The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, April 13, 1899, Image 8

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If you are tirel of paying high prices you
can make monev bv buying vour goods at the
Every body loves a nice fitting, Stylih
Shoe. We Sell the Que?n Shoo, advertised
in all magazines at .u;) in Boston, we sell
this gracef r.l shoe for $2. " right here at home
and have you Mo express besides.
All other leather goods will be sold
just as cheap in proportion; none but
the best kept in stock.
In Clothing, Dry goods and Groceries we will meet all East
em Catalogue prices and will throw in a set of Class
Dishes, worth 82.50, for every $20.01) worth you
buy for cash. Also, come in and see, our
Ladies Wrappers and Shirt Waists,
they are DAISIES and will
be sold very low. Call
and get our prices
before yon buy
also han
dle the celebra
ted Valentine Flour,
none better in America.
Besides we have full line of Crockery.
If you want a suit of clothes made
to order we are Agents for
Royal Taylors of Chi
cago, Ills.
RANCH SUPPLY HOUSE l. gerlach, p
xte u szy u be
The place 1 (let (Jood
Bargains at a'.! times is at
The following of '.which is
nearly always fcund, at
the above place:
A complete, assortment of
Ladies and Gents furnish
ing Goods, Dry Goods, No
tions and Millinery,
A Good liii'i of Men's
Duck Clothing, Hats and
Caps to suit the times.
Ladies and Gents Fine
Foot Wear a specialty; and
Children, s Foot Wear care
fully considered.
The place to Get Good
Bargains in Bubbers is at
Where a complete line of
warm Felts and Kublers,
Our line of GROCERIES
an? fine, as we always aim
to buy Good, Fresh Goods
such as we "know would
r-uit all our Customers.
We carry a complete line
of F LOU II & FEED; all
Flour guaranteed. Also,
we carry HARDWARE &
Building Material.
, v
For MeCormic machinery, Barbed Wire
and Salt; in fact nearly everything
kept in a well regulated store. If you
are in need of a large or small bill come
in and see what we can do for you
before you send your money out of the
country. Respectfully,
Any of these three with
isli purchase
Thursday. April. 33th. 1899.
(Jeo. D. Canon, Editor and Prop,
P. E. A M. V K. it. i line Utile.
Going: Went. 't.oing Kat.
9o. 5, mixed, U :20 1 No.. B. mixed . :00
;F. E- M.
V. , E. K. is the best
to and from the
Plijiscian and Surgeon.
ill calls giTen prompt attention.
Office In Inis Store.
F. K. & M. V. K. K.
'Xweial Excursion to Hut Spring, S. D.
Excursion tickets, good returning 30
vlays from daWof sale will be sold to
Hot Springs, S. Ii., ami return, at one
are for tbe round trip ft. 40, Tuesdays
.and Thursdays,, April 11 and 2", 1H3).
F. Avert, Agent.
ii M.tsn will be celebrated at the
residence of Antone Moravek's in Harri
son, April 29,1H9. at 10 o'clock .. m.
Parties are requested to send their ehil
.dren from 10 years, and over who have
not been confirmed as t lie Bishop will
..confer confirmation in June.
All memliers should he present.
R&v. Father Kropa, Pastor.
C2P Preaching every other Sabbath
nt 11 o'clock a. m., awl everv Sabbath
evening at 8 o'clock nt the M. E. church.
Every body invited to attend.
Rev. J. L. Krnd ux. Pastor.
QTThere will be Luthejnn service
in Harrison. Sunday, April 13, 18i)9 at
10 o'clock a. m. All members aro re
quested to lie present at that time.
Rsv. F. O. Winces, Pastor.
Dont forget to read the Bigelow sale
fiotice in this issue of the Jodknal.
Parties wishing to invest in real es
tate, should not fail to read , our list of
jaaches and farms for sale, which will lie
found In unouier column of the Jocksal.
In addition vto the outfits now at
work on the new railroad ot of Alliance,
there wilt lie 130 team and men down
from the wt Monday. The line is to be
built from Alliance, by way of Camp
Clark, Bayard and Qeriog, thence to
flrmh, Colo. A apur is to be built to
Uartvilla to eoable the Iron mine own-
r to opo up their tuioes.. Wrk in to
lptibed until completed. No work has
bees done dowe then by the U. P. rood
cofiMioaly rporUd. Alliance Pio
.' ,-uear titip.
. la 1CS; wife went east and was at-
1 adM with HMMflMthmf. She re eived
W retif Mtil ab irUd Clmniirlio's
. Pa Balm. Ck -tbot time ,wo have
mtr him wtwtit. We find it xives
. -Iqsiac afia iraeasaf burn and sea Id
ft all rhhiinmtic
&-'Z'-'?- Iwb. tX, C. Brant.,
Prompt attention piven to all legal
matters in Justice, County and District
Courts, and before the United Stat?t
Land Office.
Fire Insucuu written in reliable
sotn panics.
OfLefnl pars carefully drawn.
Kaiuusox. - , Kebraska.
rrTDou'i Bend to Mont
soinary, Ward & Company
or to Elkhart, Indiana, for
your Harnesses. I can fell
you better goods and much
cheaper. If you are open for
conviction come and learn
for yourself.
Eookbt EoiIWKR.
M. J. Oayhart, of Montrose wan in
town on business yesterday.
--Sir. T. 15. Snyder, of Sheep creek
"as iu Harrison this week, on business.
Mr. Knvder is Very jubilant over the as-
surnl s-icss of the new Rail Road KOirig
through (bjwn in that country.
Goodwin and Herbert Lacy left for
Casjrtjr. Wyo., where they expect to ob
tain employment at the sheep shearing
Iwrnps nearby, they will probably lie
jrnne until about the Irst of June, may
be longer.
Elmer Smith, w ho with his father just arrived from Gering, informed
tiie JoCfWAL reporter that nurveying
and grading is now being done on the
lipe from Alliance and also on tbe U. P.
line from Sidney. He thinks without
4ouht both lines will be built, ' j
A letter from Hon. A. G. Fisher
this week informs ug that the bill house
Roll No. 450, which we published last
week, under the caption "flow is this'
did not pass either house of the legisla
ture, hence, it could not become a law
Therefore, we gladly make the abova
statement in order to set Mr. Fishtr
right before the people as he was author
of the bill and ought to know whereof
W. R. Smith, while about one mile
the other side of Eunning water Tuesday
afternoon came near loosing his life,
caused by the wheels of the wagon drop
ping into a rut in the road in such a mat-
ner as to throw him from the high load
which he was sitting on down between
tbe heels of the homes and the wagon
and of course was ran over by tbe wag
on which bruised Irim un auite badlr.
but not seriously. He was brought to
town the next morning by Wilts
Earnest, and John Mursteller, his son-in-law
went down and assisted Elmer in
getting to town with their loads. Mr.
Smith, however, wil! tie alt O. K. in a
few days, thoug!) it . njs m ricl Unit
Good Hay & Stock
Ranch for sale.
T. O. Williams made a trip to Pleas
ant Ride, the first of thin wetk on busi
ness. Miss Ella Will. wenttoLusk, on last
Tuesday, where she has secured employ
ment at the depot hotel.
R. 1L Arcberd, lelt for Casppr,
Wyo., last Saturday noon where ha ex
pects to obtain a job sheaving sheep.
L?.'Jow in the time to purchase that
new carpet, cheaper than over at Bak-TH-L's,
also carpet I :niiir.
Arthur CiyU;Hi, iast d through'
here last Monday on his way from Hut
Creek valley, with !W0 head of cattle tak
ing them to,Mr, Coffee, Ruihide ranch.
Michael Hrui k who has been up in
the vicinity of Douglas, Wyo. during
the past year employed as sh.p herder
came down on last Wednesday evening,
to look afler his interest h-;rt-, speaking
of his business, during the past winter
Mr. Ii. said he lost but two s'xrep during'
the winter, but we understand Mike is a
crack herder.
Iiicidenuily we lsirned that Mrs.
M.iggie Rowran, who w ith Mrs. Scotl
(the latter a t.ister-;n-la w of John Finley
of PorUrc) just recently arrived from
Seward will open dressmaking parlors in j
in the corner room of I he Andnm ft block, i
We believe a dressmaking establishment i
if rightly conducted, in this town, will
prove to be a success.
W. ILfimiHi and wife, parents of
Mrs. John Marsteller. and Elmer her bro
ther, who have ls-en resident of Sootl's
Bluffs county for the last jear and a
half, near (Searing returned with ali their !
household goods yesterday arid we learn
, I some. liilein town he did not forget
vU. .c -ft..,,,, ...v, , , umi .,. va fr,,ndlvli,,w
Cull For C'ojiimlssioncrs Mrrthig,
The County Commissioners of Sioux
County, Neb., are hereby called to must,
at the office of the county clerk, on Wed
nesday April 19th, lt99, for the puqioso
of drawing a jury, for the May, 1K)9 term
of the district court, and for the purpose
of transacting ordinary county business.
M. J. Hlewett, Clerk.
Rev. P,urleigh of Crawford, wan in
town his week, Tuesday.
..Jack" Raffln, was in from Rawhide
Tuesday doing business.
tlTLook out for the finest line of
millinery, that was ever bro light to thin
town, next week at BaETk;xU
Sheriff Holly, was out in the vicini
ty of Cottonwood this week on Official
business, lie rturned yesterday.
Tlvwnis Iiiii. I !cs b-ii'hor of
Iii.ii('e-::.. c;, to l-. for h.lh'mrs. ;ii-nt, j
alwut the first of May. u work in the
mines for nwhil. Th..v hnv-o p..,ol !
their place to J,fm Mack.
Jiidya Wilson, and hw three sons loft
for Wheatland. Wyo., cm last Monday.
The boys expect to stay up there and
put in a crop, but the Judge after seeing
the boys comfortably domiciled will re-
turn to Sioux county.
A letter to Grant Guthrie from S. It.
Colfee at Georgetown, Tex., last Mon
day stated that hi little b-jy baby had
died a few days sro of croup and was
sick but a day or two. This will l sal
news to their many friends in Sioux
count v,
Ed. O'Connor, left for Wyoming, on
last Monday evening, where he has spent
Hie past three seasons in (I, employ of
the L. S. cattle company. El. is un
honest and trustworthy young man, in
whom Ins employers will not place confi
dence i vain.
Alton Kratz. of Crawford, was up
in this neighborhood a day or two Ibis
week, tryinir to find some ono who had
cat lbs to sell, as he is anxious to buv
sss m xsx tarsi satsa mvt iw ms
S Read This Notice, Land For Sale, is
Parties Wishing to Invent Small Capital Where it Will 3
Bring Quick Ileturn.s, Should Investigate Thew;;
Bargaina hy Calling at Thij Oiilce or
Writ to Geo. D. Canon, Editor
. Htftnc County Jopknal,
Harrison, Neb.
F'OItbiAI.ECIIEAP-A fine STOCK RANCH, in Converse county
Wyo., T'iwtisliii Ul, Ruigt) 61. There i goo.l, frame hiostt tin lin -h, 1',
1, Id foot MM.ts, and kitchen 10x24, 0 foot p s!s; 6 m l s of f oice o. j.'ri if,
pad 1W acres oinlr f.Uv : fp'.,,l.-1 fnrn;; re ;r thu hous; school oue-half
iii'i.1 tr-'tt if U: , , ai m cuts .e sii. ils aiu t ortuos. r
This Rain h is ft liarain for any lly w ifh small capital, w ho d;sir?s to
en'aje iu ie htock business in the best stock country in the world.
FOI1 SALKi 260 acres, situatea ou Running
iouth if Harrison, i,i Sioux county.
Wjtrr creek, l'l miles
i FOH KALEi-.iS'l acres, at the mouth of little Monroe canyon, in War-
bonnet precinct, (food, story and a half frun.e liotise on much, lix'2C,
ft painted, lathed and plastered; also barn for 12 horses, Ixssides other buildings
3 on ranch; 3 acres under cultivation and irrigation, and much mora can !
put io fame condition with little work; ranch is fenced and cross-fenced;
M Little Monroe creek runs through place. For information inquire of L.
(ieilac h or at tbe JOURNAL oflice.
r- " ...
honored and resected citizens of this
Rich Dunn and family, who used to
be resideots this county and who moved
to Guthrie Wyo., two years ago return
ed to Sioux county to make their future
home Monday, Mrs. Dunn -coming by
rail and tie driving overland bv team
Mrs. Dunn is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
i. W. Sherill of this place, Mr. and Mrs.
Dunn hare moved onto their place down
in the valley where Mr. I), will doubtless
engage ie etock and farming industry.
Mr. Joseph Dunn and his bride, came
in on tbe east bound traia last Tuesday
evening, and were guests at the North
Western Iwtel over night, and on yester
day 'they left for their 8u,uaw Creek
ranch, where they expect to make their
future home. Tne JoittNAL acko wledges
a pleanant call from the newly married
couple and it hastens to offer congratul
ations and wish them health, wealth and
prosperity, in their new sphere of life and
the crowning glory In the next. One
feature which is an aasensial nescessity
in all well regulated families in this neck
o, the woods, that is the Kiotx Cor sty
Jotrna!,, and this essential tbe newly
made Benedict did not neglect. Wo
hardly deem (I necessary to add, that Jo.
Hi on old Sioux counl y rcsidnt, and a
to ye editor and
IVrry White, has given up buying a
new well drilling outfit. He thinks tbe
railroad company want more for haul
ing the machine from the factory than
it is worth after it gets here. Ho savs
the company charges 1C0, freight and
that, he considers exorbitant.
For ten days the weather has been
nothing more tnan balmy, spring weath
er, excepting a fewdrifts here and then?,
the last of the snow has ditajx-ared and
grass is slowly making its appearance,
and without doubt by the first of May
stock will be able to get plenty of new
Frank Lillie and wife, of Castena. to.
the former a brother-in-law of Frank
Johnson of this place, who have been
visiting here during the past several
months, left for their home on last Mon
day evening, but expect to return to this
2 luntrv e ere many moous to settle r
manently. Ed. Howker, left for Running Water,
on last Sunday evening, and on Monday
morning commenced the erection of tbe
Langworthy Bros., mansion, which he
expects to push towards completion with
all possible sppd. Ed. is a first class
mechanic, aiid will doubles fulfil) his
art of the contract to the utmost satis
FOH HA Ilv 100 acres, 3 miles North-west of town adjoining the west
sale of the Smith place. This place is cheap as dirt. Investigate by en-
" on, rin" Ml I his oil!. 4 oi- i.r.T I' X. I,',,.l.,..l 1 I., ...... .... VI.
jj 1 - - - .... ... v. ... ... i j u.i 'n..,, ,
S3 hTiZH Jslklii . Zh St?; Zi'lt
Public Auction.
I will oiler for sale at Pub
lic Auction, at the Livery
IJarnJn. HARRISON, Neb.,
at 1 o'clock p. in., April Ii,
ItMlorm VltHLIIT.
Cures Impoteucy, Night Einiitionsand
waiting disease:!, all efTccts of sc!f-
ahuh-c, or excess anil IndU-
kV n " in:i(icr. iirin'H the
sWy-pinK glow to pale cheeks and
PVl restores the fire of youth.
4 TV3iVn.. n
lyy, the following described for -r,0; with a wiltt uarnn-
n-o 10 euro or rciuna tno money.
Send for circular. Address.
personal property, to-wit:
C Head yearling Steers,
3 Head 2-yeai-old Steers,
1 Short yearling Steer,
2 Steer-calves, months
3 Dozzen Chickens,
1 Wagon, 1 Hay llack
1 Harrow, 1 StirngPlow,
1 Potato Plow 1 Brakng "
1 Lot of Tools, consisting of
Spades, Shovel, Matlock,
Wire Stretcher, Hammer,
Cross-cut Saw &c. .4 bout 50
bushels of Oats, 25 bushels of
Potatoes. 15 bushels Millet
seed and oilier things to nu
merous to mention.
Terms: -CASH.
P. U. HKilXO'.V.
ainton A Jackson 8t CHICAGO, ILL.
Knld By Dr. J. E. Phlnoty.
lo the matter of the Admin titration cif
the Estate of Herman Ooedde, Deceased,
ststft of Neln s.ka, ) M
Muiii csiuntjr. j
At a rcjiintr court, held t iim nii
rrMirt ruom, In huiI for snll coilnlT. ou tlio
lh rty of April A. I. tMH.
i imrni mirieri w iimmi, coo n t y Judf e.
On renrtliiK anil llllnir l in. re-ilt,.,,. r Ami.
rew Mi-iilnlHv. nnvlnv iiil (ir,,t,,i.i...,i..
of sa.1'1 Ks'nte nmw be. unijUil to Ii ll i.ri.
("lit d riliilnirnlor.
Orderl. thst Uie nrt ilsv nt M A t
lfW, stkoVutrk A. M. U swlumil for heir-
ln 'il'l IM-lillon, when nil pvrwmn IntcreH
el lnsl,J ins tier mar ,r nt s rouniv
couri to Ik tiel,l In and for mWI uountr. snil
liow cjiiiwi why the prayer ot the petition,
er nhottw not granted ; and thai nntlre of
the petnlenry of ld petition and the her
l3 thereof, he ,tlvei lo nit iwrwn. Intre.t.
ed In said mattnr by pub;iahln seopy of toe
order In thHot;x (xdt Jocsl s week
ly new. pt, per printed In a. Id eonnty, for
th.-efl miCiMiMive rsvks, prior lo aihl day of
hei rut if.
l-fcue Jit? Wits fx t crushed ont of him.
ion of M.' Dunn, Sr. of WiirUduet,
faction of bis eroploj ers.
I ' , !3l!nT WlMO,
toMsty jii-i-c
i '!)
i -J'