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    ?5he Eortdrren 4 .. J
I " c.,-,ri s
$ I By PALL CACTS. Caf. j
Aimiim iu ue outy deugh-
fejg M the governor 01 Iceland. 8 ho fell
at love with and married an Idler, gte
phea Orry. Her father had other hopes
g her and la his anger he disowned her.
erry deserted her and rau away to
Of Ums union, however, a child was
I. and Rachel called him Jason. we
ft Orry was neara Iron, in" the Tste of
where he v again married and
SM was born. Rachel died a
woman, but told Jason of
felt lather's acta. Jajoa swore to kill
fehsi end If wot him. then his son. In the
i Orry had deserted Us ship and
tefuge In the Ile of Han. and
shattered by the governor of the
Adam Fairbrother. Orry went
(rem bad t worse. a" marled a disso
lve, and their child, rolled Michael Sun
lacks, wax born. The woman died and
ferry game their child to Adam Falr
neathae. who idorted him. and he be-
past the playmate of the governor's only
OrMhn Time Dassed and the
f evanssr and bis wife became astranged.
tsshf 1st sons staying with their mother
am truant of their iealousy of fiunlocks.
hadbseoinc a favorite with the gov
f. Finally Stephen Orry confesses
is mtssssds to sunlocks, who promuea
g to laemnd to find Rachel U possi-
na care ror ner, ana it sne mas
to find her son and treat him as
a brwMsr. He bid good-bye to his sweet
twrr. Cjreaba, and started on his lonrney.
hiaaathne Jason had started oa his were out In the fields, but Mrs. Fair
ItSS. tWHSTM Hesavea brother was at home, and she saw the
r Isa of his father unknowingly. Orry
dgfi. and his death bed waa recog-
- is waar oariy aununer, ami lit wj
man hot; there had been three weeks
C dronght. and the roads were dusty.
Adas walked with a atout blackthorn
atlcfc. bis flaccid figure sometimes sway
tag tor poise and balance, and his snow.
erhltn hair ruing gently In the soft
over his tender old face, now
so deep with labor and sor-
Cauda was driving hia carrier's
art, what eon lay all that waa left of
jfatoira' botonging. a ve onljhat the
, ' . ... ., . .
camea in nis pone aw
r hoavy tha road waa to one
if lilawfs years, though his own were
poor old Chaise, reck-
of dignity lost thereby,
hare htm to mount the shaft
atom on the box behind the pony'
Bat Adam, thinking as little of
said ffo.that every herring should
ko its own gills, and the pony
I Ha fott days work before it; more
ls Unit It was his right to walk at
sarn expense now, having ridden
t year at the expense of the 11-
etd. 8a he kept the good blackthorn
snertnc and Greeba stepped along nlra
iy hy hut Side. And when the Castle
hsani coaeh overtook and passed them
on Its way to Do us) a, and some of the
: folk Who rode on It leaned over
and hailed Adam by his Chr-
ejaa) name, he showed no shame or ran
ge, nntil, when the coach was gone,
tj. asarght a gUmpse of the hot ctl.T
ant had mounted to Greeba's cheeks.
without a word, ha turned Jii
face to his feet, and strode
gdong a good half mile In silence.
And aaranttm". Chaise, thinking t(
Cghtea the burden of the way with
ghnerfit fslfc. rattled along In bis crazy
-mm . n-any subiecU. but founc
aS came r'TOnd. by some strange
rtet, to the nnf subject lht might not
tft Mgetrt Then, looking at his f '-
mi of thii donkey he hsd before j
m thekaaate thai Mi 'hael SunWcks tod.
gjL gwara before: how tie himself hud
kn !ck an? ett!ll not keep It, and
am it wttiiout a penny to a neigh
bor for feeding it; and bow when he
get hotter be wanted to borrow It, but
' neighbor, in bae Ingratitude and
tfincae. would not lend it with'.u.i
. "anlth, It's lek that." said c.
Cbofsev Give a man yer shirt, ar.d
.- mast he lucky or he'll be after axiu'
ye Jet yer skin."
W t?Bi thr came by Douglas, Chato
gras ISr skiitlng round toy "the Spring
Vafia taroogh Braddon, but eld Adam,
Tmr feei drift, would not pretend to
it. snd said that if
'O 4rt" ,a w waa tn
gberwsrvf oralning inem wuaoui mr.
'CMlnway wry faees aboet it. And!
g- fwr wie people of the town, if ttieyj
tlieslir no shame to stare at him he
no sUaait io ba stared at, yet j
, wt mm" gojd enough for hlm-
gsr HOrt he so for one who had iif
m and Gretna could go wi:r.
I J, '. Braddot!. and they would
It, and Greeba could go wi.f.
k fey Braddon, and they wouM
on Onchan hilt. I
a ti Greeba would not content;
. .' ea -X. M n... ltftl emais
' jf- SBV awwiawsnrmvi iriPrp WW BUI UMIS BBkV "
Or tZm -r -it mte Da--a th
Cwwawall antlr with nf carnage
"..- m ,
1rz7 m
if to see the K3e oMWpaay o'
cm coveesJ w aoat out
') zr irJ -r m ti
z ttTTT"-, , .
esossL naif faef la tMa"
TtZmtf had ereaa-
- i'Aitr Che
VtriVfJ. CattheWs
' '"' - "
l-rC Cd
that this gentleman. In his Am rigging,
was come in Adam's place, and was
even now on his way to Castletown to
lake possession of Government House,
and that the bellowing mob that not a
month before had doffed their caps be
fore' Adam's face, now ahowed blm est
the pavement without . seeing a him,
stamped and raved and shook his first
over the people, as If he would brain
They slept at Onchan that night, and
nest day they reached Kirk Maughold.
And coming on the straggling old house
at Lague, after so long an absence,
Adam was visibly moved, saying he had
seen many a hwmMatloo sine the
days when he lived in It, and might the
lord make them profitable to his soul;
but only let it please God to grant him
peace and content and dally bread, and
there should be no more going hence
In the years that were left to blm.
At that Greeba felt a tingling on both
sides her heart, for her fuars wore
many of the welcome that awaited
It was nigh upon noon, and the men
three when they opened the gate and
came down under the elms.
"Now, I thought aa much," she said
within herself, "and I warrant I know
their errand."
" Adam entered the house with what
cheer of face he could command, being
hard set to keep back his tears, and
hailed his wife in a jovial tone, al
though his voice threatened to break,
and sat himself down In his old seat
bjr the chimney corner, with his black
thorn stick between his knees and his
hands resting upon it. Hut Mrs. Fair
brother made no answer to his greeting,
and only glanced from him to Greeba,
who tripped - softly behind him. and
from Greeba to Chaise, who came -shambling
in after them, vacantly scratching
hie uncovered head. Then, drawing, her
self up, and holding back her skirts,
she eald. very coldly, while her wrin
kled face twitched:
"And. pray, what 111 wind blowe you
"An 111 wind indeed. Ruth." Adam
answered, "for it is the wind of ad
versity. You must' have heard of our
misfortune since tha whole Island now
knows of It. Well, It is not for me to
complain, for God shapes our waya, and
He knows what Is best. But I am an
old man now, Kuth. little able to look
to niyecif, still less to another, and "
While he apoke, Mrs. Fairbrother
tapped her foot Impatiently, and then
broke In with; -
"Cut it ahort. sir. What do you
went"" . .
Adm i:.'ted his eyes with a siupePci
lurk, and answered very quietly, "1
want't't come home, KutU."
"Horne!" cried Mr. Fairbrother,
jijiiirpiy. "And what horn, if you
A(ia:ri aat agape fur a moment, ami
then :iii. speaking as calmly u be-
fore, "What .home, Kuth? Why, what
home but tills?" .
"ThU. indeed! This is not jour Itmc.
wild Mrs. FulrnroU.er.
"N't my home!" said Adam., glowtj
dropping back In his seat like or.c
"Not my'home! Tld you say that ihi;
was not my home?" he aid. suddenly
brsdnc up. "Why, woman, 1 was bon
here; o was my father before me, end
my father's father before him. Five
wrntio'i of my people nave iive
anJ died here, and the very root raft
i rx over your head must Wnrw us."
"I'oi'y tottjT cried Mrs. Kairbroth
er, ''and if you had lived here much
longer not a rafter of them alt would
have been left to shelter us. So, sir,
Fve kept ihe roof on this rtouac. arc
it' I mlae," ,
"It Is yours, indeed," said Adam kv
ly, "for I gave It you."
"Ton gave It mef' cried Mts. Fair
brother. "Hay 1 took H as my right
when all you had was slipping through
your fleeere Hfce sand, aireverything
does that ever touches them."
At lhat wcrd old Adam drew tilmsei'
up with a great dignity of bearing. an
said:' -
"There Is one thing that lis Indee-I
-11 .hrn...rU m v M n . u lib mmA
ft- "
and that Is the fidelity of the wom.r
WW " ill 7 rivic 'JWM it'lij ., wv
years ago to love and honor me."
"Crtnklcttm-trankumr cried Mrs
A pretty thing, truly
t'.iat I should toll and molt at my age
(.nil wafflnv frtr vnu whM vmf r unf
doings have shut every other dow'
iralna yvm. Mlafortanea. Indeed!
fine naune for your mistakes
tamr v auka mistakes, madam.
mM Adam: "bet true it Is. as the wis
har-'"0 the be who hae never
j " "Jl-takee has never made any
-r?Bt. do yen refase l take me In?"
gftld Adam.
Tkle houae It mtse," wtti she; "mine
. ww and deed, aa tgat aa wax cat)
yew fsramV t ta aw inr sbm
'tZni tgata, tJt Wi faet
rtaw. ksm tvr ItrCiai rvwaatf
tv raw glX'y z tate ucnr
trllttfi txJ t:J.m Oris t yat
f. jt ttu cJ tt? f "dt rrryerg t? $
yourself, but that I warrant ye arver
tahaU." . . ;. , . .. . . J
Then there was a grins silence for a
moment. Old Adam gripped eonvul- !
slvely at the staff he leaned on, and
aU but as loud as the ticking of the
clack was the beating of his Mart.
"God give me patience." be said.
"Tea. I'll bear it meekly. Hutu," he
aid. huskily, "I'U not trouble you.
Make yourself sure of that While
there's a horse-walet to hang en my olt
shoulders, and a bit of barley bread to
put In It, I'll rove the country round.
but I'll never come on my kneea to you j
and ssy. 'I am your husband. I gave j
you ail you had, and you are rki and
I'm a beggar, and I am old-glv. me ,
. .t..n,v , hn.rd." 1
Bnt. unable to support any longer
the strife for mastery that waa tearing
at his heart, he gave way to his
wrath, and cried out In a loud voice,
'Out on ycu, woman! Out on you!
Ood forgive me the evil day I set eyes
on you! Ood forgive me the damned
day I took you to my breast to rend
It." ' '
While this had been going forward
Greeba bad stood silent at the back of
her father's chair, with eyelashes quiv
ering and the fingers of both hamls
clenched together. But now she step
ped forward and said, "Forgive him.
mother. Do not be angry with htm.
He will be sorry for what he has said;
I'm sure he will. But only think, dear
mother: he la In great, great trouble,
and he Is past work, and if this Is not
his home, then he Is homeless."
And at the sound of that pleadinp
voice Adam's wrath turned In part tc
tenderness, and he dropped back to tin
chair and began to weep.
"I am ashamed of my tears, child,"
he said; "but they are not shed foi
myself. Nor did I come here for m
own sake, though your mother thinks 1
did. No, child, no; say no more. I'll
repcr.t ir,e of nothing I have nal-1 to hei
no. not one word. She Is a hard, a
cruel wo;nan; but, thank heaven, I
have my Hons left to me yet. She Is not
fiefh of my flenh, though one with ma In
wedlock; but they arc, and they will
never s c- tlKir father turned from the
At that instant thrc of the ?lx Fair,
brothers, Aaher; rtos and Thurstan
came in from the stackyard, with llK
smell of the furxe rick upon them thai
they had been trimming for the cattle.
And Adam, without waiting to explain.
cried In the fervor of hi;motlon, "Thir
Is not you will. Ash:T?'" Whereupon
Asher. without, any nalutatkm, an-
liwered him, "I don't know what yon
mean, sir," arc turned a.-idc.
!He has damned your mother." said
Mrs. Fairbrother. with lier mornir.j
apron to her eyes, "and cursed the da
that he married her."
"But she Is turning me out of th
house." ald Adam. "This house m
father's house."
"Ak her pardon, sir," Asher mil.
tered, "and ttvt will take you back."
"Her pard n! God In heaven!" Allan;
cried. '
"You are an old man now, '.r,'
"And you are poor as well."
"Thai's true Thurstan; t'nnt's
though y ur brother foigts ,'t."
"So you shouli not holJ 'ur
he:. (3
oo his;!)."
"What! Are you on her tide .also!
Asher, Thurstan. Ross, you, are my
sons-'would you tee me turned out of
the h;use?"
The three men hung- their bead.
""What mctlier says, ne must agrrc it;r
muttered Asoer.
"Ilul I gave you all I had," said
Adam. "If Ism old I am your father,
and If I am poor you know bent who
made tne o." .
"We are r-or, too, sir; we have noth
li'g, and we do not foig'-t who is to
blume for It," Thur.it an srowk-d.
"You gave everything away from
your barsaln l a rue. bargain, you want
us now to stand back of you." 1
And Stean, and Jacob and John win
,ng in at that moment. J.ieob said, rtrj
slyly, with something like a sneer;
"Ah. y, and who took the side of
stranger against his own children!
What of your good Michael iunlockl
now, sir? , It he longing for you? Of
have ycu ver had the scribe of a o
from him slnee he turned his back 01
you, four years. oT ' '-' ",
(To be- contlmied.)
The natlvea of Corners, .nv of th
Canai-y Isles, converse wllh one en
other by whistling on their Angers. II
is potbt to understand a message a
mile off. Bach syllable of a word hi
Hi own peculiar i-ound. Comers In cut
up by a number of deep glens, which
r not bridged over, and aa It wmi:l
otherwise he Impossible for the Inhab
itant en opposite ' sides of a glen It
talk to one another without going a
ong way ro-iad to meet, they neve h't
upon the whistling device at the hesl
means of communication.
Crr Johnson." eald the eldec Of om
of the cotored chwehee to the reeenU
apdpmted paetor. "what coca yo t'lns
Welt U-f Junes, tence yor ssas
me, I mus- w actwony tw
in' ." ; 'S-'- '!" ''-;. -'';V . ''' I
-Why. what deee ye weaa. wer
lolioeon? Dy has rr.o' eemp iweti'
aa' mrt, "Won edtaper mor eay
rcnsregaihea In de towa." v
"tats Jef It. lifer iewtn, if
i Day mm wawt war twt
aey tawta InMMW Mt tow n
ftgyiof: fey-fdWM " t .. j..
Pirate Mere Daring and Flarea
Than uceanaara of Old.
Nothing could be more erroneous than
lo suppose that romantic crime waa at
an end w hen pirates and buccaneers,
who swora frightful oaths, wore stolen
gold lace and carried daggers between
their teeth, were driven off the seas.
There are thousands of Captain Kidds
living and thriving today. If anything,
they are cleverer nnd braver than he.
Carrying rifles to a tribe at war with
the Brmsn, oer mouma.
marsny riven, in a irv,uv". ,, -
'J ' lrv,"
r, down a merchantman and board-
Ins her when you had all the advan-
of arms and numbers on your
In Manila we shall have the modern
pirate In the full flower of his perfec
tion; for Manila Is near Hong Kong,
I and Kong Kong is a sort of general
headquarters for all the pirates of the
far nni There thev can live be-
... 1
twten times when they arc not on in
mnuth and. enlnvlna the luxuries
of a while man's hotel, Itatuii out new ,
scht-mce of adventure. i
Thouch he flourishes best in the
countries where white men govern iav- .
age races, we have the pirate at home.
There Is a suggestion of him in every
f owlxty. and he still flourishes grandly
In tho n Iffhborhood of the Mexican
bonier. In most of the revolutions in
the South American republics he 1ms
played a sT part. If he is paid well
be will nerve under the banner of law
ami order, though he prelers the other
ilde. Hi: ha? been a ra''l cirplnye of
the pveinmi nu or the Ricat Kurop-:n
pun cts again and agnln, ar.il ve.muy
have ukc for hlr.i In t;;e I'hll'ppiues.
You will find gn. cling cowatde In
Hung K i'g ho b-ive ver a falw word
rtn lyln rofgiK'fl. TiieV arc t!ie
a.tents ond no-hetw eei.K. Tin- r-il l'l
rat'.s wl-o htivu physiral rnu:u!;; v'.J t!.t-
woik and take the risk.
in all, It if ctumaieo i-uv "
popilnt'nn of the great civilised conn
tiles ;v n.Illlons live as iiaraulus, pure
p.nd pl.r.plc Th'! art- pom hers, .'inl
tlslLVts, Ki:iuiK!;:erf, bura:!!! an. I th
;i;.c. Ttt':( wl:o take prc.it physical
r!t,!s aic t-un.paratively f'V. Ti:i y are
ihe g.-nt!Ren of the ta!il:ig. Thfy
play for bi gam", ard. a rul", 'hey
would no i;-.re be guiity of j". ity crUr.t
than a banker. ;
Like tho pirates of old. they may
bury their treasure, but they sol'lcm
retire- Their life Is ns fiiccinati-'g to
t'-.-m as the stage to an actor, or.n of
the exceptions Is a man living In I'm Is
today on tho increment of the mor.ty
be earned by fom."ntlnK rclx-lllon
'.3irt the French in Chlii. Ho I n
.......t vi triolic Fnmlimun. He Sif.ldx
n.ary government bonds, and he l)
li v s in the army and In ImntrlnK
Ureyf'i!:n'lf. The- wonf'ir of It in that
h? is r,ot a n:t ml.fr of the cha-nber
of I'putiirB.
if I were poor acr.in'1 could m.ik" n
fort uli"
In two years," Is one of hia
Utile t-aylngs. "All It ro,ulrcs is a
little syirit."
I.c f!m, who recently died., wa a
uod example of the Europ'un a'lv-n-turrr
who l up to date. Capt'tlu Kiud
lfd a humdrum life beside hif. it lun
amaziDK tl:nt he lived to be 50. anil that
he rarled only four buliet wountln at
the time of his death. Hy birth he wan
l Bolp'.in. In his early voyages with
hi father, a trave-lir.fr n;ilem.tn. h
learned mont of the languages of Eu
rope, and developed tb tastes T tnr
wanderer. Ills career n a arand ad
venturer a lgun as a spy for the
Germans In the l'ranco-Pruwdan war,
Toward Ihe Inst he ame. near being
fhot ou the chtrce of plnyine both
tides for v.hat they would pay hlin.
"Sr." he sal.l to Von Moltke, "I have
hf en ibe victim of an vnfortunatc chain
nf elr unnitancrii. It run ea!ly be
proved If I am fe.5 w t" you. I win
show you She weakest points in the
fortliiratlons of paria which have been
constructed sinee S;dan. If what I
ay turns out to be untrue after yu
have made an assault. I submit." HI
information turned out to be correct.
During the war I Ore met a half
brained Russian who had a plan with
millions In it. He proBoeed .tfl .At out
an expedition for gold mining In north
ern China, where rkh pl.vr deposits
are known to mist. The pair got a
ship In Hong Kong -end disembarked
nt VlaeHvostock, in Kula. 'The Rus
sian ofllclaJe TrlnhMl at their endeavor.
They gathered up another hundred ad
venturer, with the hundred they al
ready hud. and rear ted on their way.
IM Clerc had a great gift of talk, and
be mad friends with a mandarin, who
told him to go ahead on the basis that
f per. cent of whatever he got was to
he turned In to the government, the
goreriimert being the mandarin, of
course. The manflsrtn had a great
deal of gold end a treat many precious
stones In his palate..' and ' L Clerc's
plan was to take him by surprise, rob
him of all he had. end leave the country
hy forced marehes. The mandarin's
Idea was to make Le Clerc and his ad
venturers feel perfectly at home and
then maeracre the foreign devils. The
result waa a hloody fight. The Htts
staa waa killed and eo were most of Le
Clere's followers. Hut Te Cterc man-
aged to get to Vladivostok alive, tho'
he had lost a piece of one of hi ear
and been shot In the arm. He had
enough gold with him to lake him to
Comrtantlnople, whither he was at
tracted by the Rns-Turklsh war. He
soon had made a contract to blow up
the whole Uussian army hy a plan of
bla own, some Belgian Arm furnishing
the materials, mmttntt to the la wa of
neutrality. The laltaa cave hint the
aecenwry money, and that waa the
mam potst Bit explosives never reach
ed DaraaaaM mi he got oat at
i.ttr-t neat crr & km.
tefl the story e Ma Ufa wtt any
detail would require a volume. In bla
time be waa In all parte of Africa and
South America. He waa in the eapiul
of Madagascar when the Treuch cap
tain arrived. He had furnished the
rebel with arms, and the queen had
paid him for them. He wept tears of
joy when he saw Colonel Duquesne,
commander of the expedition. He told
the general all bla efforts had gone to
ward dissuading the rebels from mak
ing any fight, and even spoke of sac
rifices he had made and danger he
had Incurred In France's behalf.
He went to Madrid during the late
war to sec If he could not do some se
cret service work for the Spanish gt;v
ernment, and died In his hotel there of
heart disease.
India swarm with su-h adventurers.
The government s secret service is kept
busy following up their devices and
br inging them to booh. The great am
bition of most of them Is one day to
. ... ,.i. 4... nA tHev
steal a ramus " .-
don't mind rinklng their lives in the
stts'pt. iit"T sn?ti KJS " til?
rifles that the Afrldls had In the late
rebellion. The Ma. Fn'ttir r.f Swat did
not have so much confidence In rellslon
ns a weapon aH not to V wil'inn to
give tVX) for a Martini rile. The pen
alty of smupRlirst rifles to the nallvea
is a lnnjr term of Imprisonment. Home
fellows were caught In liie act of emuR
giir.g whl'e the r'belllon win in pro
preos and were eliot for high treason.
One of them was a dlsrltargod servant
of the Tirltisli army v.-'.ih a. S'xxl record.
Smug:!lrtt brandy to tr rnjahs. who
f.re not aMoed by t!i-lr .r.'lig'.on to
drtnir IntoKlcntl.vc linui rs. Is (toother
fdvorl'e trick. O.ne.oM pnt'-ntite In
th far north of ln.ll hl n-ver tasted
bunrfy until it frit put to Hp
u Un wa a KAoti-hmAR bv
birth, l.m a rnwnl in all IiIh thougtil.
The tajah likol H so well ;hnt ha ian
I willing to pay ary rrlce to set It. pio
j V !..-. .Ill- r .
!fnd him out. The Pmtrhmsn proiled
' . . . t
,.t.T.v ii, ,t ., f.r-r.oie on not
that thty HhouliJn't. ami r-'e-.eu n
present of n flue ruby for migprnting
that In n r-irlaln secret place he would
always find a bottle of Scotch, and (or
rvry WJe brov:ght he w.is. to leave
:o'J rupe-e. At tiilsi rate of prr.Hl and
T.ifi the old rajah c'.ift:m!.lg neatly
a Lottie a CJy the 5entihn)4n would
htve bfflne ii h had not the rajah'e
r.iothet-ln-luv, who Jt anxlius to
hav? Hie rnjnh'off the' throne, so" as to
give hi on a chance, not granted the
Scotchman n. f,ub;'! to enr-ourasi" the
old roan's apiK tlle.,
As remilt the rajah lived only a
year, then the S.tehman r that not
hlmxelf hut l.ic ir.otht r-ln-law had the
hest of the liiirjtain. and '-ursed hlin-m-lf
for having ki;i-d fie gooee that
r.l.l th" t'old.-n (KK J't to please her.
Tit old la'ly (fuicldrr'd him such a
inrjr'. roi: mm thai r.hn (lid r.'ft think
he oitRht to live, ho, i bct-ame ar.
oriental dome, rhe told him that she
wished li!ta I'M rnenner of health and
happim-f a. u::& uemin-d him U.,it se
luv a frl i'l wi.uld ul-Jiy be wfl
fia at r'.ii-t, Tiirm she save ordure
t'rat the Sc.'Uhn'nn be afHiilnEted.
Iiut the 0 wxwln Er.adc a fulne m jvs snd
he escaped.'
?i-;nKT ck niruprivK p.kvolt.
Vi-.e P'telllm In Hie I'MMpriaea waa
,n. !l-J by the mlv- rtur-1 from Itor.g
Kong as a iipecuUOen. They w '.'.,.
fijipottunlty of einbarrasifirig S.aln
when (ihe already had the retllllon in
They furnlnhcd
rnl on her hands.
Agiilnaldo and his I'-aoers with arm
and ammunition in promls" of a share
of the loot if lliey Koecc-edi d, and tor
a fhare of Die tribe money of the
Spaniards should "fettle" with the lead,
er. while they nominally granted re
forms In order lo approve Ihe poor
fools who were Agtilnaldo's followers.
Hpain chose to "?ettl." as we know,
and the adventurers made a big stake
out of "the bribe money. ThT got it
direct from the Spaniards, it Is snid, not
being willlnkr to trupt Aifuifistldo to de
liver It up. Agulnaldo then went bJt
to Hong Kong with a fortune under
promise not to start another, rebellion,
which he- broke at the first opportunity.
Many of the. adventurers In the Fhll
Ipptue are Germans and Frenchman,
or those mongrel Kuroiwan which ere
a ieiuller product t.f the etmtlnent. The
Hparlarti wa an easy prey for the in.
They played an important part In the
effort that Germany made to embar
rasa our ocuupullou of Manila, If they
are driven out by the establishment of
a stable government, thy wiil go te
China or somewhere le, where there
Is a cliance to piny the pooefcar or the
All tl.i; weapons which Mcnelek umtd
to defeat the Italians were furnUhcd
by thl same luns. some of whom were
Kusvlnn ard In direct' employ of the
goeirnment. They wonhl unload hun.
deeds of rlfii s on th shores of the Red
sea. In a single night, and the next
morning all wwuid be gone. Out of atgbt
on the drset t, mule and men that be
longed to Merit lek, and had been wall.
Ing for the vi-sstl, were hurrying the
tiries on ui Mcprltk'a camp. All the
rifles and air.in jnitlon that the Der
vishes had in battle of Omdurman
were smuggled. The white men whe
speak the language of the dark-skinned
scum Of Fort Hald delivered these
materials on the shore of the Red sea
and received their pay from the wild
men of the desert, who acted a mid
dlemen. The Hervlshes, however, had
auch a had reputation that few middle
men would take- the risk, For the kha
lifa waa Just aa likely lo cat off a
man' head who presented the BUI at
U pay It. He regarded all white men
aa better dead, and ao be mlased the
aerrloea of haadreda ef . adrantareet
who wsjajid have made their way to him
K the ettaJKae vt (tatta tdtl
UisfMem v "
. ' ' t ,V! - - ,
pkeq c:::3
Mr. William Morris of Crisp, Iowa,
ame to Omaha to aee Prof. Kharaa,
luffsriag with what the doctors had
mid waa gall stones. la fact, he had
een operated npoa rast year hy the
lurgeona at aX. 's hospital, hat
tfter the cutting wt done no trace of
nil stones coulC b foond, and the
hagrioed aurgeoits had Incurred all
langer and risk for nothing. Mmpiy
lidn't understand tfcr. case. Mr. Morris
was afflicted very ntirh Ilka Mr. Joha
uoland. whose case was reported In
.his piper some time ago. The doctore
.hougiit Mr. Boland had appendicitis,
out he had nothing of the kind. Kharaa
avert him from an operation. Mr. Mor
rs had an operation ' performed last
tear before he heard of Kharaa. Afier
varda he suffered continually for a year
antll he came to Kharaa through the
!ff rt of some of Kbarss' pet ten te. He
area In Omaha only a few days when
he went home sound and well. After
te!ng at home several weeks he wrote
Prof. Khaias. highly endorsing his
method and treatment, saying he bad
bad no indication of a return.
Mr. Baldwin, a banker's wife of
Hamburg. la., bad suffered with a
:ump In her thror.t. and no doctor of
-nediclne could give her relief, and her
was getting dispe.r!te. Her father
isd been cured of paialysd by Frof,
thara. so be Inflated that she go to
maha and be examined. Prof. K haras
ound that a. small glar.d In the aide' of
aer net-k had for ime reason enlarged.
producing a nervous ten-don which
-aused a constant contraction of mas
ses In the throat in fftieh a way as te
ippear like a lump, though what the
loctors had said was a lump was no
lump at all. He eured Mrs. Baldwin in
twenty minutest
Mr. A. W. flicker, a lecturer of eop
4!erah!e prominence of Lone "Free. la.,
went to Kharas fr treatment tor stum,
ich trouble of even years', standing.
H" was cured In a week, end i now
taking tn Kharn course In Magnetic
Osteopathy, and will work for Kbara
U r a month for the first ywir. and
2S a month for the second ytr. etc.
It you cartr ui mww uoir wvi
this bunlnevM write to Kharas. If you
l.jn't want to write to Kharas write
to anybody who kuims Kharas eacept
the d'rtors ther know him, but don't
write t. them. Information ol'talni'd
from a physMan Ih wnietlnie stfe find
sometimes not. Kharas refer to those
who know blm bist his patrons. Ue
cai Kt:id you name of over t.MO whom
he ha cured within the lust two year.
IIt hust bi am h elliit"t in many places In
Iowa and ffebranka. Investigate his
ii.uk it will i.av you. Kharaa. bead-
liuurter are locate! at 14li-1517 ' Chl-
r.igo street, on.arai. rico.
Wish its mlleg of ralirosdff. oc
rupyins nine stater, includes as Hs
weetern or Tr.in-MJoiirl Kyvtem the
Fromont. Klkhorr. & Miiiirl Valley
H.)l!ru.I. whic h oecupies Ihe. hent eec
(ioii of Vel-iafki, Uoth for ayrk-ultursl
und Ki.n'iig purport-. It alto pene
irstcn to tin- centir of Wyjir.tng. thro'
the cattle r.inK"ar.d Into ti c celebrated
hep countj-y ami Ihu oil r'Klons of
Natrona otiunty. Vyow.Mg. II. also It
the pl-me-r !l::e ti the Black Hill.
whoe niythlral (Mxt Is so intimately
axMHlatcd with Indian traditions and
their leiferidory ltire The modern Black
hills ate especially famous for their
marvelous richness In gold and sllvet
ore. atid for Its equally m-irvelon iber-
m'.:l rpring.
Near by these Blin k
Hills are sec-
tlorts of th so-olled
Had Lands,"
I nr?. .mJ'.'1. ""?. """
The agrlrulliirivt f.r stock growei
j should f. location on Iheae line, as
I a ... ...i. ..iit koM tana.
he miner the upper Hill, tne Invalid
'he sanitation of the thermal spring.
It i ald that v hi-n n Chinaman de
ircn to wreak vengcune-e ujKin .m en
emy he commit sclclde. Hlnce the al
lied army invaded the Flowery King
dom very few of the natives have lived
Up to the rule except under pressure.
We offer One Hundred Dollars Re
ward for any ease vf Catarrh that can
not be eured by Hall's Catarrh Car.
F. 3. -CHKNET d CO.. Fropeu
Toledo, O.
We. the undersigned, have known I.
J. Cheney for the last M years, and be
lieve him perfectly honorable In aH
business transactions, and Bnanctalty
a Die to carry out any obligation neade
hy their Arm.
WKST ec TRUAX. Wholesale Drag-
gist. Toledo, O. .
Wholesale frngglstt, Toledo, O.
Hall's Cstarr1. Core I taken toter
aally, acting directly upon the bleed
snd mucous surfaces of the system
Prloe, 7c per bottle. Hold by all drag
gist. Testimonials free.
Helis Family Pills are the beat.
After els ytars of agitation on the
part of the trade unions of Cincinnati
frot" schoo books have been obtained
for the pupils of the Intermediate grade
of the public, tchouts. It Is aimed to
exiond the system until It embracet '
the schools of all irradee.
Vital weakness ana nervone i
he eurwi. " virtue ma ' Taatem are gaar.
anteed by KkM grog Co.. I ifUle
mtr nil narvewa dleeosss, eWity and vi
tal lsisa. or eead feww medlclae smj
cared if f aaranteed let feita. Peie. I ,
meisn. trswimnig ina nsrvoua
ghould try theee tablets; greatest i
tome, it you are nm wnat yew aagr to
or want te be and ami ha, Wtw
trial and you wtt praise, (ham fce
r. a. rmefwge.. er f feeMwVMk
Reian ana wnomsnw oi .mysre m I
Dm! Co.. Omaha. M, A. tnJoe, I- a
smug caj- ran nne wt rwew
s CUr,
ah far what yew
Oar old friend and
Wayier. sns tots at ptgwhw kCM.
rid aa he waa la Cob. Bag pcg gm.
gment does got sharMw tcm
c r
' - i