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County Journal.
2STO. 35.
Onr 3:.)tt4."NO QUESTION 13 EVER SETTLED UNTIL IT 13 SETTLED RIGHT--Hon. William J. Bryan.
Do You Want a
Free Home?
IX Til H LA X D O F PF. It PKTl A L H U ' S II I X II.
The render will no Ooiiiit oiider how a publishing company can afford to (rive nwsy
(town lot. To e nUxlitcii you we will merely state tint ihe'oauer 01 h l.irn, xn tioii of land
In Fahn pruifr, Kivride Co., CdiXonds, ha tittiea this novel inetllul of booming tho
town, believing that ly IntcrfMthig other peraon throughout th'C..iutry. ninl pr.tetirnHy
building up the town on the co opp. rl i vu system, h.i will more turn doiiblu the value of
the many town Iota which he rcorV" for himself.
It I needles to H-iy that t;m owuni f thia laud Intend t make Palm Sprlos one ol
the gnt"ilh'.i,.tii resort in tnc world, it lielntr V feet above the art Uvl.
the elhuatiii condition mul grand i-emc aurroundliiga will make thU comparatively
I'alra firings i au Meal winter revirt, ixmcasiiig px-ullur at traction to tho tour I t
And invalid allk.
It is conceded by man- emlufat phydehina and prominent ktw:i to be the inu-t
perfect natural .ult-rlum ami to huve the One.t winter climate known. Itl pic-tiux
finely altwuod In a Mrrd valley, noliing eUne antler the lofty mountain rang f tiHil
-laulutn, aho rnin iiart arc mi Imprejciinblr barrier to iiii ludVu Uw and fog
'There toan abundant aucply of pure mount'tin WHl--irfr bulb lnmwhold urn! irrigating
tpnrpoaea. The atroeta ar beuutirully laid out and mini-pi with pi'm and otlir tropical
trtet. Oattijcex, lemon , fli", grape-., Hprkot. tU vet and othsr )llcion frulu ripmt tn
fulirt Ppritigs full thirtv 1,i f iiiiicr thjii la oilier part rf (-ullfurtiin, tliu brlnKiriB
Juney prii-r In the I.i Aofflm mnrknt.
tietaool, fhitrcli trnit Uatnl wcoiiiui (xh-.tltum flritt
Not tr. Ji'Hntr.r ttu- at .tr'.tlu:i of 1'nliii Rris Im tile wniK'ci-f nl iiinT:il l)ot sand
ri"i(MKwwmi mr i.i ciuj viitm-soi i .it? ii : iirii orir. iirp in coUHLaii-u v weujiinp
. cteno itiant ( hot miner ! wnr HPCoii.tMitivl by ur .unl of nljunt l' Ifct wx F.,
nnd cum toning iimcniuui, fciKum. iron nnd' milplmr. Khtiuiaatltin, kidney itud klu,
didowte ji.idil quickly iiutiiiua 1" thenc wwUiti.
Tliew I.JU, 2.1 rivt fionl i-iii'li, h,iV tx-cn plnc-ivl with t ho "iinHhia rl)INhlnj; Co."
with lnntfurliotjK to tIiitriluto II.kiij to our r;.idio ubluti!ly tcve. V. liynot le it
'lnlu ocr?
Evry pcrxmi tilio moiilti n, l.'.O ft.r a yror'i ntflrlpiin t- "'imsliin--' will rfecivi"
s warranty !! to luwn l in J'dlui K;.iiii;:, Oiili'iinil.i, trji' of fliitr;;c, with Xv.r l aid
until .Inn? IH:;K
"mi.n" Uoiik of the lirlRliU'st, journnlsi mlitM.f4, will not omly conttitn Uwisl new
rfif Pultn pririg.-' f.d vi'-ii''-;', liit will l coiitnlit tnniiT lnu!rftln utorlM nnrt u.ful
lnfotnint,'.T 1.1 pvi-ry fiitiii;. . V, f ro iwrtlrtttiirlv ttniou that not oulv i'vi-iy i'-.tlduut
of I'atm S;."Hf. but al v-rv jto(mt y owicr flHTcdn. Miall I "w our jupr.
Addr.-.-!.n ..ouo-.! tti'"suNSHINC PUBLISHING CO." ri.x
M'RI.VCh, ( At,
;i?o in an Answer to an invitation by Sir.
Bi-lniont for him to attend tlia humiiil
Utnquet in honor of the birlii of Thonian
Ji-irersnn, ou April 1:1th next. In 1UD5,
Ion are tho pios within the ranks rtin
who have pl:iyl pop for an ollice which
wa dtfnit-d them in the councils of the
rpp'il.hcna miU dummrutiu parties.
Mr. Beliritiut and tliousamlmif othors of ! hu'-'u 'Kra,f! "'If more wjal rumchief
imtti ail tiieppoMt'oi oomwriea. tuny
nhotild La cast, overlxmrd trivcn no
Th'm rfmily i ii.t'tiofi tpci:il!y for
rf-ouhs, CoU', cniop, whooping fii!i',!i
or influnZn. It hus U'lofiu: famous for
its cures of those diswi-s, nvr a l-ire
part of lfc tivilizcj world.- Tho ima
fletttering- ttiinmiials I . l-fn rwoivp
d givirK n conn!' of H?i ood worki; of
the agrAVitiing imj j,ci-i-.sicM, (.-001.
H hits rur.S; of v vv:f? c--.!.m tiiut Imv
yiHlij f rf.iofitiv to iw Sioo'JoiiS; c!fc. t-i
and of ti dmi'roiw iO:u !. of 1 roup
it, ha cun-il, nflun saving tin lift' of
the child. Tii fxlriwivf tth of it. for
whoopiivf coutrd h.-vs ihown tlmt it rr.lw
that oiwuMi f (i!l 1! in,' . roor oii-t"ijon-.
. It w '-lallv liv (noihcrx
for Umiht childn-ti it ncv.-r fails in tf
iw:l n HjKNNl curt., unit Ikcjiumi tlwv 'lir h ind il.t ! it
tinnier ir Kivinc it. even 10 imhi" n it
f-ontain nothing injiinntn. hold lv J r.
J. Vm Phiom-v.
I hiiv hoon :t!ilii d w ilh r'i"M(ii I'isiu
for foufiwii var and noihii.u' n-iTm-d to
give nnv reiiff. I was uhlo to lm around
nil the tw but ci'iiManlh' ml"riii. 1
had triffl uvervlhint; I coultl of nnd
nt Ust wa told to try ( 'iiani!r.iin'ii I'aio
Bulm, whiuh 1 did, nnd w.u imniwliatcly
ralievet? and in a idtnrt ttrti cured. I m
happy to Kiy that it hit not muc reltirn
ed. Josh, niiar. Crnantowu, t'al.
For ale by I!r. J. E, I'hiiiut y,
Ilia Sicux County Journal.
flu?cripUon IVicetl.OO
(y'i'u. I). . Cation, -
K!vUl-'d at thi Hurruon post oillco
H--..d i.:. 1- ut'i r. . . .
his ilk repudiated I hunocraey juv.i the
Chicago platform nnd home should Ikj
aunimerly turned down hy the party un
less they publicly announce that they
have ret urimd to their 11 rat love. Hon.
W. J. Bryan in his reply to Mr. Belmont
wn what honest democracy xp:ted of
him nrul wtitui the timo conios the p?o
plo w ill show to the New York demo
cracy that they l0t represent them
by any means.
'Men to-day art) not gowrriinff them
fcelve in your f.iif oily just as tiiey are
not nil over tho land. Tho practice of
one man voting thous.inds of votes has
got to lx? Kwept from onr polit ic.
"But, Ix'foie tiling can bo right in
Washington you must attend to tliioti in
your precincts. You must reform your
municipal government, ycu must clean
out your s(att) capital. Tim climax at
Waahinfjton begins at the door of the
voter and gradually grown into tbo evil
existing in the alfairs of the milium.
"I am torry there is any disturbance
in your midst. Every man ought to
make his vote ccuut. Combinations of
wealth are iuinst, you. Those coinld
nations have n 1 pohti''s; thtjv fro vhere
tlmy can jyet the most favor.1.' '..Wgres
smau ,IJi.'il in Rocky Mountain Iatly
Hon. A lien 0. Fishci', wlw represent
or, rather is supposed to r 1 r .. t tho
people (.f this ."jrd dKlri'-t ii the, ! hi
turo nf L iicohi this wiir.'-r, has miowii
jus!, how partisan lie is. When a resolu
tion was presented to that part of that
August body, asking for an investigation
of state auditor Cornell's conduct of his
oh'ico Mr. Fisher voted to investigate
which we believe was right and proper
but when another resolution, was presen
ted to investigate into the nets and con
duct of the supreme Judges, Mr. Fit her
voted against it, thus provins concluct
vely that lie was unwilling to do ttny-
thint,- officially that would briti r
proituh Ujiou republican olilcials or,-reflect
urjn the republican party.
quF'.erH-r-shown no mercy. I heir un
bliisiiiii"; hypocrisy should hhamo the
red man in "faiist." Thoy care about
as niUi'h for the populist party and the
principle of reform as a blind man cares
for colors.
T:m Sioux Cocnty Jormur. and JiunNAt of Aiiiuccltcre 1 Year, - f 1.75
" " " " , " Twk;e-A-weiuc World-Herald ' - 1.70
" " " " " Thw'e-A-Wekk-World, (M. Y.) " - 1.70
'' " "- ' " Silver Ksight Watchms (D. C.) " -. 1.75
" " " " " Cincinnati Weeklt Ekqcikeis, " - 1-55'
'.vv 7,"-- -
For That IJefinrd Cinipli'slon, I'sc
A Wonderful t.sp for the are of pnmlrnff,
Mark-hMds, Ithiirwiimio, Kri ran, t hnppnl
HaDiln, I'irers, ikircn, Itclilng, mid nil otlu r
Fkln Krnptl'HH.
EKOtUIT, HOOTH1S0, (iiuusii, Asn
AT DRU00I8TS Oft 1 CC BY Mlt PntPID,
Writ for AkkiiU Terms,
LOUIS ERNST Co., St, Louis.Mo.
Itov. E. Edwards, pastor of the Enj;
lihh Baptist church at Minersv.Hle, J.i
when HufTei'ini: with rheumatism, wan
,ojlvied to try Chamlierlain's Pain Balm.
lie wys: "A few application of thin
liniment proved of great service to me.
It nubdued the inflammation and relieve
the pcli. Should tiny sufferer profit by
.giving Pain Balm a trial it will please
me." For iale by Ir. J, h. Phinney,
-Saves Health, Life And Doctor
' Bills, .
Tho most remarkable invention for llan,
-woman or child, cnr illinut medicine,
prpTeiiUdlxi'. you mu hnva at home In
your own room, KnitnHurn, Hot spriiiKn.
Turfelli. Unolaii, MwlicHtmi, Dry fcieuiii,
Vapor Alcohol, Oxy-eo", I'' rtume. I, Mmeml
or Mulnbor llatb. t a cunt of ulxiut 3e per
t.ntlj. "
If til public, mUead of filllm? their ey
temii with poiKin, by tklni dniK, mid nod
truiiiK, would uet Into ft vnpnr Inttli calilnut
ul wet out the tlon and ueit iia
ture to act, they would tmve I nkln cleur
mooth and healthy as child'.
The Bconouiy Vur llatu Culilnet Is not
onlyiluinry for tli well, hut a eomiort
ad enre for the nick. It restore and pre
iwrreii hcftith, prolan Hie, a ipilek nnd ra
tional cure for HhemiiulUui, oliilty, I II noil,
IUn and Nervoiu tllwu' private ill
.ciimi il either mi, Th let nprliir remedy
known, eqnal to any cabinet iniido costing
fromm to HOC, prlee complete "',')" with
full direction. Kcowomy upor Hath cabl
net Co., Kt. Ixiula, Mo.
To Atfcntu: Hon'' wnxte line nimwerliiR
catch penny ad vertlKepiMiU, lfyoawlli tn
Improve your pimition In liln write in at
oneeand wewtlllii'lp you timko 111 honor
aide living In any iwrt of I In t'. K or I hiih
4U. 1e aupport toousandj of liomc.
-Ki-MD -OK3 K-0 00w0003
O ,
A Tim A mnen-iiri Iramii cams in t le'J
fffline day that the American miliion-S
.vas born. One of them will kil! other unless an mt.Hk-f,'.-nt society
1 1 1- . . .. ,.r 1 ..... 1 .
Cip'.'acaaiiiy ui-poses 01 oolii.
6 I admire and love and revere Jesus f
rti "hrist but these fellows with melo !
Ideons who ko arounjj th world sing-
ig for Jesus nt $ WO it nitrht are dif -i
ferent- Hev. Myron W. Heed. 1
Nowhere in all of the worlds history
can one read of eucb gigantic centralizii
tion of wealth as is going on in America
iodav. Trusts and combination are
forming almost every day in the week
and the capital of those ulready formed
reaches up in the billion and when the
time come for these combines to throw
their fall force into the political areana
the boasted american individual liberty
will be a mere phantom.' But why do
we not bear or read more of a protest
njratn&t this datiger could it be porib!e
that what Geo. W. (Courts wud of the
power in even the northern Btat in his
davs holds rtL'uin true to day? Hear
what he says:
"Slavery Kit supreme in th white
house and made laws at the capital.
Courts of Justice wero its ministers and
legislature its lackey. It ailenced the
preacher in the pulpit it muzzled the oil
tor at his desk, and the professor in tits
lecture room. It sot ft price upon the
head of peaceful citizens it robbed the
rimilfi and denounced the vital princi
ples of the IcIaration of Independence
as treason. In tales where laws did not
tok-rate slavery it yet ruled the club
nnd the drawing room, the factory and
tlw ollice. It swaggered, at tha dinner
table and scourged with scorn a nownrxl--ly
society. It tore the golden rule from
school Isxiks nnd from the prayerbook
the pictured benignity of Christ,"
The Qucem Bcgeut of Spain has finally
signed tho peace treaty between her 0v
crnmeiit find the United States, yet war
in the Philippines goes steadily on by
this government without lot or hinder
nnce by congress. The Oattlin gun
missionaries are still shooting civilization
into the Philiplnos, because they dare to
ask for independence, What a poct
acle war for humanity' sake.
Without ft doubt, Perry Belmont,
president of the New York, democratic
flub deserved the anub given that gentle
ruati by Hon, W.J. Bryan a f t days
Grand M.ind Press:' Every shyster,
double dealer, trickster and wire puller
in the populist party should Ixi booted
from the ranks. The foeS which seek to
disrupt the party and rob it of its miss-
TtKiiEisno great danger to he Par
ed frm trusts so far as hi'B'h prices' are
concerned. When the price upon any
article becomes uobearaUy high people
quit Hung it, und it then becomes a dru
on lis market. Maiia.sei-s of trust com
bines a re smart enough to know that pric
es ciniiot t raii-l beyond a certain prof
it if tiio iiianufactured goods are to find
consumers. The danger in trust cotihin
es is the tendency to destroy all individu
ality and made people only fragments of
machinery; The ruction of individu
ality means the destruction of human
ambit ions for unythiiijf greater or better
than to live and d;e as animals or beasts
of burden. The Pioneer Grip.
The above is a fair sample of log;c ad
vocated by tt w.) called iiemocratic paper
which represents trusts and the single j
fjold stamlard theories the cardinal priaci
d:a of the .republioaa party. When a
iVoaiM-riitirs nws-paer has the "audaci
ty to inform the people that is no
danger to he tWired from trusts, that
when a commodity gets so hih that
i the will stop using that article, it
! certainly means tl'io dear people should
stars , for there is scarcely a commodity
Ux.'ay that is not controlled by trusts
and especially tlw necessaries of life. Is
is. no actual fact Brother Broome, that
there t nothing used in your ollice, which
is ncsiary to c;et out a paper not even
lib' 10 a certain extent, that the tausts
Uo.ttpt ccntrol, hence, when those articles
Uct too high for you, then you must dis
continue the publication of your business
aud commerce to crowd on some other
branch of industry for a livelyhood, tin
loss you receive special privcbiges and
"rake off.s" from corporations with whom
you do business. It may be possible we
do not comprehend the full meaning of
the Article,, copied above, but if our tin
ing t "5rrar-,i. Brother Broome should lit
oocV ally Dimsii wna xne -emoaimm
bee;" trust parly, there he would find
more congenial society.
Thk Jovknal will publish your brand, like
Kie followiiiK, for ti M, per year. Jiai-b ad
ditional lira ud 75 cents. fcvery larmer or
ranch ineii in f-.ious and adjoining counties
siiould ftdvertlne their brands in The Jour
nal as it circulate all over the state. It
may lie the tucois of suviu money for you.
On left side of cattle and on left
shoulder of horses.
Range 011 Antelojio ere'.lc
1". J Otululiiist, Mioux Co., !eb.
On Jot t side or hip of ciUt.le, j
On left shoulder of hii'-rfpa.
aiie on tho head 01 vraruonnct
Address Harrison, f-ioux Co. Neb.
?-'..V.-'-1 R. W. CA BEY.
tefrjlfH00 left shoulder of cattle
iJtMiUWA ltuiiK on I.ltlle Cottonwood,
l'o. ., Crawford Jiehr.
The brsnd reprsented iu thla notice
and branded any wliers 011 left sde
of horej and
jyra Also the L L brand any where ou
lunwue Of cattle belouifs to the
Ch iki in :MfnEsoun.
ilnrrisou, .Nebraska,
We have 217 cattle branded 5 any where
on rigiii side which we expect to put our
own brand ou soon fes possible.
'I lie lu-iiinl h.
t!)is notice and branded any whura
011 right side ,;i Cattle belongs to tbu
JtKKY & Henby Will,
J-lurrlson, Nebraska,
The brand represented in tills notiots
and brunded any where 011 left sld
of cattle, and over lup eut from tho
Also the xauie brand 011 left thigh of
bosses, bi.-lougs to the undersigned.
ftautfO near Kast Springs, south part lo
Hloux county. Charles Newman,
Harrison, Nebraska.
808 li
iff .tfi
ex n
ommerciai nan
Harrison, - - - - Nebraska.
PCAPITAL STOCK PATD IN - - 10,000.00. q .
C(o SURPLUS AND PROFITS - - .8,000.00 cf5
. Bryan, Snubs
Perry B
Kew York, March M. Tho following dispatch has been received by
Perry Belmont, President of the democratic club, in response to an invoca
tion which was sent to William J. Bryan to attend the banquet to be gi v
sn by tho club in honor of Thomas Jefferson, April 13:
- " "Lisooi.w, Neb., March 13, 1889.
"Hon Perry Belmont, Democratic club New York: invatation received.
Bememtiering that you openly repudiated the Democratic platform in the
hist campaign. I desire to know Isjfcre answerine; invitation whether you
have bince the election publicly announced your conversion to the princip
les set forth iu that platform..
" William J. Bryan."
In answer Mr. Belmont telegraphed an follow s:
"Ma. Bhvan': The invitation extended to von is in behalf of the Demo-,
era I ic Club. Individual opinions have not been considered in issueing the
invitations to celebrate tho birthday of Thomas Jefferson,
"pEiutv Bei-Most." Cincinnati Enquirer.
lie Got tho (hin,
L'ist Sunday, half do.zen or more
school boys were tfiven to understand
that carrying revolvers around town and
shooting here and there at marks had to
be Htopped from now on, Justice of the
peace, Smtick, seeing Mr, Witts three
boys, together with one of hi. own and
several other smaller ones down at the
stock yards shooting at a mark went
down, took the revolver from the boys
and served notice on the young Amen-
"Warbontiot Wurblinjjs.
Gui-tava Noreiseh and daughters, Ber
tha nud Emma, were Harrison visitors
f County Superintendent Mtsrriam, is vis-
itjnff schools in Warbonnet this week
Atnon tho visitors seen at the hub
from Warbonnet Saturday were: Mrs,
J. Plunkett and son C Hey, II. L. Keel,
John find Frank Strattor(and Jim Nolan,
O, A, (farton and EarnnAl Lyon, made
a trip to Harrison Tuesday.)
; It it snowing affain l):fcitiful Rprinj
I'vca'.her this? Kt:no.
fa's that that kind of business bad to be
.... . li
discontinued in Harrison and if it did note Over In Wyom
he would "pull" every one of them, ui Jlivhew! havent we had a winter?
course, the Isyn were Joth to give up f We understand that EiArene Wohlhe-
their shooting-iron but on lieirurtold they Uer, ofGil hrist, is learning telegraph v
ison. Gene is
, ,1 ..'-..-'-'.....
B. E. Brewster, President. C. F. Coffee, Virts President
Ch ah. C. Jameson. A. McGisLEr.
D. II. Gkiswold, Cashier.
Goo. B. Secord, the well known con
tractor of Towanda, N, Y., says: "I
have used Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
in my family for a long time and have
found it superior to any other." For
sale by Dr. J. E. Phinney.
per rifle a few days ago. He is an ex
pert marksman and can hit the bulls
eye occasional ly.
Dora and Charlie Christian are expect
ed home about the loth of next mouth.
Dora will teach the West Pleasant
Ridffo school this summer.
Your correspondent has boen feeling;
quite poorly for some timo therefore no
items for a few issues.
Ura Kirtley started out to hunt work
for the season, a few days ago,
Mrs, Kirtley expects to visit a few
weeks in Henry county, Missouri before
she returns home. Xekiel.
would be put under nrrexe u mey uiu ,lnder Mr
not comply handod it over gracefully. jftn o)(j
i . .1... .. U ! 1
it is our opinion i oiit eir. eunin I ' jhope thu
formed a neighborly act, iwsiu&s icacn
ing thu boys a lesson that wa hope they
will not soon forget. Not only that but
It will lie a matter of public nafoty to;
little children that are liable to bo morel tha
or less in company with such boya,
not on the streets they are at school, an
the citizens of Harrison and vicinity
and the parent of the boys ought to te
der a vote of thanks to Justice Smucl
for performing his duty as an officer; t
duty that every citizen should perform
whenever the opiortunity present itself
whether odicers or not. Law md order
are tafegunrds of the country and, of
aociety and it should be maintained id
ever way possible.
for you
C, F,
to loi
nf Tin,
I kfriend of
i r
I fd
.1 I
'iabouf if ted
hi m
Zekie! and we
o a lull lleged
our t2f" Gene
the misfortune
of cattle during
wo weeks. Also
away during a
no doubt will re
in. .,
lottca we note, And
head mostly calves
head and Lnney Sutt-
douht other losses have
i we havent heard.
an was quite nick last
learn the causa nor
ftitVirchascd a lino II, Pup
How To ritifl Out.
Fill a bottle or common glass with
your water and let it stand twenty-four
hours: a sediment or Nettling indicates an
unhealthy condition of the kidneys; if it
stains your linen it is evidon ce of kidney
trouble; too frequent desire to pass it or
pain in the back is also convincing prool
that the kidneys and bladder are out of
What TO Do.
There is comfort in the knowledge so
often expressed that Dr. Kilmer's Swamp
Root tho great kidney remedy fullllls
every wi-.h in curing rheumatism, pain
in the back, kidneys, liver, bladder and
every part of the urinary p issages. It
corrects inability to hold water and scal
ding pain in passing it, or bad effects fol
lowing use of liquor, wine or beer, and
overcomes that unpleasant necessity of
being compelled to go often during the
day, and lo get up many times during
the night. The Mild and the extraordi
nary effect of Swamp Root Is soon realiz
ed. It standi the highest for its wonder
ful cures of the most distressing cases.
If you need a medicine you should have
the best. At druggists Vlf ty cents or one
You may have ft sample bottle and a
book that tells more about II, both sent
absolutely free by mail if von send your
address to Dr. Kilmer & Co., BingUin
lon N. Y, Wheu writing Iw sure and
mention tlmt you rend thin jtenoroiib
offer in the fjiorx Coc.nty Jornjui.
Road Solicc to Land Owner.
The Commissioner appointed to establish
a roiid commencing at eighty rods east of
the Pout h est corner of See. 36, Township St.
Range 5H, miming theneo South-west on
most practical rout to the South-west cor
ner ot the North west quarter of the orl.h- ,
east quarter of See 3r, Township 33, Ksnge
5fl, the.nco in a South-vventerly direction,
west of Prarie Dog creek to the Nortb-esft
corner of tho South wcsf quarter of the
South-west quarter of Sec. S!i, Townships;),
Range M, thence South to correction line,
thence West on correction line to the North
east cornf r of tho North-west quarter of tho
North-west quarter of See. t, Township 83,
Kunge 5fl. thnce South 1(10 rods, thence West
to the North-west corner of the North-west
quarter of the Hoe th -east quarter of sec. 5,
Township 32, Range 66, thence South to
quarter corner between Hoc. 6 and S, ia
Township 82, Range ,W, thence til ft South
westerly course to intersect with tho Hon
roo creek road, has reported in fayor of the
establishment thereof, anil all objections
thereto or claims for damages must be filed
in tho County Clerk's office on or before
noon of the 2nd day of May, A. D. lStBor
said road will bo established without refer
ence thereto, M.J. ULEWETT,
' County Clerk,
44 60 YEARS'
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