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ioux Cou
26S9. NO. 33.
The Sioux County Journal.
Subscription Price, if 1.00
Vc. 1. 4'r,mni, - - - K!il;r
ISEETTLED RIGHT." --lion. William J. Bryan.
Bryan to
Entered nt the Harrison inwt ottioo n
ni-Ollrt Class Ir.atter.
Claariy defines Differ
ences Between Gold
bugs and Jaffar
Ilrjnii Points Out llyporr Ikj in the
Winjflo Standard Advucalc'a
Hulicltiifle for tlio work,
iiiguian, Ik'lmoiitu Pos
ition on Currency
U Weak.
The ground of tho OrenUr America; LINCOLN, Neb., April 9. Colonel W
Exposition nt Oni:ilm r Mng 1 rstiin-' J- Hrytui mailed his answer to the last
fcrmed int.) v i 1 n t Impicul pinlenu. j Mier received from Perry Belmontsomo"
P,ilnitnwt f'Oi.i-o .! ititx, i-hniU mi. I weeks ago. The -oi feNpouJenee thus far
ilw Horn of Hie tropi.-s viil l; trims-j has dealt largely with the rival Jetler
pirntod in the Iw.ivliC ut I. lulls tract anil ' wm dinners to ba held in New York, but
in this grand court on ith r hide of the Mr. Bryan ignores that matter and de
htfjouu an ur.t tf not less tiiiin MO ; votes 1 1 if attention to the differences ex
fores. I isliiirf l;twt!fn himitelf and Mr. Belmont
on ijuesliotis of Democratic nartv nolicv
Tin Verdict, lli i only illustrated Dem-j Hw feltw m pirt is us follows:
wrut'u wwkly j inn.a! id the United j 'LIN;i.)LN, Nh., April 8. lion. Perry
.Mtatw, warcuHin-; an unusual intn.-t iVIimmt, New York: lAiar Sir Upon
4.ot only in th -l;tt hut in Urn Went. I my return to Lincoln I found your letter
JttKtttiwart ,"lH '''" ' 's nii'iistioii-! containing the original letter and port
able. (,'ertaitily it voice- omv thi-i.iii-s wrip gi'n to the presw 'some duyn be-
iHin ii-. n up iA-iii.ic:-.nici-jftv intends i lore. I cannot -tmd anything in my lt
t.i k hefuro poplo m It. "is Iter to which you can consistently ob-
l"ali in' tlu Ijemoi nicy to t!) ktiimurt 1 jpct.
,, of tin 1U00 pht-f rni:
An Income Ti-t.
A Krtdl Inh'iritinxo Tax.
Th duntnu tiou of the pohtiwit power
of the tru-M,
Public ownership of municipal fru.
It rd.'orinli, vi-rlttPti by Alfrwl Henry
Iiwio, art iimi-mally in statement
The Verdict' rftrtouiw, prinUn in color
.uin up pictoiially thu editor's viewn
of and New York affairs.
Thertj iim character and individuality in
the curlo'm.-t that are nn refreshing a.s tho
viiror of the ditorials. The Verdict
gives promise cf beiut; the orajlo of the
advanced iJemocracy.
Thu pajwr consiM of twenty pnprH
weekly, tour of which ah) printed in
-color, whiU it coiitaiiin c.wh wuek u
hpirited draw ing in colors of a Nalional
celebrity, lcnmcrat or republican, which
in insiied ids a suploiiieul huiuble for
t - ' """
March, nitnesx- tliu (ilins: of' article
of incorporating of trimU in New Jersey
.cupitiihzin:,' them in the aggregat of
'Sl.OOO.OijO.OO), and tho le-- for recording
same iimounted to, iu round muuU.-rn,
Follovrihfr are the companies capital
ized and iniide rendy to do busiuesn.
Am. isteem Milp Co. i.Mi.ono,
' Woolen Co. t.'.,i)iK),000
" lcc'. 00,'IW.OOf)
Bwt SuRur Co. 2,ikioki
" Hrlt k('. ),(m,n
" School furniture Co. Kl.moKit
" I'uciric I-'UherlBn t'o. 5ou,n(io
I". S. C'at Iron tte Co. .'K'.OoO.oiiO Hte.iin pipe Co ZT.VW.OiiO
Ituvnl Halil;if I'owder ( . i.otni.tou !
lltvuna t'onil Co. 2,(),ogo I
I'nlUMl Fruit Co, 2,doii,ikki
Ci)iiol(lHti Mreet rnr Co. h,0ijO,(kiii
Indo Kxyptlnn Coiipr- I o. 5.00O,(jO
Cuinprnw Una C'upsuU- ( u, I'ijuo.OW
Nktlonai kH Co. vi,m.M j
J'ark KH-el Co.
Continental Cnmrnt Co.
iteverjr I'loolno (i.
Vnlbvt Inet & Co.
Ilelvcta fooiii- Co.
Empire lef I m Iron Co.
National Ciuli Ki'KU:r to
Areaillan Oopfier Co.
rlati Roynl rappnr Co.
Colnnilita UefrlKerulIng Ce.
M Autotmitjllo Co.
Maritime Improvemoot (.
Hon and Bahl
Sjtvptloo Tolmeco 'o.
Newport New abettor Ce.
Brooktjra Wan A Klectry
Kew Knirland Klectrlenl Vehicle A Trmiipor
tetlon Co. ViflKjam
CalUxJ KlRCtrte Co. Sow Jertey 2,000,w
"You began your speech in Madison
square Garden on Anguit IS, lt)B, by
haying that it was time for 'plain Hpeak
ing,' and proceeded to accuse the t'hica
go convention of 'uatraval' of the Demo
cralio party. In jour Brooklyn )eec;
on sWptoiulmr 15, !, you spoke of the
Murage platform aS tfiu stfii'nge (toctMrt-
e born in CliicuKo of a coalition betweeo
the unthinking eleniput of the old party
and the Socialists who mas meraded as
Populist ' It seems that, in using the
words 'betraval' and 'masuerad.;,' I un
consciously fell into the istyle which yo
employed in l'i'JC, but I did not reflec
upon the intelligence of the gold utan
dard advocated by characterizing them
as an 'untruthful clement.'
'ou a-d;, first, that I point out wher
your utterances are unpitriotic, un
Democratic, un-American and in confiic
with the Democratic creed as sot forth
in Jefferson's first inaugural address.
"We have no accepted standard by
which to determine whether a given op
ioion is patriotic or American but we
hnve means of determining whether an
opinion is Democratic and in accord with
the teaching of Jefferson. I presume
you use- the word Itomocralic in the par
ty sense, otherwise that term would lie
as uiuicun vo ueune as patriotic or
"The right to determine what is Demo
cratic in a party sense twlongs to the
I temocratic party. The Chicago cotiven
tion was more purely represented than
any other convetion held iu recent years,
because the rank aud (lie of the party
spoke on puniic questions turough in
truded delegates. The Chicago plat
form is the latest authoritative definition
of Democracy as applied to existing con
ditions. If a minority of 4he delegates
,xi,in j t a national convention representing
l.o-m.ixhi.iw) i minority of the members of the Demo-
7,vio,o(w !
3,fl 0,()
H, .'S.01I0
I, M0,fM0
1. 51X1,000
TftAoc Maims
rtf CoYiaKT Ac.
nttflh mt eMnntla nw
qmmar mnrimm jmr oamm trm whatkar m
lay u It araktarr aaiagtalila. CnaiaiaaMa-
liaaaai latlr awii aaaaial. Harnikoot I'aaaau
i rvaa oaaaai aaanof ntmnMHiaiu,
, wit bom eaam, m im
Stftific Jlctrica
awi foatf aai
tOmmini motif. Urftrt Mr.
r eiiaetna teanuiL Tanta. m a
alXZtL ioU Mil aaaiaaliaj
cratic party has a right to determine
what Is Democratic, then each member
of the party has a right to define democ
racy for himself and to assort that he is
a better Democrat than any one else.
"Let me apply this principle to three
questions upon which you have taken
a position, in the volumes sent me:
"First Standard money.
"Second Paper money,
"Third Income tax.
"Jefferson favored the double stand
ard as against the single gold standard
and during his administration our nation
had the free and unlimited coinage of
gold and silver at the legal ratio of 1.1 to
1. The ratio was changed to 18 to one
during Jackson's administration. The
Chicago platform pronounced against the
gold standard andIn favor of the return
to the free and unlimited coinage of gold
and silver at the ratio of 16 to 1, with
out waiting for the aid or consent of any
ether nation. An a delegate to the Chi
cago convention you voted for a minori
ty report, which declared against inde
pendent free coinage, on the jround that
it would not only imi are our finances,
'but would retard or entirely prevent
international bimetulism. To which the
effort of the government should be stead-
ly directed.' A a delegate to the Iuian-
iol' convention two months later, you
supK.rted a platform which declared in
favorof the gold ntaudard without any
declaration in favor of international bi
metallism. You may be able to explain
why the minority rejocted at the Indi
anapolis convention the plank for which
ii lougui at uinciigo.
"Mr. McKinley, in 1HU1, charged in a
public speech that Mr. Cleveland during
his first administration was dishonoring
one of the precious metals, discrediting
silver and enhancing the price of gold.
Ha insisted that Mr. Cleveland was try
ing to make 'money scarce and therefore
dear,' and added 'he would have increas
ed the value of money and diminished
the value of everything else. Money
the master and everything else the ser
vant,' If McKinley then understood the
real purpose of the gold standard, as I
believe he did, who could think Jefferson
capable of advocating a policy which,
instead of securing equal and exact jus
tice for all, makes 'money the master
and everything the servant?"
"Mr. Carlisle in a sper eh in 1873 said:
"The conspiricy to destroy by legisla
tion and otherwise from three-sevents
to one-half of tho metallic money of the
world is the most gigantic crime of this
or any other other age.'
"Jf Mr. Carlisle was then right, as I
believe lie was, la his denunciation of
the gold standard, who can believe Jef
ferson caiable of being a party to such
a crime?
"After the election Mr. McKinley sent
a commission to Europe to secure inter
national aid in getting rid of the gold
standard, and a Republican congress ap
propriated money to pay the expenses of
the commission. The commission failed
recause of English opposition, and the
English opposition was due to the oppos
ition of English financiers. Jeffersonian
Democrats must have a letter reason for
submitting to the gold standard than the
fact that the English financiers favor it
as a means for raising the purchasing
power of their money.
"I have selected these three questions
because they are important and because
your position upon them has been clear
ly defined. YViur sph!s abound in ex
prcsSTonsoTconndenceinthe gold stan
ard, your correspondence with Mr. War
ner sets forth your opposition to the in
come tax and a newspaper item, quoted
in your book, gives you credit for draft
ing that 'portion of the Indianapolis
platform which related to the retirement
of the greenbacks and the substitution
of bank currency.
1 1 .... i. .1 , , ,
luui irujjimcy uiiiiM law to pre
vent wage earners and salary earners
from demanding and securing payment
in gold dollars would not be a winning
issue, evinces a tender solicitude for the
laboring man. I might BUggest that bi
melalism alarms you more than it does
the wage earners, it was not the empl
oyes who were frightened at the specter
of free silver in 1M'J6; neither did the
laboring men share your desire to add to
the privileges, of tho banks.
"On December 20, 1897, a year after
the election, the federation of labor ad
opted the following resolutions:
"Resolved, that we dolcare ourselves
most positively opposed to the Gage fin
ancial bill recently introduced in con
gress by the secretary of the treasury.
It is a measure that, if adopted as a law
will only the more (Irmly rivet the gold
standard on tho people of the country
and perpetuate its disastrous effects in
every form. "'' . , '
"Resolved, that we nrouQtince the
dago bill as undisguised effort to" retir
our greenback currency and all govern
ment paper money, with a view to the
substitution of national bank notes in
their stead, and thus fasten the national
bank system for years upon the Amer-
an people.
"I am not willing to believe that yon
are more interested in the laboring men
than they are in themselves, or that you
know better than they what is good for
them. Y'ours Truly, V. J. Bryan,
stct Bo
ogart IJi'fimirs a llciic-
MARRIED: At the residence of I!. I.
Snniick, in Harrison, Neb., Sunday April
9, 1899, Justice Smnck performing the
cereitionv Mrs. T.firv Rell Pott.
New Albany Ind., to Audrew Jackson
Hogai-t, of this place, aged respectively
49 and Itf years.
It bus not Veen the good fortune of ye
editor to have an extended acquaintance
with tbe bride, who for the second time
renewn her oBligationa to love and cher
ish her new companion in the person of
Mr. Bogart, a representative and respect
ed citizen und business man, of whom
we believe e will never have cause to
feel ashamed. Mrs. Botrart. is a ladv of
refinement in every Bense of the term
and if we mistake not. is worthy of the
loving companionship of her liege, lord
and master.
Our acquaintance wif postmaster Bo
gart, the groom attends over a period
of two years' and we know whereof we
sjeak when we say that he is an honored
citizen, business man, friend and neigh
bor, one who is a credit to any commun
ity, and toye, we believe the bride has
secured a companionable companion '
a prize and as time progressesour stat
tnent will without doubt be verified to
her. ;
Postmaster Eogart, has been a resi
dent of this county about six years and
two yearsr ago was appointed postmaster
of Harrison, lie has performed the dut
ies of the office to the test of his ability
giving general satisfaction to the public,
and he is a gentleman of sterling worth
ami anility or whom the citizens or ila
rison may justly feel proud.
Tho JocitSAr. extends congratulations
to Mr. wild Mrs. liogart in their ne
Matrimonial venture in the after noon
of thei1" life and we wish them man
years of hapr iuesssand prosperity.
The Siocx Cockty Jot-RXAi. and JorrtXAi, or Aiiiiien.Tv::K 1 Year,
" " " " " TwicE-A-vn-EKVroruj-llni.u.Jj "
" " " " " Thi;icf.-A-We!:k-V()ru)i(N. Y.)"
'' " " " " Silver Knight WATciiMNtU. C.) "
" " " " " Cincinnati Weekly Esqi-irer, "
- $1.75
- 1.70
- 1.73
- 1-
The JotJHNAL will publish your brand, like
tbe following, for &l -.00, per year. Kaeli ad
ditional braud 75 cents. .very turuier or
ranchmen in Siou adjoining counties
s-'iyukt uiirt1se their brands in thb Jour
nal as it circulates all over the state. It
may be the tneaus of saving money for you.
Ul On loO t ..hi. i i.-
1 I ' 1 ...., w. fn.biB mfu uu lei it
ratwSia shoulder ol horses.
IjglJ Range on Antelope Creole
r. o., tihilchrlst, Sioux Co., Neb.
On left side or hip of cattle, (
On left nhoiil'lcr of horses, j
Uane ou the head ot Warboimet
Address Harrison, bioux Co. Neb.
or Government Money.
LNTHE county court OF SIOUX
In the Mattter of the Estate' of Joseph
Uickinson, Deceased.
State of Nebraska, i
Moux county.
At a County Court, hold in the County
court room, In and for wild county tills 3rd
y or April, A. D. IHW.
l'rcmuit Robert Wllnon, County Judge. '
On rending and illliin the petition of tilde-
on A. Dickinson, praying that administra
tion of said estate niny lie grim tad to Ivl
K. Dickinson, as Admliiltrator,
Ordered, that first duy of liny A. 1)
oneo'clurk I. M. la Bmiliriied for Imarltia
said petition, whan all persona iutorontod In
aid mutter may itppcar at "inity eourt
to lie held in and for mud county, and show
cauxe wby tho prayer of the petitioner
should not Im granted; ami that notice of
the pendency of said petition and the hear-
ng thereof, be given to all persons Intona
ted In (Hid matter by publishing a cony ot
this order In the Sioux county Journal b
weekly Newspaper printed In aald eouiitv.
for four successive weeks, prior to aiild day
i(Cepy) KOHMtT WII.SOf,
County Judge.
: At close of our Civil War in 1861;
there appeared jn the London Times
the following : 1 .
" If that mischievous -financial pol
icy which haJ its origin in the North
American Republic during the late
uivu war in ifiat country, should be
come indiliued down to a fixture.
then that government will furnish its
money without cost. It will have all
the money that is necessary to carry
on its trace and commerce. It will
become prosperous beyond precedent
in me History ot civilized nations of
the world. The brain and wealth of
all countries will go to North America
tne lainous liazzard circular, to
capitalists in New York, and the Buell
Bank circular to United States Bank
ers, both emanating from London, and
the fabulous corruption fund raised in
England and Germany, estimated at
4i,5oo,ooo, were the agents that se
cured the closing of our mints against
saver. -
ihe "walk, into my parlor" policy
ui J.U ',i;.iu, uunng ana since the
Spanish War, is the latest evidence
of English Diplomacy in shaping the
destiny oj the United btates Govern'
Notwithstanding the famine price
01 wneat, p.e Spanish War, and fabu
lous "expenditures of money by our
government during the past year, gold
has increased in value eleven per cent,
and all other values decreased in the
same proportion.
For a. thorough understanding of
the monfey question, or silver issue,
the Cincinnati Ennuirer has uniformly
given evidence of its ability to teach,
explain and produce all facts and
truth. It is a paper that ought and
can be reJ by all classes with pleas
ure and profit.
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buth. '
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jiOn left shoulder of cattle
Stmt Range on Mttle Cottnmvond
l'O. ., Crawford Xehr.
The brand reprsented in this notiee
and branded any where on leftside
of horses and
rfM Also the L I. brum any where on
jeiL siue of cattle belong to the
Cuahlbs l7Mrnsoca.
ilarridou, Nebraska.
The brand represented in this notice
and branded any where 011 left bide
of cuttle, aud over-lap eat from the
right ear.
Also the sumo brand on left thigh of
horses, belongs to the undersigned.
uuHge near East Springs, south part lo
Sioux county. Charlks Newman,
Harrison, Nebraska.
, JT & in V.ed or Hetal ? Ii so
snd Sor Cataieguj of
j iMRrviis Foot
V . I5. & John Barnes Co.,
( Xfi P.uhy St,
fcoc-tfard, Klinuis.
Tiie Commercial Banlo
Harrison, - - . - Nebraska.
Ii. E. Brewster, President. C. F.' Coffee. Vir,R Prpsirnt
Cuas. C. Jameson. a trcIt,.
I). II. Griswold, Cashier.
Sherirs Sale.
Notice Is hereby given that by virtue of
an order of sale Issued by the Clerk of the
nstrlct Court of tho county of Sioux, and
state of Nebraska, upoD a docree rendered
by said Court In favor of William H.Male,
enjamin Graham, William Hulls Jr. and
larrls H. llayden are plaintiffs, and Peter
J. Northness. Laura M. Korthncss his wife,
and VV. J. Itowilcn, are defendants; I will on
the istb day of May lsl)9, at tbo hour of 3
o'clock p. m., of said day, at tho east front
oorof the Court House, pi Harrison, In
said county, offer and sell the following des
cribed roal eatatc, to-wit:
Tho West half of of the Northwest quar
ter Section three, and the East half of the
North-west quarter Section four, Township
thirty one, North Kange fifty-four west, la
Sioux county, Nebraska, at public auction.
to tho highest bidder for c-.isli, to satisfy
said order of sale in the sum ot two hundred
ml forty-six dollars aud twenty cents, with
Merest at 10 per cent, from April 1J, Ib'jT.
aud costs and accruing costs.
(38 ) Sliorlfr Sioux County. Neb.
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Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diar
rhoea Remedy in the Worcester Enter
prise recently, which leads me to write
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I 25 CTS.
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ho know. The oft repeated experience
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I. n ... I ...1 l , IT w n
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Chamlierlain's Cough Remedy gives bet.
ter natisfaction than any other in the
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ness at Elkton, Ky., for twelve years;
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edy and nearly all other cough medicine
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Mr. Cuyler is one of the leading inei
chanls of this village und one of the most
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Phippm, Editor Red Creek Heii.ll, For
sale by Dr. J. E. Phinney.
C'YPLI I C Tx "r.a
l"fc l niLI On:r an4. m rr
suo-il nre.r. 1'ri-aiml mtanHal. Carr
w I, cau vi wrtl.:"--i:Ho,srfij.n,wM