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    CURRENT COMMENT J,h" ,r-t,"n
... .irranq etriKe women pelted
the street ram with stones. This leads
.lie Uenver Post paragrapher to chlru
'T .. 1 l . . ...
. wuucr nun mey were throwing at?
. ...... ;C general in no less than
ven province of Russia and the num
lr it nAaann 1 i .
,,ig on starvation
variously estimated at from five to
twenty millions.
The little red squirrel looked timidly
m me oia oak tree. "It's all right, lit
tle one," said the oak. with a hollow
laugh, "Just put young things in my
trunk if vou want i '
The word of a naval officer Is about
the most peaceful and useless bit of
metal on a war vessel. Orders cannot
be given with It and as a means of of.
fense or defense it cuts no figure.
The Inhabitants of Bischofsburg, In
Prussia, had never seen a ballet until
recently when a traveling company In
troduced one. As soon as the dancers
sppeared on the stage all the women in
the audience promptly left the house.
The consular reports from Ireland
Ihow a great Increase of prosperity
there. The people are In better condi
tion than has ever been known. The
tenants are paying rent promptly and
the land owners are paying their taxes.
Hie deposits In the savings banks are
argar than they have eve' been before,
according to the records.
is a vital function,
mere exudation of watery
particles through the pores of the SKln.
Two pounds, at least, of waste matter
having to pass through the skin every
24 hours In order that the body may be
kept in a state of health, and passed so
minutely as to be invisible to the eye,
shows how exertmely numerous and fine
the ramifications of the blood vessels
or capillaries must be when even a
needle's point cannot touch anywhere
without piercing them. The number of
these pores is estimated by Krause as
2.381,248. Anything, therefore, such as
exposure to cold,
Abuse of Perfumes.
Some of us, In these days of artificial
murk and suffocating rose, who have f
stifled in theaters and have been over
time In cable cars and restaurant by
the heaviness, have fervently wished
th promiscuous use of these powerful
odoTj and drawing rooms whose queens
elec. to vulgarize all their surround
ings by this and kindred extravagance.
Faptidlous women (with here and
there an exception) are as delicately re
fined In their selection of sweet odors
ar, in every other personal appointment.
A high-bred woman does not associate
herself with musk or patchouly. Kh
may select the most delicate f violet
extracts, and so tsslniilate her per
sona'ity with the flower as always to
recall it, cr her linen may be fragrant
with the faintest odor oi fiorentlne or- i ga8 the latter wl" escape with a "hiss"
In the canning of foods the can It
filled and placed In boiling water whllf
the cap Is soldered on, a hole being left
In it, through which the air escapes
After this the hole is soldered up.
If the operation has been properly
performed, when the can becomes cold,
the heads sink in and remain slnked.
f decomposition begins the gases which
form cause the head to bulge and to tht
trade such cans are known as "swells."
Unscrupulous dealers buy these
"swells," punch a second hole and heal
the contents a second time. This treat
ment is known as "re-processing" and
has been repeated in certain instances
four times.
It is quite easy for a purchaser te
tell whether he or she is buying a good
can of fruit or one containing the dead
ly poison.
In the first place, the head of
"swell" is always bulged out, and
one presses it In it will spring back
with a "ting." This is a sure sign that
decomposition has begun, and that can
of fruit. If eaten, may poison a whole
In the contrast the head of a good
can will not spring back if pressed in
but remain sunken.
This Is sufficient test alone, but in
spectors go still further. They, pick
hole In the top and hold before it
lighted match. If the can Is full
"If I had a boy I shouldn't be alius
atjvisln' him to do dis an' not to da
dat, but I should encourage him to go
out and pick up a bumble bee an' find
out by experience which was de bizness
nd of de In seek. My gran'fadder used
to talk to me by de hour 'bout de evils
of intemperance, but I couldn't catch
on till one day I drunk a gallon of clear
hard cider an' was run frew a threshin'
machine along wid de wheat. Dar's
about so much in life to l'arn. an' Its
well to l'arn it as soon as possible an'
git ober feelln' curus."
, come very interesting particulars as
lo how he gathered his Information are
mitted by the statistician who Inform
js that "about twerrty-fnur women In
100 are stronger In the left arm than
:bey are In the right; women, too, are
more frequently equally strong In both
rms than are men." A man who was
Mice hugged by a bear says that he
Selleved that It also was equally stronc
In both arms.
It Is reported that the New Tork
Central road has forbidden the practice
f throwing rice, old shoes and similar
eilRsiles at newly wedded couples In Its
railway stations or train sheds. It Is
claimed that such Indiscriminate hurl
ing of things when bridal couples are
Jepartln ghas frequently resulted In ac
cidents to passengers, and the recent
measure of the company Is taken with
the Idea of minimizing the chances of
such accidents.
A story Is going the rounds of the
newspapers to the effect that Sousa re
cently stopped an organ grinder In New
$"ork, who was reeling out one of his
marches, and played It himself In the
time that suited him best. This always
was a good story and has been told on
every composer ever known. An unap
preciated Latin author tells of the Em
peror Nero who, having composed some
turning lines. took the fiddle away from
mi of the firemen of Home because he
played the hose so badly.
The people of the United States con
Mime 21,000,000 pounds of almonds every
fear. The greater number are used In
the manufacture of perfumery, soap
nd flavoring extracts. The amount
consumed on the table Is comparatively
imall. California last year furnished
14,600,000 pounds, 4,500,000 pounds came
from Spain, 1,000,000 pounds from Italy
and a considerable quantity from
3reece and Portugal. At the same time
we used about 12,000,000 pounds of co
roanuts, of which about 7,000.000 pounds
were produced In Florida. The remain
ler were Imported from the West Indies
The Hamburg-American Steamship
company, since putting Into commission
Its new vessels. Is now the largest In
the world. It has seventy-four ocean
steamers, with a total tonnage of 329,
110, an average of about 4.500 tons, and
a fleet of river steamers, lighters, etc.,
of 13,756 tons. Until recently the Hamburg-American
company had not re
ceived a subsidy from the government,
but had usually paid a dividend of 8
per cent upon Its capital of 50,000,000
marks. Ijwt year the gross earnings
were -1,745,830 marks, and the expenses
10,02,118 marks. The Hamburg com
pany Is now building a steamer named
the Peutschland. with a displacement
of 10,000 tons and a speed of twenty
two knots, which will be the largest
and fastest passenger vessel afloat", and
will be completed In time to catch the
traffic for the Paris exposition.
rls. The shadow of the clear pungent
lavender may precede her, but ths most
sensitive and refined women shrink in
tuitively from the odors that attract
the parvenue.
Few people outside the scientific
world know the hygienic value as well
as the danger lurking In flower scents.
The effect of musk, rose saffron and
almond flowers Is almost hypnotic tu
some sensitive organizations. To oth
ers the heavy odors are like strains of
sensuous music, and In their results
the revere of elevating. Hysteria is In
evitably aggravated and frequently
caused by the odor of musk, and the
use of this perfume should be forbid
den delicate girls and women.
On the other hand, the effect of the
odors yielded by the balsa mn of l'eru
and Mecca, benzoin tolu, cascarllia and
cinnamon are tonic and Invigorating.
The perfumes possessing real antlsop-
tlc qualities are numerous, and It Is
an acknowledged fact that until the
Egyptians abandoned the practice of
purifying the of ihe sick and
embalmln the dead by the nil of aro
matic and resinous gums, suh as star-
ax, myrrh, cedar, organutn, etc. the
terrible pestilence never la. I the Nile
country waste.
It la said 'hat the foilowlm; aromatic
essences, will kill bactt-ria In ty
phoid: Clove, vcrvelne, thyme, sandal,
cedar, ceylon, cinnamon, camomile
anise; and lavender water, according
to Monln, the great French hyglenlst,
will, If used freely by the attendants,
greatly lessen the danger of contract
ing contagious maladies.
and blow the flame outward. If there Is
' no decomposition the flame will be
drawn In.
Should there be any doubt of the con
tents one only need look at the Inside
Bf the can. Fermentation will always
:orrode the metal and the tin appears
black on the inside. The contents of
such a can are rank poison.
A good housewife will always empty
my canned fruit Into some agateware
vessel, after she has opened a can, for
fermentation is liable to set In once the
food has come in contact with air.
Itomalnes are the result of germ life
and they retain their poisonous quail
'.les through any amount of boiling, so
that the "re-processing" does not affect
their death-dealing properties.
There Is a second and equal danger in
the "swells" that have been "re-pro-;esaed,"
and that Is that the muriate of
Einc which Is used in soldering them.
Muriate of zinc Is one of the most
leadly poisons known to science. It is
tine dissolved In muriatic acid and is
laid on the top of the can by boys with
brushes In the canning factories, A
very hot Iron is applied to melt the
amalgam. Sometimes, through care
essness, the acid drops Into the food.
Ancient Faith Cure.
Here Is a story of witchcraft. The
Lord Chief Justice Holt of England,
who flourished In the seventeenth cen
tury, told It of himself. As a young
man, perhaps more sprlnghtly than
some, he found himself once in the
country without any money. He went,
however, boldly to the first roadside Inn
and ordered bed and board. By the fire
side he saw a girl shivering with ague.
"Why let your child suffer?" he said.
"I will 'cure her for you In a single
night." Thereupon he wrote certain
characters on a Blip of paptr, rolled It
up In a cloth, and told the girl to wrap
that around her neck and go to bed,
and In the morning she would be well.
This sht did. Faith did the rest, and
In the morning she was well. Holt
stayed a few days at the Inn, and on
his departure boldly asked for his bill.
"Sir," said the hostess, "It is I who owe
you, not you who owe me." So he de
parted. Forty years afterward, being
on a circuit, he had to try a woman
charged with sorcery and witchcraft.
She healed sick persons miraculously,
and, therefore, by the help of the devil.
Delng questioned, she acknowledgtd
that she used a charm which generally
worked a cure. "Let me look at It,"
said the Judge. She handed him a small
ciotn roil, within it he found: a paper
with certain characters. Then the me
mory of the trick came back to him.
You were yourself, he said, once
cured of an ague by the use of this
charm?" She said that was so. Then
he turned to the Jury and related the
whole story, and dismissed the poor old
woman. But as for the charm, the
court Impounded It, and the poor witcb
lost her power.
White Trimmings.
One sees an all pink or an all blue
lat oftener than an example complete
ly of white. This Is contrary to es
;abllshed custom. The white head cov
ering without a touch of gayety Is In
America ideal feminine warm weather
wear for Sunday best We have al
lowed Paris so to Influence our head
gear that, with the Parisian, our bon
nets, the purest of them, must be
flashed, at least with color. For pi
quancy the French woman sometimes
gowns herself In unrelieved white. And
It Is not difficult to find hats done en
tirely from white, but they are rarely
put forward without inquiry. Oftenest,
you come upon a chapeau of Thiie
atraw or mallne, decorated with soma
oft white stuff, and It would seem
is if the Intention to make it entim
white had been excellent. At the last
moment a paradise plume of yellow, a
Muster of green leaves, a handful of
flowers, Is tucked on somewhere, and
the whiteness ceases to be total. White
as a trimming for foundations of any
3oior Is In high vogue. And this whether
the hat be for dress or common wear.
One of the most original methods of ue-
Ing white Is In great mallne rosettes,
the only trimming of a black maliuo
Spanish turban White behind crape,
and white chiffon are twisted on outing
nats. This probably Is the outcome
the wearing of two veils, one for orrifc.
ment, on straw sailors.
"Dar hain't no queshun In my mind
but dat de pore man has got jest as
much right to ride around in his ker
rldge as de rich one, butwhen It comes
to payln' fur de axel greese dat's a dlf-
erent matter. We ought to hev all bin
bo'n rich, but beln' as we wasn't It
'pears to me to be de wisest plan to
make de best of it. Ize cussed de rich
an' Ize sympathized wid de pore, but
I nebber could see dat I cum out ahead
either way."
"If we'd study our feller-man a leetle
closer we'd git along wid him a heap
better. When I knowed dat my naybur
had put his fence two feet ober on my
land I knowed dat he'd law me fur ten
y'ars if I axed him to move it. I Jest
got a friend to throw out a hint dat
my shed was six inches ober de line,
an' de naybur paid all de expense of a
Burvey an' hustled his fence ober when
he found he was wrong."
"Dar am sartln folks who seem to
find great consolashun In tellln' how
wicked de world has becum, an' how
utterly Impossible It am to longer find
an honest man. When I h'ar slch pus
sons gwlne on I alius move de wood
pile a leetle nearer de doah an' tell de
old woman not to forgK to bring In de
clothesline. De man who stole my
wheelbarrer one night a y'ar ago sot
an' talked to me fur a hull hour on de
dishonest yof mankind, an' de pusson
who robbed my hen coop was ready to
weep ober de degenerashun which he
could see was takln' place In human
natur. Tf de b'ar trap which I hev sot
In my cucumber patch cotches anybody
'tall dis summer de chances am fifty to
one dat he'll be a social reformer."
One of the longest lived birds on nt
erd died recently in London. It was a
parrot named Ducky, the property of
the prince of Wales, and was a century
and a quarter old.
A paroquet lived 52 years in the
London Zoo without tasting a drop of
water. A number of reptiles live and
prosper In places where there is no
When a chameleon Is blindfolded It
loses all power of changing Its color,
ind Its entire body remains of a uni
form tint.
The lantern fly of Surinam, South
America, has two sets of eyes, so as to
:atch the light from all directions.
There are several varieties of fish
that cannot swim. In every Instance,
they are deep sea dwellers, and crawl
about the rocks using their tails and
fins as legs.
There are three varieties of the dog
that never bark the Australian dog,
the Egyptian shepherd dog and "lion-
headed" dog of Thibet.
The elephant has 40,000 muscles
his trunk alone, while a man has only
577 In his entire body.
It takes a snail exactly fourteen days
and five hours to travel a mile.
The California woodpecker will carry
an acorn thirty miles to store it.
The wragon fly can fly backward and
sidelong, and can alter Its course on
the instant without turning.
Ella Lieutenant Masher seems to be
rather attentive to Miss Willing of
Hattie Yes; and she is evidently skir
mishing around trying to precipiate an
engagement. Chicago News.
"Many folks am disappointed with
life bekase dey fall to realize dat delr
am an eternal fitness of things. When
yo' drap de price of white-washin' from
75 cents to 60 cents de whitewasher
draps in less lime an' pours In mo'
water to maintain de equilibrium. What
yo' save in yo'r purse he saves in his
pail, an' so yo' hain't no better off."
A biblical student declares that If the
descriptions of Solomon's temple are
accurately given in the bible and by
secular authorities the total value of
that edlflce and lis contents must have
exceeded fifty billion dollars. In the
first place, the value of the materials
In the rough Is estimated at $12,500,000,.
000, and the labor at 13.000.000,000. Ac
cording to Villalpandls. 10,000 men were
engaged In dressing cedar lumber, 80,000
were engaged In cutting stone and 60.000
In bearing burdens for a erlod of seven
years, who. In addition to their wages,
received 50 cents a day for food. Ac
cording to the same authority, which Is
corroborated by Josephus, the vessels
of gold were valued at 140,000 talents,
which, reduced to American money. Is
equal to I2.328.4S! ,01 fi. The Vessels of
.liver are calculated at $3,231,715,000. the I This story Is of a little girl, and It
vestments nf the priests and the robes may or may not have been told publlc
of the singers at $10,050,000 and the i ly before, says the New York Times. It
Ttllly Hopkins found two small boys
on the street the other day, one crying,
while the other was threatening him
with further castlgatlon, says the Cin
cinnati Enquirer.
Mr. Hopkins approached the victor of
the fight, and said:
"Come, my little man! You should
have no trouble with your companion!"
"I didn't have no trouble wid him,"
was the answer. "I licked him wid one
value of the trumpets of gold was $1,-000.000.
"Perspiration consists chiefly of
water, but contains also minute acids,
raits of soda and potash, earthy phos
phate, oxide of Iron, and animal mat
ter, with some carbonic scld, and oily
matter," says Dr. John Molr, L. R. C.
P., of London. "The armpits, groin,
forehead, hands and feet prsplre ess
left, as tfcey receive a r-'ater quantity
f blood, and the entire process proves him before
Is a cap story, brought out by that of
the Utile girl and her salutations. This
other little girl had been taken to
church for the first time, and she was
somewhat surprised by the general
style of the building, which was unlike
anything she had ever seen before.
"Whose house Is this?" she asked.
"It Is Ood's house," answered mam
ma, and the little girl took another crit
ical view of the building.
"It It a very nice house," she finally
soliloquised. "We have never called on
School For Housekeepers.
There has Just been opened at Wor-
ester, Mass., a school of househijd
economics and cooking, where womfn
can learn practical housekeeping undVr
competent teachers Just as their chll
dren learn the three Its In the publlo
schools. There Is a short course n
marketln gand lectures on the chemb
try of food, history of foods, supplies
and care of the same. Special clasps
it moderate prices are also held fjur
:lubs, teachers and housewives, twek-s
lectures once a week, and also lot
housekeepers. The pupils are not oijlj
taught to cook on proper lines, but afci
to serve the viands so that they villi
please the eye as welt as the palate.)
At present fifty pupils can be accom
modated as boarders within the walla
In addition to those living outsHe.
Each has a room to herself, fumlsbW
neatly with a white enameled foldtii
bed, the rest of the furniture beig
of oak, very cozy and homelike.
Any woman over 18 years of age w tfc
Satisfactory references and In gqtii
health will be admitted to any of lilu
special classes, but for regular coufst
work there will also be required a Jl
oloma from high school, or an equal I
advantageous education to be deter
mined by examination. A free schol
arship for every state and territory ilr
the union Is offered, not by the echo'
Itself, but through the generosity iol
an unnamed patron of the Institute
nd many of them have already bei-r
At some time or other ebery man
sits down to flgger dat if he could only
lib his life ober again he'd steer clear
of all blunders. He furgits, in de fust
place, dat nature might bo'n him a
fule to begin wid, If he nebber made
mistakes. I kin look back an' see
whar I orter hev gone Into haws In
stead of chickens, an' whar I orter hev
planted half squashes Instead of all
pumpkins, but if I was to lib my life
ober again I might make wuss mis
takes. Taken all In all, It's good 'nuff
world to lib in. an' people who preach
moral degenerashun am all wrong. It's
Jest dat the barbed wire fence keaps
us out of our naybur's truck patch, an'
we lock de woodshed doah so he kin
no longer git at our soft-soap bar'l. It's
Just dat de street car conductah gibs us
a quarter wid a hole In it an' Se gro
cer won't take It In turn from ua. It's
de same world an' de same people,
only human natur' ain't buyln' mewls
widout lookln' fur spavins."
Ex-Treasurer of the United States
Hon. A. U. Wyman, Omaha, Neb., says
"I take pleasure in commending the
virtues of the remedies prepared by
the Dr. E. J. Kay Medical Co. Having
known of some remarkable cures of
Omaha people effected by the use of
Dr. Kay's Renovator and Dr. Kay's
Lung Balm, I believe that these great
remedies are worthy of the confidence
of the public."
Dr. Kay's Renovator and Dr. Kay's
Lung Balm are sold by Druggists for
25 cts., 50 cts., and $1.00 or sent by
mail on recent of price by Dr. B. J.
Kay Medical Co., Saratoga Springs, N.
Y. Send for our Free Book, Free
Advice and Free Sample of Medicines.
Peacemaker Why did you glva that
boy such a thrashing.
Juvenile Belligerent He hit me wid a
Peacemaker But don't you know you
should return good for evil?
Juvenile Belligerent Well, if I didn't
oak 'im good, I don't know.
June Bug In Church.
It happened last Sunday at the morn
ing service In one of Chicago's big
churches, but the choir has managed to
keep it quiet until now, says the Chi
cago News.
As the weather was warm the win
dows were all open, and Just as the
choir rose to sing the anthem, a largo
June bug sailed through the window
nearest the choir loft and began to buzz
around the organist's head. The organ
ist skipped a few bars and knocked
the beetle Into a corner. The soprano
was Just entering upon a difficult ca
denza when the June bug rose up and
sailed past her bead almost striking
her In the face. Immediately her voice
leaped to the highest note In Its com
pass, and she screamed three distinct
screams and then, overcome with con
fusion, she sank down Into a chair and
covered her face with her hands, while
the other voices took up the air and
swelled out In a chorus of harmony.
Members of the congregation com
mented that day on the soprano's won
derful voice, but none but the choir
knew of the June bug Incident until the
contralto let the secret out at a "socia
ble" last evening.
$IOO Reward, $100.
"There are many men who wouldn't
marry for money," growled the savage
misogynist, "If they could get the mon
ey any other way."
The readers of this paper will be
pleased to learn that there Is at least
one dreaded disease that science has
been able to cure in all Its stages, and
that Is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is
the only positive cure known to the
medical fraternity. Catarrh being a
constitutional disease, requires a con
stitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh
Cure Is taken Internally, acting directly
upon the blood and mucous surfaces of
the system, thereby destroying the
foundation of the disease, and giving
the patient strength by building up the
constitution and assisting nature in
doing Its work. The proprietors have
so much faith in its curative powers
that they offer One Hundred Dollars
tor any case that It falls to cure. Send
for list of testimonials. Address,
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists, 75c
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
Do yon get up villi a
It there a bad taste In
your mouth?
Then vou have a noar
appetite and a weak diges
tion. You are frequently
dizzy, always feel dull' and
drowsy. You have cold
bands tnd feet. You get
but little benefit from your
food. You have no ambition
to work and the sharp paina
of neur .lgia dart through
your body.
What ia the cause of all
this trouble?
Constipated hovels.
will give you prompt relie!
ana certain cure.
Kmmp Tmtm Bloo Pmrm.
If you have neglected your
case a long time, you had
better take
also. It will remove all
Impurities that have been
accumulating in your blood
and will greatly strengthen
your nerves.
Wrttm thm Doolor.
Thare may be omethlng about
roar can tou do nl ime uder
itand. Writ the aootor frly: tell
him mw you are auffarlns. Yon
will promptly recti ibt beet
medical aarlee. aaareee,
Dr. J. 0. Aft, towsll, Haas.
For putting a quick biting edge W
cutlery for table or kitchen use a me
dium soft oilstone moistened with keraw
sene. ,
That Is the advice of a practical tost)
worker of long experience. This coow
blnatlon cuts steelware faster and pots
on a keener edge tha nany other device,
and the stone keeps clean.
Some have objected that kerosene wiat,
spoil . the -stone, soon making It harC
and useless. This" is emphatically daw
nied by the gentleman just mentioneaU
A stone which he himself used, he oW
clares, after 19 years of Buch treat!
ment, was Just as good as new.
anything, rather Improved.
The stone should be Dlaned from time
to time, he adds, by grindinar it with,
sand, face downward, on a smootfi
board. The best of stones will not dW
good work if its surface is full of hills
and dales, like a country landscape.
"What Is Dicky pounding his poor
blllygoat so viciously for?" "Well,
Dicky stepped oft the' porch a minute
and the goat ate up all his flags and
tin soldiers." Detroit Free Press.
" can claim a professional relation
ship to you," said Mr. Trenchant Penti
to the cabman. "So?" replied the lat
ter noncommittal. "Yes, I do hack
work myself." New York Journal.
Cures Eczema.
It also cures anything in the nature at
wounds, eruptions, discharges, or inflam.
matlon of the skin or mucous membrane.
Not a soap or ointment but a soothing!
healing lotion, giving immediate relie
from itching or burning, and lnsurlagek
rapid cure.
Mts el mosquito and ether Ineeska.
poison-Ivy, tired, swollen, and Inflamed
feet, ohaflnsa and other skin disorder)
peculiar to the summer season, Instantly
relieved by Qermozone. Give r m im
zone ten days' trial. It not found e
tirely satisfactory, return the unmet,
portion to us and we wlU promptly re
fund your money.
Trial size, 10c; large size, 60o postpaid.
Geo. H. Lee Chemical Co.
Omaha, Neb., or 68 Murray SlM New York.
ny Expensive Convenience
i Hanuli
'I thought," said the disappoints
friend, "you told me this election wtu
going to be a walkover."
"Well," answered the former candi
date, "It was. I was tha doorstep.
Washington Star.
Not an Authority.
A dispute as to the words "lunch"
and "luncheon" recently arose between
Mr. and Mrs. William Dean Howells.
Mr. Howells championed "lunch" as the
proper term, while his wife defended
luncheon," says the San Francisco
At last at Mr. Howell's suggestion,
they appealed to the Century Diction
ary to settle the question. "Well, I
was right, after all," he exclaimed in
triumph, and he read aloud the fol
lowing extract quoted as showing cor
rect usage: "We lunched fairly upon
little dishes of rose leaves delicately
"From what author Is tha senteno
taken?" Inquired Mrs. Howells.
"Why, I declare, from W. D How.
"PshaW!" was the retort; "he's ik
ling of Milk and Batter.
noes Away With the Nermiilty For Great Man;
nmcn .nre uauniiy caaencim lor me I'rontable Hand
uuriDci,. r.mpioyg omy me principles or cansa
and effect. In construction It Is as simple as an ordinary milk can. Ooaf
well water (in equal proportion to your milk) Is all that Is neceaaai y to
cure all the butter fat the milk contains In the warmest of weather. Farmer!
engaged In the saloof cream to creameries will find the Hector Automata?
Crenm Neparalor superior to any other, but those who think themselves baa
111 prepared to handle their milk and butter will find In the Kootor separate
all the- benefits and advantages which they could have hoped to get out el
expensive equipments. The Rector Keparnton. have been In use nearlr twa
years among the most progressive farmers in Iowa. Missouri and other
8t,",tM- f,1!"! ,'n each and every Instance complete satisfaction. The hoiue
wire will find Its unge as simple as a milk can and the results as a-oodLM thlin thou,, itfluinnH f .... kA i , . .
l : 7 .......... . ininsb mi uuuiriiugai macmneav
In onler to Introduce the Hector Heparin or Into Nebraska, the regular DrkS
of $7.00 has been r-duced, for limited lime, to it.Oli, delivered free at all
answered and such ot her Information gives as may be required. Write roi
name and address plainly. w
Address all communications to B. H. PICKEN, Ottumwa, Iowa,
jack of all mm
How many of you have lost tho price of this Engine In one day on account of l
sufficient wind in operate your wind mills, leaving your stock without water Getter
now to do your pumping when thore Is no wind or to do It regularly. Weather doM'aS
u n i I Its 1 1 r i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 e ... 1 1 il Mif. .if Hv. lnH . I i. .. 1 1 . i . . , , .
ivi i Ji...n . . . "j-y.t."" t 'v "JLmr w ." .macaia
..... Mnn,ii ...iu, hiimii iiti, nun wiM.u, .num auu i nanay tor a Hundred nta
Jobs. In the ImiiMi or on the farm. Ousts nothing to keep when not working, and 00J1
to 2 cents per hour whnn working. Hlilpped completely set up, ready to run. no founa
iion ni'iiru, kikih moor ana money saver, nequire practically no attention a4
nbsoliitcly safe. We make all ilees of Uasollne Engine, from 1 to 76 horse power. ti
"I love to make visits In the morn
ing." "Do you?"
"Yes; all the other women are busy
cleaning house, and It Is so funny to
see them try to act glad to sea me."
Detroit Free Press.
omama. mo. 27-1 see.
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