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    jhe Bon.dixiCa.rv
BCM-h-I Jrirtf i-nn was cne only riaugt)
-r if the nu.ein.ir 01 Iceland. Sne feh
lit luve who ..id manled an Idier, kite
gt-t ji j . ti.r father had olhr hope
C ber and n. h antfer he disowned her
J two oi r vr;ed her and ran away tt
'-h. Of this ui.ii, n. however, a child
tern, an. I ti-Mdj called Mm Jason. Ste
n OTiy . ii 'a.'u irom in the Isle of
fciaii. wlit.; wa aquiu married anil
ii..t:. ... . torn, iUcbd died
tirvseti -iira' t, .vuman, but luli Jaun cl
fli iai,.ei'- di fit. Jason swore to. kiii
tiien km if n , a r.im, then Ills son. In the
smalltime Uiiy had deserted his ship and
uht refu, o in the tide 'of Man. and
n -he.;e t-'J Ly the governor of the
ssUtmi, a...:ti t-'airbrother. Orry went
tfeoui bad ( tt--."i'ie. an'i marled a dUso
tuv, and (heir ;,Hd, cabled Michael gun
locks, war born. The woman died and
O.y rfave ;:ji child to AJain Fair
4:oi(.'r, who adopted him, and he bo
.im the v ajn.jie of the e,overnor's oniy
n.iteier, U o,a. Time passed and the
4ietinr ami hs wife became estrange.!,
Vu-ii live o.- -tay.iig with their inoloer
oo decimnt ol tiieir jeal'iny of Soralocks,
no it id beei..'!'ie a favorite with the kj--;Hor.
Knotty Stephen Uny collfesl.es
I;ih tclMieeO'-! in Surii"eks, w iio prom:r-ei
to so io lee .uiii to find Rachel if po.o
li'e and ea:- inr her, anil if he w..s
nd Hi rind her noil ami (rent h.m an
a i'ioih' F. lie tid jsood bye t his street
ttaxn. it ei Ik. B,.j started on his Jnumey.
.Veint.me .,;.ori bail startel on his
J ii'iHy of v-i.-anee arid his ship van
i. hed en t;ie Lie of Man. lie saved
-lr:e ijfe of hi, riher onknowirmly. j,ry
ea-d. and 01 h dtatii bed was retiog-nc-ed
by J,.iit.
Then Greeha's eyes flashed with an
ger.. "For shame," she cried, "for
shame!' Oh, you mean, pitiful men, t.
bs.t and bad -sir Mm like tn a."
Ja.,.ob thie., up his head and laugher,
end Mrs. F; Jrirolht-r eald. "Chut, gill,
uu le wail .a j.ace wiili yjur b. ;
tioiiin, eOus.i-tr.ngr you're a chit th.
J.us wasted l-;r Uy in London ai. .
Iji.-u t liarntd to mut-k a tyre yet."
Adam did not hear i.r. lie til l!k
a uan who ia ttuuned by a heavy blow.
"Sbt fi.r luj-ieif," he mumbled,
not for myself, though they all thiu.
ll." 'tiitu it turned t'J h.s sons anu
s-iid, "You ta.ntt 1 came to beg for be.
i,d boaid tor myself, but you ar
ftiong. I ca.ne to demand It far th
i.l. I inay i.ave co claim on yoo.
but she hast for she is one witn you a.,
at.d tan asi tor her own. Sue has : .
. Jwuse wi;h her father now, for It seen
ti.at Le t,ais ijuue for hiinaelf; but I...
i.oiua ta hera, and here I meaa to letn
'USot so fast, s'.r," said John.
Ji8 t4 evei caiai i3 what may one di..
tts iitia 'uu we ouiKeives oome iut..
ot'uiime. like her biro-hei.
jb.-i has ogttotug but what th warb
fur." .
"Works for. yo wagialir' cid A,
jun; is a wofflw! tt) you hear'.
a uoama't" '
"V. oji or man, where's the d.fft.
ne uci;" E-id Lieatieuian Juiin, a.,
snjtcd Lis hni,era.
"Vvaetos Uia a.ueience, you Jackau
Pca iyO you ack Km woeleB toe d.
' leiouce iiei-ei" iiere? lu grace,
cluUity, la unselflshi.eBsv In faith in t
Aoo; tn fiuei.iy to tae true, in liUa.
anA rili.vl Thuia - frUa ,1 i iv..rA n .
JFuu jackaaai.es."
"ltu are ioj old to quarrel with, t'n,
I wiii tjaje you," said Utntleman John.
"tiJiie me, you wiiiuei-nappei ! iou
ill aix.ro i..e; iiut on, let me nave pa
atitenue If 1 h.a.ve cturHd lh tiny I firier
Mini my wile, let me ajso cuisa the
fctiur wnea sne first bore no childreu
jsr.d u.y Lea.it was glad. Asher, yu
Art my riraLotn, and heaven knowi
muni you wexe to me. ou will not
Atax.d by and Usten lo this. Sue is youi
my SMu. Think of It your f.niy
AaUer twisted about, where he sal
ty lite window nook, pretending to doze,
nd said, "The girl m notning to me.
.But Is nothlhg to any of us. She has
been witn you all the d.tya of her 11. e
except such a you made her to spend
3U Uangers. She U no sus.er of
Then Adam turned to Boss, "And do
. sou aay the same V be asked.
"What can she do here?" said Ross.
"Rothlng. This is no place for your
, sTJreat ladies. Vv'e work here, every man
. and woman of us, from daylight to dark
. in tit BeUls and dairy. Best send her
back to her fine friends In London."
"Ay," said Jacob, glancing up with a
ferasaa smile into Oreeba's (ace, "or
marry her straight off that is the
liar test way. I beard a little bird tell
at someone who might have her. Don't
look astonished. Miss, lor I make no
doubt you know wbo it Is. He Is away
del the mountains now, but he'll be
i borne before long."
Oreeba's eyes glistened, but not a
iMscle of her face changed. Only she
. chttched at the back of her father's
.chair and clung to it And Adam,
struggling hard to ouster the emotion
that Btade his whole body to sway and
"resable la his seal, said slowly, "If she
Is not your sister, at least she is your
Mother's daughter, aad a mother knows
fcat that means." Then turning to
Mrs. Talrbrotber, wbo still stood span
rtth her housewife's apron to her eyes,
Js said, "Ruth, ths child Is your daugn.
ear, and by that deed you speak of she
is saUbed to her share of all that is
"Tea," said Mrs. rslrbrother, sharply,
only when I am done with it"
Sres) so," said Adam, "would you see
Ca sMM want before that, er drive her
, CJ aar sseirisgs. ae matter whatT"
1 ra take her," said Mrs. rair-
X r. imi 1
i( .' ..:' '
1 1 . Kaor aaU AXmi
' J.Isrgrr.ii."
-ter, and that she shall give up all
houpht of you."
"That you Bhall never again expert
o sie her or tear from her, or hold
ommeice of ary kind with her."
"Hut why? Why?"
"Decaus? I may have certain plant
for her future welfare that you m:g:it
try to sroX"
"Do they concern Michael Sunlockr?"
"N'o, indeed," said Mrs. Falrb. other,
with a tots of the head.
"Then they concern young aJenn, the
Icelander," sild Adam.
"If so. It Is my concernment," said
M.n. Fall brother.
"And that Is your condition?"
"And you a?k me to part from hp;
forever? Think of It, the is my t:w
i daughter. 4'te has l.een V. e llg:.t cf. ray
("ves. You have never loved her a 5 .'
j hare lovtd l.er. You kno It is thi
, tnith. And you ask me to see her n
' more, and never more to hear from h r.
: Now, Crd pur.lh you for th.a, joo
; c -!J-hesr;ed woman"'
"Take care, sir. Fewer words, o
mayhap I wlil recall my offer. If y-n
.-.re wise you will be calm for the gl.l't
' Euke."
j "You are right," he ssli, with hi
head d.iwn. "It is not ft r me f tsk
the bread out of my chili's mouth. ht
. s;:a!i cheese for herself ."'
' Then he twisted ebout to when; Crw
. ba ptood in s.Uiks t bir.d h:g chai.
: "llree!:;! ' hfr BflJ.l u '1H a u..rM rti
I loading it h:s eve, -my d.r.ns. y.i
;sie how it is. 1 a;n old an I v. ;y pcx-.r
and heaven xt- my Mind fully, I la,!
: no Leu.e to uiiir yj-u. fr I I.ave tioi.e
! sbelttr my on h-.ad. Don't f;ir f.-. .
me, f.r I have r.o fur for my-f If.
iwlll be lool.td to la the few days th:..
; remain to me. End. come what t;.i;y. t..
j scry race of my fo.jl.sh II. ' wlit sod;
j be over. Hut you have mad no rr:l-
takes that n.erit my mlsrortunos. hi
I oho 52, my child, cho.s ?. It is rover!:.
with me or plenty with your mother
jCli.ose, my child, chocae; and 1f t it b
quii.Jily, let it be iU.ei-.ly, lor u,y o,.
,' heart is burrJ.I.-is."
Ti.en t; ibi4v girl drew hers,
proudly up, h.:r biiUiint cyig afl.m
asd her no!i figure ett-cl and qj.n-i
"Chooser she criid. la a pjfrc.n
, voeje; "there is no c..oi..e. I will g.
Jviit.i my father, and foiitw him ove.
the wot Id, thi.ot;;i Be f.avu r.o coVci i,.t
but the ckk-s aoova us,"
And th.-n Auam U-ai t from his eha.
Jto tit feel, a;:i the iofhuihy cf l.i
I i '-irs ifeint'd nu:ie m an lh...tj;it, a;i
. Uj wet (ace shone w.tS t! e raoui-.c o.
;a gte.H j.-y. "Lo you heir iha, y, u
peoi .e?" he cr.d. "The: a s sr-cc. a:i
char.ty. and ui.sjl.1iai;c., and love lofl
:i the ww Id still. TLank heaven, .
' have not yet to curse the day her boJy
jbrOLgat forth children. Come, Greeba,
j we will go our ways, and God's t ruUrc
! t-on will go w.ta us. "I Lave b. er.
' young and now am old, yet have I not
a the riirnteuus foisaken, nor hi.'
seed begging bread."
He sttode across to the door, then
Btorped and looked ba:k to where h!i
sons etood together wl.h the looks el
"And you, you unnatural sons," lit
cried, "t cast you out nf my mlud.
five you up to your lazlns and youi
drunkennw and vain ph',a:urea, I am
going to one who Is cot flesh of mj
tie.h, a:.d yet he Ls my son Indeed."
A?am tie made for the dix.r, sr.".
stopped oa the threshold and ftee-5
about towards his vlfe. "As for you
woman, your time wiil coma. I'.rmcn;.
ber that! ItemembLr that'."
Greoba laid one hand seftly on hi
shoulder and salJ, "Come. father,
come." but again he Iooid bae-k at hh
eons and raid, "Farewell, all of you:
Farewell! Tou will see ma no more.
May a day like this th.-t has come t
your father never, never como to you."
And then all his brave bearing, h!r
grand stiength broke down In a mo
ment, and as the girl laid hold of hi:
! arm, lest he should reel and fill, Ik
stumbled out at the threhid, sobbinti
beneath his breath, "Sunltc4ts, my boy,
Sunlocks, I am coming to you I am
coming to rou."
Chaise A'Killey followed them out
muttetlng in an under-tresth r orris dee;
Imprecations that no one heeded.
"Strange," said he, "the near I was tc
crucifying the Lord afresh and swear
ing s mortal swear, only I rememberei
my catechism and the good John We
At the gate to the road they me'
Jason, who was coming down from
Barrule with birds at his belt. Witt
bewildered looks Jason stood and look
ed at them as they came up, a sorry
spectacle, In the brightness of the
midday sun. Old Adam himself strod.
heavily along, with his face turned
dowa and his white hair falling over
his cheeks. By his side Oreeba walked
bearing herself as proudly ss she might,
with her besd thrown back and her wrt
eyes trying lo smile. A pace or two be
hind came Chaise with his pony snd
cart grunting hoarsely In his husky
throat.' Not a word of greeting did
they give to Jsson, and he asked for no
explanation, for be saw It all after a
Moment: they being now homeless had
drifted back to their old boss and bad
beea turned away fross It And sot a
word of pity did be a bis part dart
t offer tbeea, vat la the traa sysaaathy
af HI h atsTped a to
gam Urn Ms ttrwat am
and then turned himself about to gw
their way.
They Vook the road to Ilamsey, snd
lltt.e was fald by any of the.n througn
out ti.e long two m ies of tho Joun.ey,
save only by Chaise, w ho never ceased
to mutter dark sayings to hlm-tlf,
whereof the chief were praises to God
fcr del.veiing ti.e n w.thout loss of life
oi limb or hind or even out of a den of
linns, for, thanks ba ta the Lord! He
Uid drawn U.iir teeth.
Now though ti e v. or.d Is hard enou:h
on a good nun la the hour cf his trou
ble, t..ere a.e ever more tender hem ts
to coir.pas.l. nate fcls d.strmits t..an
b tier onea to tiiuu:ph ove.- I.li au-v.-rsity,
and when Adam Katroro lie.
cume to Itanuey rr.a. y a d or wj-i
tl.rown open to him by ttich ta we e
niridful of his formir state and foano
nothtns In l is jienent fall to n.e ll
their rerentmer. No lOfplltllty would
he accept, however, bat I. ok up h!
abode wit.i Gre. ba in a little lodginf; in
the market place, with its fare to tin
crofs and Its bark toward the ssi. And
being safely houa d there, he thanked
Jason at the dr;or for the help of l..i
ftiong arm, and bad." him coma a;;:;l i
at 10 o'clock that tiijht. If so be tr.at
he was In the way cf dolus a la,
sjrvipe f.:r a I oor tcml who ml;:l.t nvei
a?;aln have It In his power to ie:j'ay
"I'll come back at t n," fall Ja-oti
5 mply, and to he left tl.em for tiic
And when he w?s porte Adim pa d t:.
Creeba as he' turned ind icra. "A III.
hid that, and as single as a child, lv
oe to the man who deceives him. Ae
ar to the wcxtin 1 1: tr. Kut you'll n- v
r do It, g!:!? I Nev r? Nevr?"
"Vty, f-ther, what tan you m-. an"
.?re we not Cr'"S away lojeihrr'." sa!u
v". '. a.
"Tru'-, c'.ild, true," f,n!d Adatn; or,''
.) without furil er answer to her -i:,,n,
tv.ire ff-.-eiteL he passed with lc
to the houre.
Hot Aiiim h:'! Mi mpar.iisr jot Wfll n-
' r'ton f, : M'-ins? it. T-ireu-?!! th
-'I'er.t walk from 1 afire !:e had re
volved t h 1 r pe-ithri a ! como io t
:1 rri-lu i.i t'. '-in;'r it. In t!:
' cut nf his CTi ".). It !.-5l llf'd u ;
's h--rt thct Cti-hs -hor-rn pt.v
'.y -vvi'h M:n b'T'-r .' plenty v.i'h li' I
in if-er urd her tr.. '.: crs. hut when ilf
ria'.cn hid ccvjlel t reb-ah'.I l.lT.'e:'
"or prml't i I" r to '!' f. What r'-t
had he tn dr?r t-r th:eu?h V e ft- :x'.
I his r? n n-r '-! ltl ! Vt W3 for
iiB cwiy, r.-;t ki nvlrg the fat? t: r.t
vaa bfor? him, hut on -,vbat pifi r.rd
o his cnrrler"---' ('tire he take r.er Itv
',1m? Hp wss r-JiS, hs ll.'e mat heh'mi
him, n -.-;vi' h'r--r , he bv! r..i
.', he. 1.1 it mvt r to ti-i how h
:lru-fV fhru'd r-tid? Plrt ;hf ""
eou. s. fhe v.;.? le-a o: ifui, i'v: ir.i.fl '
f"rm new friend-., ij , ths v.v.t! 5 w:
efere fcc-r, lie v.- r.d rrirh yt t"
her fret, and life, eo c t ard s- -.
i.r.d yt t to pood a thinT wi.hu.1. w-rv-ady
and vralti-.g for her.
Cnf' h tnu--ht '. V.i: ht?l CjkIw':
rA ti Pt t.f! ." Ihat vr'j'.t i'P o:'-'
hlmfeif !'i !h-3t (li-'f.nt tend v.ooh
nt 1 i e.Un io Grn'is. A .1 '.n-e h
'.!: u-'ht t.i Jafo:i, and thxt lo l-.-uve Is"!
bchl::d T;a ta fcc.p the si-hc-r-.e?, tha
would hrine; them to?ctSfr. i'.ut put
i he would, no further !-.n:h' he se.
Ihan this, that she; niUHl f!aj', and h
murt go alcne.
Yet, knowing the nrerigth of her
purpjue, lie ennceaifd his intention, and
his poor bewildered brain went about It
work of rr'paraUf'n very artfully. I',
r.as Friday, and still not fur past noon.
hen they r-bed their lodslng by
the crnr.3. After a hafty meal he St!
out Into the town, leavi::,' Grreba ti
HKC, rcr she- had waixeii rarFnci--&rly
morr.lng. At the ijuay he In
quired tins date of a vefcel ihat called
there on It.? pnage from Ireland tc
Iceland, a::d to his surp'i-e he found
that she was even th n in the fc rubor,
aiid would ott with the fir: t tld '
of the next clay, whlr-h would flow at I
o'clock !n the morrlhR.
Thercupo-i he engaged his bertri, snd
paid for Lis p-mage. It tort !lx pound'
befldes a dally charge of four 'Shilling?
f.r rations. The trip was calculatfd
to last one month willi fair wind and
weather, such ns then promised. Adam
counted the oit, and saw that with
all present debts dlwharsed and future
ones xnsldtred, he might have some
thing between fix and seven pounds in
his pocket when h? set foot In Reyk
javik. Being sutlsfled with this pro,
pect, he went lu the High Bailiff for hit.
license to leave the Islnnd.
Creeba bad heard nothing nf this,
and as soon as night fell In fhe went up
to bed at her father's entreaty. I!ei
room was at the back of the house and
looked out over the sea. and there she
saw th moon rise ever the wnlers
she undressed er.d laid down to sleep.
Prompt to his hour Jaron came, and
'.he it Adam told him all.
"I am going fnr away," he said, "far
away, Indeed Into your own country. 1
go tonight, though my daughter, who
Is asleep, knows nothing of my Inten
tion. Will you do me a service?"'
"Try me," said Jason.
And then Adam asked him to stay In
Ramsey ever night that he might be
there when Greeba came down In the
morning, to break the news to her that
her father hed gone, and to take her
back with hlin to Lsgue.
"They will not say no lo her, siclng
her father is not witn her; and the
lime Is coming when she will hold her
right to a there of til they have, snd
cone of them dare withhold It"
Jason, who had been up to Latue,
had beard of all that hud passed there,
and played his own part too, though
he said nothing of that He was now
visibly agitated. His calm streagth bsd
left Mas. His eyes were a II re, htt face
twitched, ale hands trembled, -and --he
was plaiaiy straggling to say what Ms
arrsrte Hps refused to atted.
ttan M ether wafT ha
"Must she gj t aik to Lagae? la ther.
. bo help I it !tr
j "Noi.t." uii Adam; "hr she Is pci.
Jnlltss, Cod lorg.ve inc. and b:s .r
msy rot Le choosers."
; At that woid Jasun wss urshle t.
j furpoit any lonfcer the r.l d !abo;l::j; o:
: his heart.
I "Yes, yes. but th;te is a way," h
j eritd. "for t" ere is t whom h
il -h enough thouti u. is i ir 1 1 ns.lf
tor 1 e wou'd give l.'s life's' I lo. u if .
be tl ct he could lc y !: :: .Mr. ry 2 d ly
he has efe:i all t, d if-d tshle an"
b.'en tl.ent be.'aa-e af.nil to sp.at.
but he mu-t spik r.tvv, or ni-v-r,"
a e-r.ns h ?, Ad m's f ce lo i.ej ir u
bled, ard he answer. 1:
"1 wi l rxt mirdjukt yt u. my 1J, o-
j que t.un whem you 11. em."
j And Jason's tncue bi I 3 I10 ed ai
! that, the LU words ca nj from l.i. 11 ilk.
a hood.
"I have b en an HI? f 1! v, r'r, 1
know th'.t; god fir nothing in tl 1
world, any mote thi: 3 '.he bi-i&ti of U:
fie.d, and may! e Its bertUfe. I vc b.il
."it b. dy but mys-.if to v; ,,k f, r; lut
ive me tt.e r.,;ht to etat.d brih.e hi-l
and you shall fee whot I cm tl , for ni
iiothtr fh-:ll rtU.ra her (oh! lochs f .t
.-r stveetnecs, arid r.tv.r a'-, in rh .'I
he (-o track nhcio the v. 1.1 only be rie
"You are a brave Ivl. Jvon," f-iii
Adam. a btst he co-. hl for tha teraf
tha; chr.kcd tlra; "nnd th. I
Ion? luid ether thui.-' ts roric-i r:s '1;; i
i'tt csuld I tm::t l;er to year low a-t.'
seeping ar.d i;o my ways v.-.ih rm-r-.t.
;.i-,;t r.o, !;c, my ! 1. it In n t U,:
...if ti h ,! for h 1; nv.d mi her is f it
..cr ti ti .. as nw."
rarhl-.-i ty thr.: rr'-r J. ;--n -.
'"Ir ri.:r!--e y. h i '. f..": I 1 In r 1: :
Ad-rn hvi .' i of .' h.i. A'., the : -:i:
iKi:' ";' Tt--;! .,.11- ! vrirc..- i".''!.. 'h t
i'.i-h the f,tt bf-.l :t -h'! i-t ;! s-iri".
:i::! eld ",-ti ' ,. :1 ht 1. - y
;', ' rar iith-n, t e 1 h .d . t :n;
At:i to :-2rt fio-a '.re. ho. V 1. t ii;
i I'hf :
1 ' :i. .Mi 1 : (.. ! ih. v.': ! '. ,
j ivill !n ; ir ho :. , :: 1 hp-
jt'," ll-.e rc-a: irhere f. k :!y, ih.ii'y tie
jri: :;;i rt.T.e th.et;h i v :'.':. , i.trn
j r'-rrrs the wiuie sen, r.t. if i. 11 t r ") '
j bf!. r4l!-!.TJ ft the d'Cr 1! I ti'l
1 l,f her '"'. ; !hh e, -.t hi I i - -IT '.
j ,t. for the ri'.h: i... very .'!: ', :,ol or;';'
j by the ki's f I i phi.-n '.-1 !h - t-v:,
i was the f h me b?.ai.r). T: .:,dh g ft
; iy he a;,proaci;rd the WtSa:-, .:t:d tb-ie
I 'hi' lay. ar.d the j-;i-t irVcnVirh! l?.y
j ,'Vt.r htr the dear, ti or f,,rl, so bra.'.
I 1 h.--.rny-r.ea:t?d. iier ;:;..! ..m-.!
j'a rrmlel f wh;;n v.;,s dc u .,!!.
le ;:.;ii't thc i.ij: leet I k r.ow. Y.t
to. he in 1. t i er ihr;. II- "li .
ct'fs a.ei Ih'hlly too hrd i.( ; r;i'
' i'"l 'ail vi:li !,: II; s. T.1 nl.. m'.v-'J
t"il t,-.:u.f! in her fie- p. xr -i l.ien io-r
':" ful b.'.jllins r-itnf ,i -hi.
'ru e be with b r," Ad" in i.-.::rn.:it-; :.
tid the torHi band to guttd of the
i " . "i I ti er of :h"
K'l Ad.lin KeirbiothT wwt I.H wit.
I i-av.n'T Cre'vhi bt-hiad h.ta. and car y
! ihu next tuornlr s Juon to' 1 l.er bat
a Jmzv.3.
(To be continued.
The United SlnUs has slxty-f.ve ro
;peratlve colonics.
It will be shown by the new United
women are employed in factories.
Such a soar. i'y of sailors er.lsts on ths
Pacific craot that Verxela cannot leave
port. Vessels four deep are tied up to
the docks awaiting mi 11.
Common Uib.nrs In J-'patn get from
35 to 4!) cents per day In tin? larg -r
a wrs and frost 20 to 30 cents In the
rural dlatrlcls.
The only far-tory In the country that
inn s out gb'S rruirliP'S fcas Just bf en
iJ-:lt fit EttUhl hVlihC, O - ;
iuctlon will be liO.UOO pi r day.
Milwaukee's fir, at crane, opera led bj
electricity, cost i'i,O0O, and tan lift 2hl
tons. It baa a sixty-foot rpan and will
be operated on a track I'.fty-six feel
frcm the floor.
At Newport News, during the time
constituting a working day, 15,u78 tons
of c( ai were dumped from the Chesa
peake & Ohio coal piers into the ves
sels wailing to receive it
Perry mede the fSr?t steel ns at
Ulrn. Ingham in 1K21, selling them at 90
r-enls splec. The weekly output tit
that city Just now la 20,000.000, nnd
some are sold U,t t cents a grosi.
One of the Clmaga building conlrac
tors engaged in the fiht againtt or
ganized labor In that fily has lost
tweve Jobs In Ft. I.oois. the men re
fuvlag to work on the buildings so long
as lie Is In any way connected with
the work.
Two hundred unions connected with
the New York 'Worklrigmen's Educa
tional and Home association have de
cided to erect a labor temple. The sum
of 114,600 has been collected to pay for
the ground, which will cost $30,000. The
new temple will have a roof garden,
gymnasium snd club rooms.
Typographical union No. C of New
York wss asked by Comptroller Colct
recently to submit to him an estimate
of the cost of a municipal printing
plant. The union ar.noujiced that the
plant would cent LlOu.UO, and the build
ing for the plant about t-JO.OOO. or
(.V0.C0O for building and plant together
The stlmatcd sle?l rail equipment
for IStOO Is 2,100,000 tons, snd the orders
for this quantity, It is believed, will be
placed shortly after the election. Th
railroads h.ve more orders for steel
bridges now than ever before, snd ther
are prospects that orders will crowd
la all winter.
Over l,0Sfl,9C4 francs have been taket
at the door during tha IN performances
of "L'Aigtoa" at the Theater Sarah
Hsgskarttt to Pva
hen pa takes care cf me.
i.t iit to 11 a, "w J K-
K t e...B 1. ai fvn.)l..l, '
I .M.U tn ,,11.' w.j hi ot 1 he mosi
j io ao.
Lot 1 tp,.Ote I ve got lo i,et it liiroub
.i..,o wu l.et-il . tuk bJ: b.i aoot
l.i..., In Uit tm.ti u. ii h..i.e
you ale oui."'
Hut m loans 1.1.11 lepeal ill iie baa
abouif.nt he's to do; guca she
To Ui ...I., try his way
lt v.a.ito.ii,i i:ie, tt.e day
v.i.ili pa lai.ea c.le oa ...e.
When pa takis care cl loe,
i e pots u.e 00 a ru,
j.uj me a 1 la-, a. u t.ug,
lucii is i:i iit.j p..i he can f.ni,
n..u p... t..t.u 111 110.11, al Siuts, be
b.iid Ue. ' co that you can t hurt yourself,"
l.e tn. f.
iiid ti.eu in t-U my pictoie books and
n.ei.i v.ovii beside me, and my bocks
iiiiJ toys,
i.d i.ji, ",w go ahead; make all tie
li. 1 e
Vou v. 1 to; 1 don't ffcre."
V.,d 1 lit th.ie and suie,
V. i. 11 pu lai.es Caie of me.
When pa takes ceie of me,
Nu look or toy or game
retiiih, soii.efiovv, ja-'i i-ile some:
And by and by I'm ti.iuug.i wi.h every
And 10.cn I cry pa fays, "Have you
b :-..'i
Ahuu.y.' Si'.n''s the matter, anyway.'
1 otic t cvt.rjtli.iic -au owa! Wi.y don I
Stop er..i,e-j no'.v! You' won't? 'Weil,
w hut is roi g ?
Come, lion, I'll il.is." And then he
!! -t 1-0; .,.,,
At-.m: "i;y, V. by, I:,.!"
A 1 a I lie I! I .. . 1 ..1,
U in 11 p.i t..i.t tare of me.
I e v .1: :i "' er :'t hii
A::.! stalls to v..:lk nr.l fi't,
A:.-. ; ;:-., to o.t. ...td p..!. back, atiu
tl .,'M
To :i t ; s if he liked It; b.j! he -Iglis,
And ti(;!ii, a;i4 keeps a h o.-io at the
Ar.d i. t the window, up and dawn tho
1 !.:..
Frr 15; "..t of man: and whoa she doei
10. i.i; In.
rie rrat ui quick and says, "It's a
ri . 1"
And ) : 1 ohR mat!, am! I
l i.i f;,i. I tt.e ti. lie's ,-ne hy
V, h ;i pa t..kis care of me.
-.-Iliuli-.o Express.
fas'II 1:
fine of the mm: tst Slrh p!ov?sj foi
-lt v.il.i ih.ht g.wia is cl !-,'a: r.Ior.ei.:
i it :, aiid, of ?.oft 1 1 in hid, w,:h no
t-.itr hing on the b-vk ti.d only one
. ' "I button.
T;;e i;-.-. of c'liron, ch )r:.'t. Pwvp and
r ft ih"':; vile i. on h.'.ts of v..:vr:t, prinj.
fiir-tr ;!:."o d rutin, tad'tti, eic, w.il
coratl :.!,': i fa'. r. f u: t nsoo
1 its are p;g!ng black chl.l'in, cfl
il; :'' ard n i t:: 1 ins di' trl denorarli rj
r-ti the "i.;;:f mo;. is it g' garments a no
he.'ici.veir Ih'y hive pn p:t'd for llilt
. :i,r un f ,r a vtry Ia;r;e poit.o 1 of the:,
i .T.o t irnporu.-.t clU-ntele.
I NuUy French Jackets of covort ejjth
ere mnds with loose fronts, without
I drart ee.'tms. double breasted, and fln
. Isl.cd with tl rce graduit-d ciroulat
thoulder capes, the roll of tha lining
fhowlnff like a rllk or ratin piping at
the extreme edse of each crp.
I IDiilonte otgandles that sr crushed
but not soiled may be frorhened by
sprinkling with water In which a lit Lie
gum arable has been dirs-jlved and Iron-
i i pornfullv Thov will VaiU r vnI si
new If prop' tly done.
llvcrywhcre the binding cf b hick vel
vet at the c-drre cf the brim anpem
uj.on the preitl'st ltats for early au-,-tia.
Kven the neest French salioi
t.als are made with wile brims, bound
1 IV..V '!." elh bl.-icic vel"t ana:
aimm .d locnd the crown wit iib.nio.
lack velvet drawn tbrr.agh long s'.eel
ijckie. bent to follow the line of the
A revival cf the old-time pusHI'iOr
back Is predicted, with vest fronts of
every description. There will be triple
waistcoat effects, triple Jackets, lonR
Hole ends, and many other fanciful
Ideas fur those who wish to adopt them.
lAiit are Rotng to be ued on every
thing this fall, from chiffon to fur. Just
now many baigalns are to be found, as
the meiehants are clearing out stock,
end the des'irns and quality are fully
jqual to thus; that will be shown la'ei
t double the price.
Many of the newest hats, thoucrh they
are ftlll worn low over the forehead.
re turned up sharply at the back, with
a b'g bow of black velvet, smart'y tied
icrvlng as a cache peigne, and rncill
'ng almost exactly (he modes of some
three or four years ago.
Mrceaded silks sre less In demanc!
Ihan buyers anticipated, probably be
caufe we have net accepted the Irec
toire and Ixiuls XVI fashions as rrsdlly
is Paris has, Htriped effects sra thr
most popular things among the new
illks, and a phosphor'.xed rllk which hat
n odd quicksilver effect bids fair tc
e mil h used for waists.
A pretty gown for morning wear It
if voile, the color being a psle shad 01
treen. The skirt Is arranged with threw
leep flounces, each bordered with a Bar
row band of Cluny Isce insertion, wbl'.t
'.he bodlre consists of a neat little com
if Cluny lace, lined with pale green
Ilk end opening In front to show 1
Uncly pleated vest of while silk musllr
rrossed and recrossed by Cluny !ec
insertions, threaded through with nar
row black velvet rlbbcn.
Pome of the new cloth and light woo'
costumes for early sutumn wear wll
be made with a princess skirt, with n
1 corselet top reaching about sic Inrhes
tbove the waist line front snd back
The pointed ends of the bolero, sn salt
win Just meet ths girdlelike om el
the aaaar sage af the skirt
A lovtly gown rerent'y seen Is of soft
prttii titpe, who ve.tical tucks at slx
I'leh In.ervals Ir. t.ie skirt, which la
e iged wi.h deep Vandykes of cream
lace wi c.-e poi.-iis loin upward to meet
each tuck. The b.dire is sligtitly
flowed ail atound with the vandyked
lace appl'd yol.ewi.-e, nnd has a loose
fr-,nt Ir.serted of white crepe, with yel
low loses ani pieen leavts paintr i upon
.t. 'X.iis iu critsed by geld bra.d Inter
,ii ei and la-tirid by l.ny emerald but
or 5. The be t Is of gold g3ioii with a
. 0 d and emerald clasp.
Grecian satin, a ne wool material
lor tvtniig v.iaps and tea gowns, has
a tiny diagonal ttripe on the surface.
1 annc velvet Ejo;ted with gold ki
veiy aitiacilve.
Fgyitian designs are to be Been rrfors
and more in b -lt but i lea. Jewelry, and
for many puip'-tis. They are Cl.opatrs
ntacs, I gypiiaa symbols, and the a?g
is fitquently to be seen. A handsome
puis- has for lis rilver trimming this
usp, past of the boly outlining the eJgii
Aith the l.e sd and coil in one corner.
Some of the new stocks are softened
with a l.ttle li.ie of 'while tulle urund
the i.et k.
Clever young women are ut'lizlrtg
pretty b!ck l.T.e "seraps" by ouil.n
Ir.R the designs with gold thie-d 4.nd
sevi.i.g gold toansies In the Center ol
1 ,. i e doners. If edrre lace. It Is ur-e-ful
for bows and ends, when wired witk
ii.e !...e., t K piece lace, it is Jusl
' thing for crowns of hats of ti.eaU-i
i;a:,y pretty hats have the under fids
cf their tin.s faced with fur. In a piit
ly hat cf ti.ii knd the fur is chimiHa,
..ei . v -. 1 . -. .. ., ..It
It '.B trhnnifci with P :-k rf.-rs. Anolhel
l-.i i.y ei.. t ut IA,,1d.i vh re Is f-'t t-d
v.iih mi.;:, ( ne 1 1 ll.o n.-w rose hate
is ft rinc :i nrt r-f mas: is of rorts, but
of l.ajgi! e:ai. of vtiVvt. The hat bus
a Wad In on and u lotv, round crown
made of the pink petals, and the sole
t:i. nnilng Is a low, spreading bow ol
Mack velvet In !l,e Ir.nt.
French Itnoti are as commotJy ued
for eitets d-.to.al.on as they wcie laai
: prillg.
If- d vlvet ar:-!T-' drrs'frna embrol
i.d with 1' KI arc the d ceo rat Ion os
the b-icro of a white tifTeta silk waist.
Hand ef lace insertion alternate
with tuehr ! hands cf pray silk form ef-
f'.-tive w.il h.K.
Ar,lv I'.crs are- very rnp'ihr.
Ti ere are at hist nt-ylitr'rs for r,ot!t.
. f.-.r thie wane n I'll ?,.!!. A bright
red s'-irt wclf! v.lih the pf!. coil coro
hir"'l n of rr In the ee-Jlar fins Ri"
a fireen ri' r' ct on t; e brenst. It may
he c-nly to hrhh? In a lot i: re of tha
re?ti. but it wo u 1-1 net seem s:, fcr
T" 11. r w.'.i t hf; but two lltt'e breast
;i"'iil, one on eieh shlsj. of Mack
New J, t Irlnrti'm-s, cf vr ry cfe'lcnts
and fcMat'.ful d !rn, show crTc-ctlvery
on ecroriiion rinded evening snd the
ater waists of black or white chiffon.
Hands of tho Jet rtart from elaborate
shoulder p'i.'rs and droop below ths
bust in loops that swing from glittering
J"t pendanis. The rlcrvns are smnrtly
finished with marching Jet .piece below
'he elbow, and loops and appliques of
'.ho trimming 3ecra!e the collar and
belt, pink iir l tea rose yellow chiffoa
waists are giml'.nrly.
Pplced Peirs Feven pounds pared
fruit, three pounds fiirrnr, one pint vin
egar, one teaspnonful whole clove, one
tcapaonful whole all pice, ore or two
t. hides mace: tie all there trices In a
little barr and drop In syrup. Put la
;-reervlng kctt'e and rook slowly un
til done. Fc kel pears put up this way
are excellent.
Corn Cake Mix one cupful floor, one
hatf cupful yellow, granulated corn
meal, one-half t"aspoonful of salt, two
fiunded tablespoon fuls sugnr and throe
level teaspoonfuls baking powder; add
one cupful of milk, one weM-bcnten egg.
two tnblespoonfuls melted butter and
beat vigorously. Pake In a cake pa
about twenty minutes.
Scalloped Tomatoes Rutter aa earth
en baking dlfh, and put In It a layer of
canned tomatoes; sprinkle with salt
and pepper snd cover with eracsrer
rumba; upon theee place dabs ef but
ter, pepper and salt; continue smtll the
dish Is fu'I. Cover the lop layer of to
matoes with bread crumbs and bake
intil brown.
Peppers with Rice and Tomato Pre
pare peppers as for stuffing with rloc,
hut before filling them wt'.h thla, pour
over it a cupful of good tomato sauce;
tlr this with the rice until they era
well blended, All the peppers with the
mixture, put them In a vegetable dish
tnd let them stand, covered, ta ths
tven until they sre hot through.
Frozen Almond Custard A halt
pound of blanched nlmonds. to wh'c
tlx rablespoonfuls of sugar have bees
idded, mixed with a custard made af
'.he yolka of four eggs and a pint ol
weetened milk, will make a dellc'ous
llsh. When the whole is cold, pound it
n a paste, adding a quart of tresis.
After straining this, put It Into a freeser
until it Is ready lo serve.
Bean RalsdPlrlng the besns snd (rat
them In halves lengthwise; boil In salt
id watrr until tender, or they may be
"ooked in buller, German style; If th
istur method Is used, let them stand
until cold, then rinse off tha butter
with plenty of boiling wster;dratn1Lor.
'ughly, marlrste with a rreneH-dr
lag, and let them stand for aa I
far serving, (tarnish with
0 happed parsley.