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    o r-rr a EST.
Say We Mm to Hold
M SubjMtkMi.
L. Uekwood Sayo HI Teetiaiont
AttMklnc Combine Hu Been
Thrwsm Out By CommlMion.
Boa. M Li. Lockwood, a wealthy oil
of Zeilenople, Pa., aad pre-
t of the American Anti-Trust
is preparing a statement chare-
several members of the industrial
uoa with conspiracy and at-
to Interdict and disguise his
testimony dellrered before that
during- the inquiry into the meta
employed by the Standard Oil
Mr. Lockwood claims that upon
liferent occasions he was sum-
to appear before the commis-
sssn while in executive session, and
aaaa each occasion was threatened and
Btsaded with to withdraw certala por
Meas or all of his testimony. He fur
ther states that while the testimony
was la type and awaiting publication
with other reports of the proceeding of
mw commission, he was called before
executive session of that body and
Ja aa attempt was made to Induce
to allow the matter to be chanced,
he refused to do snythlng of the
he states that his testimony was
n fully edited aad expurgated by
ammihiis of the commission, without
Ms knowledge, and while other reports
tore been published, he claims that his
attar has been withheld for several
lis. aad It is hla belief that it Is
She intention of members of the com
sakwloa to keep it from the public ua
M) after the fall campaign la closed.
TVs statement, Mr. Lockwood says,
wM be presented to the president and
aa investigation demanded. The testi
maay of Mr. Lockwood against ths
Baaadard Oil company created some
BBtag of a sensation at the time, and
She evidence was widely quoted, but
has never appeared among the pub
amssd proceedings of the commission.
Mr. Lockwood has obtained a proof
teat of the testimony as it was given
B the printers, after being edited, he
without his knowledge, and as it
y appear la pie proceedings of the
amission. The proof sheet has been
pared1 with the stenographic report
I with the original, and the result
I be offered as evidence. A com-
shows that nearly all of the
Ing statements In his testimony
i been either cut out or toned down
BBSS' this, Mr. Lockwood claims, wat
emse by several members of the ln
thsstrtal commission.
Ike testimony aaent the Matthews
as has been cut out entirely. In
may places all reference to the Stand -saw
Oil company has been taken out
ami other words substituted. Figures
M dates have been changed or elim
tea ted. aad the censored testimony la
a a weak affair, according to the
wsraesB Some of the expurgated par
graphs follow:
"What is the remedy? The control of
She public highways Is the most Im-
psrtant duty of the government. Mr
Chairman, give me the control of the
aaghway over which the products of
pwwr labor must go to market and let
as tx the charges, and I can make you
my slave.
"Take the railways, the highways ot
am) people, away from these corpora
asms, make them public property, let
he government own and run them.
' them what they should be. public
sways for the people, over which
man can go to market lust ss
aa aay other man. Do this, and
t great great trust monopolies that
oppress us will lose their power for
as they meet the honest eompe-
i which will arise upon every hand.
these highways highways Indeed,
to every maa that no standard
company, that no sugar trust, no
combine, no coal combine, shall
bsrre any advantage that la not open
ss the poorest maa la the lead. Re
establish the equality of our people
ewer the highway of the republic.
When yoa have done this, the people
wm do the rest.
"With absolute equality over the
mBwaya of the country, so that every
hatihir could ship a car of cattle Just
as sheep as the Big Pour beef oombine
as Big Four beef combine could not
as a monopoly of the meat business
eg America for twenty-four hours. To
day, under government management,
be letter of aa oil producer, a miner,
er a butcher goes to Its destination
wtth. the same speed, at the same coat,
ssBt with the same precision as the let
far of aa Armour or a Rockefeller,
sad their oil. their coal, their meat
Be market upon these same terms of
aad these great trust comb!-
i will soon be getting rid of their
a year lawyers and their 2S,tM
year managers, upon the proposition
-- ut - riaaa sucn
"It is because these eleven billions of
saflway capital, together with all of the
sssa which it controls, are in politics
mar up to their armpits, and It is be-
aaase the capital ana tnese men are in
seatics for corrupt and selfish our
pesos. Irrespective of the public wel
fare, it la because these eleven bit
saa of capital, together with aU of
ths capital of the trusts, are corruot-
bng ear public affairs sad debauching
war pa sue men, that constitutes the Im
partaat reason why these railways
aawst oe taaen away from these cor
para Nona The record of the last twen
ty-Sre years has demonstrated that the
SUM am us t must own aad control the
aaSsaji, er the railways will own and
tarn the government."
' la referring to the matter Mr. lock
weed stated that he was going to fight
hs thing out aad aee what rights a
eMails had before this commission.
"De you call this a 'nonpartisan com
mfastoar " said be. "Why. It to noth
any more than a shield for the trusts,
aa it nas snown it in this case. Hen
aaar Haaaa baa promised that the re-
aatliaa surly would see to the trusts
fa that party wins in Ohio. Here Is
saw mstaaca of "earing for the combl-
ZX C (Boor Isl V-A ara.
farther aaval tacrsase which
Will asked to antharlaa mt
(a next aaaatoa for Immediate con
stractloa lavolves eighteen warships,
three of them armored cruisers of the
improved Brooklyn type, but double
the alas aad formldableaeas ot that ex
oslleat vessel; three Improved Otym
plaa, one-third larger and proportion
ately more powerful than the fine flu.
ship that led the way into Manila bay,
and twelve gunboats of a type recom
mended by Admiral Dewey as essential
for the effective patrol of the Philip
pine archipelago.
The latter class, to use the admiral's
own expression, summing up the re-
suits of his experience in Asiatic wa
ten, must be quickly built, must be
able to go out to Manila under their
own stesm, must draw less water than
any gunboat now in the navy, must
maneuver easily In tortuous channels
and, above all, must have sufficient
protection to resist capture if strand
ed, such boats, In his opinion, are
needed now and will always be needed
to patrol the numerous channels be
tween the less civilised Islands. Such
vessels are Intended to replace the
smaller gunboats which, in several in
stances, have proved unable to take
care of themselves when attacked In
force, although frequently demonstrat
ing their ability In the prevention of
Illicit traffic between the Islands car
ried on small native craft.
This Is the program now under con
sideration by the naval board of con
structlon which was named by Secre
tary Long several weeks ago to study
the needs of the navy and to submit
recommendations for the required ad
ditions to the fleet.
The board has shown some hesitancy
about recommending a further Increase
of armored vessels at the present time,
as aix higher powered and larger ar
mored vessels than have yet been
built far the navy were authorised by
the last congress and have not yet
been designed, and because 20,000 tons
of armor sre required for vessels al
ready authorised, an amount which
can scarcely be delivered in less than
four years after Its manufacture begins.
The necessity of more nrst-ciasa ar
mored cruisers is. however, fuly rec
ognised and the board today favored
three of about 13.000 tons displacement,
of a type Involving no marked depar
tures from the Brooklyn In arrange
ments, though of double that vessel's
power and tonnage and defensive quali
ties. At least one of the members fa
vored a more formidable vessel, com
bining the salient features of the best
cruisers and battleships abroad, which
is described as the "terrible, horrible,
damnable" class, and this will have
'urther consideration.
They Numbered 6.619 Between
May, I8S8, and June, 1899.
Washington. D. C Special.) Sur
geon General Sternberg's annual report
gives a comprehensive view of the
health of the troops, on the field and
at home, the casualties and losses In
battles and in hospitals, aid extended
to the sick and wounded and other in
teresting "Information relating to the
physical welfare of the army. General
Sternberg says it has been his endea
vor that the sick and wounded should
be supplied wtth every comfort and
restorative, and the surgeons with ev
ery appliance that modern' science
could suggest in the treatment of dis
eases and injuries. The total number
of deaths in our armies. Including reg
ulars and volunteers, from May 1, 1898.
to June 30. 189. were 6,619. of whom
496 were killed In battle. 21C killed by
accident. 202 died of gunshot wounds
and wounds received In action, 2,774
from typhoid fever. 476 from malarial
fever. SS from pneumonia, 42 from
diarrhoea and dysentery snd 1SS from
yellow fever.
As to food supplies. General Stern
berg says he considered it wise to go
slow In changing the srmy ration until
experience has shown just what chang
es are assuredly desirable. He refers
to the agitation over canned beef and
refrigerated beef, and says at that time
there were on file only two complalnta
aa to the beef supply. The only criti
cism made by medical officers, he says.
Is that the ration for the tropics should
have less fat and more starch and
The report recommends an increase
of the medical corps, snd the establish
ment of camping grounds through the
country ready for troops when they
are mobilised.
men or oorrnrt advancbd.
Calumhaa. a (BeoiaL)-The
sot users of Oaas at i
today ratified aa agreement to advaacs
the prices oa cheap aad medium cas
keta 10 per cent, the advaaoe to take
place at once. The Increase la ths
price of material is givea aa the res
son ior the advance la prices.
Beams, wasn. (special.) The gov
ernment transport Garonne, with a car
go or M7 army mules for use In the
Philippines, has sailed for Manila. The
transport Victoria has arrived from
Manila, which port she started from
October 14. The Victoria took a cargo
ot 4U cavalry horses and eight cav
alrymen from this city. She landed 402
of the animals safely in Manila. The
Victoria brought four civilian passen
gers from the Philippines and had a
rough voyage.
Rochester. N. T. (Special.) Rev. Dr.
A. H. Strong, president of the Roches
ter Baptist Theological seminary, an
nouncea-that John D. Rockefeller, pres
ident o (the Standard Oil company, has
ust made a conditions! pledge of 1150.-
000 to the support of the seminary. Mr.
Rockefeller will give 11 for every dollar
that may be raised In other directions
until an aggregate of 1300,000 shall have
been secured.
Boston. Mass. (Special.) Judge Colt.
In the United States circuit court to
day, decided that an employe of a rail
way Injured while riding on a pass
given him by a corporation, even If It
was a part of compensation for his
services, could not recover damages.
The case was that of C. A. Whitney, a
baggagemaster, against the New Tork,
New Haven A Hartford railroad. The
plaintiff claimed he was seriously In
jured in a wreck on May 7. ISM, and
sought to recover 125.000 damagea
Judge Colt. In his decision, said:
"One of the conditions of the em
ploye's pass sgrees that the company
shall not be liable under any circum
stances for any injuries of person.
It follows that the plaintiff cannot re
cover In the present case.
E73P 12 KT.
Of aU the earataaJs appointed
Has tX eary four are now alive.
The aasmaj wages ef laborers la ths
textile Industry tn Augsburg, Oermaay,
are oaly tl4 a year.
A London hath house last summer
paid tut a week for tl.0Os.Mt gallons
of filtered Thames water.
la UN Duluth will be able to handle
42.000,000 bushels of grain aad will be.
probably, the biggest grain elevator
center In the world.
For the eight months ending with
August ths United States imported 2,-
ss4,4s ounces of sulphate of quinine.
This was valued at ssoo.nt.
A Vienna Journal declares that a lo
cal electrician named Pollack has in
vented a way of telegraphing 60,000
words per hour over a single wire.
The season's pack of sardines In
Maine is said to be likely to be some
what less than It was in 188. when it
reached the large figure of L200,006
Phi lips, of the Industrial
ruled oa each occasion that
should remain aa it stood
be orated. Aad then what? Well.
waai my testimony looks Ilka
have gotten through
it. . ,
"I am
: to Mew Tork. aad t win
I eaa get my testimony
recura. i wiu nrst se
lf I am aot
tore eamaahra
rwswi as www i win say tarn taaa
ibs asw
V-bw was m my ueomeay
4 X IW art
fi I T-Cl 4-Vt AM
11 A V- - tm
i' V I i.tza M
Undertaker Arrested In St
With Pour Corpses-
t. Louis, Mo. (Special.) -Four sine
lined trunks, such ss are used by trav
eling men to carry samples, each con
taining a corpse, were taken from the
baggage room at the Union station to
day, and Frank Thompson, city under
taken of Memphis, Tenn., Is under ar
rest. Charges against Thompson are
being formulated.
For some time the police have been
aware that a traffic In human bodies
has been going on through this city
and have been on the watch for the
guilty ones. Recently a shipment of
four bodies In trunks was made to W.
H. Ham sen, at Keokuk, la., for whom
those captured today were also In
tended. The expressman who hauled
the trunks from the Keokuk depot told
the station master there that he be
lieved they contained human bodies. An
investigation was put on foot and the
police of this city notified to look out
for any other shipments, with the re-
suit mentioned.
When taken to police headquarters
Thompson made a clean breast of the
whole affair. He said be had the con
tract for burying the city dead of Mem
phis. For some time be had been sell
ing the bodies to medical colleges
tnrougnout tnia pan of the country.
His method was to pack them with
excelsior In drummers' sine lined
trunks aad take them with blm aa
baggage as far aa tt Louis. From
here be shipped the trunks to their
destination by express. Thompson says
ae ass Been paid an the way from IM
to tam per body. He said the name
n. Hamaea, to whom the trunks
andfisesd la Keokefc. to a ficti
tious one. bat refused to state) who hla
cooetgass to.
la the truaka ara the bodies of three
aigross. two men aad a haw. aad a
white womaa. From appmraaeaa. they
an died of niimwmaOun or seme other
wast lag tlsiaas. The white womaa
are re" aad her Mae. Ler
iea-s aso ma a-jea. ah taa
are maj
Albany. N. Y. (Special.) Bishop
Doane In his address to the diocesan
convention today, dwelt at length on
the divorce question. He said In part
I am most urgent that we should con
sider the duty of giving a tone to so.
clety. In the hope that when it can be
induced to set its ban upon offenses
against God's law, there will be a power
at work far more efficient to arrest the
evil than can be measured by its good
influence on those who are determined
to sin. Speaking practically" I be8" you
to consider whether the exigency of the
social crisis does not demand the he
roic treatment of absolute and un
varying prohibition.
If this church can by any language.
or by any enactment of canon, or ru
bric, rid herself of all responsibility
for remarriage after divorce, she will
have set up a barrier against the foul
tide of the desecration of marriage, of
the degradation of the family, of thf
deterioration of the home, which must
turn the current aside until it finds ltt
way where it belongs. In the sewage
and not into the sources of supply."
London. (Special.) Major Baden
Powell, In a report describing a visit
to a dockyard in which a German air.
ship was being constructed, said:
"I was Immensely Impressed on en
tering a great, wooden building, erected
on a floating raft, to see what appeared
to be the slender skeleton of a huge
vessel. This vessel appesred as big
as the most powerful battleship, but
was constructed of such delicate mater,
Isl as to suggest a stupendous bird
cage. This, which Is made entirely ot
aluminum, is the framework on which
the outer skin will be stretched.
"Inside a number of large balloons
will be placed. Underneath are a gal
lery and cars, all made of aluminum.
There are also engines which It is hop
ed will drive the vessel through the air
at a speed of twenty-two miles an hour.
The total lifting capacity of the air
ship will be about ten tons, which will
be sufficient for it to carry stores and
ballast sufficient to remain In the air
for some days.
"Seventy thousand pounds sterling
(2145.000) has been spent by the com
mission, which Includes the leading
scientific experts. Germany has also
approved the plans of a buoyant bal
loon such as this. The great advantage
ef a purely mechanical flying machine
Is In being able to rise witn certainty
and to preserve its balance wnne sus
pended in mid-sir."
Havana. (Special.) Fernando Ca
pote, mayor of Cardenas, has submit
ted to Governor General Brooke I
scheme to coin Cuban silver and cop
per into currency, stamped with ths
heads of the Initiators of the revolu
The local papers are sgaln eerciseq
about the price of meat. Last month
they say 25.000 head of cattle were im
ported, but there Is no reduction In
price. Many of the poor cannot buy
meat at all, as a good deal of the meal
Is sold at 40 cents a pound, while sll
kinds could be sold at 15 cents a pound.
Mayor Lsvcoete says the trouble Is due
to the fact that as soon as the heavy
tax Imposed by the Spanish govern
meat on beef waa removed the import.
era made a ring, raising the price of
live stock, and tbua actually raising
the price of beef. In his opinion, unless
the municipality la prepared to aupply
the butchers with beef there la no poa
slble remedy. The complaint of high
prices is general throughout the
greater part of the Island.
A largo cattle Importer aaserte that
the average price ot live stocx in na.
vaaa to about fit per lot pounds, and
that the price of cattle has risen In
Mexico, Colombia aad other countries
from which cattle are Imported. This
dealer dose aot consider the retail price
too high.
Itsa maatdaallty or i Cardenas In
taada ta make lta police more of an
atMal body aad la accepting sppllca-
uoaa or inoss wno wiu an a iww
year ooatraet.
There to a rumor afloat that the bUb-
ea ef Havana. Mar. San tender y Fru
tea, baa teaderod bio resignation, but
ho asanase to amrm or oeny toe awry.
la a BeOarafv Australia, church spe
cial aowemssnlsflna to provided for deaf
wohlaaia. a dlaaaracm hariag been
rtgmm aa ta the vtetalty ef the eJergy-
urs retee m earned m taeea to tae
e of sbw of hto Seek ,
aUotat wtui a hartaim of
There are upward of 1.000.000 shippers
or produce In the United tales, and It
Is believed that from their ranks a
strong national organisation can be
There are seven young lady conduc
tors on the electric cars of Chllllcothe,
O., and five at Vlncennes, Ind. They
work nine hours a day and receive 14
a week.
It took- twenty years to build the
statue of Victor Emmanuel, recently
unveiled at Turin, and the frequent dls
putes over It have made It a byword
aii over Italy.
Near Worcester. South Africa, is a
Brandolei mineral hot spring, having s
temperature of 146 degreea It has
three outlets, which are utilised for ir
rigation purposes.
On the Queensland. N. 8. W.. boun
dary line, on the edge of the Austra
lian desert, an artesian well has struck
a yleld'of water of 4,000 gallons a day.
Hrltlah census reports of family
names give for England and Wales
253.608 Smiths. 242,100 Jones, with Wil
liams. Taylors. Devines and Brovm
following in order.
The latest grievance of the "made-
In-Germany order comes from the Eng
lish brewers. The growing demand for
lager beer In London and the leading
provincial cities has raised the serious
question whether the lighter drink
may not, In time, supersede the heav
ier English ale. Certainly, the popu
larity of lager during the recent hot
speel has been something phenomenal.
Among the numerous things consid
ered sacred In India is the banyan
tree, one of the fig genus, remarkable
for Its vast rooting branches. The hor
izontal branches send down shoots that
take root when they reach the ground
and enlarge Into trunks, which In their
turn send out branches.
General Boulanger's famous black
horse Tunis has met an ignominious
death. After the fight of Boulanger
the animal passed from hand t hand
and finally descended to the Inglorious
service of drawing a cab through the
streets of Paris. This proved too much
for Tunis, and he was sold to Arm and
Delogue, a well known dealer In horse
flesh, by whom he was duly slaughter
ed, cut up, and sold for stewing pur
poses in the market place of St Anne.
A queer case of cannibalism la report
ed as having recently taken place In
me soiomon islands, says the London
Daily Mall. The Jeannette took from
Naumea a Kanaka, who had acted a
orderly to the Immigration office there,
and was on his honeymoon with his
wife's tribe, intending to land at Aabo,
where his wife's tribe live. He, how
ever, made the mistake of disembark
ing with the wrong tribe, and was at
once seised by the natives, overpower
ed, killed and eaten. The widow was
provided with a second husband by
the tribe.
It Is stated by a French scientific
Journal that the surgeons of Austria
and Germany, on motion of Dr. Hube
new of Breslau, are considering wheth
er or not to make It a rule that sur
geons should be clean-shaven. Hair !
a nest of microbes, some of which are
pathogenic Of course, there Is an
other preventive of danger to disinfect
the hair by washing It before per
forming an operation. A Hungarian
Hal bb I nag, who baa prsaldsd
o borne of the sears tary at the
sayv for two rears, baa the degree of
bl u. nam jeaas HepHaa
Mm Agnes Smith Lewis of Cam
bridge. England, who discovered ths
yriac gospels In ths Mount Blnat mon
sstery. has received the decree of doc
tor of philosophy from Halls univer
Mra Ellen M. Henrotln. the president
sf the National Federation of Women's
Clubs, speaks fluently French, Spanish,
Italian and German. Of all these
tongues she Is said to be such a mis
tress as not to speak them with any
trace of foreign accent.
Miss Lillian Tracey of Troy, an em
ploye In a collar factory, finding when
her trial for slander was called that
her lawyer was too 111 to appear and
that she could not get another one nor
secure a postponement, decided to con
duct ber own esse. She did It so suc
cessfully, cross-examining the witness
es for the prosecution so clearly, that
the was acquitted promptly.
It Is proposed In France to establish
a court of Justice run by women and
for women, to which may be carried all
those cases concerning fvhlch the most
learned men know nothing. This will
relieve a man Judge, for Instance, from
determining questions ss to fit In suits
brought by dressmakers sgalnst their
clients, and It ought to do away also
with much expert testimony In such
Miss Louisa Aldrlch Blake of the new
Hospital for Women Is the first woman
master of surgery In London university
and It Is worth recording that the Roy
al College of Burgeons of Ireland four
years ago conferred a fellowship on a
woman. Miss Emily W. Dickson, the
daughter of a former member of par
liament. The first womsn dentist In
London was Mlas R. G. Halllday, a fully
Qualified ednte! surgeon. Miss Halll
day, who assists her father in a large
practice, has very few lady colleagues
in England, but America, according 40
the last census, has considerably over
300 womeiyTientms, Chicago alone now
boasting fifteen. There are many wo
men In England, however, who carry
on successful businesses as chemists
and several London hospitals em play
female dispensers.
The latest women's club in London li
to he formed of nineteenth century Am
ssons. The first rule of membership
of the new club Is that every woman
must be six feet In height. Amazonian
proportions will obtain in the club
house. The building la to be of mam
moth size, the suite of rooms to spread
out In vast distances. Nowhere will
the gigantic size of the fitting so strike
the eye as In the gymnasium. This Is
to be unique with every modern appa
ratus for development of the human
form. Horizontal bars, rings and verti
cal ropes, trapeze and all will be one
tenth larger than those used by ath
letes or ordinary proportions. A writer
In an English Journal observes: "It has
been only too apparent for a consider
able time that our girls were growing
taller and our men shorter."
Thai love to
sighted to pesaiMy oae of the
why levers ertea mass
Whoa a wife asks bs
mooev aad be says aa, her flrst am
putee to to wish that aha bad said the
same thing to blm wbea bo asked her
to marry him.
A beautiful stonr comet from T oadsa
fabout a young American girl who bad
promised to marry aa Bngiisamaa oa
condition that ha smea to South Africa
and exposes himself to the deadly peril
that earns the Victoria Cross. It to
safe to bet that be hasn't a title, or bo
would not be asked to take the risk.
Assemblyman Robert Maset of New
Tork. who has corns Into such promi
nence by reason of the Investlgatloa of
municipal affairs In Nsw York City In
stituted by him. will be married to
Miss Elsie Moore, dsughter of Chief
Engineer Moore of the United Btateo
navy, now retired with the rank of
Hamlin Garland, the author of eterleo
of western life. Is going to bs married.
the prospective bride being Miss Za
lema Tafft She Is the dsughter ef
Prof. Don Carlos Taft, formerly of the
r - r inno and a lster oc
Lorado Tafft, the sculptor. She la aa
irtist of ability, having studied abroad,
under Raphael Colliar and Luc Oliver
Merson, and waa a favorite pupil of
A newly married couple la New
Brunswick, N. J., circumvented their
mischievous friends by starting on
their wedldng tour by way of the roof.
The friends, well supplied with rice and
old slippers, stood at the foot of the
stalra The pair ascended to tno roer.
walked to the adjoining house, them
down and through the rear door to a
back street, where they entered a wait
ing carriage and were driven to the
railway station.
surgeon would not accept as pupil
womsn doctor with a fine head of hair.
unless she cut It short, and, strange to
ssy. sne aia.
Dr. Dabbs of Shanklln. medical prac
titioner, dramatist, editor and friend of
Tennyson. Is not enamored of modern
Illumlnants, says the Westminster Ga
zette. He plumps for candles. "Win
ter early-morning work, day after day
he writes, "makes me and is making
me) consider the question or eye-wear
Iness and proper and bearable and un
tiring light. On the whole, I plump foi
candles. I am sure the Incandescent to
too hot to be at all near one, and even
though we have It not I never found
the electric light good enough not as
a quality, I mean. And candles now
sre both cheap snd good
The unusual sight of a bishop ad
dressing a congregation of bicyclist
was witnessed at Dover, England, lart
week, when the bishop of that see
preached to bicyclists from all the
country round.
The Austrian minister of commerce it
contemplating the Introduction of mo
tor cars for conveying mall bags to
snd from railway stations, and also for
the collection of letters from the mall
. Two British members of parliament,
accompanied by two English veterin
ary surgeons, have been sent to Mos
cow to ascertain the present condition
of the export Russian cattle destined
for the English markets.
Various devices hsve been used in
Europe for the ventilation of tunnels.
In some cases oil-burning or electric
locomotives have been substituted for
the trip through the tunnel and in oth
er cases artificial ventilation has been
According to an English clergymen
the East fcJid must surrender the un
enviable reputation of being the worst
section of London. He says that South-
wark la "the festering cancer of Lon
don's supreme misery, the Black Hole
of the metropolis."
Sixteen windows In the dome of the
new capltol of Colorado st Denver art
to have portraits of leading citizens of
ths state, and the women have sud
denly sprung a demsnd upon the man
sgera that their sex shall be represent
ed in at leaat nve of them.
It la not generally known that the re
mains of all the caars of Russia sine
Peter the Great lie In a memorial
chapel built on one of the Islands of the
Neva. All the cenotaphs are exactly
alike, each being a block of white mar
ble, without any decoration whatever.
Adrian, Mich., enjoys t-cent street cat
tickets. The management has long sold
too tickets for U. Single fsres are a
nickel, but anyone can buy 100 tickets
for M. And the company makes money
by It, for people ride five times where
tney would once were the tickets I
It Is arebable that time was flrst di
vided late the year by observation ol
the movements of the sua among the
other heavenly bodies; that the revolu
Ilea ef the moon about the earth de-
elded the length of the moata. aad ths
rang aaa setuaa of the sua maraes
the daiaUea of the day.
Dead gold in flower deRlgng Is the
fashionable thing for buckles and belt
Neck scarfs of Chiffon, liberty silk
and velvet, with silk fringe on the ends
are worn with street gowns.
Some very smart gowns are made of
a dull, soft black satin trimmed with
narrow stitched bands of black cloth.
Pheasants are the fashionable birds
for millinery purposes, and In comb!
nation with the new soft shaggy felt
they make a very stunning hat.
Beaver cloth Is one of the newest
lhades for cloth gowns, and still an
Mher pet fancy Is a beige color com
blned with a blue shade of light green.
Meshed chenille net Is a feature of
dress this season, used as an overdress
and bodice over silk and covering white
bengallne for a short carriage wrap.
Long coats of broad tail, made with
one deep flounce rounding up narrowly
In front, have a conspicuous place In
the coat department, and the finish Is a
deep collar and cuffs of chinchilla. An
tique paste buttons are the fastening.
There are new graceful models In
both five snd seven-gored skirts, the
backs cut to conform to the latest man
ner of adjusting a certain amount or
fulness at the back In one very deep
box-plait. In two narrower ones, or In
a number of long tucks or French shir-
rings very closely massed.
Just about one woman In 500 appears
to have screwed her courage up to the
point of purchasing and wearing a long.
tailed box coat, and the frank admis
sion must be made that the loveliest
figure Is utterly lost and forgotten
when swathed In one of these bed-
sowr-ed shape daffalrs.
Apple green, a rich shade of reddish
plum color, rose color and Jet black
velvets are much en evidence as ac
ressorles on evening toilets of cream or
ivory-white satin crepe de chine or net
over taffeta silk. The velvet decora
tions are almost covered with cut-work
In satin or point applique lace.
Some of the more expensive woolen
dress fabrics are so woven as to glv
an effect of a surface alternately plain
and corded the havy rps looking like
a tiny tuck taken in the ('mh ns nar
row ss It could be stitched, although
no stitching Is visible. Thin material
Is used for entire costumes,. Jackets and
It has alresdy been discovered that
the pipings and appOque designs ar
ranged on fancy capes and Jackets cut
and wear badly and give the rir"nt
a worn appearance before Its time.
This applies not alone to the medium,
but the higher-priced wraps so deco
rated. But where a roll of silk braid
outlines the applique designs this trou
ble seems to be averted.
"Bobble," said the teacher to a small
pupil, "what Is the meaning of the
word 'lazy? Lazy," answered Bob
ble, "means what a fellow ought to do
himself, but coaxes another fellow to
do for him."
'Mamma," said the little 4-year-old
Ethel, "may I hsve a piece of cake?"
"Walt until I'm ready, Ethel," replied
the mother. "Why, mamma" exclalm
Ethel In surprise, "you don't have to
get ready. It's me that wants It."
The boy with the freckled face pro
posed thst they forge written excuses
from schol todsy. "I csnnot do such a
thing." protested the boy with flaxen
curls. "My father spells too well!" Say
ing which, be proceeded to school, snd
after that grew up to be a great and
good man. This shows how seemingly
trifling circumstances sometimes affect
our Uvea most profoundly.
A Memphis S-year-old boy. who I
sporting his first pair of trousers, "got
away with" his mother several nights
am, Hla nurse, who Is so black that
charcoal would make a white mark on
her. waa going to church and the lad
wanted to go too. "You can't go wld
. chile. Dem niggers ud put you
out. Teu'se too white." This ended ths
matter for a time. After a few min
wtse the boy broke forth again: "Bar
Jfaaate." bo said, "det dot tove potlsa
aad bmek my face; era 1 tea de wl'
pea." The hey treat to chare.
All true men and women, too, win
respect Admiral Dewey's request te bo
let alone. Under present circumstances
more than two is a crowd.
Cleopatra's needle In Central Park ia
wearing and withering away In that
debilitating climate. The ancient retlo
must be housed to check the ravages ef
(ops and frosts.
The Boston Globe reveals one of the
secrets of that shop In an article "How
to Lie in Bed." The writer finds the
task an easy one with an adequate staff
of stenographers.
General Passenger Agent Daniels ef
the New York Central Is going against
the real thing now. He proposes to
abolish tipping on sleeping and dining
cars. The audacity of the man is
The grand master of the Loyal Or
ange Lodge of Maine, Just over from
Canada, Is inconsolable. He declined te
sarrUon Admiral Dewev - A T Ur o
a Catholic woman. And Admiral Dew
ey "has gone and done It."
An English woman, a visitor, has
grieved all Boston by Irreverently ask
ing a citizen, as she walked through
the Common and saw the cherished
gilded dome of the state house: "Bob
pardon, sir, but what building Is that
with the brass top?"
One of the grave dangers confront
ing the government is the possibility
of some of Its agents precipitating
American notions in the Bulus. Sup
pose some enterprising milliner should
interview the sultan's collection of
wives with a stock of modern head
gear? An Increase of pay or war would
follow. It behooves the country to ge
A Chicago Judge had the nerve to .
haul down the flag law and demolish a
thriving Industry. He held that the
provision giving to Informers one-half
the fines Imposed for violation was con
trary to the constitution and Inimical to
good morals and public honesty. Since
the ruling, spies and Informers have
lost their zeal for the flag.
Seventeen baptist missionaries sailed
from Boston recently, the largest com
pany sent st one time In many yeara
The first Jewish congregation In the
Hawaiian Islands has Just been formed
at Honolulu.
Last year the receipts of the mission
ary society of the Methodist Episcopal
church amounted 11.253.218. This year
the receipts will probably be in the
neighborhood of tl, 250,000.
The Irish Presbyterian missionaries
In India have appealed for help from
their friends In Ireland on behalf of
the famine sufferers In Gujarat and
Kathlawar. where there are 30,000,060
The Society of Foreign Missions of
the Roman Catholic church has suc
ceeded In having beatified forty-nine of
its members who were put to death In
China. Ten of these wre French mis
sionaries and thirty-nine were native
Last year the British and Foreign
Bible society circulated 60,306 copies
of the. scripture In Manchuria. Of this
number 68.S05 were sold and 3.500 were
given away to students who assem
bled for the government examinations
at Chin-Chow.
William R, Moody, a son of Rev. D.
L. Moody, has resigned the editorship
of the Record of Christian Work and
will become editor of Northfleld Echoes.
which will be the monthly organ for
the evangelical work at Northfleld aad
The new archbishop of Prague In suc
cession to the late Cardinal Brhonborn
is Krelherr Leo von Rkrbenskv von
Hklstle, who Is 36 years old and has
been a priest for ten years. The
Czechs feel sure that no German will
be able to pronounce his name.
Kev. Elijah Kellogg, the author of
"Spartacus to the Gladiators." known
by all school boys, Is now nearly 90
years old, but he continues to minister
to the little church In Harpewell, Me.,
where he went In 1844, after his grad
uation from Bowdoln and Andover.
The Moravian church has existed
since 1727 and at present numbers 1 .
617 members, t,725 of whom live In Ger
many, 5,27 in England and 22.34S in
the United States. There are 91143
baptized converts snd 450 missionaries
and 1,914 native helpers are employed.
i ne receni installation of young wo.
men ushers at the Fewsmlth Memorial
church. In Newark, has caused a mark
ed Increase of attendance. So far the
young women act as ushers only st
the evening services, when. If ever, the
young men attend. The plan Is to
change ushers frequently.
Fix-Senator Henry P. Dawes of Mea
scahusetts celebrated his 83d birthday
on Mondsy evening, Nov. 4. by enter
taining the Monday Evening club a
literary society, at his home In Plt'ts
fleld. Mr. Dawes read a psper on "The
Puttee and Functions of the United
States Senate."
. HnrL?hpB,r4 of Northampton.now
'nj1'" "f" rf. has Just taken a horse,
sack trip of ltt miles, covering a week's
I1. lh rough the valleys and over the
Western Massachusetts m4
Norther Connecticut That u JS!
oldtraosfanr. eerenet, aad pMiosoak-