Harrison press-journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1899-1905, August 10, 1899, Image 8

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A Fine Line of
iww I u uiiiuj uunuy.
If you are tired of paying high prices you
can make money by buying your gooda at the
Every body loves a nice fittiug, Styli&h
Shoe. We Sell the Queen Shoe, advertised
in all magazines at $3.00 in Boston, we sell
this graceful shoe for $2. 75 right here at home
and save you 60c express besides.
Drugists Sundries,
Paints, Oils, Varnishes.
Books and Stationary.
J. E..PHINNEY, Proprietor.
Ladie s & Gentlemen1
All other leather goods will be sold
i ;
IROHWER'S harness shop,
l '' '
r "
v. "
h r ,
All kinda of Harness Goods.
Grain and Feed for sale. Besides the above I have Build
ing material, such as Lumber,
gT Call and get PRICES
Proffessional Cards-
Phjiseiau sad Surgeon.
' 411 call! given prompt attention.
Office in Drug Store.
Frompt attention given to all legal
natters in Justice, County and Pi strict
-urts, and before the United State?
jLaad Office.
Fire Insurance written in reliable
ty Legal papers carefully drawn.
Hajuusos. - Nebraska, j
Thcbsday. Atro. 10.1899.
4JM. D. Canon, Editor and Prop.
Basin M Locals, each insertion 5c.
Display, standing Ads: prices lor some
iSnade known on application.
- Mack Brand and tha Faras JcpasaL, oae
year S3 .00.
roreica advertising moat be paid in ad
jrance For further information Address.
Harrison, Siebr.
F. I. ft X. V at it lime table.
Going West, fcolngjist.
o. , nixed.. 11 SO I Bo. , mixed 8 M
f. E. M. V. R. R. is the best
to and from the
J. I Fitwimmong. purchased a small
Jbunch of horses around here tlie first
4l this week, and yesterday be too- them
yo Alliance to dispose of them. Yes Jim
; ia a trader al'l right.
Shipping season is now on, Chas Cof-
' 4m started the ball rolling by shipping
14 ova on last Saturday, and on Monday
genera. Currie, Bourett, Rohwer, and
rtbers sent several cars to replenish the
beef market of South OmahA.
Thomas Bell, of Lusk was doing
buaioeaa at the metropolis yesterday and
while here did not forget to stop to stay
friendly "how to the editor and the
vdevil" as well as to renew bis allegiance
iiO the FsnB-JocBSAL. Call again wben
:ia town the latch atring is always oat
Last Sept. TJ906) I waa jgiven up to
A at tbeU. B. Hospital Omaha. Per
nickras Onoamia. A friend pursuaded
ma to go to the grdon Hospital Chad-
' rod, !feb., Dr. Langaon treated me two
months and I am a well man today
Win. L. Roberta.
Zela. Neb.
Dr. Leogson will be in Harriaon Aog,
18 1 consultation 91.00.
It ia Hsdsed a very rare occurence, if
4t evor hapawoe at all, that the immedi
Moly ouansotai yortiea to a naptial knot
takeo If , .aofpria. Such was the
. mo wrth t. Ciat Buffing, and Miss
OertaweU Euti3, (who by the way, we
Joorootilwl U 4"M bat week, which
wm a oiUUke of ma uoreapooent) whoa
mptoaJa ware aolamnised on last Kon.
,! 47 aftoroooo at the residence of Mr. and
m. AlMO HoraTM in Harrinon. The
oooaa AM tottnossi beiair married at
0erfei, mn ogk but Father. Kroo
f), wm hi ttOMssd the couple ditto, so
ly oemJto be morrtttf then The
' sWsertaeoAhootof friefiaa who
" ri ttJ PfMkisf Mki bapolaeea. io
f AtlO CXGm iooftoH to oCr Ma
Also, Flour and all kinds of
Lime, Hair, Cement &.c. &c.
before buying elsewhere.
X. J. O (Jonnell, - - Co. AUoruej,
Will Practice in All Courts.
Special Attenliou Civeu to Land Of
fice Business.
Collections and aU bnsiness entrust
ed tomewill receive prompt attention.
ilARt.woN - Nebraska.
The undersigned just located
in ,fower north-west porner room
prepared to do all kinds of dress
making and sewing in her line.
The patronage of ttie public is solicited.
We guarantee satisfaction and that
our charges will be reasonable.
Mns. Ma'hjis Roskcrans.
F. T.. & 31. V. R. R. '
Special ExeurHon to Mot NprinM,
S. Dat,
Tickets will be sold Tuesdays, July
4th and lHUi aDd Aug. 22, 1H99, good
returning iiO days from date of pale at
One Fare Tlus 2.00 For Round Trin
and on Tuesday. Aug. 8, 1M)9, at One
T T " 1 m. -
rare ror xuiunu lnp.
F. A very, Agent.
-In 1882 1 suffered from the falling of
the bowel. Had to give up all work
Couldat even milk.
In Bpring of 1898 Dr. Iingson operated
on me removing eight indies of the intes
tine am (erfectty well and strong now
and do everv bit of rav own work am 65
years old and feel 20 years younger thaa
I did beore treatment
F. B. Woodward.
Chadron, Neb.
Dr. Lancson will be in Harrison Aug
ust 18 & 19 Consultation fl.OO.
A down east editor has drawn up
some new game laws which he wants
adopted. The following is a sum
mary: "Book agents may be killed
from October 1 to Sept 1; Spring poets
from March 1 to June 1; Scandal mog.
ers from Apr. 1 to Feb. 1; umbrella
borrowers from August 1 to Nov. 1;
and Feb. 1 to May 1, while every man
who accepts a newspaper two years,
and upon being presented with his
bill says, 'I never ordered it,! may be
killed on the spot, without reserve
or relief,"
MARRIED At Harrison on Monday
August Tth Mr. Chris Ruffing and Miss
Gertrude Marking, both of Five Points.
There was a pleasant surprise on last
Monday at Harrison, the parties them
selves until just about an hour previous
to the ceremony knew nothing about it
Mr. Chris Ruffing and Mrs. Gertrude
Marking were married by Father Kropa
M. J. O'Coonell, was best man, and Mus
Anna Morayek, attended the bride. The
young couple left nest morning for
Wyoming where they expect to make
their future home. The writer wishes
them God's blessings, and many happy
and prosperous years.
. In tlie perusal of our exchanges las
week, noticed the following, in not less
than three or four which we reprint for
the benefit of some of our delinquents
hoping thereby to jog their memory.
Soma noted proffeasor has predicted that
the world will come to an end on the
14tb of November. We would impress
upon you delinquent the fact, now is
the time to settle up. Come early and
avoid the rush, as the last day will be a
vary busv one with us all.
. A letter from Olen, this county, was
addressed to the Phkss-Journal Tues
day, which contained an est ray notice
without any signature attached, save
the initial letters representing as we sup
pose anon de plume name. It is a rule
of the PH&S-Jot unal, office, and no
doubt is of every well regulated pews
paper offlee, never to publish communi
cations from any person, any where, un
law the parties signature) accompanies
their comasunkation, whether it be an
astray notiue or a piece of new that is
to ba Imparted to the general public
fbtojrh tbo median of the paper. j
just as cheap in proportion; none but
the best kept in stock.
In Clothing, Drygoods and Groceries we will meet all East
ern catagogue prices; no matter from what point
goods may come. In addition to our gen
eral merchandise, we are selling thin
spring Ladies and Misses $5.00
Spring Hats for $2.50
Come & see for
also han
dle the celebra
ted Valentine Flour,
none better in America.
Besides we have full line of Crockery.
If you want a suit of clothes made
to order we are Agents for
Royal Taylors of Chi
cago, Ills.
RANCH SUPPLY HOUSE, l. gerlach, prop.
On account of the purchase of the
North-western Press plant by the editor
of TUE Siorj CoCSTT Jotrxal, and ac
cording to contract the Jochnal will be
sent to all tlie paid-in-advance Press read
ers until their time expires,
Geo. d. Canox.
All parties having accounts with . tj. I
II. Barteix of long standingr are re
quired to call and settle same at once by
cash or note.
J. II Barteix.
-rBert Hamlio, of Pleasant Ridge was
a pleasant caller at this oi?.ce, one day
this week.
Among our latest subscribers, we
have written the following names:
Mrs. Carpenter Harrison. Earnest Lyon
Harrison. Thomas Doyle BoUarc, James
Sheppard Ottumwa, ia., Earnest Bunge
Bodarc, and Fred Knott Gilchrist
Mrs. Herman Konrath, wears a
very sober face now-a-days, as she had
all her teeth extracted by Dr. Wycoff of
Crawford, who spent several days at
Ardmore, last week.
Sheriff Taylor of Grand Island, Neb.
was in these parts Monday and Tuesday,
looking for horse and buejfy thif, who
was reported to have been in, or near
Ardmore S. Dak. But as Sheriff Taylor
expressed it to ye soribe. I am about
one week too late, however, he has not
given up getting bis man yet
Seven Doctors wanted to cut my
child leg off, From the hip to toes
there were twenty openings into the bone
Rev. Horton now of the Chadron Cir
cuit sent me to Dr. Langson who cured
her in seven weeks, that wan in 1890
she never has had any more trouble.
July ord 1899.
C. F. Long.
Browalee, Neb.
Dr. Langson. will be in Harrison Aug
ust 18 & ltf Consultation $1.00.
On last Saturday, nearly all of the
teachers who had beea attending insti
tute her during the week left for their
homes, after reviving their certificates,
about 25 were in attendance. On last Fri
day evening they gave an entertainment
at the church to our citizens which was
made doubly interesting from the fact of
Prof. Purviance lending his valuable tal
ent for the occasion. On Saturday eve
ning the teachers weie given a five
o'clock tea by our county Superinten
dent, after which all of them ieparted,
highly delighted with the treatment they
had received, during their sojourn In our
midst Those who had the pleasure of
listening to Prof. I'urviance's lectures,
were perfectly charmed nd we feel a
better instructor could liwdly be found
for our institute work.
Suffered for ten years with Rupture
& Piles, Nov. 25th 1390 went to Dr. Jjin
gson who cured mo in Ave weeks was
not in bed a day or lost a week work
Am wall and strong today July Sod IBM
1L A. Pum.
Assist. Sec'y. Chamber of Commerce
Milwaukee Wiscoaeio.
, Dr. Langson will be fa Harrison A eg.
18 1 Consultation flM. " ' V
Miss Louise Linderaan is now in the
employ of I). IL Gnswold's family on
the east side.
Strayed. From my place on West
Hat creek, one roan heifer and her
calf; heifer branded fTl (Hying K) on
right hip. Address,
Tuos. Doyle, Harrises, Neb.
Ura Kirtley, of Kirtley, wivh a pl.-as-ant
caller at this ofllce ytsterdy. He is
buying cattle for Frank Currie, and we
feel Mr. Currie could not make a better
Saturday, last, Charles coffee ship
ped 14 cars of cattle. He had them
loaded at Van Tasxall siding. Frank
Curry shipDed a car along with Xr- Cof
fee's special train.
NOTICE In the future, all coamuni
cations, for information relative to thin
paper, or for publication, chould i e":ui
dressd to Uakjiisos I'isk-s? JoIWNaL, un
less, it be of a personal nature which
should be addressed to the editor, person
ally. On last Thursday eveniug Mrs. Col
lins down at the Saw mill, had the mis
fortune to run a nail in her footeaus
ing a very painful wound and Dr. Phin
ney of this place was called and dressed
the crippled member which we under
stand is improving nicely.
W. O. Patterson, is busy this week
repairing the sidewalks, a work
that should have been done early last
spring. The village of Harrison has run
great risk of having to pay damages for
broken limbs, to pedestrains, who use
our walks from day to day.
Who says it does not pay to adver
tise in the PEK&t-Joi'KXAL? Mrs. Ros
crans our dross rn ikur will tell you quite
the contrary. She advertised in our lo
cal coluras just recently , and she came
in person, to tell us, she cau scarcely fill
all the calls, she received in reply. The
lady is a first class dressmaker, at pres
sent she is at the Cook ranch. You
should advertise in your own county pa
per. Was taken on a stretclier to Dr.
Langsons hospital from Bordeaux reun
ion July 1898 Had suffered from female
trouble for twenty years Dr. Lang son
cured me and I never asin letter
health than at the present time one year
after July 1899.
Mrs. Harry Leyoj,
Larvaco, Neb."
Dr. Langsm will be in Harrison Aug.
ust 18 & 19.conultation f 1 00.
A fellow from the saw mill on Spring
creek was around town last Thursday
and Frilay with his face badly scratch
ed and bruized from fighting with a
wild cat he says, so it war reported to us
by our special correspondent, but his face
looked more like having passed through
an old fashioned "scrap.'' But liow a
bout the wild cat.?
We learned incidently the other day
that Mrs. J. II. Brown whose husband
was murdered nearly two years ago has
again become a bride. The ceremony
whs performed at Hot Springs S. Dak.,
hut th couple are now living In the vic
inity of Ardmore. We wish them much
joy and happiness. The name of the
groom U Mr. Murtage, a gentleman
who ha been working for Mrs. Murtsze
nee Mis. Brown. He i 0'.v engigd in-difioetely,
Children & Youth's!
Call and look our Stock over be
fore Purchasing as we can SAVE you
Marsteller BROS.
Mr. Louis Ruffing, was a pleasant
visitor at Konralh's raBL-h, on List
Mr. Herman Konrath, was a Har
rison visitor on last Monday to get his
check cashed.
Mrs. John Zuuk, of S. Dak., was a
guest at the Konrath mansion, on last
Sunday. -
- Miss Lizzie Murphy and her brother
of Crawford, were doing bueiness at the
court house ou last Monday.
Father Muneich. formerly connected
with Harrison anJ Montrose missions,
spent last Monday at Crawford, on busi
ness. Mr. Bourctte, and sons, of Running
Water shipped three and on h1f cars of
cattle to South Omaha markets on !af
The Catholic church services, at Mon
trose, were verv wull attended on lust
Sunday. There will be mnss at Mon
trose gaain on the 3rd Sunday in Au
Rev. Father Kroupa, of Chadron,
spent Monday in Harrison. The Rev.
Gentleman, while here did not forget to
say a friendly "How to ye editor."
Father W. L. McNamara, will ar
rive in Chadrop, on August 11th to assist
in the various mission work, connected
with that church.
Among the spwtacles to be seen on
the Greater America exposition nndwav
is a man of ordinary hiht who actuul
Iv weighs 617 pounds. II.) is a native of
Switzerland and is 49 venrs old He is
accompanied by his wife, who will
weigh hardly more than 100 pounds.
He is found in the German village.
Montrose dlpiilng.
Henry Piekenbrock took a business trip
to the co unty seat on last Monday.
H. Piekenbrock spent last Tuesday
with his family.
Harry Gay hart, the Hot Springs iew
eler spent a few days with his urvnts, be
left Tuesday morning.
Little Jakie DeBeno, had his arm brok
en, while ridding. The saddle slipped to
one side and he fell on his elbow.
Henry Henry went to Omaha, this
week with a car of fat cattle, while
there he will take in the Greater Amer
ican Expo.
Mise Katie and Lizzie Henry went to
Duck creek ranch, where they will stay
a few davs to keep house for their broth
ers. MARRIED At Hnrrison Aug. 7th Mr.
Christ Ruffing and Miss Gertie Marking
of Montrose. May tlieir joys be many
as their sorrows few, is the wish of Riga
MARRIED The same dny nt Casper
Wyo. Miss Lena Baiimgnrd of Moat rose,
and a Mr. Turner of Casper, the young
took a weeding trip to Denver Colo., and
their many friends join ye scribe in wish
ing them a happy and prosperous mar
ried life. v
Mr, Dan Jordan is expected home from
the round up the latter part of this
month .
Jake Mark ng who had been to Wis
consin on p Wish re and also business, re
turn' d last Thursday, Hao.-;
Cures Im potency, Night Emissions and
arastinrr disease, ill effect 8 Of Self.
abuse, or excess ana indis
cretion. A nerve tonic and
blood builder. Brings the
ptnk glow to pale cheeks and
restores the fire of youth.
iltr ma il fOt ner box. 6 boxea
for withe written gnaran-
tco to cure or refund the money.
Send for circular. Address, t f
Clinton Jackson Eti., CHICAQO, ILL.
Sold By Dr. J. E- Phlnnejr.
i i i . i '
Want Column.
r Preaching every other Sabbath,
at 11 o'clock a. in., and everv Sabbath
evening at 3 o'clock at the M, E. church.
Every bdv invited to attend.
Risv. J. L. Kenoaix, Pastor.
FOU6ALK: At a bargain, a com
plete NEWSPAPER OUTFIT, consist
ing of news press and all the type and
material necessary for publishing a neat,
country newspaper. Also a Job pres
with job type, furniture Ac. Ac., which
goes in the bargain. Parties wishing
further information should write to
The Siorx Cocnty Journal,
Harrison, Nebraska.
Actielvcinrntaof A'Jmlrj! Dewny," thf worlila
KrcaU-st naval lifro. lir Murt Xaataad,
tu Ilfe-loua friend hi1 admirer of the natt
mi's Idol, indent ami l't tjook ; over SOW
nufrim, sill) ini.hu; nearly MO SK' halftone
llluxlt'Httoiii.. (Inly !.!:. K mrniouailcmnnil.
Hi I onniil-lon. nut lit froe. tlianc eof a.
lllH tline. VV rltijiilrk. 1"ho Dominion Uoiu
any, 3rd Kioor Uuxum Bid-., Chicago.
We ran make to
our measure a
Fine, Ail-Wooi
Latest City Stylet
You can be a ttell-d rested man
If you know Uiw. W rite at (or
Stmnlfi and Booklet "Haw It
Ll WtU, Vrm Wtll, mnd
Savo Money."
Large Fashion Plate C.1
l"a. in Weed or Metal I la
tad far I statolith at
Darncs Foot
Powca Machinery.
Practical, SUmg, Durable.
W. P. A Imhm linn ..
1 ifi Rabv St.,
Rack ford, iHiiMla,
M4siew4 U to If pm$9T wmlh.
fttrvillf, n lnormfanini, t o hasl rtwtilt. RoilHlotj
wm. TfwsMrnt jmitHlf krtu mA fttiHlf mA
U. a. U1TS. m l'.tM U4, M. Ui( MnV
W mnt ia it, un r vrtM.
'1 1 HI 1 1 1.1 AHwi 1. n
linilLlMI flMSSt na
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wo 'inaiewu UMiMi viiuf iummssw
Sf ha':nrIHI I I I aaaa
w4suaaaM ru Ol llnuAW
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'OO 'elelV 'M 'A WH
fizt snarA m aS irw AOVI
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