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    ' ' " V-
US O. -43.
Suhsorlptloii Price Per Year $1.00.
Official Paper of Sioux County.
Geo. D. Canon; - Editor.
" IJBMB JJ1UUIIHJMUUILI. J 1 . U J.i . I J ,-!. .... O
Drills, - - jj
Drugists Sundries, $
Paints, Oils, jVarnishes, !j
J. t. PHINNEY, Proprietor. c
Hons. V. J. Bryan. Onrl A. Tow ne,
8-n. Jas. K. Jme, Chin, fiationu.1 com
nutteo, Col. M. O. Wetmnre, of St. Lou
I, anil J. J. Hode of Li Crosse Wis.,
will according to metropolitan I'siilies,
eujoy an outing on a finding trip to Mino
cua Wis.
The Trans vajil anil Orange Free states
are things of the past. They ure repub
lics no longer; they will now Income
English territory.. The destruction of
those two republi'-s extends ane enlarges
the British empire. It is liberty anil
freedom dethroned.
It in our opinion that nefore these
Tinted Stales is through with Umj "open
door" policy in the Chinese empire that
this nation will have sacrificed thousands
of lives ami millions of tha people mon
ey. .It becomes more appearanC euery
fin y, that this nation is. eugaged in for
eign euUngliug alliances. ,
In the stealing of tu public- funds of
Cuba and Porto Riuo by government
officials, the oflicials, stole the funds
because the Cubans or U. S. Government
could not punish the criminals and the
republicau congress passed a law to
legally Hitch the peoples money fram
Porto Riio.
President McKinley's latent trouble
eenis to tie tin aflicfion f the beaat,
known as the "tobacco heart'' it is to be
bojed however tlwt he will not plead
this as an excuse for his not smoking
out those highway robbors who have
stolen tiie Cuban postal fund.-,.
Sunday, June 3. is the day set aside
each year by the woodmen of the world
as the national memorial dav of that
IssJy. On last Sunday the people of
Denver witnessed one of its largest pro
cessions, in the history, representatives,
werereseitt from all over the state.
The first death of an American from
bubonic plague has been reported in Man
ila. It will hardly popularize Imperia
lism for its distinctive disease to become
epidemic among our soldiers in the Phil
ippines. .
Without doubt, the Chinese Empire is
in danger of partition by the British,
Russian German, French, and Japanese
empires together with the uid oft the
Uuited States government
A Short Story in Figures.
The ordinary annual expenditures of the Government averaged in President
Harrison's term 5'!iit,2!)l, 33.
They average-! in President Cleveland's second terms ?300,41S,5-l6.
They have averaged in President McKinl'oys term g,)14,4:J0,251.
The cost of running the Government is liius Reeo to have been increassable bv
nearly $154,000,000 a year ever since MrMcKlnley was inaugurated. pAnd this is
not accounted for by the extraordinary disbursements of the war, which are not
iacluded in these "ordinary expenditures."
The outlay for war is a separate matter, and it accounts for the increase of the
public debt by 200,000,000 since Mr. M.-Kinloys, luaugcration.
The financial record of the Administration npay therefore be summed up in a
sentence. H has added nearly 13,000,000 a month to the regular running expen
ses of the Government and added $1.79 per capita to the national burden of debt
To h. L. Williams, llrst and full nsiae un
known. Air. Williams bis K-ii, true ohrii
ttan name unknown, non-resident tlcfeu
dsnts: You, and each of you ore bercly notified
that on tbp HU, day of May A. 1). HKiO lieuja
mill K. Vitma i, trustee us plaintiff filed In
th diHtrlct Court of Sioux Ctiunty Nebriuiku
bisn:tiUon arniaHtyou am def-niluiil4 iut
plendi'd with Janie Kelson, Uary S. Kelson
and Jens Kelson :
The object and prnyer of whleU Is to have
nn accounting of the amount due upon a
principal note pf MW.C0, dated November 1st
1SS4, executed by l'obert L. Taylor and Enln
(i. Taylor to K. V. PUraan, with interest
thereon from date at the rate of 7 per cent
annum according to the tenor and effect
of ten Interest coupon notes attached to
Maid principal note, which snld principal
and coupon noil's! are now held and owned
by said plaintiff:
To foreclose the mortgage deed (riven to
ueenre the name upon the South-east quarter
of suction thirty (:) and the -north-east
riuarti-r of sec tion thirty one (311 all in town
Kblp thirty four i!l north of range fifty
three liaj -est in saiu county.
To have said real estate aold for the pay
ment and satisfaction of the amount found
due on said notro, together with Interest,
coats of suit and costs of sale.
To bar foreclose and exclude the defen-
Oants from having or claiming any interest
in said land and for general relief.
And you are further notified and required
to answer xald petition on or bc5ore the ath
day ot June A- ! hm
Al-UEkT W. Crites.
Atttorncy for plaintiff.
How many readers know the naum of te patron saint of the lawyer? Very
few, Mr. Croake James, in his book of 'Curiif.ities of Law and Lawyers," tells us.
It at pa s that in the fourteenth century St. Jivona, or Ives, of Brittany, a famous
Lawyer of his time, was lamenting that his 'profl'ession had .no patron saint to
look up to. So he went to Rome and asked the Pope to set the matter straight.
The Pope was puzzeled. Finally be told the lawyer to go blindfolded around the
church of San Giovanni, anil after he had said it certain number of Ave Maria's the
first saiut be took hold of should be bis patrons, fct. Evona followed directions,
and at the proper moment, laying his hands oh an image, proclaimed with joy.
"This is our saint this be our patron." liut when the bandage was taken from
bis eyes he round that he had stopped at the ajtar of St. Michael, and instead of
taking hold of St. Michael himself he had griped the figure beneath St. Michael
feet the devil! It is said in an old legend Unit St. Evona was so dejected over the
outcome of his enterprise that in a few months he died. When at St. Peters gate
ha knocked for admittance and explained thatflia was St. Evona, the advocate, he
was told thai there was no room in heaven for lawyers. "Oh, but" said St. Ev-
oua, ''I am that hone.-.t lawyer who never toojfiees on both sides, nor pleaded in a
bad cause; nor did I ever set my neighbors together by the ears, nor live by the
sins of the people." St. Peter's fa art was moved and he let the suppliant in,
whereupon the pood advocate of Brittany became the patron saint of lawyers hiirv
self. The New York Verdict. ' t ; ' '"" ' "". "
"Aguinaldo is dead lor the ninty ninth
time. Tills time major March, with his
iletatclinivnt of soldiers has killed him.
What a wonderful personage this Agui
nakti) must be. Keep your ear to the
ground, for you will soon hear of Ins
ressureclion somewhere else.
A Life ami Dcutli Fight,
Mr. W. A. Jliues of Manchester, la.,
writing of his almost miraculous escape
from death snys: "Exposure after nieas
els induced serious lung trouble, which
ended in Consumption. I had frequent
heroomges and coughed night and day.
All my doctors said I must die soon.
Ttwn I began to use Or. King's New Dis
co very which wholly cured me. Hun
dreds have used it on my advice and alj
mt it never fails to cure Throat, Chest
and Lung troubles.,' Regular siz 50c
Dd 11.00. Trial bottles free at Or. J
E. Phioocys Drug store.
The officers selected to gi ve Cuba lea
sons in Iiiim honest government liegan
plotting from tl3 first. They followed
in the steps of Spain without interuption
With lofty professions upon tneir i;ps
they plunged down deep into the Cuban
treasury and took the money collected
from the poverty stricken people of that
island. The (Sioux city.) North-West-
ern Catholic.
Glorious Incws.
Comes from I. B. Cargile, of Washita
I. T. Ho writes: "Electric Bitters has
cured Mrs. Brewer of Scrofula, which
had caused her great suffering for years,
Terrible sores would break out on her
iiend and face, and the best doctors could
eive no help; but now her health is ex
cellent" Electric Bitters is the best
blood purifier known. It's the supreme
remedy for eczema, tetter, salt rheum.
ulcers, boils and running spres. it stim
ulates liver, kidneys and bowels, expels
poison, helps digestion, builds up the
streoirth. Onlv 50 cts. Sold by Or. J.
E. Piussey drujrgist.
This government is fast drifting into the name condition that Rome was in
militarism and imperialism, and the country dominated by the money power-
when ft fell to distruction. Read what the great historian Froude said about
Jtome, and then make your comitarison:
in theory to the meanest citizens; thev
- r - ' - - - - r -
were confined in fact to those who had the longest purses.
Distinctions of birth hod been exchanged for diitinctions of wealth.
Tha free cultivators were disappearing from the soil. Italy was being absorbed
into vast estates held hv a few favor d families and cultivated by slaves, while
the old agricultural population was driven off the land and crowded, into towns
tha occupation of the higher classes was to obtain money without labor and spend
it in idle enjoyment. .
Patriotism survived on the lips, but patriotism meant the ascendancy of the par
ty which would maintain the exwtinj order of things.
Public spirit in Uie masses was dead or sleeping. The common-wealth was
plutocracy.' The free forms of the constitution were themselves the instrument
of corruption. Redemption, if redemption ws to be hoped for, could on.y come
from free citizens in the countrv districts. The numbers of such citizen were fast
dwindling away before the omnivorous appetite of the rich for territorial aggran-
diument. Froud.
When Babylon fell two per cent of the population practically owned all the
Eypt was marked for oervthrow when tw per cent of her people owned
aiaaty -seven per cent of the wealth, ,
All tha land in Persia was owuod by ono er cent of her poople when her down
fall came.
This Oniform experience of historical nations has been crystallized by the poet
Goldsmith into the following words:
III fares the land, to hastening Ills a prey,
Where wealth accumulates and men decay.
Wban tha few only are permitted to enjoy the good things of this world at the
upsnei of the many; liberty becomes a Word and general prosperity a dream
4Uwr of Black Crime.
The JornNAi. will publish your brand, like
the lollowiiifr, for 2 :0tt, per year. Kauh sit
UitK.nal nranu T5 cent. ivery lartiier of
ranchmen in Sioux and adjoining countle
should advertise their brands in TaieJocs
nai. as It circulate all over the state. II
may be the means of saving money for yon.
On left side or hip of cuttle,
On lef t shoulder of hnrgc. t
IKange on the bead ul Warbonnwt
Jcreek ,
Addresi Harrison, Siouz Co. Neb.
Maltese f
Branded on left side
of Cattle and ou left
a -boulder of Iloraoa
Range ou beau of w uite lttver. i
Y. O. Address Harrison, Keb.
Owns ths follow-iBw;'
iiiKbraud oueith-
I yy
Also HG on cat- I
u and borne V
cattlcoD leftside V. i
horses on Jft I f
Rana;e on Silver Springs nd east of state
i lie. l'osiolllce Harrison Web
The Work of the Trusts.
To Joseph A. Mos, Mrs. Until P. Moss, his
wife, W. J. Tiowden, christian name un
known, 8, B. Howe, christian name unknown
V. S. Tiittle, christian name unknown, Da
kota Loan and Trust Company.
You, and each of. you, are hereby notified
that on the 1st day of Sfaruh, A. D. 1000, The
County of Sioux, as plaintiff, iilcd in the dis
trict court in aud for the county ot Sioux
and state, of Nebraska, its petition against
you, the object and prayer of which is to
foreclose certain tax liens en the following
described real estate, situated in the county
of Sioux and state of Nebraska to-wlt:
South-half , north-east quarter , north
half i, south-east quarter M, section two 2,
township thirtytwo 32, north of range filty
three .13, west of the 6th principal meridian
situated in Sioux county, Nebraska, that
said tax liens oonsist of taxes assessed and
levied ou said real estate for the following
years and amounts, to-wltt: In the year
13SI5, the sum of S9.15; in the year 1896, the
sumof7.M; in the year 1x08, the sum of
$a.f 4, with interest; on each of. said sums as
provided bv law ; and to hare an accpnntins
of the amount of taxes and interest now
due on said tax Hens, and to forever bar and
foreclose said defendants, and each of them
out of any and all right, title, interest, lien
and eqnliy of redemption in and to said
real estate, Krid for general equitable relief.
That you are further notified and required
to answer said petition on or before the 25th
day ot June, A. D. 1900.
f5o. 11J II. J. 0'CosNEr.L. CO. Attorney.
?100 REWARD.
or proof to convict any person of steal
in any of my stock.
Branded on right shoulder of
I'. O. Addresss Daviu Colville, Harrison,
BJHJ The brand represented in this notice
riyjl and branded any where on left side
Pjijj of cattle, and over lap ut from the
F AImo th anma hrnnrt on lft thip-h ftf
jj horses, belongs to the undersigned.
Kaage near East Spring, south part to
Sioux county. Cuaklks Newman,
Harrison, Nebraska.
About the first of July, 1899, the Central Foundry Co., of Tew York
citv bought up all the individual foundnci of Medina, N. Y., and the con
solidation has already brought serious injury to the town.
No. 4. soil pipe previous to this consolidation was selling for 6.4 cent
per foot but the trust raised the price to 22 cents per foot but the laborers
have received no increase in wages.
In November, 1?98, cast iron scraps twere purchased by the various
foundries at $7.50 per ton, but last November the trust only paid 6 per
The price of the finished product was raissd nearly four hundred per
cent while the price of the raw material was reduced nearly twenty per
The trust has driven twenty-one married men out of town which
means considarable for a village of tho size of Medina.
Men who have worked in the foundries at Medina for years have been
thrown out of employment because they refused to quit, the union.
As a result of this object lesson manv Republicans iu the town say
that they have voted the Republican ticket for the last time. Lincoln
Oom Paul nml tho Boers.
It is related of President Kruger that
when Jews lirst began to flock to Pre
toria he was unfavorably disposed to
ward them and used them severely, but
after a lime relented somewhat, aud fin
nally gave' them leave to build a syna
gogue. They were grateful, and when
the synagogue was built they asked him
to como and open it. The story is and
it assumes to be a true one that the old
man accepted the invitation, and, stand
ing on the platform, duly said: "In the
name of the father, and of the eon, and
of the Holy Gost, I declare this synagog
ue opened. Now, my friends, I hope
you will lose no time in becoming con
verted." Life.
Parla and Iter grout Fair,
The saying that Paris is France con
tains, of course, only half a truth. No
metropolis can fully exibit the life of a
people. But, on the other hand, it is
doubtless true that no other capital city
is so representative as Paris of all that
characterizes the nation; and this over
shadowing importance of the . French
capital has never been so marked as in
the last years of our closing century.
But, during the Exposition period, Paris
becomes also a rendezvous and center of
ideas for the whole world. The Exposi
tion then may be conceived of as the
City of Paris occupying itself with the
entertainment of a sort of congress of
flie nations ith a gracious display by
all of dungs interesting and clinracteris
tio that illustrate their history and con
temporary life; nothing being done in
tha spirit of rivalry, but all in a gener
ous spirit of kindliness and helpfulosss.
Sheriffs Sale.
My virtue of an order of faln Issued by tho.
clork ot tho district court of Sioux county
Nebraska upon s decree rendered by said
court in fSTor of fayson B. lilgelow, as
ritrtntlff snd nfraitmt Michigan Savins and
Loan association as defendants:
I will on the 7th, seventh day of Ju
ly,' A. p. 19n, st one o'clock V. M ' at
Harrison, in said county sell tho fol
lowing described real estate to-wit:
Lot five 5, of Block six 0, of the village of
Harrison in Sioux county Nebraska at the
East Front Doer of the court House in Har
rison Nebrnka st pnblie auction to the
highest bidder tor cash to satisfy said order
of sale In the snin of tlf.28 and Interest,
costs and accruing cost,
Thomas holly, sheriff of said county.
A delegate convention of the People's
Independent Party of the Sixth Congres
sional Idstrlct of the State of Nebraska-is
hereby called to meet in the city of Broken
Bow, Custer County, on Monday, July 9th,
1900, at i o'clock p, m., for tho purpose of
placing in nomination a oandidate for
member of congress to represent the Sixth
Congressional District of Nebraska, and to
transact such other business as may prope
rly come before tee convention. The rep
resentation of the various counties in the
convention will be based upon the Vote of
Hon. Wm. Neville in the Congressional ele
ction of lsi!B, one delegate being allowed for
each one hundred votes and major fraction
thereof, and ono delegate at large from
each county, which makes the following
I-anner 2 Howard 14
Blaine 2 Keith 4
. Box Butte 6 Koyn Paha 4
Boyd . 8 Kimball S!
Brown 4 Lincoln 13
Buffalo 23 Logan ; i
Chrry 7 Loup 2
Chcyeuiiu 6 McPherson 2
Custer 2.1 Kock 3
Dawes 8 Scotts Bluff 3
Dawson 18 Sheridan 8
Duel 3 Sioux 3
- Garfield 3 Sherman 0
Grant 2 Thomas 2
Greeley 9 Valley 10
Holt 15 wheoier .3
Hooker 2 Total 223
It is recommended that no proxies be al
lowed, but that the deli-Kates present cast
the full vole of their respective counties.
A. K. I'aksoks, China. Con. Com.
G. F. Corns, Secy.
County Convention of Peoples
' Independent party.
A delegate convention of tho People's In.
dependent I'nrty of Sioux county, Nebraska,
Is lnrebv called to meet at tho Court house
in Harrison, In said county o-i tho i'lrcl day
of June, moo, at 2 o'clock P M., for the pur
pose of selecting delegate to the stato eon
vredsloual, senatorial and representative
conventions of said party, to nominate a
candidate for the office of county attorney
and for the transaction of such other busi
ness ss may properly como bnforn said con
vention. The representation of tho varlom
precincts is based on the vote cast for Hon.
Sils A. Ilolconib for Supreme Judge, at the
general election of 1SV9 allowing one dole
gate for each ten votes enst and major frac
tion thereof cast for ald candlclnto In eacli
precinct, making tha following representa
tion. 1
A nil rews .2 An telope ..1
Bo wen fi (iotton wood "t
Hut Creek.. .ft Montrose.. S
Knnnlngwnler .1 snake creek l
Sugar lnf ... 3 Whistle Creek 1
Wiirbonnet 4 White Blver 4
It I recommended that the primaries be
held st the regular polling place In each pre
clnct on June 20lh 1S00, snd that no proxies
tie allowed but that the delegates present
sat the full vote of the precinct.
Secretary. Chairman.
tn left side of cattle ead on left
shoulder oi horses. .
Rango on Antelope crook
I'. O., Ghitchrist, Sioux Co.. Heb.
'.ftftjl TUCKKR. : '.'
Branded on left shoulder ot horses
and on left side of cattle.
Range on White River, near Glen,
p. O. Address, (lien, Nebraska.
Final Proof Kotices.
All n-roon linvlni? final nroof notices in
this paper will receive a marked copy of tho
paper and ara requested to examine thT
notice and if any error exist report the
same to t his omue at om.o.
Land Office at Alliance, Neb., May 1 1900,
Notice is hereby given that the. following
named settler has filed notice of his inten
tion to make final proof in support of his
claim, and that said proof will be made be- .
fore Clerk of District Court at Harrison,
Nebraska on Juno 23, 1900, viz.:
widow of Fredric Zcrbst, deceased, of Harri
son, Neb. on II. K. No 2S91 for the 8 , N-E H.
N-W M, S-K&. Section 26, & S-W H, N-W
Section 25, Township S, N-tt 56 W.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of said land, viz:
Gustave Noreisch, Charles Schiltx, Charles
Biehlo, Nels Anderson, all of Harrison, NelK
r. M. DORBlNUfON. Register.
On the tu day of May 1500, tho board t)f
Trustees of the village of Harrison, Nebras
ka, mods the following estimate of the ex
penses of the said village for the year lfioO:
Officers salaries . $ 50 00
Printing . 0 09
Water pumping . 09
Election Kxpensos . 23 00
Incidental Expenses . 2O0 00
Sinking Fund 100 00
Interest on Water Bonds . 1!0 0J
To apply on Judgement ot Clark It
Leonard Investment Co 400 00
Total S1.I25 00
Dated, Ilai rii.on, Nch., Mav 29, 1900
W. 11. Davis, village clerk.
At s meeting of tho Board of County Com
mlssloiiers of Sioux County, Nebraska, held
on the 11th day of January, IIXJO the follow
ing estimate of expenses fur the year 1900
was made.
District Court Expenses .. S3.0nOAo
Bonds and Rrldgus 3.000 00
Salaries l.onoOO
Incidental. T. 2.MI0O0
Stationary . . ,100 00
Printing and PublMiIng .. ,000 00
UltTcoiK fees .,"oo 00
Institute........... . ..,100 00
Soldiers Belief .. ,300 00
Special Kod District ,M0 00
Land Office at Alllanc, Nebrska,
May 16, KiOO j
Notice is hereby given the following-named
settler nas filed notioeofhls lnteatlon
to mako final proof in support of his claim,
and that said proof will bo made before tho
Clerk of District Court ant Harrison, Neb,
on June, 30th 1900, vis :
of Harrison, Nob., on H. E. No. 3924 for the
N. X 8-W )4 8-B. S-W.!4 Sectioe 25, N-E,-i-E
!4 Section 26 Twp..12,N. R 55 W. He names
the following witnesses to prove his contin
uous residence upon und cultivation oo said
land viz: btto Tietze, Charles Caminzind,
FrcdBctchen, John Marstellcr all of Har
rison. F. M. Dorilugton. Krglgistcr.
.. II2W0 ns
K. Xavm, (Musty elerk.
Notice is hereby given that the Interest
and rental upon the contracts of lease slid
ale to the following described educational
lands situated in Sioux County, Nebraska
ss set opposite tho names of the respective
holders thereof, is delinquent and, if snvli ,
delinquency is not paid within sixty davs
from the date of this notice, said contra-1
will be declared forfeited by the board ol
educational Lands and Konds and said for
feiture will be entered of record hi the man
ner provided by law.
LEASE). . v
Part of Sec. S. Tp. R. Name, -
II!-). -B8.C. L. Hall.
Kit N-Wi 30..32..55 John 0. Bbfr-
NS N-K'tft 8-EH
N K'i l..Jn..ra.. Theodore r.
. ...... C oldes. :
N-EU H Vf A KH i
R-EU U1..33..W . Theodore r.
8- W !i N EH 1S..33..IW t. r. lioldea.
Lincoln, Kebr, May 14 INS,
. J.v.wotnr, '
Commission or PabU Loads 4t BtMMto, '
1 -.
1 1
4, i V
t i 9 '