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as Return To Work With Such
omptidM As Have Posted
JNatlcee of the Raise
ton. Pa. (Special.)-The follow
lenient was given out for pubit-
by President Mitchell of the
JmMn Mine Workers:
Trjujwrary Headquarters, United
iBSee, Workers. Haxelton, Pa., Oct. 25.
tUt Or Itinera and Mine Workers of
tea XBtaraclte Region: Gentlemen
carefully canvassing the entire
attun, ire. your officers, district and
have concluded that your vlc-
tsunr is so near complete that no good
aead cam be served by continuing the
' lunger. The contest has been In
tor thirty-nine days, and the
employing you have, with
Clear exceptions, signified their wiUing-
t pay the scale of wages fonnu-
ajr the Scranton convention of
12 and IX
are aware that some some dis-
lar arwmrnt and dissatisfaction have
sanea caused by the failure of operators
-ess dJatzicta l an4 1 to separate the re-
the price ot powder fruui
ssdvaace in wages, but after care
awquiry wc are satisfied that each
employe will actually receive an
of 10 per cent on the wages
paid. In the Schuylkill and
regions the largest companies
agreed that the sliding scale
be suspended and that wages
I remain stationary at 10 per cent
a II April 1. 1901; thus removing one
iniquities of which you hav
for many years.
tt Is true that you have not
redress for all your wrongs.
tattle Jt is true that the increase in your
will not fully compensate you
lite arduous labor you are com
I ss perform, you have established
I organisation which, if main-
conducted on business prin-
, will enable you to regulate many
' Jocal grievances and make your
at less hazardous and more
before the strike be
e3agstBle am la their notices
up with their mine employes all
complained of. We would,
advise that when work Is re-
aefilttees be selected by the
KempJojres and that they wait upon
ssaserintendent of the companies
their grievances In an or-
neas-like manner and ask
be corrected.
attention is respectfully called
that the laws of he state
provide thai, miners
be jtaid semi-monthly, upon de
We should, therefore, sdvise
mine employe serve notice on
ies that he epecta to be paid
Sty law.
practical benefits to the miners
lrs srann from thorough organiza
i amsv. been so clearly demonstrated
thfcs strike that It should be
for us to urge upon you the
Ity at maintaining your union In-
We (rust, however, that those
aw assur members ot the union will
ra their efforts to induce
mine workers to ally them-
with the United Mine Workers
anar. ma,
st as
tm gales
UasK aianr
asT Jassrrk-a at once, as it will be Im
ssaassase tor you to secure higher wages
ass Same fast are or even to maintain the
rate of wages, unless you are
to Offer a united resistance It
attempt is made to reduce your
upon the expiration of the
are some few companies
haree neither pasted, notified nor
In any .other manner, their
to pay the M per cast ad
I la wages aad leasing the sliding
it am ejetSd advise that unless the
i asa stayed by soda companies re-
notice before Monday that the
sane will be paid, they remain away
k afce mines and continue on strike
I tbe companies employing them
a Sa the eon dlt ions offered by the
Ies, and the employes of
who have offered th
f M pr cent and abolished
ssfsjaat 4ter
sOa sJMMbb" scale are hereby authorised
SasssBBBM work Monday morning. Oclo-Bja-rS,
and to be prepared, if called on,
tsjav assatraVejte a reasonable amount of
-gsnr sassttssjB tor tat maintenance of
t-a atse snay be ooanpelked to eon-
-iCJR aWH -'"
tw mnnieii. PmlAent.
' -tr B. rniMOH. atacrttary.
"C-5i tSm Wataaff America."
's, x tr. ratwaLW. a. rawey.
xsasaa. bbmbbsm nsrsurf
,.ra Es Kim Wartwrt at Aaser---
a K- trtttdett dastrlat
,r : tawr. aatrttsry s
tttir- trr. artttjaat r
j vmmt
fiC. I
1 1 1 1
fuseial of jch imm.
Remains of Ohio IStateaman Reef
By Those of His Wife.
Mansfield, Oo. (Special.) In a pictur
esque little cemetery where generations
of Mansfield's builders sleep, lie the re
mains of John Sherman, Ohio senator
and the nation's statesman. There to
day all that is mortal of the former
secretary of slate was laid to rest with
J ceremonies that were Impressive, yet
simple. All Ohio contributed laurels to
the Illustrious dead, and representing
the nation was President McKlnley,
Elihu Root, secretary of war, and other
Washington officials. The city was
draped in mourning. Every business
house closed at 2 o'clock and the
schools were dismissed that the pupils
might attend the service at the Grace
Episcopal church where, half a century
ago, John Sherman first worshiped and
where for years he was a vestryman.
Prom the funeral train, which arrived
at 10:1 a, m., the remains were escort
ed to the church through streets that
were thronged with citixens and thou
sands who had gathered from other
places. The route was marked In the
early morning with many political ban
ners eulogistic of national and state
candidates of the various parties, but
as a mark of respect to the dead all
these were removed before the proces
sion began. In the line of march were
two companies of the Eighth Ohio vol
unteers, who fought in the Spanish war,
while, flanking the hearse, was a squad
of forty-two survivors of the famous
Sherman brigade, all gray and bent with
age. but stepping with tread as firm as
men of half their years.
At the church the casket containing
the remains was removed to a place
Just In front of the chancel, where It
was banked with floral offerings of
great richness- One of these tokens
was a wreath of white roses and carna
tions, brought from the White House
by President McKlnley. Another was
from the Richland Bar association, and
another was the offering of the cor
poration of Mansfield. There were
scores of others from many parts of
the country. ' .
Desire of All Delegates Coins; to
Havana Convention.
Santiago de Cuba Special. The de
parture of the provincial delegates to
participate In the proceedings of the
forthcoming constitutional convention
at Havana caused an immense demon
stration this afternoon. It Is estimated
that they were escorted to the wharf
by upward of 12,000 persons, of whom
nine-tenths were colored people.
Ha vans. (Special.) 1 1 ( remarkable
how little public interest Is displayed
In the forthcoming constitutional con
vention. Let-s than two weeks will in
tervene between this and the opening,
but scarcely a newspaper discusses the
issues involved or offers sny sort of a
suggestion as to the constitution that
hould be adopted. The partisan jour
nals are attacking each other savagely,
however, on the qualifications of dele
gates, and there are numerous indica
tions that the opening days of the con
vention will witness plenty of mud
The real fight will come on the seat
ing of delegates. It Is said that the
mnnmmtr -mill . (
thirty-one members of the convention,
but the republican and democratic com
bination is confident of a majority.
Reports Thai ioiy la Scraca and
' Industrial Crisis Pending.
Stockholm. (Special.) The extraordi
nary scarcity of money, which has been
growing more acute for a month. Is so
seriously affecting commercial circles
as to threaten a crisis. The balance ot
foreign trade continues against Swe
den, it Is reported, and the repeated
contraction of gold loans abroad fails
to palliate the situation. Industries are
dsily Isunched, but adequate capital la
not available, and the newspapers are
filled with appeals from manufacturers
in desperate straits for money.
Rural residents, attracted by the la-
dust rial activity, are nocking to tbe
towns, aad consequently tbe demand
for houses is so great that rents have
been raised SO to 10 per cent. The civil
servants have been granted 24 per oral
Increase In pay to meet the hard time,
and it Is expected employers generally
will have to follow suit.
SlrMltchel Hlcks-Bsaeh Says BH-
tian Cannot Chance,
London. (Special.) The chance Hot of
tbe exchequer,' Sir Michael Hicks
Beach, In the course of an address be.
for the Liverpool chamber of com
merce yesterday, advocated closer com
mercial union between the different
countries of the empire and greater or.
sanitation for the empire's common la-
teres ts. He ask! with regard to tbe
former that It was Impoealbla for Oraat
Britain to be other than a fret trade
country, and that ha sympathised with
SU Wilfrid Laurter, tas Domlaloa pre
mier, ta ats optaJea that an Imperial
aollvartta was unobtainable without
free trade within the empire.
Bo tar as Imperial organisation was
esaeirned, he etM, he aid not l blah
thars was any UamadUU eaagar of war
ai kt astsiatis S hops that tat prbv
tT " af taw
wW. s aaJrsrtaCy
TTaaWBstoav u. a-C.-ic: rtsirt
tary at cat Ksvy Leci pit V.t
aw ia as ct i man ar t i
Appeal to Chinese Patriotism to Re
sist "Foreigners Who Grow
Fat on Our Revennea."
Hone Kong. (Special.) Advices from
Lien Chau, on the North river, say that
American mission property there Is
threatened with destruction by Boers
who have ported the following procla
mation: "We have organized to protect our
country and our homes, and we rely
upon one another to support the order
10 drive out the foreign devils. They
are mad. Their folly passes descrip
tion. They are the usurpers of our
land. They disturb our borders.
"In all these provinces and prefec
tures chapels have been opened, and
jur people are deceived, ripped open
nd dinemboweled, while the foreign
ers grow fat on the revenues of China,
insulting our officials and merchants
and seizing our temples and palates.
"The emperor Is Indulgent and per
mits this. Who can foretell the Inten
tions of the foreign devils? Pay by
day hey act more outrageously. When
a-e behold our present condition of af
fairs our hearts are bruised with grief.
Therefore, we have organized our
strength to destroy the devouring wolf
throughout the empire."
The Boxers took the American Pres
byterian buildings, but have not de
ttroyed them. Rebellion is extending
Along East river and North river, in
the province of Kwang Si, It is sup
posed to be aimed at the overthrow of
the Manchu dynasty, but the reports
are so contradictory that It is next to
Impossible to form a lucid Impression.
In Canton the Chinese officials are tak
ing the insurrection ao lightly that for
eigners believe it will be very difficult
to suppress.
Hong Kong. (Special.) The governor
of Hong Kong has been Informed that
1000 villagers In the Samtocbuok-Kwal-ihln
district were attacked by rebels at
Pengkok. The villagers were defeated
and 2,000 of them killed. The rebelc
who lost 400 killed, burned two villages
zontalning 3,000 houses. A force of 2,0o0
r. r oops vsczl is ! assistance of the
villagers and engaged the rebels on Oc
tober 22. No details of tbe result have
-een received.
General Ho. with 20,000 troops, has re
turned to Hong Kong, having burned ttu
viilages of Shanchautln and Malantau.
Washington, D. C (Special.) Minu
ter Conger has been authorized by his
government to begin negotiations at
ance with the Chinese envoys on the
baxls of the points In the French and
German notes upon which all ot the
lowers are agreed. Upon those points
where, divergence of views has been
faund to exist, the governments of the
powers themselves will negotiate wKn a
view to reaching a further understand
ing. It Is understood the ministerial
representatives at Pekin of the othet
powers hive similar instructions.
Ixindon. (Special.) The foreign offi
cial Informed a representative of the
Associated Press today that thus far
only Italy and Austria have accepted
the Anglo-German agreement, but, it
was added, the assent of the United
States, Russia and France was confi
iently expected.
Canton. (Bpeclal.) The Chinese have
placarded the Shelum district, offering
several hundied dollars reward for the
heads of four foreigners, who are sup
posed to be leadlnj the rebels. The rice
crop hat failed In Kwang-Sl prlvlnct
and robbers sre pillaging. Rebellion
tnd famine there sre certain.
British Stores Destroyed By Fire In
South Africa.
Cspe Town. Bpeclsl.) Tbe military
depot at Victoria West s been de
stroyed by fire. An Immense quantity
if food and ammunition bas been lost,
It is reported that a Boer commando
has occupied Colesburg, and that tele
graphic communication beyond tbe Or
ange rover has been cut off.
About 100 Rand ultli-nders appeared
tt tbe railway station here last night
with railway passes for the Rsnd. The
officials announced that the train which
they expected to travel la bss been
This aad other acta hart much exas
perated the Raaditaa, who do not think
that they are beiag treated In a gen
erous spirit by the military authorities,
la eonseqaeae they are reproaching
tbt Imperial sovtmrneat through the
ntibtfe preas.
The Afrtkaadsr leaders art of tbe
oyfattos that Lord Roberts" latest proe-
set likely to ptseats tat
mikzLuviA wnx WID JAW
TU tM--Cple1aL-It '
fteOi that tft awrrlagt af
Crtiwaat mi Mat Atar? of lUckM.
sCartf fatfl ttfcs pteee JssMtary
tS t C trmtUHk at tat neatfie of
tt X:r n attf awthar at-
' -.ru fsrrLV-j tr3 t). t
explosim at i:::a keas.
Shakes Up Buildings Over Twenty
Miles Away
Washington, D. C (Special.) An ex
plosion occurred at the Indian Head
proving grounds about 11 o'clock to
night. A flash of light visible some dis
tance accompanied the explosion, which
was followed by a fire. The explosion
shook the windows of houses In Alex
andria, nineteen miles from Indian
Head. There is no direct commounJca
tlon with the proving grounds by which
details can be had tonight. The grounds
are twenty-five miles down the Potomac
river from Washington, and many of
the big guns and much of the armor Is
tested there. It is believed the powder
magazine was destroyed.
The first shock was felt over a radius
nf twenty miles. A number of other
explosions followed at recurrent Inter
vals, illuminating the surrounding coun
try. At Quantieo, ten miles below In
dian Head, one explosion after another
was heard, and bricks were shaken
from chimneys. Forts Hull and Wash-
infiton. eleven miles ncrth or Indian
Head, were shaken by the explosion.
The tug Triton left the navy yard
soon after the explosion, for the prov
ing ground. There are several officers
and a number of enlisted men and
workmen at the place.
Transmlasouri Freight Bureau Fig
uring on More Profit.
Denver Colo. (Special.) The Trans-
Missouri freight bureau concluded a
two days' scselon In this city this after-
iioon. The pr?r"ion to revoKe teea-
ln-transit rates on live stock was fa
vored by a majority of the lines, but
action was deferred in consequence cf
the strenuous opposition of the Colo
rado lines on the ground that It would
greatly Injure trade In this territory by
placing prohibitive rates on sheep that
otherwise would be brought from the
pastures of New Mexico and Southern
Colorado to the feeding grounds of the
Arkansas vallpy and Larimer country
under the old rate and sent to the
eastern markets early next spring.
There was nearly an agreement on the
ore rate question and it Is probable that
the old standard rate on low grade
smelting ore and on grain for the
northern milling centers will not be
altered, though there was lengthy dis
cussion of a proposition to raise rates
somewhat on mill snd elevator ship
ments from the grain sections. This
action was generally approved, but a
It would be infringing upon the rights
of other associations to pass definitely
upon what this association would do In
metiers affecting Sifferen! snclatlons
equally the matter was postponed until
the January meeting.
It was decided to hold a meeting of
all the frrtsht traffic managers In the
Trans-Missouri territory In January,
when It will be possible to have a defi
nite understanding with all concerned,
and If the sentiment expressed at the
Denver meeting is sustained, there wIV
be a general advance of rates.
Consul Tells of the Improvements
In the M inlng Center,
" Wasiiirinvwti. n,- C. S?eei. -r?"-son
today presents a marked contraft
to the Dawson of 1898, reports United
States Consul McCook. Then no one
except possibly the judge on the bi-mh
wore a white shirt The town was
thronged with miners, with packs on
their backs, prospecting toll- To
day residents dress much as they do
in the United States. It Is unusual U.
see a man with a pack on his back,
and one can walk over the town with
polished shoes without getting them
soiled. Electric railroads sre promised
by New Year's. There are fewer houses
In Dawson for rent at the present time
than since It was a tented field., not
withstanding the fact that over MMM
has been spent this summer In new
buildings. Msny new homes are being
built g'Mil, substantial frame building.
Public schools have been opened and
are well attended. About October 1
there will be direct communication with
the world by telegraph via Vancouver
and Vlrtorla. The output of gild has
been Increasing, say the consul. In
spite of the fact that the average val
ues of the gravels worked have been
steadily decreasing.
Imports and Exports for Past Nine
Washington." D. C (Special.) The
division of customs and Insular affairs
of the war department made public to
day a general statement covering the
trade of tbe Philippine Islands for the
first nine months of tbe fiscal year end
ing June 10 last. The statement shows
that tbe total of merchandise, gold snd
silver. Imported during this period was
lUsT&l.tOO and exported. II4.K1.2JH. A
marked decrease In Imports from Chins
ed In tbe Imports from Spain.
The exportation of Manila hemp wa
valued at M.1M.M0. of which the greater
part went to the United Kingdom. Th
United Rules stands next In the Hat of
countries taking this article. Raw su
tar waa exported from the Islands to
tbe vshie of fl.tlt.14; tobacco and lit
manufactures, $,iwni. tad copra,
Mt7J0t. Of t total Importation of M,
U,s worth 'of cotton and Ita manu
factures the snare from tat Ualtsd
Kates vat oaly IU.1M.
rraatfartt Jf.-ffaselBl.)-Ooveraef
stoektasi has ajftrovsd tat aoa-atrtl-aaS
f rf tn raatsi at tat tstra
rr -" rtact.
Will the Iniquitous and Falsa Doc
trines of McKlnley and Hie Party
Still Rule Under Old Glory?
Lincoln, Neb. (Special.) Again we
Sre In the closing days of a political
campaign. The interests surrounding
the same have been quite satisfactory,
and especially so when we consult the
existing relations between populists,
democrats and silver republicans, each
being a distinct and si-a rate organiza
tion, yet In this contest they have
fought side by side with equal Interest
and determination to bring success to
our cause If It were a possibility.
In the selection of the candidates for
both branches of the legislature these
parties have each displayed a great
amount of patriotism. There are in
stances where each of them has yielded
his personal preference In the selection
of candidates, and all of this was done
because our people stand first for the
success of our cause. They are guided
by higher motives than to please or
satisfy the ambitions of those who
would enjoy preferment. It would be
next to Impossible to Improve upon the
conditions that exist In this respect.
The result of past campaigns has been
that when our people were thoroughly
united, we have been successful at the
polls by a splendid majority. It Is ure
less for me to state that there has been
nothing but perfect harmony in our
ranas. Tbe e.lorts er " republican
party In this state to Institute a private
aid society, has fallen exceedingly flat,
snd comes far short of their expecta
tions; in fact, they now think It hardly
worth the price paid.
The reform forces are united In their
efforts to overthrow the Iniquitous and
false doctrines as set up by President
McKlnley and those who guide the
course of the republican party. In this
hour of trial, when our nation ia being
put to the test as to whether It shall
remain, as was intended by the fath
ers, a free and independent government,
or shall we adopt the policies and pat
tern after a monarchy and surrender
all of the early learned principles of
this government, of which we have ao
proudly boasted. This Is causing many
cititens and lovera of our country t
falter In supporting that policy longer.
Has liberty lost Its charms for tbe
American heart? Is freedom snd self-
government to be set aside and discoun
tenanced by the sans and daughters ox
that long list of pstriots who mark the
early history of this country? Shall
we recede from all the teaching that
have made this country great? Shall
we adopt the modern republican Idea of
turning over to the trusts all the com
mercial interests of this country.
Can we afford, as a government, at
such great ioss of men sr.d cspcKd!tur
cf money, lo maintain a standing army
In remote parts of the western hemi
sphere, where our Interests fade Into
Hve we not at home and within the
United States many matters of gres'
importance to our people, that we can
can well affoid to direct our our atten
tion, and thus create for our people s
condition that is not In the interests of
I few, and prevent the building up of 8
jreat aristocracy which Is too proud tt
share the interests of a government
when it is called upon to undergo trlalr
ind sore difficulties, but hides away
when our government Is calling for vol
unteers, and offers no defense or sup
port to our nation?
At this lime we, as the reform force
tre called upon to meet a political party
tn optfu tuU i Amerlcai,
people, who defend all the porltlon
that have been referred to, and ar
trying to enforce on this government
new policies by and through the arbi
trary will of the president of the United
States. Every frood cltlxen will agre
that no new policy should be forced on
the people without first submitting the
name to the people for their conrldera
tlon. Such self-constituted power is be
yond the American Idea of self-government.
We have no doubt that each votei
who believes In the reforms we have
enumerated will not only attend in
polls on election day and cast his ballot
In favor of a government of the peopl
and by the people, but from now until
the polls close ahould exercise all the
Influence he can In seeing that out
cause la fairly represented under al.
conditlona. We appeal to each populist,
democrat and sliver republican to di
their full duty from now till the polls
close. We have no fear of the result
In this election If this Is done, but wt
have home pride, and that can be best
exemplified by railing up s rousing ma
jority for the whole ticket in Mr. Bry
an's home state. No voter should re
main at borne on election day and fall
to perform the rights of a free man.
Our cause la just and we believe w
shall win In state and nation. Encour
agements are coming from all sections
of the entire country. I.et patriot ji
guide your actions, snd with this done
we can safely predict for the reform
forces cf Nebraska, that they will eleel
Ihe slate ticket from Governor Hoynter
down tbe entire list without missing i
The Importance of electing the legis
lature Is deserving of our most rrrefui
attention. There la no effort t,n the
part of the republicans In trying to con
ceal that D. K. Thompson of Ilncoli
and. Edward I(oe water of Omaha ar
the candidates of that party for United
State senators. Their record Is knowr
10 you. As republicans they have beer
In close relation with their psrty In al
of Ita past record, You know what M
waa when tbe reform force took hold
ot the atate's affair. These men are s
part of the same old gang that elected
the men who have three-quarters of a
million of the people's money, and now
they want to be honored with the Unit
ed States senatorsblp (or their great
sacrifices. I know you will not wilting
ly permit a thing of this kind to oceut
It would cause the good and Intelligent
eltltenshi" of thla itste to blush with
My friends, let me urge upon yon
the necessity of seeing that our legis
lative ticket I looked after In every
locality. Thla Is the time to attend to
these matters, and by doing so we shall
be able to return to the United States
senates that nobis, kind hearted states
man and leader, William V. Allan, and
a democrat who will stand by hi aide
In dcasaadiat; the reforms this country
so badly tttads la seed of.
Whs yoa read this tetter rteotvt In
year own mtad ta do eomtthlag to ts
tot is thla trwrtay etuee. And saw
my ftfltw aerhaft la tat eases af rs
forsa. M M iiH attars ret IT t
mck ra trr tr af tat
tf the r -
hundred and fifteen thousand other fMa
men In thla atate over a grand vtetary.
Your for success St the polls aad f
grand celebration at Washington tat
tin of next March.
J. H. EDMI8TEN. Cbatrmaa.
A Latter From a Mld-Roader
plains Itself.
Oxford. Kan., Oct. 22. 190. Chalrnuuk
Mlddle-of-the-Road Populist Stat Com
mittee: Dear Sir I am the populist
nominee for congress In the Seventh
congressional district of Kansas. But
I am not making the race. 1 resigned
the nomination, which I had received
unanimously, because the democrats,
who Had but one vote In six fusion
votws,'"perlted In nominating a demo
crat and refused to endorse me, or girt
me their support, because I waa a pop
ulist. I have been engaged for the list three
weeka in making populUt speeches U
tits district agalsjst the democratic
party, which I charge with a conspiracy
to destroy the people's party and advla
lng populists to vote the republican
ticket as the only salvation for our
party. I am billed to speak every day
until election, but some prominent re
publicans think 1 could do some very
good work by making two or three
speeches in your state under the direc
tion of your committee. 1 am willing
to do so, providing you desire me to do
so, and In Lincoln and one or two
other large places. The first speech I
mat was In Wichita, of which I am In
formed the slate republican committee
had published 40.000 copies for distri
bution In this state.
If you are Interested In this matter
and will write the republican committee
at Topeka. they will send you a copy
of this speech and will tell you who I
am. and what I can do. 1 should like
to make ipeecbe for the populists snd
gainst the democrats and democratic
populists and In your state point out
that to save the populist party democ
racy must he knocked out.
I should like to speak about trie nrst
three days of November, or the last two
of the three, speaking In Lincoln Sat
urday, Novemuei" 2d. at n'ht.
The fusion populists of this state art
much outraged at my course and my
speeches, but hundrede of the loyal pop
ulists of this state are going to vote for
McKlnley and give this state to him by
40.000. We have no middle-of-the-road
ticket here.
Please let me hear from you at once.
Respectfully. I. P. CAMPBELL.
Address: Wichita. Kan.
How the Vinous PubMcatlone Art).
Standing Politically.
Omaha, Neb. (Special.) The follow.
Ing list of paper are the German pa
per In Nebraska supporting the fusion
ticket: Cedar County Waechter. Hart
Ington, Cha. Welas, editor; Nebraska
Farmer Zeltung. Spencer, J. Tsgwerker,
editor; Nebraska Giene, Columbus, J.
H. Johannes, editor; Herold and Ansel
ger, Grand Island. J. P. Windolph, ed
itor; Platte River Zeltung. Fremont, R.
C. SchaefTer editor; Central Chronlk,
Omaha, P. J. Mueller, editor; Lose
Blatter, Omaha, Fr. Schnake, editor;
Norfolk Anselger. Norfoik, J. HseKT.. '
editor; Beatrice Post. Beatrice, O.
Schultx, editor; Staats Amr-lger, Lin
coln, Esser ft Sfchaaf, editors; Germaula.
Bloomfleld, J. Lohman, editor.
German papers supporting McKlnley
and Republican ticket: Omaha Trib
une, Omaha, R. Noak. editor; Courier,
. j rand Island, H. Gam, editor; Reflec
tor and Farmer Freund. Lincoln., R.
rlohmeyer, editor; Auburn Post, Au
Gold democratic papers: West Point
folksblatt. West Point, M. O. (ientske.
editor; Nebraska Staatsxeltung, Ne
braska City, J. Beutler, editor.
Unroln Freie Presse, Lincoln, chang
ed handa, and Is not now nghiin ?:.
I. Bryan.
The following democratic papera also
publish from two to four columns of
Jerman matter: Nebraska City News,
Nebraska City; Democrat, Weat Point;
Herald, Auburn; Independent Demo
crat, Seward.
will nit aid Mckinley.
Omaha, Neb. (Special.) Exfnato
H. U. htewart, middle-of-the-road nom
.nee for congress In the Sixth Nebraska
district, has withdrawn from the roll.
Senator Stewart makes the announce-
nent. In thla letter printed In the Ne
braska Homestead:
"Prof. A. J. Boyce: Dear Sir Tour
notification that the Broken Bow con
vention had honored me with thalr
choice for congressional nominee la at
hand. I regret that I am compelled
to decline the nomination. No lan
guage of mine could convey to you my
appreciation of the great confidence
snd esteem Implied by thla nomina
tion. My reasons for declining I wish
utiefty submit:
"It is useless to attempt to Ignore the
fact that a band of commercial plrntea
ud political conspirators at Washing
ton are attempting to erect an Imperial
power In the presidency. Unauthorised
oy congress they are using the army
nd navy to force government upon
i foreign people, whose only crime la
j .love of liberty so strong that. Ilka
the fat'.ers of our own republic, thalr
cry la 'liberty or death.'
."This government aa administered
now Is the pliant tool and weapon of
the well organised commercial powers,
who on the slightest occasion tall out
the military to oerce and murder the
victim of wage alavery and trust ex
tension. Wltneaa Haxleton, where they
ven murdered the wounded; and In
Idaho, where they bayoneted to a
loathsome prison pen, old soldiers off
the civil wsr, who had committed aa
crime and contemplated none.
"Under the circumatancea, frith the
president already exercising Imperial
jower and disregarding the constitu
tion. It Is my opinion that' no good
-Itlxen should do anything which df
rectly or Indirectly will contribute to
hla re-election. To do so Is to become
accessory to ths unholy war he la sow
prosecuting. V be Is defeated, the
biod of the thoueande of men, wo.
men and children slain In the Philip
pines rests upon his owa bead; If hit
eta art Indorsed at the polls the na
tion assumes the responsibility for those
crimes tad mutt answer therefor.
"At I view tht situation. I believe M
le be my duty to country to at wt
ballot to help defeat tht party hi sowar.
My candidacy for congress (a thla ea
trtet tnie-ht oontrlbats to the tlttfdts tt
g supporter of thlo tdajialttratasa, aa
act tsy oonscieees wIM tot tfrrtvt.
"Arsis taaahmtT yea, tad threap .
yon tat wmm'm tmnrm aaat at
? ""5Bv Umt I ttp-r. j
P' l t
. UtX. AV