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    Harrison Journal
The Spanish officials in Cuba stole ail
could before they stole away.
Mary E. Lease says that "man la a
total failure." This enable a man to
admit that woman la his equal.
One hundred and twenty-seven lynch
tags last year go to show that here, too,
a public pull is not any advantage to
the country.
It is said that 250,000,000 microbes
can stand on a postage stamp without
crowding. The name of the man who
esonted thein Is not given.
Chicago waiter was arrested and
lacked up for stealing two apples. We
ahadder to think of what his fate
would be had be stolen three apples.
What the Cubans object to is the fact
that they must work for a living, in
aplte of the fact that the Spaniards
have been driven from the island.
bands, however good it was or however
much there was of It. It ii not difficult
to conceive that the mural effect was
equally good, for patriotic songs if sung
generally by the soldiers would have
something of the same result that
hymns and autbems have in church
service. Since so much may tie accom
plished with so small an outlay it Is
possible our own war budget may, be
fore long, carry appropriations for song
Dooks, wnicn it would be easy to make
from the large number of popular, pat
riotic and really beautiful American
A New England man has bad his
taw changed from Tomaszewskelmer
to Bennett, and will not have to work
overtime hereafter when he registers.
Three thousand new manufacturing
Industries were started down in Dixie
last year. At this rate if the South
wasn't solid it would soon make it
self so.
The Supreme Court of Mississippi
tats decided that the use of the word
"damned" is profanity without being
naed in connection with the najne of
the deity.
We sent 2.rj2,279 pounds of mail to
Great Britain during the last fiscal
year, from which It would appear that
we are entitled to high rank among
people of letters.
The spirited and brilliant way In
which the French orators and writers
sf the day exhibit their lack of lnfor
aaatlon on American politics is another
of the Interesting incidents of the
I, OO.OOO Sailor fraaa Oh Saia.
The U. 8. R coiving Ship Varmoal.
now over 60 years old, has been tha
K-bool boats for over 1,000,00 tailors.
Tha ago and accomplishments ara much
the tarn a Host- iter's Stcmach Bitten,
which ba !een More the public lor 60
years, and l,aa cured innumberableiaate
if ni.inri, lever and ague, beaidrl
dyspepsia anil indigestion.
Don't make a
from which the
table a pivotal point
rest of the furniture
A statistician has figured out that
are 36 criminals u every thou-
bachelors and but 18 in the same
aasaber of married men. Matrimony
aaama to lead to repentance In more
ways than one.
The most popular American women
In England are the wives of the Vice
roy of India and the Secretary for the
Colonies. Lady Curzon has been ad
mired for her beauty and grace wher
ever she has been, in London drawing
rooms and English country-houses;
and after her husband's transfer from
the House of Commons to India aha
was cheered and her health was drunk
during a long series of farewell ban
quets and receptions. The fact that
the daughter of an Atnerienn merchant
was going out as the representative of
the queen to occupy a position of su
preme Importance in India seemed to
appeal to English imagination. A com
ment commonly made was that it was
the greatest compliment which En
gland had ever paid to American wom
anhood. Mrs. Chamberlain's prestige
is not confined to the English world of
rank and fashion, where her dignity
and personal ehann have always com
manded admiration. Whenever she
appears on a public platform with her
husband, the audience welcomes her
with ringing cheers. When the pow
erful minister's speech ha been
brought to an end, his wife's name is
again caught up and the English crowd
shouts itself hoarse In honoring an
American woman. Americans fre
quently sneer at forolgn marriages
based on money and titles. Some of
the matches made for ambitious Amer
ican girls with Europeans of high birth
and low morals have been simply
abominable. But there have been many
marriages with foreigners of distinc
tion that have turned out happily and
have served a useful public purpose.
American women In England like Lady
Oirzon, Mrs. Chanrberlaln, the Duch
ess of Malbrorough, Lady Harcourt
and Lady Randolph Churchill dignify
their stations, reflect honor upon their
own country and sex. and help to pro
mote good feeling and peace between
In. Wtaalow's Souraia Svacr (or ehlid
tta I iblBg, soften tha cams, reduce InOaaM
Barton, all?! pain, curt wind colic. 26c boUai
men have recently been removed
a New York penitentiary to an
1am for the Insane, the reason given
the effect of lack of occupation.
It la a pretty severe arraignment
salnat a penal system in these day
men go mad under Its operation.
T4e smart schoolboy baa turned up
aajaln. The teacher asked him to de
scribe the shortest route to Manila,
the smart boy said he could get
far as the entrance to Manila Bay
enough, but he didn't quite know
to get 'round Dewey. He went
right up to the bead of the class.
German physicians say that no pro
feacdon&l bicycler has a perfectly sound
heart As nearly the whole masculine
papulation Is affected by the .licotlue
habit, one may query whether there Is
causal connection between the lat-
r met and the former. As the nU-ohol
an goes to the brain, so does the to
bacco poison go to the heart, possibly
pswdtaposing its victim to Injury from
aaj strain upon that organ.
It may Interest Inconstant or dlsap-
aatated wooers, who think of demand
ing a return of the presents given the
ahfacta of their temporary regard, to
that by a recent decision of a
schusetts court all presents given
the prospective bride at any time
ous to marriage are thenceforth
har own personal property. Thus slow
ly but surely are the rights and privi
leges of the Ignoble man becoming re
stricted or abrogated!
WAMTED.-CaM of bad kaaltk that " IM1
111 a if benAt -tKl t eeata to lUpaaa Cbamlral
3o, Haw Tort. f Hi taawlai aad l.uU laMUBualal
To take ink stains rroin wmte cotton
goods wet the garment In water, rub
common soap on the spot and pour
spirits of turpentine on. Lay aside a
while. Hub gently, adding more soap
and turpentine until the spot dlsap
oeara. Acton. Vx-l.u. pablic Sp.k-r rcoaad
B.l.'i Bone; of Borehound 4 Tar. Of. Dnwl
Plk T'HjlhK hc IIU C'ir In opt Mlnut.
It Is, perhaps, not generally know
that gems may be made from fresh
sweet corn as well as from Graham
flour or cornmeal. To the grated pulp
of alout three ears of corn, a cup of
milk, two eggs, well beaten, a little
salt and a cup and a half of flour may
be added. The mixture is baked la
gem pans for half an hour.
Piso'k Car for Consumption ha been
s God-send to me. Wm. ii. MeClellanf
L-Deoter, lurula, iet. 17, IW.
Wheu a very polite woman Is Invited
ut to dine, ahe makes a break for tha
aantry the Brut thing upon returning
'louie. In order to eel something to eat
To Core a Cold in One Day
Take I.aiatire Bromo Quinine Tablets.
All druireiutu refund the money If It fall
to cure. 25c. The genuine has L. B. Q.
s each tablet
"In the Brave Days of Old" Is a story
by Miss Ruth Hall, of the time of King
James I.
Won't Mind the Weather.
There Is one thing that does not
mind the weather, and that is rheuma
tism; and one thing that does not mind
rheumatism Is St. J a col Oil. as it goes
to work upon It aud cures right off.
Little, Brown & Co. have begun the
publication of a uniform edition of Ed
ward Everett Hale's works In ten vol
St. Jacob Oil cam Rbeamitum.
atory has recently come across the
wasar from Berlin which shows that
tha leae majeste rule, once adopted. Is
Mkaty to go far. A socialist editor at
Magdeburg has been convicted and sen
tesaeed to four years' Imprisonment for
baring published a little story of the
Arabian Nights sort, In which a prince
aC Bagdad conversed with his tutors.
Tha kaiser claims to see in this a refer-
1 to German affairs and the lmprls-
Dt is the result. As there Is noth
ing ta protect German subjects against
tts Imagination of their sovereign, It
be very hard for them to tell
they will be struck next.
A labor incident In Canada has re
cently attracted attention throughout
the dominion and also in hnglana,
where similar questions are being con
sidered. The labor party In Canada
seems to have scored a new triumph
and established a precedent which will
go far to mark a new epoch In the rela
tions of municipalities and their work
men. The town council of Winnipeg,
the capital of Manitoba, has suddenly
achieved fame as the model municipal
ity in its relations to its employes. Re
cently its council fixed the scale of
wages to be paid Its workmen and
those employed by contractors on city
work at 17Vi cents an hour, though this
sum Is 21i cents an hour higher than
the ordinary scale of wages In that city.
One employer of lalior determined to
contest the legality of this action In a
court of law. and an action was
brought. The plaintiff set forth that
the ordinary wage was only 15 cents an
hour and that the municipality could
get all the work done it wished at that
rate, thus Having the city the sum of
about 114.000 a year. He also contend
ed that this was an act of sheer plun
dering of one class of citizens for the
benefit of a favored set. The city on Its
part admitted all the plaintiff's facts,
but disputed his inferences and claimed
to be fhe sole judge of what was a wise
expenditure of city moneys. It also
claimed that the value received for
public moneys was Indirect as well aa
direct; that in paying its workmen a
living wage It aided In keeping up the
general standard of health, vigor and
Intelligence of the body of the citizens
from whom It drew Its laliorers. It
also claimed that It was far-seeing
economy, as lessening the exjiense of
the municipality for workhouses, hos
pitals and Jails, and thus diminished
the burdens of the entire community,
Mr. Justice Balu sustained the city In
each of Its contentions, the language of
the court being that "the wisdom or un
wisdom of the policy of the council, act
ing bona fide in a matter within the
scope of Its powers," Is one upon which
the ratepayers and not the court must
pronounce. The court therefore held,
In summing up Its reasons, that tha
council was not acting unreasonably In
insisting that men engaged In city work
"shall lie paid a fair living wage."
8U Jacob Oil
St. Jacob Oil
St. Jacob Oil
St Jacob Oil
St. Jacob Oil
St. Jacob Oil
St. Jacob Oil
St. Jacob Oil
St. Jacob Oil
a praiaa
Stiff nati
M usctilar aoaea.
Perianal Wiabe of Girl
Miss Anna L. Bicknell Is an English
lady who has had most unusual opor
tunities for studying French life. For
a number 01 years an "
in the household of Napoleon III., and
resided In the Tuileries. For the Cen
tury Miss Bicknell has written an ar
ticle on "French Wives and Mothers,"
In which she says:
The old marriage de conenanee.
which caused so much sorrow and con
sequent evil In former days, when a
girl was taken out of a convent to be
ahowp the man to whom she was ai-out
to be married, la now a thing of t'ne
past. It must be acknowledged, how
ever, that marriages are still made up,
often too hastily and superficially, by
nicely balanced family arrangements
and by the Intervention or rrienas,
Nevertheless, attraction and repulsion
are now taken Into consideration, and
a elrl Is no longer lorceu 10 uiairj a
man whom she positively disliked. 1
could quote Instances In the very high
est (historical) aristocracy where, at
the last moment, after the trousseau
had been sent In (marked, according to
custom, with the united initial letters
of the two names elaborately embroi
dered) and all the social preparations
made, the marriage was broken off be
cause the bride had declared that she
could not "get accustomed" to the
bridegroom, nor endure the Idea of see-1
lng his face in her home during her
natural life. In one of these Instances
the family lamentations over the Ini
tials of the trousseau were really amus
ing. Fortunately, a substitute was
soon found, whose name, like that of
the rejected suitor, began with an X.
and the complications were thus happi
ly settled.
The great object of the French giiTs
life Is marriage. From the time of her
birth her parents have prepared for
this event, and In many cases they have
considerably straitened their income
and curtailed their enjoyment to make
up her dot. ' Every girl In every class
is expected to have something; those
who have nothing are exceptions, and
constitute a minority of old maids. The
girls who from choice do not marry
generally lecoine nuns, usually much
against the wishes of their parents.
The old tales of young women being
forced Into convents to improve tbelr
position of their brothers are forgotten
in these days, when, while no child can
on any pretense be deprived of a share
In the father's Inheritance, monastic
vows are not recoguized by law. Nuns
and spinsters are exceptions; marriage
is the rule.
India haa perhaps a greater varletj
of plants than ntty other country In th
world. havli,' li.txio native Seciea
while the Cora of the entire continem
of Europe embraces only about 10,000
Eliza Orne White, author of "Winter
borough," "The Comlug of Theodora,
etc., has a new story out, A Lover or
rhi Moat Famoni Sculptress in the
World. Entirely Cursd bj
Tbe Standard Kar of Cora.
The Illinois Corn Growers' Assorts
tlon, which was recently organized at
Springfield, 111., to push tbe corn food
propaganda, baa formulated the roi
lowing as tbe "standard perfect ear of
corn:" "A perfect ear of corn should
be 10Vi inches In length, Mt inches In
circumference; should yield B0 per cent,
grain, cylindrical in form, and should
carry Its size the entire length, except
near the point, where It should tapei
slightly, well filled out at both ende."
mk. m.c. coortK.
Mrs. M. C. Cooper, of the ltya1 Acad
finv of Arts, London. England, Is un
doubtedly one of the greatest living
sculptors. She bas modeled busts of
half the nobility of England, and Is now
in Washington making busts of distin
guished America os. Mrs. Cooper bas
Just completed a bust of Mrs. Belva
Lockwood. which is oow In tbe Cor
coran Art Gallery. Iluskln, the great
artlHt, placed Mrs Coop r a one of the
greatest aculptuis acd painters of this
century. Mrs. Cooper la an ardent
friend of I'e ru . and In a letter dated
January 20, written from Washington,
says tbe following: "I take pleasure In
recommending Pe-ru na for atsrrh and
la grippe. I have suffered for months,
and after the use of one bottle of I'e-ru-na
I am entirely well."-Mrs. M. C.
Kend for a free book on catarrh en
titled "Health and Beauty." This book
s written especially for women, and
sill be found to be of great value to
fvery woman. Address Dr. uartman,
Columbus, Ohio.
Aa Easy Omm.
A woman of fashion In a charted
dress and a great da hi la -covered velvet
bat, accompanied by a man In modish
garments, waa tripping along Fifth
avenue. 8be was 'chatting with ntarkad
animation, and be waa laughing flatter
ingly. Tbe attention of tbe passers-by
was attracted by the happy couple.
Behind tbe pair chanced to walk a
lassie the one yet living at borne with '
mamma and an older woman, a friend
of mamma. The lassie spied the moa
dalne In checks and dahlia velvet on
ahead and puckered her brow, saying:
"Oh, I know that woman hava saea
her often at Newport she Is dreadfully
rich now I remember, she Is Mrs. M ar
ris Blankly."
Tbe friend of mamma was Interested.
She aaked:
"And Is the attentive man with Mra,
Blankly her husband V
The lassie shrugged her shoulders
and scorned tbe very Idea.
"UMiculotis." she replied. "You dear,
old fashioned thing, don't you know
that women's husband never laugh ia
that good-natured way when they ara
with their I' '" " " ' - vork I'ress.
The rare 'uwuv... ..7liiim. which
was discovered In 1KV.'.. In rock from
the Pyrenees Mountains, and which
takes Its name from Gallia, the old
Roman appellate 'or France, has re
eently been added to the list of sn!
itances occurring lu the sun. Prof.
Hartley and Mr. Kaniage, of Dublin,
have recognized lu sp.-ctral lines la
Impromptu army songs that hare
tbelr way Into tbe papers since
of tbe war would Indicate that
American soldier Is a poet and
as well as a fighter. Possibly
In rogue In both tha French
Mi Italian armies might be adopted In
aw awa to tbe great benefit of tbe ser
in tboae foreign armies the Got-
t supplies each company with a
of books, containing patriotic
at military songs, which tbe men
issdlj learn aad sing, with great satla
fnfain and pleasure. In tbe French
wrmf the original Idas waa that by bar
tat the men sing In unison when upon
ahsvah the number of stragglera
xmit ha greatly reduced and regular
smsre aasffiy presarTad. Upon ax-
m ttw itmclrig waa fovnd to have
-7 Cat eCaet, keeping op tbe aplr
t )UC sOan as weH aa heaping
: ? h tat, Tnt ahafbhj reared
H tjn ft sent, while It pre
J rrjr rM Car better than
;:icru is- mm
Lord Roatbery's Tact.
Rosebery la said to be a delightful
host and baa a knack of putting people
at their ease with a tact that la aa keen
aa it is natural Tbe Scots Pictorial
ays that upon one occasion Lord Rose
bery waa entertaining a large party
and had, among other rural guests, a
farmer who hnd tasted U cream for
tbe first time. Thinking something bad
gone wrong in tbe kitchen, and desiring
to save bis fellow guesta the pain of bia
own experience, be whispered to bia
boat that the pudding bad by some mis
chance got frozen. Mis lordship listen
ed gravely, without moving a muscle
of his face, tasted the pudding, and
thanked tbe farmer, and then called a
aerrant After some little conversation
be turned to the fanner with a relieved
expression and said: "It's all right, Mr.
: they tell me It Is a new kind of
podding and Is frosen purpose,
Thereafter tbe farmer partook of his
portion with evident relish
very woman has a rugae Men thai
all har has band does every day la to
open sla oflrce, read, smoke aad coon'
" Out of Sight
Out of Mind'
In other months ive forget
the harsh winds of Spring.
But they have their use. as
some siy, to blow out the
bid air accumulated after
Winter storms and Spring
thaws. There is far more
important accumulation of
badness in the veins and ar
teries of humanity, which
needs Hood' s Sarsaparilla.
This great Spring Medicine clarifies
the blood as nothing else can. It cures
scrofula, kidney disease, liver troubles,
rheumatism and kindred ailments. Thus
it gives perfect health, strength and ap
petite for months to come.
Kidneys - " My kidneys troubled me,
sikI on advice took Hood Karsaparllla
which gave prompt relief, better appatlte.
Mjr aleep Is refreshing. It cured my wife
slao." Mkhail BorL.i.5473 Denny Street,
Pittsburg, Pa.
Dyspepsia - " Complicated with liver
and kidney trouble, I suffered for yeara
with dyspepsia, with severe psina. Hood'a
SarinparilU made rne ftrong and nearly."
J. B. Kmcbton. Main .Street, Auburn, Me.
Hip Disease " Five running sores on
my nip caused ine to use cruU-be. Was
confined to bed every winter. Hood's Sar
saparilla ssved Any life, a it cured nit per
fectly. Ara s'ronf and well." ARSIS
Koskst, 49 Kooib H4., Kail River, Hass.
Hooa't PIIU ear Bkar till, Ik aar
jhTttatf railiartlf Whk lt Ho
- 1
e7 fk n . Ji
m sop
7sr laia&ts I
n. rud v. lw
111 tVlxd lid radii
Bears the
Klason Thompson Is preparing an au
thoritative biography of Eugene Field.
whose personal friend he was. It will I
be issued by the Serlbners. , I
Longfellow was especially fond of
presiding over tbe teapot at his own
table, and always made the tea for his
family and guests - making It well, too.
A new story by Charlotte M. V'onge
Is entitled "The Patriots of Palestine,
a Story of the Maccabees;" and, as Its
title Implies, It has a Scriptural back
ground. Susan Hale's lunik, "Men and Man
ners of the Eighteenth Century,"
shows In a very Interesting way the
contrast between the life and customs
of those days and of these.
A new literary aspirant Is a New
York society girl whose pen name is
Cora Maynard, aud who is the author
of "The I'tter nd the Spirit" She Is
planning a novel In the line of Mrs.
Burton Harrison's work.
"Tekla," tbe historical romance by
Robert Barr, deals with events of the
fourteenth century. It has leen com
pared to the masterpieces of Anthony
Hope, Conau Doyle and Stanley Wey
man. Klchard Harding Davis' growing
popularity Is apparent from the follow
ing record of the sale of his hooks:
"The King's Jackal," 25,000; "Soldiers
of Fortune," fiS.OOO; "Gallagher, and
Other Stories," 4O.0UO; "Cinderella, and
Other Stories." l.t.ts'rO; making a total
of almost 13.1,000 copies.
Paul I.elceter Ford, who Is now in
Europe, left behind him tbe manuscript
of a rolume of short stories, written In
a light and humorous vein, and contain
ing also two plays planned for amateur
performances, entitled "The Best Laid
ana," and "Man Proposes. The book
Ml be called "Tattle Tales of Cupid."
anies Whlteoinb III Icy thinks the lot
of a poet a bard one. Is recent In
terrlew be said: "If you're called aa a
arftnes In a lawsuit some little attor
ney squares himself off and says, with
inhering scorn: 'Let me see, you're a
dJIh are you notT H'm, yes. Gentle-
na,i of the jury, tbe witness is a poet'
your testimony is allied dead aa a
r nail."
"Wedlock" Is a new story by John
Bt range Wln'" .
100 Rewaru,
Tb reader of thi paper will be tileaed
to learn that there ia at leant one dreadea
liaeaae that science has been able to c re
a all Its stages, and that ia ( star h.
Hall's Catarrh Cur la the onl positive
rurs known to the me.licnl Irmernity.
Catarrh being a constitutional diaense, re
inires a canatituttonal treatment. Hall's
Jatarrh Cure ia taken internally, acting
hrcctly on the blood snd mucous nurfacet
if tu ayatem, thereby destroying lb
oundatkm of the dieae. and giving tha
patient strength by building up tiie con
ititation and assisting nuture in doing its
e-ork. The proprietors have so much faith
n its enrative powers, that they otVer One
Hundred ilollars lor i:y cane that it tail'
jo cure, tend lor put of testimonials,
id'iresa. F. J. CHKNKY 0 , to edo, O
BT"l!Old by Druggist, t "
There are 110 mountains In Colorado
srbose peaks are over 1,200 feet above
tbe ocean level.
A fly had fa len Into the ink weli of
'. .. . . luJ
1 certain author no wr.ia a vcrr
tnd a very inky band. The wii er's lit- ,
,le boy rescued the unhappy insect ana 1
lronned bim on a piece ol paper. After 1
sa'ching bin intently for awhile be
ia! led to bis mother, "Here's a fly, I
mamma, that writes just like papa."
Current Literature.
"I have the honor to announce, cap
tain, that tbe fire it in the fourth story,
snd our ladders and hot will reach
nly to tbe second."
"Indeed? Then we'll have to wait
till tbe fire reU down to the teomd."
An Excellent Combination.
The pleasant method and beneficial
effects of the well known remedy.
Syrup or Flos, manufactured by the
GaLlFoKtilA Fie Stmjp Co., illustrate
tbe value of obtaining the liquid laxa
tive principles of plants known to be
medicinally laxative and preaenling
them in the form most refreshing to tha
taste and acceptable to the system. It
is the one perfect strengthening laxa
tive, cleansing the system effectually,
dispelling colds, headaches and fevers
gently yet promptly and enabling one
to overcome habitual constipation per
manently Ha perfect freedom from
every objectionable quality and sub
stance, and its acting on the kidneys,
liver and bowels, without weakening
or irritating tbem, make it the ideal
In the process of manufacturing Age
are used, aa thev are plentant to the
taste, but the medicinal qualities of the
remedy are obtained from senna and
other aromatic plants, by a method
known to the California Fio Stkup
Co. only. In order to get is beneficial
effects and to avoid iniitatinus, please
remember the full nume of the Company
printed 00 the front of every package.
For talc by ll DriiKttt Pre Vc prrbbltla,
The tall esvaiie teucd the newspapei
which tbe wavei cast upon the tropis
strand and eagerly permed It.
' Clothing," be exclaimed, coming to
the advertisements, "ia si cheap a
"But not so duraMt," urged ths
stout savage, who waa notoriously In
clined to be benighted, not to ay raao
tionsry. Detroit Journal.
Tbe dove of peace is not yet ready to
alight until she hears further from Sen
ator Vet.
SB e
O060 HMOI L.
roll ukiULL
A ae emch tar yoa. 1
Carta lak asai T MM V. I.
sf all eUasr ssakaa pat tagadwr. Ill
am data Ifc asataat-ask H .,
torn BeJt" Hew Itsks la
C TC3' IKX CO., Mat,
Klob Hwurds.
9 most valuable sword In tbe world
t belonging to tbe Gaekwar of
; Tbe hilt Is set with diamonds,
I and emeralds, and It Is valued at
J. uwi ti. uk.L -. r, , ,
4 ur duiu ui 1 era as uas a
Mori that Is worth 150,000. It was
orn by Nasred Din on his Brit visit to
(Kurope, about twenty five yeara ago.
Tbe Car aad the Sultan both posse si
rery valuable swords. Lord Wolastey
probably bai the moat valuable sword
In Europe to-day. It was given to him
by tha Egyptians, and Is valued at 110,-
PERFECT womanhood depends on perfect health.
Nature a rarest gifts of physical beauty vanish beforw
Sweet dispositions turn morbid and fretful.
The possessions that win good hus
bands and keep their love should be guard
ed by women every moment of their lives.
The greatest menace to woman's per
manent bappineaa in life is the suffering
that comes from derangement of the
feminine organs.
Many thousands of women have realized
this too lata to savs their beauty, barely in time to save their
lives. Many other thousands have availed of the generous in
vitation of Mrs. Pinkham to counsel all suffering women free
of charge.
Mas. H. J. GARRrrsoN, Bound Brook. N. J., writes: "Dea.
Mrs. Pinkham I have been tak
ing Lydia E. Pinkham s Vegetable
Compound with the best results
and can say from my heart that
your medicines are wonderful.
My physician called my trouble
chronic inflammation of the left
vary. For yeats I suffered very
much, but thanks to Mrs.
Pinkham 's Vegetable Com
pound and kind advice, I
am today a well wo
man, I would say to all
suffering women, tax
Lydia E. Pinkham'a
medicine and your suf
crings will vanish."
Mas. Maggie PHrt
lippr, of Ladoga, IndL,
writes :
"Dear Mrs. Pimc
ham For four years I
suffered from ulcera
tion of the womb.
I became so weak I
could not walk across
tbe room wghoct bslp. Altar giving op all hopes of rccovsry,
I waa advised to ass Lydia B. Pinkham'a Vegetable Cot
fMMfjMa aad wrote for special Information. I began to !
festa cm trt totcto, and am sow fully raatorad
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