Harrison press-journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1899-1905, November 30, 1899, Image 8

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    I0H SHOE!!
P. B. BIGELOW. Prop.,
.Candies, Nuts. Tobacco, Fruit, Dnte,
Figs, Cakes, Pies. Bread, stationary
jj Drugs, .. J
I Drugists Sundries, J
jf Paints. Oils. Varnishes,
(A J. E. PHINNEY, Proprietor. I
A Fine Line of
Ledie's & Gentlemen's
tA Good LttBch Counter in Connection ao4 Every Thin?
Sold at Living Prices.
I'OotT OFFICE LIXDIVii. lUrrlaoa, Xett,
t ,' ,
- ..." '
' 1 ,
r. ,
4 -
p V;
. m:
Ml kinds of Harness Good.
min nd Fed for sale. Besides the above I have Build
ing material, audi as Lumber,
lif Call and get PRICES
TuMa Nov. 36. m.
tlN. It. I'mw, Editor n4 Prop.
,11ml nw l.K-al, eaU liiasrtSm 5.
Klaplay. uttulln Ada: prluca for mwi
tade kuvvo vu application.
IMoek Uraus and tba J'mcw JUnA. nc
wear (XUfi.
JToretga adseKiwo; mm Aw jpaj fsad
JMABrAa)tarus(Jen Addceas,
tiffMO, Seor.
J.fc AM. V.a. lintetablr.
fi-fr-g Va. Uninjc KsM.
jw.s,mlmsW-"wlsto. e,exed M
I North-Western
r. E. M. V. ft. R is bs
to and (rora the
oura da3ta.
f. C. ft ff . T. K. c
ecood oiaas Caloainte Tieketa to Port
land, lee iris TAOnaaa. MDOkajM eve., oa
ale now at 2.kf. Order ttdiets
4ays ahead.
f. Avert, Aot.
F. B. Jfc M. V, R.
' Kxcvralvi Btea.
CzcHrtdon to Hot Sonars a Dak..
Tuesday Nov. Mst and Dec Stfa and 10th
m, at OAS fur plus t tor
trip. F. AyEaT, Agent.
Anyeaerair loat two gray uare.
ne bay man. aas a black gelding call
0,1 this ottoe pajr tor this advertisaaiant,
nd Ihm! tlwir wharaaaoulA
Those who bare agreed to bring us
wond, will Uke aotice4 we would like to
JiHVrit at oooe.
-Blind Booa at M.
evening Dec. 1. 1M.
K. hun PrisU?
auiufcty eure ooU)tion and re
baHtlaad Invigorate the satire system
Tsr gp or aussaU UsWittfe little
Msrly Sisters. J. . Psimr, Agest
IfOTIOE Oa Thanksgiving, all the
basiawa houses ia Uarisoo will he cles
d from 14 oVloek until I, and during
that time business wHl be suspeoded in
geaeral, in order to give the geaenl
fMiblio aa oppertewty to attend services
sit the M. E. Chanrti, to which all are
most aoadlslly uwriud. iervutee eill
. -ornate ace a 10 M.
fUM Boee will be tn tLtrHsoa Use. 1,
Beaker Oris wold left laaC Friday
evesnaaToci aitt to eoaie of hie relatives
tPksfttille, la.
The eaov whtoh feM last aight
ahoald hare a teadaacy to make oa feel
mora Usaecitl far the bisestnga Ood has
fcastowad oa us for the past rear.
"DaWjtts UUU early Risers did me
aaam jpassJ taa all Mood jMdfciaea all
other jjla." writes Oso. H. iacefas, of
2sss. Proaspt, pleasant,
fP. rure eoaetipation,
the teraU Hrer to aatioa aad
gire Fei eeaa Mood,' steady nerves, a
i a heal thy appatitaW, E
to fire Ussaka
OvUCatstsVajr, for the siseeiaga aad
aaaraCa JsM Msannd apea yoa for
trJ C0 Ki tfm tte Jaat aaJ
"ZJ CtZ CxU&t fct
Also, Flour ami all kiwis of
Lime, Hair, Cement fcc &c
before buying elsewhere.
WAN'TD-0ira for ttofcday Hooks
Bibles and Album. Pries reasonable.
Satisfaction guaranaeeA. jto money re-
auired unul delivery is made. Miss Ekie
Merriam my ashintant atreot will curry
a full lino of SMuplea aad catalogue, or
santples and catalogue atay be scan at
B."Wtlls More in rW-rixna Neb. nit nny
time by dropping a -rd ttii iniraign-
ed agent at Hairon Neb.
ilkS. A KXa T01MTO!.
ThaukHg4yUtg kWuice.
The undersigned will give a dine at
Hawo, Thursday night Kov. 99 1890.
A good tiiM anticipated. Every body
are invited to came. Good music will be
furnished, etc. ,
M i Ernet Lvon,
mgT John Bourett.
Thera will l quarterly meeting at the
M. . phurch next Sunday morning at 10
-o'clock a. m., and quarterly conference
at the same hour and place Monday
morning. Elder 8ramahorn will be pres
ent to conduct the asrvtce. Every body
are invited. C. I Smith, Pastor.
We can give pointers on scientific
bouse keeping.
Circumstances com)tl us to be
thankful for any kind of a dinner today.
-Tom Snow, from Patrick, Wyo.,
was in town over night Monday, doing
some trading. lie returned botue Tues
day. -"Our bahy was sick for a month
with sever cough and catarrhal fever.
Although we tried many remedies she
kept getting worse until we used One
Minute Cough Cure, it relieved at once
and cured her in a few days." B. L.
Nance, Prin. High School. BlufTdale,
Texas. J. E Puixsbt, A rent.
Attorney Guthrie, contemplates
building himself a law offlce on the lot
adjoining the run Joceval lot on tbe
the north, although he may conclude to
go about a half a block north of that.
Blind Boon at M. E. uhurab Friday
evening Dec. 1,
Mrs. (ieo. D, Canon aceompaoied by
Master Wesley and baby Frank left for
Sioux city, and South Dakota, on UjI
Friday evening, they expect to be gooe
about two weeks.
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure, cures dyspep
sia because itstngredienU are such that
it cant help doing so. "The public can
rely upon it as a master remedy for all
disorders arising from imperfect diges
tion." James M. Thomas, M. D., in
American Journal of Health, N. T. J.
E Pill !. Agent.
-Sheriff Holly's new residence wst
of the court house, where that court
house gang will be installed for another
two years, will be eooloesd by tbe eod
of this waeb.
Co. Treasurer Biehle, has purchased
of Attorney Guthrie SO acres of land in
the eastern suburbs of Harrison, where
he will no doubt build himself
family a city residence tt no distant dsy
aad thus ha able to school his children as
ha would like te hare them schooled.
Hamilton Clark, of Chauocey,' Oa.,
he suffered with Itching piles twenty
yean before trying DeWitte Witch
Haul Salve, two boxes of which coot'
pletelr cured hira. Beware of worthless
aad dangarous cauoUrfeita J. E. Pnn
IT, Agent.
We are glad, thie week to
that Mrs. A. L. Btaadsamsier of
draws, who has bona very skk for the
past two weefce, M aew aa the road to
permanent reeerery. not withataading
that it was reaortod that aha was dead
aad waa to be burrted a week ago
Hondar at It e'oioea.
Bsejol Dyspasia Care Ihrooghly
dageota food withoMt aid froai the etonv
aalt, Msd at tka saase tiase heals aad
larea tj r.ammi erasure orgaas. it
to tOm ac?7 fanaiy that dose both of
4-3a 1 .j aad aaa ha relied opna to
pA"JU:,:.asa J, E
Manufacturer and dealer
In Harness, Saddles, Bridles &c-
Send in your Harness and shoe re
pairing, and a first class job is
Professional Cards.
J. E. PfflNSET. M. D.
Phrtsdai tad Snrgm.
411 callafftoen prompt mtOmUt)
Offlce In Ikru Store.
Pwinpt attention jrivM 19 All UJ
matters in Justice, County aad Distitst
Courts, aad before the United StAtw
Fire InsatMC written ia reliable
CyLagai pliers carefully drawn.
HaWbov. - Kebiusea.
Blind Boone,
Tomorrow night at the M. E. church
Dec 1st. Every body come and listen
to the great Pianoint, he is a world bea
Today, is tbo day of feasting not
O Praise the Lord all ye nations:
Praise Him, all ye people. For his mer
ciful kindness is great toward us; and the
truth of the Lord endureth for ever.
Praise ye the Lord. P-otlms 117.
FOR SALE: A nice heater in good
condition, will burn coal or wood.
Cheap for cash. Apply at this office.
Highest mark t price paid for hides.
Oue Minute Cough Cure quickly cures
ohxtinate summer emitfh nnd colds.
i cooiuder it a most wonderful medi
cine. quick and safe." W. W. Merton,
Mayhew, Wis. J. E. Psjwsrr, Agent.
-The edtior of the Prbm-JOCBXaL,
and his wife liad a few words last Friday
and she with the two youngest children
took tbe train east Thus, the oldent
boy and ourself are left alooe to paddle
our own canoe. Well, anyway we can
not wish them any harm.
Irritating stings, bites, scrah-hes
wounds and cots soothed and healed by
DeWitU Witch Basel 8alve, a tore and
safe application for tortured flesh. Be
ware of counterfeits. J. E Phixkiy,
Blind Boon, at M. E. church Friday
evening Dec. 1. 18(h).
Rev. lrl R. Hicks' new Almanac and
Calendar and weather prognostic tor,
for MOO, is at hand. In many ways it
is an improvement over any former pub
lication put out to tbe publw by Mr.
Hicks. It (a gotten up ecientiflcly, aad
ought to be In every well, regulated
family household in the land. A Letter,
with 39c enloesd and addruassd to Word
A Works Publishing St. Louis, Mo,,
will bring in return, a Hicks Almanac
for 1900.
The little one-horse show, rora some
where we doot know where came to
town last Saturday and obtained permis
sion ffbm Co. Clerk Blewett, to enter
taia the public at the court house the
same evening and rake in a few aheokek
But as sheriff Holly h-ul been instructed
to prohibit the use of the court house
hall for private use by the Couoty fath
er and as he is the proper custodian of
the county bouse, he went to toe ball,
ordered the one-horse show to vacate,
which they did without further noUoa.
We believe sheriff Holly, done hie doty,
area, though it is said some of oar oiU
tiasas tbeugtjt he ought to b throwa
bodily down stairs. Certainly aa btdy
aaa Mama a public ofBoer fur doing hie
duty. If outekWrs want to aome bare
aad tebe moaey out of the eouaty let
thesa Mm the hall and go at it the right
way, or If some private eitiesn wishes to
faressh them a free Hall that it all right
aad it ao bedys busiaeaa.
-Ceavlee Umpaeoour, 4 miles Berth of
lava to boiidiag a aew boase aa bit
raaali Hat, story aad a half high.
Charley srerki hard aad dissrree a aaer
aad eamfortobte house and wa bona to
I see bia lire lotg aad an joj lb"' -
M. i. OOanrll, - - Co. Attorney,
Will Praakc la All Coirt.
Social AUcitloa Uireu te Utd Of
8oe Baslaesc
t'allertlaw and all blas atrtist
ed to mt will rewire prompt attention.
Hahuaon - Nebraska.
The undersigned just located
in lower north-west corner room
oreDared to do all kinds of dress-
making and sewing in her line.
The patronage of tbe public is solicited.
We guarantee satisfaction and that
our charges will be reasonable.
Mrs. Maouiz Rosicuass.
Burt Smuck has a lame eye which
he carry's under cover, as a result of
wood chopping, we presume. You mu-
'nt cut wood Brt? WhHt's the matter
of Mrs. S. cutting Ute wood?
Will Smoke who has been teaching
the Ardmore M:hool tins fall lis con e
home sick with Mountain fevr, and we
learn Will is quite levd. We earnestly
hope he may speedily r evor so as to
be able to return to his school soon.
Johu Corbin. Jo. Parsons, 8. B.
Dredge and John Kay, each loet oce
calf, and Nels Anderson four, supposed
to bare been caused from eating pans
I reen at or near Jo Varley 's house at his
ranch south of town, thrown out in the
great near the yard, we presume, un
thougbtedly. However, whether the
cattle got the poisen at Jo's place or at
some other lace, people should be very
eireful wiist they do with surplus pois
on which thy muy have no use for ai
not ooly stock but hman being Are lia
ble to be accidentally poisoned.
School Etiquette.
A new departure which has been in
Kuvrunited by the Waterloo HighHchonl
may adopted bv the schools of the
country. About 100 of tlie pupils have
signed their names to the following rules
of etiquette:
1. we will not communicate nor ask
to communiuate while in the school
2. We will keep refined positions In
our school seats.
8. we will cultivate a light step.
4. we will not ask fur individual
8. Ve will prepare all writing materi
al in the morning.
6. We will make the schoolroom a
place of quietude.
These rules oo general manners also
have been signed:
1. We will not allow others to he
more polite to us than we are to them.
S. We will not make ourselves odious
ia the use of tobacco.
And here are some street manners:
1. We will, on passing people oo the
street, give them half of the walk.
2. We will not jeer at any one oo the
street or off the street.
. We, the gentlemen, will tip our
bate to ladies.
4. We will avoid being boisterous
wherever we may be.
Thie novel plan for getting the obser
vance of rules of good behavior lass
token a strong hold on the children of
all ages- The (X. Y .) Journal.
Breosoa Prom The Valley.
Jake Henry is building a targe new
bara. Hauled his last load for the same
laet Saturday.
The Koarath boy are makiag
ueeof the Bee wsater by hauling a stack
of straw whioh they bought at the Bhaf
Hoary PWfceabrock made a tnp to the
bob Tuesday, aoaompaiaed by Ma brota-
Kt tt. Cusnwaaa vUted with her
daaghtor Him. Daat from Friday area
keg till swmdey mora lag, while KJaj JJI
Jb) 4al at home.
Children & Youth's
Call and look our Stock over be
fore Purchasing as we can SAVE you
Marsteller BROS.
UwaovAixao in Srvta on OeeiON
or CAaa.
I orri'
HOSPE, Osthi
orricE isii Dnmci
FAl-TOKVl U14 Isard
We Celebrate Our 25tr "nlnsa
Willie Miller was thrown from a bore
tbe 19th and quite hndly hurt, but we
are glad to rvxrt him tui being ah'.a to
be alxiut again the Urt of tins week.
H. Zimmerman ii making a ditch on
his expansion pun ha-. the B'-van plwe
for taking surplus w.t r out of Sowbellv
Adam and August Bmmgard sre
building a large d.un on their father's
homestead. Tbev expect to comply e
the same lafoiu Xn is. It will only he
sliort time until ewy gu'ch will be made
a reservoir for storing water.
Remember Rev. Rice preaches at
Bodarc Dec 10th. I UO.
e Doer Olrl at Homo.
Much has been sad of tbe sturdy
gal Dutch farmers of the Transvanl, hut
little is known of their aweethearte,
wives and daughters, who have contrib
uted so largely to the prosperity of the
South African Republic. Consequently
an article on ''The Boer Oirl of South
Africa," by the author of 'Oom Paul's
People.' to appear in the January L tdic's
Home Journal, will be interesting.
The Cowpa ii tee's lew Calendar.
The Youth's Companion Calendar for
1900 is ui.ique in form and beautiful in
design. The oval cenlerpeice, in high
colors and enclosed in a border of flow
ers, reprenvnts "A Drvam of Summer"
aad is supporUd on either side by en ad
miraUy executed figure place in delicate
tints. The whole is delightful in senti
merit and in geaeral effect. Lurgvr than
aay of The companion's previous Calen
aa a, it ia equal y accepteMe aa a
work of art. As aa oraamvat to the
home it will take a pre-eminent place.
The Calendar is published exclusively
by by The Compakmi. It cannot be ob
taiard elsewhere. It will he given to all
aew subscribers for 1900 who will also
receive, ia addition to the flfty-tao ia
euee of the aew volume, all the leswt
for I ha remaining weeks of IBM. free
from the time of aubscrption. Illustrat
ed AaaeaaeeaMBt Number, coalaiaing a
fall prospected of the volume fur ltd,
will b mat frag to aaj adrass.
II A naraoesl li
Piiwet. I muA ,aii
W etai M f arnUh tbe best etaae I
Ms. sad to sell It at tee kee
Ducrlptlea of oar style K,
Plsso: -.
7 1-1 Uetaws.
L'slsnasi Overstraae Bass.
Full Iroa Plata. Broased SOi
haibl. Repeattaf Actio.
Ivery Krjra
UjubU Vner0 Oaa. .
KlsUhes In O . k. stsbacany aad Walaes,
HImh or Carved Pasela.
Exteiwloa MasMJ Dsskj BeUlag Fall
Board. .
Nickel Fteted Ooatlaooos Blafes ea
Fall Board.
Three Pedal aad Pedal Oasrd Plats.
ally nnisbea aad ruusaesv
4 fret, a Inches.
l-nth: 6 ImV 4 liweee.
Jmib: 3 feat, t -2 Inches- '
Made In Curly Walnut Vaasev. Qaae
tersd Oak.. Antique Oak aad MasMgeat
Write tor Tanas aad Prices,
gnry npa
Plaeo U rsaraateed far
aaraeis la
vnteet aad eaey
I aacere one al
fur yoar boae.
Itiar roasalalnf
daMerleilon et ear
parwMt plan iree upua sppiwstaaa.
Anniversary October 33, 1
WIND f.llLLS.4
The undersigned is ag
ent (or the celebrated
David Bradley, Wimd Motor,
Improved Wind Mill,
the best made. 1 am
aino prepared to fur
ninli on nhort notice
first class
Pimp, PI pes. Weed ft Hlrrl Tewrr,
Tanks ar aaythlag la tbe llae
ef pamp repairs, AT LUWEST
Write me for estimates be
fore contracting elsewhere.
Vou will save money by it.
Address JOHN 8. A8IITOX.
Ardmore, 8. Duk.
Cures Ijd potency, Night Falwlone and
wasting diseases, all effects of aelf.
abuse, or excess and tadia
cretion. A sserra tosisa sUssl
blood batMar. Brings tha
k glow to pais checks ami
restores the Bra of youth.
it mall JHte per bog. 41 bates
iot aovi witn wrtuam s
too twesjrv or rcfsttul Uo
Bend for clroular. Addresa,
ssMiiin Btaw wgreftca, nx,
Held By Dr. J. E Fblaaoy.
ArbelveaMntsof Admiral iMnray'tlMwartde
greateet nata' hero. By Marat Hassssw,
toe life-long friend and admirer of the ssM
ea'sldei. Mgaeataad best heeb; anr SB)
paavs,liU)iNliOTii nearly rS- bsHiees
IllBlrsMaai. oalrSl-M. g laseidsmssS
Big lamMlaateas. oatSt free, ttwasaaf
HfeUme, Wnteaaieti. Tke OemtaksaOam
psay.lrd fleer laiMi Bhfg,, tlstsiigo
VT kuikiaauablpor
HA small i-saa pa
If p.yraw ell
splendid pteana
f ,sh