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Burdock i.ifrcft
your orocfr h thcm awl.
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Frieven of the twenty-two dukes who
sit In the liiitish house of lords huv
no sons to succeed them.
With the comingr of the new woman
In the twentieth century we may look
for the father-in-law Joke.
The uee of the vermiform appendix
has been discovered at last. It In
creases the Inromes of the surgeons.
Women object to a man who applies
the title of a popular novel to a seat
in the cable car, that Is "To Have and
to Hold."
In one of the rares In Lfis Angeles
is entered a horse named "Death." If
he Is true to his name he ought to ba
a sure thing.
Young: More hearts pine away in se
cret anguish for unklmlness from those
who should be their comforters than for
any other calamity In life.
"Lord Raleigh's graceful little act it.
sacrificing his costly cloak so that the
queen could go dry shod has been out
done by a Chicago bride. "What did
she do?" "On a very slippery day last
winter she scattered the cremated ashes
of her first husband on the front steps
so that the second might not slip."
A member of the Chicago school
board wants to have the Czech lan
guage taught in all public schools where
50 per cent of the children are of Bo
hemian parentage. This suggestion has
roused an Irish member of the board,
who advocates the teaching of the an
cient Irish language on the ground that
in many schools more than 60 per cent
of the children are Irish.
The federal government has recently
awarded a contract to a Massachusetts
firm for 10,000 white marble headstones
at $1.28 each. These stones are to be
used to mark the graves of United
States soldiers and marines and will be
distributed upon application to Grand
Army posts or relatives of those who
lie In unmarked graves, upon applica
tion to the war department
In Chicago, the other day, a street
car conductor stopped a funeral pro
cession In order to administer a thrash
ing to the driver of the hearse. The
driver had persistently refused to turn
out of the tracks to allow the car to
pass and, upon being Invited by the
conductor to visit the car barn In order
to take a "licking" at some future time
when both parties to the dispute should
be at leisure, he proposed to settle the
matter at once. He climbed down from
the hearse and was knocked out in the
first round and the blockade was lifted
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Twenty jears apo, there was in a
Mexican-Spaiiihli town of Mexico, a
nance hall known as the "Tholl Ale
Kre." Not a swj-ll place, by any means.
For it was mostly adobe, as refjurds
construction, mid flic floor and tables
ami stujre were of the roughest ki id.
Hut, being-cheap, it was much patron
ized by the .Mexican liacendados from
the nearby snar plantations wli
hadn't many pesos to spend in amuse
ment, the cheap clerks in the tiendus
and the assnyers and other employes
from the "Santa Cruz" mine, iieiiifr
an American-owned mine, the "Santa
Cru." men were all Americans yoiinjr
fellows frefh from engineering col
leges and the like. And "Santa Cruz"
not being the liveliest place in the
world, they were in the habit of turn
ing themselves, loose on occasions in
this same Tivoli even to George
Hewitt, the M. E., who, being older
and more experienced than the other?,
should have known better, buc evident
ly didn't.
"La Conchitn," "Little Shell," was
the star of the place and admired
alike by Mexicans, Spaniards and Grin
gos. And no wonder, either, for Con
cha was as good and sweet as she was
pretty. All the Americans hijd made
love to her, by means of pantomine.
and sighR, mostly, not knowing the
Spanish to otherwise express their
feelings. But even those who could
talk her language were frowned upon
by Concha to none of them would she
have anything to say. And as for ever
the Mexicans and Spaniards in des
pair they had long ago retired, to
worship at other shrines. Of truth.
Conchita was "dificil!"
Mr. George Hewitt, M. K., found it
otherwise. As a "matter of form,"
more than anything else, he had sent
many bunches of big poppies and
crimson roses to the pretty dancer,
likewise taking his drinks of an even
ing close to the rickety stage on
which she, with true Spanish grace
and verve, danced the exquisite Span
ish "Jota" and to please the Mexicans,
the "Jarabe." As a matter of form
only it could not mean anything. For
he wns engaged to a girl (with money)
at home in New York a fair, dninty,
chic mortal, as sweet and fresh as a
white violet. While poor little Concha
well, even though a dancing girl
does happen to be good, she rarely
gets the renutation; and anvway, no
one could liken the "Little Shell" to a
violet. More was she like the flaring,
glowing crimson of her country's cac
tus flower.
But Conchita, no doubt attracted by
Hewitt's indifference, fell wildly in
love wilh him. And, whatever else
she knew, control, hiding of one's feel
ings, was not therein counted; even
from her passing glance at Hewitt,
one could tell. Though, for that mat
ter, he was the last to know. Men are
proverbially blind, and perhaps he
would never have Ftispected had not a
cynical friend imparted the infortna.
tion. Naturally, Hewitt was shocked
he had done nothing to win the girl's
fancy; why should she be fond of him?
However, so long as she was pues! if
u woman cares for you, you can't be
rode to her.
Following out bis theory that, let-
1111,' a woman see a great deal of you
often cures her fondness, Hewitt be
gan to bestow some of his idle mom
ents on the pretty Concha. To his
surprise, he found that she was as
thoroughly pure and sweet-minded as
his own fiance at home. Of coc.rse.
sue had no mind, no training, no edu
cation to speak of, and of the Anglo
Saxon belief that a man's wife should
be his friend, companion and help
mate, she had no conception. To her
the man one loves is a superior mortal
(wilh capitals) to be worshiped, wait
ed upon, indulged, petted and com
forted to the last degree. One of the
customs of the Dark Ages, as Hewitt
amusedly thought, but still a pleasant
one. For without doubt it was sooth
ing to a man to occasionally find a
woman who could think of him alone;
whose few leisure h"urs were spent in
devising plans for his comfort ad
amusement, and who even thought it
the best of all good things to merely
be allowed to gaze at and worship
him. I'rpbably some men would have
found it embarrassing Hewitt
didn't! For more and more of his
time was spent with Concha, until nt
last the aunt who cared for her and
watched her by day and by night,
hinted openly nt the marriage. Con
chn laughed she hnd not thought of
marriage! Of course, she hnd no
doubt but what it would be, later
people who truly loved each other nl
wnys married! And loving her as did
the "Americano," surely he would be
as wretched avvny from her as 'she
would be without him. In truth, she
was too happy in merely loving the
man to think or care for the future.
Antonio, her cousin, did think nbout
it. however, being a "Gachupln" of
some business sense, besides having a
deep and not altogether selfish passion
for his little cousin. He had nlwavs I
loved her, and her oft-repented "No"
to him hnd been the cause. n she was
many times reminded, of his taking to
lequiln and coiniuc. And even after
her refusal, and though he was wildly
'ealoiis of the Americano, he still hnd
Concha's good at heart, ns he told
himself. So that, after watching the
two for a while, il nnpeared to him
'hat It would he well to find out h"t
how matters stood, and what Hewitt's
Intentions were in the interest of
Tt was the night of the "Nbrhe
flnrno." The town was rrny with the
Teen, white nnd red coin's, and the
hnlls. plazas nnd dance hfll's were
ndorned with flowers nnd streamers.
Over In the Tivohi Alegre Sonnish and
Wer'oan colors were mingled In the
"reatcst hnrmnnv. likewise groups of
!pnnlsh "hneendados" from San Vln
rpvif nnd Mericuns from the Santa
Ann. J a (onelilti hnd just finished
the ".Tnrnbe." with wild shouts from
the ".Tnrnbe." with " lid shouts of r
plnnse and "Ibienns" from the nudl
ence, the latter belnir more thin n
'nllv enthnsli'Mlc on nccmnt of nlm
Mip; more than usnnllv tipsy. F,v-y
.lewitt himself, Id hie corner new th
aUige, felt more nei.timental than was
cufctomnry with birn, and guzed ten
derly ufter the small crimson-clad fig
ure of Conchita, us she disappeared en
route to her dressing room. He wait
ed to have another copita before join
ing her, however, thinking that she
would thereby have more time to get
wrapped up, and be ready for him
when he did come. He was going to
take her home afterward and talk to
her for anhouror so longer she would
not permit. So, after tossing off the
copita of brandy, he lit a cigarette and
moved off toward the dressing room.
A strangled shriek of "Dios Mio!
Help!" reached him as he turned the
corner. Thinking it came from the
dancing room he paid no attention.
It was repeated, and he recognized
Conchita's voice. He ran to her room.
She was struggling in the furious
grasp of Antonio, who was swearing
by all the saints that she should never
marry Gringo; she must marry him,
Antonio, who loved her. To the devil
with the Americano!
Infuriated beyond all control, Hew
itt flung himself upon the drunken
Mexican and slammed him against the
wall, shaking him ns a terrier would a
rat. Panting, with his eyes gleaming
murderously, Antonio made no resist
ance whatever for a moment. Sudden
ly, however, he made a spring forward
and Hewitt felt something cold and
sharp just graze his coat a machete,
the Mexican dog! And though he
never knew howit happened, and could
never account for it, in the twinkling
of an eye, that same machete was in
his own grasp, and he was thrusting
it straight home to the heart of the
would-be murderer. There was only a
sickening gurgle, a last dying curse,
and Antonio, in a limp, bloody heap,
fell dying on the floor. It was over ao
Boon, and Hewitt, as he stared at e
dead man, could not grasp what it
meant that he had really killed An
tonio. Concha had crouched, trembling and
sobbing, watching it all with terror
stricken face. Kow she moved, and
came forward weakly to Hewitt,
throwing her arms around his heaving
"You must go, querido mio," she
whispered, brokenly. "It is dangerous
they will kill you. Then go, por. el
amor de Dols. But quickly run!" She
knew the danger, as Hewitt could not.
His first thought was to brave it
out. He had not meant to kill Anton
io he could get off free. But how
could he prove it? Concha loved him
her testimony would not be taken.
Besides, he, an American, had killed a
Mexican, and whether rightfully or
not, would never be considered. As he
begnn to realize what it meant, Hewitt
shivered! There would be no trial
10 show whatever. The "ley de fuga"
a lynching party, or perhaps a stab in
the dark. (Because vengeance is of the
There was no time to lose if he
meant going. Xow they were all
drunk, ns Concha whispered, and would
know nothing. He would have time to
escape. But in the morning it would
be different. Oh, he must go flee!
As they embraced for good-bye.
Concha murmured, weeping that she
would always be faithful waiting for
him until he came. And wrought up
to a high pitch, as he realized how the
girl loved him, Hewitt swore that he
would return. And then, with a last
kiss, he went.
Then Concha knelt down by the dead
Antonio, wetting her skirt, in ihp
blood. Because she caught the sound
of approaching footsteps soon it
would be known, nnd Hewitt would be
pursued, caught killed ! They should
never take him her beloved ' novicj-r
first they should take her her life if
need be.
It all came out as she had thought.
Hewitt got safely out of the way, but
she was tried and convicted for the
murder of her cousin, Antonio. It
means hanging, or a life sentence,
generally, but in the view of the cir
cumstances, nnd her youth and here
tofore perfect character. Concha got
only 25 yearn in San Juan. She ac
cepted it gladly for the Americano.
And before imprisonment, she was al
lowed to write Hewitt, telling him that
she would love him nlwavs, and would
-nil. lur mm ana marrv him in 25
years. Rhe knew that no answer
would come to her in San .Tiian, but
she wanted to write him of her con
stancy. Hewitt, of course, would have
understood hnd he received her letter,
which, being addressed simplv to "Sen
or Hewitt, los Rstados Unidos del
Norte." never got to him. But concha,
believing thnt everybody in the United
Sfntes, from the president down to
the train porters, must know her
sweetheart, nnd would deliver her let
ter, went gladly to serve out her pris
on term, believing firmly that in ' 25
years he would come. And thnt is
what, hns kept her alive and snne. For
that, however, few women die in San
Junn, in spite of the yellow fever
more often they go mad.
Hewitt In the meantime, his wild
onfs sown, hns married his sweetheart
(with money) and is a most exemplary
husband. At rare intervals he thinks
of Conehn. nnd wonders what wan her
fate. Possibly married to some brute
of n Mexican, he thinks, who beats nnd
otherwise Ill-treats her. And, of
course, he is fat nnd ungninlv, nnd
hns a mustache. Thnt being the very
last straw, he says pityingly. "Poor lit
tle Conchita!" nnd promptly forgets
til nbout her.
Meanwhile In the prison of San Juan
de Ullon, Concha waits!
The late duke of Westminster wns
known to be strongly in favor of cre
mation, but it nevertheless enme ns a
surprise to the public to find that his
body had !een committed to the fur
nnee nt Woking, Instead of being bur
led nfter the fashion of his ancestors.
He is the first duke who hns been cre
mated in England; mid it is no secret
that the queen was n little grieved,
not to sny shocked, when she heard
thnt the Inte duke hnd desired (o he
cremated, ns she entertains n preju
dice ngninst this manner of disposing
of the dead.
Hallway tracks nre ofien horrible
Examples of the deadly parallel.
Black taffeta silk Eton coats are or
namented with rows of wblte stitch.
Suede gloves are very much worn, aa
they always are In summer, for the
reason that they are much cooler than
the glace glove. Pastel tints are ths
popular shades.
The display of dainty, expensive
things for the neck is so irresistible this
season that they seem to be a positive
necessity as an accessory of every
well regulated outfit.
Chamois skin is valuable for keeping
linen goods and fine lingerie which Is
laid aside for some time from turning
pellow. Well wrapped around the goods
to be preserved, it keeps out the air.
Eton jackets and boleros are a boon
to the mother who likes to dress her
half-grown girl becomingly. There to
nothing more jaunty and becoming to
her immature figure. It la quite a
becoming to her as to her older slater.,
Dr. Kay's Renovator renews. Invtg
orates and renovates every organ in the
body. It eliminates all poisonous matter
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ture gives to woman and the first it
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The Continental Limited
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New York crooks have improved o
the hot stove standard by making wajr
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on her tongue.
Janey Purvis, being duly sworn accord
ing to law, deposes and says that she ha4
a cancer on her tongue and was treat4
August 24. 1898, by Dr. J. C. McLaughlin
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remedy for cancers and tumors: that In
noui one momn ner tongue was well,
and Is sound and well today; there was
no pain from the application of the med
icine, as she could rend during the se
verest treatment. JANEY PURVIS,
DOS Proadway, Leavenworth, Kan.
Subscribed and sworn to before me,
Thomas L. Johnson, a notary public, this
17th day of March, 1900, at Leavenworth,
Kan. My commission expires August list.
For further particulars of this palnlest
treatment, adJress,
rR j. c.
General and state agents wanted In
Ml parts of the U. 8. to handle the
best Household Specialty ever sold for
fl.00. Address the J. F. White Mft
Co., Kansas City, Mo
OMAHA. Vol. 3-No. 23-1900