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Thtbsuat, Nov, lath, 1900.
e. J. LYuoa, Editor and Prop.
F.K.mYR.. June table,
Going Vest. Going
o- 8. mlied. 11 : So. . lulled g:K)
g' North-Western
; ' ' ' ' LINE ' ' " "
F. , H ' .V, R. B, is.' tlie . best
to end from the . - .
There will be a grand hall in the court
house Thursday evening, Nov.' 29, 1000.
Everybody tovtted to tome and have
good time. Tickets, 50c. ; N matter
whether the Crowd is large or smalt, ' "
By Order o Committee.
Pridrick Nehon. wa,up from .Glee,
yesterday on busings. , . . s '
The little Joy of Mr. ana Mrs. Chas.'
jIwb, is feeling' quite poorly this w-k,
De'.VlttVLittle Early Risers ore t'h
'beat "Liver pills ever made. Dwy to
' take nod pever gripe. J. E. PnjcsijY, .
We wer;nite amused this week to
learn that mir'wld friend Milfiafa,' Was
'taken for a batik examiner ', '.' :',
When, you want prompt acting'- lit
t le pills that- sever gripe . use DeWilts
Go To Drug
The Kendal family are dotn very
well odr the care of Dr. Phtnnejr. Mrs.
Craee ie-stayingoot tfiere with tliem.
Oeorxe tfckman, left hist Friday
evening for Oalva, Iowa,- where he ex
iperts to remain; all winter. George is an
expert corn shocker and will undoubted
fly make the nubbins fly this. fall.
Fancy. Lamps, ;at Drug
store. :'':'t;''J,: . ,
WJty dont voo advertise your (Stock
brawl with us, it may save money.
Mr. Mitham an old friend of ye edi
'ttr wiis in town this week solicHint: r-
iters for monnnsents. ,
It m not the most agreeable duty in
th wo. Id to edit a country newfpiipar
-nt any time, much more ilMiareealjJe is
the task, whn hews items are scarce.
-4ilr. and Mrs. Oha. Newman, who
'trnve been in towji durhtir the past few
days, owing to their inability to moving
tbeir sick child, left for hopje, yestlrday,
much elated O.W the fact ttrat the little
-one is out of dnnirer, smI their gratitude
'to Dr. Pldnney knew no Ihjuikis. Dr. is
uii o. k. ,;
: Toilet'"' 'cases 'Albums,
.at Pioirr Phannary.
rtterfeits commrt. frid. .Monest nwn wiii
not deeeiv yov into worthless, counter
feits at DeWitts'witfch Hze! Slve, The
original is ittfivlllUe for curing piles inj
uries ec?ma and skin diseases.
Tbv B tnk 'examiner who has been in
town the past three or four days, turns
lit to Imj a hustling tomb stone nmn,
he is looking after the dead and not the
living Democracy nnuht to place an
frder with' Mr, . Slilham that is bis
itme-rfor ai. iineiense. monument, to
' mark the last resting place of the Demo
cratic corw.
3d t3 Vsi2 Store for pic
tures, A, paper pock,eta. .
it ymt Mit aer eeh M rathe
m&mj M tsrinrp yon ' ran realias how
.frefttftfl tnot hers are for One 'Minute
Vi(h Cure which etres 'relief as soon
na it ie adninis4ered. ltqiuickly cures
copglM, colds mid ail threat and lunf(
trotiHea. Frflle by J. EL PHtsnrr.
J. C. Alexander nnd family,' who
hsjve been resident of Sions county, for
a number f yeara. pamed through town
y twttre'ey on their way to Wheatland,
Tfyoimtoitg, where they I5I reeWe ia
fyfiton. J.CL b purnheiisd a rapch
eUCvteeeC vMij ef tbw. Urn
cryL't Md aeqoaiaUaeee in thU
K --Cclv tofftiim withyeedi-
'f.:: tee tkM fx out
n lit l-& G&ift '&&t
1 lj
Id CLrrtcMh)'
Teachers of Sioux County Take Notice.
."Hie north-western district association will be held ia Crawford the . Friday
after Thanksgiving: ' And I recommend that all teachers that can attend will be
present, I further recommend that all school board will allow this day to their
teachers that may want to attend. There will be prominent Educators present
and anticipate an interesting and instructive meeting.
So attend if passible and help along with the work. '
' " Respectfully J. B. Burke, Co. Bupt.
Tov Stockmen of Sioux County on
Diseases of Cattle and Horses
Yesterday Afternoon.
As announced the last two weeks
in Harrison and delivered a lecture upon
fairly large and attentive audience, composed, mostly of stockmen of the coun
ty. .,- '-.,.-. - .:: ... .- -. , , . . . . ,...', .
However, before Dr. Peters proceeded with his lecture' a temporary organiz
ation was formed, Andrew Christian of Kirtley, "Wyo., was made temporary chair
man and J. W. Smith, of this place was made temporary secretary.
Dr. Peters i-pok more particularly upon Bias kit g, Lump jaw, Abortion
with cows, preventatives and cures of the above diseases. He alno, touched upon
other subjects of Minority importance. . After the conclusion of the doctor's lec
ture the temporary organization was made permanent. ,
; . Co motion A. MeGinley was made president ami J.' W. Smith was elected
permanent, secretary,, with F, Force vice president Dr. Peter. explained that be
was not state vetermirjan, that what ever work be dona, was at lh expense of the
federal government. He advocated the creation by our next state legislature the
oiflee of state veternarian with an adiquate appropriation for the conduct of the
office, with which we most heartily agree.
We hope that our lion C. V. Coffee and lion. John E. VanBoskirk who will
represent this senatorial and representative district down at Lincoln j.h winter!
will do ail in their power to have such an oflls created, which be believe will be
John T. Snow, was down from
Patrick, the first of tiie' week, on busi
ness. Hcssers Wasserburger aud Henry
shipped a ear of horses to Wisconsin, on
last Monday.
We understand the new postmaster
"elect" is very busy now a days cettins
arat least striving to win favor with
the theifs of ais party.
1'tr sialc.
One Hig;h grade Hereford bull, two
years old. , lis h-ciULT.
Mrs Dick Simlar, daughter of Mr. F.
Nutto who has been seriously ill during
the past several Weeks; is slowly recoer-v
Otto Tietze, was among us on last
Saturday, performing one of the spiritu
al and otrijOral works (f niercv, his visit
ti the iep!e of Harrier., met with a
most bountiful generosity.'
Jewelry," Silverware
Drag store. '
M r. and Mrs. Tipton Sundayed at ti e
liome of Sheriff elrt, -and Iwrey.
t'X A. Puddv, and his daughter with
her hustmnd were in town the lirst of the
week od busitw . . ,
i M.ss Anna iloravek,. who lia-? bem
empjetyed at Lusk, all -surtimer rvtuin-d
Iwme on Inst Thursday evening.
Hon. Chas. F. Coffee, was up from
Chadrsn, the tirst of the week receiving
the conf-'rattilalions of his friends.
Mra. W, S. Johnson, of Glen, who
has been sjiendinjf some tiiye in Colorauo
was a Huh visitor the lirst of the week.
Build it well, whate'eryou do:
Buil.i it straight, aod strong and true;
Bti.ld it clean, and high aud broad;
B'lild it for the eye of fl,sl.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Warneka, of
Running Water, are about to start on
an extensive trip. et and south. They
expect to be gone some time, meanwhile
their interests on the rancrt will be look
ed after by Mr, aod Mrs. Earnest Lyon.
Sf. J. Blswcit, was ap from Craw
ford, Saturday, and reports his boy is
All o. k. and will cast his first vote about
31 years from now. Come to think
about it we did not smeke the custom
ary cigars on act of the occurrence.
Xmas goods at Pioneer
V. A. Hester, returned from his two
weeks business trip on last Friday ,
The county Commissioners aae in
ear midst this week on special business.
er, for 1901, is before ue aod Is a bemnty.
It excels all previous effort of tlie com
Amewg the latest acquisition to the
Coyal aeigfebera, are Mrs. J, E. MsrsUll
er. Krs& LCorvck, Krs.'L OtrUeb,
and Ke-L. a Wrifat.
Jehsi Cfcrietfcsn, re turned frea Bot
Crlejs, tCw totter part of last weak,
AMdi tacpe9eed.' w
CUe l!ry Koeriecb returned front
Ctept,t2t Vttef ewoliur to remeia
UrtCaM si'tll ot feelirj very
wcX .. -'., ( ,
tmmtix ewetoei Um r
TJXti LlSCotl fieetf is-?
For lies
ip the rBDB-JoCTBMi.. Dr. Peters arrived
the dibsases of cattle and horses, to a
Tlfi chicken pie social given under
the auspices of tha ladies aiil sTciety at
Andrews hall on List Tuesday evening
was a pronounced ssccews, especiully
the fishing pond.
The National Irrigation congress
will meet in Chicago, Ills., Nov. 21,' 22,
2.) and 24, 1900. The governor of Ibis
f tate M-ill have the Appointment f seven
delegate at large, we hope that Gover
nor Poynter can see his way clear to ap
point ono of the shvt-n dlyale Troni
Sioux County,
Sonday morning, Dr. J. E. Phinney
performed ' a urgicl ojeralion upon
the person of Mr. and Sl:s. Charley New
mans little boy removing a fatty growth
from its shoulder. The tumor .mutt
hiv weighed eight or ten ounces. W
believe Dr Phinney is just as skillful
phvsicinn and surgeon ns ttry in noil!
.... ..i.rtitt., mat hi iiT t;triiuv,' Ht'itef's.
advert!..! J 'r. Lmgson, of Chadron, one j jVnhan ls)ugbt 8 head of cattle
thing certain, Dr. Phmnevschaiges wiii j inin I)ov,e
be within the Winds of reason. i. ,
v,- I heaii. ,
OvPr Tn WwrninO- I ' Williams. teadunif UW Bog
vVCi ill VV y UJLLLlIi.. i gie school, usd is jjit'iS thelsfsi of a'U
o ! f: ti .n. Pr.v.'Ky.
Mr, Editor, allow us tu uiui.e'ii few
corrections. In our lat items you mav
us sav sections rt and 7 instead of 8 and
17. Also the last item should read.''
ijzimiu?5 lirr- tirn iinjrtie-,- vit xxsnvntowitf
insteail of 1 hemsejves: , .
Won't you please allow us to hurrah
for SIcKiidey and Rosve)t. Tiwy were
elected by tho people and belong to the
Eil. Hollingsworth, and wife and 3IiV
ton Hollingsworth Sr. attended the ele
ction at Kirtley, the 6th. After casting
their votes they spwl a few hours at
the residence of ye scribe, then went to
Mr. A. Christian's where they stayed
overnight. Mrs. Hollingsworth cast her
first vote on tliat dav, and we are safe
in saying it was a straight republican
ballot. ; ' "' ' "
Converse county, went rcpu'Jiain by
' large anajjonty. Every candidate
came in with a (lu.h. -
John M'-iiermolh, of Olenroek, brother
of our townsman Chas. McDermoth, was
elected Sheriff, and no doubt will make
an efficient officer.
It seems that the names John and
William, predominate in our county
ticket. In the republican ranks we Rod
five John's and one J., but narry a Wil
liam; while on the democratic side we
read, the names of threeWilliam and
three Johoa, It seems that John is not
ft bad name to have when it comes to el
ection. . -. ''' , '-'.-' '
There was a meeting at the east
school, bouse, on last 8-Uurdxy night for
the purpose of organizing n singing i-lew
with Mr. Talmaa, a instructor. As v e
scribe failed to get the notice in time, he
wasn't there to report the suooes of Hie
D. T. Duel expects to put in a pump
aad put up a wind mill on bis farm ia a
or so, ,-'-.
We are oee of the numerous refabli.
rho rejoice at C, P. Coffee's elect-
ioa aa represenutive of the 53rd district.
Wakaee koewo him for tea years, at
Ma tfsn bataf bia nearest neigh hr and
eaaaay thathels juat and booerable
mi that there was tut mU4g
la electing him to reprc:;:t
fO?t rTTorthmof pobUoe. r:3e
We want (lame many quantiy at High
st M irket Price and Guarantee SATIS
Omaha, Xelr aitd. Philadelphia, Pa. -Capital jKB.OOOl
References, U. 8 Nat'l Ba.ik or Your Express Agt. WbolMftle, Butter, E?ff,
Poultry and tiame.
Drus. " o
Drugists Sundries, x
Paints, Oils, Varnishes,
BOOlS and
Sis Frightful Failures.
SixtprriMo failures of six different
doctors nearly sent Wm. II.' Mullen of
Locklaud O. to an early grtve. All
said he hrd a fatal lung trouble and that
he must soon die.' Bui he was urged to
try Dr. King's New discovery for Con
sumption. After taking five bottles he's
entirely cured. It is positively guaran
teed to cure all diseases ct the Throat,
Chest, La Gnppe, Pneumonia, Bronchi
tis. Asthma, Hay fever, Croup, Whoop
ing Cough. 50c and $1. CO.. Trial bottles
frtw ni J. E. rtiis."s. lirug store.
f"Vr3Lll! EC The wtrtfamutHt!-
vsc T r" iTl S L. 8 C3ii-.r sa rr
Mbtj tve -fnl met.w. TwtimsH cftnSdratfil. Cufwi
5r i:il Or TTm'i'w. Qnst!nn l.Un tti.d
Uxthttm. UUuoria. pa.. WSIt'l ISVITUTE.
Five Point News-
County surveyor Ruffing, saw twenty
sand hill cranes looking over his corn
field last week. Ue got! out his rifld
and brought them down, he rays-their
legs measured 2 feet 8 inches long.
Mr. B. F. Gilbert, has a new lath and
shingle mill attached to his saw mill and
is turning out first class lumber, laths
end shingles.' '
Vill)anl.lIenry, was down from Sheep
creek, last week, visiting friends in the
The dance at-Eugene Wohlheter's a'
well attended, all present report a good
Mr. Mike Jordan vjsited at the M. A.
Baijnau home last Sunday
Luiis Wohttieter Sundayed at J. W,
B'efKCd is tha ninory of an old f,it.b
ioned mother. It floats o'oer nearlv all.
tfW ll I ttti i vii.in in
blossoms. The music of other voices
may be lost, nut the entrancing memory
of hers will echo in our hearts forever.
Other faces will be forgotten, but hers
will shine, until the light from heaven's
portals glorify our ow n. When in the
(ilful pauses of busy life our feet wander
buck to tho old homustea l, and crossing
the well worn threshold, stand once
more in the quaint low room, so hallow
ed by her presence, how the feeling ol
childish days come over us. How many
tiu.es when the tempter lured us on, has
the memoey f iIkmm saerd liours. and
mother's words, her faitii nnd prayers,
saved us from plunging into tho deep
abyss of sin. -Our childhood scrap
The TMlgUm of Christ
Tlie great French savant ' and skeptic,
Littre, when bis daughter was born,
said to his wife:
"My dear, you are d good Christian,
bring up your daughter, in the ways of
religion fnd piety which you have al
ways followed; but I must exact one
condition, and that is that when she is
fifteen years of age you will bring Iter
to me, I will then explain my views to
her and she can choose for herself."
The mother accepted the condition.
Years rolled on, the Ufteenth hi rid ay of
tlie child wn came' and the mutner in
tertsl t,r h unhand' study.
"Yuu remember what you said to me,
and what I promised,'' sh auid, "Your
daughter is fifteen years old today, She
is now ready to listen to you with all
tlie respect and coniideaoe due to the
best of fathers. Shall f bring her im"
"Why, Certainly." replied L'tire.
"But for what specie! reason? To e
piaifl to her mf views Oh, no, my dear
no, ao! You have made of tier a pood
affectionate, simple, straight forward
bright, end Iwppy . irva'are. HapptT
Yes; that ie the word which, ia a pare
Mag. describes every virtue. And jou
K.y thet lo.-Jvov,raltli
nees and owrHy wilh my uVm-r . pair
:Wt my Ijaaiw gv4 rwwgii for atat
hMii..tri'-tbf uM be fpwd
f -ffcert X:he ' I it Ue mt.i"
: i
J. E. PHINNEY, Proprietor. g
"I have used C hamljerlnirs Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea-Remedy and find
it to be a great, medicine," says Mr. E.
S. Phipps, of Poteau, Ark. "It curtd
me of bloody flu x. , I cannot speuk too
highly of it" This remedy always
xvlns the gooj opinion, if not prmw. of
those who use it. Tho rjuick cures
whi(-h it effects even in the most severe
cases make it a favorite everywhere.
For Kile by I)-.. J. E, PuiKSEY,
Editor sees Wonders.
Tailor W V. Barry or Lexington,
Tetm.. in exploring mninmotli cav cou
t meted a severe, case of Pil-s. Ills
quick cure through using Bucklen's
Arnica Sslve convinced hint it is another
worlds wonder, (.'urs Piles. Injujies,
Inflamntion an-i all B'Klily Eruptions.
9nly 2W"at J. E. FinjiNEY's.
work? BWng her in so that I can bless
hr, and you in her pre ence for Ml ihnt
you have done for her, and so that she
mav love you more than ever."
There it something so divine about a
Christ.ittnity incarnated into a human
life that it can not Iw denied or gain
yid. National Rural.
A Pleasant Surprise.
A pleasant surprise was tendered the
Royal Neighbors, by tho members of the
MtKlern Woodmen's lodge, on last Fri
day evening. A bnuntiful spread was
enjoyed bv all and everything was under
the immediate supervision of the Camp's
most ex:rien-ed "cheffV' who know
just how to do thiiiiis to a turn. When
all thiugs were in tsidin'jsi for the feal
they reiwii-ed in a biiy to their sister
lodge room, who were in secret conclave
at the time, and tno.it agreeably surpris
them, by inviting and escorting them to
the court bouse, to enjoy an oyster sup
per and sjwmd an hour or two as 'their
guests, the ladies all declared, that rare
ly, if ever did they e'yy themselves, as
on last Friday evening, and they hope
thfl Woodmen will note the fact, aud
invite thaiu soon again.
l(s to (lio People.-
Less ihan a ytEr rernEins in wbtco
gather facts, and information that
will infiuence your vote for,.Uie next
a-fsitfcnt cf the Ur.iteU Sutcs.
Tu-it grievous w.-csrjs have been
cominitteu, j.nd grave errors allowed
," cxi;:t wiiho'Jt ctfort'at correction, is
'. vi Jjcccd Iy tl: speech, writings, and
;;iin;caw cf eminent latesmen and
j.;n-; cosortssmea r.r.d kzding men
4" lysine.; profecsors and clergymen
in every stite.
Pin cfj&liAtlfins have been ignored
in tin:-outcry against tl.r-.saug aside
!c -i i.'V-jrr.ard.s cf our fcthers anu .2.
vy. !.l!-tr.e!i into the aJ.irs of Europe.
".'. tita-i'O'i is a deplorjL'e ere if
: al-;rr:;:r,f;,as is also our doxestic
doniiaitcd by granite Trusts.
. Tlie evils cr-j not of spentaneous
fji-owtfi 1 They sre the result of ycara
' f l.ibor end expenditure of millionj
i" ri'ilLira!
widi the dis-
v,-ii'.'..'.iei.r: rf American cilvcr for
I'-V1'-" cold, the cunning of Eng
i.n.1'3 ilijilun-.acy in thaplng tlie dc
ii of our E.epuMc is spparcnt tc
3 ordinary observer scclucg tbf
. i-e inv.njficsa cf events.
T!ie Cincinnati Enquirer ha fre
'i'ltntly called attention to -each and
a ery move as it vat trannpirissg, and
1irinj rhe campaign cf jooo wiiJ
p eser.t i'.s re.iders wuh a truthful
;u ay cf Gets tUt will be extremely
in' "resting aod startling.
ilo f:.ir-mindcd American, be he
Pa mbi'can, Democrat or tf other
nolticil fpth, can afTord at :h critical
timj to ignore the truth. - Parrisad
prejudice, with the TniHtt as dictators,
u a fr more degrading Klnvcry than
that which existed previous to the Civil
War of '61-64.
Trauj f:i the United States alone
have a represenf.ttive capital renter
tha.i all ttw o!.I and silver in Ihc
world, Thc:e tvi!) tpend many rnore
millions of dollars to sttppreu truth
and facts and mitlcad oil who fail to
'.ooli bevond their , plausible dep
oont. xetui the Iuiqurrcr ana you
will be able ta dijeem the truth n.
liiPl-JtW4bat falsehood A victory , fat
Trmts r.nd HwVitKMev Admmt.
tfrHci la M .wf.l nd ihc ' era i
jritert ryxi tt jn-rtti-st let.
. Wii drifu!' fha
. , c:;..",-!'.!, Si-' 7
, i "l r .
- , ft h i
Vt. R. Warriw,
Pastor Jt, E.Cbflrch.
. I'reacMng every Ntimlsy evrnlng nt
p. to., ami every slternatp Kuudsy at 1 1 a- m '
fimidnv Vliwd 10 or lurk s. m. fjiiM.rtU
Leapu" 6 :30 p. in. ;
Prayer Xeetln? Tfctmday evening at 1 :80
Conie oaf, tmue all
AutAliarp Soto Sunday evening at the
HP 'hurcli
!.wujuj i lju xmom.
Proffessional Cards.
J. E. PH1NXFV. M. I). .
I'livlMlan mid Knrpeon.
Alt chIIh (fivei) prouipt ittioution.
tuRce in liruif store.
Prompt attention given to all legal
matters in Justice, County and District
Courts, and before the United States
Land Office.
Fire Insurance written in reliabh
JlLegal ptipers carefully drawn.
HAismso.v. - Nebhaska.
M. J. O'Coimoi!, - - Co. AtUrnej ,
-;e .
Will Prartlro iu All (Courts.
Special Attention (iiren to Land ON
iltv Business. ,
I'ulliuUous snd all business entrust
ed lo me wi 1 1 receive pi'ouipt attctitloii.
iiAimwo.s - Niu(ssh.,
Michael Ruffing,
I am prepared to do all kinds of Civil
KiiKiiiccrliiif wurk.
When in need of tho Surveyors Services,
give me a call its I have a full and com
plete outfit, together with exeriens to
do the work with neatness and dispatch.
Village Blaclni'.th saved his lltlhs
Mr. II. II Black, the well known vill
age black smith at Grahamsvilb, Sufti
van Co. N. Y., says: "Our little son,
five years old has always been 'subject tt
croup and so bad have the attacks bwx
that we have fwared many times that
he would die. We have h.t I tit d'tctor
and used many medicines, out Ctwim'wr
ain's Cough R.iuiejy is now our fli ru
lliance. . It seems to dissolve the tough
mucos and by giving frej')ent 6o-i
when tho croupy symptoms appear we
have found lhat rtfdrtaded croup is
cured before it gets settled," Thire is
no danger in giving this remedy for it,
contains no opium or other irjurius
drug and may m givenscoofidenily ton
tH as to an adult- For sale by Dn. J.
H. FiO.'il-V.
Wheo you feel that life
is hardly
. 1. . 1 .
. ji. i
berluio's stomach and liver Tablets.
They will cleanse your stomach tone up
your liver and regulate your bowel
making you feel like a new man. Fir
sale by Lb, 3. E. PlU.NXKY.
To remove a troublesome corn or bun
ion: First soak the corn or bunion in
warm water to soften it. then pare it
down as closely ns possible without
drawing blood and apply Chamberlains
Pain Balm twice daily; rubbing vigoi
ously for five minutes at each applica
tion. A corn plaster should be worn for
a few days to protaet it from the shoo.
Asa general liniment for sprains, bru
ises lameness and rheumatism, Pain
Balm is uneqoalsU. For sale by Dr. J.
E. IIiiskey.
Msdn Young raln.
"One of Dr. King's new Life Pills each
night for two weeks has put me in my
'teens' again" writes D. If. Turner of
Dempsey town, Pa. There the best ii
tlie world for liver. Stomach and bow
els Purely vegetable. Never gripe.
Only 2 k! at J. E. Phuixey-r Drug atora.
Many people worry becausa they I e
lieve they have heiirt diseam. TI
chances are tha llieir hearts are all right
but their stomachs are unable to digest
food. Kodel Dyspepsia Cure digest what
you eat and prevents the formation of
gas which makes the stomach press ag
ainst the heart. It will cure every form
os indigestion. Kold br J. E. PmXVKY.
eA-fe rN isi eti
Tr'ls-'lri'r.rUrfss?.SndcSnd ra
Wilis n 1 j-iili.U arai.t.ful .fei. Una
b eir s l . O. II. to.i-tWeTit.iLi!'S-
lilt a tn.f sarewat'i'ivq
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