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Over w, fy year, of sue , ,a..,ice confined to the treatment o.
d.se.M, of the H -cm,,,,. KIV us onlldencel,, our ability to cure a.l there
fore , e not only Bu.ir.,te t., do so, hut do ,,.,t ask for on cm of .nonet
until the patient is satisfied ,l,ai a cur. ha, beou eHeeted. We do not al
you to make a dep.mte in the b.fik subject to our dm ft when cured or ahrr
a note, prom,,,,,, to return it to you if we do not cuVyou,' or to nry' Z pan
tash in advance Ju.t to pay for the ,nedi,lne ued, hut we siin ply offer t
cure you first ad then receive our p,y after you a,e satisfied that you ar.
cured. Could anything tje more fair?
Our lp9fe book of testimonials (men) will )6 sent FREE upon re
quL It contains the names and addresses of over a thoaud forme,
:.nla (some of them probably neighbor, of yours) whom we have per
iB.ue.Hly cured, W rite or speak to some of th-se people and see what the
w.lU.y regarding our ability and method,. We have also Issued a 48 puet
bk of lady testimonial, which we will plea.ed to send post paid to a ,
lady requesting it. ' '
Do not -utter longer nor dlspair for we can cure you regardless of youi
condition or former experience. The.se books contain much valuable infor
matioti beside, the testimonials and are sent absolutely FREE and Dost naid
Will ua at ouce. H
Send For Our Hook Aud Itad Their Testimonials.
Arthur C. Grossman Atkinson
John Hustle Auburn
G. W. Jiingham Bennett
XI. B. Conlee Hcatrlce
Judge J. hi. Bush Heatrlce
Frank Btrauch Uarnstun
E. H. Heee........ Cambridge
Kaa Hill Champion
H. K. Heck Fremont
O. W. Hansen Falrbury
J. It- Crookahanks Hiawatha
T. B. Williams Ixiulsvllle
James OLeary Ixiulsvllle
A A. Knot Louisville
C B. Cunningham Murray
John Raulh Mynard
Win. Murray Mynard
D. 8. Yost Murray
Thomas R Fulton Murray
W. K. Dull Murray
Iir. B. F. Brendel Murray
Z. W. Shrader Nehawka
J. U Shrader Nehawka
Henry M. Bona Omaha
August Kloll Plattamouth
T. M. Patterson Plattamouth
Thomas Pollock Plattamouth.
J, W. Johnson PlaUsmoulh
8. Waugh Plattamouth
Kev. F. A. Campbell Plnttsmouth
M. If. Davis Bed Cloud
J. M. Patterson Rlverton
W. H. Davidson Springfield
J. O. Eater I'nlon
W. Chalfant Union
John Murphy Weeping Waler
J. M. Davis Weeping Water
J. F.. Fhults
It E. Rusby
J, J. Gravatte
Stephen Morgan
Rev. J. C. R. Lay ton.
V. II. Hpurgeon
L. W. Childs
Seth Brown
M. Mchlroy
Robert (juinn
Major Morse
B rati ford
.... Ch-nr Moid
Council HlufTa
...Des Moines
Kirk man
.. Manchester
....Sioux City
k. W. Putton Amrlrs
F. M. Ferguson Anthony
Peter Ott Arifple
K. HUkler Arlington
P. A. Seroggln Ashland
V .V.. Weaver ". ... Atlanta
W. O. Avery Bala
V. O. Clark Barry
K. K. Fullenwlder Bayard
J. C Ciirnen B-livllle
James Flanagan Reattle
Iw. J. A. Iutishurg Barnard
Col. W. S. Norton Baxter Springs
J. . Ilaynes Bayard
O. H. Phkup li.agle
XI. B, Boah Beagle
James B. Bloaa Beattle
John Kramer Belvue
li. C. Woodard Reman
Jacob F.olert Riltrgs
J. H. Baker BlutT City
J. K. Wilson Curiton
I a, I). KiropHon t'lyde
. W. Forter Covert
T, O. Kelly fomlhkey
T. (!. Dudley Conway Spilng
O. (J. Lutz Cawker
H. C. Fulton Corwln
James fl. Klnnear Caldwell
Hugh Martin Cheney
I. J. Mllla Imfer
tl. U. Powers Delavan
T. S. Ralph Dtlphos
A. K. Hltrhena
T. D. Walsh
L A. Ruber
S. H. McAdams
W. F. Garvey
8. Dake
J. S. Talbot
Tnoa. Dillon
Jamea Mann
J. P. VanArndale
... Chicago
, .. Chicago
. .. Chic ago
.. Illlopolls
.. Illlopolls
.... Peoria
, .. Slreator
Tlios. Jennings
C. W. Gallr eat h ....
W. H. I-wls
T. R. Wheeler
O. A. Lewis
n. u Cox
Alanthus Grove
...Apideton City
.... Hlurkwater
II. II. Zelkle ..
C. C. Carter E
xcelslor Springs
C. F. I-egg
John C. Atchison .
V. M. Hobhs
Wm. Roaeborough
IuttJ Klley
T. I DeaCombs
tt. M. Condron
Mathew Lynch ....
I. J. Lance
Fe.lx Randall
W. 8. Kore
..JefTeraon City
, Leetnn
Malta Mend
..Many Springs
..Mount Morlah
Albert Curtis Eureka Fprlngs
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m4 dortort and who have been given up lo die. they are Urday healthy happ
eopl-. It will cost you nothing to nallsfy yourself as to our claims. Send
Vr or FKBK brinks trnl write to some of our former patients. We want you
feel perfectly free to ask us any or all questions you may desire. You'
tetter will receive prompt and courteous attention. There Is no expense at
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trouble. Write us today.
103 West Oth Street.
n- Cue Cushlns
Leonard U "Williams Elm Park
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W. A. Kiazler Guthrie
w. H. Keeler Hennesay
John J. Lyons . ..Hennessy
G. It. Corzlne Kingfisher
O. p. Jones Mangum
O. H. Haya North Enid
William Sltherwood Ponca City
Geo. Shufeldt Hedmoon
Kev. Edward Graairnan Seay
J. W. Hoiman Woodward
I Eddleman Woodward
Ira Kddleman Woodward
N. Curtis Woodward
J. B. Scott Tucson
W. N. Irwin Washington
I Peyton Ardmore
II. C. Potterf Ardmore
Dr. A. J. Wolverton Ardmore
B. R. VVorthlngton Eufaula
M. Lowrlmore Kiln Springs
Geo, Shannon Gibson Station
(!. A. Sclimoy Oologuh
K. R. Kachal Summit
S. Finn Whitman Sal!law
II. L. Elliot V'ulta
William P. Gwlnn Rutte City
James Medovein Butte Cily
Mm aha II Nelson Bozeman
Albert Spaulding Bozeman
Win. Coleman Deer Ixdge
John Gerdts Deer Lodge
I). C. Kyle Glasgow
D. A. Iiose Helena
A. J. Davidson Helena
Judge Dell Logan
Thomas Callahan Three Forks
M. Chrlstr East Ixis Angeles
Wni. St hl ling Long Beach
Edwin Dudley Seima
John O'Brien San Franclaco
F. M. McLaughlin San Franciaco
a. P. Bates Westminster
, . Buffalo Springs
.Grand Junction
l.ai A nlrnas
Rocky Ford
Rocky Ford
It W. Wright
J. M. Dixon
A. W. Webster
Jamea Lumpkin ...
C. C. Eraser
J. B. Lynch
J. N. Ivimzey
A. C. Comer
Samuel Ikjss
J. Olney
J. K. Jarvla
T. C. Ikibhins
Chas. J. Monre ....
W. H. Konktl ....
J. W. maker Davis
Sam Rembert Memphis
Capt. Mark S. Cheek Memphis
J. P. Cooper Canadian
J. B. Vannoy Canadian
William Tate Henrietta
H. Specht Wichita Falls
Ira S. Doty Alcester
R. G. Dayman Halern
Jas. R. Fprankie Cleveland
A. Secberger Portsmouth
W. N. Irwin South Salem
J. F. Campbell Mattawan
C Ia Wllkerson Huntington
W. W. P. McConnell Mankato
U M. Shields St. Paul
K. O. Pulllam Iyexlngton
A. A. M( Kinney Stanford
C. C. Chrlaman Silver Creek
J. F. Pulllarn Shelby City
W. M. Weaver Albuquerque
O. It. Erlckaon Et Las Vegas
A. M. Hlackwell I-na Vegas
C. M. Light Silver City
John Shaw RoaweM
Andrew Atchinson Socoro
Roso Wemple Mexico City
irt.t i.r. .! inn: i i.
Ull lie Nuddel.l) lteilel lo I'url
U till 111 I.I.U2 i-.M k.
"Tlie EiiiiKiis City jmpers ".ell as
'oi.i- i;thcr pnpers h.ne had . ui -liii'iL'
lo :iy li I 1 1 Temile llousiou,
the l.ril.i iiit M.n of old JSam lI'iiLlim,
oi.i-e ri siiti-i. t of the Lone Mar t
I i.iilic. the friind of Lincoln and i';
,..r ;;mer;i ir of the state of 'li Viu,
..ii old-time frontier eat tie nan ;t
the Mh:i;:iid last week, "but Ui nr.
oj it.ii. n ! u. en are as little coinpie
1 : e i it I . cl mid understood lis Temple
llousti.n. l!e has been presented to
the jiul.Iir us a rowdy, a roysterer mid
a genuine reiuiiant of the frontier des
perado. "As a matter of fact he is a pen.1'.,
kindly ii atinered, t horoiifj-hly edueai-d
man, ho can write the initial si jfns
of sexeral colleje decrees after his
name and discourse a learnedly al out
(reek and Roman elr.ss-ics us he can
be anecdotal and entertaining uliouf
the frontier days (if tiie Panhandle
and the Territory of Oklahoma. Ib
is a man of versatile accomplishment
in it literary way. as well as a pro
found student of Coke and Littleton.
judpe of the Supreme Court of the
territory told me some days apo that
he regarded Temple Houston as one of
the best read and most competent
:'rin i ii ii 1 lawyers in t he ent ire count i y.
1 lie fact that Houston is defending
counsel in some twenty murder cases
now pending in the courts of the ter
ritory would indicate his general
standing as a lawyer.
"Should lie cary his knowledge and
his talents to a wider field he could
eadily i chievethe reputation of lug r
mjII and secure as huge returns. Some
years ago my company employed
Houston ut a salary as general coun
sel and I do not believe a better, more
painstaking or reliable lawyer ever
gave advice or advanced an opinion.
He is a born lawyer, as well us the
possessor of the finest instincts of the
old-time Southern gentleman. He
never voluntarily gave offense to any
man. nor would he brook offense from
another. He has been embroiled in
some trouble several times, but it was
never of his making. He simply pro
tected himself after the manner of
the man of the border, who knew and
could maintain his rights. I do not
believe he ever sought a quarrel, but
his record proves him a dangerous
man to quarrel with.
"What I wished to tell you. however,
was why Houston got his hair cut.
You have seen him nnd will recall the
mass of long curly hnir that adorned
his head. J do not believe Houston
ever thought much about it. To wear
his hnir long and in ringlets was sim
ply a fashion with him, and to appear
like the old-time cowboy was the re
sult of long habit and life-time asso
ciation. A few days ago, however.
Temple visited one of the small towns
of the territory. lie was u complete
stranger. o one in town knew him.
As he walned from the station toward
the holol, his appearance and long
hair attracted the attention of several
young street loungers. 'Johnnie, get.
your hair cut.' sang out one of them.
'Look at the long-haired guv.' 'Maui
uias curly-haired boy,' and similar
phrases assailed his ears. lie found
himself the unsolicited center of at
traction, ami when it was suggested
that there was n barber shop in town
where niys fn;m the bad lauds could
get n hair cut. Houston got mad.
"Setting his grip doyn on the side
walk he opened it and, producing a
cartridge bell and Mx-sliootc r. he pro
ceeded to load up. liy the time he h id
filled the chambers of the the re
volver the crowd of jo-hers had laken
refuge around the corners anil in ad
jacent door-ways, where they could
siill call his attention to th- fiict that
there was a barber shop in town.
Houston is one of the most equable of
men. and suddenly concluded )),;,(
there must have been something in
his appearance lo arouse the risibles
of the .street boys. He put up his six
shooter and repaired to the barber
"'Shave?" said the barber, ns he
dropped into a chair. "Shave be
damned: No!' said Houston. -l want
myHiair cut; f want it cut (dose, with
one of those machines that clip you
like a safety razor. This hair came
near getting me into trouble and I
propose to get rid of it. I never volun
tarily offended anybody in inv life,
and if the people of this town don't
like me with long hair. I'll have it cut
short. I never hind 'cd out of any trou
ble, but I'm not looking for j'.'
"I saw him in Woodward the other
dny and his head wns utmost as liar
as a billiard ball."
lad .Malclirm by (lie Tlllllon.
Millions in bad matches! I!y the
simple trick of cutting the wood
across (he grain, or of cuffing it with
the grain lit audi nil angle that it
will split almost lengthwise when
friction is applied, it is aseitcd that
the Mutch trint is ridding to its prof
its by enormous sums yearly.
It has been noticeable to nny User
of malt lies, during the last few weeks
in particular, that the wood is of bad
quainy ami unit t lie match is apt In
break just below the brimstone, or to
split just above the fingers.
Is it because nature has ceased to
guide the grain of the wood aa tie
fore'.' la it because the workers in I lie
mutch factories lire any less skillful,
have become bungling in their work?
Or Is it because the concerns that
make matches, being incorporated in
a powerful alliance, have hit upon a
way to increase their profits by creat
ing a deuuind for mutches Hint Is not
proportionate witli the n Is of the
match users?
Whatever the reason, the fact re
mains that the matches ore bad-perhaps
not one of ten, sometimes two
or three. And without nscei tnining
the cause, figures can he made to show
that the people nre paying to the ileal-ers-which,
In turn, means the whole
salers and the manufacturers - more
than 5 million dollars n year more
than they would pay were the matches
Of good quulity.-l. hicfigo 'J'iines-iler-ald.
Scheme of Russia To Promote the
bfettlBinent of Siberia.
The Russian government la now pro
riding irnrisportati'jn to emigrants
torn European Russia who are willing
!o make houies in Siberia at rales of
laic that have probably never b'-en
fiualed for cheaprif .-s. The third-class
U'keis sold on the Russian and Tiana
Sibulan railroad were believed to be
ibout the cheapest in the world; but
:he fourth-class tickets which the gov
ernment has recently caused to be of
fered make the others a costly luxury
liy comparison.
These li keta are sold to any one of
1 1 4 stations in Siberia, and they are
good from any imint in Russia. The
fourth-class passenger, for example,
from Moscow to Tobolsk, pays for that
long journey only two roubles, or a
little over a dollar. On the other hand,
If he wishes to go clear to Vladivo
itock by the railroad and its steamer
:onnection, now complete, a distance
of ubout 5.000 miles, he has to pay four
snd a half roubles, or $:1.60. Trans
portation could hardly be afforded on
more favorable terms, unless the rail
road paid the passenger for the privi
Uge of carrying him.
A Biif Shipment of Meat.
A train load of ham and bacon In
tended for the United Slates soldiers
In the Philippines waa the other day
started for its destination by Swift &
Co. The special train waa made up of
thirty-two of Swift's private refrig
erator cars, and will go over the Chi
cago & Alton and Union Pacific roads,
lta immediate destination being Su
Francisco, where the meats will be
transferred to the transport, which
will land them Inside of sixty days at
Manila. The total weight of the ship
ment Is (mO.OuO pounds, of which 55u,
000 pounds are bacon and the remain
der ham. Both ham and bacon have
been fipeclally selected from stock best
adapted for use in a tropical climate,
snd the special formulas provided by
the government have been followed in
ill stages of the curing process. The
methods of packing for shipment
have also been carefully worked out,
so as to keep the meats as dry as
possible. The hams, for instance,
are packed Individually in muslin
drill cases, and then packed in tierces
with the chaff of oats, and salt be
tween them. Of the bacon the great
er part is put up in crates, but 150.000
pounds is packed in three-quarter-pound
tins, each containing one day's
meat ration for a soldier. This Is
one of the largest single shipments of
meat ever made to Manila.
Dr. Kay's Lung Balm a sure la grippe
cough cure, it never fails. 10 and 25c.
lion. A. U. Wyman, ex-Treasurer of
the L'nlted States, writes: "Having
known of some remarkable cures of
Omuha people effected by the use of
Dr. Kay's Renovator and Dr. Kay's
Lung Balm, 1 believe that these great
remedies are worthy of the confidence
af tlie public." No remedy has ever
U- n discovered w hich cures so large a
per cent of bad cases of stomach, liver
and bowel troubles as Dr. Kay's Reno
vator. Send for proofs of thousands of
cures. Sold by druggists fit 25 eta. and
tl. Eor free advice, samples and book,
write lr. B. J. Kay, Saratoga. N. Y.
Renovate the system with Dr. Kay's
Renovator. I'rice 25c and $1. Try It.
WABASH R . 11.
11 Miles shortest to St. Louis.
2H Miles shortest to Qulncy.
Leave Omaha 5:05 p. rn.
Anive St. Louis T:00a. in.
Trains leave I'nlon Station daily for
S;. Louis, Qulncy, Kansas City and all
points Mast or South.
I lomeseekers' Excursions on sale 1st
and .'id Tuesday of each month.
Steamship tickets to all parts of the
world. For full information, call at
O. A St. L. Ticket Office, 1415 Farnarn
St. (f'axton Hotel Block), or write,
Hurry K. Mnores, C. P. & T. A.,
Omaha, Neb.
Dr. Kay's Lung Balm for bronchitis
The New York socialist labor party
has secured a peiimt for tlie use of
l'r.ion Square plaza for May 1 for a
niHSi nn-ettng to celebrate the Interna
tional labor day. A parade will precede
the meeting.
To purify the blood renovate with Dr.
Kay's Renovator. Ask druggists for it.
Many people have tried in vain to
find a successful treatment for that
dreadful disease, cancer. We call the
attention gf such to the column ail.
which will appear In this paper, next
week, of Dr. IC. o. Smith, the celebrated
specialist of Kansas City, who positive
ly guarantees a cure for every case ha
undertakes. Read his ad. and testimoni
als, and write him for further par
ticulars. Dr. KayB' Renovator ror the liver.
Tlie Rector Automatic f'ream Sep
arator. L'-icallon size, $7.00, and the
L'4-nallon size J 10. 00. AVrlte for terms to
audits. There is nothing euual to litem
as n ( learn (Tetter. Address.
See the wonderful testimonials In Dr.
E. O. Smith s ad. In this paper next
week. He guarantees to cure every casi
if cancer that he takes. W rite to hlni
ubout It. Address Dr. E. O. Smith
Kansas City, Mo,
On the 1st and Hd Tuesdays In th
nouths of February, March and April,
the Missouri I'hcIMc Railway will sell
round trip tickets st very low rates
lo points In Kansas, Arkansas. Okla
homa, Indian Territory and certain
joints In the South and Southeast. For
nformatlon wtlte or call at company's
vftlce. S. E. cor. 14lh and Douidai
(ts., Omaha. Neb.
V. C. BARNES. T. P. A.
J. 0. PHILLIPPI. A. O. F. P. A.
Omaha. Neb.
LM ttHurt 111 hsl Jul
I Baat 'nih Syrup. Taata
aid. Cm I
m . . ......
In tlmr). Selrl hy drum""
dn ruble and
xiaturui cemexiiv-
lif,K wmII riijit.Imr.
In 5 lb. papor packages, made ready for use ia
white aud fourteen beautiful tiuta by miring
with cold water. It, in a cement that goes
through a process of aetliog, hardens with age,
aud can beroaUtd and rerouted without washing
oil its old coats before renewing.
Ia entirely
from all the
rarioubkalsomiucgou I. he market, being durable
nd riot stuck ou the wall with glue. Alabastioe
eustomers should iusisl on having the goods ia
packages properly labeled. They should reject
all imitations. There is nothiag"jUbt as good."
Prevents much sickness, particularly throat and
lang diflkultiea, attributable to uu sanitary
coatings on walls. It has been recommend ad
ia a paper published by the Michigan State
Board of Health on account of its sanitary
features; which paper strongly condemned
kalsomines. Alababtme can be owd on either
plastered walls, wood ceilings, brirk or canvas,
and any one can brunh it on. It admit of radi
cal chautfftH from wall paper decorations, thus
ftpcurintr at reasonable expense the latest aud
bHt effects. AlabaKtitie ih manufactured by the
Jnt-trnctive and interesting booklet mailed free
to all applicants
Deposit wilh your freight agent
suttleieut money to guarantee the
freight charges and we will forward
to you our elegant drop head, five
drawer Sewing Machine. Guaranteed
for five years. A complete set of
modern attachments and instruction
book with each machine. You can
examine this machine aud if satisfact
ory, you will then pay to your local
freight agent 81(1.00.
You take no chances. Keep your
money until you are perfectly satis
fied as to the quality of the goods.
New blcyoli'H complete $i;,50,
aud sold on the name terms;.
Secoud baud wheels from $3 up.
We sell all parts for every sewing
machine manufactured.
Ccr. 15th and Harne-Sts, OMAHA, NEB.
Hecla Coffee,
Mordock's Pure Spices,
"Opt" Flavoring Extracts,
We wth tn ptin thi .ear SIKl.lMIO
nw ouatolUMrH, and li huc off ur
1 Pirn. Oily (inrtlfii Hmi. luc
Pag Karl'. I fcuit.rHllCicnnibcTifcc
uuroMv Market Lettuce, luc
Strawberry MIod, lho
1.1 Oar K nil i-ti, Jiic
Karljr Ripe ( abbaee, loo
Karl. linnir Onion, loo
brilliant Flower Sede. lfic
U'ortk Sl.OO, for 14 ceata. HJ
Aborelo Pk-a. worth (MX), we will
mail jou free, together with our
great Catalon, telling all about
SUIEI t MIltlON 0011 l FtTATO
npiio receipt of thle notice) A 4c.
laitiD.. We invito yotirtrade. and
Nl know when yon oner try Marl atr r'm
lared. you will never do without.
Prizeaon Saixer'a l0 rar-
at aarlie.t Tomato (Jiaut on eartb. U
Jim a. halks tanned., i.a i tuik. win.
fg-fflr limn ron-iiH-ArniH-
10.-, I Olli M. (IHINCIl. Itl.l'IKH. IA.
on her tongue.
Jnnev Purvis, being duly swnrn accord
ing to law. deposes nnd says thai she hfld
a cancer on her tongue nnd was treated
August 21. lV.W. bv Dr. J. C. McLaughlin
nf Kansas City. Kansas, with his painless
remedy for cancers and tumors: that in
shout one month her tongue was well,
anil Is sound and well today: there w.vs
no nam from the oppllcatlon of the med
icine, us she could read during the se
verest treatment. .IANF.Y ITRVIfl.
siM Kroailway. Leavenworth. Kan.
Subscribed nnd sworn to before me.
Thomas I.. Johnson. nolnrv public, this
17th dav of March, 100, at tiravenworth.
Ivan, Vlv commission expires August 21st,
(Seal )
For" further particulars' of this painless
treatment, address.
Burdock Sf
f OsVrrS-
Pleasant to take; No bad
effects; Gives immediate relief..
Ask Your Druggist for it.
Note: If your druggist does not 181
haveitlnsuick. send us his name
sua we will send you a sample, tree Q)
fSjSiipplied by JgJ
X. . RichsrdM Draff Co.. VS
' Wholesale Drngiclsts. W
tU2, U04 and HudJackaouKt., Omaha, Neb. (82
of slmpleconstruetion and very durable. It
reproduces Homra. Bund and Orchestra Music,
funny Stories, etc., an load and clear as ur
phonograph m tde and us s the same records
that higher priced ones do. Sent subject to
exaniluittlon on receipt of (Wo. Head for Uih
wonderful machine today aa we have only m
limited number at thia price. FREE Cavtav
loirue describing this and higher priced ru
chlnea sent on request. Ktt bhsmces: Aug
business house iu Kaunas (Jity.
General Sporting Goods.
1 109 Walont St. KANSAS CITY, MO
Thousands of people condemned to d
by their physicians, who said their ea.s
was hopeless, are today enjoying all the
pleasures of perfect health, permanently
cured by our absent treatment. Alter
twenty-five years of unqualified sucemi?
there is no experimenting nor doubt witr
us. Our lan;e sanitarium is fully equl(
ped to care for all who desire to corns?
to us, but in almost all cases we can per
uianenlly and utiickiv restore you to,
health at your own home at a very trl
fliiiB expense. Don't fall to write us ;f
you are a sufferer. Full Information andj.
testimonials free. We court the ciostei
Investigation. Write today.
Dr. O, Martin's
Chamber of Commerce Kansas City.
UuiidinK, Kivcrview. Ka.a).
101 Bd 103 W. 9th St.,
Th QTtfritt in Aqb and Zonffmt T .xvaj ri
Over !fH Ynr' Hprriol frrtrtir.
Antborized by the State ti treat CnilOXTf
Cures guaranteed or money fir
funded. All medicines fumj&bftdl
ready for use do murcury or in
jurious medicines used. No tiav
teution from business. Patiatffl
at a distance treated by mail ami
eiomss. Medicines sent bwht-
whom, free from gate or breakapa. No omkU
cines 8"ntC. O. D., only by agreement. CLarpjre
low. Over 40.IXJ0 cases cured. Age and excaari
euce are important. State your case and sh
for terms. Consultation free and cuidkUuiSlaX,
personally or by letter.
Seminal Weakness JSJ?
nd Sexual Debility. KndixL'
a causing losses by dreams or with the nrine.
pimples and blotches on the face, rushes of blond'
to the head, pains in back, confused ideaa avad
(orgctfulnesa, bashfulness, aversion to soewtr,
loss of sexual power, loss of maahood, impo
tence, etc., cured for life. I can stop nighft
losses, restore sexnal power, restore nerve audi
brain power, enlarce and strengthen weak part,
and make you fit for marriage.
trI(Tiir Hadicallycnred with a new and!
j rt? lalallUsa Hasw Tltatwat. No u
and OlCct struments, do pain, no dnbMt
tion from business. Cure guaranteed. Book
and list of quostiotu free sealed.
Private Diseases
TlfrU 'r both sexes S6 pages, It picture
DUVJIV true to life, with full description of
above diseases, the effects and cure, sen stalI
in plain wrapper for t couta ia stamps. ioo
should read this book for the luformaaioo Ik
eon tains.
N. B. State case and ask for list of qneirtlomvsj
Am JXau-cum o AnaUtmUi for msu oal
OMAHA. Vol. 3-No. I6-1BOO
Dr. E. O. Smith of Kansas City, Mo.
the famous specialist in the treatmenl
of cancer, will have a column ad. in this
puper next week, to which we call youi
attention. He has a treatment whlcl
positively cures, and his cures are per
manent. Rend the ml, and write hlto
for further Information.
The worst coufjhs cured by Dr. Kay'i
Lung; lialm. Druggists sell It. 10, 25. f.Oc
There la more Cutarrh In this section
of the country than all other disease
put together, and until the last few
years was supposed to be Incurable.
For a great many years doctors pro
nounced It a local disease, and prescrib
ed local remedies, and by constantly
falling to cur" with local treatment,
pronounced It incurable. Science hmm
proven catarrh to be a constitutional
disease, and therefore requires consti
tutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh
Cure, manufactured by K. J, Cheney 4
Co., Toledo, O., la the only constitu
tional cure on the market It Is taken
Internally in doses from 10 drops to a
tesspoonful. It acts directly on th
blood and mucous surfaces of the sys
tem. They offer one hundred dollars
for any rase It fails to cure. Send for
circulars snd testimonials. Addreaa,
F. J. CHENEY 4k CO., Toledta, Ot.
Hold by Druggists, 76c
Hall's Family Pills are the beat.
of the civil war who served at lenatW days unit
who tile ' on a tiomfMl of 40, SO or Itu screw,
Is'fore .Inrn- S, IM74, can sell bin additions
right. Soldier widows. U I4virj and nt rm-
ninrrled. nr. entitle I. Itie-roarrtwl. the heirs undet
VI are entitled. tVirreaoonrteric solicited A.M.
Vance, t aultxl I'ark, ls Mwlass, Iowa.