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    1 he Sioux
Or t,--fJO QUESTION ,s Evcn CZTTLriD UflL IT IS CETTi.CD RIGHT."-:! Wllllau J. Brw.
The Sioux County Journal,
Subscription Price, 51.00
. J. (anon, ... llif0,.,
Entered ut th flnrrlwi pent oille.. a
eeoiid rIium matter.
5 s-- ' I
n ft
(I a&w
J. Ml I ,
a a L taw
so cays the Secretary cf the U.
Treasury Ly
J. Gage.
During the presidential campaign of 1,;, without tin except i every
republican .raU.r told us that if Maj. McKialcy should 1 elected,
d-noo wouM be restored, a sound money yU-m Old ,-tan.dnr.!) would be
tuMiVu-d lactone w.,ti. Ik, reopfm-1; that every avenue of Undo would Im
Uuimimg witi, business uv,d I he people would be ,:,pPy nn.I iw.h-nf..
Wtint is the result, today? Is it a whit bet t.-r than it was the dny t
f.w f-J-Jfnt JFcfci.,L-y took f,t Mar. li J,3.).;? (Vrt.iioly it is n4.
inere l,.e i.n itjoio blmr stril;cs within the :i -t y.-ar than in the history
f tho,untry forth.) .ui; i.i'.M trusts h,iv4, f.,rmed hi'i:o Jan. 1.
1 ti,
tr., ; ;.f t.r..
n:i.;.,. i.j4-
tiio foin'ii i'i(ii i,f t:,i r. :; -
':' ' v' '. ,! 'i'j:' j :,ori r-; throw n out of work :,i a
! .-i tit t,".:.i.i.) is.t.t in y.a ealiod into n
i. l..t.vv hi h h-j.;..ii.-. thuv dure;) for thmr
. h.lV.i l.'S'i-JI uivt'a tn tintl. rslami hv Km imlikro a mw
of tho frovrmrunt that, their orhiiT.tiotw w,!l nut he .x.uut.'nancJd. P
sides l:jOthouMim! tiavchu- rn. n iiave l.-n thrown out cf c.i.f loymet.t
and the end is not y.-t. Court ion ami intimidation lein- every
whtre hy the mrairy povvifi-to cow and siihjurito lah.r and ,ri it into
disr( mte and hsoh,tt! idaxry. Th ahov are farm that r,o t ody ctia
dispute wim havy kn;-.t pos'od on the Km-s or tho tims. The nuL old
Rlit of ne) wiH le rwiewul with (fn-ar vi,;or i: VSM. It will fc iho
laljonranil wealth producing cI.ik; n::amst aii.itai rhhf r.vr
will h the p""i-mans rnoti.-y fruo hilvur lii-motalliMii i'twr.hiol, r.ix.i tr.-
nry iiotfBU..S. l!,o tUtf standard it will hv un.i-tru;;(s aati-expanMou
nnti niilitiiriwn incon,.-ta &c, vs for.-iu esj-m,.;.,,! la;;!. ,rolw;Uiti
d-strucUon of this poor tn.uis mooey luiluariMii ai.d pctyl j.Tive to
the aii:!:
Therj are a numher of unsi.oiled children who u.:ur had the hngi r of
wrath laid on th.m.
A vhW tuind is more activw and has more thin? s to learn Uforo he is
7 year old than in any fk-ea ywt nf(,-rar I.
Ti.ouhtlwi.Miiihhvn mv. thouKhthns fa them sd imlhen Udiiml
Ttf.-re is not a ood gam.! a child plays that d;.cs not prvparu for a
gotMl work IjP r on.
A nyiit ort of voiiti- titan i usually rtdatcd to the r.gUl sort of
A roo:kl irci is a irw that has h-cm Mwnp-d o:i whan it was lit! In.
Tim i-hjldron yr not to le-lrtlm i k n litidois lnrlo, hut
1r4ined tititt a Horn of Kt-riMM-ky. i;t,.d ail of his annual
The home eliouM bo th d.K'e of ahso!nt confi !.nco.
A man who expect his mjn Ut Itptat Ins father's life expects tno
IIMK. !l.
It is a wi! Hunt: to li-iv lxon raisj'd in a Lot honso and then to hn sud-d.-uly
liung out of ( hihhfcii can lit, rai.d too teadoi ly for the
ftvorae roti;:h and tuiul.h) lifn. It rcoui.s courage to hvo-
1) not forget that it is the lumeicoiiio chi'd that devenpM into the
criminal the unnatural denemla that ustotiislnfs us n.s we read ahout
lain in tho daily pa:is. . Th.-ss phttiotiKuial crhninals were not Lorn ri-ht
the first timo.
Id. -wni ttiat thu child should he a (-hit.!; not a premature an 'id ma'i or
Iiuly but athild. Vivts inii.ules real chddhoo.t is I.v1t..r ut any tin:.' ,!,
five minutes of An.d. A hud is as good in its way as a blossom ; ami u,
bloKsfim is as Rood in its wayfti.s th fruit, fiivu tluj child a eha.x i.
RtronK is the power of tho old, heavy Iba pull of inheritance. In train
ing children into men it must 1 rememlxpid who children they ure.
I propose to stay with my children, no matter v. hut they do or how
mean they are, I will stay with them.
An injustice to a child wd! pp;.r in the wnqied lifo of t!.a man. Wo
ought to tell the children ns near tiie exa t truth as possible.
It is a serious thing to be litte and wea! and ignorant and to be under the
absolute domination of a fathor, mother, nursa or teacher. To escape im
hpoil (fl is emancipation. Many a man ambitious to bo a tyrant and lack
ing the ability to tyrant and lacking the ability to tyranizo takes it out of
hia children.
Why don't rnu in every root and branch of organized JaW fjo m for public
ownership. It min t !- Ik-um and mon money to voti. t, means safdy no
trike prouioU.n ii'.d f. iimm.. Xi u i-tter to "ik f.;r th.i public tlnn' for
a privatfl cor.riil(.u that ;.:iie.,.; toil Jt';o oaiw hi its nulls. Anv liremau. any
polkmai wiil U!l yo.i H, acd i h-.'.v you his month's wafi-s to pr.n-u ii.
Within a n.oath tun Meet rail war men have demanded a miuinium wntro of l 2-1
ierday. Ask the next patrolman you moot what his waj,-.s ar,d what his hoio-H
on And ho' nuvcr ha.1 to "strike" to rupil U'J them. Jf Ittor would but cut
it y-tlh nn 1 tmti: itwir to the dvaiiUi(,'es to Iilor of Public ownership, and
hen demanil it iind vote for it, moie rnoiiHy good would thereby (low to Labor
thao ha come from all tho "strikes" Ainoe the Ntrawkn dav of that Egyptian
brick-yurxl uprising of which Moses was the Debs. The (New 'York) Verdict.
HUflTAf.0, N. Y.t July fl. The Mohawks a Iiomoeratic organisation, naid to
comprise 600 wigwams and more than .V),f00 na tive memhers which has Wn in
wcri-t session here iiuco tho Itrd hut, has elected ollieers aod adjourned to meet
B-xt year In the city indented for the national J).imo ratio convention on weuk
prior to that convention. Hteps were taken to begin immodiabily the work of or
i(noi.iifs nw wigwams.
The national executive comrnitte was nnluced from thirteen to seven mm
lierii. The resolutions adopted deuounced trusts uud iiiouopliea; iudorne Ijryan and
free nilvar nnd oppow niihlarmm.
The following ottlrers were el3cted:
National chief, James It. Hovortutrn of Idaho.
AwtinUnt cliiaf, C. li. Matthews of Pnllalo.
National sen lie, Mielmel Meehan of Miniourl.
Big medicine man, John Ilennnssev of ItufTalo.
Traasurrr, fleorge J. Xillig of Hulfalo.
Hiief of rtecret fterrice, Eugene V, llrewstcr of Now york.
National executive comrnitte Chief James U. Hovereign of Idaho Scribfl Mich
we) Meehan of MiHsouri M. () Harrington of Cnrthaere Mnj J. O. llennut of New
York, John M. llenessy of buffalo, and John Cutler of Nlata Falls.
JaaiM U. Soverelgo wm upoint;i national oryniz r.
"On th frr fi.ver t.ue Bryan can be U.-aten in l'JOO. But he is not batr-n
yot and he will not ha beatm until tho vol.., are cast and counted ou election day.
-t .st.nio to rcconizo the fact that he is a masterful politicician wl,oe ambition
and HK.ustry are c-pially great and whos-i ...srpOMfs are todav just what they were
Uo y-arsago. If he wanU a rei.ominat.ioo ho will get it, and if he gets it he will
have to he reckoned with as a dauficrou. cf ponent clown to the closing of the polls
on election day." 1
"vuiiid money," ths orpin of the leag.,e,- reproduces the above extract and
supplements it with the following editorial Xirnments;
".Secretary Gage takes exactly the right view of the situation. The suppor-t.-rs
of hon, st men and practical currency reform must hold themselves in readi
nss to def,.,:! next year the ground they v.o.'t m KT,. Tin H.etarys pointed;; is vcrth more to the country than a volume of exultation over what
k.p en... I tno y.'fs n"."
The necrcViry w wvkfcitly n!ann.l, though tho 83-o.IM sound money press
has from day to day assorted that the mIviV question is da.l. Mr. Gaffe, however,
llivd.-il sutiicient alive to givo him and tho gold hugs much apprehension.
The confession that Mr. Bryan is a "masterful politiciau from so high an ofli.
cial and chimpion of the singal gold standaid is at once a compliment and an indi
cation that ho in feared by the iidmimstratson. Why should Mr. Gage give this
'pointed warning" if the silver issue is dead? Why should Mr. Smalley, the edi
itor of "S'hicJ Money." and the :-.ecretarv of th t .'!.. ....on ..,i,Q .,....
ters of hoiK'tit money the necessity of hoklif, "themselves in rcadioess to defend
i-he ground won m ISM" if thai ground in iu no J auger of leing wrested from
Secretary Gage declares Bryan must b reckoned with as a "dangerous force''
ihuigerous only to the money power if there is no vitality in the freo silver issue?
Mr. G i go has marie a nio:'t significant lulmi s-ion which shows that he is foarful
that Mr. Bryan will he elected president in jf;')!).
There is not a democrat living today who is go much feared os Mr. Bryan.
There is not a leader in the party who:,e influence Hucreiarv Gaga or any support
er of Uie single gold standard so dreads as Jr. Bryan's. To the monoplit trusts
an.l gold hugs he is a "dangerous force" to tiw common people he is a most benign
and helpful force. That character! nation of, :. Bryon coming from tho source it
d')es, is a high compliment to him. Mr. Ga j iu ins "pointed warning has expos
ej the fears of tho administration.
The Nfebraiijji Post, Baly aod weekly
democratic hxs changed hands but
not politics. Its editor Win. I'. Schwhwl
has sold out hia right and title to II. F.
Bockey of Lincola who In the future
will conduct the papnr along the same
politicul lines ns of yore.
Ths Democratic StaU convention has
!.-eu called by ths C 1 airman and fieere-
lary of tiie ciuitr; .1 Cfimmitteo to meet
in Ornah i. Au. CJ, 1 '.00, and according
to tbo 'asis cf rvprcwntntifttt, Sioux
civur.ty will be hxl to M delegates,
one delegate nt large an 1 one delegate
or each 100 votes, oast for Hon. C. J.
Smyth for Atto-ney General tit tho list
general election and one deh-ale for tho f.M.;tb.i of 1)1 vots. Th is as
lion. C. J. Smytli rocoive'I B)J votes
flov. W.ih last this county, will be entitled
to 3 delegates.
Tim Peoples. Indeiiendent I'arty and the
Free Silver K-publicnn party will each
ho entitled to the Kimo tmr.ilmr of dele
gates from this county to their respec
tive state conventions which meet at
.Omaha the name eiato as the democratic
It i m mended '.bat anplicanta
... -ira, 4 -
t,u-stagbs loiter, uumbcr
' 4 ,"nr. ia. i. najae-u on
at.ri'.'-unT. ut a,v t oca tie y or fate
iv.-j coiinty clerk. In oruerto secure
iia'Jornitty all applications aro roqured
to :)o inado on these forms.
P. 13. 13 1 GK LOW, 1
Jcandies, Nuts. Tobacco, Fruits, Dates
Ottr-. . . '
vs.aivcs, ijies, orcacl, Stationai-y
Vrh Good Luncli Counter in Connection and Every Tl.'.iv
Sold at Living Prices.
Manufacturer and dealer
In Harness, Saddles, Bridles &c
Send in your Harness and Slioe re
pairing, and a first class job is
Ths Siot x Cottjttt Jot'itNAL and Journal of Agriculture 1 Year, 51,75
fi " " " " " Twice-A-week World-Herald 1.70
s3 " " " " " Thrice-A-Week-World, (N. Y.) " - 1.70
t " " " " " Silver Kniht Watciimn (D. C.) " - 1.73
g " " " " ., " Qsobkah Weekly Enquirer, " - i.M
f. !nf!oni(;tlts 3. nd !5otivA we
n iyuu tios oeauiirui jnannoiiner
A TTr-t
ri .0 in
)ji.'.f.t'KF: - pitre.
ti i fan -y p-trl
K - tjpro.. C, 0. 1). iiuliject to ex&Oiina-iv
jjlj'.n. It I U'd rxmuy an represented (
(i 1 rn .hi - L.-.rt xriif-As i pent our Si'KC- V
t.' less lie ."0 cents, If
:.s rharees. I k a Ii il
uttrumect, soUt rAseifnod I
nn etxiiiv checkortat
K'.'EO. bet.uv.rul ce&rl tuttorSf euftrdll
lj 9 t-i.Rntflwood ttceri-vtrd aort nickel tall i
vi'ittsr.Wc.oJtorVioliB m tt tame term. I
V.-fte tor I- I.Ilb nicsicut catsiiome.
JUilA, t;., July 0. At a
meeting of the farmers alliance, he-re yes
terday Senator Tillman in a fiery ppo-H-h
said that, the farmers ;.re slaves. Asked
by one of the auditors what made them
so he said: "The fools vvho vote to put
scoundrels iu ofllce. Tho masses ars
misled by capital, which own the news
papers and the country is going to the
devil." A movement is on foot here to
form a comhmo of farmers and merch
ants to make a noncerted fight against
the trusts. Lincoln Evening News.
ltn rs and noa LATioxs of
Til A UK'S LAV)'.
1. Application for registry brands
and marks should bo sent to thu uocrfs-
tary of utalo with a foe of $l.o0 for each
brand or mark. . Ivomlt by cash, draft
or posufflco raoney order. In all ca;os
whero brands or marks aro recorded in
tbo 0Ilco 0 tho county clerk a certified
copy of such record must accompany
tho application.
2. Applications for rce-istrv nro rn.
quired to bo nisuoby December 31, IS'.)!),
for all brands and marks then in uo.
Applications will bo Hied In thelrordor
as reelcvcd, ci.nsidercij by the hoard
In Bald order and in tho order of thoir
registration In tho oflico ol thu county
3. No application will bo accepted
or recorded when tho name roadu on
either hh) or any part of tho animal,
provided that a brand doscribod as bo
Ing on both allien, both hip or like
partd of thu body may bo accoptcd. All
solid brands ami marku roinovinjr to
exceed one-half of tho tar will Jj rejected
Acl'!evenie:it.A of A. laurel Lever," the
WurWs navnl hero. I!v Kiifut ItaUtea.l, tin
lif Iuiik friend nnd of t!ie nal Ion's
i.lijl. lilwst met l:est boo k; over o()0 pitges
KxTflincncii; nearly P'O p:ics halftontt tllust
rur.'oas. Only jU,.'i. Knormoim ileiiiantl.
liiif (.'uiinutNioiiM. Outfit freo. Chance ot a
UAjttiun. Wvtle .iniel;. The lioiniiiton Coin
pi Vf, Snl Floor! axteni itlkjr.. Cbicavo,
Contest Nollw,
AU.IANCIS, Neb., June 7, IH'Jfl.
A vn(lct-tit contest nllhlavlt imvlnif been
tile) ii this otto e by Jay V. Nencumu, ton.
tut ait, MK.tliiiit. lloiufwl.Mul rntry o. (ir,',
int W;Jttlv 10, i-"m, for K'i S-W , aiitl w 14
b ''-!li.etion I'.iTowu'.hiit :i, ;hiikii W West
l.y ,-rl'.ia Lmuko l oiitestec, in wlileli it Is
I'lNt'.e.l that: thu clulmaut lias itlwn.lont-it
1.1k- si iiifi lor 11. ore than nix months lust
inn n ml ren.ove.l her resl lenee tlieielroui
niKt naid tract is not cnltlv:ttetl nor Improv
ed, ful.l jmri les urn Iturelty noiined to ti).
p'-ar, ri-.-)nd and ufler evl.lentsu tuiieliiu;;
kiiM all- gniion it t id o'clock 11. m., on July
M, : : :i, li-ion. 'f. J. irK.-ele, t). K. t'ominl.
Hi'.nertit tils oi;ir-e in Iran-lord, .Nelininkii,
a..-l iMt final h.fflrl.'iif will he held al In
o'uofk a. in., on July iki, iCiiii, lit-iuie the
Hi 4 ternnd !; elver, ut the. I 'lilted hlitt.-s
Ln,i,.i o'liett in Alliance, .Scbranka.
Dieaid eontctant lmvinir, In a proisr
nCai tvit, tiled .lion. (I, im, net lorlh fuels
which Hl.nw Hint iifu-r due dlllK'-nee, liein
"I'll rrvlec of this notice can not Im miidc
II d hereby order, d nml dtrccli d that mirli'
notice be given by due and proper publleu
tlnn. K. M. IXimiidoToM,
. , -:UWIND f!!LLS.l-
Tlie undersigned is ap-
. tint for tliti celebrated
David 'uadley, Wi.vdMotok,
Improved Wind Miil,
j . the best made. I am
'1 ; also prepared to furn-
on short notice first
' das
ruiis, Hpi's, Wood & SI of! Toners,
j mmts or uiiyiiiing in mm
Is of pmnri repairs, AT I.OWKST
nVrit.o mo for putimnlen hr.
- I ' p - -" - " ... v ,. ,V.V
iH eontracting elsewhere.
Yril will save nionev hv it.
Tiik JoCR.ALwi;i pnblis'a your brand, like
tlio f oliowinit, for tl :(:0, per year. Each ad
tliUonal UraudTS cvutn. bvery turinnr or
riiehiiHu in '.ioe-inia urtJolnJijg aaatl at
vbo-jkiadvrf.Ue tbelr lirftr.a Ui "JlrV Jo'
.L.ds it flrwurit a r.P over tlio aate It be the meaiia of saviag uiotiej' for yovi.
, On let t side or htp of catt le, )
ir1! !n 1,-'lt 8lloulder of horses. )
W'uV'"lt;B 011 th0 ot Warboaaet
;'j t,-.'ere.-k
K'V. J Address Harrison, Sioux Co. Sob.
K jcH3 The brand rcprsented In this not
fii'l 11,1(1 l,riilK,eJ any where on toft
ly'-Vi, OI hol'MPrfUlHl .
llt ildoorcattlit1-'.!!! i
Harrison, 'ebrarV
At a niceties of the Hoard of County Com
missioner!) of Sioux county, Nebraska, held
on the II day of January, IttTO, the rollowinff
est! mute of expenses for the yoar 1899 was
nnale :
District Court Expenses ST.OOOOO
Koads and ilridges 3 000 00
SiiinrieH i.iKjorm
Stat loaary
Printing and I'nblihbliijf
Olticers Eees
Soldiers Kelief
Special Koud District
i,rm (
,3oo m
. ,f,00 uo
,700 (X)
,SHI 00
,500 00
Total JU2.O0OO0
Si. J. BbLWKiT, Comity Clerk.
The brand represented in this nut'
n.l branded any wbcre 011 left .
ot cattle, and over-lap ut from t
Hn r'tft't car.
AIs the same 1ran1 on 1,'ft ih'-rh
f2AM Iwsefl, belongs to tho mirtersinnei
Uawso near East Springs, south p ut
Sioux county. Charles Njcwman,
II arrison , f eb r j 1 .
Rjfn lcft snoulder of cattle
k1f?Si1 homes.
BSfeafh&itgltutii;e on Little Cottonwood
i'O. ., Urawford Nebr.
On left side of cattle ui.d on .
shoulder ot horses,
flange on Antelopo crot k
P. O., Gbilehrlst, Sioux Co., Keb.
t lie Com
meroial Bank, n
P. E. Ruewster, President. C. F. Coffkk, Vice President.
ClIAS. C. jAJlKriOX. A. Mcflisi.l v
I). II. Gkiswold, Cashier.
Notice for Publication.
Land Ofllce at Alliance, Nun., June 14, 1RQ9.
Kotlee Is hereby irlvt-n that. Ihn fnllowliur-
imnied settler has (lied notice of his Inte.n
tioil to tnakn flnul nroof In mmnnrt of hl
claim, nnd Hint wild proof will bo mode be
fere Clerk of District Court, et. Harrison,
Nebraska, on Jnly 22, IHi'ft, viz: (iottleib
Knorl of Ifiirrlson, Neliioska, who made II.
K. No. Ml, Inf tho H.VN-KU fee. 20 nml S1
S-W'j of Hvs, z Twp, 81!, N. Kaiiffn M W.
He names tlio following witnnsn nrnw
his continuous residence upon and eiiltlvtt
tlon of aiild land, viz;
Silinlltil Knorl, A. J. Iloiart. Ottn Tlntzo
and Ucorgo Cant, all of Harrison, Neb.
At . .
ache and Llvs r
poM by all drcr 1-
or eon l, b f mmu
" Ai'iiiiinii-. M. iini
F. ai, Doitaijtirow, Kegister,
Sold B Dr. t, E. fkiiuiry.
.. j
i . v
.' Ak-. ..
' J ,