
delicate stomach receives It without
distress, and but fw can tell it from
coffee. It docs not cost over one-fourth
as much. Children may d'lnk It with
great benefit, 15 cents and 25 cents
per package. Try it. Ask for GRAIN-O.
A woman's heart is like nothing so
much as a Moorish maze.
Mm. Window's Hoothlna- Bjrrop.
for children tenthlnc. sortim ihr (turns, iwluret trr
nauiiuaitua.aiiayspaia.uurei wlmlcoilo. Swabutu
The modesty of true worth Is only
equalled by the worth of tine modesty.
Btatc or or io, citt or Toledo, f
Hk ah courrr, I
Fran J. Cbnnev make oath that be la the
en lor partner of the nrtn of F. J.Cheney ACo.,
doing bualnraa In the Cily of Toledo, County
and Slate aforraald. and that ald tlrm will pay
each and every cane of Catarrh that cannot bo
cured by the uae of Hall . Caurrta Cure
Sworn to before me and aubacrlbed In my
Dreaenoe, tola Ola day of December, A. D. 14
SlM Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Core ! taken Internally, and
acta directly on the blood and mucous surfaces
of the aralo- Send for testimonials, free.
' P. J. CHKKEY CO., Toledo, a
fir.M by Druffs'.sis. 7?. ,
UeJLl e Family Pills an tha best
Office seeking Is neither a trade nor
profession; It's a disease.
I am euro Ptso's Cure tor Coniumptloa eared
my life three years wo. Mrs. Thos. R )BBia,
Maple Street, Norwich, X. T., Feb. 17, 1900.
A man's wealth may be measured by
his capacities, not by his coin.
A dyspeptic la never on food tnns with htm
self. Something l always wrong. UetltrlKbt
by chew lug lieeman's lvpnln Uum.
Fidelity to old truths demands hos
pitality to new ones.
$148 will buy new Upright piano on
easy payments, Write for catalogues.
8chmoller Mueller, 1313 Farnaa
street, Omaha.
There's always room at th top
but few men care to dwell In an attic.
Baentlfnl hair It always pieulna, sod Nuu'l
Oils Bl,i eireis In proam-lag It.
MMvaacoaas, the best sure for euros. Ucla.
Modern murmurcrs are bitten with
the Cjry serpents of their own
To Cmm Out A Ilea's roet-KaM Frew.
Write to-dar to Allen 8. Olmsted, Le
Roy. N. Y.. for a FREB sample of
Allen's root-Ease, powder. It cures
sweating, damp, swollen, aching feet
Makes new or tight shoes easy. A cer
tain curt for Chilblains and Frost-bites.
At all druggists and shoe r tores; Zee.
' No man knows what It Is to be a
"Well, well, so this Is New Year's
day," said Mr. Spooner. "Do you re
member how we quarreled this day
one year ago?"
"Remember! I think I do!" cried
his wife. "Why, the cards were order
ed when it happened, and I didn't
know whether I could have your name
taken out and Dick's Inserted, In case
I changed my mind."
"In caso I changed my mini, you
mean, dear. Strange that I never sus
pected how much poor Dora cared for
me until that day."
"I'm sure she had concealed It very
well the way she ran after Dick, as
if he ever had eyes for anybody but
me! He never told his love, but a wo
man's intuition was "
"A synonym of vanity, dear. 01
course, I couldn't help knowing that
she cared for me when I met her in
the boarding hou3e parlor, with her
eyes full of teara, on the very morning
after you had told Marie, her dearest
friend, that we were to be married in
a month."
"Humph, that girl would cry about
anything; I've known her to cry when
the villain in the play was killed as if
a villain could expect anything else In
the last act. But as soon as I saw Dick
that morning I knew that he knew It.
Why, his necktie had slipped around
under one ear and his voice, as he
wished me a happy New Year, was so
sad, that I felt guilty, though my con
science told me that I had not encour
aged him."
"You've forgotten how you used to
praise the shape of his head."
"As if that meant anything! A girl
only praises the shape of a man's head
when she can't find anything else to
flatter him about. It it means no
more than it does when she tells a
small man that he resembles Napoleon.
But when I remembered that you had
once gone down on the floor in your
new trousers to pick up Dora's hand
kerchief I knew that I bad been oruelly
deceived. So when you reproached rne
about Dick, I"
"I remember how badly I felt when
she replied to my New Year's greet
ing with the remark that happiness
for her was over forever. And before
I could comfort her Miss Mario came
In and I could only go sadly away
without telling her that I 'should al
ways be a brother to her."
.Seasonable faying.
The new leaf that very soldom gets
turned over is the one In the diary.
Some men claim that they see the
old year out and the new one in by
getting so drunk that they can't see
anything. '
By New Year tho 6llver plating
wears off many a Christmas present.
A good beginning is naif the battle
except in the case of keeping a diary.
The new date Is as hard to remem
ber as the new leaf.
Even thougn the arctic explorer
never discovers the north pole he de
serves credit, for he always keeps a
New Year gives us a chance to re
ciprocate to those who unexpectedly
gave us a present at Christmas.
Seeing the old year out puts a man
in a fit condition to swear off the next
day. N. Y. World.
The fieto year' Greeting.
"You look worried, Brown," Bald
"Worried! I should say I am, Seo
those?" And he drew out of his over
coat pocket a great bundle of state
ments of accounts.
"Ha! ha!" laughed Green, "you will
make Christmas present to your wife,
will you, without counting the cost
first?" The lines around Brown's eyes
deepened and his mouth drooped sad
ly. "No," he said, "that's not It. These
are not for presents I made my wife."
"Why, what are they for, then?"
ssked Oreen, wonderlngly.
"For the present my wife made
And the men shook bands In tender
sympathy. Detroit Free Press.
Sott your Mirth. t
It Is not wise to have so merry
Christmas that you cannot have
hafpr Nsw Year. Chicago Tribune.
"And poor Dirk, I asked him if there
was anything 1 could do for him; he
replied: 'Yes,' but Just then the maid
came In with a note for him, and he
fld he must go at once I think he
wiBhed to be Uone with his sorrow.
Then you cams In, and, Instead of
sharing my pit for him, you accused
me of flirting Hh him!"
"I er don't remember that. But
wasn't it odd that before I left you for
ever, Miss Marie should come in and
tell us that Dora and Dick were en
gaged! I've often wondered how it
happened that they decided to console
each other."
"And so have I. Why, here is Marie
now perhaps she can explain. Sit
down, Marie, do. Tom and I are Just
going ovar old times. Do you remem
ber last New Year's day, and"
"Indeed I do. I've Just been to sec
Dora, and she waa talking about it.
She and Dick quarreled last New
Year's Eve about the date of their
marriage, and almost parted forever.
They think you both must have guess
ed it. I remember that Tom was in
the parlor with Dora, when I ran in on
New Year's morning to tell her of your
engagement. She had been on the
point of asking him to help her to
make up with Dick. And when she
told me about it, I wrote him a note
telling him that I believed she would
forgive him If he came at once. That
note found him at your house, Irene,
where he had gone to ask your aid a3
peacemaker. Odd, wasn't it?"
A. Happy Jfetu year.
A nappy iew year! How many
people realize the meaning of the
words as they go about with this
familiar greeting upon their lips? "I
wish you a happy New Year!" Does
! 11 not seem that tho wish carries
blessing with it? And I believe It
does when spoken by friends whose
words are always true and sincere.
For the benefit of those thoughtlesa
ones who never read between the lines,
let us analyze this significant greeting.
Jr. tho first place wo v.-ish cur friends
happiness, and the next question which
naturally suggests Itself is, what con
stitutes happiness? A little friend of
mine tells me that It is to eat all the
candy he wants and not to so to bed
until he wants to do so. Another
friend of more mature years says that
she would be perfectly happy if she
had all the money she wanted to spend
as she liked. Another desires fame,
another social position. And so we
might go on asking and finding out
that almost every one bas a different
definition for happiness.
If the young lad were allowed to
follow his own sweet will and surfeit
himself with sweets and late hours, I
think the result would be anything but
happy. As for wealth, who can blame
anyone for wishing for all that one
cares to spend, and especially a wom
an to whom a separate Income Is the
exception rather than the rule. It Is
the spending of It which decides the
happiness or unhapplness of the
possessor. I do not believe that any
one was ever really happy who used
wealth merely to gratify selfish am
bitions. Fame, too, Is a good thing to poj
ipss, but how many who have gained
this high pinnarlo will tell you that
It brings happiness Social position is
also something after which thcro is
much striving. Yet when the coveted
place Is reached It Is so often found
to bo barren, and happiness has no
resting place there. Soclnl position
brings heavy responsibilities with It,
and social duties are hard ,and labori
ous without the happy results that
follow labor In more worthy causes.
It seems, then, that there must be
some special way to happiness not
enslly found. There is, but It Is easy
enough to be seen by all who care
to follow Its winding way. Wiser
heads than mine found out long ago
that only In trying to make others
happy Is real happiness ever gained
for oneself.
go in wishing our friends a happy
l;w Year, we really obligate ourselves
to do all that we can to make tha
wish come true; and for this reason
the words rh(A;!a iever be spoken idly,
or used as a Erff matter of form. On
the other haViJ, to be sincere in the
greeting and to do what the words Im-
plv, is certain to bring happiness to
And now, let us go on to the next
word In th analysis, "new."
Everybody likes new things, un
ices an exception may be made to
the so-called "new woman." New
gowns, new bonnets, new personal be
longings of all sorts appeal especially
to women. While "clothes do not make
the person," every one has learned
that appearance in this world goes a
long way toward success. ynder the
inspiration of knowing that one is
well-dressed often one has done his
best and the key note of success has
been touched. It Is human nature
that womankind should love pretty
new dresses, new bonnets and dainty
surrounding, so let no one accuse her
of vanity for desiring them.
New ideas are sought after by the
philosopher; new conditions by the
scientist; new inventions by the in
ventor. Editors eagerly examine new
matter; and that which Is truly origin
al or opens a new field of thought is
never found "unavailable" no matter
how poorly it ma7 be written.
There i3 a constant hunt going on
for something new to further stimu
late the energies, ambitions and de
sires of the world's people; and never
was this craving so apparent an now
when we are closing the nineteenth
century. Everyone seems to feel that
we are on the verge of a new era
which in spite of the inventions ct the
past Is to be the most wonder produc
ing period in the world's progress. If
the inhabitants of Mars continue to
signal us, as has been stated, who
knows but what some shrewd, enter
prising Yankee will put on his think
ing cap, build a flying machine that
will overcome all atmospheric con
ditions and go sailing over to the
planet one of these coming days?
Perhaps the North Polo will be dis
covered in the same way, although
why so many people will risk life and
property to find a spot that is almost
certain to contain nothing that, will
sustain life or hope, can only be laid
to their insatiate greed for something
It is to be hoped, however, that
while these greater things are going
on, seme one may invent an automatic
servant that will get up in the morn
ing without being called, never let the
fires go out, wash our best china with
out breaking it, and, from the ve7
nature of the invention, cannot "'alk
back" when we happen to go into the
kitchen and scold a little Household
The fnnuat Creeling.
"A Happy New Year to you!" This
is the greeting which will be heard
on every side as we cross the thres
hold of the new year. It has become
a custom to repeat it. In many cases
it has little meaning, and is nothing
more than an empty compliment or an
idle wish. How much do you mean by
It? It Is very easy to repeat the form
ula. It is a very simple matter to buy
a New Year's card and enclose it in
an envelope. But when you send this
greeting, or speak it, do you regard
it as a pledge or promise that you will
do nothing to make the recipient ot
it unhappy, and that you will do all
in your power to relieve his anxieties
and brine gladness to his heart?
Baptist union.
Crowned evermore In endless light she
The New Year's dawn,
While we, with heads bowed low and
dull heartbeats.
Live sadly on.
Visions too grandly bright for mortal
To her unfold
Blossoms each noble deed of earthly
In beauty's mold.
The glory of our Lord her eyes have
With undlmmcd sight,
Safe In His presence dear, she dwells
And knows no night.
She clasps the hands of loved ones
waiting there
On Heaven's shore.
With them she treads thoso streets so
wondrous fair.
In rapture o'er.
In glad surprise, joyous and pure and
Her soul so blrst.
Solves tho deep mystery of eternity
And perfect rest
Isabel L. Boardman, In N. Y. Ob
server. Merely an Official rerm.
He wished me a happy New Year;
The words would have tickled me,
I knew from his bearing austere
I whs booked for a salary cut.
Chicago Record,
The floncsof Mrs. lizzie M.
In a letter to Dr. Hartman concern
ing the merits of Pe-ru-na, Mrs. Brew
er writes, among other things:
Westerly, R. L
"Dear Dr. Hartman I find Pe-ru-na
a sure cure for all catarrhal affections
eo common In this part of the country.
It cures a cold at once. There is no
cough medicine that can at all equal
Pe-ru-na. As for la grippe, there is
no other remedy that can at all COm
Tinro with Pa-H .Til.
"I am among the sick a great aeai
in our city and have supplied many
invalids .with Pe-ru-na. Eimnlv be
cause I 'am enthusiastic in my faith
ns to its results. I have never Known
it in fall in nuirklv nnd Dermanently
remove that demoralized state of the
human system which follows la grippe,
"in nil casPB of extreme weakness
I use Pe-ru-na with perfect confidence
of a good result. In cases of weak
ness peculiar to my sex I am sure tnat
no other remedy can approach in good
Try Magnetic Starch it
will last
longer than any other.
There are two kinds of silliness the
silent and the garrulous. The former
Js endurable.
Don't Get V oat sore 1 ties 1TOOT-EASE.
A certain cure for Swollen, Smart
ing, Burning, sweating reei.
nnd Bunions. Ask for Alien s r uui
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Chilblains. At all Druggists and bnoe
Sttres, 25c. Sample sent a lia.. aq
drress Allen S. Olmsted, LeRoy, N. Y.
Wise is the individual who prepares
for the future by studying both the
past and the present.
Best tor he Aowels.
Nf matter what ails you, headache
to a cancer, you will never get well
until your bowels are put right.
CASCARETS help nature, cure you
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CASCARETS Candy Cathartic, the
genuine, put up in metal boxes, every
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Originality blazes a new track while
eccentricity runs on one wheel in an
old rut.
Garfield Tea produces a healthy action
of the stomach, liver, kidneys and bow
els; it purifies the blood, thus protecting
the system aealnst disease.
The common mind may be deceived
by the fact that vice and genius often
produce similar effects.
Important to mother.
Exolno carefully every bottle of CASTORIA,
a safe and sure remedy for infanta and children,
and see that it
Bear; the
Signature of
fa Use For Over 30 Years.
The Kinfl Von Have Always Bouffht
A very little child may open a yery
large door in heaven.
aKWUSmm rxtaTtaWaTn
CJg. " iiMssaaaasjJ-
2 lb. package costs 15c Two packages for a quarter.
Your Grocer Sells It.
A lean
well laundered i a thing
of beauty, but you cannot
do good laundry work with
inferior starches.
ia prepared cnpeclally for
uae In the Home and to en
able the housekeeper to get
up the linen equally aa well
aa the beat ateam laundries.
Try a package. All grooera
Mil It at too.
Brewer at Westerly. R. I.
results the action of Pe-ru-na. H
meets all the bad symptoms to which,
females are subject. Tho irregulari
ties and nervousness, the debility and)
miseries which afflict more or less tha
women from girlhood to change ot
life, are one and all met nnd over
come by this excellent remedy. I wish
every young lady in our city could
read your book.
"Mr3. Lizzie M. Brewer."
Pe-ru-na will cure the worst cases
of catarrh. La grippe is acute epi
demic catarrh, for which Pe-ru-na la
a specific.
Mrs. J. W. Reynolds, New Lisbon,
Ohio, suffered for man7 years with,
chronic catarrh of the lung3, head and.
throat; continuous cough; many,
physicians failed to cure. Permanent
ly cured by Pc-ru-na. Thousands of
testimonials could be produced. A.
valuable treatise on catarrh sent free
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Columbus. O.
Magnetic Starch is the very best
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no fares.
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Excursion tickets at reduced rate,
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