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    ' Karris
900. IsJ O. 50.
0!"'-V'"t"""rj0Q'J!:GT'0 12 CV!n SETTLED -UNTIL IT 13 CETTLE3 RIGHT." Hi. William J. Br,...
0 j?
Kii)s i'!)tli)ii I'rlco !Vr Year ? 1 .CO. ! '
Official l V? per of Sioux County. T
OW). UOaxoN', - KmTOR. o
KyrtWM at ihk IJAMUM n tt Ouk h as !-:c(,m rj'AiTiiTnt 2
!. fra m B lll -
Itnubli:sin nis M'jtvt tint u'l to
rail hnu Hun. Wrhster 1 avt , a now
refurritiar to him mm Wtli IhtU i-'.rv.'i ht
liys gone cris cross on tita iUlmiubttAtioa.
Ti e Jfonro tli ctrine, u oriifintillv
clureU, auJ h mmm ictrri.refod lv stu:
fehni; Denioeriio prpsiilents is a .er
nvinem. part of ths foreign xili'-v of -the
. Unit-d 8t:it.t. auJ must at all "times lc
vigorously niaiotainl.
The dllVlo' ui i 'a lon-il ronvtn
tion. lit Karsas City; from Nw York,
re instruuted to siijifwirt JIou. V. J.
Bryan for; president and to vott; iik tt unit
on all questions which may comn h.,'fure
that, uii-fij-it Ixxly. In all prolMbilitv.
there will not bo a lilnwn'in ' vole
against tbs tbn oomioatioD of Ir. Bryan
in the Kansas), City Convention.- - Whut
a chungft in fonr voars.
i .
Th new trusts imrporat?'I unoVr the
laws of Nw Jersey (Hiring tlw past year,
will pay into the stiue treasury a cor
fiomtioo Ux, amounting to fG.V)O00.
Fifteen new t,ruUi wera oraniz! and
incorporrted unedr tle laws of New Jer
sey during the past year, an m-r'ated
capital of 00.000000, Tins repuldican
j'ftrty have been in pwer four years and
have done nolliin to prevent monopoly.
Too late for them now.
For the bena.'it of some single gold
dtantJard advocate, we wish to remind
them their choice at the polls next Nov
emlxer will lie between Mclduley with
whom thay agree only on one question,
:tnd Bryan, with whom they disagreff on
ft air.file question. The choice will lie
between a man of platitudes and a man
who Kays what he means and mean
what he Buys, between a man whose ear
is "tuned tocatth tin slightest pulsation
of a pocketboock" and a niun who 4 1 i st
ns to the heartbeat of humanity j" be
tween a man of whose policies none
but the trusts can be certain and a man
hv principles the world undarslands.
Those who choose McKinley cannot so
f-erale the man from his cant.
Those who choose Bryan cannot sepe
rate the man from his candor.
Those who choose McKinley cannot
Jiope that he will abandon the policies
thought out for him by others.
Those who chooose liryan need not ex
pect him to abaudou the prinCiplus he
has f t'longht out for himself.
It will be McKinley and an empire; or
it will be liryan and a republic.
If an empire resting upon gold is pre
ferred toa republic resting upon gold
und silver, then Itit us begin the erection
of the imperial temple the temple that
ha!l testify to the correctness of Europ
ean prophecy that government of the
people, by the people and for the people
nhall perish from the earth,
We often hear individual republicans
express sympathy for the Boer, but we
liaye yet, to note that any republican
jitate convention has adopted a platform
plank recognizing the riht of of our
sister republic In South Africa, to enjoy
that liberty which we claim for ourselv
es in this republic. As a sample of the
strength of republican sympathy for the
Boers we quote tho following press re
port of the proceedings of the Illinois re
publican state convention, hsld just re
cently: After the platform had been read, Miles
Keh, of Chicago, presented an amend
ment expressing sympathy for the Koulh
African republic. It was lost in a storm
of hisses. Our republican friends dare
not publicly sympathize with the lutch
republic, becauH such an expression of
ympthy would ilao McKinley In the
I'oyla, in Pent, Is the driest spot on
be face of the earth; Ths InUrva! le
lwcn two iliowant of rain is seven
IS 1 T
Tho iJcmncrcicy of N-w Y.rk, in their
talo convention placnl pra.sidfns AU-Kin-l-y
in a c-oiiiprrdiHin;; po.'jiiinii iwtore
1 " voters of t-us im1..o;i, an.! viDfhcaUs
qii.tn a niituln-r t,f repnoli. an ctinrcirt
men, who openly opp.isml ,., Porto H,
coan tari.r bill passed by t.lm .Vith session
oy oiiolie-; a prmfirnpli of tho prat's,
on that part of las incxsu-e relative to
tariffs luftf it i.':
"Our plain duty is to abolish all cus
toms tariff between the United States
mid Poito Kico ami jjivo her products
free access to our markets"-William
Without doubt tho nuxt great war to
take plat e will bo in Chin. And it be
gins to look as if our Uncla Samuel aa
about to Imtoih embroiM loyellier with
other nations in that war.
Tlw New York Journal makes these
timely Mic:.-,!io!i.:
litre are a fw of tho thing? that vot
ers will do well to make an especial
study of between now and election day:
The Alger embalmed beef scandal.
The linaucUl collusion between John
1). Rockufellrr and Secretary Gjo.
The Urr.ff. oppression of too Porto
The United States army outrages on
the Coucr d'Alene miners authorized by
William McKinley.
Thefts, murder and mismanagnments
iu tho Philippines.
Potoloce rascalily and embezxlcmont
in Cuba.
The Ilay-Pauncefote treaty, by which
we are to build an isthmian canal while
England commands it, ,
The brave turgors of tho Tansvaal re
public, w.-em not to lo wlupiH-d, by any
means, For on the "III in.st the Boer for
ces surprised, killed, & wounded over 500
of the Derbyshire fusilers, btiilus cut
ting Lord Hohurts conimunicatioas and
otheri.-ie crippling the British forces
seriously. Hence, as the old proverb
(joes, "The hattln is not to Ilia strong,"
always, nor the race to tha floet." (iod
ffraut that they may y.it be victori
ous, if, ho . ever, they have right on
thbir side.
Tho Mother of luliumanitr.
In his recent speech delivered before
the anti-imperialist league of NW York,
Hishop Spanldiny, of Peoria, 111., denoun
ced eur war of conquest, as arime of im
perialism; lust of blood and gold hear
what ho says:
And now the American sold
ier, who should never shoulder a Run
except in a righteous cause, is sent 10,000
miles across the ocean to shoot men
whose real crime is that they wish to bo
free, wish to govern themselves.
Tosay they that they are unfit for
freedom is to put fortn the pica of the
tyrant iu all acs and everywhere. The
enemies of liberty hnvo nover lacked
for pretexts to justify their wrongs; but,
in truth, at the root of all wars of con
quest there lies lust for blood or for gold.
The Arena for April, 11)00, published a
remarkable article by Mr. II. D. Money
of Washington, I). C, in which the writ
er proves irrefutably tha fallacy of the
claims of the advocates of the colonial
system. Mr. Money devoted a generous
part of his article to a comparison be
tween the export trade of England, with
hor 11,000,000 square miles of colonies
and dependencies, and that of the United
Slates, with no colonies, much to the
advantugt of the United States. In the
same articlo Mr. Money exposes the
truth about tbn colonies of Frauce nnd
Germany and gives additional proof that
American commerce does not depend
on the acquisition of territory io remote
regions of the earth.
j 03sOD45C0 K00 0 C KM
D r i.i fji s ts S undr ies,
1 'flints, Oils, VfirnisheS,
Books find Stationary.
J. E. PHINNEY, Proprietor.
Fensstor William V Allien, dwlares,
tli:it tlio poiitiial itti:ition is irn!e,i
linlit Tor the fusionists this fall, nnd
says its LaUiiit liain. ions , mil not the
leiisf, nra the lioer envoys tourinur
j throughout tlio oountry, tlwir ?ieet'hes
! ara xrousini; libertv lovinir souIm evtrv.
Over In Wyoming.
' o
F. B. JJamlin flnishud hiscontmct with
t ii school district, last week, by paint
ing nnd fencing the new school I'm? use.
JVII. Newlin made two book cases for
the district last week, aud placed one in
each of the school houses.
Sir. Tatman is working for a Mr. Mag
oon. in the valley this week. r
Miss Psle Tatnmn was selling' Japan
ese oil and soma other medicines last
week. Kiie Hint with good hiiccey; as
we hear.
Mr. Robinson, census enumerator, for
this district, called on us the lirst of tha
Wo understand that . Fred Smith has
taken a home sK-ad on the south side of
the settlement and will make this his
home for a whiln at bast.
We saw a boy on hi ) way to Kirtly, a
few days ago, who seemed to have a
broken arm at least-be carried it a sling.
We missed a good item by not making
in ;uirias of him consuming his ailment.
A Mr. KalldV. of Jlarsland was selling
dry goods and trinkets to the residntSof
the Ridge the last of last week.
Francis lX-uel maiio a pleasure trip
to Lui;k on last Thursday. No wonder
he looks so WISE.
fcay mister editor. We had quite a
zephyr up our way on last Friday. Is it
time for the candidate to begin to blow.
We are glad to hear, that our old time
friend and neighbor, C. B. llollingsworth
is on the road back to Sioux county.
Therall seem to bo glad to get back a
gain. No doubt we will see Mr. Knott,
and family trucking back to the land of
the Sioux in a few years. How is it sister-Clio?
Father Deuel was calling on the Ridge
last TliiirsClav, Ifo stayed overnight
with his son Harry.
Tho entertainment, given by the Ken
dall Hixson company, in the Fast school
house, on Tuesday night of last week',
was quite exhilerating. In fact it was
a success clear through. All did first
rate, and every one that attended thou
ght that thev had value received, I'd
Ullaman that Mr. IIixsou was as good
an enjm in as ever'we saw in a minstrel
troup while Gluey Kendall was hard to
biat as a middle man. But say, the fun
niest thing of all was to see Mr. Kendall
our former minister trying to beat nius
i : out of a couple of cow's ribs. We
could have loaned him a good pair of eb
onies and showed him how it was done
by that simple- twist of the wrist.
The proceeds for the evening was
$y.!i0, which by tho voice of the people
was all douated to tho company.
The continued dry weather will short
en the crops some we fear, besides there
will be a shortage in tho hay crop.
The Ash gray blister battle baa made
its appearance in countless numbers and
is taking the potatoa vines as fast as
they appear above ground. Paris green
is the bt-st remedy but a few boys with
whips of pine boughs is the quickest and
easiest way to get rid of them "See year
book 1 fills." They are a good thing in
some respects as in the larve stace they
destroy a great many grasshopper egg's
as that ia thoir chief sustenance during
that Stage.
Quarterly meeting was held at the
West school house on last Sunday; but
not being there vs Bcfitm can't report it.
It Is rumored that L. O. Hull will sell
his newfpapor and go into the M. IC.
ministry. What on earth would a Meth
odist preacher do with Hull's politics?
Calhoun (Iowa) coanf.y Itepubltran.
Porhapsifhe sells hiH paper he will
throw In his politics. What's ths use of
spoiling a good detective, trying to make
a melhodist of him. Since coming to
Calhoun county Grnnney's political and
financial record has tieen brilliant in the
extreme. We dont know what Rockwell
city, will do whon he Is gone. Lohrville
Miss Edna Noble arrived hore from
Lincoln on last Sunday ami resumed her
school again on Monday. Slie received
her diploma and Is now a fledged Wy
whig teacher.
'OChX 04-04 004 Q
How i'rirtfly was Puzzled.
"Got any beys?-' Homer Priddv said
To the lady from over the Rhine;
And the lady shook her llaxen head,
And civilly answered, "Nuin."
'Got any girls-"' Homer Priddy said
To the lady from over tha Rhine;
And again the lady shook her head,
Ami civilly answered, "Nein."
"But some are dead" Horner Priddy
To the lady from over the Rhine;
And again thy lady shook hsr head,
Arid civilly answered, "Nin."
"Husband, of course?'' Homer Priddy
To the lady from over the Rhino,
And again shs shook her flaxen head
And only answered biru, "Nein."
"Tha d-1 you have?" Homer Priddy
To the lady from over the Rhine;
And again she shook her flsxen head,
And civily answering him, "Nein."
Now what do you mem by shaking
your head,
And always answering "Nein?"
i "Icn kann nicbt Knglisch!" civilly siid
the lady from over the Rhine
I A Wealth or Uciuity.
Is often hidden by unsighty Timples,
E:i una, Tetk-r, Erysipelas, Salt Rheume
etc." Buc!tla' Arnia Salve will glorify
the fi.ee by curing all skin Eruptions, al
so Cuts, Bruises, Burns, Boils, Felons,
Ulcers, and worst forms of Piles. Only
2o tents a hox. Cure guaranteed. Sold
by Dr. J. E. Phinney, druggist.
Contest Notice.
I'nited States Land office,
Alliance, Nebraska, (
June Hh, l'.ioo. (
A sufflclr-nt contest affidavit having len
fllfd In t tlia ottlne by Clnus Cliristensen, con
tectunt, against Boine!eUfl entry No. 10W
made Oetols-r 3rd, ISM, for Knst-hatf v
south west i, Section li and Kant-half
Sortli-west 4, Section 7,Tewnshlp34 north,
rani;e 54 wont, ny Mary Koote eontcslee, in
v.hlch it i alleged that tho said Mary Koote
lis li wholly abandoned wiid tract, that she
lies cb!ini;od her residence therefrom for
iii,i"i tlmn six months sines untieing said
entry; that suid tract is not uflttled upon
cultivated by wild party ns required by
la. that said defects continue at the (late
of litis tiflidavit and are not nor were not
cmved by service of said rntrynmu iu the
Ai-u y, Nary or Murine Corp ot the I'nited
Mutes durhuf the Iut war with ."pain or
ai:y.itlier war In which it amy have been eu
;,'h (,'(:'..
huld prtrtlBH are hereby notified to appear
rrnpond and offer evidence touching said
alienation ut 10 o'clock a. ni. 011 August Bth,
1WX), before Grant (iuthrie, a Notary fublic
ut h'a office in Harrison, Nebraska,
(and that dual hearing will beheld at 18 o'
clock a. in. on August 11th, l'JOO berore the
register and recslver at the t'nltod States
Lund office iu Alliance, Nebraska
The said contestant having, in a proper
nniilavit, Hied June 7th, imw, Bel forth facts
which show that after due illllgence iiersoa
al ervice of this notice can not lie made, It
la hereby ordered and directed that such
notice be givun by due and proper publica
tion. ' F. 11. 1JOUBIKGT-JN,
A delegate convention of the People's
Independent Party of the Kixth Congres
sional restrict of the Stale of Nebraska- is
hereby called to meet In the city of llroken
How, Custer County, on Monday, July 9th,
1WJ0, at 2 o'clock p. 111., for the purpose of
pluclng In nomination a sandidatc for
member of congress to represent the .Sixth
Con;;i'f-ss!onal lilntrletof Nebrnska, and to
transact such other business an liiay prope
rly come before tco convention. The rep
resentation of the various counties is the
convention will be baaed upon the vote of
Hon. Wm. Neville In the Congressional ele
ction of m one delegate being allowed for
each one hundred votes and major fraction
thereof, and one delegate at large from
each county, which makes the following
0 Iiimncr 2 Howard 14
Illalno 2 Keith 4
Ilox Butte,.. 6 Keya rutin ...4
Jloyd . (j Kimball 2
. Ilr.iwu 4 Lincoln i.I3
Iluiralo Logan... t
' Cbrry.... . 7 T.onp .... ..2
Cheyenne - Mcl'herson 2
Custer ..23 llock 3
liawes. s Scotts llluff 3
Hanson 1 Sheridan B
Duel .-3 Hloux . 3
(IniHeld 3 Hhermnn' 9
tJrant . 2 Tiiimmji 2
Ure'ley .. 9 Valley ; 10
Unit . 1(1 wheeler 1
Uooker 2 Total M
H l recommended th it no prnxlcn be al-1
lowed, hilt tliBt the ilnlegates picient cast
the full vow of their respective, counties.
A. E. i'AWtQH, chum. Uon. Com.
U. F. OorriiP, Scry.
. f
Sherlfn.s Sale,
By virtue of nn order of Bale issued by the
Clerk of the District ( ourk of Sioux county,
Nebraska, upon a dTc rendered bv snid
k'ourl. in fiLVfipnr Ann..! v r:m i., -
I nutl 'J bonim Ellis, and Charles 11. Ktiirdlvunt
O i executor, are defeudanta, 1 will, oh tlia 13tu
(lay of July, A. 1). lU00,Ht tbrt-3 o'clock p.
I in. ut Iliirrison, in said County, sell the fol
j lowing dcscriW real estate to-wit:
, jijviuuui-riiht (juuri-er i, section eleven
il, Township thirty-two as, north i j.iigelifty
Hvu ft, west, of tliu sixth 8, pi ineijml mcrtliian
;it J);uii,o:i, in Said County, at tlio Kust
front linor of th Court llouxn, llnrmon
NebriiHkii, ttt public Auction to the hixlicHt
Wderrorcush, tosutirtfy said order of sale
Ul the stum of r..t with tt.t..,.,.-t ,
1 . " "o L',
accruing cqhU.
Tjiomad iioLLT, sheriff or Wild County;
SIioriir,s Sale.
By virtue of an order ot sale, Issued by the
Chirk of the District Court of Sioux county
Nebraska, n)Kin a decree rendered by said
Court In favor of Krderick Knott, Is plain
tiff, asd Michael O'Toole, The Alfred Walker
Company, Nebraska Mortgage and Invest
ment Company, are defendants, I will 011 the.
l.'tth day of July, A. D. !!), at 2 o.ulock, p. ru.
at Harrison, In said County, sell the follow
ing described real estate, to-wit: South-west
!4, South naif V, North-west , KoutU-west
!. South-east H. of Section ttftcen IS,
Township thirty-three SI, In range
ntly-flve 55, in Sioux Comity, Nebraska, at
tho Ka-st front door of tlio Court House, in
Harrison, Nebraska, at public auction to
the highest bidder for cash to satisfy said
order of sale in the sum of fe5.BB, wi41i inter
est, costs and teeming coats.
bhorlfl of said County.
hhcrtil"n Sale.
liy virtue of an order of sale Issued by the
Clerk of the District Court of Sioux county,
Nebraska, upon a decree rendered by said
Court Iu favor of Sioux County, is plaintiff,
and Peurce Hiewett, Sarah K. BlcwtU, wife
of LdwardE. Hiewett, deceased, John Doe,
her husband, real uanie euknown, and Mic
hael J. Blewett, are defendants, I w 11 011
the loth, day of July, A. I), liloo, at I o'clock
p.m. at Harrison, In said County, sell the
following described real estate, to-wit;
The South-west quarter 4, of Section nine
9, Township thirty-three 33, North of range
fifty lour 54, west, in Nebraska, at Harrison,
In said County, at the East front door of the
Court House, in Harrison, Nebraska, at pub
lic Auction to the highest bidder for cash,
to satisfy said order of sale, in the sum of
&18S.06, with Interest, costs, and accruing
THOMAS HOLLY, Sheiff of iaid County.
Sheriff Sale.
By virtue of an order of sale, issued by the
Clerk of the District Court, of Sioux County,
Nebraska, upon a decree rendered by said
Court, in favor of Sioux County, Is plaintiff,
and Samuel Tebbet, and llary Tebbet, his
wife, Dakota Loan and Trust Company,
Corporation, G. Vv. ShnrUiff, whose true
christian hanic is unknown, are defendants,
I will ou the 13th, day of July, A. D. l'JOO, at
1 o'clock, p. in, at Harrison, in said County,
sell the following described real estate,
Hon tlvcast quarter of Section thirty 30,
Township thlrtp three 3.1, North of range
111 ty four M, west of the sixth 6, principal
meridian, situated in Sioux County, Nebras
ka, at Harrison, In said County, at the East
front door of the Court House, in Harrison
Nebraska, at public Auction, to the highest
bidder for cash, to satisfy said order of sale,
in the sum of J4H.62, together with interest,
costs and accruing costs.
TIIOM A3 HOLLY, Sheriff of said Couuty.
On the 25 day of May 1:100, the board of
Trustees of the village of Harrison, Nebras
ka, niada the following estimate of the ex
eii8es of the said village for the year l!KiO:
olitccrs salaries ( so 00
Printing Mi 00
Water pumping . . Z'A) (10
I'.leciion Lxpeuses vri OU
Incidental Expenses 2IH) 00
Sinking Fund 100 00
Interest on Water Bonds 150 00
To apply on Judgement ot Clark & ,
Leonard Investment Co 400 00
Total 1,I2S 00
Dated, Harrison, Neb., May 29, WW)
W. II. Davis, village clerk.
Sheriff's Sale.
By virtue of an order of Sale Issued by the
clerk of the district court of Sioux county
Nebraska upon a decree icndered by said
court in favor of J'ayson B. Bigelow, a
Plaintiff and against Michigan Having and
I,oan association as defendants:
, , I will 011 the 7th, seventh day of Ju
ly, A. I). 1900, at 0110 o'clock 1. At 1 at
Harrtson, in said county sell the fol
lowing described real estate to-wlt:
Lot rive li, of Block six 0, of tho village of
Harrison In Sioux county Nebraska at the
East front Doer of tho court House in Har
rison Nebrtuka at public auction to the
highest bidder tor cash to satisfy said order
of sale in the sum of 1144.28 and intiiroat,
costs and accruing coatn.
Thomas noLiy, sheriff of said county.
SlierHrs Sale.
By virtue of an order of sale issued by the
clerk or the District Court of Sioux county
Nebraska, upon a docree rendered by said
court in favor of Sioux county, is plaintiff
and Martha'A. Richardson, John Doe, her
husband whose real name Is unknown, Hho-
walter Mortgage company, defendants, 1
willon the 7tb dayot July, A. 1. 1900, at 2 o'
clock p. 111. at Harrison, la said county sell
the following described rfcul estate, to-wlt:
East-half ot south-west quarter '4, south
half , of south-east quarter M, .Section
thirty three 33, Township thirty-two 32,
north of range fifty six 8t, west of the (ith
p.ilncipal merldan, in Nebraska, nt Harri
son, In said county, nt the east front door of
tho court house In Harrison, Nebraska, at
public auction to the highest bidder for
cash to satisfy said order of sain In the sum
et Ml. Ml, with Interest, costs and r.cerutng
costs .
Thomas fioI.lt, sheriff of satd county.
Tun Jophkal will publish your brand, llko
the following, for :), per venr. Kaeh nil
ditional nriiil 75 cents. tvry lariner or
ranch men in, SJoui find adjoining counties
should advertise their brands m TheJoiih
kl as it circulates all over the stale, it,
may be the means of saving money for you.
CHAllt.KS fllEHLK.
iMi.ii 1 "ij "i iii(i 01 cattle,
" 10 shoulder of hot-sos. j
pffij Address Hairison, Sioux Co. Keb.
Fhink C. Lewis.
Branded on left side
ISsoSSJI"'' Cattle and 011 left
shoulder of Horsas.
I'.ange ou hcaa 01
Iiite Uiver.
P. O. Address Harrison, Keb.
llllf lll-l ,11 ft; Mil h. K'l'
Also HQ on cat
tle and horses
cattle on leftside
Imrws ou left
Range 011 Fllvor Springs and east of slat
Ine. i'oslofiice Harrison Neb
$100 REWARD.
For proof to convict any person of steal
Inganyof my stock.
THSWrymS Branded
1'. O. Addiesss David Colvillb, Harrison.
The brand represented in this notice
and branded any where on left side
of cattle, and overlap eat froas the
right ear.
Also the same brand on left thigh ef
horses, belongs to the undersigued.
ltange near East Springs, south part fo
Sioux county. Cbari.es Nkwman,
Harrison, Nebraska.
On left side of cattle and an left
shoulder ot horses.
Range on Antelope creek
. 0.,Ghilcnrlst, Sioux Co., Neb.
Branded os left shoulder ol horses
md on left side of cattle.
Kange on White Elver, near Gletk
1'. O. Address, Glen, Nebraska.
final Proof Notices.
All persons having final proof notices ia
this paper will receive a marked copy of the
paper and are requested to examine their
notice and if any error exist report the
same to this office at once.
Land Ofllce at Alliance, Neb., May 1 1900,
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler has filed notice of his inten
tion to make final proof tn support of his
claim, and that said proof Wfll lie made be
fore Clerk of District 'Court at Harrison K
Nebraska on Jane 23, 1900, viz:
widow of Fredrlc Zerbst, deceased, of Harri
son, Neb. on II. E. No. 201 for the S v N-K '4,
N-W H, 3-E Ji. Section 20, A 6-W J$. N-W
Section 25, Township 33, N-It 56 W.
lie names the following witnesses to provo
his continuous residencs upon and cultiva
tion of said land, viz : '
Gustavo Noreisch, Charles Sohlltz, Charles
Biehle, Nels Anderson, all of Harrison, Nob.
F. M. DOKUINGTON, Register.
o .
Land Office at Allianc, Nebrska,
Way If), 1900 (
Notice Is hereby given the following-named
sottler nas tiled notice of his intention
to make final proof in support of his claim,
and that said proof will be made before the
Clerk of District Court ant Harrisoa, Neb,
on Jnne, 30th 1900, viz :
of Harrison, Neb., 011 II. E. No. 3924 for the
N. X S-W Ji S-J5. N-W.ii Sectloe 25, N-K.X S-E
H Section 26 Twp. ,'!2,N. R 50 W; ne names
the following witnesses to prove his contin
uous residence upon and cultivation 00 said
land viz: Otto Tlotze, Charles Caminzlnd,
Fred Bctchen, John Marstellcr all of Har
rison. F. Al. Doninglon. Keglgistcr.
Sheriffs Sale.
By virtno of an order of sale, issued by the
Clork of the District Court, of Sinux Coun
ty, Nebraska, upon a decree rendered by
said Court, in favor ot Theodore Wagner, Is
plaintiff, and Dakota Mortgage Loan Coin
pany, Globe Investment Company, Henry A.
Wymau, receiver of the Globe Investment
Companp, Cummorelal Investment Compa
ny, K. J. Anguf, christian name nnknowu,
Mr. R.J. Annus, chrlstirn name unknown,
II. F. I'easly, christian name unknown, are
defonihints, I will on tho lath, day of July,
A. D. lino, ut 2 o'clock p. m., ot Harrison, lis
said county, sell the following described
real esatc ta wit:
Lots 3 and 4 and South half ', of the North
west quarter Section li. Township S3,
North of ltange M wast, at Harrtson, In said
county, at the Kant front door of the Oovri
House, In Harrison, Nebraska, at pnhlle
auction to the highest bidder for cash to "
satisfy suld order or eale la the oat of 17,11 v
with Interest, costs and accruing oaetn,
SheruT of sett Oosfcii
pz.il in El
r w
' : St.