Harrison press-journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1899-1905, September 27, 1900, Image 1

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'1 V " l
Our TJutto'
ij A i
' I-I A K R I S O N 1 R 1 C S S -J O X J R N A L .
r-KST-F.r,'?irn ijw g:r
Kubwrip'.lim IVIc IVr Year SI.O0.
Official Paper of siourc County.
I). Canon, - Editor.
h.Tf'.nu at thk Hahkim'N l' ut Oifkk s r'i r-sn ms Mattkh.
J'gr r"f!i.nt:
WILLI AM J. PP.YaX,.. Lincoln, Neb.
Kor Vice I'rt-M'b mi :
A. K. SI F.VKN'-ON. Ploomington, Ills,
lor Presii'entl-il l-lcctur:
KKANICT. N.-"i-,r, Silver Repub.
POUT. OHKF.V'ILDEIt, liemmrut
K N. WKNr,
JAM (' i!UG- " . " ,
jonN n. n;r.i iv?. PopulKt
,- V. (. sWaN, '
Kor Covrrur:
WiLLUM A. POYNTEli,... Populist.
Ko- I.Vnt. ;ov-r"or:
11 A. G",I.L'L:!M',...lYc-e Silver Kepnh.
Ko- 5:cey df st.itc:
(J. V, 8vol,d,i Populist
Kor St ito Tri'WircT! '
H. II. HOA'AliU,.... "
Kor State Auditor:
Theodore Gim-s, "
Kor Attorney linnci'nl:
W. It. .OLDHAM Democrat
Kor ComV t'ub. I . A li. :
1. J. OA KEY, Populist
Kortfupt. full. Instruction;
C. F. f'.KCK "
Ynr rimi'mm. Ktti )itr!et: '
Kor !!cprintattv, tarl District:
Koa cnutor M'li liiairlct:
' W. V. IIAYWAHI),. Populist.
l ur ('(inn's' Attorney,
The Philadelphia North American
fay: As the leading pplrit in the pence
and nrhitrutioii of 1 1 ir world, '.he United
States MioniJ to I !(n itn simre in tlie
viir, if its irfi)rmiir!if(;n are to be juJgt;d
liv the luimvy it i KpynJinc;,
In rounl diiiiIh'Ch tlin jxiivi'rnnicjnt hits
.'ippmpi i.iicfi fur the present liis;t! year
1 !...(iI),'l.''iC0 for the nrmy, f T.TCO.iW)') for
t'orliriuilioiii. !),X)n,tUi(i for th riiiliVurv
itcniWniv, ;r,:5,n00.0 K),0O3 f.r tho navy,
VV,(i JO, 000 for uruiTit tle'lcieticv, war,
nuvy, ittc. , nit'i. i her a Hum excesdin
filKl.tlOO.OS'.). Will) the pen non hill nt
!'rH ,0!1''.','O a yur, ntirl tiia million of
inteesl, on v. ar wxperutiUirei, h, total
come to tie-trly a million dollar-!
for every d.iy of the yeur.
Ar.J it doc rot look :ih it thit i.4 to
jrrow tiny 1ms for komoi tioii to couie.
World politic? and, coloina! stmbiti ma
ccut iiiorrey. Our Diinih Aiiimii.U.
Ortvwnor Poyntr, i-t om of the busi
est men in lhti Kt tla-iiow-a-day, if he
tou'd divido himself into iii'tv ilifTerent
leiaM he rould oA (111 hi appointment
throughout the staty. Goveruor Poy ti
ter is on of t.'iq btst Governors Nebraska
has ever hud, and moit of our peuplo
know it, and that isj ist why tliey are
goin to support hint thiin this fiill.
Some filmli which linn upoeai-fd in
a few of thu Deiti ich tnnt hints, ie:ilin(;
of his iXrelleticy. as old "mother Pont
or" unmasked (ho vulgarity of iM auth
or, and disphtyej their true i i.h-rs which
araenvy, reveii;;e nnd cont.einpt.
fiovernor Mount, of Indiana, was ask
ed today what tw thought of tv-nator
Ilannii's assertion in his Chicago hpcoch:
"I lieliove there is not a trust in the
entire United States."
"Tliero re trusts in Indiana,'' empha
sizing the word "are" tho Governor Raid
he regarded H.mna's break, an most in
jurious to the republicans, and adds they
do not want him to speek in Indiana.
The Piiilc itoii detetiives and the state
mi'.iri't of I'enitsylvjnia. havo bueu or-I'.-rod
out to tiio of tho Htrilwrs in
llw B'lthruwte rei.ni:; of that stale, and
thus far hav,) xuccni'dtd in di.spatcliirif;
four r.r live miner and or.o litlla child
four years oHl, besides v.-oundiii nbout
twenty ot.hurs, nt;d all bec-uiso of tlio
ovur.'lowinc; dinner bucket of the coul
barrons m.stead of I be miners.
We run see, tnore clearly every day
'ay in tho cummkn troirrnse tliat Hon.
t . n i
Xf. J; lirynn is tnultio rapid strides to
ward the White IJou: at Washington
and watch our predictions, t iuvt jumt as
sure iot the sun risen next 4th of March,
W. J. IVyan will be inauerattd presi
dent of these United States.
VVitbfnt hesitancy we assert that the
republican party are oppo.itd in every
sense oCtho term, to labor unions, but,
tiieynrm no way opposed to tniids,
which nionopolizy everything that tiieir
blif,'htinp hands cclne in coaUct with
Ujo opprHsors of labor. (
Boc?arc Gleanings.,
Monday of last week 0. F. Cou'ee made
a final move to Ch.iilron in moving one
of the hoys h'ld the misfortune to hreak
a wae;-jti wheerwli.'ri but ashortdislance
from ran; h having to r.-!turii and net
another R ajon and rel.iad caused a de
lay of mse day.
'. Win. ..Miller moved Ids catlln on Fr1-
day last from the valley over to A. F.
Christian range where they will remain
for the winter his sort in-law Fil. lioso
will slaif with tlioui for a while.
We wlih to say to Zekiel that his ir.fw
mant must have made a mistake in re
gard to ttiut popcorn, on irrmiryey we
learn thft Mr. Miller has but a few hills
of Popcorn this season and it would take
more WStter than passed through Hat
creek this summer to raisa evea one ton
of Popcorn from it.
Mrs. Zimmerman has been suffering
considerable the past week from having
some tooth removed, bt-r face has. been
vary painful bet at present writing we
hear she Is much better.
Our Iv.jtiinoxal storm 1 h's year is giv
ing us a 5u:t that winter is nar causing
L' it J h r ."
C. V. Cciffl-e, IVcsdaeiit
CiiAs. C. Jameson. II.
F. W.Clarkk, Ca-yliier.
Clakke, A. McGinlev,
Stockmen Laving use for a bank at this point may rely on
U9 to handle their entire Uanking businep.
nAVe aro propawl to take care of our trade at all times
Tun Jourxal will publtsb yoorbrand.Hlce
th followlns, for t2 :U0, per year. Kaon ad
(lltimial hrand T"i cents. nvory larmer or
ranchmen in Woujc jvnrt adjoining; eonutiou
saoald nilvnrtiKB thoir uraicis ui TiibJock
aHiu it circulsites ail over tlie otata. It
tuuy be thu menus of Having money for yeu
Vote for Hay ward and Coffee, ths
jieoiilcf choice..
Voters should remtmlwr that the time
fir election is drawing nar, ami also
that tales without number, detrimental
to the fusion candidates will be rife. But
Vntry idinold read and wmgb these fab-
ricfltinus well, nml consider tnoir wurce.
and we fl that after so doin' tho
cmcocted falsehoods of Ilmnil, Oeitrich
nnd Fisher and diiponsed locally though
t!iir boodlnd volariys will vanish as
n phantom of night, or better Vt these
base falsehoods will appear in their true
lifc-ht. '
CofTee, our imxt representative is a
man whom the peupl can trust, ho is
riot one whooi any, man can buy. Vote
for him, for m so doiue; you ure voting
f ir your own intres(f " "
War is always hell, and in nine cases
out of ted is hIso iiinrder. No punish
meiit in thin world can be too great for
those who cause unnece.ssary war. Our
liuiub Animals.
Prosperity. and In
dustry. Coal strike... .120,000
Coal auxiliar.es . J..
Coal average weekly pay
Daiiy cost living for 0
Average monthly rent
Wounded ..
Ml N Kits MKNU:
I Oatmtal and Tea.
One-half Gill Milk for Haby.
Dried Iieef.
Bread." '
" Waier.
Suffi:.":. ' ..
Boiled Ileef.
Oi.e Potatoe &.( h.
One Cup of CoiTee.
One Piece Bread with butter.
That full dinner pnif of which
Ilaiina is industriously telling iiround
tliecountrv, that the laborin:.; man has
had under the In niHcieiit rf ign of B;l!ious
McKinley. emperor of l.bo United Stale.3,
has had the lie thrust in his face, by the
strike in Pennsylvania, of 120,000 men,
who have !ceii compelled to wo. k for
70 cents a day, in order to keep u. larye
family, in many cases from starvation.
It'is said that a thief when pursued
will invariably cry out "stop thief," Mr.
Hanna, tho monopoly's Bjceiifc with the
nrt.iident declares, that Mr. Bryan is a
hypocrite, and says there is'nt such a
thing as a trust Institution in' the United
Slates. Every body in this county knows
that's a lie, from the fact that Dettrich,
the republican candidate for governor,
in bis speech at this place, admitted
there were about SOO of the in this coun
try, and he said too that tbcv were all
good trusts, thu only bad trust according
to his statement is the tin plato Lust vf
Jiorh I us to wajiuur what became ot our lust
winter oprcoat.
Wo re sorry wo could not send in any
items last week hut we Were much too
busy. I "' M. A. C.
Eutf uretl Death A'-rmies.
;'. Y. Sugar Hennery clones. - J.iwi
M anciiesler, Ens., hickout ...SOO.OCO
A n wricnn -ironworkers o.'iOH
Merc, failures last week 211
Merc, failure same week lij'Ja,.. 131
U. S. U.ink clearings, dec. p. c... !iT
Ijintiue utetl Mills start ' 5,0ml
Steel wages reduced, per cent 2"i
Latest Q;j Mar Bryan.
Only a rota ring fire enabled J. M. Gar-
e!son, of" San Antonio, Te., to lie
down wb.'O. attacked bv Astuia, from
wbV'h hiy SuD'ered for yen re.. He wribis
his misary v;as ofteo bo great that it
seemed b3 ctidured the pgooics of death
but Dr. ITing'3 new Discovery for con
sumrHior. wholly cured him. This mar
velous (isidicine is the or.ly knovn cure
for asthfr-.a as well as consumption,
Coughs typWrilds, and all Throat, Chest,
, CflAttliKS KIKHLK.
On lrlt side or hip of eattle, j
;,f;Jcrlc ,.
sjVi Address Ilan-idon, Sloax Co. Neb
branded on left side
if Cattle and on loft
ieioulder of Homes.
Uungeoa nc.-ici oi liito Itlver.
1'. O. Address Harrison, Keb.
$300 KEWAItl).
Kor the arrest and conviction of any party
or jwrties Ktealing or disfiguring any bramU
on ttoulc belonging to tiie undersigned par
ties: '
Horses branded on rijjli shoulder or
branded on riglit Jaw Also, I havo
llorsea branded OJ1 left tlilgU
Pout Ollio Address,
Harrison, Sioux Co., Nebraska.
o . . -
Owns t,hn follnw-
ftibrund on cHli
ur; Also H3 on cat
tle and bai'Siis
riittloon leftsiill
horses on left
Baoee on Silver Rpring n3 eat of staw
ino. PostoiKce Harrison Nob
W-l ,
60, 117,
on left tup
loft hip or Cattle. "
Slous' County, Nebraska.
g on left Jaw,
1'ost Offloe, llewlt.
Guar'tiiiYk, ..,
n. ptuNNr-
Price 50c and 1,00
! -tb'- iee at i;r.
i.ore. ' '
Best Points in Bryan's Letter. -
A private monoplv ha olwujs been oiiotilla'.
No defense cn be nindo of an industrial system in which one or a f..-.w more
can control for their own profiC the output or price of any article of merchandise.
1 shall (select an Attorney-General who will, without fear or favor, enforc-
cxistlng laws. "
1 shall reef mi mend such additional legislation as may be necessary to dis
polvu every private monopoly.
Iy itmdvertance the income-tax plnnk wan omitted from tho platform. 1
take thin occasion to reasiwrt iny belief in tlie principle which underlies the income
tax. ,
The Democratic party makes no war on honestly acquired weallh.
The Sm-cillc declaration in favor of the free and unlimited coinage of silver
at the existing ratio of 18 to 1 is repeated in the plbtfornr.
I hereby announce,. with all the emphasis which words can express rnv fixed
determination not under any circumstances to be a candidate for re-eluctioM la
case this campaign results in my ejection.
Arc-Lishop Ireland, of St. Paul, Minn.,
has bid adieu to McKinley and Iii im
perial policy.
Lust Monday Murk linniia, bos of the
republican irty nnd defemter of imper
ialism and trust, K'v a banquet at the
Union League Club, Chicago, to a party
of gentlemen whose combiuwl wealth
ngJIregated l25,fHfo.O00.
On the same day 12.000 Pennsylvania
coal minors Isid down their picks and
tthovels boiause the coul trust refused
tlwm living wages.
At the Union Lunjfue Club lamqiiet,
jfiven by II an in the platen cost $1( each
the wine were costly beyond the dreams
of Lucullus,
The ragged miners fed their wnnfnced
babies that Hay on black crusts and
Hear what Mr. Creel man snys:
"Three day ago wo wero in MnArtoo
nnd there we ate with the miners In
their h'uw-N; nml s'ich p'tliful. slielters
lor human U-ings to live in!
"Wo were itt the very heart of the
trut ij'ucetion Uiv dmntr table it Uie
workingmnn. It would have l:eri inter
estiujr had Mr. McKmlov und Mr. Raima
lieon there to talk about nrospcrity and
tho full dinner pail.
'The grizled father cat at tho heaJ
of the table, Ids hands roughened by
life time of labor. His three daughters
all compelled to work in the (lower of
their youth, snt around him. The moth
er, with face seamed and puckered by tlie
st ruggln against the starvation, wailed
on the rest.
Tho week has brought forth its
heavy defection from Mckinley,"
Kx-Uougressman Scott Wike of Till
nois, who oppO'J P.ryan in ISO.), has
tendered his services to the Democratic
tme committe. ,
Dan jam in K. Johnson of the same state
who was tho republican cand.dato for
oon'Tess in tho Hth dUtiact. in is
out for Dry-am
PavM F. Bremtier, a prominent capi
ta! -Kt of Chicago, cotniis to Iirvan as the
savior of the constitution and the flag.
Charles E. Ilarwood, Republican, and
former mayor of Lynn, Mass., is with
Bryan on tlie issue of imperialism. Da
vid Spektorsky of Boston renouncec Mc-
Kinley for tho same reason.
Fred T. Mord, a Palmer and Pmekner
manof IudianajKilis, Ind., hns followed
his brethren into the fold. Elijah Tom
ev of Washington, Tad., leaves tho Re
publican party this year uf Ler a lifelong
J. Warren Greene of N. Y. mnkes pub
lic his conversion to Jtrvan. in u letter
to the Evening Post of that city.
From Danville, Ills., the following are
reported:' E. R. E. Kimbi'ough, former
speaker ff the Illinois house f represen
tativos: Mi:hael Kellv, "'tho wealthiest
man in Vermillion county"; Louis Piatt,
real estate dealer; Hr. II. W. Morehouse,
chief 'surgeon of the Wabash railway
system; Thomas Conron, hardware mer
chant; Hen Dandy, lumber dealer; Thom
as R. Castlempn. manager of tho Dan
ville Press; Dr. J. W. Wright , physician;
A. R. Hill, attorney; J. H, Rirkley, re
tired capitalist; XL W. Gillette, physi
cian, and "laO Gormans who formerly
voted the Republican ticket," .
i"! Tna hnoifl rrnresented in this notice
I'ljiS and branded any where on left side
of cattle, and over lap out iiom tue
"' s Also the niime brand on loft this of
SirJjf-'i UOTsea, belongs to the undfirsiKHOd...
liaHPl near E(,t Mprlnus, south part l'o
Slonx county. - -Ciunu SWrwii, :
r- ' illarrisoa.Hebrar.ka.
Horses bVanded
on left sbonl.
branded on left shoulder of
Cattle and pj on left side.
Post Office Address,
Falriclt, Laramie Co. Wyow
Tlie rir uhliitn party is committed
to slavery, polygamy, millitarlsm am:
imperialism, which they cannot deny,
Alt you heed to do is to direct them to
read the Sillu treaty made by the presi
dent iK'credited agent, Genl. Bates, who
negotiated with the Sulil king. That's
where slavery, polygamy and titled nu
bility has the unqualified support of Im
pcrial.biliou M. Kinley. Then for mil
turism, thu Philippine wnr to subjugate
ti people fighting for libertv durii the
past 800 yeniw, and in our country, an
that Is neissnry to prove our Matem
ent is to point to Knl, Mirriams millila
r.sni in the Couer lie Alone labor utriko
little over a year go.
JsTitVt o to TTio l'ublic.
The thitty second Nebraska State Fair
and exposition will be held at its old
siand, Lincoln, Nebr., Sept. The
slate horticultural society will bold its
annual exhibit in connection with the
stats fair and on the saoie grounds and
dates. ' '
The board have offered 30,000 for
premiums, $2,000 for county collective
M fififi for md.
The F. E. & M. V. R. R. have an
nounced the low rate of one fare for the
round tif'p pips 50c admission, from
points luNebaska, tickets on sale Sept.
i 1 inclusive, with return limit Sept. 8,
and will run special trains from crliaa
portions of the line, thus providing the
best facilities for those wiabing to visit
this fair aud exposition.
Tho following are special days:
Monday Sept. 3, Wheelmen's, day, o
Bicyclo tournamet day.
The motor tandom
will be a special feature.
Tuesday, Sept. 4, Fraternal drill day,
and Fruit day, at which time tons of
fruit will be distributed free,
Wedcfcsdav and Thursday, Sept. 5 and
0th will lu every bodys days, aud tho
big racos. .
Friday, Sspt. 7th, Traveling Meo'g day
and the '-Knights of the grip are prom
ised a big time.
The "Tennessee "Judges," a splendid
troupe of colored minaterels, will gitfe
daily free entertainments in the amphi
theatre.' ; Spabin Abtine, a native of Manila, of
the Taglcg tribe of Filippinos, will give
frue daiiy receptions and eutertainmeuts,
on the grounds. ' ' -. :
Tho agricuitural and horticultural
displays, promise lobe bolter tb0ever
before exibited in this state. ;f
On left side of cattle aud oa lef
shoulder ot horses. ; .
Range on AnteloiM) ereck
I'. )., Olillchnst, Sioux Co., Meb.
Branded ou left slionlder ol borse
7;iiSnnd on left side of cattle.
i ..,
Kange on w nite uivei, iiem
P. O. Address, Glen, Nebraska.
Briinded on left hip of Cuttle
in v" " '
mi : .
ra Kange on ucepvram..
Address, Deep Creek Live Stock Co..
C'SPHiS llo-s, Supt.,
(ilen, Nebraska.
Eorscs branded oa
Celtic same on left
Sheep barnded
iZ2i hip
left shoulder and
I ou back or I
back of Sheen.
Ilaiige on Soldier Creek and White Kiver. ,
Address, Ft. Eobinson, Nebraska.
1 100 Reward. , '
For proof to eonvieVany person of steal
iiijr, altering, rnaniag off, or in any way
damaglngs stock brandei
side or hip.
Address, James Forcb,
L UarrlKon, Keb.
Estray Notice.
To whom it may concern: . -',
;m... iierohv iriven bv B. F. Gilbert the, ,
undersigned that on the" 17th day bT JTf" A,
p. W00 on his enclosed land situated in Cot
tonwood prcciuct in Sioux Connty Nebras
ka. Two light gray horses was taken up by
htm as cstrays.
said horses being more particular branded
and described ss follows.
The largest horse is branded pn ngiu nip
Cattle branded
Horses branded
on lort side
on left shou.
Ider, renge on SoltlJcr Creek.
' Any stock branded as above being estrny
cd from ray range, discovered by anybody
on giving mo. information will be rewarded.
Address, Ft. Kobtnson, Nebraska.
Why a MlulHlor fltivc tip rrcuch
!"(,'" A minister hod his salary rntdownone
hundred dollars, a year or so ago (and
this was in a western church), becausn
his wife wore a hanwimer gown than
some of the promyint women in the
congregat'on. Tha reason was given np-
enlv, nnd the mutter found ils way into
public print. The fact that tho wife's
wealthy aunt was t.u3 donor seemed to
be of no consquetic, nnd the poor worn
an hnrwir, irritated and mortiPfid at the
puhlicy given to hrrpiivale nffitirs, fcuo
ifeded in nprnnndinir her Buslond to
withdraw from tl minlslry. "A Kin
islor'ii wife," in the October Ltdics llorrv
The wide awake people of Lincoln ore
arran.!ng for aeries of night tfeot
tournament. These, with ijuitrntnin-
nit-ntnof an inatructive chwactet during
fair wvek at the Lincoln Auditorium,
will serve to enchWK the pleasure of
those wIh will vleli Lincoln and the fair,
8se Agent of the F, F,. A M. V. R. R
or further jiarticular a to rates, ape
la r service. Ac.
A Powder Mill Explosion.
Removes everything In sight; so do
drastji? mineral pills, but both are iwhjch
tv dangwoua. No need to dynamite
your body when Dr. Kings New, Ufe
Pills do the work no easily and prfwtlT.
Cures Headache, Constipation. Only 25
I cents t J. E FiKNNWS tnpf wr
In TboMatlerol tho ICstate cf Peter Hrown
eooimonly known as William
I The State of. Nebraska, Siotix County,
Notice of Probate of Will.
To all persons Interested in the CHt'.to ot
Poter Brown, commonly known us William
Haynos, deceased.
WhF,UKAS,v Mary K. Brown, of sftld conn
ty, h Bled In my office an Instrument
purporting to b the luet will and testament
of peter Brown roumionly known us William
llavnes. deceased, Lite of said county, nnd
iietdlon praying to have the same uliulttcd
to probata, which will relates to both real
and personal estate, whereupon 1 have ap
pointed Monday tho 1st day of OetiVber, l'.Xl
at 1 o'clock In tho afternoon, at my ollieo la
said county, as tho llino and place of prov
Ing said will, nt which time and place yon
and all concerned tauy appearand Contest
thrtnrolmte of tlie same,
It Is further ordered that said petitioner
Rive notice to all persons lnterted in M
estate of tlie pendency of the petition, and
tho time and place set for bearing the same,
by causing n copy of ' this order to be pub
Ished In the JUrhimw PKEsSMJonnwAr,, u
news pajicr publlsliwl lit Herrleon, salfl slate
for thiecVeelts succeaslvoly previous to the
day sot for said hnarlnR.
In testimony whereof I have ncrennio mi
my hand and official aeal this tb day of
September, two, , '
UoniceT Wn-aow.
1SXAUI wioni iuw
( . I
loft hip
left shoulder
Smallest horse on left shoulder
Cal For Coinmi8slonprs Conventlou
2ml, District, Sioux
County, 5cb. .
A Delegate convention of the Peonlos in
dependent party or Sioux County Nobr. Is
hereby called V meet at the late residence
of John J. Uodgers oa soldier creek on tho
11th day of October l'.0 at 1 o'clock I". M
for tliepnrpose of nominating a candidate
for tho office of county commissioner for
the ind district the several precincts will
be allowed tho number of delegate stated
bchpv being one. delegate ut largo and one
delegate for each ton votes cast for llou.
Silas A. llolcomb for Supreme Judge at thu
General Klcctlon of 1SW.
Andrews, 2 Cottonwood 4
Btigur Imo.T, Nl White Blver 4
11. J. Weiikh, WH. J.A.lUl'M. -
Secretary, " Chairnmn.
A true copy.
Tho Bravery f Waiaca.
'Wot grandly ahpwn by Mrs. John Dow
ling of Butler Pa., in a thrtyejrttrur
gle with a malignant atomach trouble
that caused distresaiog attack of BaitM
and indigestion. All reroedlea fallecl to
relieve her until aha tried Electric Bit
ters. After Uking It two booUm, h
wrote: "I m now wholly cured a4
can eat anytWnc. It la truly gnmi',
tonic for the whole irsUa h I putzl ,
ia weight and fell roDCti atrtrJ -
oriMlf It aOa fiiseaiaB, .cSKJ ".. ,
pepeht. Improve C Z "V' V
Only Mo. ChwiutMi. i - V
J 4
- :
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